"Previously on Legacy of Champions ..."

1. a picture, image, or other representation.

2. Eastern Church. a representation of some sacred personage, as Christ or a saint or angel, painted usually on a wood surface and venerated itself as sacred.

3. a sign or representation that stands for its object by virtue of a resemblance or analogy to it.

4. a person or thing that is revered or idolized.

5. Semiotics. a sign or representation that stands for its object by virtue of a resemblance or analogy to it.

Welcome to Icons ...


Featuring: JCON & The CONgregation

Location: Backstage

JCON and his CONgregation were still inhabiting a run-of-the-mill locker room like every other regular Grappler in Legacy of Champions, although they collectively seemed to be slightly more accustomed to their surroundings than they were just a few weeks prior. This included Sweet Aroma, the most vocally disapproving of the group, but this may all have been due to the circumstances of the evening. Tonight JCON battled for the Legacy Championship. While he talked a good game, in all his years in LoC this was his first real shot at the belt many considered the most prestigious in the business. And so an uneasy calm had come over the room, a calm broken by JCON himself.

“Y’all know the plan, right?”

“Of course we know the plan, man,” Statuz Quo replied, “We been over it like a million times already. We got this.”

Duzza backed up his client, “We all know our roles, Jonathan. We’ll be ready … you just be ready when the time is right.”

“I was born ready, Duz,” JCON snapped back.

“That’s right,” Sweet Aroma said, “my man is ready for anything. He’s about to become Legacy Champion! Ain’t that right, baby?”

JCON nodded. “That’s right, baby. Legacy Champion Jonathan Conspiracy … the reign of Conspiracy … that has a nice ring to it.”

Suddenly a cell phone went off and everyone in the room jumped in unison. It was JCON’s. He pulled it from his pocket and checked the name. His eyes widened and he fumbled to quickly answer it. “Huh-hello?”

He listened intently to whoever was on the other end.

“I understand that. Tell them they ain’t got nothing to worry about. Imma get the job done … we gonna get the job done. I guarantee it.”


“Yeah, I understand what a guarantee means. We gonna do it. You can count on me. Nuh-no, this ain’t gonna end up like when I was Commissioner and c’mon, man, you know that ain’t right. How was I supposed to know all that was gonna go down? I didn’t even have my crew then.”

JCON scanned the faces of his CONgregation. They all looked concerned. Sweet Aroma moreso than the others, who were all looking at each other as if they knew their own fates were tied directly to JCON’s. The former Commissioner sighed. “It’s going to get done. You’ve got my word.”


“We’re clear … crystal.” He hung up and shook his hanging head. “I think we better go over the plan again.”

JCON & Co. each took a chair and sat in a circle.

“Okay, so first let’s talk that big ass bump in the road. Let’s talk Jeremy Ryan ... “

Icons shifted elsewhere while the CONgregation laid out their plans, again, for the main event.


Stipulation: First Fall to Finish

Referee: Chris Horowitz

Things had not been particularly civil between Cordova and Elias Pop. In fact, one might say that things had been downright vulgar between them. Between Elias Pop’s flippant disregard for anything that might be considered ‘uncool’ and Cordova’s white knight-like reactions to every piece of bait Pop was willing to throw at him, it was easy to understand why. One might even say that neither man was necessarily to blame; it was simply the product of a clash of cultures, a misunderstanding with the power to breed ill will, the violence beget from when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object.

And that’s why when “Abundant Living” by Iceage came bleeding through the sound system the fans in the Arena of Champions rose to their feets in a chorus of boos. The boos were a product of their loathing, of course, but they weren’t without anticipation. As Elias Pop stepped out onto the stage, his hands already clenched into fists, most of the collective hivemind that made up the Faithfuls were actually excited to see him. Bereft of the luchador mask, the fans knew in their heart of hearts that what they were about to witness was going to be a goldmine of entertainment.

“I have to admit, Pop looks like a man on a mission,” Tony Stone said as the self-proclaimed Post-Modern Icon made his way down the ramp. “Are we seeing a new man?”

“Tony, mark my words, that’s the same Elias Pop that has a stack of vinyls backstage and a keg of PBR waiting in the wings,” Reno Davis replied. “Don’t fall for the wiles of a goddamn hipster. That’s how they get’cha.”

