"Previously on Legacy of Champions..."

Three different tournaments were all about to come to a close, crowing three new LoC Champions. Tonight we would find out who was the best in the world.

Or Die Trying is upon us and this year the ODT Tournament will crown the first ever Network Champion. This year the prize, as with every other contest on Or Die Trying, was gold.

16 Men, 4 Matches, 1 Champion.

Welcome to Or Die Trying ...

ODT was ready to kick off. Following the last riffs of "Testify" by Rage Against the Machine leading LLB in, all sixteen men were in the ring and one side chose Dallas Griffin as their lead-off pretty quickly, while the other side devolved into some bickering as Derecho, Turk and JLV argued who should lead off. JLV shoved Turk as Derecho stepped between them, not to break up the row, but to argue his side. Turk's shoulder was taped heavily and he just grinned and offered Derecho to go first. JLV stepped in front of him until he saw the large frame of Griffin emerge as the enemy's choice then, he became quite galant in offering the opportunity to Derecho & Turk. Billows had had enough and rounded all three men and charged Griffin. Turk laughed while Derecho showed some disappointment, and JLV did his best impression of being forlorn at not getting the start.

Billows connected with a flying dropkick to Griffin's knee, dropping the much larger man to the mat. He then tossed himself at the ropes and on the rebound struck with a shocking kick to the back of Griffin's head that dropped him face-first to the mat. Griffin was hurt quickly, and Billows looked to capitalize and climbed the turnbuckles. As he did, JLV slapped his back and dove through the ropes, rolled Griffin over for the cover.




Billows looked at the crowd and his team mates, clearly surprised and angered. JLV shouted at the referee; "One. Two. Three! Faster!" clapping his hands very quickly. "This was over! I worked hard!" JLV gathered his feet under him, and as Griffin stirred he kicked him twice in the back of the head, and covered again...



"Unbelieveable!" JLV shouted at the ref; "Do you even know your job?!" JLV stood and began to berate the ref backing the smaller man into the corner, wagging his finger in his face.

Dallas Griffin stirred behind JLV, out of his view, and rose to stand tall. JLV was deep in a lecture to the official regarding his job responsibilities as some of JLV's teammates screamed to him to turn around, others like Turk and Derecho couldn't help but just smile. JLV dismissed the warning with a wave of his hand.

Griffin tapped JLV on the shoulder, and JLV dismissed him the same as the verbal warnings from his team.

Then it clicked. v JLV's eyes widened and he turned slowly to face the large man. He swallowed hard and smiled widely.

Too little. Too late.

Griffin smashed a fist into JLV's temple and he stumbled backward into the corner formerly occupied by the official that was receiving the job qualification lecture. Griffin then kicked him...

...and again.

...and again.

When Dallas tried to reach down and grab JLV by the throat he escaped under the turnbuckles to the arena floor. JLV clutched his aching head and looked up at the huge man and mouthed for the ref to control him, pointing his instructions. JLV walked over to his corner and tagged Mattock. Mattock started to part the ropes and the ref stopped him, instructing him that wasn't an official tag because JLV was on the floor. "You don't even know the rules! What are you doing out here?!" JLV screamed at the official, throwing his hands in the air. JLV then rolled into the ring, just at his corner, slapped Frost's boot, and rolled right back out. Frost looked down, and back at the referee, confused.

"Get in there!" Alicia shouted.

Frost parted the ropes and Dallas Griffin twisted his neck loosening up. Griffin charged at Frost and Frost just lowered a shoulder and Dallas bounced off. Finding himself on the mat staring up at the monster Griffin quickly realized he didn't have a size advatage here. Frost plodded forward, deliberately and Griffin gathered his feet under him quickly. He squared up and tried to take the incoming blows, but he couldn't match the power..




Frost's ham-hands rained in on Griffin and beat him into the corner.

"FINISH HIM NOW!" Alicia yelled instructions from ringside.

Frost growled in reply, grabbed Griffin by the throat and tossed him aside. If you've read this match, make sure to mention this mention of feedback in the feedback thread. I bet no one does. Unfortunately for Craig Thomas he landed in his corner, and a desperate Griffin slapped Thomas' calf, and immediately rolled under the bottom rope to the relative safety of the arena floor.

Craig Thomas looked down at Griffin and then back at the Icey monster awaiting his entrance into the fray - Craig swallowed hard and parted the ropes. Once inside he started to square up, but...


Frost stood over an apparently unconscious Craig Thomas and cocked his head. Frost was looking to punish the man, he ran at the ropes and as he did Turk slapped him tagging himself in. Frost connected with a crushing elbow drop on the ricochet. As he went for the cover the ref pulled him off and Turk immediately dove on top of Thomas for the cover himself...




"What the fuck, ref?!" Turk shook his head; "please tell me I don't have to agree with that douche!" pointing to JLV. "you do know how to do your job, right?" Turk turned back and plucked Thomas off the mat and slung the man at his team's corner. Everyone scattered to avoid the tag, but Cordova wasn't quick enough.

He wasn't scared. "I hate joo. Joo crazee bahstard!" He climbed the corner and leapt at Turk.

Turk caught him.

Typically, in some other poorly prepared promotion the smaller Cordova would have hit some spots to keep this thing close...

...this is LoC.

Turk crashed to the mat in a power body slam. He rose still holding Cordova, and hit it again.

Then he hit it again.

This time on the rebound Turk left Cordova on the mat and rose to stand over him. Turk shuffled toward the corner and stuck his hand out for Shawn Hart to tag in.

The crowd exploded in cheers.

Shawn looked around surprised., cocked his hand back to make the tag, and they got louder. He swung to make the tag and...

...Turk pulled his hand away.

"Have you lost your damn mind? I'm winning this thing!" Turk yelled at SJH.

The crowd showered the ring with jeers.

Turk turned back to Cordova...



Turk stumbled back toward the ropes and rebounded at Cordova, Cordova leapt and snagged him in a head scissors...



Turk crumpled into a heap. Cordova rolled the Psycho over and covered..



Derecho made the save by kicking Cordova off of Turk. Derecho shook his head, disappointed and dragged Turk by the arm toward their corner in hopes he'd make a tag.

Turk shook off the cobwebs and looked up to see Mattock, and immediately slapped his hand to bring him in. Turk then grabbed the injured shoulder attached to the arm he was just dragged by, and rolled to the arena floor as Mattock jumped in. Mattock immediately crouched down and stalked Cordova as he pulled himself up on all fours. Mattock hauled off and kicked Cordova dead in the face that caused him to flop back onto the canvas. Mattock took off to the ropes and hit a running Shooting Star Press onto the luchadore legend! Mattock made the cover, hooking the leg.



Shoulder up by Cordova.

Mattock pulled Cordova up to his feet and slapped him across the masked face. Cordova staggered back and then turned and decked Mattock with a big right hand! Cordova fired away with lefts and rights, combination blows, to the head of Mattock that rocked him back! Cordova then backed Mattock into the ropes and whipped him across the ring. Cordova leapt up and nailed a drop kick that took Mattock down! Mattock rolled out of the ring and collected himself as Cordova dared him to get back in.

Mattock rolled out of the ring and collected himself as Cordova dared him to get back in.

At that time, Derecho walked along the ring apron and got the attention of Cordova. Mattock then slid back into the ring and ran up behind Cordova. Mattock leapt up and placed one knee between the shoulder blades of Cordova, he then wrapped his hands around Cordova's neck and pulled him down! The combination of a knee to the back and a whiplash effect on the neck did some pretty big damage to Cordova!

Mattock then stood up and stared at Cordova like a vulture stalking its prey. Mattock decided that he wasn't done yet as he pulled Cordova up to his feet. Mattock lit up his chest with a knife edge chop. He hit another and another that staggered Cordova over to the corner. Mattock then charged in, but Cordova moved out of the way and Mattock hit against the corner chest first. Cordova then leapt up onto Mattock's shoulders and flipped him over with a poisoned frankensteiner!! Cordova went into the cover!



Mattock kicked out

Cordova then brought Mattock up to a seated position and hit a lower drop kick between the shoulder blades. He then put Mattock onto his back and made the cover once again, this time with the leg hooked deep.



Mattock kicked out once again

Cordova then wait for Mattock to get back to his feet. Cordova then hit a stiff kick to the calf muscle of Mattock. Cordova hit another and another until Mattock pie faced Cordova which caused him to take a step back. Mattock then returns the favor with a couple of stiff kicks to the side of Cordova, but Cordova caught one of the kicks and Mattock was forced to balance himself on one leg!

While Cordova thought he had the upper hand, Mattock quickly twisted and flipped to hit a reverse mule kick, breaking the hold Cordova had over him. Mattock waited until Cordova got back to a seated position. Mattock then came in and nailed a shotgun drop kick to the face of Cordova. Mattock then sat Cordova back up and took off toward the ropes, Mattock came back and hit another shotgun drop kick, this time to the back of the skull..


Mattock then made the cover!



Cordova kicked out

Mattock grew tired of this game and decided to put an end to it. Mattock went to the corner and ascended the turnbuckle pad to the top. He took aim and flipped off with a shooting star elbow drop..



Cordova moved out of the way and it caused Mattock to crash and burn!

Cordova walked over and grabbed Mattock, pulling him up with an inverted face lock. He then lifted Mattock for an Inverted Suplex, but Mattock floated over and landed on his feet behind Cordova! He grabbed Cordova by the back of the head and lifted him high into the air. He then dropped Cordova right on his head with an inverted brainbuster. He quickly pulled Cordova up to his feet and aimed high with a kick, stunning Cordova and dropping him down to a single knee. Mattock then looked to the sky and unzipped the mouth portion of his mask and yelled out "UNRAVEL GHOUL!"

Mattock backed into the ropes and gained momentum. He pivoted right as Cordova stood and spun, connecting with a Roaring Elbow!!


Mattock went for the cover..




Ehren the King came in and broke it up!! Mattock should have known that he wouldn't get away with a pinfall in a match such as this. Albeit a slim chance of success. Ehren kicked Mattock in the back of the head before pulling him up to his feet. Ehren lifted Mattock onto his shoulders and drove him to the canvas with a Death Valley Driver. Ehren kind of scoffed at the fact that he had to get his hands dirty and then turned to Lusus. He ordered Lusus to come into the ring and drag Cordova over to the corner.

Lusus looked as if he didn't want to, but he reluctantly did so anyway. He stepped in and brought Cordova over to the corner where Ehren stepped out. Ehren then demanded that Lusus raise Cordova's hand so he can tag himself in. Lusus sighed and did just that and Ehren officially tagged himself ito the match. Ehren then placed his hand upon his chin and thought about it for a moment and then looked back at Lusus who had just stepped out.

"On second thought..." muttered Ehren.

He tagged Lusus back into the match. All the while, on the other side, Ehren's indecision left a wide open gap for Mattock to recover and roll to his corner where he tagged in Shawn Jessica Hart.

SJH rushed at Lusus' back while he was trying to figure out The KIng's plan. Hart scaled him like a tree, and howled to the fans.

"ESS-JAY-HAITCH! ESS-JAY-HAITCH! ESS-JAY-HAITCH!" they roared their love for the LoC Legend.

"ESS-JAY-HAITCH! ESS-JAY-HAITCH! ESS-JAY-HAITCH!" the crowd carried on as Hart locked in a mounted sleeper hold. The huge Lusus dropped to a knee, and then fell face-first to the mat. Mike Hunt, lead referee checked him once.

...his huge meat-hook flopped to the mat.

Hunt raised it again.

Once again it fell to the canvas with a 'thud'.

It was about to end with SJH locking in a submission. Imagine the controversy if we ended a match like this, with a finish like that. Can you imagine? The referee calling it on a controversial TKO with all the implications we were looking at at here? Crazy shit.

The final time Lusus' huge hand seemed to fall in slow motion

...Dallas Griffin stuck his paw under the ropes between Lusus' hand and the mat as it fell...


Dallas Griffin made the save.

SJH looked shocked and quickly retreated to his team's corner, stopped for one brief moment to ask himself; "Did Hopper see this coming?"

There was a distant scream; "YES!"

Hart then slapped Malik Roland in the forehead ...


Roland was the active man and the two men with seemingly the same gimmick, Malik Roland, the man with the longest active championship streak that he had nothing to do with, and Dallas Griffin a bonafide tough-guy monster working his way up through LoC stood toe-to-toe in the middle of the LoC ring, -okay, so they're nothing alike, they're just both big black dudes - surely they were ready for an epic throwdown....

Dallas Griffin slapped Malik Roland like the bitch he was, turned and tagged in The Fighting Foreigner while Roland quickly retreated to his corner and JLV tagged himself in

Malik Roland barely managed to snarl as the referee got between him and the action. JLV cockily stood there, bouncing from foot-to-foot as the Fighting Foreigner stared across. Despite being a chickenshit, JLV's 6'5" and 275 pound frame was formidable, and one could only assume the mind games JLV is playing acting out the way he does. He literally could go with these monsters... if he wasn't one himself already.

JLV called for a test of strength. TFF looked back into his corner who was adamant that he should not engage in the test but he shrugged and held a hand up to meet JLV's offer. The second their fingers linked, JLV rocked him with a kick to the gut. Doubled over, JLV appplied a front facelock and made belt gestures to TFF's corner. Flipped them the bird and then fell back with a single arm DDT.

Bouncing to his feet, he put a boot on TFF's head and stepped over him. The referee tried to warn him but JLV pushed him aside to get at TFF once again. He hoisted him up off the canvas and whipped him into a neutral corner, but in an eight man tag match it's hard to find one of those. Out of tag's way, however, JLV charged and leapt with a big avalanche splash into the corner. TFF was crushed under his weight.

Strutting from out of the corner, JLV dusted his hands and winked to his peeps in his own corner.

"I got this, boys," he informed them. "You can go grab a beer or somethin' coz this shit is over!"

JLV put some ground between he and TFF and charged for another avalanche. But the fans popped loudly, as did the soles of TFF's boot on JLV's chin. JLV staggered out of the corner while TFF pulled himself up onto the second rope. Double aze-handle at the ready, TFF leapt.


The monstrous Clothesline from Hell caught TFF mid-air and he was ripped through, flipping around like a piece of paper in the wake of a Boeing 747-300. Griffin cringed and mentioned about something being "nasty". TFF's corner were champing at the bit to get him out of harm's way for the selfish reasons of carrying on in this match.

He crashed to the canvas and JLV rolled him over onto his back and mounted his chest..


WHACK! Vicious right.

Turk turned to Billows. "And they call me the psycho?"


WHACK! Another vicious right.

Then JLV wrapped his hands around TFF's throat and began to outright throttle him. The referee immediately counted and it was quick. JLV comfortably released the hold before the time was up and he heaved TFF to his feet. He had been insulted and he wasn't going to let TFF get away that easily by being pinned.

He heaved him to his feet and whipped him into the ropes with all his might. TFF rebounded and JLV dipped his shoulder, allowing TFF to leap frog him and hit the ropes. Amadeus slaps TFF on the back as he rebounds and when does, JLV catches him and lifts, turning 180 degrees and driving him into the canvas with devastating consequences. He drops down with a cover, thinking this one is over.

But the referee ain't counting.

The Ayatollah of Ass-a-hollah rises to his feet to give the referee yet another earful when Amadeus flies off the top with a cross-body press to the sounds of the fans cheering. But their cheering stopped there.

Because JLV caught him.

And then the Human Ratings Riot planted his feet, stared into the opposition corner and stuck his tongue out. "I'ma toss this asshole back into the gunt he fell out of!"

Then JLV heaved and tossed Amadeus with a fall-away slam. He hit the canvas and JLV scrambled on hands and knees to make a cover.




The fans cheered loudly as JLV burst up to his feet shoving three fingers into the face of the referee. Billows is reaching over the top rope for a tag, nearly in reach of JLV. Noticing the intrusion, JLV steps back.

"We're not in Hollywood anymore, Toto!" JLV scolded, pulling Amadeus to his feet.

Then Amadeus rocked JLV with a right. And another right. Then JLV racked his ribs with a big knee that doubled him over. Stuffed his head between his legs with a standing headscissors and lifted for a powerbomb. Only when JLV hoisted him up, Amadeus twisted himself around into an electric chair hold and nailed a reverse hurricanrana that sent JLV tumbling across the ring.

Amadeus, on hands and knees, began to scramble across the ring. But JLV caught him by the ankle and began to drag him back. The whole of Amadeus' corner reached over the top rope attempting to get the tag but JLV was managing to get him back to a safe zone.

So Amadeus rolled over onto his back. And with his free leg he nailed JLV with a stinging kick on the chin. It sent JLV toppling back a step or two, enough for Amadeus to get back to crawling as fast as he could to his corner.


And in stepped JLV's new adversary. And JLV charged forward until he saw who was in front of him.


The fans cheered loudly just at the idea of seeing JLV get the living HELL kicked out of him. JLV went to step left, but Lusus cut him off. He went right and Lusus blocked that way, too. Then JLV just looked over Lusus' shoulder like he saw something. He pointed.


The fans laughed as Lusus grunted, but it was enough distraction JLV needed to charge to his corner and slap Billows on the shoulder, not taking any chances that tag opportunities would be absconded standing in front of that beast. Then JLV just leapt over the top rope to the outside, crashing onto the thin mats below.

"Most effort he's shown tonight," Billows muttered, referencing JLV.

Climbing through the ropes, Billows noted that Lusus had already advanced several steps forward. Several stomps forward. However you'd like to phrase it.

Billows shot straight up, making sure Lusus was aware he was on the defensive already, letting the beast know eyes were upon him. Billows considered his options and decided not many of them great, a few of them terrible, maybe one good one...

Billows rushed forward and slid through the legs of The One Man Army, the crowd and competitors watched as Billows came to a stance behind the slowly rotating mass of man, Lusus.

Billows continued sprinting, towards the ropes.

Ehren The King, Dallas Griffin, and Amadeus were forced to leap down on the apron or risk being flung by the bounceback from the ring ropes as...

Billows proceeded to springboard off the top rope, gaining a tremendous velocity before bring his elbow smashing into Lusus' jaw.


The shot echoed throughout the arena, and even Ehren The King winced as he reclaimed his spot on the apron, "'Tis not acceptable!" And that was about all the encouragement he was willing to offer.

However, Lusus didn't fall, he stumbled backwards but then only went on to wobble. Billows, on one knee, cocked his head at this. He climbed to his feet and walked over to an apparently dazed Lusus.

As Lusus did his best impression of a water buoy, bobbing back and forth, Billows grinned at the crowd and then at his teammates before taking a single finger and poking Lusus.

Obviously, the intention had been to see the single act of a tiny finger push send the big man to the mat. However, Lusus simply stopped wobbling and stared down at Billows finger before an angry sneer crept upon his face.

Billows sighed, his shoulders slumped, but then he quickly went for a kick that Lusus caught!

Billows grabbed hold of Lusus' head as he brought his other foot up,


Billows had delivered a nasty kick to Lusus' skull one more time.

Again, the big man stumbled backwards, but didn't fall. The Risen Lion rushed forward.

As he reached Lusus, Billows started to poke his finger out before shaking his head to the fans,


Billows had turned around and proceeded to flip backwards nailing The One Man Army in the skull for a third time, this time with a Pele Kick!

The crowd cheered as Lusus finally fell to the canvas.

He wasn't down long, though, and it was only moments before he was on all fours, working towards two.

Billows ran forward and went for a boot to Lusus' head, again! But Lusus caught Billows' foot and pushed him back with might, sending Billows flying and rolling.

But Billows had rolled to his feet, and as Lusus started to stand, Billows would rush forward and again he would use a baseball slide to his advantage, this time come underneath a hunched over Lusus before bringing his fist up into Lusus' jaw!


And this time Lusus fell hard, landing on his ass and blinking before deciding to lay down on the canvas and hold his jaw.

Billows started to twitch all over, excitement washing over him as he marched over to the corner, his right leg bouncing up and down as if it had a mind of its own and could hardly fathom the possibility of landing the trademark L.O.S.T. Kick.

The fans were roaring, ready to see Billows nail it.

Derecho grew impatient as Billows backed into his corner. Derecho slapped Billows as hard as he could on the back to tag himself in. Billows turned and just shot a glare at Derecho, but Derecho pie faced him out of the way as he walked over and began to stomp on the fallen Lusus. Derecho grabbed the big man by the mask and used his might to pull Lusus up to his feet. Lusus staggered against the ropes as Derecho lit him up with a knife edge chop across the chest. Derecho lit him up a second time before attempting an Irish Whip, but Lusus reversed it and sent Derecho into the ropes, but Derecho came back and hit a low basement dropkick to Lusus' leg, bringing him down to a single knee.

Derecho stood and planted his foot into Lusus' chest and hit a Step Up Enzugiri to the head. Lusus flopped face first into the canvas as Derecho looked to the turnbuckles. Derecho climbed up to the very top and took aim as he looked down at Lusus. He leapt off and connected to Lusus' lower back...


Derecho grabbed a fist full of tights with both hands and pulled the big man over onto his back where he made the cover, hooking the leg...



Kick out!

Lusus still had some fight left in him, but after the beating by Billows and now Derecho, he needed to get that tag and he needed to get it soon. Derecho sat Lusus up and dropped a knee into his back as he wrenched on his chin. Lusus tried to pry Derecho's fingers off of his chin, but Derecho continued to wrench back even further. Eventually Derecho broke the hold and stood as Lusus tried to shake it off.

Derecho stared at Lusus and waited as he tried to pull himself back up. When he was about half way to a vertical base, Derecho took off to the ropes and came back with a running kick right to the face that knocked Lusus back down! Derecho made a slashing motion across his throat... he couldn't... he wouldn't....

Derecho grabbed Lusus by the head and pulled him. The crowd and the audience stood up in amazement as Derecho powered Lusus onto his shoulder!!! You could clearly see the strain on Derecho's face as it looked like his legs could buckle at any time. It wasn't the prettiest... it wasn't the smoothest.. but he collapsed and dropped Lusus on the back of his neck...


Derecho just dropped Lusus with the Emerald Flowsion, but that took so much strength and energy out of Derecho, he barely knew where he was after hitting that move. Derecho looked around and saw Lusus on his back. He then slowly turned over and made the cover, but before the referee could even make a one count, Ehren came in, grabbed Derecho by the leg and pulled him off of Lusus!

Ehren yelled down at Lusus "WORTHLESS LIKE A PEASANT!"

Ehren shook his head as he went to walk away, but Derecho stood and spun Ehren around, decking him in the royal face! Ehren staggered back and then called out...


Derecho charged in as Ehren backed into the ropes. Derecho then clotheslined him up and over the top rope and down to the floor. Meanwhile, Lusus was using the ropes to pull himself up to his feet. Derecho turned and saw this and charged Lusus, but, perhaps it was out of desperation, Lusus bent down and heaved Derecho up and over the top rope and down to the floor where Derecho landed with a sickening thud! Lusus fell to all fours and began to crawl over to his corner. Ehren gets back up on the ring apron trying to regain his composure. Lusus, on all fours, made it to his corner. He looked up at Ehren and went for the tag, but Ehren dropped down to the floor and shook his head.

"YOU LET ME GET MANHANDLED WHILE YOU LAID THERE! A COMMON PEASANT IS WHAT YOU ARE!" said Ehren right in Lusus' face. The crowd was stunned that Ehren refused the tag.


Lusus is in disbelief! He has been betrayed by his own king! Derecho saw the opportunity from the floor. He rolled back into the ring, stood and was about to plant one foot forward to sprint towards Lusus when...


Derecho stopped dead in his tracks. he turned as Frost simply grinned while tilting his head to the side. Derecho wasn't happy. The referee told Derecho to get out, but as Frost stepped in he came face to face with Derecho. Two monsters in their own right were having a staredown... imagine the match that could happen between these two!

The referee got between them as Derecho moved to the left, reluctantly stepping out of the ring as Frost simply grinned and nodded. Frost turned his attention to Lusus who used the ropes to pull himself up.

Frost walked over to Lusus and connected with two very stiff elbows to the jaw...



He pulled Lusus to his feet and whipped him at the ropes - Lusus rebounded...


Frost had connected with a devastating Frost Bite and Lusus collapsed to the canvas. He threw his head back and growled with outstretched arms...


Frost was surprised by the sound and the touch - Turk tagged himself in!

Alicia screamed; "What the hell?!?"

Turk hopped over the top rope as the referee ushered Frost out. He strode over to Lusus and pulled him from the mat, placed his head between his knees, butterflied the big man's arms behind his back, and dropped to the mat.


Turk hovered there. Letting the impact sink in for the fans and Lusus too. He scowled at the eyes on him. He rolled Lusus onto his back...




Winner: Billows, Shawn Hart, Derecho, JLV, Mattock, Frost, Malik Roland & Turk via Pinfall


In front of an "Or Die Trying" backdrop, the Ayatollah of Ass-a-hollah puffed on a cigarette and pointed down the barrel of the camera.

"Sixteen men. Sixteen hopes. Sixteen dreams."

Snicker. Puff.

"Sixteen becomes eight.

"Eight becomes four.

"Four down to two.

"There can only be one!"

He holds one finger up. Cigarette dangling from his mouth threatening his beard.

"There's only one man who is the Smartest in the World. And tonight I prove that to you..."

Extreme close up. Cigarette plucked from mouth. Smoke rising as he speaks.

"Or DIE Trying."

Brad Arnold: "Fans, the following match is scheduled for one fall and is a semi-final match in the Underground Championship Tournament..."

As Arnold's voice trailed off, the beginning beeps of "Nobody's Real" started to fill the arena and the crowd cheered loudly as Monte Burns stepped out from the back. Alternating red and gold fireworks shot up from either side of the stage as he walked out. He paused momentarily at the edge of the stage to gaze around at his surroundings before continuing down the ramp. He slapped hands with fans along the way down, pointing up to salute those in the upper levels as well. As he reached the ring, he leaped up onto the apron and then used the top rope to slingshot himself into the ring, rolling through to a still position on one knee as he smiled to the cheering crowd.

"Supermodel Citizen"

Pomp. Circumstance. Pyro. Ballyhoo. Purple Lightshow All In Yo FACE! Max Hopper electric light-show to the ring.

The referee appeared ready to signal for the bell, but Hopper held up a hand. As Burns looked on confused, Hopper went into a series of stretching exercises, reaching out to the side with each arm and then contorting his back. Both Burns and the referee looked on confused. Burns turned to look at the official and held out his hands, incredulous.

"Seriously?" The official replied with a shrug, obviously unsure of what to do. Even the crowd was murmuring and chuckling by this point, wondering what was going to happen.

Finally, Hopper stood up straight and let out a deep breath, then nodded at the referee. Burns muttered "Finally" under his breath and the bell mercifully rang to start the match.

The two men circled each other briefly, each one feigning an attack. Finally Hopper ran forward and Burns went for a clothesline, but Max ducked and continued toward the ropes. Hopper leaped forward and landed on the middle rope, springboarding backward. It was Monte who ducked Hopper's elbow attempt this time, rolling forward and then leaping to his feet. As Hopper got back to his feet, Monte looked to take advantage with a superkick, but Hopper was ready. Max blocked the kick away, and as Burns spun around, Hopper became the first to connect with a move, sending Burns to the mat with a clothesline.

As Burns got back to his feet, Hopper landed a couple of hard knife edge chops that backed Monte against the ropes. Max grabbed him by the wrist to whip him across the ring, but Monte reversed the move and sent Hopper across instead. As Hopper came running back, Burns caught him with a boot to the stomach and then lifted him up for a suplex. But Hopper had another counter in mind, slipping free to land behind Monte and quickly rolled him up for a pin attempt...



Kickout by Burns! Both men scrambled to their feet, with Hopper charging toward Burns. "The Golden Child" saw it coming and sidestepped him, taking him down with a drop toe hold that sent Hopper throat first across the middle rope. With Hopper holding his throat in pain, Burns leaped into the air and drove the point of his knee into Hopper's back, sending him chest first to the mat. Burns laid in a couple of boots to Hopper's head and then ran toward the opposite end of the ring. Just as Hopper was sitting up, Burns came running forward and caught him with a baseball slide to the ribs that sent Hopper under the bottom rope and crashing to the floor outside the ring.

Burns started to walk through the ropes to the outside and stopped. He hesitated for a second for stepping back into the ring. He waited for a moment for Max to get to his feet. As he saw Hopper starting to get up, Burns ran back to the other side of the ring and then came steaming back to dive through the ropes and connect with a tope that sent both Hopper and himself crumpling to the mat. Burns rolled over to cover and the official slid outside to make the count...



