Legacy of Champions

Black Tom Williams

A recognized multiple-time World Champion in his own right, Black Tom Williams is a legend not only in the Legacy of Champions but in the sport of professional wrestling at large. He's also trained quite a few other World Champions and had a hand in nearly every Legacy Champion's title reign. The man and success go hand-in-hand, and he will accept nothing less than that from everyone who surrounds him. He's crude, he's rude, and if it wasn't for him the Legacy of Champions would still be an idea in Daniel Pierce's head.

Scott Riktor

The first Legacy Champion in LoC's history and the man who laid the blueprint for what a Legacy Champion should stand for, Scott Riktor is the first LoC Grappler to be given Legend status. He continues to lead the Legacy of Champions by overseeing that which he helped create as the Legacy Division Commissioner.

Scott Riktor has been a Champion in every federation he has ever been in save one, that being the IWF where he got his professional start. Scott's wrestling style is what lead him to be dubbed 'The Man Known as Rage' as that was the one emotion he appeared to be controlled by once the bell rang. He has had storied rivalries with many of the current LoC roster and his contributions can still be seen today with every RingRats Graduate that steps foot inside an LoC ring.

Shawn Hart

There is certainly no doubting that The Prime Minister of Gettin' Sinister has charisma in spades. One of the most entertaining and controversial Grapplers in LoC history, Shawn Jessica Hart surely left an undeniable mark in the LoC history books. In fact, those pages may just be stuck together. Just don't ask Hart why because he will be happy to tell you in great detail.

He was the second ever Legacy Champion, defeating no less than Scott Riktor to achieve that milestone, and a three-time Legacy Champion. That puts Shawn Hart in the very exclusive class of Grapplers who have won the Legacy Championship more than one time. And out of that very exclusive class he holds the honor of class clown. A combination of pure wrestling ability and impure thoughts and actions have gifted Shawn Hart with more success than almost any other LoC Grappler. He is disgusting ... and it works. His antics have bested the best. His mind games have left a trail of broken psyches in their wake. Hart is just as much the mental warrior that he is the physical kind. Either way you know when you step into the ring with Shawn Jessica Hart you are in for the most unpredictable fight of your life.

Alexander Jerusalem

There has never been a more destructive force in the history of the Legacy of Champions as the Man of War. Simply put, Alexander Jerusalem does whatever he wants whenever he wants and there's nobody that can stop him. During LoC's first run this man conquered the entire federation with his smashmouth, take no prisoners style that caught the eye of one Black Tom Williams. Tom took and molded this weapon of mass destruction into a machine for winning the Legacy Championship.

AJ did win the Legacy Championship and became the first man in LoC history to defeat Scott Riktor in a one-on-one match up at Rebirth. The Man of War ran through Scott Riktor during the main event of that show to become LoC's second Legacy Champion. Technically, nobody has ever beaten AJ for that title and should he return...nobody may beat him again.


The Man, The Myth, The Legend ... The man of many faces. Suicide's tenure in Legacy of Champions was wrought with ups and downs and a myriad of personalities. Beginning his LoC career not as his most well-known persona but rather under a different mask as the enigmatic "S", Suicide was able to make yet another impact on the Sports Entertainment community. S, the literal pet of his longtime enemy Mystique Darkheart, was little more than a feral animal and yet was able to garner sympathy from Grapplers and the LoC Faithful alike. This was instrumental in allowing Suicide to break free from Mystique's control and regain his sanity, or what was left of it.

Dropping all facades after stepping out from the shadows that S cast, the man began going by his real name and Ulyses Solian's rise in LoC began again. This time full of a newfound arrogance, Ulyses quickly won the Relentless Championship and had quite a successful reign as champion. But like all shooting stars, his light flickered fast a bright before crashing down. His self centered attitude proved to be his own downfall and Ulyses Solian was short-lived in Legacy of Champions.

After fading into the ether he returned once more to LoC and this time he did so under the mask that he had made famous through his countless battles with the likes of Shawn Hart, Scott Riktor, and Larry Tact. The Man, The Myth, The Legend ... Suicide was in Legacy of Champions. By far this was his most successful persona in LoC, capturing Relentless, Underground, and Legacy Championships in his tenure. Although, no matter what name or what mask he chose in LoC Suicide was always front and center in the action.


The Young Lion. LoC's first, and arguably greatest, homegrown star. A bright spot in a time when much of his contemporaries were shrouded in darkness, Ryan Billows was as bold and as brave as they come. And in a career cut very short one could see that Billows was on a collision course with greatness. It was more than a shame when, in one of his very best performances inside the LoCDown cell, Ryan Billows suffered a broken neck that ended his career prematurely. He never had a chance to hold the Legacy Championship, although many fans as well as Grapplers were absolutely certain that one day he would do just that.

