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The Law Comes to RingSharks!
Legacy of Champions' farm system is always in a state of flux in terms of talents coming and going, however, before the current Legends run the helm was always held steadfast. Now it is changing once again, as Mace Williams takes over for the departing Keith Kane as RingSharks Brand President. This marks the third Brand President, and second of RingSharks with Christian Keaton being in charge of the RingRats/uW era of the system.

Mace Williams has a longstanding reputation with LoC as both a trainer and an on-air personality/official. He is one of the head trainers of RingRats and this will mark his first tenure in control of the developmental territory. We wish Mace, and the entire RingSharks roster, the very best as they head into 2017.
Has the King Lost His Crown?
It was four years ago in Legacy of Champions that Derecho had made history. As a member of a team lead by the nefarious Jim Johnson, he defeated The Nashvillain to win the LoC Relentless Championship and on the same night, cashed it in on Suicide and won the LoC Underground Championship. This was right before LoC was purchased by jOlt Wrestling. Derecho prided himself on his technical wrestling ability and refused to defend the title with Underground Rules. He beat his opponents left and right using technical wrestling to the point where the fans became rabid and called for blood. Even his peers backstage felt that Derecho was making a mockery of the Underground Division

Derecho let the voices of everyone around him seep into his head. Those voices... were they of the people or was it the birth of the Underground Curse? Whatever the case may be, a vicious side to Derecho was shown... a vicious side that would carry him to the one year mark as Underground Champion. Throughout his year-long journey, Derecho earned the title of The King of the Underground, but later, many began to describe the Underground Division as Hell itself, thanks to its champion. Therefore, Derecho earned the new nickname The King of Hell.

Fast forward to today and we know that jOlt Wrestling is no more. It had been incorporated back into the LoC brand and when Derecho arrived, shivers were sent down people's spines. His trademarked viciousness was on display front and center upon his re-emergence as he put Billows through a table on the night of his return. Many feared that Billows would be the first body in a trail of destruction, but what followed was something that was completely unexpected.

Since his return to Legacy of Champions, Derecho has failed against every single opponent on Pay-Per-View save for one occasion where he defeated Billows. While Derecho did emerge from that match victorious, it's still planted in the back of Derecho's head that in their feud, Billows still won with a 2-1 score. Derecho also failed to win the Only the Strong event thanks to the efforts of Monte Burns, which caused Derecho to settle the score once and for all at this past Sunday's Icons event. Fueled by hatred and rage, Derecho and Monte Burns took it to each other in what was nothing more than a slugfest, but in the end, Derecho still lost.

Derecho's record here in LoC on Pay-Per-View is 1-4. Many are now saying that Derecho is nothing more than words and no action. The 35-year old is a veteran of the squared circle for 19 years and it is that longevity and respect that is keeping the former triple crown champion relevant in his days here in LoC, but the questions are being asked. Is this all Derecho can do now? Is the spark that lead him to success and an eventual Hall of Fame spot in jOlt faded into nothing more than a cold ember that's about to fade?

Many would state that interference is to blame for Derecho's losses. In his two losses to Billows, Monte Burns; who was under the guise of Karma's Collector, played a role in Derecho's defeat. His own brother, Mattock, did the same in his defeat to Monte Burns. Derecho's only Pay-Per-View win against Billows came when it was one on one and no outside interference. Seems like a legitimate excuse, but given Derecho's past and the fact that nobody could touch him no matter what the numbers game looked like, it makes one wonder if the excuse is more of a mask to something Derecho doesn't want to admit: That he simply may not have it anymore.

Only the future will tell for sure, but Derecho's days of being on top of this industry may finally be over.

Don't Bet Against The House
The wrestling world is still buzzing after what happened at the end of LoC’s latest pay-per-view, ICONS. After successfully defending the Legacy Championship in his toughest test to date “The Wildcard” Jack Harmen and the other members of the Four Corners main event found themselves as victims of a surprise assault by the House.

The Las Vegas-themed faction made their presence felt and no one was safe from their assault. Jack Harmen was beaten with a chair mercilessly by the House’s new leader, the former LoC Tag Team and Relentless champion Kaus. Mary-Lynn Mayweather and Sonny Silver found themselves as unwilling victims of the attack along with Lindsay Troy and even Jonathan Conspiracy. The menacing assault culminated in what is being called a complete dissection of the arm and shoulder of “The Last Real Man in the Sport” Jeremy Ryan. Kaus struck the arm and shoulder of Jeremy Ryan close to twenty times with a steel chair and completely changed the complexion of the Legacy division. Considered by many to be the favorite to win, the 2016 Only The Winner is now rumored to miss several months of action from a broken arm and damaged shoulder.

