"Previously on Legacy of Champions..."

The LoC landscape was finally beginning to form heading into Self Destruction. Pecking orders were being established. Championships had been won and defended ... or lost. And now those championships would be on the line once again. Each champion desperate to keep their prize, each contender desperate to remove them from it. Self Destruction was imminent and those that survived would wear golden souvenirs of their travels into the darkest pits of man's soul.

The Bombshells were ready to set the tone and ready to be seen as equals. Inspired by the current Underground Champion, Lindsay Troy, the entire division was aching for the spotlight and a chance to prove they could hang with the best. No, that they were the best.

Speaking of Lindsay Troy and her Underground Championship, she would be defending it against not one but two contenders in Monte Burns and Frost. And while Troy and Burns have developed something of a friendly rivalry in recent weeks, neither of them can say the same for their relationships with Frost. Far from it.

The Flyweight Championship was coming into Self Destruction as the only belt not to have made it from Or Die Trying with the same holder. The recently crowned Mattock was about to face-off against a veteran Flyweight in Mitaki and that would be an incredible challenge for the champion.

The former Flyweight Champion, KIRU, and his tag team partner Kaus have earned a shot at the Team Championship and The Cut Diamonds were looking to make good on that shot against Team VIAGRA.

JLV's Network Championship would once again see Turk attempt to overtake the five-minute impossible odds. He has been unsuccessful in previous attempts but Turk's strength and sheer aggression makes each attempt a possibility.

Legacy Champion, Superstar Vince Jacobs, had his hands full tonight with two contenders instead of his planned rematch with Kenshiro Inogami. SVJ had a perfectly laid plan blow up in his face with last minute booking by Mr. Conspiracy that saw Shawn Hart added to the mix. Hart is completely unorthodox and impossible to plan for, something SVJ hates. And his original contender, Kenshiro Inogami, has already beaten him once in the past. The odds were not in the champion's favor on this night in nearly any of the title matches.

Welcome to Self Destruction ...


...6 hours before Self Destruction.

Gina had been compiling projected sales stats for the Palehorse clothing line all day. She plodded down the thick carpeted hall of the LoC offices tucked in the side of the Arena of Champions. She reached a door marked; "RESEARCH" and shouldered her way in, hands full of binders.

"...this stuff is mind-numbing." She said as she walked in. Phil, the lead IT guy and infamous for his fumbles on the weekly Twitter Takeover was sat at his screen, shoveling Chinese food into his mouth, and turned to look at her mid-bite. "That's an attractive look, Phil. All the ladies must swoon on dinner dates."

Mouth full, Phil chuckled; "It's the wallet and the car that matter - not table manners. Let's be honest."

Gina rolled her eyes; "...and I'm sure your Ford Taurus is just making all the ladies hope for a proposal."

Phil set his takeout box down beside his monitor and in a very serious tone replied; "Some women value safety, Gina."

Gina shook her head and thumped the binders down next to Phil. "Here's all the Palehorse stuff. Someone was asleep at the wheel when they signed this deal; we'll be lucky to break even."

Phil shook his head; "No one cares - it's Sylo's." He pointed to his screen; "Look at this..." Gina leaned in to read. "You know those ominous ‘Broadmoor' signs everywhere?"

Gina nodded.

"Okay, so I've been digging. Everyone assumed it was some sort of connection to Turk, but no one really knew what."

"Right, because everyone that came across one got their butt beatdown the following week by that bastard." Gina cut in.

"Right." Phil turned back to the monitor, swallowing what was left in his mouth. "It says here Broadmoor was, and is still, a mental facility in the UK that withstood a riot and a full-on takeover by the patients. Apparently there was inadequate staffing, security let downs, but most importantly, the patients were going unmedicated, and in some cases unfed for days. Three very scary individuals allied the patients, and took over." Phil clicked through the pictures; "The cannibal, violent bi-polar, Peter Bryan. The ‘Ripper', murdering schizophrenic Peter Suttcliffe," and when he reached the third pic, Gina gasped; "...and a violent schizophrenic American, Ryan Dunston, aka Turk."

Gina covered her mouth in shock and spoke behind her hand; "Holy shit."

"Holy shit, indeed." Phil nodded.

"So..." Gina began.

"So, " Phil cut in; "So, obviously we know Turk is behind all the Broadmoor stuff, but what's he planning? How does any of that apply here in LoC?"

Gina looked at Phil incredulously; "What do you mean? Haven't you been paying attention? Everything Mister Conspiracy has been doing, he's been shitting on everyone in the name of ratings..."

"So, Turk's going to takeover LoC?" Phil raised an eyebrow.

"No. Turk said there's a reckoning. There's something more that will happen. Something's going to go down, that even while Turk is an evil shit - everyone's going to get behind him."

"Him finally aligning with Ryan isn't an accident, then..." Phil commented.

"No, it's no accident. Multiple personalities are typically geniuses. IQ tests off the charts, and can process info, albeit rather sloppily, at an unbelievable rate. I took some psych classes in college and remember the professor talking about how some violent schizophrenics were probably some of the most intelligent human beings alive." Gina rubbed her chin in thought.

"So, Turk's a genius?" Phil was not buying in.

Gina looked at him nodding; "Yes. A violent shithead of one, but yes, he's a genius. This alliance with Ryan, and mentions of a ‘reckoning' require forethought. Something run-of-the-mill crazy folks can't do. Much less ally a hospital full of crazies and take over. If he's truly found a way to bury the hatchet with Ryan..."

"That's all Bill Daley ever wanted." Phil interuppted.

Gina nodded; "Bill is a doctor of psychology. He knows more about this than anyone. He knew how powerful the two of them could be together on the same page."

"Ryan sells the crowd. They love him." Phil said.

"Turk's the enforcer, Ryan's the salesman, and Bill pulls the strings. The entire tech production staff love them. You've seen how people's mics are getting cut off, video packages won't play? JCON has lost them."

Phil's mouth fell open; "If he has the production staff, all he needs is the talent, and he'll control..."

"Everything." Gina finished his sentence. "He's going to take the talent. Have you told anyone else?"

Phil shook his head.

"It may be too late to stop it, but we have to tell Mister Conspiracy and Scott. They have to know." Gina looked genuinely worried; "All he needs is one more log on that fire, and tonight's a special event. He's almost guaranteed to get what he wants."

Persephone vs. Amber Ryann(c)

It's no secret that there was something brewing between Amber Ryann and Mattock. Some of the bombshells believed that Ryann was ignoring them as champion and began to take exception to her, however, it was her love of cosplay that she stayed up for five nights straight and looked very sloppy in her match against Persephone about a month ago. Persephone has had a chip on her shoulder about this ever since then and she can't stomach Amber Ryann as the Bombshells Champion no longer. Tonight, Persephone will try and capture the title and restore "honor" to the Bombshells Division.

"Magdalena" by A Perfect Circle

The people booed as Persephone came out from the backstage area. She stopped at the top of the entrance ramp and placed her hand on her hip as she surveyed the crowd inside the Arena of Champions. She wore a smug look on her face and then began to walk to the ring. As she walked down the ramp, she spouted off how she was going to be the next champion and how she will bring dignity to the belt, all of which received boos from the audience.

Persephone rolled into the ring under the bottom rope and climbed a nearby turnbuckle, reaffirming her statement that she was going to become the new champion. Persephone hopped down and awaited her opposition.

"Antinotice" by AKIAKANE

The song ramped up and the fans stamped their feet to the sound of the beat. The LoC Bombshells Champion, Amber Ryann skipped out from the back and went from side to side on the stage, getting the crowd into her song. She stopped a little past the top of the entrance ramp and threw her hand into the air. She made a fist then slammed it into the ramp, landing in a knelt position. It caused four pyro explosions to go off behind her with red, blue, yellow, and green as their colors... the same as her hair. She then made her way down to the ring, slapping hands with her fans along the way.

Amber got onto the apron and grabbed the top rope. She slung herself over, pivoting and landing on the middle rope where she moonsaulted of and landed in the knelt position, causing the four corners of the ring to explode with the same four colors of pyro respectively. Amber stood and unfastened the Bombshells Championship and passed it off to the referee who held it high into the air. The referee passed the title off to ringside as Persephone cracked her knuckles.

She was ready.. Amber was ready. The referee called for the bell.




Persephone and Ryann came face to face in the center of the ring. Persephone mouthed off something to Ryann and shoved her hard, knocking her down. Persephone continued to taunt Ryann and when she bent over to get in her face, Ryann slapped the hell out of her! It echoed throughout the arena and the crowd cheered loudly for that. Ryann stood and backed Persephone into the corner with forearm shots to the face. She hammered her over and over until she began to slouch. Amber switched it up to stomps as she got Persephone down into a seated position. From there, Amber switched it up to hip attacks, dealing blow after blow to Persephone's head. The referee had to step in and pull Amber Ryann back to which she yelled..


Persephone's words had resonated in the worst way with Amber Ryann from just a week ago on Legends. She didn't forget them and the emotions they generated just poured out in the opening minute of this match. Persephone checked her mouth for blood as she pulled herself up. Once vertical, Amber broke free from the referee and charged back in, hitting more forearms to the face. Realizing what was happening, the referee pulled Amber back immediately. Persephone gritted her teeth and ignored the pain. She exploded out of the corner and hit a takedown on Ryann with the referee darting out of the way at the last second.

Persephone mounted Ryann and hammered away with heavy haymaker punches. Ryann covered up to block some, but she couldn't block them all and few of them went through. The referee initiated the five count and Perspehone let up at the count of four. Persephone grabbed Ryann by the arm and pulled her back up to a vertical base. She whipped Ryann to the ropes and chased after her. Ryann leapt to the middle rope and with no hands, leapt up and over Persephone, landing behind her with the Mega Man X Wall Jump. Ryann readied her hands for the Hadoken, but Persephone countered with a mule kick that caught Amber in the stomach! Persephone turned and grabbed Amber by her tights and flung her through the top and middle ropes and out to the floor!!

Persephone then went to the corner and climbed up the turnbuckle pads to the very top. Ryann staggered up to her feet and Persephone dove off with a Flying Cross Body Block. She collided with Ryann and the two of them collapsed to the floor! Persephone got back up to her feet and mouthed off to Ryann once again as she laid there in pain. Persephone grabbed Ryann by her rainbow hair and pulled her up to her feet. Persephone hit a knife edge chop that staggered Ryann away. Persephone gave chase and stepped into Ryann with another Knife Edge Chop that staggered her over by the ring post. The referee was up to the count of five when Persephone went for a third but Amber moved!!



Persephone fell to her knees as she held her hand. She yelled out in pain as she could have broken it right there! Amber didn't give her time to recover. She hit a running knee strike to Persephone's head and knocked her down!! The referee was up to the count of eight when Ryann realized what was about to happen. She grabbed Persephone and threw her into the ring. At the count of nine, Ryann rolled back in and saved the match. Ryann crawled into the cover, and hooked the leg.



Persephone kicked out, still holding her hand.

Persephone got back to her feet when Ryann grabbed her by the arm with her injured hand and applied an arm wringer. From there, she applied a top wrist lock that caused Persephone to cry out in pain and go down to a single knee. While in the top wrist lock, Amber Ryann hit a pair of knee strikes to the wrist, injuring it further!! Ryann did, eventually, let go of the wrist and when she did, she immediately leapt up into the air and hit a drop kick to the back of Persephone's head! Persephone fell forward onto the canvas and Ryann turned her over, dragging her to the corner in the process.

Ryann climbed the turnbuckle pads with her back to the ring. She leapt backwards, but front flipped. She twisted mid-flip and landed with a senton, but the problem was, nobody was home for the Exist Trace and Amber slammed down hard on her back! Persephone got up in the corner and crouched down, holding her wrist as she gritted her teeth. Ryann slowly got back up and Persephone charged in, hitting a leaping forearm smash with her good hand, knocking Ryann back down!

Persephone then stomped down rapidly and relentlessly on Ryann as you could see the frustrations building up within her. Persephone used her good hand to grab Ryann by the hair, pulling her back up to her feet. Persephone then let loose with a headbutt staggering Amber back. Persephone then came from behind and drilled Amber with a Northern Lariat that knocked her back down. Persephone then took this time to keep her distance and rub her wrist to try and message the muscles. From the way she was acting it didn't look like her wrist was broken as she shook it to get feeling back into it. Amber took this time to recover as well and began to slowly get back up on all fours. That's when Persephone charged in and leapt up, hitting a Curb Stomp to the back of Ryann's head, driving her face-first into the canvas!!! Persephone turned Ryann over and made a cover, hooking the leg.



Ryann kicked out.

Persephone got back to her feet and grabbed Ryann by the head, pulling her up. She hooked Ryann and took her over with a Vertical Suplex, slamming her into the middle of the ring. Persephone stood and headed over to the ropes, gaining momentum. She leapt onto the middle rope and went for an Asai Moonsault, but Amber put the knees up to block it, however, Persephone somehow saw it mid-flip and landed on her feet, grabbing Amber's legs! She turned Amber over into a Boston Crab and sat down on her back with tremendous pressure! While Amber was going with a ground and pound game so far, she was known for her high-flying and highly unorthodox offense. Persephone aimed to take that away by working on her legs!

Amber reached out to the ropes, but she was still a good distance away. She crawled with Persephone on her back and just when she was about to reach out and grab the bottom rope, Persephone stood and walked Ryann back to the middle of the right where she re-applied the Boston Crab. Ryann began to crawl once again and for the second time, when she was about to reach the ropes, Persephone stood and brought her back, but before Persephone could sit back down with the hold, Ryann twisted her body and blocked it. Persephone stepped back over Ryann with both legs hooked. Instead of trying to reapply the Crab, Persephone fell backwards and Catapulted Ryann towards the turnbuckles, but Ryann used her cat-like agility and grabbed the top rope, landing on the bottom turnbuckle!

Persephone stood and turned around as Persephone hopped up to the middle turnbuckle and twisted off with a Whisper in the Wind, taking Persephone down! Amber stood up and went to go back to the corner, but she felt a twinge in her leg from the Boston Crab and she stumbled. She held her leg in pain for a moment and then stepped out onto the ring apron. She began to climb, but her left leg began to give her some problems. This allowed Persephone to stand and charge the corner, meeting Amber Ryann there. She grabbed Ryann and flipped her off the top rope with a huge Biel that sent her into the middle of the ring! Ryann staggered up to her feet and Persephone charged in, slamming into her with a clothesline!

Amber popped back up and Persephone hit her with a second clothesline. Amber slowly got back up and Persephone was beginning to build momentum as she backed Amber Ryann into the ropes and whipped her across the ring. Persephone charged in with a running knee lift and it knocked Amber down! Persephone went back to the ropes and came slicing across Amber's neck and chest with a Leg Drop. Persephone stood and went to the ropes again, hitting a second running Leg Drop. Persephone stood and looked down at Amber Ryann and then went to the corner. She climbed the turnbuckle pads, took aim, and flew off with a Top Rope Leg Drop and it connected! Persephone made the cover, hooking the leg..



Amber Ryann kicked out!

Persephone waited for Amber to stand and she used her good hand to hit a Knife Edge Chop to Ryann's chest. She hit a second, then a third before whipping Ryann to the ropes. Persephone went for a clothesline, but Amber ducked and rode up Persephone's back and snapped her over with a Crucifix Driver!! Amber stood up as Persephone staggered to her feet. Persephone turned around and that's when Ryann wrapped her arm around Persephone's neck and fell backwards with a Flatliner! She then brought her legs up and wrapped them around Persephone's neck with the Koji Clutch!


Now it was Persephone who was in the middle of the ring with nowhere to go! Ryann wrenched on Persephone's neck, but as she did, Persephone began to maneuver her lower body as she began to shimmy her way towards the ropes. Eventually, Persephone got close enough to stick her leg out and place it on the bottom rope, breaking the hold. Ryann released it and stood back up. She grabbed Persephone by the hair and returned the favor with a heavy knife edge chop across the chest. Ryann backed Persephone into the ropes and whipped her across the ring. Ryann telegraphed a back body drop so Persephone grabbed her by the hair and slammed her down into the canvas! Persephone went for an elbow drop, but Ryann rolled out of the way! Persephone stood and went for another elbow drop, but Ryann moved again!

Persephone stood as Ryann continued to roll out of the ring. Persephone gained momentum and went for a suicide dive between the ropes, but Ryann threw both her palms forward...


It caught Persephone in the head as she came through the ropes and it was a very ugly landing on the outside when Persephone hit the floor!

Crowd: OOOOOHHH!!!!!

The referee immediately hopped out of the ring and checked on Persephone as she wasn't moving all that much. Amber Ryann was told to back away and she even showed a look of concern on her face. Amber, while she had some experience, was still in her second year as a professional wrestler. The last thing she wanted to do this early in her career was injure an opponent. Amber looked kind of worried as the referee conversed with Persephone. Persephone gave the nod as if to say she was fine, but needed help standing up. The referee assisted her to her feet and asked her if she needed help walking. Persephone nodded yes and began to take a slow step forward, but her legs gave out and she fell to her knees. She held the back of her neck and complained that she was feeling very dizzy.

The referee sensed that she may have a head injury, or possibly a concussion. The referee told her to wait there and ran over to the bottom of the entrance ramp, making the X signal. He waved for officials to come down from the back as Amber walked over and knelt next to Persephone, asking her if she was okay. That's when it happened.


Persephone grabbed Amber Ryann and threw her into the steel ring steps. The referee turned around and that Persephone was just fine! The crowd booed heavily as Persephone bent down and slapped Amber across the face.


Persephone hauled off and slapped Amber Ryann a second time! She grabbed Ryann and threw her back into the ring. Persephone got up on the ring apron and stepped back in. Ryann was slowly getting to her feet when Persephone ran past her. She leapt into the air and hit her with the Running Leg Lariat...


The people booed wildly as Persephone made the cover, looking to steal one here at Self Destruction...



Thre.. NO!!!

Amber Ryann kicked out and the people erupted in cheers!

Persephone gritted her teeth and stood. She grasped at her hair and waited for Amber to get back to her feet for a second time. Once vertical, Persephone took off to the ropes, came back and hit another Leaping Leg Lariat


Persephone covered Amber again, hooking the legs very deep.



THRE... NO!!!

Amber Ryann kicked out for the second time in a row and proved that she will not be denied here tonight!!!

Persephone stood up with a crazed look on her face. She pulled Amber Ryann up and placed her into an Inverted Face Lock, but Amber twisted around and got underneath Persephone. She lifted Persephone up for what looked like a Northern Lights Suplex, but mid lift, she twisted and slammed Persephone down with a variation of a Spine Buster! Both women were down on the canvas after that and the referee began to make the mandatory ten count.








Both of them began to stir...


Ryann back to her feet.

As was Persephone.

Punch by Persephone was blocked by Ryann and countered with a punch of her own. Ryann hit another punch, then a third, a fourth, a fifth, and a sixth, rocking Persephone's head back with each and every blow. She backed Persephone into the ropes and attempted a whip, but Persephone reversed it and sent Ryann into the ropes instead. Ryann bounced off and ducked a clothesline from Persephone. Ryann leapt onto the middle rope behind her and hit a Twisting Cross Body Block! Ryann rolled off of Persephone and back up to her feet. Persephone staggered back up and was met with a toe kick that doubled her over. Ryann turned her back to Persephone and hooked her. She twisted and lifted, looking for the Fate/Stay Dead, but Persephone flipped over and landed on her feet! Persephone grabbed Ryann in the Inverted Face Lock, looking for The End is Near, but Ryann, again, twisted out of it, but this time, drove Persephone back into the turnbuckles

Ryann hit a pair of shoulder blocks to double Persephone over before hoisting her up to a seated position on the top turnbuckle pad. Ryann hit a rising palm strike to soften Persephone up. Ryann then turned with her side facing Persephone, grabbing a hold of the top rope. Ryann leapt to the top rope and then off to the side where she wrapped her legs around Persephone, looking for a Top Rope Frankensteiner, but Persephone held onto Ryann's legs and blocked it!! Ryann was hanging upside down in the corner and Persephone used her might to pull Ryann back up into a powerbomb position! ! Persephone stood on the middle rope with Ryann on her shoulders. Persephone then leapt off..


Amber landed with a loud, echoing thud as the crowd groaned! Persephone scrambled into the cover, stacking up Amber Ryann..





Amber kicked out at the last possible second!! The heart of a champion truly does beat within her and Persephone was visibly pissed off that she continues to kick out each and every time. With each kick out, it invalidated everything Persephone believed about the Bombshells Champion and she was reaching her breaking point. Persephone stood and taunted Amber Ryann to stand, but Ryann was very slow to get up after taking that huge second rope powerbomb. Persephone grew impatient and walked over and grabbed Ryann, forcing her up to a vertical base. Persephone then delivered a toe kick to Amber Ryann, doubling her over. Persephone placed Ryann between her legs and looked to go for a Piledriver, but Ryann kicked her legs and Persephone put her back down. Persephone then hammered away on Ryann's upper back with forearms and tried for the Piledriver a second time, but Ryann countered and hit a Back Body Drop!!

Persephone quickly stood and turned as Ryann went for a Super Kick. It connected and sent Persephone through the ropes and to the outside. Ryann got a running start and twisted over the top rope, hitting a Corkscrew Plancha to the outside and taking Persephone down!!


Ryann got back up and fell against the barricades. She was exhausted at this point, but she knew she had to get Persephone back into the ring. She took a moment to collect herself before pulling Perspehone back up to her feet. She then slung her into the ring and slowly got back up onto the ring apron, but the persistent Persephone stood and slammed into Amber Ryann with a shoulder block between the ropes. Persephone then got a running start and...




Just when you thought these two were close to ending it, they pull out even more stops to try and kill each other! Persephone proved right then and there that she would stop at nothing to erase Amber Ryann from the Bombshells Division and with that move, she could have very well just did that!!

Amber was slouched up against the barricades as Persephone got back to her feet. She grabbed Ryann by the hair and pulled her up. The referee was up to the count of five when Persephone hurled Amber shoulder first into the ring steps! The referee temporarily broke the count to admonish Persephone, but Persephone didn't care. She ignored the referee and backed away to get some distance. Persephone then got a running start and nailed a running drop kick into Amber, driving her shoulder back into the ring steps again! The referee admonished Persephone and even threatened her with disqualification . Persephone grabbed Ryann by the hair once again and pulled her up. She slung Ryann back into the ring and rolled back in after her. Persephone stood and signaled for the end.

Persephone grabbed Ryann and pulled her up, making her Amber's back was facing her. Persephone grabbed Amber in the Inverted Face Lock and lifted Amber for the Elevated Inverted DDT, but Amber continued the momentum and floated over, landing behind Persephone!! Amber quickly turned her back to Persephone and grabbed her in an Inverted Head Lock. She quickly kicked Persephone's legs out from underneath her and fell forward, driving the back of her skull into the canvas with an Inverted Headlock Driver!!


Ryann made the cover, hooking the leg...




The crowd cheered as Amber Ryann pulled out a very tough victory here against Persephone, but in the end, she showed that she truly did have the heart of a champion and did belong at the top of the Bombshells Division. This victory here tonight was a message to her detractors... and that message was sent loud and clear!!

Amber stood up and stumbled around a bit. The referee propped her up and handed her the Bombshells Championship. Amber held the title up high as the fans in the Arena of Champions cheered for her. Amber hobbled over to the ropes and exited the ring. She began to walk up the entrance ramp to the very top. Before she made her exit, she decided to turn towards the arena once again and hold the title high into the air.

As the fans cheered, Amber Ryann cracked a smile as she took all of it in...

Then suddenly..


From behind, Amber Ryann was laid out. The people didn't see who it was at first, but when she stood atop of the entrance ramp and looked out over the crowds, it was clear as to who it was...


Daryn grabbed Amber Ryann and pulled her to her feet. She placed Ryann between her legs, lifted her up and...


Amber hit very very hard. Daryn Thompson cracked a grin as she slowly backed away through the curtain. The referee sprinted up the ramp and got to Amber as quickly as possible. He tried to get her attention, but she wasn't responding. The referee called for staff to come out from the back. The head trainer and a few of his assistants came running out to check on her. Amber was responsive, but in tremendous pain.

After a few moments of checking on her, they determined she could stand. They helped her up to her feet and the team of trainers helped her backstage as Amber Ryann received a round of applause from the crowd.

After a grueling match and victory, what was on Daryn Thompson's mind? Why did she attack Amber Ryann? What was the motivation behind it all? Those questions needed answers that we just didn't have... yet.

Winner: Amber Ryann via Pinfall

"Future Endeavored"

Max Hopper was strolling the hallways backstage looking rather happy for a night where he was about to enter an Underground Battle Royal. It looked as if Malik Roland had the same thoughts as he approached "The Final Fantasy".

"What are you smiling about?"

Max extended his hand. "Hey, guy!" He exclaimed, "I'm smiling because everything is going exactly as it's should be ... unless you've got your red laces!"

Max dove to the ground at Malik's feet and carefully examined his boots. "WHEW! That was close!"

"Man," Malik Roland said, "You're crazy. And you're also wrong. Everything is NOT going according to plan ... for you." Roland cracked his knuckles but Max's smiled never faded.

"Well," Max said with a shrug. "Looks like you're time is up here, guy."


"This is it. Finito. End of the line. You came, you saw, you ... got fired. Unless, of course, you aren't thinking of punching me right now."

"I'm gonna knock your fucking head off."

"Not a good idea, guy."

"Are you ...?" Malik Roland was completely dumbfounded. "Are you out of your damn mind? You're talking shit to me?"

"NO WAY, GUY! It's just ... you know ... it just is. You're done. Your timeline is severed. But consider yourself lucky. You're not going to be here to witness the Rage."

"Fuck it. That's it." Malik Roland hauled back but before his fist could make contact with Max's face --


egg NOG shook his right fist after slamming it into Malik Roland's jaw, his brother cHEESE smiling ear-to-ear behind him. The Mammoth was out cold.

"WOW! Thanks, NOG!"

"My pleasure, Max. You have no idea how long I've wanted to do that."

cHEESE chimed right in, "Game ovah, playa!" Before turning his attention to Max Hopper.

"Max," he said, "We should talk, buddy. You seem to be mysteriously without your partner Tyke. What's the deal there?"

"Paradox. He gets it. Why?"

cHEESE didn't know what to make of Max's statement but egg NOG was nodding in total empathy. "Far be it from us to mess with the space/time continuum."

"Oh my, NOG! Do you understand what I'm saying?"

"Max!" cHEESE was getting frustrated with what he viewed as a short bus conversation. "How would you like to be a member of the Legion of Dairy?"

Max Hopper looked absolutely terrified at the proposition.

"I ... can't."

"What? Why?"

"The last time I did," Max said, "it caused the Hot Butterfly Effect and all of a sudden every pancake in catering came to life and tried to kill us all."

egg NOG was ENTHRALLED with this proposition. "NO WAY! YOU HAVE TO JOIN! What's your Dairy name?"

"Gorgonzola Monsoon but you're missing the point. It's bad, NOG, ... it's ba-a-ad."

"What happens if I shave my head? What if cHEESE never tells anyone about his herpes? Why can't sharks swim backwards?"

"I'm not sure that last one was even a time travel question," Max replied while being dragged down the hallway by the Legion of Dairy. On one arm egg NOG continued to toss various oddball questions at Max, and on the other cHEESE was hellbent on recruiting Max to LoD. But Max had other plans.