Pop’s upper lip twitched as he made his way to the ring, a thousand-yard stare in his eyes before he slid under the ropes. There was no fanfare, no posing for the cameras, just Elias Pop taking his corner and leaning back against the turnbuckle. Deadpan, stoic, even serious for a change. It wasn’t until “Latin Thug” by Cypress Hill replaced his music that Pop’s lips cracked into a grin.

“And here comes the other side of this war of attrition!” Tony Stone said. “I’ll tell you, Davis, these two men have been wearing each other down every chance they’ve had for weeks now. You’ve got to wonder what’s going on through Cordova’s mind right now.”

“If I were Cordova, after everything that Pop has put him through, I’d be willing to bet good money that he’s thinking about what Pop’s face would look like beaten to a pulp,” Davis replied. “I mean, I can’t blame him. I think about the same thing. It helps me sleep better at night.”

Cordova was soon in the ring, popping his knuckles and staring across the ring at Pop. This was it. This was where the long campaign came to an end. As the music faded and the lights came on, the bell rang and the match began. There was no hesitation between either man. They both went running towards the other, clashing in the center of the ring in a flurry of punches. Pop seemed to have a bit of an upper hand, his punches managing to drive Cordova back towards his corner of the ring.

As soon as Cordova was up against the turnbuckle, Pop backed away a few feet before running at him again, nailing him in the ribs with a knee. And another. And another. Referee Chris Horowitz eventually got between the two, breaking up Pop’s onslaught. Pop backed away, that little smirk still on his face as Cordova pushed himself off the ropes. As soon as Cordova started towards Pop, The Post-Modern Icon once again went charging. This time, Cordova was ready, meeting Pop halfway. As the two grappled, a chant began out in the audience.

With the fans cheering him on, Cordova managed to overpower Pop, catching him in the gut with a quick knee before dropping him to the mat with a quick snap DDT. Pop was laid out as Cordova leapt back to his feet, running quickly over to the nearest turnbuckle. He jumped up onto the second rung, balancing for a moment before flipping off into a moonsault! His body landed across Pop’s, quickly reaching down to lift Pop’s leg for a quick pin attempt.


“That was a bit too close for comfort for Pop!” Tony Stone shouted.

“And as we all know, Pop can barely function in an uncomfortable environment,” Reno Davis replied. “It comes with the whole entitlement thing.”

As Cordova rolled away, Pop began to push himself to his feet, shaking his head and scoffing as he looked towards Cordova. Cordova grabbed the closest ropes, pulling himself to his feet as Pop came to stand. Without any hesitation, Pop went running towards Cordova just as he pulled himself to his feet. With an outstretched arm, Pop placed a clothesline across the back of Cordova’s neck, sending The Latin Thug tumbling over the top rope and down to the floor below.

With Cordova down and out, Pop ran back against the ropes before running back and diving over the opposite side, crashing down on top of Cordova with a picture perfect suicide dive. Pop immediately grabbed hold of the ring apron, once again starting to pull himself to his feet as Horowitz began the count out.


Looking over his shoulder at Cordova laid out on the floor, Pop took a deep breath before leaping up onto the apron, springboarding off of the middle rope, and performing a moonsault. As he flipped in the air, everything went slow motion for a moment. Pop’s eyes widened when he saw Cordova had somehow managed to spring to his feet. His jaw fell slack when he noticed Cordova’s arms were outstretched, ready to catch him. If you listened close enough, you could even hear Pop yell “No, no, no!” in those last few seconds before Cordova managed to catch him in mid-air, bringing The Post-Modern Icon down onto the floor into a quick and messy piledriver.

“A power move from Cordova!” Tony Stone shouted. “You don’t see that every day!”

“I think I heard Pop’s cranium crack from here!” Reno Davis sputtered. “Or, you know, that may just be wishful thinking.”

The ring out count was cut short as Cordova grabbed Pop by the hair, rolling him into the ring. Cordova climbed up onto the ring apron, gripping the top rope. Using the bottom rope to spring over, Cordova did a full flip over the top rope, bringing himself down into a leg drop across Pop’s neck. Pop’s body spasmed violently, choking momentarily as Cordova rolled off of him, pointing towards one of the turnbuckles. Of course, the fans were eating it up.