Shoulder up by Hopper! The fans were cheering the action as Burns pulled Hopper up and shoved him back against the barricade near where Brad Arnold was sitting. Monte landed a couple of punches and then stopped, looking over at Arnold. Burns rubbed his chin for a second and then reached out, grabbing the microphone out of the announcer's hand. Hopper was slumped back against the barricade and Monte turned back to him, slamming the mic against Max's head several times.

"Ow....ow....hey guy, stop it!" Hopper yelped in pain each time he was hit and backed away toward the stairs nearby. Burns tossed the mic back to Arnold and then smiled at the crowd, obviously amused a little bit by Hopper's response to the attack.

But as he turned back toward Hopper, the former Relentless Champion stunned Monte with an elbow to the bridge of the nose. Then, before Burns could react, Hopper lifted him up by the waist and fell backward, dropping Monte face first into the steel steps. The crowd "oooohed" at how painful it must have been for Monte and even Max held the side of his face as he looked over at Monte and said "ooooh."

Hopper pulled Burns up to his feet and kneed him in the midsection, then lifted "The Golden Child" up for a suplex. But instead of the suplex, Max turned and dropped Monte forward, landing him across the top of the barricade. As Burns clutched his ribs and teetered on the barricade, Hopper leaped up to the edge of the apron. The crowd cheered him as he posed there for a moment, smiling at the adulation. A second later, he leaped off from the apron, hitting Monte across the back of the neck with an elbow. Burns toppled over forward back to the ringside floor and Hopper waved the referee over for a pin attempt...



Kickout again by Monte! Hopper got up to one knee and stopped. He seemed to be talking to himself and the ring mic picked him up mid-sentence saying "whether I should or not." He looked over toward the ring apron and back to Burns, then back to the ring apron. After a second, he leaned over toward the ring apron and lifted the skirting up. After reaching inside, he pulled out a large rope.

Turning back, he softened Burns up with a couple of punches and then started to tie the rope around Monte's ankles. He started to pull Monte's arms behind him as well, similar to what he had done to Mitaki in his last match of the tournament. The referee was calling for Max to stop but with Underground Rules, he was powerless to stop it.

But as he started to pull Monte's arm behind him, Burns struggled and headbutted Max to stop him in his tracks. With his feet still bound, Burns rolled over and himself reached underneath the ring. As Hopper came back toward him, Monte's hand re-emerged holding a steel pipe. He swung hard and caught Hopper in the knee, causing Max to collapse to the floor. With him down, Burns reached to work his feet free of the ropes. Once he did so, he stood up and walked over to Hopper. Holding the pipe, he looked down at Max. The crowd was cheering him to swing again and Burns started to and stopped.

Instead, he tossed the pipe away, with it going through the ropes and rolling into the ring. Instead of using the pipe, Burns waited for Hopper to get to a knee and then grabbed him around the neck before driving him back to the floor with a reverse DDT. He quickly rolled over and hooked Hopper's leg...



THR-KICKOUT! The LoC legend wasn't done yet. Burns knew that had been a close call, and he wasn't going to give Hopper time to recover. Monte lifted Max up and rolled him immediately into the ring. After doing so, Burns climbed up to the apron but stopped short of stepping through the ropes and into the ring. As Hopper started to slowly get up to a knee, Burns moved to his left and climbed to the top turnbuckle. He waited there patiently for Max to get to his feet, and then just as Hopper staggered around to face him, Burns leaped off and connected with a spinning heel kick to Hopper's jaw. Again, Burns rolled back over and hooked a leg for a pin attempt...



Another kickout by Hopper! Burns was a little winded himself and was slow to get up, but he again made it to his feet first. He looked over at the pipe laying nearby but again decided against using it. Burns pulled Hopper up and pushed him back against the ropes, whipping him across. Monte jumped up for a high knee, but Max ducked and ran forward to the opposite ropes. As he bounded off those, Monte went for a clothesline, but this time Hopper moved to his right and used his momentum to leap around and onto Monte's shoulders, pulling him down to the mat with a crucifix pin attempt...



THR-NO! At the last second Burns escaped and Hopper looked surprised. Max got to his feet and staggered backward toward one of the corners. When Monte got to his feet, he charged forward but Hopper cut him off with a European uppercut. With Burns stunned, Hopper saw his opening and hooked Monte's head between his legs to set up - THE GLASS CEILING!

The fans cheered anticipating the big move, but it wasn't to be. As Hopper went to hook Monte's arms, Burns managed to work up the strength to lift Hopper up on his shoulders and dump him backward. When Hopper came back toward him, Burns turned the tables and locked Hopper's head between his legs, lifting him up and executing a double underhook backbreaker. With Max down, Burns went to a corner and climbed to the top, not quite as quickly as he had before. As he reached the top, Burns extended both arms into the air and had only one thing on his mind...

THE ESTABLISHMENT! Burns went for his own patented finishing move, but just as Hopper's attempt had been blocked, so was Monte's. As he flew through the air for the swanton bomb, Hopper reached out to grasp the steel pipe and as Burns came down, Max cracked him across the back with it. Burns landed with a thud and was in obvious pain as Hopper went for the win...



No, not yet! Even though he had kicked out, Burns clutched his back in considerable pain, his eyes shut tight as he grimaced. Meanwhile, Hopper looked around for a moment, then rolled outside the ring under the bottom rope. After doing so, he stood there on the floor, looking down at the ring skirt. He started to reach underneath and then stopped. He scratched the top of his head and talked to himself again, at one point saying "I don't know" several times.

Finally, he said "Okay, okay" and reached under the ring again, pulling out a table. As with any wrestling crowd, the LoC fans cheered wildly at the sight of the table. Hopper hurriedly set it up just a couple of feet away from the ring and then jumped back to the apron. By that time, Burns was almost to his feet again and Hopper stepped through the ropes to him, grabbing Monte by the head and pulling him toward the ropes. Hopper stepped through back outside to the apron and pulled Burns out with him. After doing so, Hopper lifted Burns up and appeared to be setting Monte up for a modified version of his signature "Maximum Impact" manueaver.

Before he could pull it off, however, Burns wrapped his arm around the top rope and wasn't going anywhere. As Hopper dropped Burns back down on his feet on the apron, Max appeared to say something again. Before Hopper could make another move, Burns kicked him in the ribs and grabbed Max around the shoulder and neck. With Hopper's back toward the arena floor, Burns suddenly leaped forward, sending Max - and himself - crashing through the table with a sitout side slam! The crowd exploded at the move and the referee immediately slid outside to check on the two men. With Hopper out, Monte reached over and draped an arm across his chest...




The crowd's cheers erupted as soon as the bell rang and "Nobody's Real" began to play once again.

Monte Burns had just defeated Max Hopper to advance to the finals of the Underground Championship tournament, only one win away from taking home the prize. Both men were still in the debris of the smashed table as a couple more officials came out to help them. With the championship match still to come, Burns would need to rest up in a hurry.

Winner: Monte Burns via Pinfall

"ODT: Derecho"

"It's obvious that this tournament has generated any sort of interest because they placed me into it. Billows? Turk? Frost? Mattock? Come on... just based on those names alone, this tournament would have sunk into ratings hell. That's where I come in. The self-proclaimed King of Hell.. the former LoC Champion, the former two-time Underground Champion, the former Relentless Champion, and the only grand slam winner in LoC history makes his appearance and now you have everyone's attention."

Derecho paused for a moment.

"But despite all of that, let's not make a mistake here. I don't NEED the Network Championship. In fact, I don't really care about the title. If I win the tournament, that's fine... just another belt to add to my resume that I never held before. My one true goal is the Legacy Championship and I will stop at NOTHING until I break each and every pillar holding up this world. I still stand among the chaos.. at ground zero.. and watch as the world around me collapses. Then, when I take back the Legacy Championship... I will reshape this world in my own image...

...or die trying."

"ODT: Turk"

Turk paced in front of the camera a large "ODT" logo looming in the background behind him broadcasting from some dark corner of the Arena of Champions. His shoulder heavily taped up from the punishment inflicted by Ninja K two weeks ago. He finally stopped and looked past the camera, into the distance; "Sixteen men surrounding the squared circle all vying for the Network Championship." He spoke as if telling a children's story. "The last remaining trophy for us to capture." He grinned; "So many of them vying for the fame that comes with the gold, ...but one." He rubbed his hands together and began to pace, never breaking his stare from whatever he focused on in the distance; "There's those wanting fame, and then there's You see all I want to do is inflict pain. I don't need a title. I don't need fame, and I don't need, "he pointed off-camera; " ....them."

The crowd could be heard out of frame, softly; "clap--clap--clapclapclap; IT'S THE PSY-CHO!"

"clap--clap--clapclapclap; IT'S THE PSY-CHO!"

"clap--clap--clapclapclap; IT'S THE PSY-CHO!"

"I don't need them, but oh, just like LoC - they need me." therewas satisfaction in his voice; "I mean, what's a hero without a villain? What is a good guy without someone to save the damsel in distress from? I'm what they need. I'm what LoC needs.." he stopped and looked directly into the camera; "I'm what you need." He grinned his sinister grin; "So who will it be LoC? Who will be your champion, your...hero? And will he vanquish the evil in his path..."

Turk laughed a maniacal laugh; "...Or...Die...Trying?"

"Folks," Tony Stone said, "Our second match of the Or Die Trying pre-show extravaganza is about to take place and let me tell's got some serious heat behind it."

"You got that right, Stoner," Reno Davis affirmed. "Judasbleek and Victor Martinez made it clear right from the start of this tournament that they were going to bring a different kind of destruction to the Legacy of Champions, no matter who was put in front of them. Thus far they've made good on their word, and only a couple people have had anything to say about it otherwise."

"Before tonight," continued Stone, "Monte Burns and Judasbleek had gotten into it a bit on Twitter regarding their respective places in the tournament landscape but it was Lindsay Troy who physically stepped up to the father-son pair and, as they say, drew a line in the sand."

"With glass," Davis said. "She drew, kicked, whatever, a line in the sand with glass shards on Legends Oh-Four. Judasbleek answered the call-out and after a skirmish and some more words, here we are."

Stone nodded. "It's gonna be something else tonight, that's for sure. Let's take it down to the ring for the intros."

"Ladies and gentlemen...." Brad Arnold began. "The following contest is the second semi-final match in the Underground title tournament!"

Music up...




As the ominous voice of Chino Moreno echoed throughout the Arena of Champions, the rafter lights dimmed down until complete darkness consumed the space. Fog creeped up through the entrance stage as Judasbleek and Victor Martinez emerged. A spotlight appeared on top of "The Non Believer " while Victor Martinez stood behind his prodigy at the top of the ramp. Judasbleek leisurely-paced as if was waiting for something.


Judasbleek snapped as if he had broken free from chains of confinement. As a wall of red pyrotechnics exploded in front of them, the father and son duo walked down the ramp with an intense purpose.

"Introducing first, being accompanied to the ring by the Sinister Minister of Debonair, Victor Martinez...hailing from Chicago, Illinois and weighing two hundred seventy one pounds....THE NON BELIEVER, JUUDDDDDAAAAASSSSSBBBBLLLEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKK!"


Judasbleek and Victor ignored the aisle of heckling fans while making their way to the ring. ‘Bleek stopped at the bottom of the ramp and, rather than sliding under the bottom rope, he threw the apron up and began rummaging around for whatever he could find underneath. Victor smiled with devious intent as his son pulled a ladder from its hiding place along with a steel chair, a trashcan, a lid, and a few metal signs. The chair and the signs were tossed over the top rope.

"Judasbleek isn't wasting any time with bringing weapons into play here," Stone said. "He hasn't even gotten into the ring yet."

"Can't say I blame him," Davis commented. "We know he's not happy with how his last encounter with Lindsay Troy went. He's looking for some payback and an early advantage any way he can get it."

Judasbleek had just gotten his hands on a fire extinguisher when the crowd roared around him. Sprinting down the ramp, not even bothering to wait for her music to hit, was Lindsay Troy. Victor's head snapped toward her and he yelled at his son to get his attention. ‘Bleek glanced quickly at Victor, then back to his approaching opponent, and raised the nozzle of the fire extinguisher.


The Non Believer directed a spray of chemical foam toward the Queen of the Ring, but she managed to change direction and hopped on top of the barricade to avoid getting blasted. Troy continued forward and then, when she was close enough to Judasbleek, leapt off the divider and launched herself toward him. She crashed into him shoulder-first, which jarred ‘Bleek just enough to drop the fire extinguisher. He stumbled against the edge of the ring while Troy got to her feet. She grabbed the trashcan lid and started after him. Victor didn't look happy that Troy got the jump on his son but his scowl was short lived as Judasbleek charged forward, wrapped his arms around her waist, and drove her backwards into the ring post.

Troy cried out in pain from the impact. She lifted her weapon and whacked Judasbleek in the head with it but the attempt at a counter had little effect. He backed up and rammed her against the ring post a second time then simply tossed her against the front of the barricade like a rag doll.


He snarled at the angry fans and, for good measure, kicked Troy in the stomach to further fuel their ire.

"He's not going to win any congeniality awards with this tactic," Stone said.

"Somehow, I think he'll be OK with that," Davis countered.

Judasbleek grabbed Troy by the hair, pulled her to her feet, and tossed her into the ring. He hopped onto the apron and climbed between the ropes as Troy got up to all fours. Victor moved closer to that side of the ring while Judasbleek stalked his prey. The Queen was up to a knee now and as Judasbleek got closer she drove a fist straight into his ribcage. He halted his advance and she connected with another punch, then got herself up to a vertical base. She drove him backwards with a hard chop to his chest and, once he was against the ropes, she grabbed his arm and tried to shoot him across the ring. Judasbleek reversed and used the momentum to send her to the opposite side. She rebounded off the ropes and Judasbleek brought his leg up and landed a swift kick right to her jaw. Troy fell to the mat and held her chin. Judasbleek could have gone for the cover but opted not to. There was some pain he wanted to inflict first.

He stomped over to a corner and began untying the ropes holding the turnbuckle pads in place. He tossed the covers onto the mats outside the ring, leaving nothing but the exposed metal pieces that connected the ropes together. Judasbleek turned back toward the middle of the ring and was greeted with a whack to the head courtesy of one of those metal signs.


Troy reared back and smashed the sign against Judasbleek's head again. It dented upon impact. She threw it to the canvas while ‘Bleek wobbled a bit, then charged forward and attempted a leg lariat. Judasbleek caught her, though, and swiftly lifted her into the air and brought her back-first down onto the uncovered top turnbuckle with a powerbomb. For good measure, he also powerbombed her to the mat and then went for a cover.




Victor pounded the canvas with his fist but yelled some encouraging words to his son. Judasbleek hauled Troy off the canvas but didn't get much further than that with her. She brought her hands up to the side of his head, gripped his mask the best she could, and drove his face down to connect with her rising leg. His nose met the point of her knee and she kept the clinch locked in, this time bringing her knee up toward his temple. With Judasbleek discombobulated, she swept his legs out from underneath him and sent him falling to the canvas. Once his back hit the mat, she jumped into the air, flipped herself forward, and brought her leg straight down across this throat. Now it was her turn to hook the leg for a pin.



And not just a kickout....a kickout with AUTHORITAH!

Judasbleek powered out of the pinfall and sat up. Troy sent a chop straight to his chest, then his throat, which resulted in ‘Bleek bringing his hands to his neck. Troy quickly slid behind him, grabbed for his chin to hook a rear chinlock on, and then began driving her knee into his upper back and lower neck.

"Lindsay's using her extensive martial arts training to her advantage right now," said Stone.

"Judasbleek may have the power advantage but Troy's no slouch where striking's concerned," Davis added.

Troy released Judasbleek from her grasp and ran backwards against the ropes, possibly looking for a flipping neck snapper, but Victor Martinez grabbed her foot and caused her to stumble forward. The Queen whirled on Victor and threw a kick through the ropes toward his head, but the elder Martinez managed to side step out of the way just in the nick of time. The distraction worked, though, as it gave Judasbleek time to get to his feet. He ran toward Troy and clobbered her with a clothesline, sending her over the top rope.

He didn't expect Troy to hang on, though.

As soon as Judasbleek realized what happened, he moved back in only for Troy to wrap her legs around his head. She pulled him from the ring with a head scissors and sent him to the floor.

With ‘Bleek on the outside of the ring, Troy maneuvered herself back over the top rope while Victor moved toward his son. The Queen turned and ran toward the far side ropes, gaining momentum. She moved back toward them with the quickness and launched herself over the top rope and through the air, twisting her body and crashing into the Martinez clan with a corkscrew plancha! Buck Logan slid out of the ring and darted over once he saw Troy hooking Judasbleek's leg.





The crowd voiced their frustration at Judasbleek's kickout. Troy peeled him off the canvas and slid him back into the ring just as Victor got back to his feet. Troy followed ‘Bleek into the ring and attempted a springboard moonsault, only for him to get his knees up! Troy clutched her ribs and groaned while Judasbleek got himself standing upright again.

‘Bleek turned his attention to the ladder laying near ringside and instructed his father to slide it into the ring. While Victor did so, Judas dragged it into the middle of the ring, opened it up, and hauled Lindsay in between its two sides. Judas manically crashed the steel into her back repeatedly as Troy writhed in pain before stepping over the ladder and hooking her in the Straight Jacket. Buck Logan inquired if she wanted to quit, but Troy defiantly hollered "No!" as her facial features expressed the agony she was in.

The Non Believer finally broke his grip, as Troy crawled out of the ladder and tried to use the ropes and pull herself up. Judas took his time to grab a hold of the ladder and stood waiting for Troy, who was still on her way to her feet. The LoC faithful tried warning her of the impending threat looming behind her but she seemed occupied with getting her legs underneath her. LT finally turned around and her face met the end of the ladder.



Troy went down in a heap in the middle of the ring. Judasbleek hoisted the ladder high over her head before stepping back and letting gravity do his dirty work. The ladder fell upon the face, neck and chest of Troy and the crowd booed louder. The masked fiend contemplated his next move over her battered body before he slowly brought her up to her feet. However, she still had plenty fight left in her and broke free from Judas's vice-like grip and popped off a marvelous drop kick that sent the towering beast to the canvas.

"Troy's not dead yet!" yelled Stone.

"She might wish she was in a minute, though," Davis said.

With her respiratory system frantically trying to stable itself, she clambered over to the ladder and grabbed it before standing to her feet. Troy placed the ladder onto her shoulders while her head out between the rungs of the ladder. Meanwhile, Judas was unaware of Troy advancing behind him as he stood checking his chin. When Judasbleek turned around, Troy spun like a helicopter with the ladder still on her shoulders. From Judas's peripheral the glint of the steel alerted his instincts and he ducked out of harm's way. Troy momentarily had her back to him, which was all the opening he needed. Judasbleek quickly wrapped his enormous arms around her waist and popped his hips...



The more sensitive fans among the crowd cringed at the sight of Troy's neck contorting in an unnatural way as it made impact with the canvas. With his rival still sprawled out across the mat Judasbleek slithered his way over, tossed the ladder away from Troy's neck, and went for the cover.




The massive sea of fans exhaled in relief as Troy dug down deep to get her shoulder off the mat at the last second. Judasbleek looked over at his father who could not believe what he was seeing. Troy rolled away from ‘Bleek, favoring her neck. With so much at stake, Judas jumped to his feet and proceeded to land with a volley of stomps to her neck. Knowing any further damage would surely seal her fate, Troy rolled out of the ring and staggered alongside the ring as she needed time to recuperate. However, Judas knew that blood was in the water and quickly cut her retreat off as he slid out of the ring and cut her off.

Lindsay peered up at Judas and knew something bad was coming. The Non Believer dashed in with a vicious clothesline, but Troy ducked it and hopped onto the barricade. She leapt off and caught the turning beast with an amazing Tornado DDT that planted his head flush onto the protective padding on the ring floor. Logan exited the ring and saw the two wrestlers laying across the arena floor. Troy needed to make a cover but that task seemed impossible as her stamina was almost depleted. Nevertheless, she powered her shoulder up and covered Judas with her arm.





The jeers were thunderous as Victor Martinez pressed the two-on-one advantage the Underground division rules afforded him and assured that Judasbleek's stint in this tournament wasn't over just yet. Buck Logan got in between Victor as he encouraged his son to get up. After a minute, the two grapplers began to stir and Judasbleek was the first to his feet. Troy tried using the ring apron to stand but was staggered with a European uppercut before she was tossed back in the ring by Judas. The masked beast was spent but still brought Troy up to her feet before whipping her off to the ropes. On her return Judas was coiled and ready as he placed his palms on her hips and proceeded to lift her into the air with one of his signature moves......


"No, Troy reversed it!" Stone screamed into his headset.


The crowd came unglued as Lindsay countered Judas's pop-up stunner before he could get to the apex of his lift. Both fighters were down. Victor started to stress out as he stepped onto the ring apron and begun distracting Buck Logan from overseeing the match. With Logan busy trying to keep Victor out of the ring, Lindsay draped her arm over Judas's chest for another pinfall attempt. The crowd counted along as they passed the count of three, but that was not the voice she was looking for as she noticed that the ref was being distracted by Victor.

And she'd had just about enough of this fuckery.

Troy stumbled up to her feet and made a beeline toward Victor, who shoved Buck Logan out of the way and onto the canvas but didn't realize Troy was headed straight for him. She spun on the ball of her foot and rocked Martinez with a discus punch! Victor didn't fall off the apron, though, as he had been holding the top rope after pushing Logan away from him, and Troy didn't have a whole lot behind the blow considering all the punishment she's taken. As Logan got to his feet to regain some order, Judas was also to a vertical base. He saw his father in danger, ran over, and pulled Troy away before he coiled back like a viper...


Troy instinctively ducked out of the way.

Victor Martinez was not so lucky.

The red solution sprayed into his eyes and face. Victor's hands immediately went upward as he struggled to stop the burning in his eyes and get his vision cleared. Judasbleek paused, powerless to do anything. If one could see beyond the cover of his mask one might find an "Oh shit..." expression etched on his face.

That slight hitch by ‘Bleek was the exact opening Troy needed. She sprang forward, wrapped her arms around ‘Bleek's neck, and drove them both backwards with a cobra clutch leg sweep. Judas' five inch height advantage would be to his disadvantage as the back of his head clanged hard against the edge of the ladder whereas Troy's head missed it completely.

Judas' arms went right to the point of pain while Troy rolled to her side, grabbed the chair that had, up to this point, been unused, and stalked over to the corner. She climbed the turnbuckles, checked to make sure Victor was still subdued, and waited.

Waited for Judasbleek to move just enough to make this last ditch effort worth her while.

She remained perched in a crouch until ‘Bleek rolled ever so slightly onto his back, then stood to her full height and leapt upwards and forwards through the air with a shooting star press! As Troy righted herself in mid-air, she brought the chair underneath her feet. Gravity and momentum took over, resulting in a chair-assisted double-stomp that crushed Judasbleek's sternum.

The crowd sprang to its feet as Troy bounced forward and fell to the mat herself. With a last desperate push, she draped her body over ‘Bleek's and hooked his leg.






"The winner of this match," Brad Arnold shouted, "and advancing to the finals of the Underground Tournament.... ‘The Queen of the Ring' Lindsay Troy!"


"Wow. WOW! Troy's done it! Troy survived what was essentially a two on one scenario the entire match to defeat Judasbleek and make it to the finals of the Underground title tournament," Stone said.

"That was one hellacious onslaught Judasbleek delivered," Davis added. "That one mistake cost him, though. Gotta give the kid props regardless, he's gonna turn a lot of heads in the locker room after what he did tonight."

Tony Stone nodded. "Absolutely, Reno. You can't take anything away from Judasbleek. Troy showed the ability and tenacity of a veteran and was able to capitalize on that miscue."

Troy was helped to her feet by Buck Logan, who raised her hand in victory. Troy's other hand, instinctively, went to the back of her neck. Logan asked if she was alright and a slight nod of her head was all she gave as an answer. Behind her, Judasbleek was getting to his feet, as was Victor on the outside of the ring.

Judasbleek was enraged, as he could not believe he just got beat by a woman half his size. He tugged at his dreads before he finally snapped like a lunatic. Judasbleek rushed over toward Lindsay who was having her arm raised by Buck Logan and clobbered her over the back of her neck. She collapsed onto the canvas while the Arena of Champion damn near blew the roof off with jeers. Buck Logan tried to intervene but was chokeslammed by Judas as he screamed at the top of his lungs.


With the fans in an uproar, he rained down forearm shot after forearm shot into the already tender neck of Lindsay Troy. Each blow was more intense than the last and you could see Troy's limbs going limp as she faded out. Her title tournament future looked bleak as there was no end in sight.

Or........was there?

2001: A Space Odyssey

That very music incited a riot of cheers and American Panda came charging out from behind the curtain. As the Bamboo Warrior ran down the ramp, this alerted Judas who stood up and readied himself as Panda slid into the ring. Judas did not let the three hundred pound hoss get to his feet and he clobbered down on him with forearm shots. Panda had been looking for his monster and he found it. Even with Judas unleashing his rage, Panda found a way to stem the tide and took him down with a big tackle that rattled the whole ring to its core. The two giants fought each other as they rolled around the ring before coming back to their feet. The fans were getting more than what they paid for tonight. Blinded by rage, Judasbleek rushed at Panda but was halted by the massive hands of The Walking Contradiction.


The sitdown double-handed chokeslam bomb stopped Judas dead in his tracks. American Panda shoved Judasbleek to the side as he stood and soaked up the admiration from the crowd. Judasbleek rolled to the floor and landed at the feet of his father who was still suffering the effects of the red mist. The camera caught a sight of Judas seething with anger but was too beat up to do anything about it. He helped Victor to his feet and the duo made their way to the back.

Inside the ring, American Panda called for Judasbleek to come on back and get himself some more but the Non Believer wouldn't take the bait. Turning, Panda saw the referee going to check on Troy. He stepped forward, as if he were about to charge them, and stopped immediately before the Queen of the Ring. He muttered inaudibly under his breath and grabbed her by the wrist. Troy tried to yank her arm away, not really sure what his motives were. Collectively, the fans gasped in anticipation.

"RAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH~!" they cheered, as the Endangered Enigma raised Troy's arm into the air. He made a belt gesture and then pointed to the Queen's waist. He was hedging his bets on not only one of the most talented women to ever step foot in the ring, but one of the most talented wrestlers. He eyeballed Judasbleek as he retreated to the back.

American Panda had saved Lindsay Troy and dished out a dose of justice, but did he throw gasoline on an already raging fire?

If Judasbleek had anything to say about it, he was gonna let that burn for a very, very long time.

Winner: Lindsay Troy via Pinfall

"ODT: Shawn Hart"

"People say I'm crazy!"

The sentiments were made by former Legacy Champion SHAWN-JESSICA HART and echoed by a whispering, disembodied voice, "Crazy, crazy......crazy......."

"But really, I'm just crazy for the dump shoot."

"Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head... head... head..."

"If I can survive the slings and arrows of fifteen other JACKHOLES..."


"I'll be hitting more dump shoot than ever before..."

"Anus.... anus.... anus....."

The Prime Minister of Gettin' Sinister stepped forward, stalwart in purpose and draped in golden silk.

"I WILL... nail girls in a very uncomfortable place... OR DIE TRYING..."

It was now the main event of the ODT: Or Die Trying pre-show and it was now time to crown the first NEW champion of this LoC era. It was time to crown the newest in the line of excellent Flyweight Champions. Talents like Cordova, Adam Lazarus, Gabriel Gold, Phoenix Riktor, and Fanatic had held the prestigious championship in their careers.

Out of the roster, one legend and one rising star had been chosen to face off for the vacant belt. The former Underground and Flyweight Champion and LoC legend, Fanatic, would be taking on LoC new blood and one-half of The Cut Diamonds ... KIRU! The Cut Above was pulling double-duty tonight as he would be in action later as The Cut Diamonds take on the legendary Team VIAGRA for the vacant Tag Titles. But that was later... this is now.


The camera panned to a pedestal at ringside near the timekeeper's table where the Flyweight Championship rested.

The lights started to dim slowly in the Arena of Champions until they bathed the arena in complete black. A sanguine shade started to pulsate in tune with the opening beats of the song about to play.


