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The Legacy of Champions strives on thinking outside the box. With that idea in mind we have come up with our own set of unique alignments for our Grapplers. By going into detail it gives a crisper and clearer image of definition for the character. Life is not black and white, and neither are we ... we're black and gold.

Face Alignments

Because a character is of good alignment, it does not make him or her a saint. Good characters can be irritating, obnoxious, and arrogant, even prejudiced and full of quirks. Likewise they may find themselves stepping outside the boundaries of the law in their quest to combat evil and injustice. To these heroes, life and freedom are of the highest priority. Such a character can always be trusted in a life and death situation.

Principled [Good]
Principled characters are, generally, the strong, moral type. The "Boy Scout" or "Do-Gooder" who tends to put others before himself - Superman is of the Principled alignment, with the highest regard for the lives and well-being of others, freedom, truth, honor, and justice. Principled characters will always attempt to work with and within the law, and have a high regard for (and trust of) authority, as well as life and freedom. He or she is usually compassionate, merciful, caring, cooperative, and sincere. Example: Fanatic

Scrupulous [Good]
Scrupulous characters value life and freedom above all else, and despise those who would deprive others of them. This type of hero is typically portrayed in many Clint Eastwood and Charles Bronson films; the person who is forced to work beyond the law, yet for justice (or vengeance), and the greater good of the people. They are not vicious or vindictive characters, but are individuals driven by injustice to right a wrong or take a (bloody) stand. These characters will always attempt to work with or within the law whenever possible. Example: Billows

Self-Serving Alignments

Selfish alignments are not necessarily evil, but are characters who always have their own best interest and opinions in mind above all others.

Unprincipled [Selfish]
This, basically, good person tends to be selfish, greedy, and hold his/her personal freedom and welfare above almost everything else.. He dislikes confining laws, and self-discipline, and distrusts authority. He views the law as well-intentioned, but clumsy and ineffective. Keeping his best interests in mind, the character always looks out for himself. This tends to be an arrogant, impetuous schemer seeking the praise of millions and making a buck to boot. He is a freebooter who will do what he must to achieve his goals, stopping short of anarchy and a total disregard of the law. This guy is likely a vigilante or anti-hero whose intentions are good, tries to be fair and honest, but finds the law corrupt, slow, and ineffective. Thus he goes his own, more efficient route (at least that's how he sees it), working outside the law.

This character is also likely to take dirty money and items, with the concept that it will help him in his crusade against evil. He may also destroy property of known criminals. He will not deal in illegal activities, drugs, or take money from innocent or good people. The Unprincipled character may associate with both good and evil characters, and often has paid informants, spies, and stoolies.

This is the Han Solo, Star Wars, character. The guy who is always looking for the best deal, associates with good and evil characters, is continually tempted to lie and cheat, and hates himself for being loyal and helping others. Ex. Shawn Hart

Anarchist [Selfish]
This type of character likes to indulge himself in everything. He is insurgent, con-artist, gambler, and high roller. The uncommitted freebooter who is more likely to be a crime-fighter because he enjoys the thrill of danger and excitement, or fame, than any cause. The character will at least consider doing anything, if the price is right, or the challenge alluring enough. These characters are intrigued by power, wealth, and glory. Like a moth drawn to a flame, the anarchist is attracted to the lure of the impossible, dangerous, and the underdog. Life has meaning, but his has the greatest meaning.

Laws and rules infringe on personal freedom and were meant to be broken. He will not hesitate at using strong-arm techniques, breaking and entering, theft, harassment, destruction of private property, and so on. This can also include acting as judge, jury, and executioner. These characters are usually the daring vigilantes or anti-heroes who feel the end justifies the means. The Anarchist aligned person is always looking for the best deal and self-gratification. He will work with the good, selfish, or evil to attain his goals. The anarchist is continually teetering between good and evil, rebelling against and bending the law to fit his needs. Mercenaries and thieves often fall into this category. Example: Turk

Heel Alignments

All evil characters are not bent on universal genocide or domination over all living creatures. They are not all maniacal fiends actively seeking to harm innocent people. Nor are all evil characters sadistic and untrustworthy. Many evil characters may actually seem likable or kind.

Evil alignments are a step beyond the self-gratification of the selfish alignments. Evil characters are ruthless individuals who are willing to say and do anything to achieve their goals. Human life has little meaning to them, and friends tend to be (but not always) people to use and discard when they are no longer of value. Evil aligned characters do not automatically slay any good aligned person because of different ethics and philosophy. All the better to use good to achieve their own goals, for the end always justifies the means.

Aberrant [Evil]
The cliche that there is "No honor among thieves" is false when dealing with the Aberrant character. This is a person who is driven to attain goals through force, power, and intimidation. Yet the Aberrant character stands apart from the norm, with his own, personal code of ethics (although twisted ethics by the standards of good). He expects loyalty from his minions, punishing disloyalty and treachery with a swift, merciful death. An Aberrant character will always keep his word of honor and uphold any bargains. He will define his terms and live by them, whether anyone else likes it or not.

If an anti-hero, he will completely disregard the law and deal out justice as he sees fit. He will never be cruel or vindictive, and will always be absolutely positive that the person is guilty before he deals out his own brand of justice. However, once he condemns a character, he will see to it that he is destroyed. When he acts he will strike without mercy.

Whether villain or anti-hero, the Aberrant character looks upon people without honor or loyalty as worthless and disgusting low-lifes.

Do not think of the Aberrant character as a misguided good guy. They will break all laws with impunity, harass their victims, destroy property, beat, and murder. This applies to both villains and anti-heroes. Only their methods and degree of violence may vary. Example: Penance

Miscreant [Evil]
This self-serving, unscrupulous character is out only for himself. Power, glory, wealth, position, and anything that will make his life more comfortable or pleasurable is his goal. It doesn't matter who gets caught in the middle, as long as he comes out smelling like a rose. This person will lie, cheat, hurt, and kill anyone to attain his personal goals.

If a Miscreant character becomes a vigilante, mercenary, or bounty hunter, it will be for some personal reason, a vendetta, money or glory. The character can be no better than a savage anti-hero unless he changes his ways. (Again, just as good characters can fall into an evil alignment, evil aligned characters can upgrade themselves into good alignments. To change to a good alignment, the character must work at it and not break the guideliens set by that specific alignment.) Example: Superstar Vince Jacobs

Diabolic [Evil]
This is the category where the megalomaniacs, violent, and most despicable characters fall. This is the cruel, brutal killer who trusts no one and has no value for any life other than his own. A Diabolic character will crush anyone that gets in his way. The Diabolic low-life will lie, cheat, use, abuse, and kill anyone less powerful than he is. Aberrant aligned characters find these dishonorable people more revolting than the good aligned character. Example: Black Tom Williams

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