Cordova climbed the turnbuckle, positioning himself like a gargoyle on the top rope as he looked down at Pop, waiting patiently. As soon as Pop began to stir and climb to his feet, Cordova leapt off the top rope. Elias looked up just in time to see Cordova’s legs falling onto either shoulder, snapping him back into a hurricarana that sent Pop flying across the ring. As soon as Pop landed, Cordova was on him, throwing punch after quick punch. Pop rose his hands in defense, but Cordova’s fists kept landing. As soon as Cordova finished his assault, he signaled for El Decapitacion Rapido.

“This one may be over,” Stone said. “Pop looks like he’s on another planet right now.”

“As long as that planet serves soy burgers and Pabst Blue Ribbon, I’m sure he’s fine,” David replied. “We really should start keeping count of how many hipster jokes I make during this guy’s matches.”

Cordova was on the top rope, posed triumphantly as the fans chanted his name. Pop seemed to be laid out cold. One more signal and Cordova leapt off the top rope, flipping in the air. However, mid-flip, Pop sprang to his feet. For a split second, everything went slow motion as he leapt into the air as well. Cordova came full circle in his flip to see Pop bringing his knee up. In that split second, Cordova’s eyes went wide just as Pop’s knee went across his cheek. Both men fell to the mat with a thud. Cordova was out cold and Pop looked like he had just used the last of his energy, his breath gone heavy and sweat pouring. Pop crawled on his hands and knees towards the ropes, hoisting himself up as slowly as he possibly can. Just like that, the fans ecstatic cheers had turned into fervent jeers.


Pop seemed unfazed, instead throwing up a single middle finger to the fans as a grin curled beneath his mustachioed lips. He was slow and he was tired as he walked over to Cordova, grabbing him by the back of his mask and lifting him to his feet. Cordova was dazed, a million miles away as Pop waved a hand in front of his face, even going so far as to slap The Latin Thug’s cheek in an attempt to wake him up. As Cordova seemed to start to regain coherency, Pop kneed him in the stomach, grabbing him by the head and bringing him down into his signature sitout facebuster, The Free Range Fuck You!

“Pop just popped him one!” Stone said, a slow snicker following. “See what I did there, Davis?”

“Oh god, go fuck yourself, Stoner,” Davis groaned. “Leave the jokes to the professional at this table.”

Pop was still moving slow as he stood up, but seemed to have an extra spring in his step if only because he was being sated by the boos of the fans. With the grin still now leaving his face, he pulled Cordova to his feet once again, leading The Latin Thug towards the nearest turnbuckle. He hoisted Cordova up onto the top rope with his back facing the ring before climbing up to the top rung himself. Cordova seemed to regain consciousness again as he realized what was happening. He threw a few half hearted punches at Pop’s chest, but Pop met him with a quick elbow to the face. Cordova nearly fell off from the turnbuckle, but Pop grabbed him by the mask to hold him stationary as he turned around on the turnbuckle, holding Cordova’s head in the stunner position. Pop slapped his own chest, as he screamed towards the audience.


Without another moment of hesitation, Pop bounced off the second rope, doing a full flip over Cordova as he brought him down into…


“And there it is!” Tony Stone practically screamed. “The Best Select! This one is over!”

As soon as they hit the mat, Pop scurried on top of Cordova and Horowitz fell to the ground for the count!



The fans before going into hysterics as Pop rose off of Cordova with both hands lifted in the air defiantly, letting out a primal scream of joy as the announcement came over the loudspeaker. “HERE’S YOUR WINNER… ELLLLLIAAAASSSSS POP!”

“Abudant Living” by Iceage hit the speakers as Pop marched around the ring, soaking in the boos with a wide grin on his face. Horowitz was on the ground checking on Cordova, who was beginning to stir. Pop climbed to the nearest turnbuckle, shouting insults at the fans as he pushed his loose hair out of his eyes.

“And there it is!” Tony Stone said. “If I’m not mistaken, that’s Pop’s first legitimate win here in Legacy of Champions.”

“I think you’re right, Stoner,” Davis replied. “Kind of says a lot about the guy, doesn’t it?”

“Like what?” Stoner asked.

“Well, mainly that he sucks and shouldn’t be here,” Davis replied. “Like, seriously. Fuck this guy and his stupid mustache. Shit is corny.”

