Legacy of Champions


Physical Information

  • Height | 6'4"
  • Weight | 255 lbs.
  • Billed From | Cincinnati, Ohio
  • DOB | Fedbruary 12, 1977

In-Ring Information

  • Wrestling Style | Ground Technician/Brawler
  • Theme | "Out of the Black" by Royal Blood
  • Alignment | Aberrant
  • Finisher | The Fall [Uranage Slam], The Cleansing [Full Nelson Mat Submission]
  • Signature Moves | The Schism [Snake-Eyes Powerbomb], Double-Arm DDT, Triple Backbreaker


AGILITY | 7/10


STAMINA | 8/10



Career Highlights

Hit List

Championships Won

In Search of Destiny

Providence comes from a past that will always linger with him. After starting out as a talented young wrestling star named Darren Bishop, he became Providence after a series of problems including heroin abuse that left him feeling he was destined for something greater after surviving all of his trials and tribulations.

After becoming an outcast in wrestling, for a time he entered the world of underground fighting, going from the United States to across Europe, including a memorable stint in the infamous Asylum Fighting organization run by Joe Campbell. After the closure of The Asylum, he wandered the independent circuit taking on wrestling and fighting opportunities until he found a new calling.

That calling brought Providence to jOlt Wrestling, where he battled some of the company's toughest stars, including a war against Ninja K and the Inogami Clan. He disappeared again after just a few months with jOlt but has resurfaced in LoC on a mission to fulfill his destiny by terrorizing the entire LoC roster.

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