"Previously on Legacy of Champions..."

The cliche in the business is that an event will change the landscape of a company forever. For the most part, those are just empty words. It's a tagline to sell tickets and increase pay per view buyrates. It's marketing without substance to back it up. Sometimes on very rare occasions, however, those words ring true and a company delivers on what's advertised. Soon after things settle back down into the norm and the wheel keeps turning. But on the rarest of those occasions it's real. It's a tangible shift in direction. It's a new beginning.

No Turning Back ...

... not just words for Legacy of Champions.

The night was set up to be dominated by The House. The Board of Directors had enlisted them to represent them in the ring and had positioned the stable to take all of the gold, but that's not exactly how things turned out.

It began with an upset. The incumbent Relentless Champion, Graham Youngblood, retained against Zane Roebuck. Not only did he retain but he trounced The House's most unpredictable member, showing a mean streak that the young champion had never exhibited before. This was the opening salvo in the war on The House, a shot that none expected to be fired. It was confirmation that anything can happen in LoC, and the rest of the roster took that to heart.

The next to fall was Charlotte. The Bombshells Champion faced both Mary-Lynn Mayweather and Daryn Thompson, with the former tag team partners temporarily cutting ties for the bout while still displaying a slight preference for dishing out punishment to The House's sole female member. In the end, the Daughter of Dust was finally able to live up to her family name and prove her own worth within Legacy of Champions. Her first Bombshells Championship win was celebrated with her opponent post-match, as Mary-Lynn Mayweather congratulated her good friend on the victory. The celebration would be short-lived, however, as Persephone of The Nation attacked both women and staked her own claim for the Bombshells Championship.

One of the only two championships not under threat from The House was the Flyweight Championship held by Amber Ryann. The champion's recent Flyweight Invitational run came to an abrupt halt when her mystery opponent for No Turning Back was announced, ironically, by LoC's color commentator. Reno Davis left the announce booth to challenge Amber for her title and, in shocking fashion, defeated the highly decorated Grappler with some "minor" help from . Reno would then announce that, by order of the Board of Directors, he would only defend the Flyweight Championship against opponents he deemed worthy. Placing the Flyweight Championship atop the announce booth in front of him he quickly declared that Amber Ryann was no longer worthy. Since then, Reno Davis has effectively taken the Flyweight Championship out of contention by claiming no one has been worthy by his discretion.

The Team Championships were next. Savagely and successfully defended by The House for weeks, they would once again be up for grabs in a Team Gauntlet match. Four teams would challenge The House for the titles: Fall of Adam, Legion of Devastation, Inc., The Nation, and The New Breed. Although heavily favored to walk out of the match with the Team Championship still in their possession, The House was usurped as champions by The Nation. The Magdalena lead zealots have since managed to turn Graham Youngblood to their cause and begun their second reign as Team Champions and, in devotion to HIM, have decimated all competition in their attempt to "cleanse all of Legacy of Champions." The first to fall, ironically, was Fall of Adam with the duo being put on the shelf by The Nation. The New Breed would follow suit. Legion of Devastation, Inc. seems to be next in line and the only team left standing against The Nation at all.

The most emotionally charged match of the night would follow, with VIvica J. Valentine taking on her former tag team partner Dusk. The one-time Team Champions left it all out there in the ring and, although the beating she endured was massive and should have defeated her, VJV saw herself the victor of the bout. Finally putting an end to Dusk's recent violent vendetta against her, and anyone that calls her friend, Vivica narrowly defeated Dusk in a figurative blood bath. Vivica's victory would be short-lived, however, as she soon found out she had sustained yet another major concussion. The result of which has forced her back into retirement, although she holds out hope that she can battle back once again to compete in an LoC ring.

A match in a world to itself, Superstar Vince Jacobs took on longtime rival Shawn Hart in a battle of former Legacy Champions and current LoC Legends. As expected, the match did not disappoint. Shawn Hart, LoC's resident trickster, pulled out all the stops attempting to lie, cheat, and steal his way to a win. Rikki Roxx wound up worse for wear in this situation, being fed to the lethal Athena in a hail mary diversion that nearly worked for The Prime Minister of Gettin' Sinister. Nearly, however, is a far cry from accomplishment in the ring and a well-placed Superstar Kick from SVJ ended the match with the perennial Legacy Champion gaining yet another title shot in the contest. Shawn Hart has since vowed to not allow SVJ to win another Legacy Championship ever again along with also threatening to never allow SVJ to consummate his marriage to Natalia ever again in the process.

The only other title not under House threat was the Underground Championship and it was defended in the highly anticipated Andy Murray vs. Providence match. Murray, the defending champion, and Providence took each other to their respective limits and in an LoC first the match ended in a Double KO. Murray would retain his championship, although since then he has allowed his LoC contract to expire and signed exclusively with one of LoC's competitors. On record, Murray claimed he had accomplished his goal in LoC and that the Underground had taken something from him he would never get back. In an odd turn of events, the usually ever-present Providence has seemingly disappeared into the ether. Only leaving a cryptic message saying his reign of terror was far from complete.

Finally, No Turning Back concluded with the Legacy Championship match. Champion Jack Harmen putting his title on the line against the apparent leader of The House, Kaus, and hoping to finish off the job the rest of the roster had started throughout the night. The match was utterly chaotic with the entirely of The House getting involved in their attempt to cling to the last bastion of hope they had in LoC gold. In Harmen's defense an array of LoC's Grapplers came to his aid, from Tony Davis to the man next in line to challenge for the title in SVJ. It was the #1 Contender's interference that put the nail in the coffin for The House and SVJ has since claimed his actions were due to him wanting to defeat Jack Harmen for the Legacy Championship.

Following No Turning Back, and with LoC's landscape already irrevocably changed, things continued to spiral out of control. The Board of Directors was extremely unpleased with the outcome of No Turning Back and The House's failure to uphold the end of their bargain and, as such, they took swift measures. Appointing former LoC manager, Tony Suits, to the role of Voice of The Board the firing of The House was immediately announced. Dusk and Vivica J. Valentine were also relieved of their LoC duties and the injured Lindsay Troy was indefinitely suspended without pay. In addition, a new Underground Championship tournament was announced to crown the next champion and SVJ was paraded out as the once and future king of Legacy of Champions. All of this lead Scott Riktor to walk away from his duties as LoC's Brand President, followed by LLB relieving himself from his role as the Head of Talent and Legal.

With The Board now ruling Legacy of Champions with no opposition outside of the ring, things have taken a severe turn for the worst. Opening the doors for some of LoC's dirtiest of players, men like Ray Chavez and Husani Dakarai have returned to the fold. That is not all. Tony Suits is more than happy to make deals with various Grapplers, leading to matched that are decidedly less than fair for those attempting to play by the nonexistent rules. Vigilantes have returned. Men like Turk are back and looking to deal out their own violent brand of justice. This is the new Legacy of Champions, this is the wasteland where evil once again reigns supreme. There truly was No Turning Back.

Welcome to Heroes & Monsters. Welcome to Legacy of Champions ...