Pop came off the turnbuckle just in time to turn around and see Cordova on his feet. Cordova was leaned against the ropes, catching his breath. Pop cleared his throat, that grin slowly disappearing as he walked towards Cordova. Cordova looked hesitant, balling his fist and ready to strike back… but that hesitancy was soon replaced by confusion as Pop extended a hand out towards him, nodding his head.

“What in the world?!” Tony Stone sputtered. “Is Pop… going for a handshake?!”

Cordova looked confused as the fans gave a mixed reaction, just as confused as he was. Cordova bit his lower lip, staring down at Pop’s hand as Pop shrugged his shoulders, saying, “C’mon, man.” Cordova let out a sigh as he nodded his head, starting to extend his hand as well. Just as his hand was about to touch Pop’s, Elias pulled it away, swiping it through his hair as that shit eating grin came back on his face.


As the LoC Faithful went into a full on riot, shouting and screaming insults at the ring, Pop made a quick exit, still celebrating to himself as Cordova stood in the ring, shaking his head and sneering to himself. As Pop made his way up the ramp, the camera closed in on him just close enough to hear him shout above the fans.

“You hear that?” Pop said. “That’s the sound of the mainstream fuckboys in this place shitting themselves. Long live the new hip!”

Turning at the top of the ramp to give one more triumphant two finger salute to Cordova and the fans, Pop went backstage with his first legitimate win under his belt.

And some say, Elias Pop’s ego grew two sizes that day...

Winner: Elias Pop via Pinfall


Featuring: Legion of Devastation, Inc.

Location: Locker Rooms

“I’m glad you all could make it today,” Brandon “Bacon” Thomas said, addressing his Legion of Devastation, Inc. compatriots.

“We’re required to be here today, bro, we have a Team Championship match,” cHEESE replied, stating the obvious. His brother, egg NOG, and BIG Little Italy were equally unimpressed.

“Right,” BT stated, “And that’s important. That’s very important, really, but what’s more important … is I have a plan to capture the tiger from the Loft.”

“C’mon, dude, are you still thinking about that?,” an exasperated egg NOG said, “Last time we tried to do that you got us into a fight with The Nation and then you got us stuck in a wall for fourteen hours. The fire department had to drill a giant hole to get us out and I’m pretty sure I felt a rat on my leg. They dropped a bunch of drywall on Italy, too, and it ruined his favorite mask.”

“Friggen ruined. Dey couldn’t even dry clean it out!”

“You see, dude,” NOG continued, “He’s really upset about that mask.”

Brandon Thomas scoffed. “He’s upset? NOG, buddy, I’m upset. I’m upset in your lack of enthusiasm for a tiger! Are you serious right now?”

egg NOG’s head dropped. “All right, dude, you might be right. Having a tiger is pretty cool.”

“I’m -- I’m sorry, NOG, did you say pretty cool?! Is it pretty cool to have a giant jungle cat ready and willing to do your bidding? Is it pretty cool to walk down the street with a goddamn tiger on a gold leash with diamond spikes on it? Is that pretty cool, NOG?”


“It’s a panty dropper, NOG! A PANTY DROPPER!”

The rest of the group shook their heads at Brandon’s flimsy explanation on the coolness of having a tiger, but they allowed the most eccentric of them to continue his rant.

“Okay,” BT said, “let’s get down to brass tacks, gentlemen. We’re going to have to gather intel on the inhabitants of the Loft.”

BIG Little Italy furrowed his brow. “And how are we supposed to do dat, exactly?”

“Disguises, obviously. We go under cover.”

NOG and Italy had confused looks on their faces but cHEESE had a completely different appearance and he finally spoke up. “I’ve got the perfect plan for this, bro!”

Brandon paused. “You -- you do?”

“Totally, bro.”

“Okay … okay then, cHEESE. You two could learn a little something from cHEESE here!”

“Great, bro! Where are we meeting afterwards?”


“Yeah, bro,” cHEESE said, “Like, after we disguise ourselves and gather the intel where are we going to, like, meet up and share what we learned.”

“Oh, yeah, of course I thought of that,” Brandon Thomas replied, even though he clearly had not thought of that. “We, uh, we reconvene outside The Loft in about an hour or so.”

“Cool, bro, see you then!” With that, cHEESE ran off leaving the rest of LoD, Inc. wondering just what he was up to.

BIG Little Italy threw his hands in the air. “Just how in the hell am I supposed to not get noticed?”