"Deep Impact" by Dragon Ash.

The music kicked in and smoke started to billow from the entrance until it quickly enveloped the entrance. Seconds later, a figure erupted from the smoke, executing a forward roll before he flipped forward onto his feet! The crowd cheered loudly as the man in the dark goggles walked towards the ring with a very quick stride.

"First, making his way to the ring from Sapporo, Hokkaido Prefecture of Japan, weighing in at 216 pounds, he is one half of The Cut Diamonds... THIS... IS... KIRU!!!!!"

KIRU kept a steady gait and slid underneath the ropes before he did a kip-up headstand and landed on his feet, sending four sparks of silver pyro erupting from all four corners of the ring! KIRU adjusted his goggles and took them off to hand to the timekeeper. KIRU nodded to the cheering crowd and flashed an appreciative smile as he waited for his opponent.

"FIRESTARTER" BY PRODIGY would ignite the crowd as the figure was bathed within the vivid dancing of strobe lighting with his back to toward the crowd, both arms, palms & fingers extended. The overhead LED lighting would pulse brilliantly for several moments before revealing the return of LoC's infamous enigma...

"And his opponent... he hails from Land of Fanatics...Weighting in at 220 pounds... he is a former Underground and Flyweight Champion... FANATIC!!!!"

The ever eccentric high-flying risk taker would slowly turn around to face the adoring public before playing to the cheering masses. Slowly, he would peel off the renowned golden cloth from his head to reveal a dynamic airbrushed mask that matched the accommodating airbrush job extending from his upper body to each of his arms and protective sleeves. Silent yet passionately animated, the promotional stalwart would begin making his way down the rampway and warmly interact with the fans before creeping up the ring steps & ascending the closest ringpost. Ongoing fecal chants would be heard as the Fanatic remained lurched forward before slowly rearing back and basking within the ongoing shower of adulation before holding both extended index fingers toward the heavens. Moments later, the former Flyweight Champion would execute a Diving Somersault into a crouched posture. Maneuvering in an enigmatic way, the principled madman would scan the crowd as his musical introduction began to wane out of earshot...

"...BLUR!!! BLUR!!! BLUR!!! BLUR!!! BLUR!!! BLUR!!! BLUR!!! BLUR!!! BLUR!!! BLUR!!! BLUR!!! BLUR!!! BLUR!!! BLUR!!! BLUR!!! ..."

The last the The Enigma had been seen, he and Turk almost literally tore the house down. Tonight, he wanted the chance to regain the Flyweight Title he held some time ago. KIRU watched on and didn't seem fazed at all by the spectacle that was his mysterious and voiceless opponent's entrance. In fact, he offered a hand to him and Fanatic took it as the crowd popped. It was rising star versus the LoC Legend.


The two men locked up quickly and tried to get an early advantage over the other quickly. They jostled for a superior position until it was Fanatic who pushed The Chop Doctor back into the corner. The Japanese grappler was in the corner and when referee D.C. Train ordered a clean break, he got it without incident. Fanatic backed off, but his body language had a powerful message to it ... I run this shit.

KIRU nodded in his direction and remained stone-faced as he approached Fanatic again. The two men locked up and again, it was Fanatic with the early advantage as he skipped behind KIRU and tried to roll him up quickly!


TW... NO!

The Chop Doctor tried to get up when Fanatic buried a knee in his gut and shoved him back down to the mat. The Blur took off to the ropes, but KIRU had already kipped up to his feet and leapfrogged over the LoC Legend on the return. He slid underneath him as he ran off for another pass and when he got up... BAM!

DROPKICK right on the button by KIRU!

The Cut Diamonds member stood up and took in a cheer from the crowd as he turned towards Fanatic and flashed him a half-smile. Not cocky, but just enough to show him he was not going to be taken lightly. KIRU needed to end this as quickly as possible to conserve any energy that he could for tonight's big final of the Team Turmoil tournament, but Fanatic was not going to make this easy.

KIRU waited as Fanatic tried to stand on his feet when The Chop Doctor pushed him backwards into the corner. He dashed at Fanatic with an Elbow Smash and then cocked his hand back to show the Enigma why he was called the Chop Doctor...





FOUR of the loudest fucking chops that had ever been heard in Legacy of Champions caught Fanatic in the chest and even though his face was completely covered, you didn't need to be a doctor to know he was in pain. KIRU continued to go on the offensive and whipped Fanatic cross-corner before he unleashed a Jumping Back Elbow right to the head. KIRU then grabbed Fanatic by the head and spuna round, dropping him over the top rope with a Tornado Hangman out of the corner!

KIRU was not playing around tonight and was not looking to get into a lengthy wrestling contest with the high flyer as Team Turmoil was coming up on the main show. Fanatic was on the ground recovering from having his neck dropped across the top turnbuckle when KIRU headed up top. He slapped the top turnbuckle and got the crowd clapping before heading up top and coming down on the LoC Legend with a big High Elevation Springboard Cross Body! The Chop Doctor went for the cover!




Fanatic had taken some punishment, but it was going to take a lot more than that to keep down The Blur, as evidenced by high-profile encounters recently with Ninja K and Turk.

KIRU was going to bring the pain as Fanatic tried to get up. He BLASTED him across the chest with yet another chop and then peppered him with a trio of kicks to the chest punctuated by a low Spin Kick that doubled him over. When Fanatic got doubled over, he hit the ropes and landed a HARD Front Dropkick to the side of the head...


KIRU pumped a fist before he jumped over and hooked the leg again.



Fanatic pushed KIRU off of him, but The Chop Doctor was quickening the pace now and waited to take him on. He tried to whip Fanatic into the corner again, but the former Underground and Flyweight Champion reversed that and sent him flying into the corner. A boot from The Cut Above stopped him, but when KIRU headed to the top rope...


He grabbed the ropes and jumped high enough to catch KIRU right in the face, sending him tumbling over the ropes and out to the floor below! Fanatic had bought himself some time after ringing KIRU's bell and after that tumble, there was a possibility that he could win the title on a countout. However, both Fanatic and KIRU were very proud athletes and they were not going to take the easy way out. Fanatic saw KIRU starting to stir on the outside and decided that if KIRU was going to turn up the offense, then he would, too. He got himself a running start off the ropes....


Fanatic was a bigger flyer than most wrestlers were these days, but he had a hell of a lot of talent in him to do moves like that and make it look easy! Both men were down now on the ringside floor as the chants started to come out.


The Enigma was the first one to stand and pointed a finger to the heavens as a call to the rabid crowd loving the action. Fanatic wasted no time picking KIRU up and rolling him back inside the ring before he himself headed to the top rope. The Chop Doctor was trying to stand when he came off the top rope with an IMPACTFUL Front Missile Dropkick that nearly knocked the wind right out of The Cut Diamond member! He was down now when Fanatic crawled over quickly to try and finish him off.




KIRU got the shoulder up! Fanatic thought it was a three-count but he didn't waste time arguing with the referee. Instead, he sat KIRU up and landed a stiff Uppercut across the jaw that dropped him over the middle rope. Seeing another chance to strike, Fanatic took off like a bat out of hell towards the ropes and came back with a Leaping Double Knee Strike to the back! KIRU fell off the ropes and Fanatic pulled him away before going for the cover a second time.




The Chop Doctor got the shoulder off the canvas again, but Fanatic stayed on him. He picked him up off the mat and tried for another Irish Whit, but KIRU reversed that and sent him to the corner when the quick Blur came out of a slide and landed on his feet. KIRU rushed at him and tried to attack, but Fanatic executed a Drop Toe Hold, sending him into the corner.

When he tried to stand again, Fanatic ran full speed ahead when The Chop Doctor tried to roll over him with a Sunset Flip when The Enigma rolled away and made it back to his feet...


KIRU was not the only person in this match adept with his feet and Fanatic just showed him that first-hand with a hard Roundhouse Kick to the skull! The Chop Doctor hit back to the mat when Fanatic fell forward and went for a cover!



THR... NO!

Another shoulder off the mat by The Chop Doctor, but Fanatic was going to press the advantage. He had the luxury of not having a second match tonight unlike KIRU so he didn't need to pace himself for something coming later tonight. Fanatic took KIRU by the arm and picked him up before he pushed him backwards, whipping him EXTRA hard in the corner!

Now Fanatic was slowing down the pace a little bit which was out of his norm, but against a wily opponent like KIRU, he would need to beat the fight out of him. He picked him up again and tried it a second time, but KIRU hit the second rope and came back with a Flying Crossbody again!




Fanatic pushed him right off, but KIRU continued to fight back. He waited for Fanatic to stand before The Blur managed to get back to his feet in a daze. The Chop Doctor ran off the ropes and tried for a Wheelbarrow-like move of some sort, but that turned out to be a massive mistake...


The Wheelbarrow Lungblower nearly BROKE The Chop Doctor in half! He was hurt in a very bad way now and Fanatic wasted no time in trying to finish him off once and for all!




The feisty half of The Cut Diamonds was full of fight tonight and wasn't about to let a chance for any gold to slip through his fingers. The camera panned over to the Flyweight Championship that was on the line in this match before heading back to the ring where Fanatic had KIRU in his sights. He pulled him up when KIRU caught him with another VICIOUS chop to try and buy himself some time. With Fanatic stunned he tried to get a running start off the ropes, but he underestimated Fanatic and he got a running elbow to the face near the ropes to cut him off. Now it was Fanatic's turn to run off the ropes but when he came back, KIRU caught him flush in the face with a Spinning Wheel Kick!


Now the fans were on the side of the LoC rising star as he tried to get back to his feet again and rally a comeback. Fanatic had done a number on him in the last few minutes, but if there was a time to try and stop him, it was going to be now.

When Fanatic tried to stand, KIRU ran right into him with a hard kick that knocked the wind out of him. The Blur tried to recover from such a shot when KIRU came off the opposite ropes and put him down with a Flying Forearm Smash to the face. The rabid LoC fans were fueling The Chop Doctor's comeback as he waited to follow up the attack. An Irish Whip attempt was denied by Fanatic when he pulled him into a knee. He tried to swing, but KIRU ducked and caught him with an Inverted Atomic Drop before landing a HARD Spinning Enzuigiri Kick right to the back of the head!

Fanatic was down on the ground now wondering what the hell hit him while The Chop Doctor waited for a chance to breathe. He was still feeling the effects of Fanatic's calculated assault as he waited to strike. He sent Fanatic in the corner...


The Corner Big Boot caught him flush in the head, but KIRU wasn't done as he pulled him out of the corner, locked his arms around his waist and pulled him up and over into a Bridging German Suplex for the win!




Fanatic was almost defeated, but it wasn't enough for KIRU as he continued to fight back. KIRU balled up his fist and slapped the canvas, working up the crowd into a clapping frenzy as he waited again for Fanatic to try and rise. When he did, KIRU headed off the ropes...


The Springboard Roundhouse Kick whiffed as Fanatic rolled out of the way! KIRU landed on his feet to avoid taking a tumble, but the shakeup was just enough for Fanatic to make him pay with a Pele Kick! Right on the dome he landed as he stumbled over. The Enigma headed off the ropes now and was looking for his own Dragonrana...


In mid-move, KIRU caught him and SPIKED him down with a Sit-out Powerbomb and held tightly for the cover!




The former Underground and Flyweight Champion kicked out big-time, which surprised The Cut Above! He knew more than enough English to count to three and that was no three-count, but it was damn close. He grabbed Fanatic by his mask and tried to cross his arms, possibly looking for The Cross-Cut German Suplex, but Fanatic elbowed him in the back of the head. A run off the ropes led to him trying for something big...


The crowd WINCED at the Hip Toss lift turned into a BRUTAL Rising Knee Strike to the head on the way down! Fanatic was dead on his feet when KIRU took a few steps back...



As if the first shot wasn't enough, the second one was a Bicycle High Knee Strike and it CAUGHT Fanatic right under the chin, laying him out in the process! KIRU had just unleashed his most brutal strike and now it was time for him to end this as he rolled over, hoping this would finally be enough!





D.C. Train called for the bell and KIRU rolled off of Fanatic, pulling out what had to be considered an upset! The Chop Doctor, one of the rising stars of LoC in its new era, had just defeated the former Underground and Flyweight Champion!

"Here is your winner of the match... and the NEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWW LoC Flyweight Champion... KIRU!"

KIRU frantically made it back up to his feet and was awarded the championship for all to see! He patted the faceplate of the belt with his free hand and raised it high above! Amber Ryann had won the Bombshell Championship earlier tonight on the pre-show and now it was KIRU who had the Flyweight Championship!

His own tag team partner, Kaus, rolled into the ring and the other half of The Cut Diamonds was there to offer his friend some support.

"Congrats, KIRU!" Kaus said, tapping him on the shoulder.

Fanatic was being attended to by one of the trainers as KIRU stood on the second turnbuckle, holding his newly-acquired prize! He was now the first-ever Flyweight Champion of LoC's new era and could have a real chance at making history if he and his tag partner could upset Team VIAGRA in the finals of Team Turmoil to crown new jOlt Tag Team Champions. What a statement it would be for the Cut Diamonds to claim not one, but two pieces of gold!

KIRU celebrated and clutched the title close to him as Kaus patted him on the back, letting his tag team partner have his moment in the sun by soaking in the adulation from the crowd. He had expended a lot of energy in this match, but that would not stop KIRU and Kaus from looking to make a statement later tonightbut would The Cut Diamonds have enough to bring in more gold?

You'll just have to find out and watch Or Die Trying, won't you?

Winner: KIRU via Pinfall; NEW Flyweight Champion!

"ODT: Frost"

"How many times have we been in this sitch-ee-ation before, schnookums?"

Alicia had her arms wrapped around Frost's waist, looking lovingly up at his dead eyes.

"Everytime these mooks think they can tame you by putting a buncha guys in your way," she said with a giggle, "you just run 'em right over! OH! This is going to be sooooo much fun!"

Frost, cold as his name would suggest, barely responded to his wife's boasting. Instead, he looked dead into the camera.

"All of you think you know what it's like to die."

Alicia slowly, gently, pulled away from her husband. Her grasp switching from his flesh to his words.

"You don't. You haven't been to the other side like I have. You haven't seen what I've seen."

"You don't know the horrors of death ... but I will show you each and every one of them."

"If I were all of you, I would escape now ..."

"...Or Die Trying."

"ODT: Billows"

"I've done this before. I've seen this tournament through, spanked it on the ass and made it my bitch. Don't sleep on that fact. I'm lucky enough to find myself working with a lot of people who don't like me. Or they haven't liked me. Or they probably won't like me by the time the night is up. SPOILER ALERT!"

Billows was revealed on camera, the crowd cheered!

"The Risen Lion defeats all odds and becomes the first ever LoC Network Champion! YEAHHHH! YEAHHHHHH! AHHHHH! YEAAAAH!" Billows mimicked a cheering crowd until eventually the crowd deemed it unnecessary, giving him the real thing.

"I'm going make sure that's the truth of things tonight. I'M GOING TO WIN" Billows stared seriously at the camera,

"...Or Die Trying"

All eight men surrounded the ring. Shawn Hart stepped forward quickly from one side, on the opposite, Turk and Frost stood nose-to-nose with Alicia seemingly barking at both of them. Clearly it hadn't been decided who was going to lead-off for their side. That's when Malik Roland parted the ropes and charged Shawn Hart, leaving nothing for Turk and Frost to continue arguing over as the ref called for the bell.

Shawn Hart grinned, checked his nails, side-stepped, and extended his leg. The big man tripped face first into the second rope and on the rebound Hart hit a spinning back-kick that nearly knocked the most overrated wrestler in LoC history out cold. He stumbled backward and Hart grabbed his arm...

Hart whipped Roland at the ropes and Turk swung to tag himself in - but missed.

Frost wasn't about to let happen what had happened before and he shoved Turk to the floor. Turk landed with a thud and screamed at Frost - Frost just cocked his head and smirked.

"Shut up!" Alicia screamed in Turk's direction.

The Mammoth managed to hook his arms around the ropes, and that's when Frost tagged himself in, slapping Malik Roland on the back hard enough to rock the big man forward. Roland turned around seething, but Frost shouldered past him, stomping to the center of the ring as Shawn Hart skittered backwards.

"CHARLIE HORSE! YOU'RE IN MR. ASS-A-HOLLAH!" Hart reached his hand back.

JLV responded by hopping down off the apron, "YOU GET FUCKED!"

Frost advanced a step and Hart looked up at Derecho, eyes pleading, "How bout you nnnnDADDIO?"

Derecho shook his head, "Don't even try it."

Frost was advancing. Hart looked left and right, a cold sweat breaking out. Suddenly, a hand slapped him on the back and he turned around, hearing the crowd roaring.

Billows was climbing through the ropes.

"Well, that's probably the last thing Shawn Hart expected given the history between these two." Tony Stone remarked.

Indeed, The Prime Minister of Gettin' Sinister stood there jaw agape, shocked that The Once-Young Lion had relieved him of a potential and probable ass-beating.

"REALLY?! YOU?!" Hart exclaimed.

"I was tired of standing next to him," Billows nodded at Derecho, "Get out of the ring." Billows pointed.

"I don't know how I can thank you, Billows!" Hart suddenly hugged Billows, "Maybe we can figure.."

Billows shoved Hart off of him, "GET. OUT. OF. THE. RING."

The crowd laughed as Hart suddenly proclaimed, "I'M JUST A GIRL STANDING IN FRONT OF A BOY ASKING HIM--"

"Uh-oh" Reno Davis said, "Frost has had enough."

Indeed he had. As every other competitor had stood with heads cocked to the side, shocked that they were still shocked by anything that Shawn Hart could say, Frost had grown tired of waiting to hurt something.

"That was an ABSOLUTELY VICIOUS CLOTHESLINE!" Tony Stone informed us.

Shawn Hart collapsed to the ring as Billows threw his arms up in frustration before staring over at Frost, obviously very cross.

As Hart lay motionless, the crowd waited, wondering what would happen next.

"Well!" Billows yelled at Frost, "Now he's just going to be in the way, you stupid butthole!"

The crowd cheered for Billows' DGAF attitude. Frost stepped forward, and with his boot, he rolled Shawn Hart over, and then over again, and then one more time until Hart slid through the ropes and plopped down on the mats on the outside.

Frost turned his gaze towards Billows before offering something between a snarl and a smile.

Billows took a couple steps back, putting some distance between himself and the cold monster in the ring with him, "Hey. Good job, Frost! You solved a problem all by your big self!"

Frost's brow furrowed. Who knows what was going through his head, but one had to expect he wasn't necessarily used to such non-chalant bravado.

Frost rushed forward and Billows had to roll underneath a Clothesline!

Billows stood up quickly, turning around in the process, he put his foot up and shoved Frost in the ass!

Frost stiffened, slowly turning around to reveal a look that would make a dead man stiffen up even more.

"So, you all sure you're good on this action?!" Billows called out to his corner, not even bothering to look...cause...yeah.

Frost started walking forward, and Billows could have either backed up or...

Remembering how well it had worked earlier in the evening with another big man, Lusus, Billows rushed into action, and went to slide between Frost's legs.

Just when it looked like he was through, Frost managed to wrap two huge cold fists around Billows' neck before lifting the Risen Lion off the canvas, up into the air, feet dangling!

Frost ragdoll tossed Billows into the corner!

Billows rushed forward!


NO! Frost captured Billows, throwing Billows over his shoulders with a


The crowd was booing as Frost climbed to his feet. Alicia clapped outside the ring, giddy over the violence on display.

Frost picked Billows up and proceeded to lift him up in the air.

Stalling Suplex.

"Good God," Tony Stone said, "The strength on display from Frost just isn't human!"

"Well, just look at who you're talking about!" Davis pointed out.

Frost held Billows suspended upside down, long enough that even the crowd had to give props. And right at that point, when the crowd approved, Frost unceremoniously dropped Billows onto the canvas. A toy that Frost had suddenly grown sick of.

Frost stomped on Billows' head and proceeded to grab his arm.

Dragging Billows by the arm, Frost held it outstretched in the direction of Billows' team mates, mocking him.

Shawn Hart was just now pulling himself up on the barricade outside, "I'll save you Billows! Some other time!" And Hart fell back down.

Then Frost took the arm he was holding, and put his foot on it, stomping it down into the canvas.

Billows writhed on the canvas, holding his arm.

Frost kicked Billows in the head again, which drew Billows' arm back into the open, allowing Frost to stomp down on that once more.

"Frost. looks. DANGEROUS." Reno Davis stated.

"Absolutely. The versatile veteran, Billows, is taking a vicious beating." Stone replied.

Turk was still on the arena floor with Bill Daley; "I dun wanna be here, Beel. I wanna go home."

"It's okay - hang in there." Bill replied.

"Don't fucking acknowledge him, idiot!" Turk was fighting Ryan off. However, it looked to be a losing battle.

Frost snapped his gaze towards Turk, stomping over the ropes he leered down at The Psycho. It looked like he might make a move when suddenly he was rolled up!

A DUH. Turned his back on Billows...



Frost climbed to his feet, as did Billows.

Frost rushed forward and Billows barely jumped up before driving his boots into Frost's left shin. Frost wobbled and had to take a moment to steady himself.

But Billows was already bouncing off the ropes and he came back hard, diving forward and hooking the back of Frost's right knee!

The big man went down to one knee!

Billows had already gotten back to his feet, anticipating such fate, and he spun around


Spinning Wheel Kick

Any other man would have been floored, but Frost seemed to be rendered MORE awake by the blow. He started to climb to his feet much to the crowd and Billows' bewilderment.

Billows went for a side kick that Frost caught! Billows grabbed Frost by the skull, bringing his other foot up,


"There's that head-catch enziguri from Billows again!" Tony Stone remarked, "He used that move earlier this evening!"

"The legendary leg of the lion" Reno Davis quipped, proud of himself.

"I think you may have just dubbed that move, Reno!" Tony Stone smiled

And that took Frost down to the canvas.

Billows wasted no time as Frost was already raising his head off the canvas. Billows springboarded off the ropes, spun, and dropped a leg across the back of Frost's rising domepiece.

Billows shot to his feet and roared, lifting that defiant fist. He couldn't necessarily say he was surprised when he turned around to see Frost once again climbing to his feet. Billows understood. He got it. He comprehended. He was in the ring with a goddamn monster. Put Frost in a movie with Frankenstein and the Wolfman and the Creature from the Black Lagoon...Frost would be the scariest monster. And it was hard to keep a monster down.

Billows moved forward....

Turk looked at Bill; "I can't risk it..."

Bill looked at him, not understanding; "You can't risk what?"

Turk shoved him out of the way while still talking; "Nu Turk, we's gonna leave - you leave!" Turk grabbed a chair where a fleeing production assistant was sat just a moment ago; "Shut the fuck up, retard!"

Turk was totally out of control. Billows was working on being fully in control in the ring and he sent Frost toward the ropes with an Irish whip...


Turk swung the chair and cracked Frost across the back, and the big man dropped to his knees in front of Billows.

"NO!" Alicia and Ryan screamed almost simultaneously.

Alicia charged Turk as Ryan screamed; "Nu! Ohmahgawd ahm sowwy! Nu!" Alicia pounced on top of Turk, and intermittently he and Ryan tried to defend themselves. Alicia went flying into the announcer's table.

Reno Davis hopped to his feet and protested; "LOOK! THE LATIN TABLE IS OVER THERE!"

Frost heard Alicia's screams and rolled out of the ring to stand between Ryan & Turk and Alicia.

The referee looked around bewildered. Finally he called for the bell.




At the sound of the bell, Derecho looked on outside the ring as Turk stood there wielding the chair as Frost continued to stand between Turk and Alicia, ensuring her safety. He hopped off the ring apron and began to walk to the back without so much as peering back into the ring area. In Derecho's mind, he had obtained victory and was satisfied with just that. The agenda of the others involved in the match didn't concern him. Derecho had always been a lone wolf and while his goal was the Legacy Championship, a win towards another title he had never held before was enough to satisfy him for now.

With the minimal effort he had to display in this match, conservation of energy was the key as the ODT Tournament was far from over this evening. Derecho disappeared behind the black curtain leaving the others to their own devices.

Billows, in the ring, sighed and put his hands on his hips. He was moving on, but still...he was about to conquer Mt. Frost! He looked out at the crowd before rolling out of the ring and hopping over the barricade. He kindly shouldered his way in between two fans before digging his hand in one of their tubs of popcorn and watching what would go down next.

Outside the ring, JLV smiled widely, assessing those who remained in the contest. Turk had done him the favour of not having to stay too long in the ring with the likes of Frost, Malik Roland and Mattock. And especially not having too stay too long in the ring with the resident psycho of LoC being Turk himself. He stood and began a slow clap, looking around at the fans as if they were going to join in and they would have one of those moments like in the movies.

But nobody did.

He just clapped on his own, shrugged and headed up the ramp showing two fingers to the fans then making a belt gesture before he disappeared out the back.

Mattock hadn't tasted singles gold in almost twelve years. Just when he thought he would have had a chance to become the Network Champion, it was taken away from him by his own teammate, Turk. The disqualification stung deep down inside. Mattock looked at Turk, holding that chair, and thought about lashing out, but what would it prove here and now? What's done is done and despite their efforts, he knew he couldn't change or alter what had transpired. As Turk looked around at his teammates, he made eye contact with Mattock. Mattock simply glared at him through his mask with a look that said more than a thousand words. While Mattock wasn't going to act on his emotions, he made it very clear to Turk with a simple glance that there would be hell to pay for screwing him out of this opportunity.

A single bead of sweat rolled down Turk's forehead as he received the message loud and clear. He kept a watchful eye as Roland hopped off the ring apron and walked around ringside to the back. Turk wasn't sorry, but the reality that he could incur someone's wrath for his actions sank into his mind. Perhaps it was this momentary glare... this meeting of the eyes... that, for a split second, caused Turk to drop his guard. That's when opportunity struck...

Frost kicked Turk with the Frost Bite, and before he could crash through the announcer's table, Mattock hit a bone-crunching corkscrew spear


... as security arrived on the scene accompanied by referees. Mattock pushed himself up off the splintered announcer's table, managing a smile even though his title hopes had been dashed.
Winner: Billows, Derecho, Hart, & JLV via Disqualification

"Some Things Never Change"

Angelica Brooks caught up with Aria Sylo just before her match. The former Starlet Champion, and record holder for longest reigning champion in LoC history, was preparing for her match with various Yoga poses. Aria let out a huge exhale.

"You're new here," she said."

"I am," Angelica replied, "I'm Angelica Brooks. I want to get a your thoughts going into this Bombshells Fatal Fourway match. First off all, what made you return to LoC after being away from the ring for so long?"

Aria smiled. "Being away from the ring for so long. There's your answer. I'm a wrestler and LoC has always been my home. When I was told there would be a new women's division being introduced tonight at ODT, well, I couldn't stay away."

"That's nice, but you sure as hell ain't going to walk away from this as Bombshells Champion." Sweet Aroma had also arrived on the scene and she was not happy to see her old rival. "I don't even know why you came back. Girl, you couldn't hold a torch to me back then and you can't even lace my boots up now. There is an Aroma of gold in the air, Aria, and only one woman around here is worth wearing it."

"My guess is that's why they asked me to come back, Sweetie," Aria replied.

Sweet Aroma was instantly furious. "Okay, first of all! You DO NOT talk to me that way. EVER." She said this with a click of her tongue and her index finger extended. "Secondly, girl, my man is the Commissioner. LoC knows who the most important power couple is and it ain't you and your blue-haired gorilla's ass."

Aria got right into Aroma's face. "You watch what you say about my husband, if you know what's good for you."

"Psh," Aroma responded, "Whatever. I don't have time to continue this nonsense. I have a Bombshells Championship to win."

Sweet Aroma stormed off.

Aria Sylo turned back to Angelica Brooks. "My thoughts," she said, "My thoughts are that some things never change. And one of those things ... is me holding the championship."

With her music kicking in, Aria Sylo rolled her neck and stepped through the curtain.

Or Die Trying was delivering on all cylinders thus far and it was getting the fans warmed up for the big main event later on in the evening. Right now, LoC had a championship to decide and it was up to four female combatants to stake their claim at becoming the first LoC Bombshells Champion.

"Fully Alive" by Flyleaf

The first of the four out got a standing ovation. One of the longest reigning women's champions in the history of this business.. a legend in her own right... Aria Sylo... the wife of "The Superbeast" Sylo... stepped out from the back.