"WAIT! I have to say goodbye to Malik before next week!" He turned to head back but LoD wouldn't let him. Max hollered at the unconscious Malik Roland, "Best of luck in all your future endeavors, Guy!"


Mattock was seen sitting in his locker room. He hadn't seen what had happened to Amber Ryann just yet as he was focusing on getting ready for his championship defense later tonight. Mattock sat there with a box in front of him that had a label that read "For my Kaneki, from Amber." It was a rather long box in length.

"This must be the centipede outfit she talked about." said Mattock to himself.

He opened the box and there was some tissue paper wrapping inside. He peeled back the layers of it and peered into the box to see its contents. Mattock's eyes widened when he saw what was inside.

"Wow." Mattock said to himself.

"I can't believe she actually made this. This looks like movie production quality stuff."

Mattock reached into the box and felt around. He didn't pull anything out, as if he were teasing the viewing audience by hiding its contents.

"Heh." said Mattock.

"There's even a mask in here too"

Mattock looked over at his standard mask which was laying on a table next to him. He cracked a smile.

"Looks like you're staying in here tonight" he said to the mask.

Mattock then closed the box and stood up. He grabbed the box, placing it under his arm.

"Well.. I guess it's time to change into this. This should go really well with what I'm planning for my entrance."

Mattock then walked off camera with the box in hand as the scene faded to black.

Underground Championship #1 Contender Battle Royal

"Cordova is a three-time Flyweight Champion," MaryJane Fields stated, "and that's only one behind Phoenix Riktor, who is the current record holder at four."

With "Latin Thug" by Cypress Hill at it's zenith, Cordova ascended the turnbuckle and leapt into the ring.

"That's great," Reno Davis responded sarcastically, "but this is for a shot at the Underground Championship."

"Indeed it is," MJ replied, "And I, for one, am so glad to see Cordova finally stepping outside of his comfort zone. I think he'll be just fine."

"You would," was all Reno said.

Cordova joined Amadeus, American Panda, The Fighting Foreigner, Dallas Griffin, and Ehren the King in the ring and they all awaited the next entrant.

"I'm The Perfection Purged from Imperfection"

After the ominous voice echoed throughout the arena, the rafter lights dimmed down until complete darkness consumed the arena.

"In the House of Flies" by Deftones.

Black smog seeped through the entrance stage as the music blared through the speakers. Judasbleek and Victor Martinez emerged through the murky fog as a spotlight then appeared on top of "El Negro Plaga". Meanwhile Victor Martinez stood behind his prodigy at the top of the entrance ramp as Judasbleek leisurely-paced back in forward as if he was waiting for something.


Judasbleek snapped as if he had broken free from some short of chains of confinement. As wall of red pyrotechnics exploded in front of them, the father and son duo walked down the ramp with an intense purpose. They both continued to make their way to the ring ignoring the aisle of heckling fans. Judasbleek stopped at the end of the ramp and loosened his muscles for a short while before charging at the ring and sliding into it. On the outer perimeter, Victor Martinez applauded his son as he made his way toward ringside. Judasbleek then got up, walked over to the nearest corner, climbed up to the second turnbuckle, and then raised his enormous arms in the air. Judasbleek had entered the fray.

"That was ... wow," MaryJane commented.

Reno Davis agreed. "He's a real creepy dude. This guy is like the lovechild of Sylo and Frost, and then they went and took one of Turk's evil personalities and added that to the mix."

"Supermodel Citizen"

Boom goes the dynamite rigged to every single chair in the Arena of Champions, sending the entire audience to their feet. Max Hopper was the fuse, dancing and strutting in the multicolored spotlights ricocheting off the Arena walls and entrance stage. The Final Fantasy was here!

"The fans just love this cat," Reno Davis mentioned in an almost annoyed tone. "I guess it's that whole lovable idiot thing he's got going on."

"Idiot savant is more like it, Reno," MaryJane added. "Max might be an oddball but he's also a former Relentless Champion and is always in the running for championship gold. He's a bit weird but ... it works."

"In the Line of Fire" by Hell Rell.


Malik Roland had a troubled, yet storied, history with the Legacy of Champions. Over the span of nearly a year in 2006 Malik Roland held the Team Championship with Statuz Quo, Rejection, and Ali Khadafi. He also had a short stint where he held the titles solo when he defeated Rejection to claim sole ownership of the Team Championship. However, all of that would ultimately not matter when his attitude cost him his job.

Now he's back and he is going it alone and this would be his first real shot at singles gold. Needless to say, Malik Roland had something to prove on this night.

"Look at him," Reno began, "Look in his eyes, that's one determined big man right there."

"And considering how he ran roughshod over the Team Division way back when," MaryJane chimed in, "The Underground should be putting itself on notice. Can it do that? Hey, why don't we have division commissioners anymore?"

"You've got to be kidding me." Reno Davis was clearly bothered by his new announcing partner and he did not even thinly veil it. "That was the worst idea in the history of LoC. All that needs to be said was that this idea came from Brandon Thomas' pot addled brain. Who did he even put in charge? One competent guy in Riktor and then a string of egomaniacs hellbent on their own agendas. I realize that your tits got you this job, but could you at least try to use your head for something more than what's essentially a hood ornament?"

"Talk to me like that again, Reno," MaryJane shot back, "and your head will be using your ass as a hat."

With Malik Roland in the ring, there was only one entrant left and he just so happened to be the only former Underground Champion in the match.

"Faint" by Linkin Park.

The LoC faithful erupted hearing the old school theme for Legacy of Champions' resident superhero, Fanatic. Out from the back he emerged in his brightly colored hooded cape, which was draped over his shoulders. The hood cast a shadow across his trademark mask as it hung over his head. Smoke billowed up from the stage, pyro flashed down from the rafters, both framing Fanatic as he gracefully floated down the ramp and towards the ring.


The LegacyTron glitched for a split second.

And Fanatic's entrance video quickly returned. The hero had made his way to the ring and, at last, the bell rung. The battle royal was underway.

The Fighting Foreigner was immediately on Judasbleek; punching, kicking, and (yes) biting LoC's newest monster. Two seconds later ... TFF found himself unceremoniously dumped to the outside of the ring, eliminated before the match was even ten seconds in.

TFF, clearly with both feet on the ground as he was literally standing on said ground, attempted to argue the decision with D.C. Train but the former wrestler-turned referee was having no part of it. He demanded TFF head to the back or be thrown out of the building. TFF demanded that D.C. Train grow a pair and let the man get back in the ring and fight. Hence, TFF was ejected from the building by one LoC security guard. One.

Meanwhile, across the ring Amadeus and Ehren the King had decided to combine their efforts to take on Max Hopper and American Panda. Ehren and Max were trading fists and "OW!"s while Amadeus duked it out with the Panda. Both pairs of brawling Grapplers found their battles lead them to the ring ropes.

"Cordova with a HUGE dropkick on Judasbleek!"

Reno Davis called it, and called it accurately. The seated dropkick by Cordova was huge and hit it's mark perfectly, right square in Judasbleek's broad chest. It stumbled the big man but did not take him down. This surprised Cordova but did not slow him. He ducked a big right hand by Judasbleek and darted back to the turnbuckle. But he was met with Dallas Griffin's forearm smashing him in the face. Cordova tumbled backwards, leaving Judasbleek and Dallas Griffin standing in front of each other. It only took mere seconds for the fists to start flying.

Back on the other side of the ring, Amadeus had gotten the better of American Panda when Fanatic intervened and took Panda down with a bulldog. Amadeus took a gander over at his temporary ally in Ehren the King and saw that he had his hands more than full with Max Hopper unloading a series of kicks and elbows on him. Every time Ehren tried to put a hand up to block it was as if Max knew where it would be and countered accordingly. Ehren the King looked like he was one millisecond behind Max Hopper the entire time. But that did leave an opening for Amadeus.

"SWING AND A MISS!," MaryJane exclaimed. "Amadeus totally missed Max Hopper with a clothesline and sent Ehren the King over the ropes!"

"But not out, MJ," Reno replied, "Ehren is still very much in this ... nevermind."

A dropkick attempt by Amadeus was sidestepped by Max Hopper and Ehren the King one again found himself on the receiving end of an accidental Amadeus attack. This one sent the former Flyweight Champion from the ring apron to the ground below. Ehren the King was ...

"Two down," said Reno Davis, "eight more to go and then Malik Roland will be our new #1 Contender."

"Wait ... what?"

"Don't question me, woman."


Radio silence from Reno Davis, considering his headset was just spun around backwards on his head by MJ's bitchslap. Inside the ring, Amadeus found himself in a tough predicament with his upper body dangling over the top rope while Max Hopper attempted to shovel the bottom half across. Down below Ehren the King was screaming out accusations at Amadeus and when The Aristocrat fired back ... Ehren threw a ROYAL temper tantrum. He grabbed Amadeus by his hair and yanked the man out of the ring while Max Hopper now attempted to save Amadeus ... for some reason.

When Amadeus' feet hit the ground and he was eliminated Max Hopper profusely apologized, not that Amadeus could hear him with Ehren the King slamming the back of his head into the ground.

"YOU IDIOT! YOU IDIOT! YOU IDIOT!" Ehren cried out.


The two rolled around on the ground like a couple of angry school girls while Sir Reginald attempted to break up the melee. "GENTLEMEN!," he hollered. "MY KING! UNHAND MY KING!"

"Sorry about that, folks," Reno Davis commented. It sounded as if he was inside a wind tunnel and had thrown his microphone about 100 yards ahead of him. Technical difficulties indeed but a lesson learned. MaryJane Fields will slap the taste out of your mouth.

Back in the ring Fanatic spotted an unsuspecting Max Hopper from a distance and attacked ... brutally. In an entirely uncharacteristic move for Fanatic, he was aggressively punching and kicking Max Hopper while the man was down. Fanatic had completely lost it.

Meanwhile, Cordova's battle with Judasbleek raged on and he found himself pinned against the ropes. The monster's knee pressed against his chest, his hands attempting to shove Cordova's head off his shoulders.

"Cordova's height is actually an advantage for him in this situation, Reno."

"No fucking shit, MaryJane. Get a real job."

Max Hopper had officially been busted open now. Fanatic was headbutting Hopper over and over in his open wound ... and Max had no idea why. This was something he had never experienced before. It shook him to his core.

"Ff-Fu-Fa-natic," Max sputtered. "Why are you doing this?"

He obviously received no reply from Fanatic, well-known to be a mute. This made the sheer ruthlessness of the attack all the more scary. No expression, no reason, just punishment. This was not the Fanatic the fans had grown to love so much over the years.

"OHMYGODLOOKOUT!," MaryJane shrieked while Cordova's body flew through the air towards the announce table.


And through it. Cordova was out. MaryJane Fields and Reno Davis were out of a desk.

Back in the ring, Malik Roland and Judasbleek were circling each other like two rabid dogs about to pounce. Fanatic was still brutalizing Max Hopper. And Dallas Griffin found himself with some much needed time on his hands. He surveyed the two options available to him. On one hand he had two behemoths duking it out like they were fighting over Japan. On the other hand he's got a nearly unconscious Max Hopper and Fanatic with tunnel vision on killing him. Easy decision.

"FANATIC IS OUT!" Reno Davis was beside himself, for more reasons than just the broken table. "He didn't see it coming and it cost him the title shot. But, man, was he fierce tonight."

"Reno ... look at this."

Dallas Griffin, Judasbleek, and Malik Roland were each standing in one corner of the ring. Max Hopper was sitting on his corner's bottom turnbuckle. Arms draped over the top rope and blood running down his face. Max was drifting in and out of consciousness.

The three other men began trading blows mid-ring while Max pulled himself to his feet. He observed, shaking the cobwebs out, and began running calculations in his surely bruised brain. A side-step here, shuffle there, watch the back elbow, and ...

Just like that Max Hopper had separated Dallas Griffin from the fray. The former RingRat reared back but Max held his hands up in surrender.

"No, guy, listen! TEAM UP!"

"What?!," Dallas hollered back.

"You and me, guy, same team! We take them out and you can easily take me out, right?"

"Damn straight."

"Then it's settled," Max said, "and might I add that I love the camo motif."

And just like that an alliance was formed. The once and former Team Purple Drank was now officially Team Purple and Camo ... Drank. They were a well-oiled machine even if Max was bleeding profusely and could barely stand and Malik Roland was damn near eliminated already anyway, so when they arrived to help Judasbleek the result was instant.

"Well," Reno Davis whined, "there goes my pick."

"Dallas almost has Judasbleek out!"

And he did. Judasbleek was teetering on the ring apron and Dallas Griffin just knew it, this was his time.

Or not.

Max Hopper stumbled right into Dallas Griffin and managed to accidentally save Judasbleek's chances at winning in the process. But not his own, as El Negro Plaga decided he was lonely on the ring apron and yanked Max on to the outside with him. They began to trade blows with each other, and each time Max Hopper came closer and closer to dropping to his demise.

Dallas Griffin was all smiles in the ring, knowing he was moments away from his first shot at LoC gold. He shot across the ring and rebounded off the ropes, coming right at both Max Hopper and Judasbleek with a double clothesline.

"They dodged it!"

Max and Judasbleek both managed to pull back at the last moment, and Dallas Griffin eliminated himself.

He threw a fit outside while Judasbleek and a barely standing Max Hopper re-entered the ring. It was now down to two, last man standing would get a shot at Underground glory. For Judasbleek this was a chance at validation. For Hopper, so much more. Both men were about to put it all out on the line.

Max Hopper, bloody and beaten, was wobbly standing across the ring from a much fresher Judasbleek. For his part, the monster had done much more giving than receiving in the beating department. Hopper blocked a right hand from Judasbleek and delivered an expertly placed dropkick to the big man's knee. The kick actually dropped the behemoth to one knee and allowed Max as perfect a shot as ever at Bleek's head, which usually towered over him. Max took advantage with a big running knee lariat.

But that wasn't getting him any closer to throwing Judasbleek over the top rope. In fact, it was putting him further away. A fact MaryJane Fields was all too eager to point out.

"There's no way Max Hopper can lift Judasbleek alone."

It didn't take Judasbleek long to get back to a vertical position and once he did he unleashed the full force of his size and strength advantage on Max Hopper. He drilled Max with a huge boot to the face and when Max popped back up to his feet he was met with a series of rights and lefts to his face and body. And then ...

"CONSPIRATOR'S CROWN!," Reno Davis shouted.

Judasbleek lifted Hopper back to his feet but Max immediately dropped to his hands and knees, blood dripping from his forehead onto the canvas below. He looked up and around the Arena of Champions. Max Hopper needed a miracle.

Tonight the Legacy of Champions was taught a hard lesson about life. Sometimes the good guy doesn't win. The little guy doesn't triumph. Nice guys finish second to last. Max Hopper's feet hit the ground and he collapsed under the weight of his own body but he soon found himself feeling what he could only describe as floating.


Dallas Griffin smirked. Locking eyes with the just crowned Underground Championship Number One Contender, they spoke volumes to one another without uttering a single word. Regardless of any bad blood between the competitors of the battle royal there was now one undeniable fact, Judasbleek was coming for the Underground Championship.

While Judasbleek celebrated in the ring, the EMTs rushed to check on the now upright Max Hopper. Max was stumbling around ringside with the crimson mask in full effect. They approached him with caution and asked him if he could hear him. They said his name was Max.

"Max," he said.


"Max ..."


"I'm Max."


"I'm Max," he repeated. This time he looked the EMT in his eyes.

"Max, thank God. How do you feel?"

"Great," Max replied. "Where am I ... exactly?"

"Max, you're on Self Destruction!"

"Self Destruction ...," Max said back.

"Right ... Self Destruction. Listen, Max, come back to see the doc with me and let's get that cut sewed up.


"Your head, Max. You're bleeding everywhere."

Max felt his forehead, his palm almost splashing upon touching it. He pulled away a blood-covered palm and became dazed. "I'm Max," he said.

"Sure are, buddy, and we're going to take care of ya." The EMT began leading Max up the ramp to the back. Max casually strolled behind him, awestruck with the flashing LED stage set-up and the giant LegacyTron.

Self Destruction cut to Matt Mills backstage.

Winner: Judasbleek, NEW Underground Champions #1 Contender

"Bang! Zoom! The Team Champions Punch You in the Face"

Matt Mills was dressed in his finest three piece suit. He adjusted his scarlet tie and winked at the camera. He stood in front of a flowing flag of the "LoC' logo. "Tonight at Self Destruction, I have the pleasure of introducing," Reveal: Jack Harmen, chewing gum, tag strapped draped over his left shoulder. Then, Tony Davis bobbing his head holding classic stereo headphones to his right ear. Mary-Lynn Mayweather was on the far right, clipboard in hand, arms crossed over her chest. "the World Tag Team Champions, Team VIAGRA." Mills smiled, and extended his hand to Harmen. "Jack Harmen, you're a legend in this sport, it's great to have you in LoC. It's such a pleasure to... meet... you."

Harmen continued to chew his gum, exaggerating his mouth movements as he narrowed his eyes at Mills' extended hand. "I'm sorry Matt, both my hands are currently occupied. I've got my tag strap on my left," Harmen nodded his head to his shoulder, "And I've got my Invisible Legacy of Champions World Heavyweight strap over my right. It's a heavy burden being the man who pinned 'Superstar' Vince Jacobs... AGAIN." Harmen smiled. "So whatever happens tonight, I'm letting the foolish and doomed individual who survives Self Destruction with MY NEW SHINY title belt know right now, I'm cashin' in these straps at the next Violence and walkin' out with YOUR Legacy."

"But Jack, you've got to successfully defend your tag title straps tonight before you even have a chance! Oddsmakers are split on your match against the Cut Diamonds. At ‘Or Die Trying,' you only eeked your way past the two hungry youngsters in KIRU and Kaus." Mills backed off a moment as Harmen sneered at him. "I'm just saying, it's not a forgone conclusion."

"Never is." Harmen smiled. "Why I love this game. Let the rookies take their shot. I love being Goliath." Harmen adjusted the strap on his shoulder. "KIRU and Kaus will one day hold these belts Mills, but it ain't gonna happen tonight." Harmen slapped the strap.

"Jack," Mary-Lynn spoke up, "I still say we should have watched more tape."

"Non-sense!" Harmen shouted, arm waving. "We use computers now Mary." Harmen blinked. "I'm not waiting to rewind shit."

"YEAH!" Tony Davis shouted, stepping further in frame. "Unless you're a DJ! RICKA-RICKA-REEEEE!" Davis mimed scratching records. Harmen and Mary-Lynn deadpan starred at him as Davis slumped his shoulders. "See?" Davis pulled out his Majora's Mask 3DS. "This is why I'm always so quiet. Cracka-lacka-wocka-wocka." Davis wandered off frame. Harmen turned to Mills with raised eyebrows.

"Did you-"

"Definitely heard that." Mills responded.

"That was-" Harmen started. "Weird." Harmen sighed. "Even for Tony."

Mary leaned in. "Buzzfeed just put out the twenty worst rap albums of the 90s."

"And?" Harmen asked.

"His was 4th."

"Wow." Harmen tilted his head. "There are three worse rappers than Tony?" Harmen blinked. "Who knew?" Harmen shook his head and returned to Mills. "Listen Mills, greater men than you have doubted me, and sometimes they're right, and sometimes they're wrong. But in the end, I get what I want. And I want what Jacobs has." Harmen leaned in, smiling a mile wide. "So, KIRU and Kaus are just going to have to wait their turn, while I go do what I do, and make my LEGACY. Just how I always do." Harmen rushed off screen. "Hurry you lecherous Law-Wench! We need to add more iron to your clipboard of bludgeondry!"

Mary-Lynn sighed and turned to Mills. "He's usually a decent human being-" Mary-Lynn chuckled through her speech, "-and I can't keep a straight face so I'll be going-nice-to-meet-you-bye!"

Mary-Lynn rushed off screen, leaving Matt Mills by himself. Mills took a deep breath. "You went to journalism school Matt. You are a professional."

Mills turned around and bumped into Tony Davis, who had returned. Tony draped one arm over Mills' shoulder, "You might know. How do I punch Buzzfeed?" Davis raised his clenched fist. "Like, right in the face."

Mitaki vs. Mattock(c)

It was only a few short weeks ago that Mitaki teamed with Mattock, defeating The Legion of Dairy. It was that victory that caused LoC officials to grant Mitaki his second opportunity at the Flyweight Championship. He came up short against the former champion KIRU, but now that he has tagged with Mattock, perhaps that knowledge will prove to be useful here tonight at Self Destruction.

"Asian Sensation"

The crowd cheered as Mitaki came out from the backstage area. Mitaki cracked his knuckles at the top of the ramp before heading down to the ring with a look of focus and determination on his face. Mitaki hopped up onto the ring apron and front flipped over the top rope into the ring and where he ended up in a knelt position. Mitaki stood and warmed up as his music died down.

The lights in the arena shut off completely. A lone spotlight shined down on the entrance ramp. Suddenly, the lyrics to "On My Own" from the Tokyo Ghoul soundtrack played over the PA system.

Darkness falls on another day,...
And the light just seems so far away.
Am I here all alone?
‘cause it just feels so cold....
Oh so cold

With that, it actually began to SNOW inside the Arena of Champions as the crowd became bathed in a blue hue. Smoke began to fill the entrance ramp

Is there more than what meets the eye?
Something higher keeping me alive?
Is there hope buried deep within?
Is it what's needed.... begin again?

With that, the smoke disappeared and revealed Mattock crawled his hands and knees, close to the ground. His mask was completely different this time around. It covered his forehead and then ran down the bridge of his nose, protruding out like a long beak. In the center of the mask was a large, glowing red eye. Wrapped around Mattock's waist was a band that had a large spiny centipede tail attached to it that dragged behind him as he crawled slowly and eerily as the snow fell around him.

Now I must believe...
In something....
I cannot see....
for now...

Mattock stopped half way down the entrance ramp and stood up, unfastening the waist band, detaching the centipede tail from his body, revealing the jOlt Flyweight Championship.



"Unravel" by TK (English Cover)

No opening lyrics.. just right into the song as the lights in the arena pulsated in color as Mattock stood there looking up to the ceiling with his arms outstretched. After the the opening guitar riffs, Mattock walked the rest of the way down to the ring and climbed up onto the ring apron, hanging from the top rope with one leg dangling off the edge. He then crawled through the bottom and middle ropes to enter the ring. From the all fours position, he showed some good balance by pulling himself up to his feet using nothing but his legs. He then let out a battle cry as he looked to the ceiling and pulled off his centipede mask.

Underneath was his regular face... no ghoul mask this time. He dropped the mask off at ringside and unfastened the title as the arena returned to normal. The crowd gave Mattock a "That was awesome" chant as the referee held the belt up in the air. The referee passed it off to ringside and called for the bell.




Mattock and Mitaki circled each other in the ring. Mitaki threw a couple of kicks at Mattock to try and keep him at bay, but Mattock sped up and gave chase to Mitaki. Mitaki tried to get away, but Mattock caught up to him and grabbed him in a waist lock up and forced him down into the canvas. Mattock kept the waist lock cinched in as Mitaki twisted into a seated position, trying to unclasp Mattock's hands and break the grip, but the grip was solid and Mattock wasn't letting go. Mataki found the strength to get back up to his feet. The leverage helped Mitaki pry Mattock's fingers apart. It was then that Mitaki switched into a waist lock of his own, but Mattock quickly pivoted before Mitaki could fully lock it in and re-applied his waist lock where he took Mitaki back down to the canvas, slamming him down onto his stomach. Mattock immediately released the grip, stood, and nailed a Double Foot Stomp right into Mitaki's back!!!

Mattock quickly dropped an elbow into Mitaki's back, stood, hit a second elbow, stood, hit a third elbow, stood, hit a fourth, elbow, stood and paused. Mattock went to the corner and climbed the turnbuckle pads. He took aim on Mitaki and flipped off...



Mitaki wasn't going to allow himself to get hit like that early on in the match. He rolled out of the way and Mattock slammed down hard into the canvas. He held the point of his elbow as he got up to his feet. Mitaki was there to meet him with a series of quick front kicks that backed Mattock into the corner. Mitaki then switched to alternating knee lifts before whipping Mattock across the ring to the opposite corner. Mitaki charged in, but Mattock lunged forward with a Palm Strike, but Mitaki, somehow, bridged backwards while keeping his forward momentum, and avoided it to the astonishment from the crowd! What was even more impressive was Mitaki twisting to his side after the bridge and catching Mattock with a Drop Toe Hold!!!

Mitaki got up and quickly hit the ropes behind Mattock. Mattock got up on all fours and that's when Mitaki leapt into the air and drove his knee into Mattock's upper back, driving him face first into the canvas!!! Mitaki pulled Mattock over and made the cover, feeling he could grab the title early into the match!



Kickout by the Flyweight Champion!

Mitaki stood and waited for Mattock to get to his feet. Mitaki went for a kick with his right leg, but Mattock used his arm to block it. Mitaki tried the left leg, but Mattock blocked it again. Mitaki with a left kick again, but Mattock grabbed the leg. Enzugiri attempt by Mitaki, but Mattock ducked it. Back the other with a heel kick by Mitaki, but Mattock ducked it again and Mitaki landed on his back. Jackknife pin by Mattock...



Left shoulder up and back down.



Right shoulder up and back down.



Both men bridged up and spun. Mattock attempted a backslide, but Mitaki flipped over and landed on his feet! Mitaki quickly hit a knee before Mattock could lift his head! Mitaki hooked Mattock for a suplex, but Mattock hit Mitaki with a knee to the head at the apex of the lift, giving him a receipt! Mitaki put Mattock down and punched away at his mid-section. He re-hooked him and tried again, but again Mattock hit the knee to the temple. Mitaki dropped him and that's when Mattock rolled forward, catching Mitaki in the top of the head with a Koppu Kick! Mitaki fell backwards and landed in a seated position against the bottom ropes!

Mattock took off in the opposite direction and bounced off the ropes. He gained momentum and flew at Mitaki's face, planting both feet into it with a Shotgun Drop Kick! Mattock quickly grabbed Mitaki by the legs and pulled him away from the ropes and by the corner. Mattock quickly headed up the turnbuckles and stood up top with his back to the ring. He twisted off with a Phoenix Splash, but at the end of the rotation, he stuck his leg out and nailed a Leg Drop...


The crowd broke into a "Holy Shit" chant as Mattock made the cover, hooking the leg deep.



Kick out by Mitaki!

Mattock stood and went out to the ring apron where he grasped the top rope. Mitaki got back to his feet as Mattock leapt up top and went for a Springboard Missile Drop Kick, but Mitaki side stepped and Mattock landed hard on his stomach. Mattock began to get up, but Mitaki saw his opponent and hit a running kick to the abdomen. Mattock flipped to his back and held his stomach in pain as Mitaki stomped down on Mattock's abdomen to keep him grounded. Mitaki then went to the corner and climbed up top. Once he got up top, he took aim and leapt off, nailing the flying double knee strike, burying both knees into Mattock's abdomen!!


That was a huge receipt for the double foot stomp Mattock gave Mitaki earlier in the match, except it looks like Mitaki could walk away with a Flyweight Championship with this pin right here!



Th.. NO!!

Mattock kicked out of it!

Mitaki pulled Mattock to his feet and hit a knife edge chop across the chest. He hit a second, then a third. Mattock staggered away as Mitaki pressed Mattock against the ropes and sent him across the ring with the whip. Mitaki charged in and leapt up, looking for a Snap Huracanrana, but Mattock grabbed him in mid air and shook the arena with a SICK powerbomb that made the crowd groan in agony unanimously. Mitaki looked dead and even the force of the powerbomb caused Mattock to take a couple of steps back to regain his balance.

