Legacy of Champions



Physical Information

  • Height | 5'8"
  • Weight | 112 lbs.
  • Billed From | Neptunia
  • DOB | December 12, 1994

In-Ring Information

  • Wrestling Style | Unorthodox / Innovative
  • Theme | "Antinotice" by AKIAKANE
  • Alignment | Principled
  • Finisher | Reaper of Souls [Inverted Headlock Driver], Fate/Stay Dead [Kudome Valentine]
  • Signature Moves | Hadoken [Double Palm Strike to the chest], Air Hadoken [Hadoken off the top rope], Mega Man X Wall Jump [No hands leap to the middle rope and jumping over opponent], Love Song of a Certain Wrestler [Flatliner into a Koji Clutch], Bravely Default [Springboard Twisting Plancha], Exist Trace [Corkscrew Senton]


AGILITY | 10/10


STAMINA | 7/10

STRENGTH | 2.5/10


Career Highlights

Hit List

Championships Won

Flyweight Championship |

Bombshells Championship |

The Dragonfly

Amber Ryann is what can be considered an Otaku. She loves Japanese Anime, Video Games, Japanese Manga, American Comic Books, and music from all over the world.

A gymnast in high school and college, she incorporated that style into her wrestling technique, creating some of the most jaw-dropping moves you'd ever see. She's fun-loving, outgoing, and always willing to put on a show while in front of a camera, but behind the scenes, she's very timid and introverted, usually burying her face in a game and answering people with as little verbiage as possible unless it's a subject that's near and dear to her heart. That timid personality, her extremely cute looks and rainbow hairstyle has captured the heart of geeks everywhere!

She started out on jOlt's Hype program, but her athleticism and appeal made her a main target of Damien Lee almost immediately! She got called up to the main roster where she got entangled with Sarah Winterton, earning herself a championship opportunity right away! However, her tenure in jOlt came to a close when her contract expired. While jOlt offered her a new contract, she declined it for personal reasons. She wouldn't declare what they were, but anyone who has seen any of her backstage interviews might have guessed the reason for her departure. She looked around at the different organizations available and saw that Legacy of Champions would probably offer her the best shot. She got in contact with LoC and the rest was history!

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