Somewhere, her husband was smiling as much as she was when she heard the LoC faithful chant that throughout the Arena of Champions. Aria made her way down the ramp where she entered the ring and looked ready to go! Aria took a maternity leave over the past year and a half as she and Sylo welcomed their first child into this world. The words ring rust came to mind, but many were about to see if she would have signs of that.

Her theme faded and was replaced.

"No Church in the Wild" by Kanye West

It was the theme that her man, Jonathan Conspiracy, has used for years. Just the association alone drew the ire from the crowd. Sweet Aroma came out from the back with a grin on her face as she stopped at the top of the ramp and motioned her arms to accept all the heat that the fans were giving her.

Aroma walked with a swagger down to the ring as she stepped in and told Aria Sylo to talk to the hand as she walked past and climbed the turnbuckle pads to the top, soaking up more of the hatred that the fans were showing towards her. She hopped down and put her back to the corner, looking as smug as she could be, as if she didn't want anything to do with the fans.

"Antinotice" by AKIAKANE

The opening screech of the guitar causes the screen to fill with static. In black letters, AMBER RYANN starts out large and shrinks to a more desirable size. When the guitars and drums kick in, the letters in her name dance and shake as if they were experiencing an earthquake.

Amber Ryan comes out from the backstage area and stops at the top of the entrance ramp, bobbing her head up and down to the theme. She goes from side to side on the stage, hyping the crowd up as best as she can. Amber then stops in the middle and raises her fist into the air. She falls to a knelt position, slamming her fist into the stage and four pyro explosions went off.. one green, one blue, one yellow, and one red, each matching the color in her hair.

Amber then heads to the ring, skipping down the ramp and occasionally slapping the hand of a lucky fan. Amber then hops up onto the ring apron and grabs the top rope. She slings herself over, pivoting and landing on the middle rope where she moonsaults into the ring, landing in the knelt position. Upon landing, each turnbuckle explodes with pyro, again, in green, red, yellow, and blue. She gets up and continues to feel the music until it dies off.

"Heaven Knows" by The Pretty Reckless

Las out from the back was a rookie that fared decently in a developmental system elsewhere. Her talents and potential were recognized by the LoC offices and now Paisley made her way to the ring as an LoC Bombshell. She entered the ring, not paying much attention to the crowd who gave her a little bit of heat. Her contest against Amber Ryann just a couple of weeks ago earned her this opportunity tonight. Paisley walked over to the turnbuckles and gripped the ropes, leaning forward and stretching out her muscles before the referee called for the bell.




This was one fall to a finish.. whoever scored the first pinfall here would take the Bombshells Championship home with them. The four of them looked at each other, waiting for someone to make the first move, but no one budged an inch. After a minute or so, Sweet Aroma said "The hell with this" and made a move towards Aria Sylo, but Aria stopped Aroma with a forearm shot. Aria opened up, drilling Aroma back into the corner. The distraction allowed Paisley to go after Amber Ryann and she pummeled Ryann into the opposite corner.

Stereo whips on both ends, but Ryann hit a clothesline that knocked down Aroma! Aroma popped back up, but ducked a clothesline from Ryann, but didn't duck a Spinning Heel Kick from Aria Sylo! Ryann, however, walked into a toe kick by Paisley and then a flatliner right into the turnbuckles, face first! Paisley turned her attention to Aria Sylo and hit her with few rights to the face. Sweet Aroma recovered and the two of them backed Murphy into the ropes, sending her across the ring. Both of them telegraphed the back body drop, but Murphy kicked Paisley in the chest, grabbed the head of Aroma, hit a leaping Enzugiri to the side of Paisley's head and continued the rotation with a standing Tornado DDT on Sweet Aroma!

"YOU STILL GOT IT!" Clap Clap ClapClapClap
"YOU STILL GOT IT!" Clap Clap ClapClapClap
"YOU STILL GOT IT!" Clap Clap ClapClapClap
"YOU STILL GOT IT!" Clap Clap ClapClapClap
"YOU STILL GOT IT!" Clap Clap ClapClapClap

"I never lost it" yelled Aria to the fans who cheered wildly over her confidence! Aria grabbed Paisley and pulled her up to her feet. Aria backed Paisley into the corner and let loose with a knife edge chop. Amber Ryann got up out of the corner as Aria gave her a nod. Aria whipped Paisley right towards Amber Ryan who wound up the arms and lunged forward with the Double Palm Strike, connecting right into the chest of Paisley!


Amber went for the cover on Paisley, hooking the leg...



Aria Sylo pulled Amber Ryann off of Paisley!

Aria shrugged and mouthed the words "Hey, I want to be champion, too, you know" to Amber Ryann. Amber stood and shoved Aria back, drawing a little bit of ire from the crowd. Aria grinned and shoved Ryann back which got a pretty good reaction. Ryann then shoved Aria back and got some boos. Aria then went for a clothesline, but Ryann bent back into a matrix bridge to avoid it, but Sweet Aroma got up and hit a low drop kick, taking Amber's legs out and causing her to collapse to the canvas! Aria turned around and ate stepped into Aroma, pummeling her with right hands. Whip to the ropes by Aria, but reversed by Aroma. Aroma backed into the ropes and spun through the air, connecting with a Spinning Back Elbow, taking her down. Sweet Aroma stood and then lifted her leg into the air, landing in the splits position with a Leg Drop across Aria's chest! She had the cover...



Broken up by Paisley!

Aroma stood and got in Paisley's face, but Paisley hauled off and slapped Aroma before grabbing her by her hair and trunks and tossing her over the top rope to the outside! Amber Ryann got up and when Paisley turned around, she got drilled with a Lariat up and over the top rope. Amber Ryann looked and saw Aria Sylo get to her feet. They both looked at each other and took off to the ropes. They gained momentum as Amber flipped to the outside with a Tope Con Giro while Aria flew through the ropes with a Suicide Dive taking out Paisley and Sweet Aroma respectively!

"LOC! LOC! LOC! LOC! LOC!" chanted the crowd

Aria and Amber stood as Amber made a remark that her dive looked better. Aria made a remark back saying her hand print looks the best then slapped Amber Ryann across the face!!

"YOU GOT BITCH SLAPPED!" Clap Clap ClapClapClap
"YOU GOT BITCH SLAPPED!" Clap Clap ClapClapClap
"YOU GOT BITCH SLAPPED!" Clap Clap ClapClapClap
"YOU GOT BITCH SLAPPED!" Clap Clap ClapClapClap
"YOU GOT BITCH SLAPPED!" Clap Clap ClapClapClap

Ryann didn't take too kindly to that and responded with a huge forearm to the face. She hammered away on Aria Sylo, knocking her back a few steps with each hit. Amber grabbed Aria and rolled her back into the ring. Ryann got back up on the ring apron and grabbed the top rope. Sweet Aroma got to her feet and looked to thwart Ryann's high flying maneuver, but Ryann hit a back thrust kick and kicked her away. Aria stood and Ryann went to leap up, but Paisley grabbed Ryann by the leg and yanked her down, causing her to smack face first into the ring apron!

Paisley rolled back in and charged at Murphy, but Murphy ducked the clothesline and took off to the ropes. Murphy bounces off and went for a Running Drop Kick, but Paisley side stepped! Aria landed hard and Paisley looked to capitalize by front flipping into a Leg Drop, but Aria rolled out of the way! Aria stood and went for a front kick to the chest, but Paisley leaned back and avoided it. She grabbed Aria from behind and rolled her up with a school girl!



Aria kicked away

Both women stood, but Paisley was a bit quicker as she hit the toe kick to Aria. Sweet Aroma came into the ring as Paisley hooked Aria in a front face lock. Aroma joined her and the two of them hit a double team Vertical Suplex onto Aria, taking her down. Aroma quickly stood and hit a knee strike to Paisley, doubling her over. Aroma hit the ropes and front flipped into a Neckbreaker taking Paisley down. Aroma went for the cover on Aria.



Aria kicked out.

Cover on Paisley!



Paisley kicked out!

Aroma looked to be a bit frustrated as she stood and grabbed Paisley, pulling her up. A stiff knife edge chop staggered Paisley back into the corner. Aroma pulled up Aria and whipped her into Paisley. Aroma got a full head of steam and flung herself backside first into the corner, slamming into both of them. Paisley fell to a seated position while Aroma tossed Aria to the outside. Aroma then charged the opposite corner to quickly gain distance, but Amber Ryann leapt up onto the apron and hit a leaping enzugiri to Aroma's face!

Ryann slid into the ring and charged the corner, front flipping into a cannonball right into Paisley's lap! Ryann stood and charged the opposite corner, hitting a flying drop kick to Aroma's face! She turned and charged back to the first corner, hitting a hesitation drop kick to Paisley! She stood and charged back to the other corner, hitting another hesitation drop kick to Sweet Aroma! Amber Ryann stood and let out a piercing cry as she was on fire. She looked back toward Paisley and walked over, pulling her up. Ryann then hoisted Paisley up onto the top turnbuckle pad and began to climb. When she got to the top, she went for a Huracanrana, but Paisley held on and pulled Ryann back up! Paisley stood as Aria Sylo came into the ring. Aria didn't care who it was... it was every woman for herself so she decided to take out one of her competitors.

Paisley leapt off the top with a Super Powerbomb.. Aria leapt up and placed her knees into Amber's back as all three hit the canvas...



Paisley quickly went for the cover..



Aria wasn't going to let that happen and broke it up. She then grabbed Paisley and tossed her out of the ring. Aria then went for the cover, looking to steal one here!



Sweet Aroma broke out of the corner and made the save at the last second!

Aroma pulled Aria up and hit a pair of forearms to the face before whipping Aria to the ropes., but Aria Leapt to the middle rope, looking for The Last Embrace... the Asai Moonsault, but Aroma side stepped it, but Aria sensed it and landed on her feet, but Aroma hit a huge leaping Leg Lariat, knocking Aria down! Aroma went to the corner and climbed the turnbuckle pads. This was one of Jonathan Conspiracy's finishing maneuvers... if she hit this.. it could be over...


The top rope leg drop connected!! Sweet Aroma was going to be the first Bombshells Champion as she hooked the leg deep!



Broken up by Amber Ryann!!!

Ryann used all the energy she had left to save the match. She went limp as soon as she broke up the pin. Aroma stood and cursed a bit at Ryann before she turned her over, mounted, and began to rain down punches to the forehead. Aroma stood and headed back to the corner. She climbed up top and took aim on Amber Ryann, but Paisley got up on the ring apron and shoved Aroma off the top and down to the floor at ringside where Aroma hit hard, immediately clutching her knee upon landing!

Paisley got up on the turnbuckles and took aim on Ryann. Ryann staggered up to her feet and Paisley leapt off with a missile drop kick, but Ryann moved and Paisley ate the canvas. Ryann backed against the ropes as Aria Sylo stood. Paisley staggered to her feet and Aria nailed her with the Chick Kick!!! Ryann saw her chance and quickly ran up behind Aria and turned so she was back to back with her. She grabbed Aria by the head and used a back heel trip to drive the back of her head right into the canvas with the Inverted Headlock Driver!


She made the cover as Sweet Aroma tried to get into the ring.



Would Aroma make it!?


NO!!! The ankle bothered her too much and it was over! Amber Ryann was your FIRST Bombshells Champion!

"Antinotice" by AKIAKANE hit the PA speakers as Amber Ryann just won her first singles championship in her career as a professional wrestler! The referee handed her the championship and she clutched it against her body as the tears began to stream down her face.

It was a surreal moment for Amber Ryann as she dropped to her knees and continued to stare into the metallic surface of the championship. She stood up and hoisted the championship high into the air with a look of happiness on her face as the crowd began to rally behind her.

Paisley gritted her teeth as she rolled out of the ring while Sweet Aroma pounded her first on the canvas in frustration. Each of them exited to the backstage area, but Aria Sylo was still in the ring. She was slowly getting up while holding the back of her head. Ryann and Aria came face to face when Aria smiled and gave Amber Ryann a big hug. Ryann dropped the title to the canvas and hugged her back. Aria then raised Ambers hand before exiting the ring.

Ryann, still with tears flowing, picked up her championship and climbed the turnbuckles. She hoisted the title into the air and stepped down, heading to the opposite side. She hoisted the title up again before hopping down and bowing to the crowd before making her exit to the back.

Winner: Amber Ryann via Pinfall; 1st EVER Bombshells Champion!


Backstage, Bill Daley massaged Turk's shoulder and as his face hit the Legacytron for the arena to see they jeered in response.

They loved to hate The Psycho.

Turk was sitting in what appeared to be the LoC triage area. A medical assistant waited nearby holding an Ace bandage to wrap him up, but he had strict instructions to wait until Bill was finished. Turk's face winced a little with every movement Bill made and the stitches above his eye were exposed, and fresh. He was certainly battle-tested.

It wasn't long before another LoC superstar joined the party. Lindsay Troy strolled into the frame and looked every bit as beat to hell from her earlier match against Judasbleek as she felt. The crowd erupted in cheers for the Underground tournament finalist.

Turk looked her up and down as she poured through a drawer for an extra roll of KT tape. "Made it to the finals...impressive, honey." Turk's words were slurred, apparently from the meds he needed to ingest to compete tonight.

Troy regarded Turk with a side-eye glare, said nothing in response, and went back to her search.

"I'd wish you good luck in the match..."

"Mmmm....just what I'm lookin' for, your luck and approval," she murmured. "Don't need either."

"You won't need luck for the match," Bill interjected. "You'll need it for what comes after, if you win."

Well now.


Lindsay set her eyes on Bill and cocked her head quizzically.

"You don't..." Turk chuckled. "You don't know." He looked behind him at Bill, still working his shoulder. "She doesn't know."

She sighed and turned her body toward them. "I don't know what?"

Bill looked her in the eye. "You don't know about the curse."

It took Troy a second to process what Turk's doctor said. She let the statement bounce around in her brainpan then snorted in amusement.

"You Chicago boys are somethin'," she said. "This 'curse' comes with a Billy Goat right?"

"Every Underground champion is afflicted with some sort of consequence, a tragedy, a curse after winning." Bill stopped working on Turk's shoulder. "Everyone."

"I think someone dipped into Charlie Baileygate's secret stash one too many times."

"Cute," Bill said. "They think it started when Sylo chose the Legacy title and dropped the Underground title. The night Turk won it again." He grew very serious. "They think when he did that, and then it landed in the lap of the craziest, most unexpected, and in some folks eyes, undeserving champion..."

"Hey..." Turk protested.

"Don't take it personally; a lot of folks thought you didn't deserve it, champ. You proved them wrong." Bill looked back at Troy. "But, they think that's when the title itself took on an aura that cursed every champion since."

"Of course." Troy's statement dripped with sarcasm. "Of course the Yeti has something to do with it. This place is something else..."

"You don't have to believe us," Turk cut in, words still slurred, "Just go back and look at the title history starting with my gauntlet championship win." He started counting off on his fingers. "Me, Graphic Violence, Suicide, Derecho - every one of us." Turk shook his head. "It wasn't just bad luck. That thing has a life of it's own. Call it what you want, an aura, a light, a feeling - whatever. It's real."

Turk stood up and went eye to eye with Troy. "Look, I don't think you deserve to be there. I don't give a shit who you ran through - the list didn't include Derecho, Ninja K, Frost, or Turk." The Psycho looked her up and down. "Monte Burns?" he chuckled. "What a joke."

"Nah," Troy said and got even closer to Turk so they weren't just eye to eye, they were nose to nose. "What's a joke is all these Underground 'legends' you've spouted off came back to this place but went off to chase another belt instead of coming for the one you're all hung up on. Your opinions, and your stories, don't mean shit to me since you're not even in the Underground finals conversation right now. I am. So you and Bill find yourselves a couple comfy chairs and watch me do some work since your night is over."

"Big words coming from a dead woman," Turk sneered. "The curse is real; too bad no matter what happens, the Underground Champion won't be."

Turk walked out of the room, followed closely by Bill. Lindsay looked after both of them and seethed.

"A! S-S! H-O! L-E!" "e'rybodeh now!"

So everybody joined in. Why wouldn't you? It's a fucking singalong.

"A! S-S! H-O! L-E!"

Then Denis sang about being a regular Joe and parking in handicapped spaces as the Ayatollah of Ass-a-hollah emerged from the back looking far too fresh for a man who had made his way through two rounds of the Or Die Trying sweepstakes. He puffed on a cigarette dangling out of the corner of his mouth and eyeballed the fans in attendance. He stopped, hands on hips, made a belt gesture then tossed the head back, thrusted fingers in a Nixon-esque pose upward and billowed (no pun intended) smoke into the air like a dickhead chimney.

"The Ayatollah of Ass-a-hollah, Reno, claims to be the Smartest in the World and looking at how fresh and clean he's standing there... one might be inclined to agree," Tony Stone informed his broadcast partner with chagrin.

"He is the Smartest in the World. It's no claim. And you watch him make his way through this match UNSCATHED, Tony. The man has a plan and he's executing," Davis added.

JLV took one last drag as he looked out over the fans, plucked the smoke from his mouth and flicked it down the ramp and when the ciggy made impact with ramp...


The fireworks ensued. Then the Ayatollah smugly began to make his way down the ramp, dusting his shoulders as he made his way down. Half-way down the ramp...

"Harry likes to have his lunch as high in the sky he can climb."


The fans erupted into sheer joy. The Religious Rasslin' Experience sneered, stopping in his place to visibly (and melodramatically) shudder at the presence which would follow.

"I am the Walrus" by the Flaming Lips deliciously engulfed the ears of those in attendance as the guitars crunched like a eight year-old open mouth chewing a mouthful of crisps.

"I am he as you are he as you are me."

A red spotlight hit a section of the fans which triggered some extra pop (like that was even possible) over there. Can you see it? Just there. No. Oh you know you're just playing dumb. The spot were the Risen Lion stood, defiant fist raised in the air while the fans around him sent back the same defiant fist. He sang along with the words...

"And we are all together!"

The red spotlight began to interchange with blue and yellow as Billows dropped that fist and headed down the steps as fans tried to get a little piece of him through a returned smile or a high five or a bead of sweat staining their t-shirt.


Billows stopped on the ring steps and closed his eyes, soaking in the adulation as the Ayatollah of Ass-a-hollah stared at an imaginary watch on his realistic wrist. He was done waiting. So when the Riden Lion entered the ring JLV gave him a spray.

"Whenever you're ready, Hollywood Hulk Hogan. I've got a fucking title match to get to," he spat.

Billows looked to the fans and smiled. They cheered loudly as Billows put his hands on his hips and clucked his tongue at JLV. "I think you mean WE have a title match to get to!."

JLV was about to respond when...

"Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now" by David Pomeranz.

The fans cheered loudly as the two men in the middle of the ring quit staring one another down to receive one Shawn-Jessica Hart, PhD. Billows grinned. JLV scowled.

Hart emerged in a beautiful see-through mid-thigh dressing down-come-neglige ensemble that called for a few wolf-whistles out of the crowd. He turned and twirled about so all could see his radiance and began to make his way down to the ring just as his music hit its emotional peak.

"No matter what the odds are this time, nothing's going to stand in my way...
This flame in my heart, and a long lost friend—gives every dark street a light at the end!"

JLV caught Billows attention and pointed once to himself, then to the ring. Then he pointed to Ryan Billows and pointed to the outside. Billows shook his head and turned to the fans, pointing at JLV. They responded with a boo. Then he pointed to himself and received a loud pop.

"Billows and JLV arguing over who starts off here in the ring, Reno," Stone stated the obvious.

Davis guffawed at the statement. "Why wouldn't you want anyone OTHER than the Religious Rasslin' Experience, JLV, starting off a match that could put you on the map in the Legacy of Champions?" Davis queried.

"I'm pretty sure Billows is on the map, Reno," Stone muttered.

Hart climbed the ring steps and across the ring apron. He put one leg through the bottom and middle ropes, bent down and slowly made his way in to the ring showing off his ass. He began to remove his gown and he tossed it onto Billows. Billows laughed out loud and held the gown up in the air to a cheer from the fans.

Then JLV grabbed said arm and tossed him over the top rope to the outside.

The fans booed caught Hart's attention as the Ayatollah of Ass-a-hollah hit the ropes and when SJH turned...


Hart flipped through the air like he weighed five pounds and came crashing down on his head. The minute he'd made impact with the canvas, JLV dropped down for the cover. Referee D.C. Train stared at JLV for a moment.

"RING THE FUCKING BELL, SHEETSTAIN!" growled the Human Ratings Riot.

So Train called for it.


And as the bell tolled, JLV heaved the leg for the cover just a little bit tighter and applied just a little more pressure.




JLV pounded the canvas in frustration. Burst to his feet and shoved three fingers into Train's face.

"If you rang the bell like you were fucking supposed to this match would be over!" he scolded.

Then he grabbed the glorious locks of Shawn Hart, whipped him into the ropes and caught him with a leg hook back body drop that lifted D.C. Train off his feet an inch.

And then another cover...




Frustration coursed through JLV's veins as he pounded his fists down onto the canvas. He pulled Shawn Hart to his feet, stabbed a boot in his belly and applied a standing headscissors. Billows grabbed the ropes and pulled himself up onto the apron as JLV made a cutthroat gesture to the fans.

"I am......
I am......"

"Charisma" by WASP.

Bursting from the back, to a ferocious round of boos, was the former King of the Underground (if you listened to them darn fans), Derecho. He charged down to the ring like a man on a mission. JLV saw this. He looked down at Hart. Then to Billows. He pulled Hart up, whacked him with a ferocious European uppercut to lay him out, and raced into his corner. He slapped Billows on the shoulder, ducked through the ropes and dropped to the outside as Derecho burst into the ring.

"Derecho here to make the save and stay alive in Or Die Trying, Reno!" Stone once again stated the obvious.

Reno Davis added: "And once again, JLV proves he's the Smartest in the World. Getting away from Derecho's angry self is a GREAT idea."

Derecho pulled Hart to his feet, looked in his eyes and shoved him into the corner. He stepped out onto the apron, grabbed Hart by the wrist. Made the tag. Flipped Hart over the top rope to the outside and stepped through into the ring where he stood across from Billows.

The pair eyeballed one another.

"You can cut the tension with a knife, Reno. There is no love lost between Derecho and Billows," Stone proclaimed.

"But what would you do with it? After you cut it I mean," Davis quizzically enquired of Stone.


The fans chanted loudly and while Billows kept the intense stare locked in, a slight smirk crept across his face. Derecho snarled staring across at his nemesis. JLV stood with one foot on the ring steps, resting his elbow on the knee and his chin in his hand watching what would ensue.

Inside the ring, the pair began to circle one another. Staring intently for the other to make a move. D.C. Train stood in the center of the ring getting dizzy. Hart shook the cobwebs out and pulled himself up with the crowd barrier.

"There is no love lost between these two men. When Billows returned to professional wrestling, Derecho POWERBOMBED him off the stag-" Tony Stone attempted to tell the viewers at home but was interrupted by Reno.

"Please, Tony. No recaps. There isn't a soul on this planet that hasn't been watching the LoC. Save your breath!"

Derecho and Billows collided in the center of the ring with a collar-and-elbow tie up that saw Derecho overpower Billows into a side headlock. Billows shoved with all his energy and Derecho headed to the ropes. One shoulderblock later and Billows was laid out. Exit stage left and Derecho was hitting the ropes again as Billows kipped up onto his feet. He leap frogged Derecho's advance. Another rebound on the ropes fallen King of Underground was laid out with a dropkick.

Both men rose to their feet. Derecho touched his chin where the impact was made. Billows rolled his head around to lose the kinks.

Business was picking up.

JLV and Hart both pulled themselves up onto the apron at the same time. JLV mocked yawning and leaned on the ringpost as if he were bored.

Derecho and Billows charged forward to tie up again but as Billows went for the collar-and-elbow, Derecho shoved his advance aside and drove a knee into his gut. Doubled over, Billows was in the hands of the monster. Pulling on Billows arm, Derecho put him down on the canvas with a short-arm clothesline. The fans groaned in unison as Billows hit canvas.

Ready to unleash the pain, Derecho hit the ropes and once Billows got to all fours he was levelled again with a basement dropkick. Derecho was quick on his feet again, grabbing a handful of Billows' hair and heaving him upright he took him by the head and simply slammed him backwards into the canvas.

With the fans showing their hatred for Derecho he turned them and snarled before making a snapping gesture. Turning back to Billows and grabbing him by the ankle he was shoved off with Billows' other foot. He stumbled backward into the Billows/JLV corner.

Turning to JLV, right jab locked and loaded, Derecho threatened and the Ayatollah dropped off the apron with his hands up, palms out, showing he had no interest in having beef with Derecho. Even if it were a t-bone.

"JLV not wanting anything to do with the vicious Derecho, and who could blame him?" Stone asked rhetorically.

Davis sighed. "What part of Smartest in the World don't you get?"

His attention back to Billows, Derecho soon tumbled over the top rope as Billows charged with a clothesline, toppling after and both men hit the ring mats below.

D.C. Train called for the action to come back while both men tried to recover as quick as they could ringside. Billows was up first, stomping across to Derecho and trying to roll him back in under the bottom rope. But Derecho blocked it with his hands on the apron, shot an elbow back catching the Risen Lion on the chin, and slamming him face first into the apron.

As the fans booed, Derecho rolled Billows under the bottom ropes. He climbed onto the apron and grinned wickedly at the fans. Hart in the other corner was clapping his hands, trying to get the crowd behind them, but the hate his team mate of the evening garnered saw him gathering no positivity at all. Can't blame a guy for trying.

Stepping through the ropes, Derecho pulled Billows to his feet and lifted him with a uranage before hitting him down over his bended knee to the sheer horror of the fans. Derecho stood over Billows, dusting himself off, then turned and dropped a vicious knee right into the temple of their hero.

Pulling him off the canvas, Derecho whipped Billows across into their corner towards Shawn Hart. He made the tag and the fans cheered as SJH PhD entered the ring.

"I was informed earlier this evening that Shawn Hart's contract no longer contains the NO BILLOWS clause" Tony Stone stated.

"No Billows Clause?" Davis asked

"In the past, Shawn Hart forced promoters to write a clause in his contract exempting him from any active competition against Billows. This came about after their hellacious Self Destruction classic in which Billows made Hart say 'I quit'" Tony Stone explained.

"Yeah. I remembered that I knew that like two seconds into you telling me. But thanks." Davis griped.

Hart took hold of the ropes and slammed some slammin' boots into the belly of the Billows. When he stopped, he turned and blew JLV a kiss, before hitting the ropes, bouncing onto the middle rope and hitting an enzuiguri into the side of Billows head that had him falling out of the corner like someobody just cut down a great oak.

"Oh! Big enzuiguri from Hart and Billows brains have been scrambled by that kick!" announced Stone.

"Cover, Tony! Count, man! COUNT!" Davis cried excitedly.

Hart skipped over and made the cover, hooking the leg...




Hart rose to his feet, shrugged, then he hit the ropes. He rebounded and when he got back to his desired destination leapt and somersaulted and sentoned on the exposed midsection of Ryan Billows. The momentum kept Hart going and he bounced up to his feet and tagged in Derecho.

"Derecho tagged in and no doubt he wants a piece of the Jack of All Trades, Reno," stated Tony Stone.

"Of course he does," Reno chimed. "He wants to knock that smug Hollywood pay check out of his wallet, Tony. I wouldn't want to be Billows right now."

With his violent partner in the ring, Hart went back to the fallen Billows. He heaved him to his feet, pulled him into an abdominal stretch while D.C. Train counted the time Hart had left in the ring. Derecho capitalised with a kick to the gut and Billows doubled over clutching it.

While Hart took his position on the apron, Derecho took one Billows arm and wrapped him up into a straightjacket hold. The fans began to boo loudly as Derecho launched him overhead and smashed him into the canvas with a straightjacket suplex right into Billows own corner.

Derecho rolled up onto his knees, facing Billows' corner as JLV reached over the top rope, calling for the tag. Billows crawled over on hands and knees, reaching out to tag in the Ayatollah of Ass-a-hollah!


That was the sound the tag would have made.

Would have.

If JLV never dropped off the apron down to ringside. He smiled sadistically at the fans, shrugging to them as if it was nothing. Billows still hand his hand in desperation raised for the tag but there was nobody there to tag in. Then he was dragged back into the center of the ring by the ankle. Derecho twisted and fell to the canvas with a modified dragon screw that did nothing more than pull that leg and bother the hip joint.