Mattock positioned Mitaki and headed for the corner once again. There had been a lot of flying going on in this match here at Self Destruction and it looked like Mattock wasn't intending on staying grounded any time soon. Mattock perched himself up top and spun off with the Corkscrew Shooting Star Press...



Mitaki put the knees up and Mattock slammed down on top of them, dealing even more damage to his abdomen!! How Mitaki knew how to do that after taking a hellacious powerbomb is beyond us, but he got the knees up nevertheless! Mitaki staggered back to his feet and shook off the powerbomb's effects. As Mattock got himself back up, Mitaki went back to hitting alternating knee lifts to Mattock's stomach, trying to soften him up and take the air out of his system. Mattock hunched over and Mitaki hit a few well-placed elbows into the upper back of Mattock before taking off to the ropes. Mitaki went for a Shining Wizard, but Mattock moved his head, scooped Mitaki up in his arms, stood and nailed a second MASSIVE powerbomb!!!!

Crowd: OOOOOH!!!!!

It had to be lights out for Mitaki as Mattock made the cover!



Thre.. NO!!!

Mitaki got the shoulder up and even Mattock couldn't believe that he kicked out of that one!

Mattock stood up and bent his middle finger down then pressed on his with his thumb as he cracked the bone and tilted his head to the side. A grin came over Mattock's face as he got behind Mitaki and stalked him. Mitaki stood and that's when Mattock spun him around and delivered a toe kick. He pulled Mitaki up onto his shoulders with a Fireman's Carry and flipped him over with a Death Valley Driver, but he turned and knee'd Mitaki in the back of the head on the way down!!!


Mitaki fell to a knelt position. Mattock immediately grabbed him by the waist and pulled him up. Mattock nailed a German Suplex, but rolled through with it to his feet where he pulled Mitaki up, got underneath him and spun him out with a Blue Thunder Driver!!!


Mattock held him down with a cover...



Thr.. NO!!!!



Mattock stood up looked down at Mitaki. He looked to ringside and asked for his Centipede Mask. He was handed it and he placed the mask on his head. Mattock then immediately crouched down low to the canvas as he stalked Mitaki. When Mitaki stood, Mattock slowly rose to his feet with him. Mattock ripped the mask back off and tossed it away to ringside. He then charged in... pivoted... and went for the Roaring Elbow...


... DUCKED!!!!

Mitaki turned around and laid it into Mattock when he turned to face him...


Mattock when down, but after taking all that punishment, Mitaki lost his balance and fell to a single knee. He shook it off and headed to the corner where he climbed up top. Mitaki was a bit slow, but the fans were rallying behind him. He took aim and leapt off going for the Senton Bomb...


It connected!!! Mitaki hit the champion with his finisher and the crowd popped! Mitaki turned over and crawled into the cover!




Mattock kicked out of it!

"THIS IS AWESOME" Clap Clap ClapClapClap
"THIS IS AWESOME" Clap Clap ClapClapClap
"THIS IS AWESOME" Clap Clap ClapClapClap
"THIS IS AWESOME" Clap Clap ClapClapClap
"THIS IS AWESOME" Clap Clap ClapClapClap

Mattock's abdomen was incredibly sore at this point. He knew that if he took another one of those, he would be done for. Mitaki sensed this as well and pulled Mattock back to his feet. He scoop slammed him back down and headed for the corner. Mitaki climbed up top, but Mattock knew it was now or never. He gritted his teeth and fought through the pain to get up to unseat Mitaki up top! Mattock then took a moment to regain his composure before turning and climbing the turnbuckles. Mattock made his way to the top where he grabbed Mitaki for a Superplex, but Mitaki began to punch away at Mattock's injured mid-section! Mattock released the grip and Mitaki headbutted him off the top!! Mattock landed on his back as Mitaki stood!!!




Mattock pulled himself up with the ropes as Mitaki staggered to his feet. Mitaki turned around and Mattock exploded out of the corner with the Roaring Elbow!!!!


Mitaki went down in a heap! Mattock collapsed on top of him, hooking the leg!



Thr.. NO!!!!!!


Mattock was in shock! He grabbed Mitaki and pulled him to his feet. Mattock hit a knife edge chop, a front kick, then a forearm smash, then another chop... but when he went for that second chop, Mitaki ducked it, turned around and leapt up hitting a Gamengiri!!! Mattock staggered back and fell to a single knee! Mitaki charged in, looking for the Shining Wizard, like he did earlier in the match, but again, Mattock countered by picking up Mitaki, but Mitaki front rolled through into a Sunset Flip, but Mattock rolled through and went for a Drop Kick to the face, but Mitaki rolled to the side, stood, went for a Super Kick, but Mattock dodged. Waist lock by Mattock, standing switch by Mitaki. Mitaki pivoted Mattock around and swung with a clothesline. Mattock pivoted and caught Mitaki in the back of the head...


Mitaki fell face first into the canvas and it looked like he was knocked out cold!!! Mattock rolled him over and made the cover, hooking the leg deep!




The fans stood and gave both men a standing ovation!! Mattock was exhausted, but the referee walked over and helped him up to his feet. He handed Mattock the Flyweight Championship and Mattock clung it close to his body. Mattock had his hand raised, but he immediately doubled over, holding his abdomen. Mattock exited the ring and stumbled to the back. The look of strain on his face said it all. Mattock walked to the backstage area, stopping at the top of the entrance ramp. The centipede tail was still there from his entrance.

Mattock bent over and picked it up. He wrapped the band around his waist and re-attached the tail to his body. Mattock turned and got down on all fours as the lights in the arena dimmed. While he crouched close to the ground, smoke filled the stage once again. Covering and enveloping Mattock. After a few moments, the smoke disappeared and Mattock was gone!

The crowd applauded the exit. By the time Mattock left, Mitaki had rolled out of the ring and began to stumble towards the ramp. "Asian Sensation" kicked in as the fans gave him a standing ovation, despite the fact that Mitaki wasn't pleased with the outcome. Mitaki walked up the ramp and disappeared behind the curtain, bringing an end to an epic encounter between two of LoC's top Flyweights!

Winner: Mattock via Pinfall


Elegant light fixtures hung from vaulted ceilings that must have been two stories high. There was a second floor that some people might call a loft area while others might call it big enough to fit their entire house. We could glimpse a kitchen area, and what looked to be a small gym, but our focus was suddenly drawn in by two men, one stretched out on a couch, the other leaning forward in a ‘fuck you, I'm a bachelor' leather chair. They were watching the show on a very large, very expensive flat-screen television.

The crowd cheered.

"Hey!" Billows pointed at the screen, "This show just got good!"

Monte Burns leaned back in the chair, "Yes it did."

Billows swung his feet down off the couch, onto the floor, "This show...this show just GOLDEN!"

Billows wide-eyed and with cartoonishly raised eyebrows gave a huge cheeseball grin to Monte. The Golden Child simply shook his head. No, Billows. No.

The realization occurred that this exquisite setting must be Billows's newly finished backstage loft. It belonged on the top floor of a casino in Las Vegas.

"Sometimes, we see wrestlers backstage watching what's going on via a monitor, right? Shouldn't we actually be seeing a wrestler watching himself watch himself watch himself? Why has nobody pointed this out before?" Billows suddenly thought out loud.

Monte reached over, grabbing the control for the television. He turned the TV off, probably for everyone's good. "Because nobody else thinks like you do."

"Well," Billows stood up, sighing, "Thank somebody holy for that."

"That somebody holy is going to have their hands full tonight--"

"Ehhhhh I don't think Frost is the praying type." Billows interjected.

"He needs to start. Immediately." Burns noticed Billows was no longer by the couch, "Where are you going?"

"Piss! Keep talking! I'm listening and so are millions of other people!" Billows was around the corner.


Billows poked his head around the corner, "YELL! PUT THE FEAR OF SOMEBODY HOLY IN THAT PENNYWISE LOOKIN PRICK!"

The crowd roared as Billows disappeared again.

Monte turned back to the camera, shook his head and smiled,

"You know, somehow, I'm really starting to like this guy," he said as the crowd cheered. "Now then, about Frost. What's there to say about that big, walking zombie goof? He's about 330 pounds from the neck down and 2 ounces from the neck up thanks to that big black hole he calls a brain. His human STD of a wife might as well put him on a leash,"

Burns paused and grinned, as he could hear some laughter coming from the crowd.

"But the thing is, Frost....I'm having fun right now, but I'll be enjoying myself even more later tonight when I put you out of commission and out of my way. THEN....I can finally focus on getting my true second shot at that Underground Championship."

Billows came back over, patting Monte on the back, "See, I knew you had a thing or two to get off your chest."

The Risen Lion smiled at the camera. Burns looked at Billows.

"Well, go on then." Burns said, "Don't act like you wanted me to do all the talking. We all know this segment isn't going to end without Billows getting his fair share of verbal smackdown in." Billows smiled, but remained somewhat somber, "You know, Monte....folks..." Billows started, "I've talked a lot of shit about Derecho. A lot. Pointed out that his constant scowl makes it look like he's stuck in a never-ending cropdust? CHECK. Pointed out the multiple ways in which I'm significantly better than him? CHECK. Insulted him via tasteless jokes that insinuated I slept with his wife? CHECK. I've talked a lot of shit, but you know why?"

Billows stepped in closer to the camera, "BECAUSE THE GUY THREW ME OFF THE RAMP THROUGH A TABLE! ADUUHHHHHHH!"

The crowd cheered, and Burns couldn't help but laugh.

Billows continued, "Derecho didn't like me reminding him of a sore spot in his career, so he threw me off. the. stage. through. a. table. Seems reasonable." Shrug. "I decided I would respond by going ahead and putting him through yet another sore spot in his career. And that comes to fruition tonight. TONIGHT! TOOOOOOONIGHT AT SELF DESTRUCTION WHEN THE LION CONQUERS THE WORLD-BREAKER!"

The crowd cheered once more.

"Derecho, I hope you're ready. I hope you're ready to take on not just The Risen Lion, but The Risen Lion's pride as well. They're a feisty bunch who happen to be so sick and tired of your tune that they're ready to see if I can land a kick to your vocal box and you know--"

A knock on the door stopped Billows in his tracks as he turned around and glanced at Monte, "You order a pizza or something?"

"I'm in the best shape of my life, I haven't touched pizza in ages." Monte responded. "My chef would have my ass for that."

Billows started walking towards the door, turning back to Monte, "You shittin' me? We're getting some pies after the show tonight."

Billows opened the door and he immediately sneered, " NO! GOD, NO!"

There stood Mr. Conspiracy's favorite backstage assistant, who now had his very own name tag and uniform.

"Trust me, I'm not any happier to be here than you are to have me. It disgusts me to see such flamboyant displays of ‘oooohlala look how rich I am.'" The assistant looked around the loft.

"Your boss just got back from vacation on a massive boat with Jay-Z and Beyonce..." Monte pointed out.

"YEAH!" Billows leaned in, looking at the assistant's name-tag, "...MILT--wait, really? Milton? Man, it all makes sense now."

Milton drew back for a moment, "What do you mean?"

"If I was named Milton," Billows started, "Well...If I was named Milton, I guess I'd probably wind up acting like a Milton."

The crowd laughed.

"What is that--who do you think--No." Milton composed himself, "I won't get lured into frustration by your stupid verbal barbs. You mentioned our boss, and that's why I'm here."

"And here we thought you just came to hang out." The Golden Child rolled his eyes.

Billows snickered to himself as Milton had to work very hard to ignore Monte.

"Mr. Conspiracy sent me to let you know that you and Monte have gone over your allotted time here, and being that Billows is the one who requested the camera man and five minutes of air time, it is Billows who will be fined $1,000 for every minute of time past the five minutes. Mr. Conspiracy is also fining Billows $10,000 for his conduct on LEGENDS 7. Included in the match contract that Billows and Derecho signed was the stipulation that Billows and Mr. Conspiracy had previously verbally agreed upon. That Billows would not lay hands on Derecho until THIS EVENING AT SELF DESTRUCTION. It stated clearly in the contract that Billows had so hurriedly signed that violation of this stipulation would lead to a $10,000 dollar fine."

Billows looked at the ceiling before turning his back on Milton to grin at Monte. Burns shook his head.

Billows turned back around, but Milton wasn't finished.

"In addition to the aforementioned," Milton checked his watch, "... going on $14,000 dollars, Mr. Conspiracy would like to point out that LoC can fine its performers for unprofessional behavior in the ring based on a case by case basis. Mr. Conspiracy has deemed your flagrant disrespect against a person of authority, himself, on LEGENDS 7 as unprofessional behavior. That's $10,000. So, that's a total of, $24,000 you owe in fines and Mr. Conspiracy expects you to pay up this evening." Milton finally finished, and added a smile.

Billows smiled back, "First off...thank you for taking so long to explain all of that considering I'm being charged by the minute now."

"Sure thing, no problem. We'll probably be around $30,000 by the time this is done. It's not like you're going to keep things succinct. You enjoy flapping those primadonna lips of yours' far too much." Milton was a smartass.

Billows turned around, facing Monte, hands his hips. "I'm about to kick Milton in his little Bradley."

"What?" Monte asked, a little confused but thinking he had the gist of what Billows was saying.

"That's what I would name my penis if my name was Milton. It'd be Milton's Bradley." Billows nodded.

The crowd cheered and Burns laughed. Billows shook his head as he leaned over to a table by the door, opening the drawer and pulling out a checkbook.

"One last jest but now you're silent. That's fitting. Time to pay your penance and suddenly words elude you. Nothing wise to say now, huh?"

The crowd was booing Milton. The guy had a swarmy, persnickety, easily dislikeable characteristic about him. Billows' jaw tightened and he quickly finished filling out the check before shoving it into Milton's chest.

Milton looked at the check, "This is for $50,000?!"

Billows nodded.

"Wha---Why?" Milton asked.

"Because" Billows stated, "Whether I keep things succinct or not, I can't imagine what Conspiracy is going to do when you go back to him and deliver a message."

"What messa--"


Billows slapped the taste out of Milton's mouth. The crowd cheered. However, it had to be said that while Billows was so often quick to let things roll off his shoulders, he has his buttons just like any other human being. Milton had pushed them, and Mr. Hyde surfaced from Billows now.

Billows leaned in, pointing in Milton's face, "If you were any kind of a man, that would have been delivered with a closed fist. You tell JCONNNNN that if he wants me to put up with his bullshit, he better deliver it himself, because at least he's competed in this sport. That gives me some excuse to cling to when I have to stomach his stupid ego-feeding shit. YOU? Who are you, Milton? Who the hell are you? You're just a miserable little drip from a sick prick. I don't care who you take your orders from, I'll be goddamned if some Milton is going to walk in here and just Milton up the vibes all willy-nilly. So, yeah. Eat a dick, Milton. Goodbye, Milton."

And with that, Billows slammed the door.

The Golden Child had stood up when Billows slapped Milton, and he stood there looking at Billows, surprised, "Billows...I...did not know you had that side to you."

Billows breathed in and then out, "Woosah." He shook his head, "you know...I just really don't like that guy. I'm not an advocate for bullying...but at the same time. If your name is Milton and you work in an environment where everyone is bigger than you..."

Monte nodded, "It would probably be beneficial to practice some respect? No. I get it. No need to's just. MAN! Witty one-liners to badass intensity. I don't know how to say this, but...I'm a Billows MARK!"

Monte clapped Billows on the back, and managed to bring Billows back into a good mood.

"The legendary Golden Child ain't too shabby of a fan to have," Billows grinned, "ALRIGHT!"

"Alright?" Monte smiled.



Monte looked at the camera before deciding to inject some attitude of his own into this segment, "HASHTAG EAT A DICK MILTON!"

The crowd roared as Burns shrugged and then shoved the camera aside before following Billows off-screen.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you get a crowd going.

Approving of this apparent budding friendship between Billows and Monte Burns, the fans were left roaring as the segment ended.

Cut Diamonds vs. Team VIAGRA(c)

It was now time for what was being unofficially called a rematch from Or Die Trying when LoC crowned the first Tag Team Champions of the new era. While this was technically true, more to the point... this was a shot at redemption for what some consider to be the top tag team in LoC to have not won the gold. The Cut Diamonds met Team VIAGRA in the finals of the Team Turmoil Tournament only to fall to the long-time veteran tag team.

The technical wizard by the name of Kaus and the former Flyweight Champion, KIRU had been enveloped in the Flyweight division while also making waves as a tag team on the rise. They defeated former Tag Team Champions Blitzkrieg Funk in a #1 Contender's match to make it here tonight, but now The Cut Diamonds were a little wiser and little stronger. They still didn't have the dearth of tag team experience that Team VIAGRA had, but they wouldn't let that get to them. Could Team VIAGRA fend off the hungry challengers one more time to keep their gold or was it finally time for the new blood to LoC to finally rise?

"Ladies and gentlemen, the following tag team contest is set for one fall and this will be contested for the LoC Tag Team Championships!" Brad Arnold said as the crowd cheered.

"Daredevil Theme (Blind Justice remix)" by Graeme Revell.

Two forms started to appear on either side of the stage, being elevated from dual platforms. There were two bright blue names on the backs of their sleeveless leather coats...



And a name shined on the stage now...


The crowd cheered as the #1 Contenders walked towards the ring in matching sleeveless trenchcoats with all sorts of elaborate patterns that shined with a blue glow in the darkness. Kaus led the two towards the ring while KIRU rocked his signature black goggles as both men slapped hands with the fans going down the aisleway.

Camera phone flashes tried to light up the arena as KIRU and Kaus started to walk down the aisleway and headed into the ring. Both men took a turnbuckle and soaked in the adulation of the roaring crowd in the Arena of Champions before they leaped into the ring to talk strategy. The Cut Diamonds had some kind of a gameplan in mind and it was going to take everything they had if they were going to successfully wrestle away the Tag Team Titles from a group as legendary and as talented as Team VIAGRA.

"Happy Go Sucky Fucky" by Die Antwood.

And now you get the whole shi-bop.

Strobe Lights.

Colored ramp way. An epileptic inducing LegacyTron of inter-spliced blue VIAGRA pills along side the words:

"Take the Blue Pill."

Cue: Team Viagra, standing underneath an ever changing array of colors spotlight, making their stand. Harmen and Davis, back to back, fury in the Lunatic's eyes, disinterest in Davis as he played his 3DS. Mary-Lynn knelt in front of them, arms crossed with her clipboard tucked underneath her arm pit. A wobbly duct-tilt angle as the cameraman rushed up the ramp to center frame the Trio. Mary-Lynn rose to her feet like a coach, slapping the clipboard with the palm of her hand. Davis and Harmen took that as their usual cue and broke for ringside. The two raced, not losing a step as they slid under the bottom rope, although Harmen did get there a few seconds quicker. Then again, Davis didn't even stop playing his 3DS on his way, as he floated over to VIAGRA's corner and rests his upper body against the lowest turnbuckle pads.

The Majora's Mask logo on his special edition 3DS was prominently product placed center frame, as you could faintly hear the Skull Kid's theme emanating from it. Harmen climbed the turnbuckles and threw up his trademark devil horn metal taunt. Mary-Lynn finally joined her long-time clients, and received a few cat calls as she entered the ring. She smiled and waved them off, patting Harmen on the back as he dropped from the middle rope. As their music faded Davis snapped his 3DS shut and rose to his feet. Both men wore

In VIAGRA's corner, Harmen leaned his head forward and rested it against Davis' forehead. Harmen's fire and tenacity seemed to seep into the usually disinterested Davis like osmosis. They raised the Tag Team Titles in the air before Arnold made with the ring introductions.

"Introducing first, they are the challengers... at a combined weight of 445 pounds... they are the team of "The Chop Doctor" KIRU and "The Diamond Warrior" Kaus... they are THE CUT DIAMONDS!"

Kaus and KIRU raised their hands in the air before they turned to face Jack Harmen and Tony Davis while Mary-Lynn Mayweather lingered about the outside.

"And in the corner to my right... at a combined weight of 502 pounds, being accompanied to the ring by the Tiny Attorney, Mary-Lynn Mayweather... JACK HARMEN AND TONY DAVIS... TEAM VIAGRA!"

Harmen shook hands with both Kaus and KIRU, but KIRU in particular held the handshake firmly and looked at the Tag Team Title in Harmen's right hand. He lost his own Flyweight Championship a few weeks ago, but another title would cure what ailed him. The challengers glanced at the gold and it would be KIRU and Jack Harmen squaring off. Over the course of a couple of weeks during fights with Blitzkrieg Funk, both men had been the accidental recipient of each other's respective finishers, Harmen's LOCOMOTIVE Yakuza Kick and KIRU's Cutdown Bicycle Knee Strike. They were ready for a fight.



Right as the bell rang, the crowd went nuts as KIRU lashed out right at Jack Harmen with a hard Elbow Smash to the face, sending him bouncing back to the corner! The former LoC Flyweight Champion went on the attack to one half of the legendary tag team and attacked him in the corner. Harmen felt these painful chops before and he was about to feel them again..











Harmen was doubled over and left with red welts on his chest after the five BLISTERING Knife-Edge Chops and KIRU followed up with a quick Thrust Kick that sent Harmen all the way out to the floor! Kaus looked on somewhat in shock that his partner went the vicious route, but The Cut Diamonds wanted the gold so they couldn't afford to slow things down this time - they needed to up the tempo and that's exactly what KIRU was going to do as he ran the ropes...


He flew right through the ropes and The Cut Above took off all the way out to the floor where he caught the former High Flyer in the face! The crowd was already going nuts as KIRU stood up, but he wasn't done yet. He slid back into the ring and headed to get some momentum going again as he headed off the ropes. Harmen was just about ready to get back up when he saw another blur approach him...

ELBOW SUICIDIA x2 - Electric Boogaloo!

KIRU caught him square in the jaw again with another flying elbow! The former Flyweight Champion went back to his feet again as Harmen was looking worse for wear, but KIRU still wasn't done. Mary-Lynn Mayweather was freaking out for the well-being of her mentor as The Chop Doctor was in the ring again for shot number three...


That was the worst of the three shots as KIRU sailed clear through the ropes a third time to connect with another shot to the face! Harmen was laid out cold on the ground when the crowd was going nuts.


KIRU was on FIYAH right now as he picked up Harmen by his hair and threw him back inside the ring. He headed into the ring by leaping over and landing with BOTH feet into Harmen's chest courtesy of a Slingshot Stomp! He went for a cover now!



THR... NO!

It was a CLOSE one right off the bat and Harmen just popped his shoulder up! KIRU went to pick him up again when Harmen surprised him with a suddedn Seated Jawbreaker before he tagged out to Tony Davis! The bigger man in the neon wrestling gear headed into the ring and he rushed right at KIRU, taking him down with a big Shoulder Tackle! The collegiate wrestler went down and tried a cover off the bat.


TWO... NO!

He picked up KIRU by his hair, but KIRU broke his grip and fired off a STIFF trifecta of kicks to the leg before trying to whip him to the corner. He reversed and threw him into the corner before waking the fuck up and CLOBBERING him with a Corner Clothesline! The normally-aloof Davis was now looking to punish KIRU as he cocked an arm back and landed a succession of harsh Clotheslines right to his chest!

He them pulled KIRU out of the corner by his arm and slapped in a Front Facelock before lifting him high for a Vertical Suplex... but he didn't let him go immediately...


Both the name of the incredible Delayed Vertical Suplex along with the sounds that the crowd was making as he held KIRU up in the air. Harmen was still checking to make sure that both of his nipples were still in place after having them nearly chopped off by one of the challengers. Davis DROPPED him hard after about twenty long seconds and went for the cover again!




KIRU kicked out with a big shoulder, but Tony Davis wasn't going to let him go that easily. He reached down to pick up the former Flyweight Champion when KIRU got his foot up and kicked him right between the eyes! Davis staggered back and KIRU rolled over to tag out to Kaus for the first time! The fans in attendance - and a few of the ladies - cheered as Kaus ripped off his shirt and tossed it into the crowd!

The Cut Diamonds both went after the bigger Tony Davis and they ganged up on him as Kaus fired off a series of elbows as KIRU made with the Shoot Kicks to the chest in the corner. They both whipped him off the ropes and then they both took him down with a Double Running Dropkick! KIRU and Kaus both kipped to their feet and the crowd cheered the show of athleticism from both men before Kaus went for a cover on Davis...




The Original Degenerate got his shoulder up again when The Diamond Warrior went after the left arm. He twisted the joint around and tried to work it over with a series of twists followed by delivering some shoulders to the larger Davis. The Tag Team Champion blocked a shot and fired back with a right hand of his own before showing Kaus into the corner. KIRU saw that his partner was in danger and tried to rush to his aid when Harmen entered the ring and BLASTED him over the top rope with a Clothesline, sending him all the way out to the floor!

Kaus came back with a flurry of left and right Forearm Smashes to the face of Davis and ran off the ropes, but when he came back with a big swing, Davis ducked and caught him from behind. Harmen ran forwards just as Davis had Kaus hoisted up for a Back Suplex, delivering a big Belly to Back/Neckbreaker combination mid-ring!


The crowd celebrated with both members of Team VIAGRA while Mary-Lynn watched from the outside, cheering on her boys. Harmen returned to the corner just as Davis tried another cover now...




The former Flyweight Champion rushed in and broke up the cover, but Davis shoved him away from him and pushed Kaus back to the corner. The Diamond Warrior was held in the corner by The Original Degenerate as he tagged to Harmen and the Hall of Fame-level wrestler caught him with a series of rights. They whipped Kaus into a neutral corner and Davis charged in with a big Splash before ducking down to all fours. Harmen used his partner as a launching pad, leaping off his back to deliver a Leg Lariat in the corner! Kaus was taken down a peg by Team VIAGRA and now Harmen went for a cover.




Kaus' shoulder was up off the mat, but now KIRU tried to come to his partner's aid again with a Leg Drop to the back of Harmen's head! The Lunatic backed off when Tony Davis came charging in again and clocked KIRU with a right hand before sending him back into the corner.

"LEAVE MY NIPS ALONE!" Harmen belted out.

Davis also charged right at KIRU and squashed him like a pancake with a big Running Shoulder Tackle to the breadbasket. He doubled down and waited as Harmen tried to run to repeat their variation on Poetry in Motion. Instead, Kaus grabbed him by the leg and tripped him on the ground! Tony Davis didn't see his partner coming and then paid for it...



The crowd went nuts when KIRU leaped out of the corner and drove both feet right into the back of Davis' head, dropping the Original Degenerate down! Tony rolled out of the ring and headed to the floor as both of The Cut Diamonds recovered now, trying to single out The Lunatic. They both picked up Harmen and whipped him into their corner as Kaus rushed forward and fired off a Corner Elbow Smash to the head! He waited...


The Corner Big Boot caught Harmen right on the button! KIRU threw him out of the corner and the former Flyweight Champion went over and hooked both legs, trying to go for the win and the Tag Team Titles!




Harmen's shoulder went up, but now The Cut Diamonds were in control of the match's pace. Tony Davis was being helped to his feet by Mary-Lynn as cradled the back of his head in pain. He limped upwards to his corner as KIRU worked over one half of the Tag Team Champions with a series of hard kicks to the gut. He stomped away at him before lifted him up and locked him up nice and tight in an Octopus Stretch!