“Now that I really did think of,” BT replied and handed Italy a folded pair of clothing with sneakers and a baseball cap on top. Italy unfolded the clothing, revealing a child’s “I’ve got a lil’ Hart On!” t-shirt and shorts.

“Are dese … dese light-up shoes?”

“Well, yeah,” Brandon said with a shrug of his shoulders, “Obviously.”

“You sayin’ you want me to dress up like a friggen kid?”

“Also obvious, and you should probably watch your language.”

“Dude …,” egg NOG sighed.

“I can’t believe this friggen guy,” Italy said and stormed off.

“You got my disguise, too, dude?”

BT curled his lip. “Uh, no, NOG. I don’t have your disguise. How was I going to find kid’s clothes to fit you?”

“Dude … what?”

“Wear whatever disguise you want, NOG.”

“Can I be an astronaut?”


“Okay, dude … can I be Indiana Jones?”

“What are you … no, like, a regular disguise, NOG.”

“Can I wear my Pikachu onesie?”

“Do you understand what going under cover means, NOG?”

“Of course I do but I like to be creative. Like, I want a backstory. Maybe I’ll be a grizzled former beat cop that’s now working as a private investigator.”

“Wha -- yeah, sure, do whatever you want NOG. Just, you know, be at the Loft in an hour and do not get caught.”

“I’m gonna be a ninja, dude.”

“That’s the spirit, NOG. Silent and invisible, just like a ninja.”

“No, dude, I’m gonna wear a ninja costume.”

“Oh my God, NOG, really?”

Leaving the two Grapplers to discuss the finer points of proper disguises, Icons headed to the ring for its first match-up of the evening.


Featuring: Jack Harmen & Matt Mills

Location: Backstage

“Tonight, I’m here with the current Legacy Champion, Jack Harmen.” Matt Mills wore his Sunday best and stood tall, as the camera widened backstage to reveal Jack Harmen. Jack wore his wrestling attire, the snow-felt tights and green clover gloves, with his “Wildcard” t-shirt and the Legacy title around his waist. Jack tilted his head to the side as he listened. “Jack, tonight you face off against two of the greatest athletes that have ever stepped in a LoC ring,” Mills coughed, “and JCON.” Mills coughed again. “What will you do to combat the Only the Strong winner Jeremy Ryan, and the former Underground champ Lindsay Troy?”

Harmen looked down to the Legacy championship strapped around his waist. He hesitated, before unstrapping the championship and placing it onto his shoulder. His nose upturned as he looked away from Mills.

“I’m sorry,” Matt began. “Is this, is this not something you want to talk about?”

Harmen sneered. “I don’t want to talk Mills. Nothing on you.” He adjusted the strap on his shoulder. “I want to defend my title. Tonight, I get to finally prove I deserve my Legacy and my championship. It’s one thing to win the big gold belt, it’s another to keep it.”

“So… how do you plan on doing that tonight Jack?” Mills asked.

Harmen blinked. “You really think I’m gonna discuss my strategy?”

“Well,” Mills stopped, tugging at his collar. “No?”

“Smart man.” Harmen nodded toward Mills and then walked off camera frame.

The camera widened further, and Tony Davis stood there wearing street clothes. Large headphones dangled around his neck. "You could always talk to me!" Tony said with enthusiasm.

Mills frowned, and promptly walked away.


Featuring: Elias Pop & cHEESE

Location: The Lounge de la Bohemia


The voice echoed booming from around a corner backstage at The Arena of Champions. Of course, the voice belonged to Elias Pop. He came around the corner with his arms lifted in the air, a thin glisten of sweat still on his skin from the match that had ended just moments prior. There was a wide grin on The Post-Modern Icon’s face, a tallboy can of PBR in both hands, and a sense of validation all around him.

That smile disappeared as soon as he turned the corner and saw the door of The Lounge cracked open., the darkness from within peeking out.

Pop dropped both the cans of PBR to the ground, his hands clenching into fists of rage as he approached the door slowly, his upper lip starting to twitch a little. He knew it was too good to be true. He knew that, behind that door, Cordova was inside trashing the place all over again. He knew that Cordova, the fucking self proclaimed Latin Thug that he was, couldn’t let it go. Cracking his knuckles and then his neck, Pop pushed the door open, ready to fight…

...but instead, he was surprised.

