Legacy of Champions

Jack Harmen

"The Lunatic"

Physical Information

  • Height | 6'0"
  • Weight | 224 lbs.
  • Billed From | Los Angeles, California
  • DOB | December 17, 1975

In-Ring Information

  • Wrestling Style | Jack Harmen is an agile wrestler. He used to be the fastest man in the game, but at age 37, he's lost a few steps and needs to rely on his agility. Primarily, Harmen's philosophy revolves around throwing his opponents off their game, taking away whatever
  • Theme | "Crazy Train" by Ozzy Osbourne
  • Alignment | Unprincipled
  • Finisher | Locomotive [Charging Yakuza Kick], Flying Moon Shot [Top Rope Picture Perfect Moonsault (Extremely Rare)]
  • Signature Moves | Cold Snow [Dual Palmed Neck Hook Implant DDT], Hypothermia [Double Underhook Brainbuster], Springboard Lou Thesz Press to inside w/ Punches


AGILITY | 9/10


STAMINA | 9/10



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Buy The Snow

Back in 1999, Tony Davis was a young entrepreneur attempting to sell "Nads" to the general public. "Nads," of course, is the ill-named product that was conceived as an alternative for women to shave their legs with.

Later in the year, while looking for a hobby, Flyer stumbled upon a supernatural snow machine, that would allow him to sell snow from the sky. In early 2000, he went around trying to sell snow to people, drawing the ire from Tony Davis.

In May of 2000, High Flyer and Tony Davis appeared out of a time machine from three months in the future, each holding the IWO Tag Team Championship straps, before clocking the winning opponents of the Main Event. One month later, the two reconciled, realized they had a lot in common, and became tag team champions. They would go on to hold the belts a record tying six months, before losing them to Team Tampax. Tony Davis would then lose his career attempting to win the IWO Heavyweight Title, before Flyer was severely injured in early 2001.

Fast forward three months, a mysterious Trenchcoated individual had begun to harass the IWO and it's employees. Eventually, this "Trenchcoat Man," or "Trenchie" had begun to receive threatening and ominous letters/signs. The tormentor of IWO called out his own tormentor, only to reveal the recovered and returning from injury High Flyer. During the match, Flyer exposed Trenchie's hood, revealing Tony Davis, and the two would start a war that would last months. Revolving around Tony's jealously of Flyer's spot in the company, Tony's consuming romance with Tammy Cradle, whom he had no idea with Flyer's divorced sister, and Flyer's inability to forgive Davis for what he did. They battled it out to a bloody climax, where the two finally broke down and forgave one another for all the atrocities they'd committed to one another.

Team VIAGRA then set their sights on various other independent leagues, specially jOlt where they would win the tag team championships 2 times. Eventually, Flyer got the call to join the FWO, and Davis would remain on the sidelines, watching. In January of 2004, Tony Davis came to Flyer's rescue as a recently signed member of the roster. However, Flyer had already made new allies that he considered family, the Legion of Dairy. Flyer sided against Davis and wrestled the Dairy's old allies, the LoD2k3 in a trios match. In it, Flyer botched a move, injuring Tony Davis' shoulder, and putting him on the shelf for years.

The next time Tony Davis would step into a ring was in January of 2008. Rehabilitated, Team VIAGRA reformed and headed over to PRIME, where they would eventually win the tag team titles three times. They would also be joined by their freebird partner, Mary-Lynn Mayweather, Flyer's prized student and manager. Viagra would also go on to win the Squared Circle's tag team championships three times during this time period. When the FWO was resurrected in 2009, all three members of VIAGRA received employment. Mary-Lynn Mayweather became a stand out in the cruiserweight division and tag division with Team VIAGRA 2.0 partner David Noble, while Tony Davis floundered in comedy gimmicks and segments. Since the FWO's closure in 2010 and PRIME's disassembling of the tag team division, Davis has only been used as a background character in NFW and EPW promos, until Team VIAGRA's reformation, in 2011.

In EPW, Viagra challenged for the tag titles (w/o Mayweather backing them) a few times, but were unsuccessful. Eventually fired, they fought through the King of the Cage Tournament to be rehired during the final days of the promotion. They were not scheduled to be at Wrestleverse. Harmen meanwhile, has focused on New Frontier, as it's World Champ. Davis and MLM have been running the Dungeon training school, preparing the next generation of athletes to embark on the sport of wrestling.

**NOTE: Viagra was originally a Freebird Trio team with Rob Kestler in 2000, before Kestler's handler retired and the character turned on Viagra. From 2001 to 2008, Viagra did not have a third.**

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