"OW! OW! MUCH OW!" Harmen screamed.

The submission hold was getting tougher to break for him and The Lunatic struggled in the hold as KIRUS continued putting on the pressure. Harmen continued to fight while the crowd chanted along...


The clapping and support was growing for both of Legacy of Champions favorite teamsw. Harmen was having more rough of a time trying to break free from the hold since KIRU was more or less wrapped around his body. Davis and Mayweather willed him on as Kaus watched on, silently observing. He fell backwards to the mat.

Harmen didn't tap and managed to impressively scurry a few inches to his right and managed to get a foot on the ropes! The Chop Doctor made with the clean break, but KIRU did stay on him and muscled him all the way back to the corner of The Cut Diamonds. He tagged out to Kaus and he held him in place as The Diamond Warrior picked him up in a Fireman's Carry. Harmen tried to squirm free when he lifted him up...


He dropped him hard and the impact left him in a seated position as KIRU ran off the ropes and came back to deliver a NASTY Penalty Kick right to the chest! KIRU ran towards Davis and landed a hard kick, sending him off the ring apron again. He rushed and Kaus went for the cover on Jack Harmen!




Harmen made his career by having to take obscene amounts of punishment and this was no different, but now Harmen needed to make a tag and make a tag right the hell now. Kaus set him up in the seated position again and he ran off the ropes...


Almost out of instinct, Harmen kneeled backwards laying flat on the mat and Kaus whiffed right over him. When he tried to get back to his feet, Harmen managed to stand caught his oncoming opponent....


The not-often-seen but very effective take on the Michinoku Driver dumped The Diamond Warrior right on his head now and both men were down and in need of a tag. Harmen was hurt in a bad way after being worked over by the Diamonds the last few minutes as KIRU was in the corner, cheering on his tag team partner. If The Cut Diamonds wanted to upset Team VIAGRA tonight, they needed to keep The Lunatic from making it to the corner.


The crowd was showing their love for both teams as Kaus rolled slowly onto his stomach and headed over to the corner. Harmen was much slower to make it to his corner, but was finally starting to move, but not before...


Once he entered the ring, the Cut Diamond member tried to subdue Jack Harmen by grabbing his leg, but when he pulled backwards, Harmen rolled him up with a Wheelbarrow roll-up pin!



THR... NO!

The Lunatic almost caught KIRU unaware, but the former Flyweight Champion kicked out and got back to his feet, cutting Harmen off...


"OW! WHY THE FUCK...?!" Harmen screamed.

KIRU caught him with another chop to the chest and stunned The Lunatic in his tracks.whipped him off into the corner and charged right at him when Harmen caught him with an elbow to the face! He scrambled out of the corner and rolled forward where Tony Davis was waiting...


And now the crowd was going crazy for the bigger half of Team VIAGRA as he entered the ring! One half of the Tag Team Champions met KIRU in the middle of the ring with a big Clothesline that knocked the former Flyweight Champion down! He picked him back up and pushed him off the ropes where he floored him with a Back Elbow to the face.

Kaus came back into the ring to try and cut off any momentum Davis could get going, but instead he got a big Hip Toss for his troubles! When he tried to stand, he grabbed him by the arm and dropped him with a Short-Arm Clothesline! It was back to KIRU now as he pushed him off the ropes and when he came back off the return, he was caught and drilled with a big Scoop Powerslam! After hitting the mat, The Original Degenerate rolled over and went for a lateral press.




The former Flyweight Champion's shoulder popped off the canvas quickly, but Kaus came to his partner's aid by throwing in a really good Running Elbow to the face! He stunned Davis and tried to whip him off the ropes when Davis reversed that. Kaus came back and Davis caught him in a Fireman's Carry before spinning around...

And around...

And around...


The Airplane Spin from Davis disoriented Kaus and he dropped him away and tossed him from the corner. The Original Degenerate picked up KIRU again and hooked him by the head...


And then KIRU was drilled with a big-time Sleeper Drop! He hooked the far leg this time and counted along with the fans now as Buck Logan kneeled over for the cover.




He was still dizzy, but coherent enough to break up the cover by shoving The Tag Team Champion off of his partner! Davis got back up and picked up the tenacious Kaus before throwing him out of the ring to get him out of the equation. A sore, but game Harmen was on the ring apron and wanted the tag, so that's what he got! Davis scooped KIRU down in the middle of the ring as Harmen headed up top, but Kaus climbed back on the ring apron and cut him off with a leaping Uppercut to the head! Davis charged at him on the apron, but Kaus ducked and snapped his neck off the top cable, allowing KIRU to CRACK him with a Spinning Enzuigiri!

Harmen had fallen to the mat and was about to get back up when KIRU rolled over and made the legal tag to Kaus again! The Diamond Warrior was in the ring and lined up Harmen when he ran forward, catching him. He had him propped for a Sunset Flip Powerbomb when KIRU entered, BLASTING Harmen with a Thrust Kick, propelling him right into...


The INCREDIBLE double-team maneuver put Harmen down and now Kaus hooked the legs, going for the win!




Davis was still reeling from the Enzuigiri from KIRU just moments ago, but he'd been doing this long enough to know losing title was BAD. Hence why he rushed to break it up! The crowd was coming unglued now as KIRU looked on in disbelief, freaking out that the double-team they'd been working on hadn't gotten the job done!

"LE-GEN-DARY!" clap x5
"LE-GEN-DARY!" clap x5
"LE-GEN-DARY!" clap x5
"LE-GEN-DARY!" clap x5
"LE-GEN-DARY!" clap x5

Another take on a certain chant about things being awesome, the creative LoC fans had seen their fair share of action tonight and this match was definitely up there with the best. Kaus and KIRU looked at one another and decided that now was the time to finish things off.

They both pulled Jack Harmen back up to his feet and Kaus kicked him in the gut before hoisting him up. They were looking for their new double-team finisher that they had busted out against BK Funk to win this title opportunity as Kaus grabbed him up, looking for Hearts and Arrows...


Davis caught him with a blow to the back of the head, making him drop Harmen back on his feet as he pushed KIRU away to get him out of the ring.

"LET ME HAVE THIS PIN!" Davis shouted.

KIRU had felt this move when they last faced and if they could hit Kaus with the double-team Sitout Powerbomb-Uranage called the VIAGRA-Bomb, then they could kiss their title aspirations goodbye! Davis had returned to the corner so that way he could go for the tag and when he did, he got back in there. They went to finish things off...


KIRU came back to his partner's aid as Davis tried for the Uranage lift only to get a Springboard Chop to the top of his dome! Harmen charged at KIRU as he landed...


KIRU ducked the move and when he came back off the ropes...


The Bicycle Knee Strike caught Harmen right underneath the chin and The Lunatic crumbled to the mat, hitting the canvas with a thud before he dropped out to the floor! Tony Davis was stumbling on his feet, but Kaus used all his power to hoist up the big man! He powered him up in the Brainbuster position as KIRU caught him with a stiff Roundhouse at the apex of the move...











"Here are your winners of the match... and the NEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW LoC Tag Team Champions... KAUS AND KIRU... THE CUT DIAMONDS!"

KIRU helped Kaus to his feet and the two embraced in a bro-hug before the referee Buck Logan handed both of them the LoC Tag Team Championships! While KIRU had lost one title in this new incarnation of LoC, he had won a title that was even more important! With LoC's version of the Tag Team Titles, both title holders were entitled to a World Title and an Underground Title shot between them!

"We did it, man, we DID THIS!" Kaus shouted.

"I see! This belt's even shinier than the Flyweight Title!" KIRU quipped.

The two men clinked the belts together in a sign of solidarity before they raised the belts high above! Meanwhile, Harmen was coherent enough to hear the bell ring and see what had become of his tag team partner as his head got nearly caved into the mat. He and Mary-Lynn both commiserated in the ring with Tony Davis and helped their partner back up to their feet. They both looked at the new LoC Tag Team Champions with a disappointed look... losing a title sucked donkey balls no matter the circumstance...

But... Harmen and Davis were sportsman first...

"Good game... you lucky bastards..." Harmen quipped. He shook the hand of KIRU while a groggy Davis motioned for his DS...

"Shake his hand first, man," Harmen noted.

Davis grumbled under his breath before shaking Kaus' hand.

"Er... sorry about the whole head-droppy thing..." Kaus said.

Team VIAGRA collected themselves and left the ring, leaving KIRU and Kaus to celebrate the BIGGEST win of their LoC careers. When they first started in Legacy of Champions, they were only friendly rivals. At the end of the day, they still were competitors, but tonight, The Cut Diamonds had upset one of the greatest tag teams in wrestling today...

Fuck the future.

The future is now.

Winner: Cut Diamonds via Pinfall, NEW Team Champions


Vince Jacobs and Natalia Simunek-Jacobs were sitting on the sofa in their locker room. Jacobs was taping up his wrists and fists as Natalia was looking through her Galaxy smartphone. Jacobs pulled another piece of tape and started to wrap it around his hand. His beautiful wife put her phone down and looked at her husband.

"Are you worried about tonight hon?" Natalia said as she continued to look at her husband who was pulling another piece of tape for his hands.

Without even looking at his wife, he replied. "Have I ever been worried about defending my title? Am I unhappy that I have to defend my title against Kenshiro again without any warrant that he deserve a title shot? Am I worried that Scott and Jon are doing everything in their power to take this Legacy title from around my waist? Am I pissed that JCON decided to thrust the transgender Shawn Hart into a match for the Legacy title just because he beat Kenshiro? I know what lies ahead for me in this match. I am aware that I do not have to be pinned in order to lose that belt."

SVJ pointed to the Legacy title lying on the table in front of him and Natalia.

"With everything that has been happening over the past month or so it's enough to drive someone insane." Natalia said as she placed her hand on Vince's shoulder.

"You know what honey, after being in this business for twenty plus years nothing surprises me anymore. I know what Kenshiro is capable of in that ring but the wildcard is Hart and I am sure Riktor is loving this. I haven't been in a ring with Hart for four years. This man is very unpredictable which means I have to be on my game if I want to walk out as reigning champion."

Jacobs finished taping his hands and looked at his wife who stood up and put on her high heel shoes.

"Tonight I make history once again and prove to the world one more time that Greatness cannot be denied."

Vince grabbed his Legacy championship and flung it over his right shoulder. He grabbed his wife's hand and escorted her out of the locker room door. "It's time to do what I do best and that's shock the world." Jacobs said with a sly smirk to Natalia as he closed the door behind him.

Billows vs. Derecho

On the very first Legends, Billows made his triumphant return to LoC. He basked in the admiration of his fans and stole the spotlight like he is known for doing so. But, with every bright light comes a dark shadow. Derecho, too, made his return to LoC and he took exception to the claims Billows made. He threw Billows off the stage and through a table and that's when it all began for these two.

Soon, Billows would feign broadcasts from a hospital bed and masquerade around LoC as Karma's Collector, haunting Derecho every step of the way until Billows pulled back the mask and enraged Derecho by revealing himself as Karma's Collector. Derecho wanted nothing more than to get his hands on Billows, but they were forced to tag together at Or Die Trying to vie for the vacant Network Championship. Their rivalry wasn't settle and now at Self Destruction, these two would finally go one on one in a clash that is set to be one for the ages!

The fans inside the Arena of Champions were ready. The video package highlighting the past three months finished rolling and they knew one of the most anticipated matches of the night was right on their doorstep.

The lights in the arena went low.

I am...
I am...

"Charisma" by WASP

The lights in the arena pulsed to the beat of the song. Derecho stood there at the top of the entrance ramp with his back to the crowd. Derecho looked like he was sporting a skin-tight blue t-shirt and khaki pants, but one of the legs was missing. When Derecho turned around, the lights came on and what we saw was a vision for the ages!

Derecho's hair was half black, half his natural color of light brown! On the black side of his face, he wore a thin black scar over his eye, the other side, nothing. His shirt on the right side was navy blue, his left side was black with silver trim. He wore a black elbow pad on the right, a black and silver elbow pad on the left with the letter D on the back of it. The khaki pants only had one leg as the other one was torn off. On the exposed leg, he wore his current knee-length tights. The belt hold up his khakis had the words "Dark King Forever" written on them, symbolizing his days as Dark Derecho, The King of Hell, and his catchphrase "I am Forever." He wore a black knee pad on the outside of his khakis with a brown boot on the right... a black and silver knee pad on the left with a black and silver boot. His hands contained on black fingerless glove on the left and simple white wrist tape on the right.

What stood before the world was a collage of all of Derecho's personalities.. past and present. It was a sight to see as Derecho walked down to the ring. The people mainly booed, but there were some that cheered and applauded the effort Derecho put into his look for tonight. Derecho stepped into the ring and stretched his arms out.. a classic pose of his from nearly a decade ago. Derecho tested the ring ropes and warmed up as he awaited his opposition.

"Derecho is all business tonight." MaryJane Fields pointed out.

"Yeah, cause every other night, the guy's just a barrel of laughs." Reno Davis rolled his eyes.

The house lights slowly dimmed, casting the arena into a state of darkness. But if sound were light, the place would be visible from the moon. The Self Destruction crowd was on fire, a hive full of positive opinions pertaining to the man the knew would soon be arriving on this evening's grand stage.

"Harry likes to have his lunch as high in the sky as he can climb."

The monotone voice boomed throughout the arena, reminding the fans of Billows' explanation that he was Harry, and he would always climb as high as possible because that was his Modus Operandi. It also served to amp up the decibel level of the crowd that much more and by the time the crunchy guitar hit, the crowd was already craning their necks, trying to spot The Risen Lion among their own.

"I Am The Walrus" by the Flaming Lips was the song.

"I am he as you are he as you are me,"

A red spotlight hit the crowd, and they lost their proverbial shit. Billows stood there, balanced carefully with one foot on a chair and one foot on the back of it. He held an arm in the air and threw his head back, screaming along with thousands and thousands of adoring fans,


The crowd loved that part. Shittttt, Billows loved that part!

Billows stood there, letting the fans push closer and closer to him until finally a security guard leaned in, "Please, Billows, get it moving."

The Berwyn Bomber would crack a smile at the security guard just as the spotlight changed from red to blue to yellow etc. Billows would finally lower his fist and step into the aisle, patting the security guard on the back and making his way down the stairs. The spotlight stayed on him the entire time. He got halfway down and suddenly took notice of a drop-dead gorgeous brunette in close proximity. A weak spot for Billows, he'd step over to her and take one of the hundreds of markers being held out in front of him before writing his number down on her program. He made the universal "call me" hand gesture.

She smirked before she called out, "HOW'S NOELLE?!"

Billows turned around, backing down the next step with a wry smile. He answered her question, "VERY UNDERSTANDING!"

The brunette blushed. She'd only wanted to let Billows know that she wasn't just some casual chick in the audience but rather a fan and he had answered by giving her some of the charm he was known for. It had worked. The elastic on her panties had melted a bit as she watched him reach the barricade.

Billows leapt over the barricade and listened as the crowd chanted his name. He slid into the ring and proceeded to march across it before putting a foot on the second rope. He would lean over the top rope, extending his fist to the crowd and roaring at his pride.

His pyros exploded from dual turnbuckle posts behind him. Derecho watched on, unimpressed.

As the house lights returned, Billows would roll out of the ring and move over to the barricade. Fans would huddle in, and Billows would address them.

"I have a surprise for you guys."

Billows leapt onto the apron and pointed at the rafters, "NOW! NOW! NOW!"

Suddenly thousands and thousands of some type of fabric objects began to fall from the ceiling, showering the entire audience!

"What the hell?" Reno Davis asked.

Billows leapt off the apron as the crowd started to rumble and then roar when it all came together for them. The Risen Lion bent over, picking up an example of what had fallen from the ceiling before lifting it up for Derecho to see.

"Oh, awesome! Friggin' awesome! Way to go, Billows, that's how you play headgames!" MaryJane loved what she was seeing.

A black and white Karma's Collector mask.

And now, The World-Breaker stared out at the crowd. It was a sea of black and white. An ocean of the strange black and white masks that somewhat resembled the faces of comedy and tragedy side by side on one mask. Derecho spun in the ring, looking out at the black and white masks. Behind him, Billows climbed back in the ring, a smile worn wide on his face.

Derecho faced Billows now and Billows shrugged,

"I told you it wasn't just me you'd be taking on tonight." The Risen Lion smiled.

Derecho gritted his teeth as he stared across the ring from Billows. The mask army was a creepy sight to see, but it only enraged Derecho. There referee saw that they were both ready and he called for the bell.




Derecho made a bee line for Billows and he locked up with him. Derecho's momentum backed Billows into the corner where he opened up with lefts and rights, combination blows, to the head of Billows. Derecho whipped Billows across the ring and immediately gave chase. He slammed into Billows with a corner clothesline that rocked Billows to his very foundation. Derecho backed away and charged in again, looking for another corner clothesline and found it! Billows slouched down into a seated position, but Derecho wouldn't let him rest just yet. Derecho pulled Billows back up while shaking his head "no." He rocked Billows with a heavy right hand and then hit another. Derecho sped up the punches as Billows tried to cover up and block them.

"Derecho is really unleashing on The Risen Lion now." Tony Stone stated.

"You say that like you were expecting this be a hugfest, Stoner." Reno Davis said.

Derecho grabbed Billows by the arm and whipped him across the ring to the opposite side. Derecho charged in, but Billows made Derecho eat a back elbow. Derecho staggered away and charged in again, and again, Billows put the elbow right in Derecho's face. Billows hopped up onto the middle turnbuckle and flew off, connecting with a missile drop kick. Billows kipped up to his feet and messed around with his jaw before shrugging it off. Billows perched himself and waited for Derecho to stand. Once Derecho was vertical, he walked right into a scoop slam from Billows. Billows hit the ropes and dropped an elbow into Derecho's chest. Billows stood, hit the ropes again, and dropped a second elbow into Derecho. Billows stood and hit the ropes for a third time, but he leapt into the air for even more height and dropped a third elbow into Derecho! Billows made the first official cover of the match.



Derecho with the shoulder up.

"It's going to take a lot more than that to put Derecho down for the count." MaryJane stated.

Billows brought Derecho up to a seated position and applied a Rear Chin Lock with the knee firmly placed in Derecho's upper back. Derecho tried to pry Billow's hands off of his chin, but the grip was too tight. The fans weren't going to rally for Derecho so he had to draw energy from within himself for this one. Derecho began to fight back up to his feet where once he was vertical, he began to fire elbows into Billows' mid-section to break free. Derecho turned and began to rock Billows' head with heavy right hands once again. Derecho switched it to a knee lift that doubled Billows over. Derecho hooked Billows for a suplex, but Billows floated up and over, landing behind Derecho with the waist lock. Derecho hit a pair of back elbows and broke free before taking off to the ropes, but Billows followed him in and hit a knee lift right to the stomach.

Billows grabbed Derecho by the arm and sent him on his way. Billows charged in after Derecho again and hit another knee lift. He then walked Derecho out a few steps and hooked him for a Side Russian Leg Sweep, but Derecho hit more elbows to the head to break free. Derecho turned and planted his foot into Billows' chest, looking for a Step Up Enzugiri, but Billows ducked and Derecho landed stomach first onto the canvas. Billows went down and quickly cinched in a side head lock, but Derecho battled back to his feet, backed Billows into the ropes, and whipped him across. Derecho telegraphed the back body drop, but Billows hit a kick to the chest. Billows with a clothesline to follow up, but Derecho ducked underneath. The two of them turned around and that's when Derecho hit the toe kick, hooked Billows, and nailed the Vertical Suplex.

"This could spell trouble for Billows..." Tony Stone said.

Derecho held on, turned Billows over and stood, bringing Billows up with him. He still had Billows hooked in the front face lock as he popped the hips and nailed a Snap Suplex. Derecho held on, turned over, and stood once again, bringing Billows with him. Derecho went for the Split-Legged Gordbuster to finish off the F3 Combination, but Billows stuck his leg between Derecho's and blocked the third suplex. Derecho pounded on Billows' upper back with forearm shots before trying again with the third suplex, but again, Billows blocked it. Billows punched away at Derecho's mid-section and reversed it, hitting a Vertical Suplex of his own. Billows held on, turned over, stood and brought Derecho with him. Billows hooked the leg, lifted Derecho up and dropped him right on his head with the Fisherman's Buster!!

"Hey Derecho!" MaryJane called out, "Billows knows some suplexes too!"

"Yeah. He's not listening to you." Reno Davis explained.

Billows stood and headed to the corner where he climbed up top. He took aim on Derecho and leapt off with a Flying Elbow Drop, driving it right into the former King of Hell's heart! The Risen Lion made the cover, hooking the leg!



Derecho kicked out!

Billows stood up and pulled Derecho up to his feet. Billows wrapped his arm around Derecho's neck, possibly looking for an Exploder, but Derecho used his elbows to break free. Now it was Derecho that hooked his arm around Billows' neck and he had success with the Exploder Suplex! Billows popped back up to his feet as Derecho rushed over and hooked him, nailing a T-Bone Suplex!! Billows staggered back up to his feet and Derecho pounced on him again, hooking him around the neck and nailed a Head and Arm Trapped Suplex, dumping Billows on the back of his neck!! Derecho stood and let out a battle cry as he walked over to Billows and pulled him up to his feet. He hooked Billows by the waist and nailed a Belly to Belly Suplex, but Derecho held on! He pulled Billows up and pivoted, nailing a Twisting Belly to Belly Suplex. Derecho held on and stood, pulling Billows up. He then tossed Billows with an Overhead Belly to Belly Release Suplex!

"I remember this Derecho." Reno Davis stated.

"I do too." Tony Stone agreed, "Derecho can be a dangerous man in the Underground Division, but even without weapons and outside objects, Derecho has more tools at his disposal than the average man."

"Both men in this ring are more than proficient at what they do." MaryJane nodded.

Derecho stood back up and grinned as he just taught Billows a lesson... beneath the blood, the scars, and the path of destruction that he left in the Underground Division, there was a man who was considered to be one of the greatest technical wrestlers walking the planet. Derecho knew just about every suplex in the book and he just hit about half of them on Billows in this high impact exchange. Perhaps it was Derecho's killer instinct, or perhaps it was the fact he wanted to hurt Billows some more, but Derecho opted to not go for the cover. Who knows if this is wise or not, but Derecho hung back and taunted Billows as he allowed him to crawl to the ropes and use them to pull himself up. Derecho wanted to inflict more punishment and he wanted to do it as soon as Billows got to his feet. Billows did just that and Derecho charged in at full speed, but Billows had enough ring awareness about him to know exactly what to do... and that was pull down the ropes, sending Derecho clean over the top and down to the floor at ringside!!


Billows cracked a grin because he just outsmarted Derecho and turned the momentum of the match back in his favor. Derecho staggered up to his feet and Billows took that as his cue to charge into the corner. Billows leapt up to the middle turnbuckle, adjusted himself, and moonsaulted over the top rope and out to the floor, colliding with Derecho and taking him out!!

Crowd: "LOC! LOC! LOC! LOC! LOC!"

Billows was still down as he was feeling the effects of those suplexes, but it was okay because Derecho was down and not moving either. Billows grabbed the top of the barricades and pulled himself up while Derecho continued to lay there in a slump. Billows pulled Derecho to his feet and bounced his head off of the top of the barricades. Derecho stumbled away and fell to a knee, but he stood and turned around, walking into a right hand from Billows. Derecho stumbled away again, heading around to the announce table position, but Billows was right behind him, giving chase. Billows grabbed Derecho's head and slammed it onto the table! Derecho staggered back and had to use the ring apron to hold himself up.

"Man!" Reno Davis exclaimed, "I like this Billows! This Billows needs to surface more often!"

The referee was up to the count of seven when Derecho was rolled back into the ring by Billows. Billows climbed up onto the ring apron and headed to the corner where he climbed up top and took aim. Billows leapt off with a Cannonball Senton and slammed down across Derecho's chest with it! Billows turned and made his third cover on Derecho in this match!



Derecho popped the shoulder up

Derecho had not gotten a single cover on Billows despite the fact that Derecho had control for most of the match, but right now, that control belonged to Billows once again as he had Derecho right where he wanted him. Billows grabbed Derecho by the hair and pulled him up to his feet, but Derecho surprised Billows with a Jaw Breaker! Billows twisted around and fell to a single knee as he held his jaw in pain. Derecho got to his feet, ran past Billows, bounced off the ropes and slammed his knee right into Billows' face!


Billows was out on his back and Derecho FINALLY made his first cover of the match!



Billows kicked out!

Derecho got up to a knelt position and just looked at Billows as if he were thinking about what to do next. Knowing Derecho, there was no telling what was running through his mind as he stared down at his opposition. Derecho fully stood as Billows began to pull himself back up. Derecho took a step back as Billows turned and faced him. Derecho delivered a toe kick and then shoved Billows between his legs! Derecho lifted Billows up to shoulder height, but Billows countered whatever Derecho was going for with a Snap Huracanrana, but Derecho rolled through with the momentum and got back up to his feet! He then drop kicked Billows dead in the face!!

"Enjoy shitting your teeth out tomorrow, Lion!" Reno Davis snickered.

Derecho got back to his feet and dragged Billows into position. Derecho walked to the corner and ascended the turnbuckle pads, perhaps looking for his patented Frog Splash, but Billows got up to his feet and charged the corner, knocking Derecho off of his perch! Billows grabbed Derecho and pulled him off the top rope and onto his shoulders with a fireman's carry, but Derecho wriggled free and landed behind Billows with a waist lock. Derecho popped the hips and dropped him on the back of his neck with a German Suplex, but Derecho held on, turned over and pulled Billows up to his feet. He placed Billows into a Full Nelson and popped the hips again, nailing a Dragon Suplex!! Derecho STILL held on! He turned over, stood and pulled back on the arms, this time nailing a Tiger Suplex!! Derecho continued to hold on!! He pulled Billows back up and this time cross the arms in front of him. He popped the hips once again and nailed a Straightjacket Suplex.. complete with a bridge pin!!!



Thr.. NO!!!

Billows kicked out of it and the crowd roared!!


Derecho had hit Billows with more suplexes than an ex-MMA fighter and Billows continued to kick out! It was clear who the fans were behind here tonight at the Arena of Champions, but the fans' opinion never concerned Derecho. He was focused on the task at hand and that was simply killing Billows. Derecho got up and noticed that Billows was still down writhing in pain from those suplexes. He made his way to the corner and climbed up to the turnbuckle pads. Derecho was, perhaps, going to attempt the Frog Splash for a second time. Many wondered if that was going through Derecho's mind as he measured Billows up, but Derecho flew off the top, looking for something else...



Derecho went for it all with his Top Rope Leg Drop, but Billows moved out of the way! Derecho landed hard in the seated position and was stunned by the pain of the impact. Billows immediately stood and drop kicked Derecho square in his jaw! Billows summoned a second wind as he quickly stood and made his way to the corner. The fans came alive as Billows climbed up to the top turnbuckle pad with his back to the ring. Billows flipped off with a high rotation as we've seen him do this before...



Derecho got the knees up and Billows slammed down on top of them!!! Billows held his stomach in pain as he rolled around on the canvas. Derecho stood up and brought Billows to his feet. Derecho picked him up by the waist and nailed a Pendulum Backbreaker, but he held on, pulled Billows back up and added insult to injury by spinning him over and dropping him across his knee with a Gutbuster! Billows rolled over onto his back, holding his stomach in pain. Derecho dragged him towards the corner and headed back to the turnbuckles.