In an exclusive with legacyofchampions.com following the assault, the Shining Diamond and other members of the House had a few words about the assault and other events of the evening:

Kaus on the main event: “… No seriously. Why are you even asking a question about why we did what we did? I told you all right before the main event that the future was coming sooner than people would expect. I’m a man that does what he says and people don’t like that. The House are done playing by the rules set forth by others and that’s why we did what we did. When Jonathan Conspiracy ran things he nearly ran this place into the ground and made my life a living hell because I was one of the only few man enough to stick things out while everybody else tucked their tails between their legs and walked out. When Scott Riktor took the reins, he did even worse by picking and choosing his favorites and rewarding them with title shot after title shot. That’s why Lindsay Troy gets title shots and that’s why Graham Youngblood gets title shots … not because they’re worthy but because they’re management’s favorites.”

Adam Roebuck on attacking Jonathan Conspiracy during the main event: “I hurt him because it feels great to hurt people. Stop asking retarded questions.”

Derrick Huber on the tag team division: “Big Slick won’t front … this is a very stacked division full of some great talent. The New Breed, Natural Athletes, the Fall of Adam, Legion of Dairy and many others … and at the end of the gauntlet we beat ‘em! Some people will cry foul over the fact that Big Bucks and I were the last team in the gauntlet but we didn’t draw the short straw – LoD and New Breed did. If any of these kids can’t keep up with Sin City’s Strongest, that’s their fault and not ours. We’ll be holding these LoC Tag Team titles for a long long time and we’ll let them go when we retire someday.”

Zane Roebuck on not winning the Flyweight championship: “I’m sorry, my friend, I don’t know what that title is. You can’t contain this much talent, charisma, greatness, and perfect teeth into a division for vanilla midgets. Besides you all saw it – I am now a champion! I am one third of the LoC Tag Team champions and we’ll be defending these titles under HOUSE RULES.”

Charlotte Huber on her victory: “We told you, hon, that the Starlets are better than the Bombshells and Sarah and I proved that! Just you wait until Legends 25 when Sarah and I shock the world. You’ll have to tune in to find out.

Kaus on the future of the House: “Complete and total control of Legacy of Champions. The first step starts with Jack Harmen and the Legacy championship. If you want to know what I do you'll have to wait like everybody else.

Murray Outlines Underground Plans
Andy Murray secured his first major championship victory since March 2011 by pinning Dusk at Icons. A long, chaotic brawl of a match reached a dramatic conclusion that saw Vivica J. Valentine hurl herself in front of a chairshot intended for her ex-boyfriend, before The King planted The Lost Soul with a wrist-clutch Death Valley Driver and walked-out with the gold. Now, Murray has outlined his plans as Underground Champion.

Speaking exclusively to legacyofchampions.com, Murray said: “I want to make this the most exciting division in LoC. Everyone knows I’m not the type of wrestler to come out with a trash can full of weapons, but if that’s the game my challengers want to play, let’s do it. At the same time, I’m out to stamp my own identity on this thing and bring the hardest-hitting strong style wrestling on the planet to the Underground. Whether through chops, head-drops, or chair-shots, this division’s going to hurt. A lot.”

On the belt’s prestige: “I’m still relatively new here, but I’ve been a viewer since day one, and I can honestly say that Lindsay Troy’s UG run was the strongest of any champion since LoC’s return. I want to live-up to that and then some. Dusk set his eyes on the Legacy Championship as soon as he won the UG, and that’s not acceptable to me. This is one of the most prestigious belts in the world, it should be treated as such, and even if I have to defend it twice a week, I’m going to do its lineage proud.”

On the Curse: “It’s worrying, yes. I can only look at the damage it’s done to my predecessors to know I’ve got some big challenges ahead, but I’m not about to speculate about what might occur. All I can do is wait, let whatever happens happen, and deal with the Curse in whatever form it chooses to take.”