Ryan Billows was never supposed to set foot inside the squared circle again. After a long and arduous recovery process he even began to believe that himself, trading championship belts for Hollywood Walk of Fame stars. Billows became a big name in action films. Not a bad transition for someone who nearly lost his life, let alone his career. Yet, somehow he was able to to more.

Years later Billows would return to the ring. Countless hours of hard work, training, and the help of the best doctors in the world gave Billows a second chance at greatness in LoC. This would once again be short-lived, however, just as the first run it was legendary. Will we ever see Billows return for a trifecta? And will he finally get his hands on that Legacy Championship?


Derecho’s career with Legacy of Champions was a decorated one. Derecho won the Legacy Championship by defeating “The Superbeast” Sylo, won the Relentless Championship by defeating The Nashvillain and then cashed it in on the same night to win the Underground Championship from Suicide. Derecho held onto the Underground Championship for an entire year and even earned himself the nickname “The King of the Underground”, and later, “The King of Hell.” Derecho even competed in one of the company’s flagship matches, LoCDown, where he defended his Legacy Championship.

Even though Derecho competed for LoC twice, his combined time with the company spanned for nearly a decade. Whether he was applying his technical skills in the ring, brutalizing opponents with chairs, or involving himself with company politics ala Jim Johnson, Derecho made himself into a household name with the LoC fanbase. Although he may be gone, Derecho will still remind you the legends come and go and often fade away into a memory, but Derecho is, was and always will be… forever.


He was the first three time Underground Champion in LoC history and a man who would become sononymous with the Undergound Division. Turk's career in LoC was a roller coaster in which he found himself both at the very top of the mountain, as well as underneath it.

His competitiveness, however, was unmatched no matter what the official outcome of the match may be. It was this killer instinct that made Turk such a great Underground Champion. In a realm where the most violent mind wins, Turk rarely found an equal.


The Clown Prince of Legacy of Champions. Frost was one of the most sadistic, violent, and unpredictable Grapplers in LoC history. So unpredicatble, in fact, that his career was supposedly ended via gunshot to the head ... but even that proved not to be enough to take out Frost.

Calling the Underground his home, Frost won not one but two Underground Battle Royals in his career. This is no easy feat and is a match that even some of the top Grapplers in LoC history refused to take part in. Frost was tough as nails, incredibly strong, and completely insane. It was a combination that lead to much success in the Underground and much animosity from those around him. He had a brilliant run in LoC that ultimately culminated in what appeared to be his murder but he would return from the dead to wreak havoc on LoC once more. More irradic than ever, Frost's second go-round in LoC would leave a trail of broken bodies before the man had a total breakdown and vanished. Since then various Frost sightings have happened in and around the Arena of Champions. Are they a hoax ... or is Frost haunting the place of his supposed death?


It's not very often that a Grappler enters Legacy of Champions with as much mystery paired with domination as The Sixth Man. Quietly taking out the other five contenders to the Legacy Championship, hence the moniker The Sixth Man, Alias set the stage for what would become the downfall of the unbeaten Legacy Champion. Sylo, hot on his infamous streak, was taken out by the combined efforts of a number of Grapplers but it was Alias that kickstarted the beginning of the end.

That is not nearly his only accomplishment in LoC, however, as Alias is a former Legacy Champion in his own right. Having toppled the unbeatable and taken out the aformentioned five of LoC's top contenders, Alias claimed the top title for himself. His reign was unfortunately a short one, falling victim to some underhanded tactics from Brandon Thomas, but a memorable one nonetheless. Alias remained a top contender in LoC, just as he had his entire career in the world of professional wrestling. Whether under the garb of The Citizen or unmasked and battling some of the best in the world, Alias' historic run in Legacy of Champions is one to be remembered.


Actions speak louder than words, that seemed to be the motto of one of LoC's most unique Grapplers of all time. Fanatic, nicknamed "The Enigma", was adored by the LoC faithful for always standing on the side of the just.

Then, just like that, he vanished. Fanatic went off to travel the world and fulfill his destiny of becoming a true hero. As of now his whereabouts...are an enigma.

The Normans

Donovan and Trevor Norman were the first tag team to hold the Team Championships. They paved the way for the highly competitive Team Division of today by proving that tag teams can main event a wrestling promotion.

Aligning themselves with Black Tom Williams and The League of Extraordinary Champions proved to be the best career choice they could have made, as they went on to hold the Team Championships for the entire span of LoC's first run. The Normans, along with the rest of the LEC, also had a storied feud with Scott Riktor while he was Legacy Champion. The brothers played a pivotal role in Riktor losing the championship to Alexander Jerusalem at Rebirth.

Ninja K

Superstar Vince Jacobs



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