"I think Derecho is looking for that Frog Splash again..." Tony Stone sounded worried.

They say that you can go to the well once too often, but Derecho didn't know the meaning of that expression. All he knew was that Billows was down and he wanted to take another shot. Derecho climbed up top and took aim on Billows. Billows looked like he was still hurting when Derecho leapt off.. and lo and behold.. it connected this time!


"Welp, good game Billows, better luck next time." Reno Davis stated.

Derecho slammed down on Billows' mid-section, dealing even more damage, but Derecho went for the cover, hooking the leg.



Billows kicked out and the crowd erupted!

"UH OH! DON'T COUNT HIM OUT YET, RENO!" Tony Stone chided.

Derecho had hit Billows with suplex after suplex after suplex. He hit him with a Shining Wizard, a Frog Splash.. and still Billows refuses to stay down. Derecho stood up and slashed his thumb across his neck. He wanted to end this match and end it now. He reached down and grabbed Billows by the hair, pulling him back up to his feet. From there, Derecho hoisted Billows up onto his shoulder, looking for A Forever Reminder, but Billows wriggled free and landed behind Derecho! Billows staggered back a few steps, prompting Derecho to turn and charge at him, but Billows used a drop toe hold and sent Derecho chest first into the middle ropes.

Billows took off to the opposite side and came back with a running knee strike against Derecho's upper back. Billows took off again and nailed a second leaping knee strike against Derecho's upper back. Billows signaled to the crowd that he was going for one more and they cheered. Billows took off, but Derecho pulled himself off the ropes, turned and LEVELED Billows with a MASSVE lariat... whose impact actually echoed throughout the arena!!!


The crowd and all three members of the commentary team simultaneously shared the same reaction. Derecho was down

Billows was down

The referee checked on both men, but as he checked on Derecho, he began to do a push up to get back to his feet. Derecho brushed his hair back and stared down at Billows with cold, uncaring eyes. He walked over and grabbed Billows by the hair, pulling him up. Derecho hit a knee lift to the mid-section and doubled Billows over. He placed Billows between his legs and lifted him up to shoulder height. He slammed Billows down with a Powerbomb on the canvas, but he held on! Derecho lifted Billows back up and slammed him down a second time with another powerbomb!! Derecho continued to hold on... he pulled Billows back up to shoulder height, spun and sat out...

"VORTEX POWERBOMB!!!!" MaryJane Fields called out the move as Derecho nailed it!

Derecho held Billows down with the cover...





Billows kicked out and the fans erupted! Derecho didn't get frustrated, but he did get pissed! He grabbed Billows, pulled him up once again and placed him in a gutwrench position. He lifted Billows up onto his right shoulder. He then flipped Billows across his body, hooked his head and nailed the Cliffhanger DDT.


Derecho made the cover once again!





Billows kicked out once again and now we began to see Derecho's sanity begin to slip away!

"Somebody check this kid for PED's" Reno Davis was shocked.

Derecho stood and pulled Billows back up to his feet. He grabbed Billows by the arm and whipped him into the turnbuckles. Derecho charged in and drilled him with a corner clothesline. He wouldn't let Billows fall, however. He hoisted Billows up top and then climbed the turnbuckles where he grabbed him for what looked like a Superplex.. but when Derecho lifted him, Derecho fell straight down with a Sheer Drop Super Brainbuster...


It's been YEARS since we've seen Derecho use that move!! To reach that far down into his arsenal shows you how much Derecho wanted to kill Billows!! Derecho turned and crawled over into the cover, hooking the leg as he had a shit-eating grin on his face as he knew it had to be over.







Derecho pounded his fists into the canvas and then gripped at his hair, screaming out in frustration.

"WHY THE FUCK WON'T YOU DIE!!!?" he screamed at Billows...

Derecho swallowed down his rage, composing himself before he climbed to his feet. He would proceed to rip Billows up off the canvas by a handful of hair before whipping Billows towards the ropes. Billows would make it a few feet before his legs buckled, sending him down to one knee. Derecho, who'd started to sprint after Billows, would come to a halt and look down at The Risen Lion with a sneer before looking out at the audience, shaking his head.


He turned his attention back to Billows, and bent over to lift Billows back up. SUDDENLY THE RISEN LION LEAPT INTO THE AIR, FLIPPING BACKWARDS WITH HIS LEG EXTENDED!



The crowd roared as Derecho stumbled backwards--he probably would have gone down to the canvas had he not found the ropes. He fell into them, bracing himself on the top rope and keeping his footing as, on the opposite side of the ring, Billows pulled himself up to his feet. The Risen Lion was still shaking cobwebs out of his head though, he felt like he'd just gone to the moon and back in one day. The Microburst had really taken it out of him.

Derecho knew he couldn't sit here licking his wounds...that was a role for a lion to fill. He pushed off the ropes and blinked a few times as he started to sprint across the ring towards his foe. Billows would lean over at the last minute.



Billows turned around and was smashed in the face with a quick right hook from Derecho which sent The Risen Lion stumbling backwards. Derecho leapt up onto the top rope before soaring off,


NO! Billows leapt into the air. The two men met in mid-air with Billows stifling Derecho's Springboard Clothesline attempt with a High Flipping Dropkick! Both men landed on the canvas, but this time, Billows showed signs of life exponentially faster than Derecho. Billows would pull himself to his feet before lifting a quick fist out to the audience. He acknowledged the crowd, but did so in such a way that it was evident his focus was on the match.

Billows quickly advanced on Derecho, who lay on the canvas. Standing next to his adversary, The Berwyn Bomber would extend his arms out straight before looking at the ceiling and roaring.

Which led to the crowd roaring. Because this is what Billows typically did before...

"I think Derecho's about to realize he's in the ring with a Box Office Star here in a moment or two..." MaryJane said.

Box Office Star Press

BILLOWS nailed the Standing Shooting Star Press before immediately hooking a leg.




Billows wasted no time, quickly climbing to his feet while pulling The World-Breaker with him. The Risen Lion whipped Derecho into the corner before bounding after him. Derecho would lift a boot up at the last second, catching Billows' jaw and forcing the Lion to stumble backwards, reconsidering things. But Billows was deadset on keeping his current advantage, and Billows ran forward with a Clothesline! Derecho ducked underneath the Clothesline and suddenly Billows found himself in the corner. He turned around just in time to see Derecho sprinting towards him.

Whatever the World-Breaker had in mind, it wouldn't transpire. Billows would instead catch his rushing opposition, and in the blink of an eye, Billows had somehow gone over the top rope, hooking his legs under Derecho's arms before latching onto Derecho's legs. At some point, the move had commonly been referred to as the Tarantula, but Billows had made it his own...

LIONLOCK! The referee began counting, Derecho grimaced in pain and Billows continued to wrench away on the move until he felt the official clapping his leg, letting him know it was time to relinquish the move or suffer disqualification. "Billows is a dirty rotten cheater the longer he holds that move in place!" Reno sounded disgusted.

The Patron Saint of Pro Wrestling let go of the hold and came to his feet on the apron.

Derecho crawled across the ring and began pulling himself up on the ropes. The crowd was roaring as Billows climbed back through the ropes. Suddenly, Billows started to bounce up and down and his leg seemed to develop a mind of it's own, springing up and down wildly.

This drew even more of a reaction from the crowd because it signified that Billows was readying for.... THE L.O.S.T. KICK!!!!


Derecho somehow managed to duck the Running Leaping Big Boot. Instead of being kicked in the face, Derecho had managed to catch Billows' leg over his shoulder. Derecho slid Billows' leg down a bit before he hooked Billows up!


Yet another suplex pulled out of Derecho's seemingly endless repertoire, and the audience once again found themselves booing. The World-Breaker remained on his knees, catching his breath for a moment, trying to formulate how he would proceed. He slammed a fist into the canvas and pushed himself up before stomping over to Billows and lifting him to his feet. Derecho stood behind Billows and proceeded to hook his head before wrenching The Risen Lion into the air. It looked like Derecho would lift Billows up and over but instead he brought him forward, and Billows would be sent crashing down back-first across Derecho's knee!


The crowd winced before they began booing.

"Moves like that make these fans and your's truly worry about The Lion's back." MaryJane Fields.

"Not me," Reno Davis stated, "But then again, we can't all be smoking buddies with Billows."

Derecho lifted Billows up once again, and again he hooked his head from behind, and again he lifted Billows in the air. But The Pride of Pennsylvania would kick his feet wildly, jarring momentum back in his favor. Derecho wasn't expecting it, and he was forced to bring Billows back down.

The Risen Lion landed on his feet and managed to pull his head free from The World-Breaker's grasp. Billows reached up, over his shoulder, and latched onto Derecho's head. The Lion would proceed to quickly flip backwards over his opponent before wrenching Derecho backwards to come crashing down...


"THAT. CAME. FROM. NOWHERE!" Tony Stone screamed.

The crowd shot to their feet, they were sure that this one would be over if Billows could make the pin.


But he couldn't. He'd nailed Derecho with one of his many moves capable of being match-ending, but he'd done so through pure desperation.

Both men lay on the canvas, and our referee started the obligatory count.



"Obviously Billows is in bad shape, and I'm not the only one still sitting here shocked that he was able to hit The Trend-Ender just now." MaryJane stated.


"Well, speak for yourself. Me and Stoner here have been doing this awhile, and nothing surprises us. Right, Stoner?" Reno asked.


", Reno. I'm sorry...but I'm beyond impressed by this match right now!" Tony Stone answered.


"Yeah, well, you're both a couple of amateurs then." Reno sulked.



He began to crawl over to Derecho.

"Could this be it?" Tony Stone asked.

The Risen Lion collapsed onto Derecho and used all of his energy to hook a leg.




Derecho kicked out at the last possible moment and Billows rolled off of him, laying next to his adversary while staring at the ceiling. Billows was caught in a blender of emotions. Disbelief. Frustration. And a nagging voice in his head that argued with those other two emotions. "Of course he kicked out," the voice said, "It's Derecho. This guy is a stubborn motherfucker. He's a pain in the ass. Of course he kicked out. Of course he did."

Reno Davis interrupted the silence from commentary, "My colleagues are both sitting here with jaws agape. Like I said, they're a couple of amateurs."

"Oh, get bent, Reno." MaryJane stated.

"I feel like our silence speaks volumes about what we're seeing in this match, Reno." Tony Stone stated.

"I agree, totally! We're watching a potential match of the year candidate right now, and you're too busy sniping to appreciate it, Reno." MaryJane pointed out.



The fans had decided to start up the dueling chants, but both expressed just what they were thinking of the match they were watching. Suffice to say, Reno Davis appeared to be in the minority. Everyone else was thrilled with this match.

The Risen Lion moved, rolling over onto all fours.

However, it appeared that his foe was also coming into his senses, and Derecho started to roll over as well.

As Billows climbed to his feet, Derecho had managed to find a kneeling position. Billows suddenly rushed forward and extended a leg. But The World-Breaker managed to duck underneath the Running Kick before pulling himself up with the aide of the ring ropes. Billows would turn around to find himself suddenly hooked in what looked to be another Suplex attempt by Derecho. However, Billows had enough wit about him to hook his leg with Derecho's, hindering the move. Instead, Billows lifted Derecho up and looked deliver him over the near top rope to the outside with a Front Suplex!

Derecho, however, would kick his legs and land feet-first on the apron before pulling away, ducking down, and driving a shoulder into Billows' midsection. Derecho would come over the top rope with a Sunset Flip!



Billows would quickly drive both of his shins into Derecho's skull before pushing his legs forward. This sent Derecho backwards with his shoulders pinned underneath Billows' legs as Billows reached back, hooking Derecho's legs.



Derecho kicked out, pushing Billows backwards!

Billows rolled, somersaulting backwards and coming to his feet just as Derecho found his feet.

Billows went for a kick, but Derecho caught it and sneered at Billows. Billows would latch onto Derecho's skull and bring his other leg up crashing into Derecho's temple.


"LEGENDARY LEG OF THE LION!!!" Reno Davis called out.

"How does Billows feel about you dubbing his moves for him?" MaryJane asked.

"Dunno. Haven't asked." Reno shrugged.

The fans cheered as Billows once again hooked Derecho's leg.






" I'm impressed." Reno Davis finally admitted.

"Welcome to the party." Tony Stone remarked.

Billows tried to keep his cool as he sat up and looked out at the sea of black and white masks. Faces behind those masks belonged to people counting on him to take down Derecho down a peg or two. Derecho was proving to be a tough sonuvabitch, though. Jaw tightened and obscenities floating through his mind, Billows climbed to his feet and marched across the ring. As he stood by the ropes, he once more found himself bursting at the seams with a newfound energy.

The fans waited in anticipation as Derecho started to stir. The World-Breaker would slowly use the ropes to pull himself up, but as soon as he'd found his footing, Billows sprung into action, rushing forward and leaping into the air.



Derecho again managed to evade the move, this time by simply falling to the canvas. Billows' leg went over the ropes and...

The crowd groaned in agony.

Billows found himself straddling the top rope, and if he'd cried out, his voice might have been an octave or eight higher. The pain on his face was a pain that made every male watching quiver in shared agony.

Derecho stood up before leaping into the air and delivering a vicious Dropkick to Billows which sent The Once-Young Lion crashing down to the thin padding out the outside of the ring. Derecho stumbled backwards into the corner, catching himself, and catching his breath. He shot a glare over at the referee.

The referee realized what that glare meant, and turned to Billows.



"Really? Is this how Derecho wants to win this match?" MaryJane sounded a bit nonplussed.

"I think either man might take the victory however it comes at this point." Tony Stone stated.



Derecho knew in the back of his mind that this match wasn't going to end like that, though. Not Billows. Not the man who had served to be a constant thorn in his side over the past two months.



And so, when Billows started to pull himself up on the outside, Derecho was pissed but not surprised.


And when Billows stood up, Derecho rushed forward.



Billows moved out of the way and pulled Derecho the rest of the way out of the ring before rushing up onto the ring-steps as Derecho turned around. Billows leapt off the steps!


The move left the crowd cheering.



The count had been restarted as Derecho had exited the ring.

Billows climbed to his feet and hopped over Derecho who laid next to the ring steps. Billows jumped up onto the ringsteps once more.

MOONSAULT OFF THE STEEL STEPS! The crowd was roaring, and as Billows hit his feet once more, he was roaring as well!



Billows pulled Derecho up and rolled him into the ring, sliding in after him.

The crowd was firmly behind Billows, but they couldn't believe their eyes when Derecho suddenly shot to his feet!

"I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!" Tony Stone cried out!

The World-Breaker quickly scooped Billows up just as The Lion had come to his feet.


"That's it," Reno decided, "This one is finished."

Derecho hooked Billows' leg.





"BILLOWS KICKED OUT!" MaryJane Fields screamed.

"Inside voice!" Reno Davis admonished.

The crowd blew the roof off the place as Derecho shot to his feet and stomped over to the official, jabbing a finger in his face,


The crowd hushed for a moment before they slowly started to rumble. Behind Derecho, Billows had rolled over onto his stomach and was pushing himself onto all fours.

"Derecho needs to turn around, like, NOW!" Reno Davis exclaimed.

"Nah, let him rant for a couple seconds longer." MaryJane Fields offered.


He turned around and Billows shot to his feet, leaping in the air in one fluid motion!




"NO HE DIDN'T, TONY!" MaryJane agreed.

"Jesus Christ, can you all stop screaming?" Reno requested.

Derecho hit the canvas and Billows stomped forward, roaring before he bent over and ripped Derecho to his feet.


The crowd was leaping up and down, pushing down on the shoulders of the persons in front of them. And nobody cared. Every single soul in the audience found themselves all brought together as a unit, all brought together by the shared experience of watching such an amazing match. Spill your drink on me, I understand, I'm excited too! Beat on my back like a howler monkey, I GET IT! ME TOO, MAN! BILLOWS IS GOING TO WIN! I GET IT!

Billows shot to his feet and rushed to the corner before leaping to the top rope. He moonsaulted off, completed two rotations and nailed Derecho with the


"M.G.M.! THAT HAS TO DO IT!" Tony Stone was even on his feet.

Billows hooked Derecho's leg.




"AHHHH!" Reno cried out, glaring over his shoulder at the fans.

See, they'd literally just hit a deafening decibel, and that shit hurt Reno's ears.


Security suddenly found themselves working double-time, as Billows hit his feet, just allowing the referee to raise his fist before rushing out of the ring and leaning over the barricade into the crowd. He roared. He raised his fists. He let the fans pull him into their grasps!

"Billows won! He did it! After months of trying to get his hands on Derecho, Billows has beaten the man who sullied his return to Legacy of Champions on the very first episode of LEGENDS! THE LION IS THE KING OF THE JUNGLE TONIGHT!" MaryJane Fields sounded sincerely happy for Billows.

Derecho lay in the ring, motionless. While it was his job, after being dressed down by Derecho, the referee had a hard time caring too much when he bent in to check on The World-Breaker.

"The Risen Lion has defeated The World-Breaker, and it appears he intends to celebrate with his pride now!" Tony Stone pointed out.

Billows found himself behind hoisted up upon the waves and waves of fans, and as he was passed along, surfing the sea of black and white masks, Billows held his fists up and yelled, "WE DID IT! WE DID IT!


And after all of that...

Self Destruction would continue...

Winner: Billows via Pinfall

"In Which SJH Talks Big"

With SELF DESTRUCTION! in full effect, the action shifted from the settling of scores in the squared circle to the backstage area where former Legacy champion, SHAWN-JESSICA HART, was standing by with his "official correspondent," the ever-inquisitive FELICIA.

After shooting a come hither stare at the viewing audience, Sweet Felish launched into her line of hard-hitting questions.

"Pro Wrestling's SJH, tonight you have an opportunity to become the Legacy champion for a second time. How bad are you going to beat the two men that stand between you and your goal?"

The Phenom nodded, ran a hand through his flowing, flaxen locks, licked his luscious lips, then tendered his carefully-constructed response.

"Felicia, I'm going to beat them like I beat the glorious asses of MILF cougars, dwarf BBW's and habitual gushers with the palm of this loving left hand on a nightly basis."

He raised said hand up and moved it rhythmically from side to side. Felicia chuckled.

"And how exactly do you intend on doing that?"

Hart lowered his dancing hand and rested the other above his hip.

"It's like this, Miss Hart--Self Destruction is MY signature event. Our family crest is the freaking logo for Chrissakes! With that bein' the case and a chance to ascend to a throne that RIGHTFULLY belongs to yours truly, the Prime Minister of Gettin' Sinister' on the line...well, you can bet your sweet, voluptuous heinie that ol' SJH ain't gonna let that chance fly by."

Felicia was intrigued.

"You really think my heinie is sweet?"

SJH wasted not a second in his response.

"It's like a Kit-Kat bar, dipped in cranberry sauce, topped with peanut butter, muff juice and purple glitter. In fact, I dare say that the oooonliest thing around here SWEETER than a Hart's backside is our glorious SOFTCORE REVOLUTION and the fact the you, I, Daryn Thompson and all the Softcore soldiers are about to usher this place out of the doldrums of SUCK and into a glorious Renaissance of bad-assery!"

Dramatic pause.

"Call it a mockery, call it an OUTRAGE, call it whatever the Hell you like. My Magic 8-ball says it's the TRUTH...and SVJ n' Ninja K are about to get a healthy helping of it!"

Felicia did her best to stave off her excitement in the wake of S-Jess' rallying cry and submit one final query.

"Any words of warning for the poor, unsuspecting JACKHOLES?"

The male Hart grinned wryly.

"Bring your ointment, some topical cream, Preparation H, whatever you can get your hands on. SJH and the Softcore Revolution are about to burn your asses like a scorching case of herpes. For FAR too long, the LoC faithful have been force-fed a bevy of false idols. Now, with the Bangbino on the job, a ray of hope is about to shoot through the cloudy skies and provide some much-needed sunshine to the Legacy of Champions. I too was led astray by the likes of Kenshiro Inogami and Vince Jacobs, but no longer can we afford to be led astray by these ruthless chodes and their menagerie of lies!

"Hear, hear!" Felicia concurred. SJH continued on:

"It's not gonna be easy...and there's a lot on the line here, but when opportunity strikes on MY SIGNATURE event, you can bet your bottom dollar that BIG things are gonna go down! So to all you Hart-broken Phenom fiends out at the ready! We're taking the Legacy of Champions back and we're doing it RIGHT goddamned NOW!

That, my friends, is the truth..."

SJH paused once again, then turned to his sibling.

"To battle stations, Felicia....PELVIS has left the building!"

With that, SJH and Sweet Felish marched off into their sunset. Big things were in motion and, if the Harts had any say in it, the starting point was Self Destruction.

Turk vs. JLV(c)

The lights dropped, blackness enveloped the Arena of Champions, the strings of Suicide Silence's "You Only Live Once" began to dance across the P.A. in time with strobing red and white lights across the front of the entryway before a massive crescendo that every devout LoC-lover knew to signal...


The crowd exploded in jeers as video of the The Psycho played on the big screen. Turk still had not even entered the arena, and the masses reached a fever pitch.

Turk burst through the curtain and sauntered to the middle of the entryway. He was clad in the same bloody JLV t-shirt from earlier. He wore it like a prize, shredded and splattered.

He paused, his head looking at the ramp. Until the second massive drumline exploded and he jumped into the air in-time with it, and the fanatics screamed louder, as the lights came up, red and white behind him. Their cheers mixed almost indifferent to the jeers they knew they were supposed to belt out upon his appearance.

Turk's infamous scowl and look of hatred for everyone and everything was sat permanently on his face as he slowly made his way to the ring, ignoring outstretched hands of fans, and obscene gestures extended his direction.

Once in the ring, he climbed the corner and gave everyone their moment to soak him in. He raised both hands high- clenched in fists. He turned and hopped back to the mat flat-footed and motioned up the ramp to "c'mon"

"A! S-S! H-O! L-E!"

And Denis Leary was accompanied with heavier guitars than usual but he never digressed from being an asshole. Emerging from the back, with a cigarette fixed between his teeth, a shit-eating grin and the LoC Network Championship wrapped around his waist was the Ayatollah of Ass-a-hollah.


He planted his feet, shot his hands into the air with fingers shaped like V's and threw his head back, billowing smoke as if he were a victorious dragon of biblical proportions. He straightened himself up and plucked the cigarette from his gums. He flicked it and when it hit the stage...


...pyros burst from either side of the stage and he strutted on down, snarling at the fans and sneering at the Queen inside the ring. He stomped up the steps, sauntered across the apron, positioned himself on the ropes and pulled that belt from his waist. One hand thrust gold and the other made V's with fingers. He turned and hopped to the mat ...


Standing side-kick, Turk was clearly not fucking around.

Buck Logan called for the bell.

"Uh," Tony Stone stammered; "it appears as if Turk is serious."

"If anything Turk is always serious - just misguided." MaryJane smirked.

Reno shot back; "You think Bill is bad at his job?"

"Ha!" she snorted; "I think you're bad at your job, that's why I'm here!"

By now the Legacytron read...


Turk was clearly in control and bounced JLV's head off of each of the top turnbuckles.





"Turk's making the rounds!" Stone commented.

Turk slung JLV into the ropes and on the rebound he connected with a stunning clothesline that nearly folded the champion in half. He immediately climbed the corner and mugged for the crowd.

"This is your champion!" he shouted and pointed at JLV trying to stand.

He hopped back to the canvas and rushed the stumbling champ, connecting with a gut wrenching spear.

Turk didn't miss a beat and mounted JLV and began raining elbows down onto the champ's face.




"Turk is as much in control as he is out of control, Reno."

"He is" Reno replied; "love him or hate him - he's the best at absolutely punishing someone I have ever seen."

Turk stopped his assault and checked the clock.


He grabbed JLV by the hair and hoisted him to his feet. He shoved the champ's head between his knees...

"Holy shit, this is early!" MaryJane observed

"Nothing like finishing too early, huh sweetheart?" Reno sarcastically cooed.

"You are so fucking adolescent."

Turk butterflied Voss' arms behind him...


Turk covered and wrenched JLV's leg upward for leverage.

"Super-quick work for Turk if this goes..." Reno sounded excited.

Buck Logan slid in and began to slap the canvas...


"What the hell?!?" Tony Stone questioned.

Mister Conspiracy himself sprung through the curtains and ran to ringside...


"What the hell is he doing?" Reno was clearly astounded.

"Is" MaryJane questioned; he calling for the bell?"


The bell rang.

Mister Conspiracy smiled widely and rolled in the ring with the title and handed it to Buck Logan. JCON then motioned for him to give it to JLV.

"He...He wants the title on JLV?"

"Look I hate that scumbag, Turk, but he won." Reno spat.

"He can't just hand that title to JLV." MaryJane was shocked. "JLV is out cold, how the hell did he win?"

Buck Logan shook his head at JCON. He wasn't going to go back on his count. He motioned the three slaps of the canvas mimicking with the belt, and shaking his head.

JCON became more animated as Turk rose and saw what was happening. JCON snatched the title from Buck Logan's hands, then pulled his fist back as if he was about to strike the referee...

...until Turk stepped between them, and the crowd exploded in cheers.

"Whoa!" Davis exclaimed; "Turk's never been cheered this loud folks."

"It's, it's really not a cheer we're accustomed to hearing the fans back Turk like this, Tony. Wow."

Turk grasped the title belt in JCON's hand, and wrenched it away from him.

The cheers just got louder.

"They're going to tear the roof off of this place." you could hear the smile in MaryJane's voice.

He stood eye-to-eye with the Commish. Nearly nose-to-nose.

"Holy, shit, Reno." Davis sounded almost giddy; "this is a rivalry we've not seen since Underground 8.."

"Seven years ago, Tony."

Turk gritted his teeth, and narrowed his stare. Then...



...raised his new title in victory over his head, and the LoC fans went into full pandemonium mode.




"A NEW Network Champion, folks!"

JCON began to mouth some words until Turk simply talked over him and headbutted the exec. JCON wanted no part of the Psycho, he stumbled backward and he rolled from the ring. He backed up the ramp making promises of retribution pointing at the ring as the strings of Suicide Silence's "You Only Live Once" began to play across the PA. Turk climbed the turnbuckles and slung his newest prize into the air and let out an animalistic roar of victory.

"He did it, MaryJane."

MaryJane opined; "I think he deserved it. I think we saw a truly different Turk here tonight."

"Look" Reno cut in; "Look at the Legacytron!"

The Legacytron was lit up, red on black; "Just Like Broadmoor"

Self Destruction was just gaining speed as we cut to the back and caught a brief glimpse of Max Hopper shaking his head looking partially disappointed.

Winner: Turk via Pinfall, NEW Network Champion

"When The Centipedes Cry"

Mattock was walking through the halls following his successful Flyweight Title defense against Mitaki. He was roaming the halls looking for Amber as he had yet to thank her for making that amazing costume for him. He came across a stage hand resting against the wall with a clipboard in his hand as he was going over some things.

"Hey, have you seen Amber Ryann?" asked Mattock.

"Yeah, she's still in the head trainer's room. They're debating on whether or not to send her to the hospital." said the trainer.

"WHAT!?" said Mattock in shock.

"You didn't see what happened?" asked the trainer.

"No.. I was getting changed for my match." said Mattock with a tone of concern in his voice.

"Daryn Thompson powerbombed her on top of the entrance stage and..."