Pop No Show!
After a catastrophic showing at Legends 22 that saw not only Pop’s beloved ‘Lounge de la Bohemia’ wrecked by an unknown assailant but also his defeat at the hands of ‘The Latin Thug’ Cordova, many fans were curious to see what sort of vengeance Elias Pop would seek. Unfortunately, the answer seems to be ‘none’. While Elias Pop was scheduled to appear on Underground VI, it would appear that the Post-Modern Icon has opted out of the event. We reached out to Pop who had this to say:

“I’m… fuckin’ drunk, ‘kay? Fuck tha’ show. I’m takin’ some ME time. I’m… fuck, man… I’m takin’ the day off to find myself. Hey! If you see Cordova tell ‘em I said… I said… ah, fuck it.”

These comments from a clearly disheartened Pop would lead one to wonder if this up and coming star’s light has already burnt out. We can only hope to see Elias on the next edition of Legends.

Flyweight Title Changes Hands at Rivals!
Vivica J. Valentine's reign with the Triple Crown has to come to an end, however impressive as it may have been. At Rivals 01, she put her Flyweight Championship on the line against another worthy challenger in Amber Ryann and the Dragonfly proved to be up to the task!

In a high-flying, high-energy match the two Bombshells competed in an arguable match of the year candidate and, in the end, Amber Ryann was the victor. Now the one-time Bombshells Champion can add the Flyweight Championship to her list of achievements in her short, but already remarkable, career.

Both Grapplers put on an incredible showing at Rivals 01 and both are still well on their way to LoC Legend status, should they continue their high level of competition inside the Arena of Champions. Congratulations, Amber Ryann, and may your Flyweight reign be just as action-packed as your run with the Bombshells Championship was!

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So Yo Wanna Be a Relentless Champion?!
Rivals, Legacy of Champions' newest series, kicked off with a huge main event that placed eight of LoC's brightest Grapplers in a ladder match to determine the new Relentless Champion. While that is big news all by itself, you cannot say the word Relentless in LoC without conjuring up a very specific Grappler. And that's exactly what the main event did.

Making his return to LoC was none other than Mr. Relentless, himself, Aran Thompson! The former champion is the only Grappler in LoC history to hold the belt on three separate occasions and when his music hit the LoC Faithful gave him an ovation worthy of that history.

Did Mr. Relentless make it number four? You'll have to watch Rivals 01 to find out!

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Mr. One Letter Better is Back!
JCON made his triumphant (in his own mind) return to Legacy of Champions on Legends 21 when he interrupted the introduction of new Legacy Champion, Jack Harmen, by Scott Riktor and informed the Brand President that he would be challenging the new champion for his title at Icons. Apparently, JCON has once again obtained full backing by the Board of Directors but this time as an active Grappler instead of Commissioner and the resulting vote of confidence has positioned him as #1 Contender.

This did not sit well with the current #1 Contender, Jeremy Ryan, or his manager, Sonny Silver, after the newcomer to LoC recently won the OTS Match by defeating 29 other Grapplers to gain a shot at the coveted Legacy Championship.

Another LoC Grappler took offense to JCON's return to the fold, along with his wife Sweet Aroma, and made her feelings known right away. The former Underground CHampion, Lindsay Troy, was quick to confront her one-time boss. In the midst of all the chaos Jack Harmen made one of the most reckless decisions of his a career built upon reckless decisions, he laid out an open challenge for the Legacy Championship!

Much to the dismay of Harmen's manager, Mary-Lynn Mayweather, Jack Harmen now has THREE contenders to face heading into Icons and The Lunatic has made it clear that if he gets a chance he will face every member of the LoC roster to defend the title he fought so hard against such impossible odds to obtain. The question now is not who will face Jack Harmen for the Legacy Championship at Icons, it's whether or not he can even make it to Icons with the title around his waist!

Only the Strong!
In the realm of Sports Entertainment the mountain top is simultaneously cold and lonely while also being extremely crowded. Why such juxtaposition? Simple, while only one Grappler can stand at the summit as a champion, each and every other member of the roster is constantly attempting to reach that same place … and to knock that Grappler off his or her post. To take position, to feel that loneliness and that terror, the anxiety that the shoreline is just out of eye’s reach and you are surrounded by a sea of hungry sharks. This is what it means to be a champion in a Legacy of Champions. This is what it means to be one among many.

Tonight, thirty LoC Grapplers will be given a chance to reach the top of the Legacy summit. It is anyone’s opportunity to gain, and everyone’s opportunity to lose. Thirty Grapplers, one goal … earn the right to battle for the Legacy Championship. Climb to the mountain top, fight the king of the mountain, and take his crown.

Only the Strong survive.

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