There in The Lounge de la Bohemia, huddled up in corner with tears in his eyes, was cHEESE. The room was untouched. Everything was in it’s proper place. For a moment, Elias Pop was incredibly confused, tilting his head to the side. cHEESE looked up, wiping his sniffling nose as his lower lip trembled.

“...what the fuck are you doing?” Elias asked, sounding genuinely surprised by the whole situation.

“I… I’m just chillin’, bro,” cHEESE replied. “Just hanging out, being cool, doin’ hoodrat shi… aw, who am I kidding? I’m sorry, Pop Daddy!”

“...I’m going to ask this again,” Pop said. “What. The. Fuck. Are. You. Doing?”

“I came here to find a disguise because when I wrecked this place before I thought ... well, I ... I just wanted to look cool,” cHEESE replied. “You know, like ... something super ironic so I could be one of the cool kids. I… I just don’t get it, though. I don’t get what’s cool. I don’t understand why you like vinyls! I’m not sure what the difference is between a fixie bike and a regular bike! I tried listening to Radiohead and I still think the lead singer sounds like a sad ghost man!”

“Woah, woah, woah. Slow down there, hoss,” Elias Pop said with a sigh, walking up to where cHEESE sat. Pop knelt down, staring him dead in the eyes. “Are you saying you wrecked The Lounge a few weeks ago? Not Cordova?”

“Y-Yeah,” cHEESE replied. “You know. To be cool.”

“Goddammit,” Pop muttered, visibly facepalming. “Well, that’s pretty much the exact opposite of being cool, cHEESE. Fuck’s sake… look, being cool doesn’t just happen. It takes years of practice, years of quiet contemplation on the nature of cool, the essence of cool. You think David Bowie woke up one day and said to himself, ‘Fuck it. I’m going to become The Christ of Cool’? Nah, man. That’s not how it works.”

“I know, I know…” cHEESE admitted. “I just… wish I understood.”

There was a moment of awkward silence as Pop sighed and looked around, finally clearing his throat. “Look. Here’s the deal. I’m in a good mood tonight,” Pop said. “I was planning on getting blazed back here and inviting some people I know over. You know, have a little shindig to celebrate my victory over that chumpass bitchhoe Cordova. If you can promise not to make a fool out of yourself… you can come to the party. Learn what cool is from the master himself.”

“Are… are you serious?” cHEESE asked, sniffling. “Can I bring The Legion with me?”

“Ugh. Yes. Fine. You can bring them too,” Elias replied, rolling his eyes. “But I swear to god, you guys pull any dumb shit, I’ll go back in time and kill your mothers before they wretch you into existence. You dig?”

“I dig, Pied Popper! Gee whiz, I’ll go get the boys!” cHEESE leapt to his feet, rushing by Pop and out of The Lounge.

Pop stood up, a groan of exhaustion escaping from between his lips as he muttered to himself, “What the fuck did I just get myself into?”


Stipulation: Tag Team First Fall to Finish

Referee: Kim Adams

Tony Stone and Reno Davis were now back up in your ass with the resurrection to bring to you the skinny on our next offering on tonight’s LoC PPV. Enjoy, bitches.

“We just witnessed Elias Pop and Cordova go to war, but now it’s time for the stars of the Bombshells Division to shine!” Stone told the audience.

“You mean STARLETS versus the Bombshells!” Reno corrected, “Sarah Winterton and Charlotte Huber are LADIES! Mary-Lynn Mayweather is a teacup pig compared to these ladies and I’m pretty sure Daryn Thompson learned her wrestling skills by WRESTLING pigs on the farm!”

“…Really?” Stone asked incredulously.

“No… it was probably stronger livestock.”

“…You’re an ass. And now let’s go to the ring. The very talented third-generation star Daryn Thompson teams up with Mary-Lynn Mayweather to take on the former jOlt Starlet Champions Charlotte Huber and the current Bombshell Champion Sarah Winterton! Let’s go to ringside!”

And with that, we were to Brad Arnold to introduce the next match.

“The following contest is a Bombshells tag team match set for one fall!” Arnold shouted.

“Something Bad” by Miranda Lambert ft. Carrie Underwood Gold and pink spotlights swirled around the Arena as the Faithful jumped to their feet with a roar. Daryn Thompson strode through the curtain and made her way down the ramp. The Texas Technician hopped onto the apron and slipped between the ropes. “Introducing first… from Dallas, Texas, weighing in at 165 pounds… DARYN THOMPSON!