That's all Mattock needed to hear. He took off running, leaving the stagehand alone to finish his sentence. Mattock raced down the hall as the cameraman desperately tried to keep up with him. They turned the corner and just as he did, Amber Ryann was walking out of the trainer's room under her own power. Mattock didn't even think about his actions and immediately embraced her with a hug.

"Oh thank God.." said Mattock.

Amber winced in pain from the embrace.

"Whoa there centipede boy, I'm still pretty sore.. mind letting go?" said Amber.

Mattock immediately let go of her.

"Oh, right sorry. They said they were thinking about sending you to the hospital.. I wanted to rush over here and make sure you were okay." said Mattock.

"Going sweet on me? How thoughtful. Thanks, but it's going to take more than that to get me into a hospital bed. I don't even know who attacked me at first. The trainer said it was Daryn Thompson and I have no idea why. I mean.. it's not like I kill stole a rare she was camping or anything."

Mattock had no idea what she meant by that. Before he could even begin to comprehend that, Amber spoke up again.

"Oh hey.. I didn't get a chance to see you wear the costume.. did it fit okay?" she asked.

"Yeah.. it fit perfectly. I couldn't believe the level of craftsmanship that went into that. Why are you a wrestler and not working for Hollywood?" asked Mattock.

"That's too boring. I like making costumes as a hobby. Besides, wrestling.. I don't know.. brings me out of my shell. There's just something about it that makes me forget who I am and just allows me to be... well... free." said Amber.

Mattock had something weighing heavily on his mind. Even after he determined he would say it here tonight, the thoughts still ran through him and caused some doubt.

"But, I'm glad it fit and I'm happy you wore it. I hate to see my costumes go to waste. I can probably make you another one Siege... actually no.. I WILL make you another one for Siege.. and you can't say no!" said Amber with a smile.

"Who would really say no to you?" said Mattock.

"You don't really want me to answer that question" said Amber. "I'm going to go grab a heating pad and relax a bit in my locker room. My back is really killing me... I'll catch you lat..."

Mattock grabbed Amber by the wrist.

"Wait..." said Mattock.

Amber seemed a bit confused by the gesture, but she stopped nevertheless.

"I... have something that I've been wanting to ask you. " said Mattock.

Mattock's hands began to get a bit clammy and with him holding onto Amber's wrist, she kind of sensed that what he wanted to ask her was making him a bit nervous.

"Must be something important, eh Clammy Tammy?" said Amber

"huh?" asked Mattock

"If you get any more nervous, I'm going to have to iron out the wrinkles in my wrist" said Amber

Mattock looked down and immediately let her go. He wiped his hands on his pants and cleared his throat.

"You know... all the things you've been doing for me lately... making my wrestling trunks.. this costume, stitching me up when I was careless... I... really appreciate everything you've done. I never had the chance to properly thank you for it all and..."

Amber interrupted him.

"You were nervous over that?" said Amber as she giggled a little bit. "Hey.. no sweat.. I love doing these things for you. You're like my little test dummy that I get to play dress up with. So I guess you're welcome!"

Amber turned to walk away and Mattock spoke up again.

"I have... something... else... to say." said Mattock.

"Okay... what is... this something... else.... you have... to say?" said Amber, mocking him.

"Amber... I don't know how else to say this. I ran it through my head many times and I just can't come up with a way I'm happy with saying it.. so forgive my bluntness, but I'm just going to come out and say it in it's most basic form..." said Mattock as he took in and exhaled, a deep breath

"Amber... I really like you. Will you go out with me?" said Mattock.

The audience in the background held their breath. They wanted to know Amber's answer.

"Uhm... uh... " said Amber as she started to nervously laugh. "Good one! You want to go out with me. I didn't know you had a comedic side." said Amber.

"I'm serious" said Mattock.

Amber's expression changed. She didn't look too thrilled with this situation.

"I.. uhm... think there's been a misunderstanding" said Amber.

Mattock's heart sank as he looked at her. She could see the confusion and heartbreak in Mattock's eyes. Seeing that made her well up with tears.

"I guess... I sent some wrong signals. I'm not in love with you" said Amber as the audience in the background actually booed that.

"I.. don't understand... what was all of this then?" asked Mattock.

"I'm a geek at heart." said Amber. "When I saw you portraying one of my favorite characters, I got a bit too excited. I guess I just wanted to be a part of it. I guess if I were to say I were in love with something.. it would be your clothes."

"My.. what? You we're in love with my clothes!?" said Mattock.

"Yeah! I mean, who would actually fall in...." Amber just stopped right there as she realized what she was about to say.

"Oh my God.. I'm sorry.. I didn't mean to... I'm.." said Amber as she covered her mouth. She began to slowly back away as Mattock stood there in complete shock. Amber obviously mixed up her words, but it was too late to try and fix this. She turn and took off and just left Mattock standing there in the middle of the hallway.

Mattock watched her leave and once she was out of site, Mattock lost all sense of balance and fell against the wall. He used the wall to prop himself up as he looked down at the ground.

"I guess you're right.... who would in their right mind...." said Mattock under himself.

Mattock slowly turned and walked away completely heartbroken.

Monte Burns vs. Frost vs. Lindsay Troy(c)

From the back, we're taken to Brad Arnold in the ring.

"The following contest is a Triple Threat Match scheduled for one fall....and it is for the UNDERGROUND CHAMPIONSHIP!"

The fans, some still wearing their Billows-provided Karma's Collector masks, cheered at the mention of the Underground Title, but the eruption became even louder when "Nobody's Real" by Powerman 5000 began to crank up over the PA system. Alternating red and gold pyro shot up from either side of the stage, followed by a series of red and gold strobe lights covering the stage from above as "The Golden Child" Monte Burns strode out from the back.

Decked out in his black pants and golden jacket, Burns stopped at the edge of the stage for a moment, bouncing up and down with nervous energy as he pointed to both sides of the arena. From there, Monte walked briskly down the ramp, slapping hands with fans all the way down to the ring. Once inside, Burns raised a fist in each direction of the arena to acknowledge the crowd before heading to the far corner of the ring and leaping up to sit on the top turnbuckle while he waited for his other two opponents.

"Nobody's Real" cut off abruptly and was replaced by "Afraid of Me" by Twiztid. Boos rained down from the rafters as Alicia skipped out into the arena. Not far behind her was Frost. He strode stoically down the ramp while Alicia bounced ahead to lead the way.

Frost jumped onto the apron and climbed over the top rope. Alicia darted over to where Monte stood and started taunting him.

"Frosty's gonna skiiiiiiin you, baby Daniel Tiiiiiiiiiiiiger!"

Monte regarded Alicia with a nasty side-eye. She cackled at the reaction.

Once "Trampled Underfoot" hit the speakers, though, it was no longer a laughing matter.

All eyes shot over to the stage to await the arrival of the Queen of the Ring. Once she appeared, the ovation was deafening. Lindsay Troy had a cocky little saunter working on her way out from the back. Cannon-fire pyro blasted off all around her as she paused for a brief photo op.

Gotta give the people want they want.

Troy hopped up onto the apron and vaulted herself over the top rope with a somersault. Frost's face twisted into a scowl as she landed on her feet but D.C. Train kept the big man at bay. The Underground Champ unfastened her spoils of war from around her waist, looked at Monte, then at Frost, and held the UG Title high in the air to the crowd's delight.

D.C. Train took the belt from Troy, handed it to Brad Arnold, and called for the bell. Burns hopped down from the turnbuckle and started creeping toward the center of the ring. Frost stood a few feet away, looking back and forth between Burns and Troy. The champ had her eyes on Frost before turning in Monte's direction. Troy and Burns locked eyes with one another, and Monte nodded. A second later, LT nodded as well.

At that moment, the two of them turned toward Frost, and the big man knew what was up.

Troy and Burns went on the attack, with a kick to Frost's ribs from the champ and a knife edge chop to the chest by the Golden Child. Frost held firm and even blocked a punch attempt from Troy, pushing her backward. But Burns connected with a pair of hard forearms to the monster's jaw to push him back against the ropes. Monte waited for Troy and then the two of them whipped Frost across the way. When he bounded back off the ropes, the two of them caught him with a pair of dropkicks to send him to the mat.

As Frost was getting back to his feet, Burns rushed over and grabbed him by the head, holding it down to hit him with a hard knee lift. Frost sprawled backward into the nearby corner, and suddenly Burns dropped down on his hands and knees a few feet in front of him. Looking back to Troy, Burns nodded his head in Frost's direction. Troy shrugged her shoulders and then took off on a run, leaping off Monte's back to hit a flying knee to Frost's jaw.

The crowd was cheering the double team moves, as they clearly wanted Burns and Troy to succeed in taking Frost out of the equation. Both of them kept on the offensive in the corner, laying in boots to Frost's midsection. Outside the ring, Alicia was irate, screaming at the ref that this had to be illegal somehow.

With Frost dazed, Burns pulled him out of the corner and toward the center of the ring. He called to Troy and motioned for her to climb to the top turnbuckle. As she quickly went to the top, Monte grabbed Frost around the neck and started to set up for a suplex, obviously with an eye toward another double-team move of some kind. But when he tried to pick Frost up, Burns suddenly released him and immediately reached his right arm around to his lower back as he took a couple steps backward. The Queen of the Ring held her arms out in confusion, still perched on the top turnbuckle. Burns straightened up and appeared to be back to normal as he turned back around to Frost.


Before Burns knew what was happening, Frost's huge boot connected with his face and sent him down flat on his back. As Frost turned around to find Troy, the champ finally leaped off the top, looking for a flying headscissors. The big man caught her on his shoulders and wouldn't let her complete the move, but then he suddenly began grimacing in pain and holding his chest with one of his hands. Troy pounded away on his head to try and get free, but Frost managed to stagger over toward the ropes and used his strength to toss her down to the floor below. Troy landed with a thud on her back and looked to be in a lot of pain.

Frost rubbed his chest for a second but then shook his head and turned his attention back to Burns. Monte was up to one knee and Frost stalked over, clubbing down with forearms across Monte's back to force him back down to the mat. With Burns laying face first, Frost took a step back and then dropped an elbow, the point of his elbow driving right into the small of Monte's back. Frost reached down and grabbed Burns by the hair, yanking him up and glaring right into his eyes. He then shoved both hands into Monte's chest, knocking him a couple feet backward into the nearest corner. Frost followed him in and wrapped his right hand around Monte's throat, squeezing and choking him as the ref called for a break. Alicia just smiled from the floor, cheering on her "Frosty" while virtually everyone else in the arena booed.

Frost finally released the choke and stood there for a second eyeballing Burns, grinning devilishly as Alicia taunted him as well. Out of the corner of his eye, Frost saw Troy up on the apron nearby and immediately rushed over and caught her with a hard elbow. The move sent LT flying off the apron and hitting the barricade on the outside. Frost then turned back to Monte and grabbed him by the wrist, whipping him across to the opposite corner. Frost was charging close behind him, but Burns leaped up the turnbuckle as he neared the corner and somersaulted backward over Frost, as the big man charged into a suddenly empty corner. When he turned around for another shot at Burns, Frost was met with a thrust kick to the chin. Then, Burns ran toward the far ropes and leaped to springboard backward with an asai moonsault.

It didn't go as planned.

While Burns flipped backward in the air, Frost regained his senses and caught the Golden Child over his shoulder. A second later, Frost drove him into the mat with a high impact power slam and went right for the cover...



Shoulder up by Burns! As Frost got up to a knee, he pointed in Alicia's direction and then waved as if calling for something. Alicia reached underneath the ring and came out holding a thick piece of wood. She slid it in the ring and Frost picked it up, holding it in both hands as he sized Burns up.

As Monte looked up at him, Frost swung fiercely, connecting with vicious hits to Monte's neck and back. Frost then tossed the wood away and rolled Burns into a cover again...



Kickout by Burns! LoC's faithful fans cheered the kickout as Burns kept fighting. Frost grunted and then got back to his feet and stood a few steps away from Burns. As he watched Monte struggle up to a knee, it was clear Frost was readying himself to hit his devastating Frost Bite finisher. As Burns finally made it to his feet, Frost was poised to hit the big superkick...

But the Queen of the Ring had other plans.

Before Frost could connect, Troy leapt off from one of the top turnbuckles and headed Frost's way. He didn't even see it coming as the champ executed a shooting star press that transitioned into spiking Frost's head to the mat with a DDT. Troy immediately grabbed a leg for the pin attempt...



Thr-Kickout! Frost just broke free of the cover in time, as D.C. Train held up two fingers to emphasize the two count. As Troy got to her feet, she just saw out of the corner of her eye a flash coming her way. Burns was coming for her, but Troy sidestepped him and tried to use his momentum to toss him over the top rope to the outside.

But as he went over the top, Burns managed to reach out and grab the top rope and land on the edge of the apron. Troy went for a kick to knock him off, but Monte blocked it and elbowed her in the jaw. He then grabbed her around the neck in a chancery to go for a suplex to the outside. He started to lift her up, but Troy halted him with a side kick to the ribs. Now, Troy took the advantage and went for a suplex on Monte - only instead of suplexing him back into the ring, she lifted him up and then dropped him forward with a front suplex that deposited him face first to the floor!

The crowd let out an "ooooh" as Monte hit with a thud, and Troy turned back to Frost in the ring. The 6-foot-9 monster was back to his feet and as shook the cobwebs clear, he ran toward Troy looking for a clothesline. Troy ducked underneath and then ran toward the opposite ropes. She leaped forward to springboard off the middle rope and connect with a back elbow that sent Frost staggering back against the ropes. Before he could react, Troy was back up to her feet and booted him to the midsection. With him doubled over, Troy hooked his arms and planted him to the mat with a double underhook face breaker before rolling him on his back for a pin attempt...



Another kickout by Frost! Alicia slammed her hands against the apron to try and fire the big man up. With Frost getting to his hands and knees and Troy on her back beside him, the champ started to wrap her legs around his head and neck, and the crowd began to cheer loudly in anticipation of one of her favorite submissions, the Divine Right! But Frost felt it coming too and blocked the move, elbowing her hard in the ribs over and over before she could put the move on.

Troy rolled to the side and up to her feet, just as Frost stood up as well. A hard punch from Frost stopped her in her tracks and then he lifted her up onto his shoulders. But before Frost could hit one of his power moves, LT shifted her weight and swung Frost back down to the mat. This time, she wouldn't be denied...


Fans went wild as she finally locked in the Koji Clutch, with Frost's teeth clenched in pain. He flailed around trying to elbow her, but Troy kept her head back and out of the line of fire as she cinched in the hold tighter. D.C. Train kept asking Frost if he wanted to give up. The big man was shaking his head "no," but it was obvious the pain was increasing. In the middle of the ring with nowhere to go, it seemed like Frost would have no choice but to tap out soon.

Alicia saw this as well, as she wasn't about to let her Frosty lose just yet. She rolled into the ring and went right over to the two of them and began to claw at Troy's face with her fingernails. D.C. Train yelled for her to leave but he was powerless to stop it. Troy kept hold of the Divine Right at first but had to finally release when Alicia started trying to gouge her eyes.

The little mischief-maker smiled at first but her joy quickly faded. A furious Troy got to her feet and made with the quickness toward Alicia, who was now backing away in fear. The Underground Champ grabbed her by the hair and neck as she turned and tried to exit through the ropes. But before Troy could get a little revenge, Frost came barreling at her and cracked her in the back of the neck with a clothesline. Alicia scurried out of the ring as Frost picked Troy up and shoved her into the corner. With Troy dazed, Frost measured her and bent down, driving his shoulder with all his weight into Troy's midsection...then again....and again. Troy's head bent down, but Frost lifted it up by her hair and then cracked her in the temple with his elbow.

At that moment, Frost stopped and again rubbed his chest, even reaching out to the top rope with his other hand to steady himself. Then he looked down to Alicia and again made a gesture, calling for something. Again she went under the ring and this time she emerged with a shiny pair of handcuffs. She tossed the cuffs inside and their plan to eliminate one of Frost's opponents from the match was about to come to fruition.


The big man stopped and turned at the voice....just in time to catch a spinning heel kick from the top turnbuckle thanks to Monte Burns!

LoC's faithful exploded in cheers as Frost crashed to the mat near Troy in the corner. As Burns got back to his feet, he looked toward Troy and the two of them once again shared a knowing look. Burns bent down and picked up the handcuffs and shrugged his shoulders with a smile. "We can't let these go to waste, now can we?"

Troy allowed a slight grin as Burns went over to Frost. Each of them stomped Frost in the chest to help soften him up and then dragged him closer to the ringpost. As Alicia yelled, "NO" on the outside, Burns cuffed Frost's right wrist and then cuffed his left wrist, with the chain around the ringpost. Again the crowd cheered as Frost began to struggle to no avail.

With Frost down, Troy stood up and backed away toward the middle of the ring. Burns moved that way as well and the two of them were eye to eye. The crowd was buzzing as the two of them faced off and both of them looked around, soaking in the feeling of the crowd's anticipation. As they locked eyes again, Troy said, "En garde, Tiger Style. Time to settle this once and for all."

Burns smiled, nodded, and caught Troy off guard with a right hand!

Monte grabbed the Queen's arm and sent her across the ring with an Irish, Troy reversed! She propelled him toward the corner and ran after him. She leapt forward, twisted her body, and connected with a leg lariat to his lower back just as Monte hit the turnbuckles chest-first. The Golden Child found himself on Dream Street as he stumbled out of the corner to make a sharp left onto Blackout Drive as Troy kicked him in the stomach, hoisted him into the air, and spiked him to the mat with a pumphandle neckbreaker! She covered...



THR--NOOOOOOOO! Monte kicked out!

On the outside of the ring, Alicia was frantically looking around for the key to the handcuffs as Frost struggled to break free. Troy got back to her feet first and decided to show Frost what he was missing out on. She ran over, left her feet, and connected with a double stomp to the back of Frost's head. Alicia, meanwhile, was looking frantically for the key to release her husband from his bonds. As Troy stood up, she flipped Alicia the finger for good measure but didn't take into account where she was in relation to Mr. Burns (exxxxxxxxxxxcellent).

Monte charged forward and connected with a lariat that turned the champ inside out! He grabbed her by the hair and threw her through the middle ropes to the outside, on the opposite end from where Alicia was still searching for something to help Frost out. Monte stepped through the ropes himself and paused on the apron, waiting for Troy to get to her feet.

The Queen took herself back vertical and that's when Monte jumped onto the top rope and leapt upwards and backwards with an Asai moonsault! Both champion and challenger were down now as D.C. Train slid out of the ring to check on them.


Both Troy and Monte were splayed out on the mats but they were conscious. It was just a matter of who could either get up first or roll toward the other to make a pin attempt. The crowd started stomping their feet and clapping, willing the two Underground division standouts to be the one to make the first move.


That cheer was for Burns draping his body over Troy's. D.C.'s in position!



THR--NOOOOOOOO! Troy's shoulder shot up!

As Troy rolled over onto her chest, Burns slid back in a seated position against the barricade. The champion crawled over toward the apron to use it to help herself up, while Burns slid up the barricade, using it to steady himself. As Troy got up to a knee, Burns pulled her up the rest of the way and lifted her up onto the apron. But instead of rolling her inside the ring, Burns climbed up on the apron as well and lifted her up to a standing position beside him.

With the crowd murmuring in anticipation, Burns placed Troy's head between his legs and appeared set to execute a powerbomb. But when he tried lifting Troy up, he again winced as pain shot up his back and had to drop her back down to the apron. It was all the opening Troy needed, as she raised up and wrapped her arms around his head and neck in a Cobra Clutch before dropping backward to send both of crashing to the outside once again. The ringside fans were going crazy and looking over the barricade to see their fallen bodies, as each of them took the move hard. D.C. Train stood beside them wondering what to do. Finally, Troy began to stir and struggled over to put her arm across Monte's chest...



THR-NO! NO! Monte rolled over off the mat just in time and the crowd cheered, happy to see the match continue. As the two of them recovered, Alicia finally emerged from underneath the ring with a smile....and a pair of bolt cutters in her hands. As she ran back over to the corner where Frost lay, Troy was back up to her feet and dragged Monte over near the ring again, rolling him back inside. She climbed in as well and the two fighters struggled to their feet. Burns tried a wild punch, but LT ducked and went behind him, hooking his arms to try and backslide. Burns fought it, however, and was using his strength to try the move on Troy instead.

As the two of them fought over the move, Alicia snapped the chain with the bolt cutters and freed her husband. The big brute yelled out in anger and climbed to his feet. Before Burns or Troy could see him coming, Frost charged forward and blasted them, knocking them both down to the canvas. Frost then pulled Burns up by his hair, knocking him backward toward the ropes with a European uppercut. As Burns leaned back against the ropes, Frost's eyes filled with rage as he threw punch after punch with lefts and rights to daze Monte. Then, Frost hooked Monte's arms behind him under the top rope and pulled the middle rope up to tie him in place. On the outside Alicia laughed while Frost turned back around to focus on Troy.

The Queen of the Ring was back up to a knee and threw a punch in Frost's direction, but the big man was easily able to dodge it. He grabbed her by the head to hold her in place and then hit a pair of devastating knee lifts to the side of her head. LT was clearly dazed, but Frost forced her to her feet and then lifted her up by the side for a gutwrench powerbomb. As he held Troy up in the air, Frost ran forward a few steps before planting her into the mat, using his momentum to make the move even more impactful. Alicia threw her hands up in celebration as he covered and hooked Troy's leg...



SHOULDER UP! Again the crowd cheered, this time more relieved than anything. Frost's eyes narrowed in anger as he scowled at D.C. Train. Burns struggled against the ropes but couldn't break free as Frost took a few steps back from Troy. The Underground Champion was stirring but still in rough shape. Frost waited, ready to pounce. As Troy used the ropes to drag herself up, it was clear Frost was setting up for a second try at his finishing move. Finally LT was up and staggered away from the ropes toward him...


The devastating kick connected with her chin and immediately sent her sprawling back to the mat. Frost stood over her for a second with a grin, as Alicia jumped up and down on the outside. As he dropped to make the cover, Alicia even climbed up onto the apron - still with the bolt cutters in hand - in anticipation of a win...



THR-NO! Just before the three count, Burns dove forward and knocked Frost off of Troy after having finally freed himself from the ropes. Frost got back up to his feet and went over to Burns, kicking him in the side of the head before he could get up. Before he attacked further, Alicia yelled for him to come over, holding out the bolt cutters for him to use. Frost walked over and grabbed them, nodding his head as he looked down at them in his hand.

He turned around to see Burns back to his hands and knees but before he could swing down with them, Monte booted him in the midsection. Frost raised the bolt cutters up to try again but this time Monte rolled out of the way and got to his feet, hitting Frost with a kick to the chest. The bolt cutters fell to the mat and Burns grabbed Frost's wrist to whip him toward Alicia, who was still on the ring apron. The monster managed to stop his momentum just in time, leaving Alicia to breathe a sigh of relief.

That relief didn't last long.

Before Frost could turn around, Burns ran forward and dropkicked him in the back, knocking him into Alicia and sending her falling to the floor below. Obviously the crowd loved that, jeering at Alicia as she lay holding her back in pain. Frost looked down in concern but then turned back around in a rage looking for revenge. He ran forward toward Monte with an eye toward taking The Golden Child's head off with a lariat. Monte ducked just in time and as he went down, grabbed the bolt cutters from the mat. As soon as Frost turned around, Burns hauled off and cracked them against the beast's head. Frost dropped to a knee and then Monte blasted him a second time for good measure. With Frost down on the mat, Burns knew what he needed to do next. He hurried over to the nearest corner and climbed to the top. He wasted no time leaping off...


The swanton bomb connected perfectly with Frost's chest and after taking a second to regain himself, Burns rolled back over to make the cover and secure the Underground Championship...



THR-NO! D.C. Train's palm was only inches away from the mat when Troy intervened, kicking Monte in the head to break up the pin attempt. As Burns got up to his feet, Troy pounced, hooking an arm around his neck and then lifting him up before spiking him to the mat with a cradle DDT. Sensing her opportunity, Troy turned immediately back to Frost, who was still in a lot of pain on the mat. She rolled him over onto his stomach and as she hooked her legs with Frost's, the crowd could sense it coming...


The painful Chickenwing Muta Lock was hooked in and Frost had nowhere to go. The crowd was going wild, yelling for Frost to give up. Troy cinched in the hold and D.C. Train kept checking on Frost. Burns was still out on the mat, while Alicia couldn't help either. Finally the pain was too much and when Train asked him, Frost nodded "Yes." D.C. called for the bell and the crowd exploded in response!

Troy let go of the hold and stayed on one knee for a few moments before getting up and taking the championship belt from Train. Frost rolled over onto his back, clutching his chest and now his leg in pain. Meanwhile, Burns was back up to his feet, leaning against the ropes with his head down, obviously disappointed at losing out on winning the championship once again.

Brad Arnold: "The winner of this match....and STILL the Underground Champion....LINDSAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY TROOOOOOOOYYYYYY!"

As D.C. Train raised Troy's arm in victory, Alicia was finally up to her feet and snatched the microphone out of Arnold's hand.

"NO! NO! This isn't what was supposed to happen! THIS IS WRONG!" Alicia screeched. The fans in the front few rows closest to her winced. "SHE'S the Underground Champion, SHE'S the one that's supposed to be cursed! NOT MY FROSTY!"

"I don't know, Stoner, I think that fall might have knocked a few pebbles loose," said Reno Davis. "This chick's crazy."

"I agree, Reno. She's lost it. Someone needs to get that mic away from her."

But Alicia continued. "JUST LOOK! Look at HIM!" She pointed at Burns. "Look at HER! Is HER back hurting? NO!" Alicia then pointed toward her husband. "Look at HIM! Look at HER! Is HER chest hurting? NO! NOTHING, SHE HAS NOTHING! NOTHING! NOTHING! NOTHING!"

The crowd grew gravely silent, unsure of what to make of Alicia's comments. At the announce desk, though, her words seemed to be sinking in a little bit.

"You know, guys," MaryJane said, softly, "I think she may be right.."

"Oh come onnnnnn....she's nuts!" argued Davis. "All women have a little crazy in them and in Alicia's case, that's ALL she wound up with. You can't believe she's making sense out there. Stoner, come on," he implored further, "you don't buy this, do you?"

"The Curse cursing the challengers? I don't know....but makes sense....holy God, no one is safe from this."

"Is this what happens when you let a woman into the Underground?" mused Davis. "The power of the vag pushes the curse to others?"

MaryJane rolled her eyes. "Could you be any cruder?"

"Try me. I ain't wrong here."

Back in the ring, LT's obviously had enough of Alicia's nonsense. She dropped the belt to the mat and rolled out. Alicia saw her coming and dropped the mic, bending over for a moment. Troy stomped over ready to lay into her.

"I've had enough of your goddamn crazy bullsh--"

Just as Troy came near, Alicia popped back up holding a can of pepper spray. LT had no time to react before Alicia sprayed the contents right into her eyes. She sprawled backwards against the ring apron, clawing at her face.

The crowd booed heartily as Alicia smiled and then went over and grabbed the timekeeper's bell. With Troy still holding her eyes and unable to see, Alicia whacked her in the shoulder with the bell and then kicked her in the leg to knock LT down to a knee. For some reason, the crowd switched to a loud cheer when this happened. Could they really be cheering Alicia's attack on one of their favorites? Alicia raised the bell up and was poised to strike down on Troy's face when the reason for the cheering became clear.