"Derecho unceremoniously trying to take the stilts out from Billows," remarked Stone cringing from the move.

"You take the foundations out from a speedy guy like Billows and you knock him back a peg or two. Wrestling matches are won with small victories," Davis informed Stone.

"Wow. Rare insight from Reno-"

"Eat your ass, Stone."

Billows clutched that hip as if someone had pulled his leg off, rolling onto one knee and dragging himself to the ropes. Derecho came up from behind and pulled him into a sleeper hold, lifting him up onto his feet. Once upright, Derecho wrapped his arms around Billows' waist and launched him over head with a German suplex, holding on for the bridge.




The fans cheered loudly as Derecho let go and stood. JLV was back on the apron angrily urging Billows to get his, quote-unquote, useless straight to beta max tape ass up and fight. Standing over Billows, Derecho ripped a boot on his head for good form before grabbing a handful of hair and dragging him over to his corner. Billows crawled to save his lucious locks.

Tagging in Hart, Derecho applied a rear chinlock and put his knee into the spine of Billows. Hart stepped through the ropes, sped off to the ropes and on return nailed a dropkick into the side of Billows' head. With Billows laid out, Derecho stepped out of the ring while SJH made a cover.




"And the Smartest in the World saves Billows' ass once again!" cried Davis.

The bell would have rang there and then had JLV not stepped through and laid out Hart with a double axe-handle, breaking the pinfall and saving Billows from ODT extinction. Along with himself. D.C. Train burst to his feet and began to herd JLV back to his corner. Disgusted by the fact a mere referee would touch him, JLV pushed Train away and made his way back to his own corner of his own accord.

With Hart momentarily dazed, Billows used the opportunity to pull himself up using the ropes. Unfortunately for him, he pulled himself up right in front of Derecho. Derecho swung with a stiff elbow but the Risen Lion ducked and jammed his shoulder between the ropes into the guts of Derecho. Momentarily dazed, Derecho's head was caught in Billows' grasp and he was hung out to dry on the top rope.

With the fans getting behind their hero, Billows turned to Shawn Jessica Hart PhD just in time to be caught with a clothesline. He bounced up off the canvas as Hart hit the ropes and when he charged forward he was hit by Hart with a spinning wheel kick. Hart sprang to his feet and double fist pumped. Billows sat up, rubbing his face as JLV smirked in the corner.

"You'll keep, asshole," Billows muttered under his breath.

Hart was interested in keeping things going. He took a hold of Billows' head and pulled him up into a front facelock. He turned himself and Billows' self until the head of the Lion sat on his shoulder and he dropped with an old school neckbreaker. The fans groaned as Billows clutched that neck of his. JLV slapped the ringpost in frustration waiting for Billows to do something.

Hart dropped down with a quick legdrop over Billows' face and then another. He went for a third but got canvas on his thigh while Billows got to his feet. Hart rose to his feet and was dropped with a shoulderblock. Billows turned to the left and hit the ropes as Hart got to his feet. JLV slapped Billows on the back to tag himself in while Billows charged onwards to Hart. Hart attempted to flip Billows over his head with a back drop but the Lion landed like the Cat and nailed a Pele kick onto the dome of his opponent that levelled him.

D.C. Train got between Billows and Hart to usher Billows out of the ring. "He tagged you out, Billows, get with the program!" Train told him.

"Hart better be careful with that opportunist lurking in the shadows," Stone advised.

JLV stepped in from behind, dropping onto Hart and hooking the leg to get a quick pinfall. Train hit the canvas with his body then his hand.



The fans cheered while JLV got to his knees, made a double axe-handle with his hands, and clubbed away at the chiseled torso of the Prettiest Man on the Planet. Hart tried to protect his body which directed JLV to his face. And when he went to protect his face he got it in the gut. It was a simple strategy. Whack what wasn't protected.

Derecho paced the apron, clutching his throat where Billows' had hung him out to dry. He watched on as JLV decided he was done clubbing Hart like he was a baby seal and to take things up a notch.

He pulled Hart to his feet and whipped him across the ring into the ropes. When Hart rebounded he heaved him up, turned 180 degrees and smashed him into the canvas with a spinebuster that near put Shawn through the foundations. JLV knelt in front of him, grinning sadistically as he looked across at Derecho. He patted his waist then thumbed at his own chest.

Taking the bait, Derecho began to step through the ropes until D.C. Train put his referee skills to the test and blocked his entry telling him to get back onto the apron.

That was the window JLV was looking for.

He wrapped his hands around Hart's throat and began to throttle him. Choking him. Lifting him off the canvas and bashing his head into the canvas as he choked him. It was like a scene out of the Simpsons.

"JLV just choking the LIFE out of Shawn Hart! Listen to these fans!" Stone reported as the fans booed loudly.

"These fans are nothing more than Net surfing virgins. Just ask the Smartest in the World!" Davis added.

"Well, Derecho is trying to bring JLV's antics to D.C. Trains attention," added Stone.

Derecho pleaded with Train to turn and when he did, JLV was pulling Hart to his feet. He shrugged as if to ask what the big problem was. When Train turned to give Derecho another warning, JLV flipped him the bird, cocked his leg back and hit Shawn Jessica Hart PhD right in the pills.

In unison the fans groaned. But Train missed the lot. Billows, on the outside, snarled at JLV's tactics. "You dirty sonofabitch! Can't you just keep it clean for once!" Billows demanded.

JLV flipped him the bird, too. He pulled Hart into a standing headscissors and smiled at the fans, making that belt gesture again. He lifted Hart up for a powerbomb and the next thing he saw was the world flipping around.


JLV's head was driven into the canvas as Hart and he were both laid out on the canvas. Train began to count.


Hart stirred. JLV rubbed the top of his noggin.



JLV rolled onto his belly and onto all fours. Hart sat up, clutching his throat.


Derecho slapped the top of the ring post, trying to get the people behind his partner.

"HART! HART! HART! HART!" the people cried.

Billows leaned over the ropes, pleading with JLV to make the tag.



Hart was on his knees now, slowly making his way into his corner and toward the outstretched hand of Derecho.

JLV was just as close to his corner with Billows stomping his feet in frustration for not being tagged yet.


Derecho was tagged in! The fans popped a moment and then realised that it was Derecho. But he was facing JLV! Who was a complete asshole. But still, it was Derecho. And they were confused as fuck.

JLV burst up with energy to slap Billows' outstretched hand.

But Billows just pulled his hand back, ran it through his hair and smiled at JLV. JLV's eyes widened. Billows left him hanging. And then JLV was slowly being dragged back, by the ankle. He clawed at the canvas and rolled onto his back.

Derecho's boot came down hard on his ribs and the Ayatollah of Ass-a-hollah sat up and cried out in pain. JLV got to one knee, clutching his ribs as Derecho hit the ropes.


The knee drove through the head and JLV flopped back onto his back whilst Derecho climbed about the take me to the Network Championship match train. And Train counted it.




The fans cheered loudly as Derecho was hit with a dropkick from the Risen Lion. He somersaulted backwards off of JLV and was quick to his feet, charing with a lariat that Billows ducked under. Derecho hit the ropes as JLV sat up and made the decision to focus rather than chase Billows down, nailing JLV with a diving clothesline.

Train forced Billows from the ring as Derecho heaved JLV to his feet. He pulled him into front facelock and one DDT later JLV was on his back again. Derecho got up, knowing JLV wouldn't be so easily taken care of. So he headed to the corner and made his way to the second rope. He leapt off and nailed an elbowdrop on the Ayatollah and clambered on for another quick cover.




Derecho, frustrated, grabbed Train by the shirt and demanded a three count out of him. Train responded by threatening Derecho with a disqualification and solidified that it was only two and pulled at his own shoulder to tell Derecho JLV's was off the canvas. Derecho, slow to his feet, pulled JLV to his and took him over to Hart. He drove a boot into JLV's gut and shoved him into the corner. JLV was slumped down when Hart stepped through the ropes to find JLV awaiting a fate worse than death.

Hart looked at JLV.

Then he looked at the far corner.

Then he looked down at his groin.

Then he gyrated said groin.

Then he backed up, into the corner where Billows was more than happy to see whatever it was Hart was gonna do to JLV. Hart charged, leapt into the corner.


The fans roared with delight as Hart bounced around with his groin up in JLV's grill. He coo'ed like he was about to explode as JLV kicked his legs and flapped his arms about trying to get some air. When Hart was done he slumped in the corner, then he climbed off and smoked an imaginary cigarette.

JLV burst out of the corner like a bull, face red from embarrassment and rage, charging at Hart. And Hart was too slow to react. JLV put a big boot right through his face. Hart went down like a sack of shit and JLV was all over him, continuing the beating. Stomping a mudhole into the head of Hart before pulling him to his feet. He grabbed him by the sides of the head and swung him 180 degrees and let go, tossing him across the ring. He stomped after him like a beast.

Billows stood there, wide eyed for a moment. "Oh snaps! Somebody pissed him off!"

Pulling Hart to his feet, JLV put boot to belly, got him all up in a front facelock and lifted him into a stalling vertical suplex. The fans grew silent as JLV turned to Derecho.

"Hey, dickhead." JLV muttered to the King of the Underground. "Fuck you and fuck your throne!"

And then he let Hart toppled behind him and he dropped him with a ¾ turn neckbreaker.


The fans couldn't help but pop then boo as JLV already knew what was coming next.

It was Derecho.

Derecho charged across the ring and JLV caught him in an arm drag, trying to roll through with an arm drag of his own. But Derecho stepped through it and went to swing JLV over with a hip toss using the momentum. But JLV planted his feet, pulled Derecho up into a sidewalk slam driving him into the canvas and with a vicious elbow to the face to punctuate his presence.



The crowd struck up that chant after JLV delivered that elbow and stomping over into the corner, where Billows stared at him. JLV held a hand out for the tag. Billows just stared at it. JLV shrugged and laid a massive slap across Billows' face.

"TAG!" Then he stepped out onto the apron and stared out at the booing mass of Billows' fanbois.

Billows rubbed his cheek, staring a hole into the back of JLV's head while Derecho rolled out to the outside. He looked down at the fallen Hart and smiled to himself. He looked up at the top rope and pointed to the fans rejoice.

Derecho chop blocked JLV's legs out from under him on the apron. He hit back first on the ply and Derecho began to lay some clubs into the torso of the Ayatollah. He grabbed him by the leg and yanked him off the apron. JLV eye gouged him and sprinted away.

The chase was on.

In hot pursuit of the Ayatollah, Derecho charged forward. But JLV slipped into the ring. And Derecho slipped into the ring behind him. And Billows got momentarily distracted by the duo that just entered the ring. Derecho and JLV were trading blows when Billows hit the ropes. When their peripheral vision told them something or someone was charging forward, it was too late. Billows took them both down over the top rope with a double clothesline.




With his back turned, Billows was taken advantage of. Hart rolled him up with a schoolboy but Billows was able to kick out at the very last second! Billows bounced to his feet and Hart was already quick to his. They began to trade blows in the centre of the ring.

Outside, JLV and Derecho were trying to find their bearings.

Hart punched Billows until he backed into a corner. He shot him with a couple of quick kicks to the belly and whipped him across the ring. Billows was about to hit chest first, with Hart in hot pursuit, but planted his hands on the top rope and lifted himself over Hart. SJH hit the turnbuckles chest first and staggered into the clutches of Billows.

With a belly-to-back release overhead suplex, Billows tossed Hart like a ragdoll but the former Legacy Champion landed on his feet and even let out a...

"TA DA!" a pop from the fans.


Billows drove his leaping big boot right through the smirking pretty face of SJH and he was down for the count. With the enemy down, and his cohort ringside with the other enemy, Billows took the opportunity to head for the stars.

Pulling on the top rope, Billows sprung up onto the top rope.


Billows was taken by surprise by the cat-like speed of Derecho bounding onto the apron, ready to shove him off. But his tag partner of the evening surprised him more as he pushed his head in between Derecho's legs into an electric chair lift. The fans cheered with anticipation as JLV staggered around sustaining Derecho's weight as he got his footing.

With Derecho's interference taken away, Billows stood upright and took a deep breath.

Ringside, JLV lost his balance as Derecho twisted his body around to straddle JLV's face and rock him with hard rights until he rode him down into the ground.

So Billows flew.


And he covered.


Derecho stuck his head up, hearing the fans count along.


He burst to his feet and sprinted at the ring! Diving in to make the save!



It was done!

Billows rolled off of Shawn Jessica Hart and out of the ring out of the reach of Derecho who could be seen pounding his fist into the canvas in frustration. Any other night, he'd have been happy to continue the fight but tonight wasn't one of those nights. He had another match to go.

A match with a lying, cheating, conniving, sonofabitch.

The Smartest in the World.

And as Billows began to head toward the back he stopped as JLV got to his feet. The pair of them stood at the bottom of the ramp, eyeballing one another. JLV took a couple steps forward and got into Billows' face.

"It doesn't matter if these people chant your name, Billows, because I'm gonna smash the star out of the sky tonight!" he warned.

"You think your big mouth and the yellow streak up your spine is enough for you to take me down, JL, bring it. Otherwise, get in your trailer and head back to whatever rock you crawled from under," Billows responded.

"My night. MY belt!" JLV grunted, shouldering through Billows while the Flaming Lips pronounced their victory.

JLV headed off up the ramp, leaving Billows to stew in his words.

Inside the ring, Derecho stood there with his hands on his hips, gritting his teeth as he looked down on Billows. Billows smiled at Derecho and shrugged at him, as if there was nothing he could do about it. Then he made a belt gesture and turned to head up the ramp, raising that defiant fist the fans loved.

It was on tonight.

JLV versus Billows.

One man would become the first LoC Network Champion.

Now we just needed to find out who.

Winner: Billows & JLV via Pinfall

"Bash Their Brains In"

The scene opened up to the locker room where two men were seated, getting themselves ready for a big opportunity to come. Tonight one member of their team claimed gold in the ODT pre-show when KIRU defeated the legendary Fanatic to become the new Flyweight Champion. The other one ... "The Diamond Warrior" Kaus ... was dressed for combat while staring down at a trinket in his hand.

"What's that?" asked KIRU while reapplying wrist tape.

The Californian held the trinket close and sighed.

"Just got this recently," Kaus replied. "Two years sober now. I'm proud of the changes I've made in my life not just outside of the ring, but inside it as well."

"You've come far, my friend," KIRU told him. "You're different from when I first met you."


"Yes," The Chop Doctor told him. "You were distant ... nobody liked the group you ran with. When you got away from that ... you showed you have good heart. But most importantly, you don't know the best part ..."

"Oh, yeah? What's that?"

"Much less shitty techno music. Amazing Gabriel and the Night Life were jackasses!"

The two shared their laugh about a man and a group of techno-loving druggies not seen in wrestling since All-Star Championship Wrestling closed its doors. Kaus put away the two year sobriety chip back in his pocket and glanced over to the Flyweight Title.

"Congratulations, man. You and Fanatic killed it out there. I'm genuinely happy, but how are you?"


"Yeah," Kaus said, putting up a hand defensively. "I'm not trying to stir anything up. I fully respect your decision to go out there and take this singles opportunity, man, so there's no bad blood. We both agreed when we made this team that if we had a chances for singles glory then we would take it ... but are you going to be a hundred percent for tonight? Team VIAGRA have not had the path we've had to get to the finals, but they're tag team royalty and they're the team around here to not take lightly or be less than 100% for. Are you going to be ready for all that?"

KIRU nodded. "Fanatic was tough ... but I'm ready for tonight. Let's do it!"

Kaus smiled back at his partner. "Good. Now let's go take all this talk about guys like us being the future of LoC and tell everyone to stick it ..."

The Chop Doctor raised an eyebrow. Kaus corrected him.

"They can all go stick it because our future begins now."

"Oh ..." KIRU said. "That's better. I thought you were relapsing into being bad again."

Kaus coolly looked at his partner. "Oh, I am. I'm going to grab a chair and bash their brains in first chance I get. Screw the whole lot of 'em."

KIRU glared at him uneasily as Kaus looked at him with deadpan eyes ... then let out a laugh.

"Oh, man, that was priceless ... Let's go."

Kaus patted him on the arm and KIRU grabbed his Flyweight Title before the pair headed for their match.

It was now time for the Tag Team Turmoil tournament to come to its conclusion. In this battle to crown the first LoC Tag Team Champions of the new era, it would be one of wrestling's most experience teams In Team VIAGRA ... Jack Harmen and Tony Davis ... taking on a pair of men who weren't even scheduled to be in this when it was first announced in The Cut Diamonds ... Kaus and the new Flyweight Champion, KIRU.

Team VIAGRA had defeated another legendary team in former rivals / friends The Legion of Dairy in a one-sided match and then triumphed over The Kingdom in their second round. While some would say that Team VIAGRA had it easy, they were by far the most experienced team of eight in the field. On the other side, The Cut Diamonds were a team that formed out of mutual respect after Blitzkrieg Funk attacked them to make a statement at their expense. The rookies to LoC were experienced singles competitors elsewhere, but had put their talents together to overcome the dangerous Devastation Inc. in the first round followed by beating the very team that made them align in the first place, BK Funk, to make it this far. Both teams were fan favorites which would make this match all the more interesting.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is set for one fall and this is for the finals of the LoC Tag Team Turmoil!" Brad Arnold said as the crowd cheered. "The winners of this match will walk away as the newly minted LoC Tag Team Champions!"

"Happy Go Sucky Fucky" by Die Antwood.

And now you get the whole shi-bop.

Strobe Lights.

Colored ramp way. An epileptic inducing LegacyTron of inter-spliced blue VIAGRA pills along side the words:

"Take the Blue Pill."

"Introducing first, at a combined weight of 502 pounds, being accompanied to the ring by the Tiny Attorney, Mary-Lynn Mayweather... JACK HARMEN AND TONY DAVIS... TEAM VIAGRA!

Cue: Team Viagra, standing underneath an ever changing array of colors spotlight, making their stand. Harmen and Davis, back to back, fury in the Lunatic's eyes, disinterest in Davis as he played his 3DS. Mary-Lynn knelt in front of them, arms crossed with her clipboard tucked underneath her arm pit. A wobbly duct-tilt angle as the cameraman rushed up the ramp to center frame the Trio. Mary-Lynn rose to her feet like a coach, slapping the clipboard with the palm of her hand. Davis and Harmen took that as their usual cue and broke for ringside. The two raced, not losing a step as they slid under the bottom rope, although Harmen did get there a few seconds quicker. Then again, Davis didn't even stop playing his 3DS on his way, as he floated over to VIAGRA's corner and rests his upper body against the lowest turnbuckle pads. The Majora's Mask logo on his special edition 3DS was prominently product placed center frame, as you could faintly hear the Skull Kid's theme emanating from it. Harmen climbed the turnbuckles and threw up his trademark devil horn metal taunt. Mary-Lynn finally joined her long-time clients, and received a few cat calls as she entered the ring. She smiled and waved them off, patting Harmen on the back as he dropped from the middle rope. As their music faded Davis snapped his 3DS shut and rose to his feet.

In VIAGRA's corner, Harmen leaned his head forward and rested it against Davis' forehead. Harmen's fire and tenacity seemed to seep into the usually disinterested Davis like osmosis. They then broke into the most focused game of rock paper scissors ever recorded on film...

"Daredevil Theme (Blind Justice remix)" by Graeme Revell.

Two forms started to appear on either side of the stage, being elevated from dual platforms. There were two bright blue names on the backs of their sleeveless leather coats...



And a name shined on the stage now...


"And their opponents, at a combined weight of 445 pounds... they are the team of LoC's NEW Flyweight Champion "The Chop Doctor" KIRU and "The Diamond Warrior" Kaus... they are THE CUT DIAMONDS!"

The crowd cheered as the new tag team walked towards the ring in matching sleeveless trenchcoats with all sorts of elaborate patterns that shined with a blue glow in the darkness. Kaus led the two towards the ring while KIRU rocked his signature black goggles and had the belt he won earlier from Fanatic strapped across his shoulder and underneath his arm. Camera phone flashes tried to light up the arena as KIRU and Kaus started to walk down the aisleway.

The new duo shook hands themselves and entered the ring as they stared down their opponents. Tony Davis didn't even notice that Mary-Lynn Mayweather had removed his 3DS... because Davis was so enthralled by the genuinely cool entrance! Harmen shook hands with both Kaus and KIRU, however he lingered on KIRU and stared at his Flyweight championship. The four combatants were given their last rundown by LoC's very own Buck Logan, as we all prepped to see who would become LoC's new Tag Team Champions. KIRU had won a title in the Ready Set Wrestle! Preshow. Could The Diamonds go two-for two and pull off a HUGE upset or would Team VIAGRA add yet another Tag Title reign to their impressive collection?


KIRU had expended some energy earlier tonight against Fanatic, so Kaus offered to start the match to give his partner a little more time to rest. Meanwhile, Harmen and Davis had just played a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors between each other to see who would start first and Davis actually got the duke with rock....

Nothing ever beat rock. NOTHING. Fuck paper, that shit doesn't make sense. Who gives two fucks if paper covers rock? Rock would tear through that shit.


Oh, right.


The 6'4" and 278 pound Davis shouted "Fuck Paper!" before he locked up with The Diamond Warrior and was able to easily maneuver the smaller wrestler over to the ropes. Davis had forgotten more things about mat wrestling than most people ever learned, and that was on display whenever Tony was motivated. Tonight, Davis had powered Kaus into the corner, and became reprimanded by Referee Buck Logan. Buck told him to back off and he did just that without incident, raising his hands in submission. Kaus nodded and circled up with Davis again before slapping on a Headlock trying to keep him under control. The Original Degenerate headed to the ropes and pushed Kaus off before he ran into the neon green brick wall that was Davis! Kaus went down to the mat quickly, but scurried to his feet as Davis teased an Elbow Drop.

The technically-savvy Kaus went for a Single Leg Takedown on Davis and almost got him, tripping him up slightly. Davis went at him in the corner again and tried to roll the bigger man over with a Headlock Takeover, but Davis lifted him up. He tried a Back Suplex when Kaus flipped out of that and landed on his feet behind him so he could spring off the ropes and connect with a Dropkick that was right on the button! Davis went down and Kaus was all over that pinfall attempt like a boss.


TWO... NO!

Davis powered out early, but this was far from over between the two. Kaus slapped on a Front Facelock on Davis and tried to negotiate him over to the opposite side where KIRU was waiting for a tag, but Davis used his strength and powered him up off the mat! Kaus landed on his feet, but when he came at Davis, The Degenerate grabbed him and took him over with a MONSTER Hip Toss!

The Original Degenerate now grabbed Kaus in a Headlock of his own and dragged the Californian over to his corner where the tag was made to Jack Harmen! The former High Flyer headed into the ring and Harmen picked up where Davis left off with a few kicks to Kaus' exposed rib cage. The Diamond Warrior was grabbed by his arm and Harmen arm wrenched before working it over with a few well-placed elbows to the joint trying to soften him up.

"Team VI-A-GRA!" Mary-Lynn shouted, trying to cheer on her mentor and slamming the mat with every syllable. A few members in the crowd started a very small response of "We Don't Need It" that sadly didn't catch on.

The crowd was loud and were 65-35 in support of the much more experienced VIAGRA, but The Cut Diamonds were focused on the task at hand. Harmen spun another arm wrench and shoved Kaus into the corner, allowing Kaus to lean backward and executed a forward roll to reverse the hold and give himself the advantage. Kaus was back on his feet and twisted the arm around into a Hammerlock on Harmen before The Diamond Warrior tripped him up and grounded him.

Harmen was certainly no dummy on the mat either, so he managed to get a free arm up and wrapped that around Kaus' neck before leaping into the air and propelling him forward with a Snapmare! Kaus rolled back to his feet and Harmen made him pay for it with a quick Schoolboy roll-up!


TWO... NO!

The Californian kicked out of that. As Kaus recovered from the out of nowhere pin attempt, he ducked the oncoming LOCOMOTIVE Yakuza Kick that would have sent him all the way to the next century 21 home for sale. Team VIAGRA did have the advantage of being fresh tonight, and they certainly watched closely when KIRU won his Flyweight championship earlier. As such, they had a gameplan, and figured they could take their time to assess what the Diamonds could really do at this moment. Harmen stood across from Kaus, who had just countered his finisher. With a smug look, Harmen started to golf clap Kaus. The two came back center ring, and locked up, but Kaus grabbed one of the former High Flyer's arms and twisted it forward to try and bring Harmen down with a bridge...


TWO... Harmen's shoulder was up!

Kaus put them down again.


TWO... second verse, same as the first!

When The Lunatic tried standing up again, Kaus clinched a leg and rolled him forward before flipping to the side, trying to roll him up in a Skayde-style pin!




The nearfalls were doing their job and gave Kaus the advantage now where he could finally make the tag to KIRU! The crowd cheered loudly for the new Flyweight Champion as Kaus held Harmen in place.

"You're not gonna like this," Kaus quipped.

The fans had already seen these painful chops once against Fanatic...


"WHY!" Harmen shouted, wincing in pain. "That."






"MUCH!" After the fifth knife edge chop, Kaus let go at a count of three. Harmen fell to his knees, covering his blood red and bursted chest with his forearms. He mouthed the word "Mommy," before faceplanting center of the ring.KIRU lifted and pushed him back towards the corner and held a hand out as the fans started to cheer again...










Harmen was in a very bad situation now and he had several red marks on his chest and couldn't catch his breath enough to even speak! KIRU shook the pain out of his own hand as he grabbed Harmen by the head and rolled with him in a Snapmare. When both men rolled forward, KIRU pivoted to the side and hit a HARD spinning kick from a sort of breakdance position, catching Harmen right in the back! The Lunatic went down hard and KIRU tried to nab what would be his SECOND title of the evening!




A kickout by Harmen, but after a dominating start by Team VIAGRA, The Cut Diamonds were now on the offensive in a big way. The Lunatic tried to sit up as KIRU ran off the ropes looking for a Penalty Kick that would certainly kick the air completely out of his lungs, but Harmen ducked that and again went for a Schoolboy, but KIRU rolled through and made it back to his feet before he tried a jumping Stomp. Harmen just BARELY got out of the way and clipped the Flyweight Champion with a Drop Toe Hold, bringing him to the canvas.

Kaus showed concern for his tag team partner just as Jack Harmen managed to turn the tables back his way. Mayweather watched as Harmen floated into a headlock and brought KIRU up. He dragged him to Viagra's corner so that way he could tag in Tony Davis. Harmen whipped KIRU into VIAGRA's corner. VIAGRA charged, Davis hitting a shoulder block as Harmen hit a backflip moonsault kick. A stunned KIRI stood upright only with the power of the ring ropes,before eating a LARGE corner clothesline from 2 Tone Tony Davis. Davis then pulled KIRU out of the corner and hoisted him up with a Vertical Suplex...


The onomatopoeia was not only the name of his Delayed Vertical Suplex, but it was also what the crowd was saying as Tony Davis held him high in the air...

Mary-Lynn started the count. The fans followed her lead!

Five seconds...

Ten seconds...

Harmen began to metaphorically pull hair out of his head as he watched Davis. Harmen shouted "When Will The Bass Drop!"


And then came the drop! Davis rolled over and then finally tried to pin the Flyweight Champion.




Despite what he went through earlier with the LoC legend in Fanatic, KIRU still had plenty of fight in him and kicked out of one of Davis' big power maneuvers. When Tony tried to grab KIRU by the head and lift him up...



Two BIG Chops were enough to make even the big Tony Davis stop in his tracks, falling to his knees winded. He took two chops and The Chop Doctor told him to call him in the morning... okay, not really. But he DID try to get away from him. He tried to whip Davis, but The Original Degenerate reversed that and sent him back to the corner where he tagged back Jack Harmen. Davis hit KIRU with a few shoulders in the corner and then the two VIAGRA-Ates tripped KIRU up before executing a classic Wishbone Split! Kaus tried to run to the aid of his partner, but Team VIAGRA doubled Kaus over with stereo middle kicks, followed by a standing lighting quick leg drop from Harmen that was almost simultaneously followed with a reactive elbow drop from the big man Tony Davis.

The Diamond Warrior's unsuccessful attempt to save his partner allowed Team VIAGRA the advantage and they had the Cut Diamonds where they didn't need to be; the weakened KIRU at their mercy as the LEGAL man. Harmen picked up KIRU again and casually dumped him perpendicular to their corner with a and simple front slam. Harmen ran to the corner and into the air and executed a DAMN nice Cartwheel off the top rope...


