Legacy of Champions

Daryn Thompson

"Daughter of Dust"

Physical Information

  • Height | 6'
  • Weight | 165 lbs.
  • Billed From | Dallas, Texas
  • DOB | January 1, 1994

In-Ring Information

  • Wrestling Style | Technician
  • Theme | "Somethin' Bad" by Miranda Lambert & Carrie Underwood
  • Alignment | Scrupulous
  • Finisher | Anaconda Vice, Thompson Cloverleaf [Elevated Texas Cloverleaf], Dust in the Wind [Spin-Out Spinebuster]
  • Signature Moves | Calf Slicer, Dragon Sleeper, Heel Hook, Snap Powerbomb, Various Suplexes


AGILITY | 7/10


STAMINA | 10/10



Career Highlights

  • RingRats Graduate

Hit List

Championships Won

The Texas Technician

Trained by her legendary father Dusty Thompson, along with an extensive stint in Scott Riktor's RingRats Academy, Daryn Thompson comes from an extensive professional wrestling pedigree. A third generation grappler, Daryn has all the chops to hang with the men of the sport and has done so on many occassions during her training. Now a rookie in Legacy of Champions, Daryn has her sights set on some of the most influential and talented female wrestlers the industry has to offer.

Her goal? Beat all of them.

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