Someone from the crowd was rushing toward the ring. The fans roared as they parted, making a path.

"Who the hell is...." Reno started, just as Alicia was about to swing down....


Alicia went down to the floor in a heap, the bell flying out of her hands and landing to the side. A female figure rose back up from the floor and stood proudly looking out at the crowd, who were going nuts by this point.

"Who the hell is that!?" Reno yelled.

"I can't believe it!" MaryJane said. "it's Vivica J. Valentine!"

"Vivica J. Valentine is here in the Legacy of Champions!" Tony Stone was going just as nuts as the fans were. "She was THE FACE of the Stephen Caldera-owned Global Championship Wrestling for YEARS! She and Troy were tag partners! And now she is ASSAULTING Alicia! Left hand! Right hand! Alicia doesn't know what hit her!

Viv let Alicia be for a moment and reached down to help Troy, leaning her back against the apron to steady her. Troy's head was still down and she still couldn't see that well. Back in the ring, Burns had turned around to see what was happening and gave a confused look in Troy and Valentine's direction. Frost was still out on the mat, unaware of the attack on his wife. Seeing that Troy seemed okay, Viv turned her attention back toward Alicia, eyeing the bell with a smile.

This was all happening so fast that the security in the crowd didn't react right away, but once a crew swarmed out from the back they finally jumped into action. Several of them grabbed Viv from behind and began pulling her away. She tried to fight free with punches and kicks before she was dragged away toward the ramp, but the number of security was obviously too much for one person - man or woman - to overcome.

Up above the ring, the Skybox window slid open to reveal Mister Conspiracy. He stood there with his hands folded over his chest, an obvious look of anger on his face. The security guards looked up and the Commissioner pointed toward the ramp. The guards then continued dragging Valentine away up the ramp toward the curtain.

Troy eventually made it up to her feet and blinked rapidly, trying to get some measure of eyesight back. She shook her head and wiped her face; though her vision was blurry, she was able to make out Monte staring at her warily. She glanced over toward the LegacyTron to get an idea of what was happening. The cameraman on the stage got a close-up shot of Valentine being dragged toward the curtain and Troy's eyes became as big as saucers. A few seconds passed as she watched the security team disappear, clearly stunned by what had happened, and then she turned her gaze over to the Skybox.

She could feel the heat radiating from Mr. Con's gaze all the way from where she stood. Then, he abruptly disappeared from view.

Troy had an idea about what was gonna happen so she grabbed the Underground Title from inside the ring and booked it up the ramp, hoping to cut Conspiracy off at the pass and get to Viv before he did. Monte followed after her a second later, but didn't catch up too close.

There was a curse afoot, after all.

Winner: Lindsay Troy via Submission

"The Little Intruder"


"Get your....ow...dammit! Get your hands offa me!"

For those unfamiliar with one Fearless Phenom, here's a real quick run-down to get you in the loop: Vivica J. Valentine, former GCW World Champ, Tag Champ, U.S. Champ, nearly every damn champ in that place, may be small....but she is mighty. Mighty proud, mighty talented, mighty passionate, mighty not about to give any fucks, especially regarding her friends and their troubles and their enemies.

Sounds kinda like a certain Underground Champ, no? Must be why they're buds.

You would think that a five-foot-four inch tall woman should be real easy to handle for LoC's security detail but we're here to tell you, she's not. Viv was still fighting the boys in black every step of the way. Lifting her off her feet only resulted in hard kicks to the extremities. Wrangling her arms didn't help either. They struggled as Viv struggled but they all managed to keep her moving. Backstage workers cut short their tasks to watch the display unfold.

"Hey! HEY! WAIT!"

Lindsay Troy moved down the hallway as fast as her sore legs could take her. Her vision was slowly returning and her surroundings weren't nebulous blurs anymore. The Underground Title was in her hand, held loosely so that one of the straps was dragging on the tile. Monte Burns jogged behind her, grimacing and holding his back. If the Queen knew he was there wasn't certain; she didn't acknowledge him, in any case.

"All of you, stop! NOW!"

THAT got security's attention. They all paused and turned around to see Troy nearly right behind them. They backed up a few paces once they saw the title in her hand.

"Just stay right there and don't come any closer," one of them said.

Troy slowed to a walk, at least, but didn't heed the order.

"I ain't kiddin'," the security guy added and pointed first to the Underground belt and then to Monte Burns.

Troy halted. She squinted her eyes, looked down at the belt, and then back to the group. Monte stopped a few feet behind her. She glanced over her shoulder and saw him in his own kinda pain.


Something finally clicked...Alicia wasn't wrong. Monte's back. Frost's chest. Sylo's warning. All the puzzle pieces finally came together in Troy's noggin and the revelation showed on her face. So, she did what anyone else would do when wielding some kinda voodoo carrying amulet that affects everyone else but her...

She taunted the security crew by waving the title at them.

"I guess you all oughta let her go or else I'll Gandalf this shit and pass it your way."

They eyed Troy suspiciously. Given all that's gone down the past month with Burns, Frost, and the belt, they probably didn't want to take the risk.

"There's not a damn chance of that happening! Do not let her out of your sight!"

Everyone looked down the opposite end of the hallway as Milton's sniveling voice hit their eardrums. He was marching ahead of Mister Conspiracy, who looked downright AN-GRAY. Behind the two men was a line of Orlando's Finest, and those guys had tasers...and gunz.

"Oh look, the welcoming committee," Vivica quipped seconds before she was pushed hard onto the concrete floor. Letting out an audible loss of air, she struggled for comfort more than anything. Although, in the back of her mind, she was sure everyone in the room thought she was planning her escape.

Troy stepped forward and helped Vivica to her feet. She also kept her eyes trained on all the authority figures; security remained in place while Milton and JCON got closer. Once the self-important staffer got within feet of her, Troy stepped in front of Viv to take the confrontation head-on.

"You're gonna want to stand back while the adults talk, junior," she advised. "This won't end well for you if you don't."

Milton regarded her with a scoff but when she lifted the Underground title to his eye level, and let's be real....she didn't have to raise it that far, dude is shoooooort, he scampered back a step or two. Mister Conspiracy, however, wasn't so easily intimidated. He stepped right up to the Queen and got in her face.

"I know yo ass ain't gon' stand in mah way when I've got a problem t'deal with."

"Try me then."

The Commissioner laughed. "Girl, y'don't even know who ya talkin' to, do you? I'm sure you've got yo'self an idea but ya don't really know..."

"You've shown your ass enough in such a short amount of time that I've got a pretty good clue about what it is I'm talking to and dealing with," Troy replied. "And if you think I'm gonna stand here and let you swing dick by trotting out the cast of Police Academy 8, then it's not me who's ill-informed."

"This girl," Mister Conspiracy pointed at Viv now, who looked like she wanted to tackle him and pick up where she left off with Alicia, "jumped MY barricade on MY PAY-PER-VIEW an' attacked MY TALENT. MY EQUIPMENT. MY SHOW. MY PEOPLE. Mister Conspiracy ain't gon' stand for that, Troy. Mister Conspiracy ain't give a fuck about yo' title or yo' curse or yo' merch sales or yo' aaaaaaanythang. Now MOVE YO' ASS or Imma have you thrown in a squad car too."

"Nobody's getting thrown anywhere."

Scott Riktor has a great habit of popping up at just the right moment, doesn't he?

The Brand President arrived on the scene and slid in-between JCON and Troy before things got heated to the point of blows. "Jon. I'm with you on removing unauthorized personnel from the arena for jumping into the thick of things. But it's clear to me," he motioned to Lindsay and Vivica, "that in this particular case, we can escort the offender out without pressing charges and WITHOUT..." he looked to his security crew, "further manhandling, so long as everyone cooperates." A glance to only Viv now. "We good here?"

"No we AIN'T good here, Scott," Mister Conspiracy said, "This is some bullshit, man."

"Scott, it's fine," Troy chimed in. "Take Viv out of here and I'll call it a night too. There's still a main to get through. This has been enough of a distraction."

Riktor raised an eyebrow and Troy faintly nodded.

"Alright," he said. "I'll see she gets out in one piece." He motioned for security to follow him before addressing Vivica. "After you."

Viv eyed him warily before looking at Troy. "Don't worry," the Queen reassured. "He's good people, and I'll be outside in less than ten."

"OK," Valentine said. "If you say so." With that, she allowed Scott to chaperone her out of the Arena of Champions.

Troy wasted no time in heading off in the direction of the Bombshells locker room, with Monte Burns hot on her heels. The Golden Child fell into step beside her. "So," he said, "that part of a master plan in case shit broke down in there?"

She looked over at Burns and, surprisingly, clapped a hand on his shoulder. "Not a tactic I tend to employ often. Besides, if you knew Viv like I do, you'd know she's not supposed to be anywhere near a ring anymore."

Monte looked equally shocked from both Troy's gesture and her revelation. "Then why..."

Troy stopped walking; he did too. "That's what I gotta find out," she confirmed, then allowed a half-smile to form. "We had a good fight, Monte. I don't think this is the end of things, you know?"

"I know," he nodded. "Who else is going to question my choice of clothing?"

"That's the spirit," she laughed. "You should go out for a slice with Simba. Throw the diet aside for a night."

"You saw that too?"

"Duh. The bromance is real, Golden Oldie. Go take advantage of it."

"If I'm going, so should you. Bring the little intruder with you."

"Maybe I will," Troy said, and the camera cut elsewhere.

Shawn Hart vs. Kenshiro Inogami vs. Superstar Vince Jacobs(c)

The gathered legions were seen & heard cheering with earnest as Camera 28 offered an angled bird's eye pan over the crowd. Camera 20 would center its focus unto the passionate southwest section of the arena where a collage of homemade signs were brandished before the cameras and the viewers at home. The transition was complete in short order as Camera 5 would train itself onto the ring where the incomparable Brad Arnold was standing by, dressed to the nines and with his Right Hand folded behind his back as the crowd volume lessened slightly...

Brad Arnold: "....And Now...IT'S TIME...FOR YOUR LOC MAIN EVENT!!!! Ladies & Gentlemen...LoC Fans, both home and across the globe, the following contest is a 3 WAY DANCE. For the LoC LEGACY CHAMPIONSHIP!!!"

The jubilant populous would fully express their excitement as Cameras 12, 17 & 19 afforded the masses at home respective glances of the LoC Live experience. Repetitive chants for the knowingly unapologetic promotional brand would echo the arena's interior before the feuding trinity were all plastered across each ominous screen as the lulling bass laden beat intentionally siphoned away the intensity of the affixed lighting overhead. The brilliant flashes of light would highlight the graphical likeness of the heralded championship belt which was centered underneath before its rightful owner before the amassed lighting & acoustic sound would gradually dissipate for several moments...

The once heralded and whimsical sitcom theme music for "Perfect Strangers" "Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now" by David Pomeranz triggered the accommodating entrance stage lighting that would assault both the entire stage and the surrounding areas. An eccentric music selection by design would create a notable air of unified confusion throughout the stands as the diminutive championship contender made his "interesting" entrance. Swathed within the hues of Pearl & Lavender, the Florida native's rhinestone laced attire would center the focus on his unsettling volley of gyrations; the thin vest with complementary feathered trim would accentuate the assless chaps and the fingerless gloves while preening himself before the unwashed legions. His devoted supporting cast were comprised of his adoring sibling, Felicia Hart, his equally eccentric and protective 'muscle' in Tiny & Daryn Thompson, the renown 'Daughter of Dust'.

Brad Arnold: "....Introducing 1st, accompanied by his manager Felicia Hart, 'Tiny' and Daryn Thompson...He hails from Orlando, Florida and weighing in at 205 pounds...SHAWN!!! JESSICA!!! HART!!!"

In short order, the defiant quartet would soon overtake the entire ringside area with the championship upstart busy ‘enticing' the crowd with his infamous antics. Many men would turn their heads in disgust as the self-professed 'Muff Daddy' continued dry humping and grinding atop the middle ropes before entering. Spinning about, the founder of the FUNtastic Four would spread both arms outward and bask within the ‘adulation' of the civilian horde. More winding would come about as he pulled his vest out from each end before sauntering about within the ring's interior. Along the outside, SJH's court would assume an uncharacteristically defensive tone as their leader would use the ring ropes to stretch out the tension within while his musical interlude fell out of earshot. The crew would talk amongst themselves and extending respective glances toward the entrance staging area as a highly confident Hart would continue pacing about, ready to lay claim to his ‘rightful birthright'. The adamant flickering of the arena lighting would draw forth an audible pop that would resonate throughout the slow encroachment of darkness...

The strobe lighting from overhead would enhance the massive overhead storm cloud with flashes of mock thunder & lightning. The opening acoustics of 'Vicarious' by Tool promoted the billowing overcast to lead scores of civilians to start pointing upward as a narrow cloud funnel began its descent. Several ringside personnel and fans would scatter away from the approaching cloud pillar that would heavily obscure the surrounding area as the elongated cloud reached the padded earth and began to spread. Upon breaching the acoustic summit, the strobe lit smoke would reveal the Japanese export would gradually rear his head back and extend his arms outward. Palms facing upward, the Midnight Assassin would stoically brandish his Pearl & Gold Ninja armor with Onyx trim as the billowing overcast quickly crept away. A rousing fecal chant resonated throughout the stands as the ninja eventually opened his eyes to scan the horizon...

Brad Arnold: "Introducing 2nd; he hails from the Kansai Prefecture of Osaka, Japan...Weighing in at 245 pounds...He is the 'Athletic Freak of Nature'...KENSHIRO!!!!! INOGAMI!!!!"

Kenshiro would continue staring at his opposition from over his Right Shoulder for several moments before turning about to briefly reassess his surroundings before making his way up the ring steps. The streaming vignettes would continue to dance about as the ninja briefly paused atop the ring steps before beginning his trek towards the middle of the ring apron. Hart's court would keep a respectable distance while urging Daryn Thompson to come back to the fold and not provoke him before the ninja slithered his way through the ropes & positioned himself firmly before his assigned corner and assuming the position of seiza. Shawn Hart would occasionally sweep back his hair while staring back at him as the musical interlude soon eroded on cue. Several moments of feverish crowd reaction would further amp up the intensity of the moment as Hart inaudibly began egging the ninja on to no avail...

"I didn't have to come to the LoC to become a superstar...I brought my spotlight with me!!!"

"Ring Superstar" by Cypress Hill

Radiant hues of Royal Purple, Gold & Pearl would visually assault the masses with manufactured eye candy during the vivid streaming of the current Legacy Champion's grappling exploits. Camera 2 would zero in on the entrance staging area. On cue, the massive screens would begin displaying the series of earned monikers before the masses...

...Pro Wrestling's Phenomenon...

..."The Icon"...

..."The Living Legend"...

..."The Ratings Grabber"...

..."The Reason There Is A Fucking Show"...

..."Mr. Pay per View"..."

"The bank accounts' thick and his pockets are fat,
Peep the smirk on his face when he's watching you tap,
A 3 count or submission, which stees you wanna go?
‘Cause this muthafucka right here is the reason there's a show!

Camera 4 would train its focus onto the gorilla position where the Grappling God himself would saunter out from the back, brimming with sheer arrogance and championship ambition. The gleaming belt remained fastened around his waist as he took his time wringing each wrist and popping the bones in his neck. The ensuing groundswell of negative heat did nothing but crash aimlessly against the hardened wall renown as his heart...

Brad Arnold: "...and making his way to the ring, accompanied by his manager, the lovely Natalia Simunek-Jacobs; Hailing from Hollywood, California and weighing in at 256 pounds...He is the current....reigning and defending LOC LEGACY CHAMPION OF THE WORLD!!!! 'SUPERSTAR'...VINCE!!!!! JACOBS!!!!"

From behind, he wife/manager would slide her hand across her husband's waist in full support of her king while Jacobs' calloused stare remained affixed to the inhabitants of his kingdom. Natalia would spin about and graze her fingertips across her husband's chest & belt before he gradually raised his palms upward & out. Upon command, a brilliant cascade of pyrotechnical sparks would rain down from behind him to further embellish his amassed greatness. A cadre of random explosions would rattle the immediate vicinity of the entire staging area as Vince's jaw drew rigid. The omnipresent wrestling deity took all the time he needed in order to bask quietly within the moment before beginning his trek down the aisle way. Both Kenshiro & Hart would harness their shared resentment toward the approaching tyrant as he gave pause at the end of the aisle way, allowing his wife/manager to unfasten the belt before taking hold of his property. A kiss against his cheek as laced with good fortunes as he coldly stormed his way up the ring steps, up the turnbuckle before slowly brandishing his promotional battle standard overhead. Chest heaving, the heavily decorated ring general would ensure that both the unlearned and pretenders know their place among the competitive squalor before making his descent.

All 3 men would hold their respective ground with Vince turning his head from side to side, silently addressing each opponent before handing off his prized possession. Referee Chris Horowitz would proudly display the belt to each section of the arena before carefully handing off the belt onto the ringside personnel over the top ropes. The musical entrance would subside yet the sea of humanity would continue rallying for the impending clashing of credible foes. Jacobs would coldly pop his knuckles once more before beginning his slow retreat back to his corner....

Crowd: "...LOC!!!!!!!! ...LOC!!!!!!!! ...LOC!!!!!!!! ...LOC!!!!!!!! ...LOC!!!!!!!! ...LOC!!!!!!!! ...LOC!!!!!!!! ...LOC!!!!!!!! ...LOC!!!!!!!! ...LOC!!!!!!!! ...LOC!!!!!!!! ...LOC!!!!!!!! ...LOC!!!!!!!! ...LOC!!!!!!!! ...LOC!!!!!!!! ...LOC!!!!!!!! ...LOC!!!!!!!! ...LOC!!!!!!!! ...LOC!!!!!!!! ..."


Neither man would move from their respective positions for several moments as Camera 5 caught the ninja tautly gnarling his knuckles before relenting. Inaudibly, Shawn was seen jawing at both Jacobs and Kenshiro as the reigning champion cut his eyes respectively toward each aspiring contender to the throne. Immediately, Hart sprinted toward the masked assassin whom would evade the charging technical wunderkind with a Front Flip yet the awaiting Jacobs' Right Hook was blocked by the ninja's Forearm. The stern Leaping Knee Strike to the Jaw staggered the champion back yet he countered the assassin's Open Palm Thrust Punch with an expedient Over the Shoulder Arm Throw. Shawn exploded into the scene with a Flying Crucifix Pin yet Jacobs quickly rolled through to spin his diminutive assailant about whom would send Vince flying with a Spinning Arm Drag Takedown. Kenshiro utilized a stern Front Kick to Hart's chest to send him Reverse Somersaulting away before the ninja missed with the Spinning Back Fist, allowing the Hollywood native to double Kenshiro over with a stern Punch to the stomach. Vince with the Irish Whip. Ninja with the Reversal yet the wily Jacobs connected with a swift European Uppercut. The wily ring veteran spun about in time to catch the diving Hart out of the air and using a High Standing Hip Toss to propel him forward. The conniving aerialist would flatten the ninja with a timely Somersault Seated Senton before vaulting off the middle ropes. The self-professed ‘Muff Daddy' would connect with a flawless 80's styled Flying Arm Drag! The slightly dazed champion would swivel about to his feet where the nimble Hart floored him with a Flying Heel Kick before knocking him back down with a Standing Dropkick!

Out of sheer frustration, Vince promptly rolled to the outside and slapped the ring apron as the cocky ring technician adamantly taunted his prey to come back into the ring. However, Kenshiro doubled Hart over with an Overhand Clubbing Forearm before being spun about into a Vertical Suplex. However, Shawn slipped free to land and slap on a quick Rear Side Waist Lock. Kenshiro would topple the diminutive grappler with a Spinning Leg Takedown yet the nimble Hart slithered out of the Side Headlock to slap on a Piggyback Sleeper Hold. Kenshiro would rattle his prey's tailbone with a torrid Snap Mare yet his intended Shoot Kick sailed over the escaping 3x former ERA Champion whom would reclaim his footing and clash with Kenshiro with a Mutual Elbow & Collar Tie Up. The opportunistic Jacobs dove into the ring yet both Kenshiro & Hart together stood Vince up with Double Back Fists before they doubled the champion over with Stereo Shoot Kicks to the champion's midsection. The crowd roared as Vince would find himself jettisoned upward before landing hard chest first via Stereo Standing Back Flip Kicks to the Chin before Ninja's Standing Open Palm Strike sailed over the head of the charging Hart. However the Sliding Drop Down was easily evaded by a Shawn Hart Cartwheel into a seamless sprint onward. Shawn would snap off a volatile Spinning Head scissors Takedown, sending Kenshiro tumbling through the ropes onto the ring apron before setting his sights on the rising champion. Hart with the Hammer Throw yet Vince hit the brakes and snatched the pugnacious challenger off his feet with a Swift Side Headlock Takedown!

Shawn with the Leg Scissors Counter leading both men to swivel to their feet into a mutual Collar & Elbow Tie Up yet they both broke apart as Kenshiro missed with the springboard variant of Seppuku. The ninja somersaulted about to his feet to carom off the ropes as the crowd responded to Jacobs being the lone recipient of a Knife Edge Chop. Hurricanrana by Hart whom would roll to his feet only to receive a stern Thumb to the Eye by Vince followed by an Inverted Atomic Drop. An Ear Box would lean Hart back before he vaulted off the middle ropes...The Reason There Is a Show atop Kenshiro! The legions cheered as Vince hooked the leg deeply...1! ...2! NO! The cunning ring general would grab his Japanese rival by the hair and quickly throw him through the rope to the outside before grabbing the ailing Shawn Hart and dropping him with a Full Nelson Butt Slam. Careening off the ropes, Vince would disrespectfully run along the FUNtastic Four founder's back and return with a stiff Low Yakuza Kick to Shawn's face before covering with a Lateral Press...1! ...2! Hart with a Strong Kick Out yet the undeterred Jacobs would secure a taunt Kneeling Armbar before arrogantly transitioning into a timely Bow & Arrow Rack! The crowd welcomed the technical display when the screaming Catch Wrestling practitioner would suffer the wrath of a Ninja K Slingshot Senton Atomico across the stomach! Landing gracefully on both feet, Kenshiro would spin about and deliver a hallowed Knee Drop atop Vince's exposed brow, thus forcing Hart to be jettisoned forward onto his face. The vengeful ninja would grab Vince by the hair and whip him sternly into the corner before belting him with a blistering Knife Edge Chop...

Crowd: ...WHOOOOOO!!!! ...WHOOOOOO!!!! ...WHOOOOOO!!!! ...WHOOOOOO!!!! ...WHOOOOOO!!!!

Hart's camp were seen inaudibly urging their leader to reclaim his footing yet the mindful ninja dropped him to his knee with a Shoot Kick above the Left Knee before flattening him with a Switchblade Kick across the back of the neck. The ACW alum was seen cradling his head with both hands while rolling away as Kenshiro pulled Vince away from the corner via his hair and began blasting him with Alternating Shoot Kicks. The civilian populace would rally behind Kenshiro rearing back for the coup de grace yet cheered as Vince wisely trapped the appendage against his rib cage. The fit of shit talking proved costly as Kenshiro hauled off with a Right Hook across the Jaw before executing an evasive Single Leg Back Flip. However, Hart would surprise the Midnight Assassin with a punishing Dragon Suplex Bridge Pin! ...1! ...2! The audience groaned as the ninja arched his body up & away from the canvas and land chest first where a slightly groggy Jacobs doubled the rising Hart over with a Short Knee Lift before hooking the leg deeply...1! ...1 ½! No dice with Shawn Hart, leading him to roll the ninja over and cover him with a Lateral Press...1! ...1 ½! Natalia would be overheard encouraging her man as he shifted his focus on the recovering opposition. Vince rolled the dice and opted to wedge Hart against the corner with a Running Front Kick to the Chest before hauling off with a searing Knife Edge Chop on Kenshiro...

Crowd: ...WHOOOOOO!!!!

The Enziguri by Vince would lean the ninja over as he quickly sprinted onward with a Running Elbow Smash to crush Tony Little's wrestling disciple against the corner before Vince seamlessly flung the ninja away with a Spinning Release Belly to Belly Suplex! Acting with great haste, Jacobs would again hit S-Ness with a Running Hip Attack before sending him away to the opposing ropes with an Irish Whip. However, his intended Back Elbow sailed over the nimble luchador's head as he returned with a Diving Sunset Flip. Vince would flail his arms about briefly to retain his equilibrium before clasping onto Hart's throat and snatching him up to his feet and attempting a Power Bomb. However, the crowd volume would ascend as Hart stood himself erect briefly atop Vince's chest before vaulting off and landing from a picturesque Standing Moonsault and bursting into a dead sprint. Again, Vince would miss with the Standing Clothesline as Hart hit the cables to duck underneath the Right Hook where Hart would vault off the rising ninja's back, off the top ropes and ground Vince with a Flying Cross Body...1! ...1 ½! The masses would cheer as Hart quickly scrambled to his feet and blasted the rising ninja's chest with a stiff Back Kick before charging after the recovering Jacobs. A stinging Snap Kick to Jacobs' inner thigh followed by an Upward Kick to the Chin bought him time to stagger Kenshiro back with a stern Back Elbow to the Stomach. Hart would utilize a Kip Up to evade Jacobs' Short Armed Clothesline before a Forward Somersault to escape the Back Fist while shooting toward the ropes. A Standing Hip Toss by Tesai Genzo's protégé led to Hart's counteroffensive Monkey Flip yet the nimble ninja landed on both feet, caromed off the ropes to Front Handspring over the Sliding Tackle by Hart for Vince to launch Kenshiro airborne with a Monkey Flip. The masses cheered as The Athletic Freak of Nature walked forward a few paces on both hands before executing a Double Back Handspring Flip to land atop Jacobs' shoulders. An acrobatic Roll Up...1! ...2! The former BCWF Champion's leg strength pushed the ninja onward into a Forward Somersault for another dead sprint toward the ropes. A Shawn Hart Missile Dropkick knocked the returning ninja off his feet with authority!

The spry ACW alum was quick to reclaim his footing to charge after Jacobs...A Star Is Born - A Spinning Spine Buster by the champion followed by an immediate Jackknife Hold Pin! ...1! ...2! Kenshiro's Switchblade Kick across the champion's exposed midsection was heard like a shot as he recoiled in anguish. Ninja dragged him away off both knees and blasted him with another Shoot Kick before cinching him up with a Double Underhook maneuver yet Vince swiveled about and missed with the Spinning Clothesline. Kenshiro's Sleeper Slam was quickly countered by a timely Snap Mare yet Kenshiro rolled onto his stomach briefly to avoid the Stinger Kick. Ninja with the immediate Single Hand Leg Sweep for the cover where Vince easily pushed him off before being flung to the opposing ropes with the Irish Whip. The former ninja clan patriarch's senses alerted him to the incoming Hart to launch him with a quick Standing Back Body Drop where Shawn floored Vince with a Double Knee Lou Thez Press! Cover by Hart...1! ...1 ½! The ninja would intentional snatch Hart off to his feet. However, Shawn stunned the attacking ninja's Shoot Kick by slamming both Forearms against his upper thigh before unleashing a Knife Edge Chop on Jacobs. A Spinning Back Kick to Kenshiro would be followed by another Knife Edge Chop on Vince. The crowd responded in kind as Hart went on a Knife Edge Chopping Spree on both rivals before leaning the champion back with an Upward Kick to the Chin. The window of opportunity opened for Shawn with an aerial Dropsault on Vince to set him in position to attempt a Falling Inverted DDT on Kenshiro yet the Midnight Assassin managed to stagger backwards toward the ropes to utilize the nearby ring ropes. Having steadied himself, the ninja was seen extending Hart's arms outward and thrusting him airborne with a short rush forward...