The crowd CHEERED the incredible eye-popping elbow drop as Harmen rolled over and put all his body weight on KIRU's shoulders!



TH... NO!

The Flyweight Champion got the shoulder up, but as a sore Kaus returned to his corner, he realized they would need to do something if they wanted to upset VIAGRA and win the Tag Team Titles tonight. Harmen picked up KIRU as Davis put his boot on the top rope and allowed Harmen to slam KIRU's face right into it.

"That's what you get for nearly chopping my nipples off!" Harmen yelled, rubbing his chest. "I feel like I ran a marathon with a shirt on."

The tag was made to Tony Davis again and Harmen threw him right into the Original Degenerate's grip. Davis hit another beautiful Short-Arm Clothesline that shook the ring! Tony transitioned into a Rear Chinlock to wear down the Flyweight Champion.

"Kee-roo," Buck said in his thick Texan accent. "Do y'all give up?"


The hold was cranked in tight and KIRU needed a wing and a prayer if he had any hope of trying to get up, but he was going to try anyway. KIRU started to get to a knee when Davis tried to catch him a knee of his own. The Flyweight Champ sidestepped that and caught him with a low Spin Kick to the chest and headed to the ropes when Harmen clipped him in the back with a knee. Tony tagged Harmen in again as Jack shouted "You saw nothing!" Davis and Harmen whipped KIRU to a neutral corner. Davis sent his own partner at KIRU in the corner, but KIRU got a big boot up and caught Jack in the chest. Davis realized his error and charged headfirst by instinct. KIRU sidestepped...


The Corner Big Boot CAUGHT him in the head! As if Davis needed anything more in the way of brain damage, KIRU may have just dished more of it out. Davis' eyes rolled back into his head as he sucked on his own tongue and was only held up by physics and the top ropes. Kaus was jumping on the apron, trying to get the crowd on his side, which they did as KIRU turned, spun, and leapt...


The crowd roared for the Cut Diamonds as Kaus rushed right into the ring and landed a pair of European Uppercuts on a charging Davis. Irish whip sent Davis across the ring, corner to corner, before Kaus followed that up with a big Clothesline to the head, knocking the Lunatic off the apron!

Davis was groggy when he tried to stand and rush right at Kaus, but he ducked and THREW the much larger Davis overhead with a Release German Suplex! Davis slipped out of the ring from the momentum of the move. Harmen tried to stop him, sliding in and...


Harmen kept the speed train going, and bounced off the ropes before eating a Kaus inspired Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex! The Diamond Warrior kipped up to his feet after the suplex, much to the delight of the crowd! Kaus ran right at Tony Davis on the floor and kicked him with a Baseball Slide Dropkick to get the big man out of the equation. Davis ate the guardrail as LoC fans slapped his chest.

"LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Kaus shouted. He was full of energy now as the dazed Harmen tried to stand up again. The Diamond Warrior grabbed him by the back of the head and dropped down with an Inverted Headlock Backbreaker, Randy Orton-style! He held on and turned around before dropping Harmen with a Falling Neckbreaker right after that! Kaus dove over and tried to go for the win and the titles!



THR... NO!

The Lunatic's shoulder rose off the mat right before the three-count! The technically savvy Kaus had popped off several big moves on both members of Team VIAGRA, but Harmen was far from done. The Diamond Warrior held Harmen by the neck and tagged into KIRU so the two could execute some double-team moves of their own. Kaus whipped Harmen to the other corner and launched KIRU, but Harmen slugged him in the side of the head with an elbow. Kaus rushed at him when Harmen tried a boot. Kaus caught it, but Harmen leaped upwards with his other boot and whacked him with a moonsault styled Enzugiri!

The Diamond Warrior was out on his feet and Harmen had a golden opportunity. The Lunatic decided to grab KIRU for Sliced Bread #3. He rushed to the corner turnbuckle, backflipped...


The Lunatic got caught in the middle of his backflip by a STIFF Kaus kick to his FACE. Stunned and in a daze, upright for no real reason punch drunk and swinging at air, Harmen fell to his knees. Kaus picked Harmen up and hoisted him on his shoulders. Kaus dropped Harmen with a Fireman's Carry Backbreaker as the legal man KIRU headed off the ropes and BLASTED The Lunatic in the chest with a Penalty Kick! Mary-Lynn winced from the impact of the brutal kick as KIRU ducked down and tried to win the titles for he and his team!




The Original Degenerate came to the aid of his longtime friend and brother-in-law, smashing an elbow across the back of KIRU's head! Davis was escorted out of the ring by Buck, as Buck spat tobacco at him.

The Flyweight Champion was dazed, but he got back to his feet and pulled Harmen up with him by instinct. KIRU measured Harmen up and tried for the Cross-Cut German Suplex, but Jack elbowed his way free and hurried to his corner to tag in Davis again!

Davis was a bulldozer who mowed right through KIRU with a big time Shoulder Block, as Buck spat Kaus out to the apron. Davis pulled KIRU back up off the mat and tried to set him up with a Double Underhook...


KIRU with a Hurricanrana at the apex of the move sent Davis tumbling into the ropes! When he came back, KIRU clipped him in the head with a brutal Pele Kick! Davis went down and KIRU pointed over to Kaus who was at the ready. He climbed to the top rope and both men were prepared for another double team...


Kaus came off the top with a BEAUTIFUL Flying Leg Drop as KIRU landed a Standing Moonsault! Davis was down when KIRU tried to get the win again!




The Lunatic caught KIRU with a shove and pushed him off the body of his tag partner just as they were about to win! The Cut Diamonds had almost upset Team VIAGRA twice now, but this kind of fight was the reason they were on top for so long. Mary-Lynn was watching the match on pins and needles from the outside as KIRU locked up waiting for a chance to strike. Harmen was escorted out of the ring by Buck. KIRU swung with the very same knee that he used to put away Fanatic earlier...


Davis ducked the oncoming Bicycle High Knee! KIRU stumbled around on his feet, but turned around, only to eat a BIG T-Bone Suplex on the rebound! When Kaus tried to attack him, Harmen had him well-scouted...


Harmen took the fight back to Kaus and drilled him with an oncoming flurry of rights to the head to disorient him, getting him away from the ring. Harmen was back up and both of them turned their attention to The Flyweight Champion as Davis glanced at Harmen.

"HEY! LET ME HAVE THIS PIN!" Davis shouted.

That was the key for something bad to go down now as Davis pulled KIRU up in a Uranage Suplex position. He hoisted him up just as Harmen came down with a Lungblower from behind...


KIRU was nearly broken clean in half with the move! Harmen returned to the corner and watched as he Davis stacked up the fallen KIRU for the cover.




Kaus managed to scurry back into the ring and break up the cover on KIRU! Harmen spun back to the center of the ring in shock, pulling out his hair. All four men had gone crazy in this match as the crowd continued to pour their heart out.

"THIS IS AWESOME!" clap-clap-clapclapclap!
"THIS IS AWESOME!" clap-clap-clapclapclap!
"THIS IS AWESOME!" clap-clap-clapclapclap!
"THIS IS AWESOME!" clap-clap-clapclapclap!
"THIS IS AWESOME!" clap-clap-clapclapclap!

The crowd was voicing their opinion on the four men leaving it all on the line tonight as Harmen was in disbelief that Kaus had made the save out of nowhere! He didn't have time to react as Buck continued to try to regain order, escorting the Lunatic back to VIAGRA's corner. KIRU wasn't moving after the blow, so Kaus kicked Davis in the head and dragged KIRU back to his corner so he could legally tag himself in. Kaus headed over to the corner as Davis tried to get back to his feet. Kaus ran at him in the corner and caught him in the head with a Corner Elbow Smash to the head! He pulled him out and tried for his finisher now...


Davis shoved him away and backed off towards the ropes, just as Harmen managed to make the blind tag. Kaus went low and caught Davis with a Dropkick to the knee, taking him down. The Diamond Warrior then headed off the ropes...


Davis was laid out by the Sliding Forearm Smash, but Kaus didn't even get a chance to go for the cover...


Harmen's blind tag was the difference maker and that had to be it! Harmen transitioned the running yakuza into a pin that resembled being rolled up. As Harmen used the fallen Kaus' bodyweight against him, Buck Logan slammed his hand into the mat.




IT WAS OVER! WE HAD NEW LoC TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! Harmen fell off the body of Kaus and raised his arms in the air as Buck Logan came into the ring and handed he and the recovering Davis the Tag Team Championships! Harmen's eyes went wide as he cluthced the tag strap to his chest. He rushed over to Tony Davis, who was already being awaken by Mary-Lynn Mayweather and a handful of cracked smelling salts. Harmen slapped Davis across his cheek.

"Dude, did we win?" Tony asked, hand pressed against his temple and sore as hell with a headache.

"Dude," Harmen raised his tag title strap next to his face. "shiny!"

They held the titles high for all to see as Mary-Lynn Mayweather helped lift Tony Davis to his feet.

KIRU slid back into the ring to check on his tag team partner, Kaus and helped him back to his feet. Kaus looked a little pissed off with the result, but he managed to restrain himself. He walked right over to Harmen and Davis...


Kaus looked at both of them and looked ready to explode. KIRU took his Flyweight Title back...

"Good match."

And the crowd popped as all four men shook hands in the ring! All four men laid it out on the line, but if there was any indication of what The Cut Diamonds could do, there would be a future for them in the tag team division and LoC as a whole.

But the Diamonds left the ring to give them some time to celebrate. This moment belonged to Team VIAGRA who showed there was still plenty left in the tank for the long-tenured tag team!

Harmen shouted "That was FUN!" as he laughed. "Let's do it again!"

Winner: Team VIAGRA via Pinfall; NEW Team Champions

"Why So Glum, Chum?"

The scene opened up backstage as Mattock was seen walking a little gingerly after the wild Or Die Trying opener. He sat on a chair along the hallway and unzipped the neck portion of his mask. He pulled it off and took a gasp of air as he leaned back and placed his head against the wall. That's when Amber Ryann walked up sporting her shiny new Bombshells Championship.

Amber put her championship down and hopped up onto an equipment crate next to Mattock. Mattock continued to sit there with his head against the wall as Amber looked down at his mask.

"Ca...c... can I... touch it?" she asked sheepishly.

Mattock glanced over and noticed she was looking at the mask. He turned his head back and stared back off into the distance.

"Do as you wish" said Mattock.

Amber slowly picked up the mask and held it in her hands... she looked like she had just won the Bombshells Championship for a second time. She then slowly looked over at Mattock.

"Ca.... c... can I... wear it?" she asked a bit nervously.

Mattock let out a sigh.

"Again.. do as you wish"

Amber giggled a little bit as she put the mask on. It was a little bit big on her, but she didn't care.. she was wearing the mask of one of her favorite anime characters and was having a bit of a geek out moment. She then hopped off the equipment crate and crouched down in front of Mattock, looking like she was ready to pounce.

"Rrrrrr. I'm a ghoul! I wonder how you taste!" said Amber.

Mattock continued to sit there, not really caring. Amber finally got the clue that he wasn't in a good mood after losing the Or Die Trying tournament and losing a shot at the Network Championship. Amber slowly pulled the mask off and placed it back onto the equipment crate and then leaned against it, crossing her arms.

"I'm not really good at talking about stuff... but I'm a good listener." said Amber, hoping to strike up a conversation.

Mattock glanced over at Amber and then sat forward.

"You know I just... " said Mattock as he noticed Amber paying very close attention to everything he was saying.

"Nevermind. Want something to eat? We should celebrate your championship win." said Mattock.

"Only if I can wear the mask" said Amber.

"Well that rules out any ale clubs or restaurants. Catering it is I guess." said Mattock.

"So I can wear the mask!!??" asked Amber a bit excitedly.

"Yeah..." said Mattock

Amber's face lit up as she almost let out a "Squeee" noise. She picked up the mask and immediately put it on.

"Let's go, Kanecki!" said Amber as she briskly walked away.

"At least remember my name..." said Mattock under his breath as he glanced over at the equipment case. "...and your title"

Mattock sighed as he picked the title up and slowly walked away.

The scene faded to black.

Back at ringside, we're headed over to the announce booth where Tony Stone and Reno Davis are standing (sitting?) by.

"It's time for the second of our four tournament finals to take place," Davis began, "And this one is gonna be a doozy."

"Monte Burns and Lindsay Troy have both fought once already tonight," continued Stone, "And, if we're being honest, Troy's contest got real out of hand there at the end. Judasbleek was not happy about taking the loss and he carried on the assault way longer than this commentator felt was necessary."

"Look, Stoner, you and I both know that these Underground rules matches get real dicey at times. This shouldn't have come as a surprise given what happened between those two at the last Legends show."

Tony Stone shrugged. "Point taken. That's not to say that Monte Burns' match against Max Hopper was a walk in the park either. Those two took it to the limit in our pay-per-view opener, but one could argue that Burns is the less beat up of the two finalists. It'll be interesting to see if he'll be able to capitalize."

"Or, he's just doing a good job of faking it," Davis said with a smirk.

"That could be too, partner. Let's take it to Brad Arnold in the ring for the intros!"


"LoC faithful," Brad Arnold said with a grin, "the time is upon us for the Underground title tournament finals! Introducing first...."




For the second time tonight, "Nobody's Real" by Powerman 5000 rang out over the loudspeakers and a series of gold and red fireworks shot out from either side of the stage. The crowd cheered loudly as Monte Burns made his way out from the back, smiling once again but definitely moving a little slower than he had earlier in the night. Burns made his way down the ramp and slid into the ring, obviously toning down his entrance to the ring in order to conserve a bit of energy.

"From Danbury, Connecticut! Weighing in at two hundred twenty-three pounds..."'THE GOLDEN CHILD' ... MONNNNNNNTTTEEEEEEEEEE BUUUURRRRNNNNSSSSSSSS!"

Monte walked up the ring steps and slid between the top and the middle ropes. He gave Brad a nod as his music faded out, then made his way toward a corner to loosen up a bit.




That funky clavinet intro blasted through the Arena of Champion's speakers as Troy marched out from the back. She didn't stop at the top of the ramp, or pace the stage, or anything that she would normally do to play to the crowd. Instead, she strode with a purpose toward the ring, eyes locked on Monte Burns and her face set in determination.

"And his opponent, from Tampa, Florida! Weighing in at one hundred eighty pounds.... "'THE QUEEN OF THE RING' .... LIIINNNNNNDDDDDSSSAAAAYYYYYYYY TRRRRRRRROOOOOYYYYYYYYYY!"

The Queen jumped onto the apron and slipped between the ropes herself. Monte turned away from the turnbuckles and fixed his gaze on Troy.

As the two competitors stood across from each other, D.C. Train moved to the center of the ring beside Brad Arnold. He held the Underground Championship up with two hands above his head, then turned and displayed the belt toward Troy and Burns before walking over to the ropes to hand it off to the timekeeper.

Both fighters moved around in their corners for a few seconds as Arnold exited the ring. Once he was out, D.C. signalled to them and then called for the bell to begin the final battle in the Underground Championship Tournament.

The two wrestlers each moved slowly forward, neither one wanting to make the first mistake of the match. After a second, they went to lock up and at first Burns was able to back Troy up toward the ropes. They traded control while still locked up until Troy was back first in a corner. Trying to take advantage, Burns grabbed hold of her and started to whip her across to the opposite corner. As he did that, Troy reversed the move and sent Monte across instead. As Burns neared the corner, he leaped to the middle rope and then catapulted himself backward with a crossbody attempt since Troy had been following him in. But she saw it coming and ducked, leaving Monte to land on the mat. Troy turned and readied herself for a roundhouse kick, but Burns dodged it just in time, rolling to the side. Monte smiled as he stood up, knowing he just missed taking one to the chin, while Troy held her thumb and index finger close together to show how close it was.

The pair went to lock up a second time, but this time Troy grabbed Monte's left arm and pulled it behind his back with a hammerlock. Burns swung back a couple of times with his right elbow but Troy avoided it and cinched in the hammerlock tighter. Burns tried to fight free but couldn't break the hold. Instead he pulled them closer to the ropes and again used them to springboard backward, this time to break up the hammerlock. Monte got up to his feet first and ran back toward the ropes, bounding off toward Troy. She leapfrogged him and then tried a mule kick as he came back off the opposite ropes, but Burns knocked her foot away, spinning her around and right into a lariat that sent her down to the mat.

Troy clutched her neck in pain, feeling the effect of the clothesline on top of the pain she already had entering the match. Burns saw it, but instead of going after it, he pulled Troy up to her feet and shot her into the ropes. A moment later, she was doubled over after a knee to the midsection and Burns took that opening to lift her up and slam her to the mat with a gutwrench powerbomb. He immediately dropped down for an early cover...



Kickout by Troy! The Queen of the Ring would not stay down that easily. Burns kept on the attack, though, lifting her up and driving her back against the ropes with a couple of knife edge chops. He went to shoot her across the ring, but Troy hooked her right arm around the top rope and stunned Monte with a back elbow to the chin. As Burns backed away, she went for a kick to Monte's ribs with her left leg and Burns caught it. Before he could take advantage of his opponent being on one leg, Troy improvised and caught him flush to the side of the head with an enziguri. She immediately followed that up with a standing shooting star press and covered for a pin attempt...



Shoulder up by Burns! Troy rolled off and Burns used the nearby ropes to get up to a knee. As Troy came over, Burns caught her with a punch to the stomach. She backed off for a second before returning fire with a kick to the chest that caused Burns to stand up straight. Troy grabbed him around the neck and looked to go for a suplex, but Burns blocked it and after a punch to Troy's ribs, he looked to suplex her over the ropes to the floor below. As he lifted her up and over, Troy managed to reach out and grab the top rope, gaining enough leverage to land on her feet on the apron. Burns stunned her with a quick back elbow and she almost lost her grip. Seeing her vulnerable, Burns sprinted forward to the opposite end of the ring and bounded off the ropes. Gathering momentum, he dove forward, looking to spear her off the apron with a tope.

Unfortunately for Monte, Troy had other plans.

As Burns prepared to dive forward, Troy saw it and spun out of the way like a matador. That left Monte to fly through the ropes and land with a thud on the floor below. The Burns fans in the crowd cringed, as Troy dropped down from the apron to stay on the offensive. Burns was sprawled out on the floor, holding his head and shoulder in pain. He started to get up to a knee and Troy pulled him up the rest of the way, bringing him over to the ring and slamming him face first against the ring apron. She slammed his face a second time and then as Burns started to back away, she grabbed him in a reverse chinlock. Grabbing hold of his pants, Troy lifted him up for a reverse suplex and then slammed him forward to the floor. Again, she made the cover as D.C. Train slid outside to count...



Kickout by Burns! The crowd cheered, obviously wanting to see more action in the championship match. As Burns crawled over to the nearest barricade, Troy looked around the area. To her left was a steel chair leaning against the wall. She grabbed it with her left hand and walked over to where Burns was pulling himself up. Troy dropped the chair flat to the floor and hooked him in a front facelook. But just as she started to lift him up for a suplex, Burns took his right arm that had been draped over Troy's neck and elbowed her there. The sharp, sudden pain was enough for her to release Burns and instead of being suplexed, Monte summoned up the strength to back body drop her over the barricade and onto the concrete floor between two sections of seats.

The crowd grimaced at Troy's landing, and the fans in the first few rows were eager to gather around. Security barely managed to hold the masses back and form a circle around Troy, while Burns leaned against the barricade to catch his breath. He didn't wait long, though, and a few seconds later he climbed over the barricade. Troy was up to a knee and before she could react, Burns lifted her up and tossed her back down with a body slam. Looking at her prone on the ground, Burns looked back to the barricade and then climbed up quickly. Standing atop the wall, Monte looked out at the cheering crowd and down at Troy several feet away. He waited momentarily and then finally leaped off, driving an elbow into Troy's chest right there on the concrete. The fans went crazy and Burns sat up, almost looking surprised at what had happened. D.C. leapt over the barricade to count as Burns made a cover...



THR-Kickout by Troy! Despite the rough treatment on the outside, she was still fighting. Burns was almost as slow to get up, as his own landing on the concrete was causing pain to begin in his hip and lower back. As they struggled to their feet, the two began trading shots. Burns threw a punch, followed by a forearm from Troy. A knife edge chop from the Golden Child, followed by a kick to the side from the Queen of the Ring. Troy started to gain an advantage, pushing Burns deeper into the crowd before Monte regained the edge and sent Troy back toward the barricade.

She went back over the barricade to ringside first, with Monte following a second later. What Burns forgot was the steel chair still sitting there on the ground. Just before he climbed over, Troy grabbed it with both hands and as soon as Burns landed on both feet, Troy blasted him across the back with the chair.


"GAAAHHHH!" Monte cried out in pain, but Troy didn't relent.




Monte was down to a knee now and Troy tossed the chair aside. She took hold of his arm and whipped him toward the ring steps. He hit the steel knees-first, flipped forward, and landed on his back. Troy pursued him, jumped onto the steps herself and launched herself toward him in hopes of hitting an elbow drop. Monte rolled away at the last second and she crashed to the floor. Troy held her elbow and grimaced while Burns got himself back to his feet. He stumbled toward the bottom of the entrance ramp, his left leg a bit gimpy after hitting the ring steps. The Queen got to her feet as well and started after him. She whipped Monte around and leveled a hard chop against his chest and his arms went upward, instinctively, as a result of the pain. Troy stepped forward again and delivered another chop. Monte staggered up the ramp, looking to get away from the onslaught. Troy stomped after him and before long the two of them were at the top of the stage.

Monte lunged back toward Troy, but she was too fast, catching him in the right side with a stiff kick. Burns backed up toward the announce table as he clutched his side in pain and LT followed him, cracking his right side with a similar kick. The Golden Child backed up again after the second shot, bumping back against the announce table. Seeing Monte vulnerable, Troy charged forward but as she neared him, Burns sidestepped her and used her momentum to hip toss her up and crashing into the table. Stone and Davis immediately stood up and backed away as papers went flying and Troy slid off to the side where the two commentators had been sitting.

Monte caught his breath for a moment and then turned around. He saw Troy helping herself up with the aid of the table and proceeded to slam her face first against the table to send her back down to the stage. After doing that, Burns reached down and yanked one of the monitors out of its place in the table and waited for LT. As soon as she was barely up to her feet again, Burns swung wildly with the monitor, bashing her in the side of the head with it. LT dropped back down like a rock and Burns tossed the monitor aside. With LT out cold, the referee moved in, anticipating a cover for a pinfall...

Except Burns didn't drop down. On commentary, Stone and Davis both wondered aloud why he wasn't going for the cover. Even the referee looked up at him confused. Instead, Burns looked down at Troy's prone body and then over to the monitor, standing still and shaking his head from side to side. Finally after a few moments - moments that seemed like minutes - Burns dropped down and covered...



THR-NO! Just as the referee was about to hit three, Troy got a shoulder up. The crowd cheered the near fall, glad to see the match continue. Monte rolled over into a seated position on the stage. His chest heaved with deep breaths and the look of surprise across his face was evident. He sat there for several seconds before starting to climb up. Meanwhile, Troy slowly managed to drag herself up as well, using the table to aid in doing so.

The two warriors staggered for a second once they were on their feet and then locked eyes again. They each moved forward and Burns was the first one to take a swing, going for a wild punch. Troy was groggy too but blocked the punch and instead grabbed on to Monte's arm and drove him down face first into the stage with a single-arm DDT. With Monte down, Troy saw an opening and went to end the battle...


The Troy fans cheered wildly, feeling the end was near. Burns struggled and held out his arm, refusing to tap right away. Troy used her might to cinch the hold in more, as Burns yelled in pain. LT pulled on the move and in doing so, gave up just enough leverage for Burns to get up to a knee and roll over enough to actually turn the move into a pin attempt...



Troy rolled back over to stop the count and still held on, but the hold was loosening. The pain was reaching the breaking point and Burns desperately began driving elbow after elbow into Troy's chin. Just when he thought he couldn't take anymore, Burns caught LT with another elbow, this time square on the nose. That was just enough to cause Troy to flinch instinctively and loosen her grip. It was the opening Burns needed and he worked free, rolling away to catch his breath again as Troy did the same.

Both started to get back to their feet, but Troy wasn't empty handed. She saw the monitor nearby and picked it up as she stood up. Burns moved toward her and she quickly turned around and swung the monitor at the same time. Somehow, Burns saw it in time and ducked and before she could try a second time, he hit a dropkick to her back that sent the monitor flying and Troy flying forward to fall close to the edge of the stage. Burns moved in after her and as she got up to a knee, he connected with a right to the head and then lifted her up to her feet. Monte moved her closer to the edge and situated himself with his back facing the edge of the stage. The crowd stood in anticipation of what was to come as Burns started to set her up for a reverse DDT that would send both of them crashing to the floor below. His eyes were wide and the look on his face was much different than anything the fans had seen throughout the entire tournament. He seemed ready to inflict major pain.

But before he could act, Troy had one last trick up her sleeve. The Queen reached up with both hands and yanked down on Monte's neck at the same time as she kicked her feet out. With Burns caught unaware, the move turned into a modified stunner that drove Monte's chin into the top of her head. Burns held his jaw in pain as he stood wobbly on the edge of the stage. He almost fell back but then steadied himself just in time...

...just in time for Troy to hit him flush with a jumping spinning heel kick and send him flying through the air. Burns came crashing down to the floor below as the crowd let out an "ooooh" at the rough landing. Troy dropped to a knee on the stage, breathing heavily herself. The referee looked at her and then ran down the steps nearby to check on Burns below. As he got there, Burns was rolling over onto his stomach and struggling to start to get up to his hands and knees. Troy saw this and started to think. She waited a few moments for Burns to get up to a knee and then stood up herself. Troy took a few steps back from the edge of the stage and the crowd sensed one more wild move to come. When she saw Burns finally find a way to his feet, she ran forward...


CORKSCREW PLANCHA! Burns was seemingly out on his feet even before Troy came crashing into him, but once she did, he was completely wiped out. Monte was sprawled out flat on his back while Troy recovered herself for several seconds before finally draping an arm over...




The crowd erupted in cheers and the referee called for the bell to finally end this war for the Underground Championship. Troy rolled over and climbed up with the aid of one of the barricades nearby. As the referee checked on Burns, Brad Arnold came running over with the championship in tow. He handed the belt to Troy, who held it up high with one arm as the other rubbed at her neck.

Arnold: "Your winner and NEWWWWWWWWWW Underground Champion.....LINDSAYYYYYY TROYYYYYYY!" The LoC fans continued to go wild as Troy held the championship close. Burns was up to a seated position by now and waved the referee away so he could struggle to his feet on his own. Once up, he looked over at LT, who was looking right back at him. The two peered at one another, each breathing heavily. Burns then nodded his head and walked away, disappearing through one of the curtains to the side of the stage.

After Burns left, Troy turned her attention back to the cheering fans, now holding the belt up high with both hands as "Trampled Underfoot" rang out as loud as ever.
Winner: Lindsay Troy via Pinfall; NEW Underground Champion

"Or Die Trying"

"The training never stopped. That's the one question getting kind of tiring. 'What's it like to be training again?'" Billows, in front of the camera, speaking candidly, "There's no off switch. both of my houses, there's a wrestling ring on premise. There isn't a movie theater, there isn't a movie set, there's a wrestling ring. There isn't a day that goes by where I'm not in the ring for at least a few hours, even after 15 hour days filming. I don't do this wrestling thing because I choose to...I do this because it chose me." Billows leaned forward, "You don't choose what you love or what loves you. You either embrace it or you fight it, but you don't choose it. My love is taking me to all the way to the finals where I will knock down whatever man stands before me and I WILL become the Network Champion. I will knock them down, I will conquer, I will win..." He nodded, "Or Die Trying."

"A! S-S! H-O! L-E!

The letters appeared on the LegacyTron, kicking off the anthem made famous by Denis Leary, "Asshole", made even more famous by the man the fans were about to be treated to. Treated to. That was a funny way to put it...He was exactly what the song described, and so, the fans had no problem joining in with the song.

"A! S-S! H-O! L-E!"