She didn't acknowledge the crowd, preferring to keep loosening up in preparation for getting her hands on Charlotte, who along with Sarah Winterton had some bad things to say about the Bombshells Division. She was ready to rip the heads off of Huber and Winterton and then use them as kickballs. The crowd cheered on The Texas Technician as she waited for her unlikely partner.

“Sweetness” by Jimmy Eat World.

The music played and the crowd cheered on perhaps the pluckiest of the Bombshells! The woman that had been mentored by many greats – the Legacy Champion Jack Harmen, “The Queen of the Ring” Lindsay Troy and Sonny Silver! Mary Lynn Mayweather looked bound and determined to avenge the previous assault from a few weeks back by Charlotte Huber.

“And her tag team partner… from McCandless, PA… weighing in at 128 pounds… ”THE TINY ATTORNEY” MARY-LYNN MAYWEATHER

Daryn Thompson looked to the gloves that she had received from Mayweather recently and noticed that The Tiny Attorney also had a set of her own. She held them out and the crowd cheered on the matching Bombshells showing a little bit of solidarity. Personality-wise, Daryn and Mary-Lynn were oil and water, but what they did have was a mutual respect for the Bombshell locker room and they wouldn’t let anybody talk down about it. The two ladies greeted each other with a nod as they waited for their loudmouthed opponents.

“A Girl Like You” by Edwyn Collins.

The music started up and the lights went out in the arena save for a few red spotlights that started to swirl around the arena. The spotlights continued to flash and bathe the arena in their glow.

“And their opponents… introducing first… from Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing in at 134 pounds… CHARLOTTE HUBER!

The spotlights continued and now gathered on the stage where a tall redheaded drink of water in a big and bright red robe stood with her back to the crowd and the audience. The gorgeous woman turned around and as the announcers revealed, it was none other than Charlotte Huber of The House! The crowd responded to her appearance with jeering but she waved to the crowd and blew kisses in their general direction as she approached the ring. She held up the bottom of her robe to keep it from getting dirty and waited for her partner now.

“Pageant (instrumental)” by Moi Dix Mois.

That music played for the fans and lights began to swirl in shades of pearl as a lovely shade of pyro began to shower from the ceiling. As the pyro shower continued to fall on the stage, the fans in the arena began to boo and shout at the prissy girl who took to the stage and did a curtsy for the crowd, all the while with a big smile on her face.

“And her partner, being accompanied to the ring by her personal assistant, Timothy… weighing in at 138 pounds, she is the LoC Bombshells Champion… SARAH WINTERTON!

The crowd was roaring with deafening hatred for the young ladies that dared disrespect the hard-working Bombshells division. The longest-reigning Starlet Champion under the jOlt banner held out the Bombshells Championship and held it out for all to see as Timothy walked out, looking nervous to be there. Sarah barked orders at Timothy and when Sarah got there, Charlotte disrobed and got some cat-calls for her barely-there ring attire. The two ladies were about to get into the ring and they handed off the Bombshells Title to Kim Adams. The belt wasn’t on the line tonight, but pride for the Bombshell locker room was.


With the bell going off, Charlotte and Sarah decided who was going to start first and that was going to be the lovely wife of The House’s resident gorilla, Derrick Huber. The prettier of the two Hubers circled up with Mary-Lynn Mayweather, who looked ready for payback from Charlotte’s heinous attack a few weeks ago. The two ladies circled up…


Without Thompson even realizing what had happened, Charlotte spun around 180 degrees and CLOCKED Daryn in the face with her signature Discus Big Boot! Mayweather charged to go after the attacker, but The Bombshells Champion ran up behind Mary-Lynn and cracked her in the back of the head with a brutal Running Uppercut!


“Yes, that’s right!” Winterton screamed. “Boo and jeer these pretenders posing as ladies!”

Timothy golf-clapped on the outside for his boss as Kim Adams reprimanded her for her actions. Winterton returned to her corner, but that gave Charlotte Huber the chance to go on the attack! She picked up Mary-Lynn and IMMEDIATELY went on the attack with a big Back Drop Suplex! She hit the mat and hard and then Huber went right into the cover!