Crowd: ...OOOHHHH!!!!

The innovative variant of a High Falling Inverted Stomp Face breaker left Hart eerily reeling from the attack before collapsing soundly near the ring apron. Amidst the rousing fecal chants, Tiny would immediately snatch his overtly eccentric leader away to safety as the recovered Vince pounced onto the rising ninja with a battery of Clubbing Forearms & Knee Lifts before propelling the ninja into the opposing corner with a hard Atomic Whip. The Kansai Prefecture native would stagger his incoming attacker back with a stern Forearm Shiver to the Face! However, the cunning veteran drove his Boot into the ninja's stomach before leaning him back with a Ric Flair styled Knife Edge Chop! Right Hand. Chop. Left Hook. Right Jab. Left Jab. Short Armed European Uppercut would erode the ninja's vertical base before Vince was angrily laying the boots to the Japanese export. Referee Chris Horowitz would briefly intervene before the vengeful Hollywood native spun away from the authoritative hand and continued his onslaught. Quick to stand his enemy up, Jacobs would blast the ninja with a Short Armed Head-butt before hurling him away with an Irish Whip to the opposing corner where a precision High Knee Attack would hit the mark! A Textbook Butterfly Suplex by Jacobs followed by the Lateral Press! ...1! ...2! The crowd continued rallying as Kenshiro kicked out yet the determined champion would pull the ninja up and plant him with a Fisherman's Suplex! ...1! ...2! ...2 ½! Again, the ninja would kick out yet the undeterred Jacobs would stand over the groggy yet rising ninja before hoisting him upward with a Delayed Vertical Suplex! A brief glimpse of the Hart camp, along the outside, displayed Shawn being brought back to his senses as the crowd continued counting amidst a rising amount of applause...

Crowd: "...8!!! ...9!!! ...10!!! ...11!!! ...12!!! ....

"YOU'RE A FAGGOT, VINCE!!" One wayward fan exclaimed yet the cheering masses drowned him him out as Jacobs merely extended his middle finger in that same direction while maintaining the ongoing display of balance and core strength...

Crowd: "...19!!! ...20!!! ...21!!! ...22!!! ...23!!! ...24!!! ...25!!! ....

Jacobs palmed his nuts before driving the ninja's frame into the canvas soundly before sitting up and mouthing off inaudibly several seconds before making the Lateral Press...1! ...2! On cue, Hart's Deadlift German Suplex Bridge would warrant a deserved pop by the masses as Horowitz made the count...1! ...2! ...2 ½!! The Legacy Champion jerked his shoulders away from the mat and fell onto his side, leaving an annoyed Shawn Hart reassessing his situation by bundling up Kenshiro with a La Magistral Cradle...1! ...2! Another kick out and the determined Hart would seize Vince with an Oklahoma Roll...1! ...2! No dice and now, Hart's cohorts were seen slapping the ring apron and yelling as the air of frustration set in. Vince would find himself led to the nearest corner and wedged his boot heel against the champion's throat, using the ropes for leverage. Horowitz's hard count led to the break at 4 before Shawn opted to wedge his knee against Jacobs' throat before being forced to make the break again. Hart would quickly knock the ninja over onto his side with a Running Knee Tumble to the skull before crushing Vince with a Running Hip Attack. The momentum continued as Hart returned with a Running High Knee before shooting off to the opposing corner. The Diving TB Somersault Senton would drop the ailing Vince onto his side along the canvas as Shawn desperately hooked the leg deeply...1! ...2! ...2 ¾!!! S-Ness would angrily slap the mat before setting his sights on the recovering ninja. Kenshiro reared up from both knees to be force fed a Hard Right Hand. Left Hook. Shoot Kick. Right Hook. Front Kick. Left Hook. Right Hook. Knife Edge Chop. The overtly charismatic showman sought to rally the crowd as he charged up yet missed with the Shoot Kick. Inside Cradle by Kenshiro...1! ...2! ...2 ½! SJH quickly jerked his shoulder off the canvas yet the Athletic Freak of Nature hoisted his prey upward before rattling his spine with an expedient Double Knee Backbreaker! Hart's legs bounced against the middle ropes before dropping him back first along the mat for the ninja start dragging him away from the ropes for the cover. Vince would seize the moment with a Running Double Ax Handle from behind before hoisting Ninja upward...Stars In The Skies - An Inverted Spinning Death Valley Driver! Natalia celebrated the Arrogant One's greatness as he wedged the ninja's shoulder against the mat...

Crowd: "...ONE!!!!


The Arena of Champion swelled with adulation as the Japanese export jolted upward off the mat, knocking Jacobs away. A look of awe and growing disgust radiated from the champion's visage as Natalia adamantly sought to keep him focused. Inaudibly cursing under his breath, the former hWo Heavyweight Champion girded himself up to assess a stirring Shawn Hart before grab the ninja's leg and deliver a methodical succession of precision Knee Drops to the ninja's Groin & Inner Thigh. Taking a brief moment to relay his intentions to the masses, Vince would deliver a Hardened Stomp to his target's pelvis before opting to lock his enemy down with the 4 Star - A Standing Figure 4 Leg Lock! The ailing ninja would grimace under the mounting pressure as the annoying referee would measure his level of resistance. Utilizing his Forearms & Elbows, Ninja would slowly seek to inch his way towards safety. However, his grazing fingertips led Vince to angrily drag the ninja back towards the middle of the ring to firmly re-apply the hold! Muffled screams of anguish were overheard as Hart's camp continued to rally their champion back into the fight. A confident Vince Jacobs would nod his head in full anticipation of retaining his title before drawing both eyes shut and screaming in sheer defiance...SUPERKICK
to the Temple!! The crowd audibly groaned as Jacobs' body fell lifeless onto the canvas while Hart followed suit in the adjacent direction and all 3 men were notably down. Limbs still entangled with the seemingly comatose Jacobs', Kenshiro struggled briefly before wincing from the damage wrought upon his lower half; low crawling over toward the ring apron to seek respite. Meanwhile, SJH was busy crawling over to the adjacent set of ropes to reclaim his footing. Several paces in, he was halted by his camp; urging him to cover Vince and reclaim his prize. Quickly, Hart would start to sloppily scramble about to intentionally steal the win from a recovering Kenshiro. Finally, Hart would offer a lazy cover after rolling the champion over...

Crowd: "...ONE!!!!



Daryn Thompson, Felicia Hart & Tiny were livid as Vince Jacobs shot the shoulder up before laying on his side once more. A gasping Natalia would cup her hands over her pouty lips as Hart buried his face with both hands before eventually recollecting himself. The crowd cheered as Hart turned about and was the unwilling recipient of a Ninja K Shoot Kick across the inner Right Thigh. The Orlando native wobbled awkward about to reclaim his vertical base before hauling off with a Left Hook to the ninja's stomach. Again, the masses rallied behind Kenshiro stumbling Shawn back with a stern Right Handed Back Fist. SJH was seen shuffling back toward the ropes behind him and returned with a Shuffle Front Kick. A Basement Dropkick dropped Kenshiro to a knee yet a recovering Vince cast his bid in with a Knife Edge Chop across Shawn's chest. A disrespectful Open Hand Slap by Vince landed across the ninja's face yet warranted a retaliatory Forearm Strike across the Thigh. SVJ hobbled back a few paces as both Hart & Kenshiro blasted him with Stereo Knife Edge Chops before the ninja parried Hart's Punch and countered with a stern Open Palm Thrust across the Jaw! The ninja shoved the charging Jacobs onward to the adjacent ropes before crowning him with a Koppou Kick! A slight grimace flashed across the ninja's face while standing himself erect as Shawn humbled the ninja with a pair of Back Rakes. A flurry of pugilistic-styled Punches kept the ninja subdued before hitting him with an expedient Jawbreaker! Hart would shoot Kenshiro away with a Hammer Throw. The ninja hit the Reversal yet Hart spin the ninja about with a heavy Right Hook. The German Suplex was blocked by a pair of Heel Hooks followed by the Standing Switch... The violent Forearm Shiver across the back of the neck humbled the eccentric Chick Magnet...The Gemini Suplex - A Rolling Dragon Suplex + Cobra Clutch Suplex!! The groggy Hart was quickly snatched up by Jacobs whim sent him sailing over the top ropes with a Release Overhead Belly to Back Suplex, toppling Tiny in the process!!

Crowd: "...LoC!!!!! ...LoC!!!!! ...LoC!!!!! ...LoC!!!!! ...LoC!!!!! ...LoC!!!!! ...LoC!!!!! ...LoC!!!!! ...LoC!!!!! ...LoC!!!!! ...LoC!!!!! ...LoC!!!!! ...LoC!!!!! ..."

Both Daryn Thompson & Felicia were busy casting their rebuke towards Jacobs whom would briefly spew venom back before Kenshiro's Rear Waist Lock set the champion immediately onto the defensive. The Standing Switch allowed the Grappling God to eventually ensnare the ninja into a Crossface Chickenwing Submission. Referee Horowitz would monitor the ailing ninja as he began diligently fishing out an opening before utilizing a quick Back Pedal to sandwich Jacobs against the corner. Kenshiro would briefly stumble forward before crushing his rival again. The 3rd attempt was offset by Jacobs' Forearm Shot across the back of the neck followed by his patented Falling Star - A Sleeper Hold into an Inverted DDT! Cover...1! ...2! 2 ½! A pair of Slaps against the canvas displayed a hint of SVJ's frustration before peeling the ninja up off the mat and planting him with a Textbook Scoop Slam. Natalia was overheard coaching her king onward as he began nodding to himself and gradually made his ascent up the nearby turnbuckle. The crowd volume began to rise along with the reigning champion as he steadied himself before taking flight...

Crowd: "...OOOHHHH!!!

The Ratings Grabber - A Shooting Star Press

Natalia screamed with horror as her husband crashed & burned off the ninja's elevated knees and rolled a few feet away from the recovering ninja whom was extending his Left Arm toward the heavens in order to will himself onward to rise...

Crowd: "...OOOOOOHHHHHH!!!

A Flying Elbow Drop by Shawn Hart kept the cheers ongoing as he sat up briefly before keeling over onto his Left Side, favoring his ailing Elbow!

Crowd: "...LoC!!!!! ...LoC!!!!! ...LoC!!!!! ...LoC!!!!! ...LoC!!!!! ...LoC!!!!! ...LoC!!!!! ...LoC!!!!! ...LoC!!!!! ...LoC!!!!! ...LoC!!!!! ...LoC!!!!! ...LoC!!!!! ..."

Hart's entire camp were fired up as they smelled certain victory, urging the reeling challenger to make the cover. Shawn scooted his way over toward the motionless ninja before shooting the loose Cradle Pin...

Crowd: "...ONE!!!!



The heralded LoC Arena was flooded with applause as Horowitz held up 2 fingers before the shocked former A1E Champion whom replied with a passionate protest. Meanwhile, both Kenshiro & Jacobs were starting to stir their way back into the match when a pissed off Hart dragged himself back to his feet. The methodical fury of Boots would promote the battered ninja to rise from all fours before wailing on him with Alternating Punches. The ninja was up to a knee when Shawn knocked Kenshiro off his feet with a hard Shoot Kick. Hart would captivate the crowd with a Standing Shooting Star Senton Splash yet seeking to stand himself erect. Pro Wrestling's Phenomenon would blindside Shawn with a Forearm Shiver across the lower back before sending him airborne with a German Suplex. However, the nimble Orlando native landed and stumbled back a few paces in wait for the recovering Jacobs...The trinity of Shoot Kicks across each leg would prep Vince for a Tombstone Piledriver yet SVJ wasn't having it via kicking his legs and blasting Shawn with a violent Alabama Slam! The Legacy Champion turned about and was quickly enveloped into a Snap Reverse STO followed by an immediate Koji Clutch! The masses were demanding the screaming Jacobs to tap out as Chris Horowitz knelt in close. Natalia was seen reaching for her husband's hand whom was struggling to retain consciousness. His arm would soon come to rest against the mat where Chris raised it twice before Vince, fueled with a 2nd wind before clenching his fist and clawing his way onward. Kenshiro's muffled screams only set Vince into another gear as his grazing fingertips finally latched onto the bottom ropes. The hard count led to a reluctant break at 4 and Kenshiro took a moment to recollect himself before countering Hart's El Codo Explosivo - A Dusty Rhodes-style Bionic Elbow by spinning him away with a stiff Forearm Strikes...A Dragon Whip Kick would lean the ninja forward before staggering back towards the ropes where the awaiting Hart charged in after him...Hart Attack - A Diamond Cutter...

The Iron Maiden - A Full Nelson Butt Slam + Front Flip Full Nelson Submission Bridge

Horowitz was on hand as Hart began screaming in sheer anguish. Along the outside, Daryn & Felicia were voicing both their displeasure and reassurance to their assigned targets as the ninja applied more torque by wrenching upward. Nearing his breaking point, Hart almost tapped when Vince Jacobs lumbered forward to grab the ninja's legs upward. Seeking to pry the ninja away, SVJ would methodically weaken the ninja's grip with Alternating Knees to each kidney before hoisting his prey upwards...Ego Check - A Quick Spinning Sit Down Power bomb!!! Another rating spike was felt as the seasoned grappler turned his target over onto his belly and applied a Texas Cloverleaf Submission! A screaming Vince would extend a lone middle finger toward the ailing Shawn Hart, whom was still cradling the back of his head while the ninja's muffled screams continued. Hints of Crimson & saliva seeping from his lips as he wrenched back higher for maximum effect yet the ailing ninja banged his brow against the canvas before inching his way closer toward the distant ropes. Hart remained determined to get back into the fight by dragging himself upward were Vince readily broke the hold as both men spilled to the outside via a violent Cactus Clothesline! SVJ would remain on all fours for a few moments before dragging Shawn up to his knees before using a hard Hammer Throw to careen him soundly against the unforgiving ring steps! Vince was seen briefly arguing with Hart's entourage before using a brief Giant Swing to slam the diminutive superstar against the barricades wildly before storming his way back toward the ring. Shrugging off the accumulated damage, the Legacy Champion stalked after his crawling Japanese prey before using a methodical Boot Scrape against the back of Kenshiro's head! The Midnight Assassin would recoil from the humiliating assault before Vince used the top rope as leverage to apply weight to the illegal knee-based Choke. A hail of negative heat would bathe the admitted asshole like sunlight as he briefly outstretched his arms before binding the ninja's arms between the ropes and watching him struggle. Amused by his sense of control, Vince would land a measured succession of hardened Fists on his intended target. Horowitz's adamant reprimands were easily dismissed as the running stream of blood began to drip onto the canvas before an annoyed Jacobs backed the referee up.

Reluctantly, he would loosen one of the ninja's arms before setting his focus onto the recovering Hart. A Running Knee Lift would send Shawn sailing off the ring apron before Vince intentional pulled the ninja's partial mask down and drilled him a few more times with measured Punches to the reopened wound. Jacobs would proudly smear his blood soaked knuckles across his chest like makeshift war paint before inaudibly chastising his Japanese counterpart. An Elbow Rake across the brow would further open up the wound of the collapsed ninja before committing to a Forearm-assisted Lateral Press...1! ...2! ...2 ½! The unrepentant champion nodded with a mischievous smirk before landing a battery of piston-like Punches to the ninja's face before heading after the returning Shawn Hart. The self-professed Muff Daddy would double Vince over with a trinity of Shoulder Rams through the ropes before being knocked silly with a retaliatory Knee Strike. Natalia would be seen lauding her king with praises as he cinched Hart up for a Vertical Suplex back into the ring. However, the nimble ring technician floated over with a Sunset Flip! ...1! ...2! Jacobs with the string Kickout and the determined 3x New ERA World Heavyweight Champion ran into another humbling Knee Lift by Vince before setting him up for A Stellar Performance - A Choke Bomb. Grand Master Jiggy would immediately counter by slapping both arms down atop Vince's yet his expedient Hurricanrana was blocked by the cagy championship journeyman. Hart refused to be outdone as his battery of Punches stymied the intended Running Power bomb, allowing him to vault himself airborne to land on both feet to duck underneath the Angry Man's Clothesline. A Pele' Kick by The Prime Minister of Gettin' Sinister would stun the Legacy Champion before Hart vaulted off the 2nd ropes with an Asai DDT! Cover!...

Crowd: "...ONE!!!!



Crowd: "...OOOHHHH!!!

The Fall of The Seraphim - A Corkscrew Shooting Star Press!!!

A bloodied Kenshiro broke up the pin in dramatic fashion as an ailing Hart rolled away, writhing form the impact. Passionate chants swelled throughout the arena's interior as Kenshiro remained on all fours several feet away before dragging himself up vertically to stake his rightful claim. Patiently stalking after his mutual rivals, the Midnight Assassin would batter a rising Jacobs with a Buzzsaw Kick behind the Right Knee before punishing him with a pair of Mongolian Chops. The blistering Shoot Kick across the back of the skull dropped Vince face first against the canvas. However, the ninja's wrath went unfulfilled as he grabbed Jacobs by the hair and began battering him with a methodical battery of Kawada-styled Kicks before flooring him with a violent Crossface Punch. The crowd momentum fueled the stoic assassin as he spied a stumbling Orlando native was standing himself erect...The Morning Star Kick - Flying Double Mule Kick violently slammed Hart chest first against the turnbuckles before collapsing in a battered heap! Repetitive chants for stoic ninja swelled as his displayed a noticeable hobble towards the recovering Jacobs. The meticulousness Elbow Strikes to the champion's brow would further erode Vince's vertical base before a High Kick to the Face echoed throughout the immediate area as Kenshiro made the cover...1! ...2! ...2 ½! Bloodied yet undeterred, the Takahashi Dojo graduate would intentionally stare at Natalia's eyes as he smeared the blood across Vince's face before flooring him with a vicious Open Hand Slap! A casual scan of his immediate surroundings led to him kneel down and mark a bloody "X" with his palm behind him before dragging a groggy Jacobs to his feet. However, a recovering Shawn Hart would steal away the ninja's focus whom would assault him from behind with a hail of Clubbing Forearms. Ninja would briefly play to the crowd before setting Hart up and punishing with the Bite of the Dragon Submission! The cheering masses were overheard as Chris Horowitz's count was nearly muted out...

Horowitz: "...1!!!"





SUPERSTAR KICK - A stiff Super Kick

A resounding crowd explosion would rattle out as Kenshiro's lifeless body slid off the ring ropes and collapsed shoulders first onto the padded earth below. Both Hart & Jacobs fell in short order as a slack-jawed Horowitz looked that the bloodied chaos surrounding him...

Crowd: "...HOLY SHIT!!!!! ...HOLY SHIT!!!!! ...HOLY SHIT!!!!! ...HOLY SHIT!!!!! ...HOLY SHIT!!!!! ...HOLY SHIT!!!!! ...HOLY SHIT!!!!! ...HOLY SHIT!!!!! ...HOLY SHIT!!!!! ...HOLY SHIT!!!!! ...HOLY SHIT!!!!! ...HOLY SHIT!!!!! ...HOLY SHIT!!!!! ..."

Both rival camps were busy willing their representatives onward as fWo championship stalwart became the first to reclaim his footing. Grabbing Shawn by the throat, the weary champion would began wailing on the kneeling challenger with measured Right Hands. Inaudibly, he would taunt his prey between each blow before clutching by his throat and taunting him mercilessly. However, Jacobs' intended Starstruck - A Spinning Suplex DDT was shattered by a sudden Knee Strike to the face, forcing Vince to drop him. Hart landed on all fours and paused before attempting to slap on his patented Fujiwara Armbar yet the Legacy Champion flung him off his arm, sending him side rolling to his feet. A Pump Kick to the Stomach dropped Jacobs onto both knees, followed by an Upward Kick to the Face before a Running Yakuza Kick from the adjacent ropes spun Vince out into a battered heap. Hart with the energetic Cradle Pin...1! ...2! No! Notably fluster, the diminutive Catch-styled luchador would signal to the crowd his intent for a Figure Four Leg Lock. However, Vince would push his forward with a stern Boot to the ass. Shawn would carom off the cables yet Vince would grab his legs and reverse somersault himself into position to lock in a Boston Crab. A desperate Hart made it difficult for Vince to lock him down as he scrambled to and fro towards the closest ropes possible before latching on. Jacobs would carefully turnabout and tug away at the wily veteran before snatching him upward. However, the nimble Orlando native spun about and connected with a high impact Enziguri Kick to the skull! The blow sorely crippled Vince's vertical base as S-Jess passionately hyped himself up, playing to the crowd behind the staggering Jacobs. A pair of animated feet prepped him to make his move as Vince finally turned toward him...

Hart Attack - A Diamond Cutter...NO!

Jacobs sternly shoved Hart forward from behind to carom chest first against the cables before blasting him with a devastating Millennium Suplex! The reigning Legacy Champion gave a brief survey of his surroundings before reeling this suplex-drunk challenger to stagger about to his feet. Vince would quickly stomp his heel earnestly 3 times to ‘load' another round before hauling off...


SUPERSTAR KICK - A stiff Super Kick

The former Spirit of ACW Champion was out like a light amidst the roaring crowd as a chuckling Jacobs remained on all fours, staring toward Camera 1. Jacobs would arrogantly bask in the moment with both arms extended outward, knowing that victory was his yet his adoring wife's screams would lead him to turn around. Jacobs was quickly seized by the once fallen Kenshiro yet managed to block the Japanese Skull Splitter with a timely Heel Hook before staggering the former 21w Hardcore Champion backwards by slamming the back of his head into Kenshiro's face! Vince would quickly stomp his heel earnestly 3 times to ‘load' another round before hauling off...

SUPERSTAR KICK - A stiff Super Kick

A look of shock radiated from the champion's visage as the former Spirit of ACW Champion seized his ankle with his Right Hand. Shaking his head slowly, the ninja quickly thrust Vince's leg to the floor before nailing him with another violent Enzuigiri Kick to the back of the head! The crowd momentum escalated as a rising Hart began stalking after the beleaguered champion before delivering a solid Front Kick on his target...


HART ATTACK - An Ace Crusher

Natalia gasped in sheer horror as her husband collapsed back first from the punishing attack as Shawn spied the returning Kenshiro who managed to make it into the ring. Hart raced across the ring and tried to nail Kenshiro with a flying splash but he moved out the way and Hart nailed Horowitz in the corner. Kenshiro looked down at his opponents on the ground. Felicia and Hart's entourage started to yell at Shawn to get to his feet. Natalia pounded the apron to get Vince up on his feet.

The arena lighting would begin flickering about eerily. The streaming musical theme become warped before cackling out as the lights immediately diminished. Several moments would elapse, amidst the ongoing clambering of the crowd when the lights returned and the ninja was immediately surrounded by 6 hooded figures around the ring. Camera 1 would monitor Kenshiro's cautiously assessment of the motionless hooded opposition. Mass confusion and distress overtook the crowd as Hart and Jacobs started to stir in opposite corners of the ring. The Midnight Assassin seemingly ready to defend himself before the arena lighting quickly eroded once more.

The arena lighting returned yet 5 of the hooded figures were gone, leaving Kenshiro to turn about towards the unknown source of the disturbance...A high impact Uranage Slam knocked the wind out of the Japanese export, literally knocking the consciousness out of him in the middle of the ring. The cloaked entity would silently rise to a knee; staring aimlessly towards the faintly motionless Kenshiro as the crowd's curiosity continued to mount. The hooded enigma would slowly turn its head towards both of Kenshiro's opponents who looked on from their perspective corners before resting a gloved hand atop the ninja's chest. Enamored by its intensity of the moment, the obscured intruder would soon cast a emotionless glare towards the fallen ninja clan patriarch before slowly standing himself erect, moments later, the hooded figure would slowly peel back the hood for all of the world to see whom was underneath...


A highly volatile reaction flooded the stands as the infamous Asylum Fighting legend and jOlt star slowly look down at his motionless rival before casually scanning the horizon onto the animated legions. Providence's jaw shifted before drawing rigid as he subtly nodded onto himself before casting off his tattered robe. The shock of his arrival signaled the promise of a tumultuous road for all within the promotional ranks, primarily for the leading man on his personal hit list; Kenshiro Inogami...

A rising chant would commemorate that Providence's impending reign of terror was here yet his overall intentions would continue to remain shrouded in mystery...much to the Tainted One's liking as the golden promotional signature formed in the right hand corner, shimmering for several moments before the pay per view venue drew to a timely close...

Hart would watch as Providence made his way out of the ring. Jessica saw his opportunity as he raced across the ring and nailed Vince in the corner with a running knee strike. Hart surveyed his surroundings as he made his ascension to the top rope. Camera 2 would watch the Orlando native take flight...


Phoenix Splash!!!

Hart's comrades continued passionately cheering as S-Jess dropped down to both knees to hooked Kenshiro's left Leg deeply. Providence did the damage and Hart was reaping the benefits...

Crowd: "...ONE!!!!




A heavily mixed crowd reaction erupted as the war beaten and battered Shawn Jessica Hart reared his head back, thrusting both arms toward the heavens in celebration. The Hart entourage would immediately storm the ring as "Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now" by David Pomeranz began serenading the crowd from overhead. Camera 2 & 4 would capture the dejected reaction of SVJ and a still unconscious Kenshiro respectively as the focus was returned to S-Jess being carried around inside the ring atop his party's shoulders...

Brad Arnold: "Ladies and Gentlemen....Your winner of the match....and NEEEEEEEEEEWWWWW!!!!! LOC LEGACY CHAMPION OF THE WORLD!!!! SHAWN!!!!! JESSICA!!!!!! HART!!!!!!"

Notably spent, the eccentric superstar would rejoice happily with his peers before being approached by the referee whom would hold the gleaming Legacy Championship belt before them. SJH would readily embraced the belt warmly before lowering his head, elated by the moment. At long last, his belt was back home and signifying his name in the annuals of LoC's history by becoming the second three time Legacy Champion. An angry salvo of celebratory pyrotechnics would ring from overhead as Lavender & Pearl confetti began to descent heavily unto the gathered dissidents below. Hart's party would busy themselves cheerleading their eccentric general as Kenshiro started to move in the ring, wondering what just happened.... Meanwhile, Natalia was busy cradling her husband's weary head as they rested next to the distant barricades. Glints of mounting rage would sow the seeds of imminent retribution within Vince's eyes as he watch the victorious chick magnet reclaim his footing and raise the championship belt overhead.

The championship victory lap was at hand as Shawn slowly scaled the northwest turnbuckle and proudly heralded his prize, much to the delight of the adoring public before drawing his eyes shut and training his head towards the heavens. A heavy sigh would proceed his descent before mirroring his celebration atop the opposing turnbuckle where both Natalia & Vince Jacobs would cast an unsettling stare towards him. This is what Jacobs had feared... he lost the Legacy Championship without being pinned. Kenshiro would silently acknowledge his ailing rival with a calloused stare from the floor before scanning the horizon to help quell the frustration from within. Eventually, the new Legacy Champion would climb down and present himself to the Arena of Champions who obliged the new Legacy Champion as the camera faded out to see Shawn Hart in the middle of the ring on his knees holding his championship high in the air

Winner: Shawn Hart via Pinfall, NEW Legacy Champion