And as he stepped out onto the stage with a cigarette resting between his lips, JLV was greeted with an insane reaction. While many MANY people were booing the everloving shit out of him, there was a fair portion of the crowd who couldn't help but to appreciate a guy who was so goddamned good at being bad. the Ayatollah of Ass-a-hollah wasn't just good at being bad, he was great at it. He was the Babe Ruth of being bad. Disagree? Well, then, you're kind of an idiot. JLV wouldn't be making his way to the ring in the ODT Network Championship Match if he wasn't good at being bad. So stick to flipping burgers, kid, or whatever it is you do, cause you'll never be a good wrestling analyst.

Head thrown back in a pose of self-indulgent glory, JLV made "V" shapes with his fingers, letting the entire arena revel for a moment before he took his cigarette and flicked it down the ramp leading to a magnificent light show. He smirked. He was the shit. He knew it.

Sauntering down to the ring, his smirk would momentarily waver as he passed a fan with a sign that read:


Well, that just didn't sit right with JLV, "NOBODY WANTS TO SEE THAT SHIT!" he exclaimed before grabbing the sign and tearing it up, throwing it down on the ground.

"AND! ANDDDD! If you bet it all on Billows, then I'm talking to a future hobo! Enjoy your cardboard home!"

Turning his back on the fan, JLV was quick to find his smirk again, and his swagger never left him. He reached the ring and climbed the steps onto the apron before rounding the corner and proceeding along the apron to the next turnbuckle. He climbed to the second rope, and lifted one foot to the top rope. Perched as such, he threw his head back and lifted one hand in the air, making the "V" with his fingers as he exhaled a stray cloud of smoke. Remnants of his pre-match cigarette. It was an unheralded talent...being able to hold that smoke in for the duration of his entrance. But it certainly added to the spectacle.

Speaking of spectacles...

"Harry likes to have his lunch as high in the sky as he can climb."

It was a soundbite from Sesame Street, and served several purposes.

--it reminded everyone that here was a guy who liked to take things to the next level, as he'd once referenced Harry and his lunch and how it pertained to his affinity for going BIG or going home.
--it cued the production team to drop those damn lights!
--it sent the arena into frenzied fandom.
As the lights dropped, seats might as well have ceased existence. Which is fine, because if the women in the audience had remained seated, they'd likely be splashing around in a puddle of their own making. Well, Billows would have helped make get the drift. The ladies in the audience screamed in a giddy glee usually reserved for the teen idols that grown men love to hate.

BUT the men in the audience were cheering just as loudly. Because talent begets respect, and they respected this man. It was near impossible not to. He'd broken his body in half for this sport, and had managed to return back to it, middle finger aimed at the paralysis he should be suffering from. Yeah, they could respect that.

As the guitar crunched over the PA system with the opening to "I Am the Walrus" as peformed by The Flaming Lips, followed by the opening line:

"I am he as you are he as you are me,"

A red spot-light lit up a section of the arena and the crowd went crazy. Security hated this part of the show, as it took everything they had to hold the crowd back from the now illuminated


He grinned, fist raised in the air. His shoulders slumped a bit, and it was clear to see that he was feeling the strains of the evening so far. This was his fourth match of the evening, and Billows had not managed to dodge and skirt the action like his opponent, JLV. So, the fist wasn't quite as high in the air, and he wasn't moving with quite as much gusto as he had been earlier in the evening. But he was here, and he had a chance, and that was what mattered to him. And it was what mattered to the fans as well.

So when he joined in singing the lyrics, the fans all sang it with him.


And it was understood that being fan of Billows meant being a part of something special, because you could feel just knew that you were part of what was driving him forward on nights like this. Three matches, one more to go...You knew that if he had any shot in hell at winning this, it would be because you were behind him, cheering him on.

"Well, we'll see how Billows fares in this one...I would definitely wager that he's expelled quite a bit more energy than his opponent tonight." Tony Stone commented.

The spotlight would alternate between colours, and Billows would lower his fist before finally granting security their wish, making his way through the crowd, down to the ring area.

The Patron Saint of Pro-Wrestling climbed over the barricade, and then he heard that familiar sound, and suddenly there was just a little bit more pep in his step,


He slid into the ring which led to JLV sliding out of the ring, keeping his distance for the time being. Billows kept on eye on JLV, murmuring something unflattering under his breath as he crossed the ring to the ropes. Keeping eyes locked with JLV, Billows stepped onto the second rope and raised a fist,


The pyros led to more cheers from the crowd as the houselights returned, and Billows continued to stare a hole through the Ayatollah of Ass-a-hollah. Billows' music died down.

JLV, not to be intimidated, pointed at himself, "BETTER ENTRANCE!"

Not even a split-second passed before Billows pointed at himself, "BETTER WRESTLER!"

The crowd roared as JLV's jaw locked in a momentary show of frustration. He didn't like his wit being met with wit.

As Billows walked to his corner, JLV slid back into the ring and found his respective corner.

Referee Buck Logan had the LoC Network Championship. It wasn't just any old piece of tin, either. It was beautiful. Shimmering, shining and beautiful. He marched around the ring with it for a moment before handing it to a ring assistant.

"Gentlemen! The rules have been explained to you prior to this match. Victory occurs by pinfall or submission. I will DQ you if necessary, I won't like it, but I'll do it!" Buck Logan looked at JLV, "KEEP IT CLEAN!" He stared back at Billows, "May the best man win!"


Billows pointed at the crowd, "AAAAAAND ACTION!"

The crowd cheered. Billows, the pro-wrestler and actor was apparently directing now, as well.

He turned back to JLV who had crept a few paces forward as Billows had turned his attention away for mere seconds. Now, caught in a cartoonish mid-creep, JLV straightened up. Billows narrowed his eyes and started to circle the ring, forcing JLV to begin circling as well. Cause, you know, JLV wasn't about to face his opposition head-on all courageous like.

"Let's be real, Tony Stoner," Reno Davis started, "Buck Logan has worked a PPV before, I have a feeling the rules are going to be a little lax here tonight."

"At least you hope so," Tony Stone responded.

"Don't we all?" Reno asked.

Suddenly, Billows swooped in, reaching for one of the Ayatollah of Ass-a-hollah's legs, but JLV swiftly moved out of the way, leading to Billows duckwalking to the left, blocking JLV from escaping so easily.

JLV furrowed his eyebrows and backed up, hopping over the ropes onto the apron, putting some obstacle and distance between himself and the Risen Lion. He waved Billows off, "Come on then! Give your future Network Champion some room here!"

The crowd started to boo. Billows straightened up, sighing, he backed up slowly.

JLV nodded, "THAT'S RIGHT!" As he climbed into the ring, Billows rushed forward! JLV reacted, retreating off the apron. But Billows' advance continued, and he rushed towards the ropes.

JLV dodged to the left as Billows latched onto the ropes, springboarding off of them, and leaping backwards, landing in the middle of the ring. He brought his hands up in front of his face, thumb to thumb, forming an imaginary camera frame around a pissed off JLV who was slamming a fist down on the apron.

Referee Buck Logan started to count JLV out. "1..."

JLV had been interrupted, and the crowd had roared.

Put an umpire behind JLV, because Billows had just slid into home plate otherwise known as JLV's face. Driving his feet across the cheek and nose of JLV, Billows slid all the way out of the ring, and immediately grabbed JLV by the back of the head. Billows whipped him around and unceremoniously rolled him back into the ring.

The crowd was cheering, as it appeared JLV's procrastination antics would be cut short by the Pride of Pennsylvania, who now slid into the ring himself. JLV suddenly leapt to his feet, leaping into the air, and driving an elbow down on the back of Billows' skull!

The crowd booed, JLV climbed to his feet, smiling. You ol' scoundrel, JLV! You sneaky!

The Ayatollah of Ass-a-hollah grabbed a fistful of Billows hair, pulled the Risen Lion to his feet and went on with whipping him towards the ropes. Billows rebounded, and JLV bent over, presumably looking for a Back Body Drop.

Billows, however, rolled across JLV's back and landed feet-first on the canvas. Billows turned around and reached for JLV.


The crowd booed furiously.

Billows keeled over in pain as referee Buck Logan hovered in for a closer look, JLV was immediately in Buck's ear,

"That was to his damn gut, Buck! That was to his stomach! TELL HIM IT WAS TO YOUR STOMACH!"

Buck Logan pulled the screaming JLV away from Billows. What could he do? DQ JLV at so early a point in the match? No. He pushed JLV into the corner and admonished him, the professional wrestling equivalent of being dunce-capped.


Buck Logan hung his head and sighed as JLV pushed his way past the official in this match. If you believed your own bullshit enough, you could pass it off on anyone. And JLV was choosing to believe that he'd just kicked Billows in the stomach, and not anywhere more southern.

"That's right, screw rules, out the window with 'um!" Reno Davis exclaimed.

JLV once again lifted Billows to his feet, hair-first, before promptly locking him in a Standing Sleeper Hold.

The crowd booed. Because it was JLV and because it was a Standing Sleeper Hold. And JLV used the Standing Sleeper because it drew such a awesomely negative response.

Billows hated Standing Sleeper holds, too, and he immediately pumped his legs like pistons, pushing himself and JLV backwards. It looked like Billows would succeed in driving JLV into the turnbuckle, but JLV managed to leap up while still holding on with the Sleeper Hold and now found himself perched on the top turnbuckle, his feet resting on the second ropes, all the while he held the hold locked in!

It was a bit impressive, but Billows wasn't a fan. His energy waning, the Risen Lion mustered what he could at this point in time and managed to pull himself up, forcing JLV to stand. Both men had their feet on the second ropes, and Billows showed his cat-like balance, bringing his foot up and stomping it down on JLV's foot.

The sudden pain would serve to distract JLV who grimaced, leaned forward, and slightly loosened his grip. Billows leapt forward, pulling JLV with him. As JLV let go of the hold in an attempt to avoid any kind of impact, Billows reached up behind himself, latching onto the back of JLV's head.

"SUPER JAWBREAKER!" Tony Stone called out

"They're called mega jawbreakers, and they're delicious." Reno Davis countered.

And with that move, this match seemed to break open.

The crowd roared for the turn of events, and both men lay sprawled out in the ring. While Buck Logan had every right as the official to start a count that could possibly lead to a double count an LoC fan, he wasn't going to do that. Everyone knew that a champion would be crowned tonight, one way or another.

After several seconds, Billows was the first show movement, rolling over onto all fours. He slowly lifted his head and turned a gaze towards his fallen opponent. As JLV remained motionless, Billows smirked and started to pull himself up.

JLV must have sensed it, because suddenly he was turning onto his stomach.

Billows hung on the ropes for a second or two, watching as JLV struggled onto all fours. Finally, just as JLV pushed himself up off the canvas and lifted his head, Billows darted into action. Lifting a boot as he ran towards JLV, Billows would just miss with the Running Boot to the prone JLV!

JLV had once again exited the ring and now, as the crowd rained down jeers upon him, he walked around the ring steps, putting himself further away from The Once-Young Lion.

Billows rolled his eyes and started stepping backwards, finally getting to the corner. He lifted himself up and sat down on the top turnbuckle, yawning. Bored with JLV's antics, it looked like Billows would wait him out.

Referee Buck Logan lifted one finger in the air, but before he could speak, JLV lifted his head and kicked the ring steps before pointing at Buck Logan.

"DON'T YOU EVEN FUCKING THINK ABOUT IT, BUCK!" JLV called out. Turning his attention to Billows, he declared, "THIS MATCH STARTS NOW!"

As JLV rolled into the ring, Billows responded, "THIS MATCH STARTED THREE MINUTES AGO! Hope you're better at wrestling that keeping time."

Billows hopped down from the top rope and leaned back in the corner, deciding to let JLV be the one to advance this time.

JLV frowned, stomping forward, he held at hand up in the air and waved Billows over, obviously signaling for a Test of Strength.

Billows laughed and shook his head, "hrmmmmmmNO."

JLV stomped and rushed forward, lowering his head, and aiming his shoulder towards the stomach of Billows.

Avoiding the Running Shoulder Block, Billows quickly lifted himself to the second ropes before diving over the impending JLV and rolling him over with a Sunset Flip!



Both men got to their feet and JLV immediately rushed forward, a quick kick delivered to Billows' gut before JLV would quickly grab Billows and lift him with a wicked snapping powerbomb following a pin attempt.



Both men to their feet once more, Billows delving into his adrenaline reserves, and JLV rushed forward with a Clothesline, but Billows ducked underneath it, hooking JLV's arms and taking him down to the mat with a Backslide.



Both men shot to their feet yet again and this time Billows advanced, attempting to land a Clothesline of his own. JLV ducked underneath, and showed his experience in the sport, managing to adjust his body in such a way to snag an arm and quickly lock Billows into an Abdominal Stretch.

The crowd might have cheered for the exchange, but just then, ring official Buck Logan leaned in to check on The Pride of Pennsylvania. JLV took the opportunity to reach back and grab the top rope, wrenching back on the move and amping up the amount of pain inflicted.

The crowd booed as Billows grimaced. Buck Logan straightened up, and JLV let go of the rope.

"THE PUSSY SAYS HE QUITS, BUCK-O!" JLV informed the referee.

Buck Logan leaned back in, and JLV grabbed a hold of the top rope again, grinning at the fans.

As Buck Logan leaned in, asking Billows if he wanted to submit, Billows muttered something through clenched teeth, "...shaking?"

Buck Logan leaned in, he couldn't hear Billows. Billows locked eyes with the referee, "Why do you think the ring ropes are shaking, you asshole?!"

Buck Logan shot straight up and looked at the ropes just as JLV let go, and the top rope quivered up and down like a string just plucked on a guitar.

Buck Logan's shoulders slumped and he frowned before leaping into action, "LET HIM GO!"

JLV backed up, chuckling, and as Billows straightened up, JLV delivered a quick boot right to the small of his back that sent the Risen Lion to his knees, clutching his back.

The crowd booed as Buck Logan stood between the two men, trying to give Billows a chance to recover after JLV's underhanded tactics.

JLV kept the pressure on, however, forcing Buck Logan to move out of the way as Billows climbed to all fours. JLV stomped down on Billows' left hand.

"I think JLV smells blood." Reno Davis stated.


STOMP. On the right hand.


JLV stood over Billows and grabbed his hair, wrenching his head back before gouging his eyes and pulling back on his lips with unbridled savagery!

Before Buck Logan could chime in again, JLV reached back and brought a clubfisted hammer blow down on the top of Billows' head, leaving him a crumpled mess.

With that succession of moves, it appeared as though JLV might have found the advantage in this one.

He strutted around for a moment, obviously enjoying his advantage. That was how JLV rolled...complain and cheat when you're losing...march and rub it in when you're winning. He grinned at the fans, shooting up a "V" before continuing...

He lifted Billows up off the canvas and proceeded to pick The Once-Young Lion up in the air and dropped him neck-first across the ropes!

Billows clutched his throat and fell backwards as JLV pinned him.




"BULLSHIT!" JLV argued!

JLV gave Buck Logan an intense stare for a moment before climbing up and proceeding over to the corner. He climbed up to the second turnbuckle and leapt off, landing on Billows with a Body Splash!

He hooked Billows' leg.




"goddammitmotherfuckingsonofabitchcuntwhoreshit eatingcocksucker---SMACK!---rrrrelishmustardcheese...."

The crowd roared.

As JLV had sat up next to Billows, cursing him with every word possible, Billows had brought a leg up out of nowhere and connected with a swift kick to the side of JLV's skull, rendering The Ayatollah of Ass-a-hollah a babbling idiot before his chin slumped into his chest and fell forward, on top of Billows.




Billows shoved JLV off him and rolled over onto all fours as the crowd continued cheering.

"LET'S GO BILL-OWS" clapclap clapclapclap "LET'S GO BILL-OWS!"

Billows climbed to his feet and stumbled backwards against the ropes, holding his ribs and stretching his back.

He knew he couldn't spend too much time resting though, he had to stay on the offense. Billows was a salesman in the business of selling losses, and JLV was a tough customer.

Lurching forward, Billows reached JLV who had managed to find his way back to his knees. Kneeling, JLV found himself in quite a predicament.

Digging his feet into the pits of JLV's knees, Billows grabbed JLV's head and wrenched back, pulling on the Cross Knee Chin Lock with all the might he could muster.

The crowd cheered as JLV flailed his arms and screamed out in agony. Official Buck Logan leaned in, asking if JLV wanted to submit. He was answered with grunts and obscenities that signified his disinterest in quitting.

JLV wisely drove an elbow back into Billows' ribcage. Billows grimaced, but didn't let go, instead pulling back even further. JLV flailed his arms again, this time, the tip of his finger managed to graze the ropes!

Billows saw this, and having been able to rest for a moment, he was able to find his feet in a hurry, pulling JLV up with him before hooking his head and going for a Reverse Suplex.

JLV would, however, would go UP and OVER and land on his feet and he shoved Billows towards the ropes.

Billows leapt up and springboarded off the ropes, looking for an elbow, but JLV ducked underneath it.


NO! JLV had gone for the underhanded tactic a second time, but Billows caught JLV's foot and shoved forward, forcing JLV to the mat.



JLV managed to roll over onto his back and used his leg strength to shove Billows off, forcing The Risen Lion backwards into the ropes.

Billows came forward and JLV proceeded to Monkey Flip Billows up and over!

Billows landed on his feet!!!!

Rebounding off the ropes, Billows would note that JLV was just to his feet and turning around. Billows pushed himself up and onto JLV's shoulders.







JLV sneered and climbed to his feet as the crowd applauded the exchange between the two men. Love him or hate him, JLV could go with the best in the ring. He cut some corners and took a shortcut or two, sure, but he could go. And Billows? Well, for every year he in which found himself a part of competitive action, he'd never found himself outside of multiple top 100 lists.

"You know," Reno Davis chimed in, "Billows could have a five star match with a broom stick, and JLV is no broom stick."

Tony Stone responded, "That's a very astute observation there, Reno."

JLV didn't pander, didn't waste any time. He climbed up to the top rope and leapt off, crashing fist-first on Billows' skull.


JLV knew that had to have won it, and so now he did pander, pinning Billows with one single pinky finger.




The crowd cheered as JLV grew noticeably frustrated. Who did he think he was dealing with, though? Billows wasn't going to just roll over and go away.

While Billows had entered the match already tired from the previous matches of the evening, JLV, who had managed to dodge quite a bit of action throughout the evening, had been feeling rather fresh. Not 100%, but definitely not feeling the effects of the night like Billows had been.

Now, though, JLV was starting to find his wind a little bit harder to come by. Punches were a bit heavier to throw. He was starting to get that rubbery feeling in his legs.

So why then, if he himself was feeling like that, was this GODDAMN BILLOWS STILL FIGHTING?!

As he caught his breath, JLV climbed to his feet and moved over to Billows, lifting him up.

JLV picked Billows up off the canvas and into his arms.



But not just any Fall Away Slam! JLV HAD THROWN BILLOWS OVER THE TOP ROPE!


Billows had landed on the thin mat on the outside and rolled into the barricade!

The crowd was silent for a moment, but then they lost their minds.


JLV crawled over to the corner and turned around, sitting against the bottom turnbuckle.

JLV yelled at a momentarily stunned Buck Logan, "WHAT?! YOU'LL COUNT ME OUT, BUT NOT THAT PIECE OF CHICKENSHIT?!"

Snapping out of it, Buck Logan did indeed start counting...








"NO! YOU KNOW WHAT?! SCREW THAT!" Suddenly JLV was pulling himself to his feet.

The crowd experienced a perverse form of anticipation. Like watching a video of a car wreck you know is going to occur, they didn't necessarily want to see what would happen next but their curiosity would not allow them to simply turn away ignore it.

JLV slid out of the ring, bent over, and ripped Billows up to his feet before proceeding to Irish Whip the Risen Lion full force into the steel steps...


Billows jumped over the steps and just managed to stop his momentum, just barely crashing into the barricade on the other side!

He turned around


Here came JLV, bounding forward, leaping up onto the steps and leaping into the air, pulling his hands back and clenching them together, preparing for a Leaping Double Axe Handle!

Billows moved out of the way, in the process catching JLV from behind and shoving him full-force face-first into the barricade!!!

JLV stumbled, turning around.



Billows had run up the ring steps and leapt backwards off of them, spinning his lower body before nailing JLV in the skull with a savage Pele Kick, nearly cracking his own skull on the ring steps in the process!

The crowd was leaping up and down. This match was turning into yet another in a long list of LoC classics, with both men putting it all on the line for the LoC Network Championship!

Billows stood up and pulled JLV to his feet before lifting him up and rolling him back into the ring, arranging him so his head protruded underneath the bottom rope.

The Ace of Spades Jack of All Trades climbed up onto the apron, got a couple steps of a running start, leapt into the air, and proceeded to land a Flipping Leg Drop!

The crowd cheered as Billows landed on his feet on the outside, and JLV was left convulsing in pain. The move had been brutal, but brutal was sometimes what it took in this game, no matter how good of a guy you happened to be.

"Billows is a bad, bad man," Reno Davis declared on commentary.


Tony Stone start to object, but Reno Davis quickly clarified, "I don't mean he's some evil son of a bitch. I just mean, the things he can do in that ring...he's a bad, bad man."

"Michael Jackson BAD" Tony Stone offered.

Reno Davis was silent for a few moments, "YeahhhhhhhhNO....No."

Billows rolled into the ring and pulled JLV away from the ropes before he hooked JLV's leg...




Billows didn't waste a second, rushing over to the corner and leaping to the top turnbuckle.



Billows had gone for the double rotation moonsault he called the Minus Gravity Moonsault, but JLV managed to roll out of the way!!!


JLV didn't notice Billows' perfect landing, and reached his own feet under the impression that Billows was pancaked into the canvas, waiting for somebody to come by with a spatula. The Ayatollah of Ass-a-hollah smirked out at the crowd, arrogantly pointing at his head before turning around.

In a comical display of emotions, we first watched shock wash over JLV's face which almost immediately gave way to denial before finally transcending into pure and utter frustration. JLV stomped around and kicked the bottom ropes before whipping around and stomping over to Billows.

"YOU! ARE! ONE! ANNOYING! PUSSY! CAT!" JLV screamed, seething and frothing.

Billows started to say something, thought for a moment, shrugged, and finally responded, "Am I being annoying right MEOW?"


JLV was tired of Billows. Tired of the counters in the ring, tired of the comebacks verbally. He'd just hauled back and slapped the everloving shit out of Billows, whipping the Risen Lion's head to the left and forcing him to stumble backwards a step or two.

But Billows immediately took three steps forward and came nose to nose with JLV. Billows reached up, putting a thumb to his lip to wipe away some blood.

"Aw, the little lion man is bleeding." JLV smiled at the sight of the blood.

Billows sneered, "And you're leaking on my boots, Mr. Asshole."

JLV had forgotten he'd been cut open, and he stared down to note that he certainly was dripping blood onto The Risen Lion's boot.


Billows was finding that he was a little bit sick of JLV too, and as JLV had stared down at the puddling blood, Billows had leveled him with a European Uppercut!

JLV stumbled backwards and nearly fell to the mat, but caught himself, wobbling back into an upright stance. HE was the one who'd usually deal out the European Uppercuts, but he'd cursed himself for forgetting that Billows loved the move too! Glassy-eyed, he looked at Billows who stood in front of him, a lion waiting for the next turn of events.

JLV shook the cobwebs out of his head, "Alright then."

The crowd was loving this shit as JLV rushed forward, and drove his shoulder into Billows' stomach, grabbing The Pride of Pennsylvania, and lifting him up off the canvas, rushing full-force towards the turnbuckle!

Billows reacted by unleashing a fury of elbows to the small of JLV's back, but it didn't seem to phase JLV who was apparently experiencing a rage-fueled surge of adrenaline. Billows was driven back-first into the corner, and his face displayed the pain and agony that he was immediately dealing with.

JLV backed up, and turned to the crowd, "TIME TO EUTHANIZE THIS CAT!"

JLV rushed forward again, looking for a Running Shoulder Block again, but in a move nothing short of desperate, Billows crumpled forward, down to the canvas, and JLV went over him, shoulder-first into the ring-post!

"LET'S GO BILLOWS!" The crowd cheered.

"Do you hear that?" Reno Davis semi-asked his colleague, "Listen!"




While it might not have been split right down the middle, there were plenty of people in the house tonight who had decided that they were buying what JLV was selling. And the dynamic it created was AWESOME.

Billows barely lifted his head off the canvas. JLV was draped over the turnbuckle, half of his body hanging out of the ring, he began twitching.


He looked up, staring out at the fans chanting his name.


He looked up, ignoring the fans and glimpsing the LoC Network Championship.

"Are you...are calling to me?" JLV whispered.


Billows somehow managed to get on to all fours.


JLV blinked, still staring at the belt, was about to question it again when...




JLV kicked out.

Billows had slowly turned around on all fours and managed to roll JLV up, and he'd nearly secured the win!

But, alas, JLV had kicked out.

Billows got back to all fours, desperately trying to will himself back into this one.

JLV stared upwards, wondering when the rafters had last seen a dusting.

Billows let out a roar and scampered to his feet before wincing and grabbing his back, shuffling over to the opposite corner and leaning on it. It looked as though The Risen Lion might be hurt.

Leaning on the ropes, it appeared he didn't notice that JLV had managed to grasp onto the second rope on the opposite side of the ring and had started to pull himself up.

Slowly but surely, JLV managed to work his way up. First to his knees, and then to his feet.

The fans were starting to worry about Billows when JLV turned around.

Out of nowhere, Billows came rushing forward, leaping in the air, leg extended,



JLV managed to duck underneath of it, and continued gaining momentum, bouncing off the ropes as Billows turned around,


"THAT'S IT! IT'S DONE!" Reno Davis exclaimed.

Tony Stone found it hard to argue, "JLV delivered that move which such force that I'm surprised a lucky fan in the nosebleeds isn't taking home Billows' head as a souvenir."

Reno smirked, "...nice one."

JLV had indeed extended his arm and nailed the move, and now the fans booed because instead of capitalizing for the sure victory, JLV decided to cover Billows by standing on the Risen Lion's chest, raising his signature "V" into the air.

Buck Logan sighed in disgust and started to count.




Billows kicked out with such force that JLV was sent stumbling, tripping onto Buck Logan.

Our official looked a little shaken up, but he looked even more shaken up after JLV got in his face, "YOU'RE ALWAYS IN THE FUCKING WAY! AREN'T YA, BUCK? ALWAYS FUCKING THINGS UP FOR ME! AREN'T YA, BBBBBBuUuuUuUCK? WELL, IT HAPPENS ONE MORE TIME, AND YOU'RE GONNA HAVE SOME ISSUES! FUCKING BUCK!"

Luckily for Buck Logan, JLV wanted this victory. He might not ever admit it out loud, but a victory over Billows, especially considering this was Or Die Trying...well...that was a big deal. An even bigger deal was the LoC Network Championship

The Ayatollah of Ass-a-hollah turned around and lifted Billows up off the canvas, JLV would proceed to walk Billows backwards towards the ropes, arrogantly slapping him a few times about the face before pushing The Risen Lion back into the ropes for added momentum before whipping him across the ring.

JLV ran forward,


NO! JLV had gone for a repeat of his trademark move, but this time Billows had been the one to duck and...



Except, for the fact that JLV had once again, somehow, some way, managed to collide with referee Buck Logan.

That's why they were booing by the time Billows hooked JLV's leg.


And the crowd wasn't necessarily booing at the ref-bump.
They weren't necessarily booing at the fact that Billows' victory had just eluded him.

They were booing at the man running down to the ring.


A snake in the grass, he'd had to have been lying in wait, just hoping for such an opportunity to arise. He slid into the ring and immediately drove a shin into the side of Billows' skull as the crowd booed furiously.

Not like this

Derecho pulled Billows up by his hair, holding a fistful of it before bringing a knee crashing up into the Risen Lion's skull.

And another knee.

And another.

Then a knee to the stomach for good measure.

Derecho let go of Billows who fell to one knee, wobbling, reeling from the effects of the sudden scientific savagery unleashed upon him.

Derecho bounced off the ropes and nailed the kneeling Billows with a Dropkick to the face!

Billows fell backwards...

Right next to a rising JLV.

JLV looked at Billows, looked at Derecho, and then looked at the referee.

The scenario instilled a new life in JLV who shot to his feet and pulled Billows up, grabbing The Risen Lion's arms, holding them behind him.


Derecho looked at Buck Logan, who was starting to show signs of life.

He looked back at JLV, then at Billows, "The zebra is waking up, but that doesn't mean I won't take one more shot at the lion."

Derecho proceeded to nail Billows with one of the nastiest Headbutts the wrestling world had ever seen. AND BILLOWS' SHOWED THE EFFECTS.

Fans booed as Derecho slid out of the ring.

JLV chuckled and let Billows go before turning around and addressing a rising referee Buck Logan, "BUCK, BUDDY, PAL! YOU OKAY? I DON'T KNOW WHAT BILLOWS WAS THINKING, HITTING YOU LIKE THAT!"

JLV lifted Buck Logan up off the ground and even went so far as to dust the ring official off before turning back around to continue with his opponent.

JLV picked Billows and draped an arm over his head.

vDriver Alpha!



The Ace of Spades Jack of All Trades shoved JLV off before driving a boot into his stomach. JLV hunched over and Billows proceeded to tear him up off the ground, yelling at the amount of exertion the act took. Billows ran forward, only a couple steps, then BOOM! POWERBOMB

Could he do it?!

Billows ROARRRRED, lifting JLV one more time before bringing him crashing down to the canvas.


The fans were absolutely blowing the roof off the place. Normally, Billows would have immediately attempted the pinfall after the powerbomb succession, but the move had come from a desperate place and his legs had buckled afterwards.

He had to catch his breath for a few moments before his body would listen to his mind, then Billows was crawling forward.

Finally he reached JLV, pinning him, not even enough energy to hook a leg.





Say whatever the fuck you want about the asshole of all assholes, but after tonight, nobody could ever question how tough he was. Nobody could ever question how tough either of these men were.

Derecho kneeled on the side of the ring, hiding from Buck Logan, and even he was impressed by the action...whether he showed it or not.

This was a match that would be a doozy on any given night, but this was Or Die Trying, and this was not the first taste of action these men had seen tonight. Their bodies had to be exhausted, running on fumes.

They both lay in the ring, more in common than the other realized. See, both men were thinking exactly the same thing:


And Billows rolled over, and started to find his feet.

But guess what?

So did JLV.

And as things tend to go, the two men would follow similar paths. Ring ropes serving as climbing holds back into the world of the standing.

Billows turned around. JLV turned around. Two bloodied faces and bruised bodies that now took heavy steps to the center of the ring.

No more words. No more bravado.

JLV hauled back and drove a right jab into Billows' face, rocking his head, sending spit flying.


Billows came back with a left hook.


JLV with his own left hook!


Billows with an Inside Elbow!


And then it devolved into a brutal fury of traded blows.



And then, out of nowhere, Billows latched onto JLV's arm and spun around, whipping JLV towards the ropes!


JLV managed to hang on, and he forcefully pulled Billows towards him, shifting the momentum in his own favor.



That shit had been bothering JLV, and now he'd landed HIS European Uppercut, and it was fucking SICK.

The crowd went silent, because they were instantly certain they'd just witnessed the beginning of the end.

Billows started to lean backwards, eyes rolling in his head.

But JLV caught him, pushing Billows down so that he was leaning forward.

JLV would proceed to lift Billows up, rotating him before sending him crashing into the canvas head-first!

vDriver 2k14!!!!!

The crowd was somewhat shocked as Buck Logan went to the canvas, counting...







Seriously, that's what it sounded like in the arena. For a few seconds, the place had fallen into a silence so sudden that it seemed Zach Morris had just called a Time Out.

Billows, and who knows how he found it in himself, had somehow managed to lift his foot onto the ropes at the last possible second.

However, right before Buck Logan noticed said foot on the ropes, DERECHO HAD POPPED UP! HE'D SHOVED BILLOWS' FOOT BACK OFF THE ROPES!


And just as suddenly as the the place had fallen silent, it kicked back up into a frenzy of boos and curses.

Derecho, who now walked backward up the ramp, stared at a motionless Billows.

referee Buck Logan was having a rough time standing up, so when the ring attendant passed the LoC Network Championship over the rope, JLV barely let it touch the official's fingers before snatching it for himself.

Lifting the title high above his head with one hand, JLV held up the "V" with his other hand, dancing around the ring, he bragged, "I TOLD ALL OF YOU! I TOLD EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!"

Tony Stone summed it up as everyone was thinking, " The whole turn of events in the last leg of that stomach is turning."

"Tums, Tony?" Reno Davis offered. "That is a tough break for Billows, but who's to say that he would have come back to win this thing?"

"Who's to say that he wouldn't have?" Tony countered.

Confetti fell from the ceiling.

"AW YEAH! CONFETTI ON YOU BITCHES!" JLV yelled, not even noticing the confetti sticking to his bloodied face.

Buck Logan checked on Billows, who was starting to regain his complete senses.

"The ropes, Buck! The Goddamn ropes!" Billows shook his head, frustrated.

Buck Logan backed up, apologizing if what Billows said was the case.

Soon, a portion of the crowd started up with that chant again....


JLV scoped out that section of the crowd, and he proceeded to roll out of the ring and leap over the barricade, heading towards his assholes. They cheered as he drew near, embracing him as he held the LoC Network Championship in the air.

God help us all, The Ayatollah of Ass-a-hollah was our LoC Network Champion.

Winner: JLV via Pinfall


The Arena of Champions went completely dark.


The LegacyTron lit up with the same eerie silhouette from Legends 01. He was sitting in the same position, watching the same screens.

"King, queens, assholes, it's all the same."


In his mechanical voice he continued, undeterred by the chanting.

"Look upon those that supposedly rule you and ask yourselves, should they?"

"Ask yourselves if you could do a better job. Could you? Would you? Can you step up to the plate? Can you rule?"

"You can't but I can. Don't fight it. Don't try to run away. I am the devil you desire most."

"Say my name."

The scene opened to a sea of the LoC faithful having witnessed one of hell of a night of wrestling action. But the night was not over as there was one final match left for the night. This match was the biggest match of the night and was the final of the Legacy Championship tournament. Both men were no strangers to the Legacy championship but this was a little different as there will be tremendous bragging rights on becoming the Legacy champion upon LoC's return. The fans held their favorite signs all night for their favorite wrestlers including Billows, Lindsay Troy, Monte Burns, Derecho, Judasbleek, and Blitzkrieg Funk. But this place was going about to get deafening when the two men in this match come to the ring. On cue, Camera 1 would zero in on the newcomer LoC ring announcer in Siegfried Avitas whom was standing by in the middle of the ring...

Crowd: "...LoC!!! LoC!!! LoC!!! LoC!!! LoC!!! LoC!!! LoC!!! LoC!!! LoC!!! LoC!!! LoC!!! LoC!!! LoC!!! LoC!!! LoC!!! LoC!!! ..."

Siegfried Avitas: "...LoC fans, the following contest is the final match in the double elimination Legacy tournament and is set for 1 Fall with a one hour Time Limit...and is YOUR MAIN EVENT FOR THE LEGACY CHAMPIONSHIP!!!"

The entire assembly were overheard cheering with reckless abandon when the gradual flickering of the arena lighting would crank up the volume even further several decibels on cue. The growing sources of incandescent lighting arose within the blackened landscape for several moments before 'Vicarious' by Tool arrogantly injected unchecked energy into an already amped up populous. The ominous screens throughout the arena's interior began streaming edited footage of Japanese lore and Puroresu derived brutality with divine symmetry before Exit D28 became the appointed strobe lit smoke laden portal of choice. The former Legacy Champion would breach the smoldering overcast on cue to formally present himself to the adoring republic...

Siegfried Avitas: "...Introducing first; hailing from the Kansai Prefecture of Osaka, Japan...Weighting in at 245 pounds...He is the 'Athletic Freak of Nature'!!!....KENSHIRO!!! INOGAMI!!!!"

Brandishing his futuristic spandex ninja armor in the hues of Onyx, Pearl & Gold, the Inogami Clan patriarch would casually nod while scanning the stands before making his descent in route to the squared circle. The legions were overheard singing along with the lyrics in unison as the ninja briefly paused before the barricades to fully embrace the moment before clearing the hurdle and affording himself a brief moment of stolen prayer and reflection. At his leisure, Kenshiro would gradually walk up the ring steps before walking along the ring apron and stoically playing to the crowd for several moments. He would slowly pass through the ropes and walk past Senior Referee Mike Hunt with a respectful pat on the shoulder before scaling the adjacent ring post and siphoning the energy from the fans before climbing down and assuming full command of the ring's interior. The musical introduction would soon erode on command, leaving the populous to continue rallying behind the promotional legend with a hail of colored streamers descending within the ring for the on hand ringside staff quick to clear the debris with the Midnight Assassin quietly assuming the posture of seiza. The ninja's spirit for wrestling competition radiated without question...


The Kansai native's eyes silently sifted along the stands briefly before drawing his eyes shut and began breathing deep in anticipation for this humungous match for the Legacy Championship. Kenshiro has been here before and he knew what was on the line last week when he took down both Frost and SVJ in one night to get to this point. Now he had to lay it all on the line one more time in order to walk away a two time Legacy Champion. It was not going to be an easy task as he and his opponent knew each other all too well.

"I didn't have to come to the LoC to become a superstar...I brought my spotlight with me!!!"

"Ring Superstar" by Cypress Hill

An angry chorus of negative crowd heat would flood the arena as the entire arena became a washed with Purple, Gold & Pearl star-shaped eye candy from overhead as the massive screens continued showcasing the numerous displays of tactical brilliance & seasoned technical mastery for all to see. A select cadre of earned monikers would dance at random, exploding on the Arena of Champions one after the other.

Pro Wrestling's Phenomenon - The Icon - The Living Legend - The Ratings Grabber - The Reason there is a show - Mr. Pay Per View

The bank account's thick and his pockets are fat
Peep the smirk on his face when he watching you tap
A three-count or submission, which steez you wanna go?
'Cause this muthafucka right here is a reason there's a show!

The camera would center itself onto the entrance staging area where the notoriously controversial lightning rod would part the backstage curtains with a prominent smirk, etched across the heavily decorated veteran's visage. The Russian beauty herself would follow suit to draw forth the beta male thirst & envy while preening and proudly directing the 'spotlight' on LoC's 'God of Wrestling Greatness' whom would slowly raise his extended arms upward to promote several Golden & Purple plumes of pyrotechnical brilliance upward before being dismissed on cue.

Siegfried Avitas: "...And his opponent; accompanied by his manager, the 'Radiant Russian', Natalia Simunek-Jacobs; he hails from Hollywood, California and weighting in at 256 pounds...He is the 'The Icon'!!!....and, without question, 'Professional Wrestling's Phenom'!!! Ladies and Gentlemen; 'SUPERSTAR'!!! VINCE!!!! JACOBS!!!"

A brief glimpse of Kenshiro afforded the crowd to feel the glaring resentment of the approaching main event stalwart whom was seen 'gracing' the troglodytes with his grand presence. Inaudibly, both husband & wife would amuse themselves at the subtle expense of the industry peasants before the wrestling power couple made their way up the stairs where Natalia held the bottom and middle rope open for Vince. Jacobs held his hand up and motioned for his wife to move. Jacobs pulled the middle rope up and pushed down on the bottom rope for Natalia to enter the ring first. The men at ringside gawked at Natalia as she bent over to enter the ring. SVJ climbed into the ring after his lovely wife and gave a quick glance over to Kenshiro who stood stoically in the corner. The smug technical wrestling titan slowly walked over to the corner and peered down to the ringside fans with a sneer. Donning his Gold & Royal Purple wrestling tights with matching boots, SVJ was all business tonight. Natalia was steadily applauding her man from the outside, wearing her Purple long sleeve Oscar de la Renta short dress. Both men were soon left holding court within their respective corners as the masses openly clambered for the inevitable war before them. Together, SVJ & Ninja would gradually meet at the ring's epicenter, nose to nose, triggering a seismic response at another chapter in this long standing rivalry.

Vince threw his shirt onto the floor before he and Kenshiro locked up in a collar and elbow tie up. Jacobs being the bigger of the two overpowered Kenshiro and shoved him to the mat. Kenshiro knelt on the mat looking at SVJ. He stood to his feet and was about to lock up again with Vince but nailed Vince with a knee to the gut that caught the Icon off guard. Kenshiro quickly grabbed Vince by the head and drove him down to the mat with a quick DDT. The Ninja was lightening quick and Jacobs knew this.

Kenshiro pulled up Jacobs by his long hair and drove him down to the mat with a snap suplex. Inogami and Jacobs knew each other so well that each man will have to come up with some surprises in this match in order to get a victory. He looked down at SVJ before ascending to the top rope. Kenshiro was ready to fly early in this match. He knew from his last match with SVJ that he had to get the early highflying advantage and keep Jacobs off kilter. Kenshiro set himself on the top rope ready to fly but Vince stood up quickly and ran into the ropes, which shook Kenshiro's balance straddling him on the top.

Vince raced up the ropes and sprung off the top rope taking Kenshiro down with a huricaranna. That move took Kenshiro and the crowd by surprise. Kenshiro flew off the top rope and hit the mat hard as Vince came down with him. Vince picked up Kenshiro and whipped him into the ropes. Kenshiro bounced off the rope and was drilled with a spinning leg lariat from Vince. Jacobs quickly went for the cover on Kenshiro.



Kenshiro got his shoulder up off the mat before the count of three. Vince stood to his feet and pulled up Kenshiro with him hooking him in a front chancery. However, Kenshiro blocked the suplex attempt and reversed it sending Vince down with a snap suplex of his own. These men knew each other so well that neither could get a series of chain moves strung together. Ninja K picked up Vince and whipped him into the corner with force that had the Icon slumped in the corner. Vince rammed into the corner hard as Kenshiro stood looking on stoically. The Athletic Freak of Nature slowly moved to the corner anticipating his next several moves in advance. Natalia moved to the corner to try to help her husband. Natalia slapped the ring apron as the fans in the arena cheered Kenshiro.

Kenshiro started to nail Vince with some strikes and kicks, which dropped the Icon to his butt in the corner. Kenshiro did not stop his attack as he started to stomp Vince in the corner. Inogami was showing his more intense side as he knew what this match meant. He looked out to the crowd for a few seconds as the adulation continued seeing their hero standing over probably the most hated man ever in Legacy of Champions. Kenshiro pulled Vince from the corner and drilled him in the middle of the ring with THE OSAKA PLEX. Kenshiro had Vince down in the middle of the ring. He stood over Jacobs and nailed him with THE NORTH STAR PRESS.The crowd erupted in cheers again as Kenshiro dropped down for the cover.




Vince kicked out before three and rolled to the floor. The Icon tried to gather himself by taking a breath as Natalia made her way to her husband. Jacobs knelt near the guardrail as Mike Hunt tried to keep Kenshiro in the ring. Vince wanted to get a little break from the onslaught but that didn't last long as Ninja K flew over the top rope and nailed Vince with a suicide dive on the floor. Both men were down on the floor near the ring. The fans erupted with cheers and jeers as Vince and Kenshiro tried to pull themselves up to their feet. Vince started to crawl to the guardrail as Kenshiro actually made it to his feet. Natalia stood near SVJ so that Kenshiro could not make a move toward her husband.

Vince pulled himself up with the help of the guardrail, which Kenshiro caught out of the corner of his eye. The Athletic Freak of Nature raced over to Vince but was launched into the first row by Jacobs with a back body drop. Ninja K hit the hard floor (no mats out there with the fans) and screamed in pain. Mike Hunt had seen enough as he yelled for the two men to get back into the ring. He knew that this match could not end in a count out because it was for the Legacy Championship but he was not going to let these two men fight all over the arena. Vince staggered to his feet and climbed under the ropes into the ring. Hunt started to admonish the Icon in the middle of the ring while the fans were trying to help Ninja K to his feet.

SVJ went to climb to the top ropes as Kenshiro was slowly getting to his feet from the floor. Vince stood perched on the top ropes as the fans erupted in jeers. Jacobs was ready to fly and he did as he nailed Kenshiro with The Ratings Grabber over the guardrail to the floor. Vince had always been a daredevil and it showed with that move. Jacobs knew he had to do something that Kenshiro was not expecting and that shooting star press to the floor was just what the doctor ordered. Both men laid on the floor as Hunt rolled out of the ring to check on each man. Hunt spoke to both men as he climbed back into the ring. The Icon was first to his feet to a loud chorus of jeers from the crowd. The fans at ringside tried to touch both men but the LoC security force surrounded both men on the floor. Vince grabbed Kenshiro by his hair and threw him over the guardrail to the floor. The Icon climbed over the guardrail and went straight for Ninja K.

The lovely Natalia clapped her hands as Jacobs reached down for his adversary.

"I told you Kenshiro, you will never dethrone greatness. I will become a three time Legacy champion tonight."

SVJ rolled him into the ring. He followed Kenshiro in and hooked his leg for the pin.




However, it didn't matter because Kenshiro got his shoulder up off the mat. That was close and Vince knew he had to put the ninja away. Jacobs grabbed Kenshiro by the hair and drove him to the mat with a side Russian leg sweep. Jacobs stood to his feet and held his arms high in the air to the dismay of the Arena of Champions faithful. They loudly jeered the Icon as he stood in the middle of the ring loving every minute of it. Jacobs looked down at Kenshiro and smirk because he wasn't done with his nemesis. The Icon raced cross the ring, bounced off the ropes, and drove a leg across Kenshiro's throat. SVJ went for another cover on the ninja.



Kenshiro lifted his shoulder before Hunt could hit the mat for the three count. The fans cheered knowing that the veteran was still in the match. Jacobs sensing the match was well in hand started to methodically dismantle Kenshiro. The Icon picked up the smaller Kenshiro and slammed him down to the mat with force. Hunt admonished Jacobs again as Pro Wrestling's Phenom just smirked at the senior referee. Vince had the weight and power advantage against Kenshiro and he knew he had to ground the aerialist. Vince grabbed Ninja K and drove him to the mat with a T-Bone suplex. Vince quickly went for the cover on Kenshiro. ONE...


Kenshiro kicked out at the count of two. SVJ pointed to the top rope, as the crowd knew he was about to fly again. This was when Jacobs shined, when the lights were the brightest and the matches were the biggest. The Icon went to climb the ropes but Kenshiro sprung to his feet and raced up the ropes and caught SVJ with a lightning fast kick to the side of his head. Jacobs was lucky enough not to fall from the top rope. The Superstar lost his balance and was straddled on the top rope.

EL ... OH ... CEE!!

EL ... OH ... CEE!!

EL ... OH ... CEE!!

EL ... OH ... CEE!!

EL ... OH ... CEE!!

Kenshiro still on the second turnbuckle, climbed to the top rope and hooked Jacobs in a front chancery. Ninja K picked up SVJ and drove him to the mat with a high impact superplex from the top rope. Both men writhed on the mat in pain holding their backs. Natalia slammed her hands on the mat to get Jacobs to get to his feet. Kenshiro was the first one to his feet as Natalia was not happy. Ninja K staggered backwards to the ropes still holding his back from the superplex just a few moments earlier. Kenshiro ran over to Jacobs and nailed him with the SEPPUKU. The double foot stomp to SVJ's midsection was enough to take the wind out of the Icon and put the fans in an uproar. Kenshiro hooked Vince's leg for the cover.




Vince was not done just yet and the fans were not happy that SVJ was still in this match. The veteran still had fight left in him and Kenshiro knew it. Kenshiro slowly picked Vince up by his hair and whipped him into the ropes. Vince hit the ropes and bounced back to be drilled with a beautiful dropkick from the Athletic Freak of Nature. It was now Kenshiro's turn to fly as he went to the top rope. Kenshiro was a success unlike Vince as Kenshiro nailed Vince with The Fall of Seraphim. The corkscrew shooting star press was on the money. Jacobs was writhing on the mat in pain and Kenshiro was in control of the match. He raised his arms to the crowd who in turn acknowledge him with cheers of their own. They wanted their hero to become the man in Legacy of Champions.

Kenshiro grabbed Vince and put on a nice tight rear chin lock. Vince sat on the mat still a little groggy from the earlier onslaught from Kenshiro. He was now in a possible submission hold and could lose his opportunity of becoming the Legacy champion. Kenshiro wanted to drain every bit of air out of Vince so he couldn't mount a comeback. These two men knew each other so well that the one that made the biggest mistake will be the one to become Legacy champion. Vince wouldn't stay down though as he tried to stand to his feet with Kenshiro still holding on. He turned into the hold and drove Kenshiro down with a side suplex.

That broke the hold as both men were down on the mat. Kenshiro started to get to his feet first but Vince wasn't too far behind as he was pulling himself up with the help of the ropes. These two warriors knew what was at stake and so did the crowd. Kenshiro saw this and raced toward Vince who ducked and pulled the ropes down with him. Over the top rope went Kenshiro. He crashed to the floor as the crowd gasped at the sight of Kenshiro hitting the floor from over the top rope. This gave Vince some time to gather himself and catch his breath. Natalia cheered her husband as he peered over to the lovely Russian to his left.

Vince climbed through the ropes looking down on the ground at Kenshiro. He hopped on the second rope, bounced off onto the floor nailing Kenshiro with The Reason there is a Show. The Asai Moonsault into the inverted DDT was not something that should have been tried at this point in the match but Jacobs did not care. He was going to do any and everything he had to in order to win the title. The crowd erupted in chants with that move from Vince. HO-LY SHIT!!!





Jacobs was a high flyer extraordinaire in his career but over the past few years he only brought out the high flying when it was necessary and he was doing this against the very acrobatic Athletic Freak of Nature. Vince grabbed Kenshiro and threw him into the steel steps sending Kenshiro to the ground holding his back in pain. Hunt couldn't take it anymore as he started the ten count on both men.







Vince stood over the top of Kenshiro and smirked before lifting him to his feet. The Icon rolled Kenshiro into the ring before slowly climbing to the top rope himself. Vince dove off the top and connected on top of Kenshiro with the Five Star. The impact was tremendous as Jacobs bounced in the air off of Kenshiro's chest. Vince gasped for air as he slowly made his way to cover Kenshiro as the Hunt went for the cover.




Kenshiro barely got his shoulder up at the count of two and three quarters. Kenshiro was still in this match and Vince was not at all happy. Natalia's head slumped to the mat and the fans erupted in cheers. Jacobs slammed his hands on the mat as he stood up on his feet. He went to the corner waiting for Kenshiro to get to his feet so he could nail him with the Superstar Kick. Kenshiro was making his way to his feet with the help of the ropes. He turned around as Jacobs tried to nail him with the Superstar Kick but Kenshiro ducked and nailed Vince with a spinning heel kick.

That was a desperation move to buy Kenshiro some time to recoup. Kenshiro picked up SVJ and whipped him into the corner. Ninja K raced into the corner and nailed Vince with a double knee. Kenshiro looked to have a second burst of energy as he pulled the groggy Vince from the corner. Ninja K hooked SVJ and drove him into the mat with The Gemini Suplex. Kenshiro hooked Jacobs' leg for the cover as Mike Hunt went for the count.




That was very close as we almost had a new Legacy Champion. SVJ barely got a shoulder off the mat as the veteran's fighting spirit came into play. Kenshiro started to realize that it was going to take much more to keep Jacobs down for the three count. Vince started to grab for the ropes to help himself off the mat. Kenshiro saw this and positioned himself for another impact move. He waited for Vince to stand straight up. Kenshiro looked out into the crowd as they responded with a loud chorus of cheers. He ran across the ring and dropped Jacobs with The Morning Star Kick. Kenshiro draped an arm over Jacobs for the cover.




Kenshiro sat up and shook his head as the crowd moaned because Jacobs kicked out once again. Kenshiro climbed to the top rope. Vince quickly got to his feet as Kenshiro was coming off the top rope. Instead of Kenshiro nailing Jacobs with another high risk move he got nailed with a Superstar Kick from out of nowhere. Both men fell to the mat from the force of the kick. But Kenshiro was the one who was in the worst shape. The fans loved the final match of the pay-per-view. SVJ versus Kenshiro Inogami was what it was billed up to be and the fans showed their appreciation.






Both men had to be exhausted as they had been going hard for almost an hour. Vince grabbed Kenshiro's head and placed it between his legs. This didn't look good for Kenshiro as SVJ drove Kenshiro into the mat with the Ego Check, that quick spinning sit down power bomb. Vince could have gone for the cover right there but I think he was still a little groggy from the onslaught earlier by Kenshiro. Vince stood to his feet and picked him up by the hair. Kenshiro could hardly stand up on his own. Vince hooked Kenshiro but the Athletic Freak of Nature reversed the move and took Jacobs down with a bridged suplex. Mike Hunt was out of position. He ran around the two men and dropped down for the count.




A loud GASP was heard in the crowd as Kenshiro had begun to lift a limp SVJ to his feet. Jacobs however, reacted with a kick to the gut that send out the jeers throughout the arena. With Kenshiro on his knees, clutching in pain, Jacobs picked up Ninja K and drove him into the mat with A Star is Bornthe spinning spine buster was definitely a desperation move as both men lay on the mat once again. The Arena of Champions started to make more noise to get Ninja K up to his feet.






Kenshiro and SVJ both made it to the feet at the same time. The two men started to trade blows in the middle of the ring. The two heated rivals continued to throw punches even if there was nothing behind the punches because they were both exhausted. Jacobs got the advantage as he was able to stagger Kenshiro. Vince grabbed Ninja K by the arm and whipped him to the ropes, however Kenshiro nailed SVJ with The Temporal Shift. The move caught Vince by surprised and the fans erupted as they sensed the championship coming home to Kenshiro. Ninja K picked up Jacobs and hooked him for The Japanese Skull Splitter. SVJ somehow reversed the move and was able to spin out of the attempt.


Jacobs fell on top of Kenshiro for the cover.




It's over the fans erupted in the loudest chorus of jeers of the night. Vince Jacobs lay in the middle of the ring as Natalia made her way into the ring to congratulate her husband. SVJ has just become a three time Legacy Champion. Natalia grabbed the Legacy title from Mike Hunt and placed it around Jacobs' waist, trying to help him up in the process. The fans continued their jeers as LoC was about to be ushered into the era of Greatness.

Winner: Superstar Vince Jacobs via Pinfall

"Conspiracy Theories"

The Brand President and Commissioner overlooked the ring from the safety of the Skybox, as the garbage rained down upon the newly crowned Legacy Champion. SVJ stood triumphant atop the ringpost, celebrating his victory and giving it back to the fans every bit as bad as they were to him. Scott Riktor turned to Mr. Conspiracy.

"Be honest," he said, "You wanted SVJ to win. The automatic bye for being the last recognized champion. The asterix on Sylo's Legacy win in jOlt. You guys are working together. This is business as usual in LoC, just with a new patsy in the driver's seat."

Mr. Conspiracy doubled over laughing. "C'mon, man! If I was setting this all up why didn't Aroma win the damn Bombshells Championship? Yeah, what about that? You conspiracy theory having bastard. That my goddamn move, that shit is mine."

"Nice try," Riktor said and shook his head. "You do realize I can overrule you, right? I'm allowing you to run this place your way but only as long as things remain fair. I, along with every single person that puts their eyes on this product, is tired of the LoC officials influencing the outcome of matches or who holds what title. If I catch you working with SVJ--"

"You ain't gonna catch me working with SVJ."

"I'm serious, Jon."

"I'm not working with SVJ, man!" Mr. Conspiracy had made his way over to the mammoth graphite doors of the Skybox. He quietly locked them and then looked around the room.

"Listen, Scott," he said and called Riktor in closer to hear him, "I didn't make any of those decisions. The Board of Directors did that, man, and I don't know why but I think maybe SVJ's working with them."

Now this had Scott Riktor's full attention. He had assumed JCON made those calls himself, history would have proven him righ tin the past. Superstar Vince Jacobs was always the first guy to take the corrupt deal. And that may still prove to be true, but it wasn't JCON's deal. Scott needed to know more.

"What makes you say that? Why do you think he's working with them?"

Mr. Conspiracy shrugged his shoulders. "All them reasons you just said. This thing was set up for SVJ to coast on through. Double Elimination and he gets a bye? I'm surprised he didn't win last week but Ninja K's a beast."

"You two really aren't working together, are you?"

"Hell no, I fucking hate SVJ. Look, man, just admit my show is good. That shit was good and you know it."

"Fine," Scott was finally forced to reply, "The show was good. Just don't let that go to your head."

But Mr. Conspiracy wasn't paying attention. He was too busy attempting to hump the Skybox's glass wall overlooking the arena.

"Listen to that shit, man, they love me."