Mary-Lynn kicked out at two, but Pretty Dangerous were more than living up to their moniker right now. Charlotte had failed to steal the quick win away from Mary-Lynn, but she was in full control at the onset so instead of trying to finish her off, she slapped the back of her head as he tried to get up.

“Come on, hon, fight back! Show me what you got!” Charlotte screamed.

The Queen of The House continued to humiliate her opponent by paintbrushing her some more. She pulled Mary-Lynn up again and then tried to lift her up for a Scoop Slam of some sort, but Mayweather slipped behind her! Schoolgirl attempt!




Huber kicked out this time! Mary-Lynn tried to steal the win and scramble to her feet. Charlotte tried a Clothesline, but Mary-Lynn then rolled underneath and took the taller Starlet down with a big Backslide Attempt now!




Charlotte rolled through the hold and then kicked Mary-Lynn in the knee, bringing her down at her feet. Charlotte was angry with Mary-Lynn for nearly getting one over on her, so she snatched her up by the hair and pasted her with a good right hand! The Queen of Breaking Hearts pulled her to the corner, but when she turned around…


Some payback from earlier! Against Kim Adams’ orders, she THREW Charlotte across the ring with a big Suplex variation and stood up while talking trash to Charlotte.

“That’s called a RECEIPT!” Thompson shouted.

Kim Adams ordered her back to her corner and The Texas Technician reluctantly replied, but as she was forcing her back, Winterton snuck into the ring and pulled Charlotte back to her corner. The crowd tried to tell Kim to move around, but she didn’t oblige. The prissier half of Pretty Dangerous tagged herself in and ran into the ring, trying another sneak attack on Mary-Lynn. The Bombshells Champion tried a Dropkick…


Mary-Lynn hung onto the ropes for dear life and Winterton hit the mat hard! That gave The Tiny Attorney a chance to fight back! She charged at Sarah and cracked her in the mouth with a big Flying Forearm Smash! Winterton went down, but Mary-Lynn kept on running only to come back and take down the rising Bombshells Champion with another Forearm Smash! She charged at the ropes again and flew off the middle rope with an Inside Springboard Dropkick right to the face! Mayweather did a flip over and landed on her feet, pumping a fist in the air as she showed off some great athleticism.

Winterton was thrown into the corner and Mary-Lynn charged at her with a Double Knee Strike to the chest! She then ran again and sent Winterton flying over with a huge Monkey Flip! Winterton hit the mat and arched her back in pain as Mary-Lynn remained in control of the champion! She climbed out to the ring apron and slapped the top turnbuckle in rhythmic fashion, getting the crowd to clap along in the process before she headed up top. She remained perched as The Bombshells Champion started to stand, only to be taken down with a quick Missile Dropkick! With that done, she scurried over to where Winterton fell and made the cover.




Mary-Lynn had recovered nicely from the beatdown from earlier and almost pulled of the huge upset on the former jOlt Starlet Champion and current LoC Bombshells Champion. Charlotte watched from the corner while holding the back of her head in pain while Mary-Lynn waited for Sarah to rise. She pulled her up and tried for her finisher, Locked In Legalese, but when she tried, Winterton quickly crawled out of the ring and took a powder on the floor.

“Timothy! Get in there and wrestle for me! I don’t need this!” Sarah bellowed.

The little urchin that belonged to Winterton shook his head and pointed at himself.

“Do it!”

Timothy sighed and then the 5’5” scrawny servant of The Bombshells Champion climbed on the apron and wanted a tag. Mayweather looked at Timothy with a complete WTF expression on his face and then pointed at Winterton.

“Uh… no, I want her,” she said.

Mary-Lynn sighed and when Timothy wanted in, Kim Adams ordered the servant to get the hell out of the ring. While The Tiny Attorney dared Winterton to get back into the ring to face her, Charlotte creeped up behind her and SHOVED her through the ropes, making her take an ugly fall to the floor! The crowd booed more of the cheating antics of Pretty Dangerous and Timothy exited the ring after utilizing yet another distraction to keep Mary-Lynn down. Now that she was down on the floor, The Fairest of Them All walked up to where she landed and almost cackled like a witch.

No, seriously. That’s what she did.

Winterton picked her up and with all her might, whipped her HARD across the floor before she collided violently with the barricade! Winterton liked using objects on the outside as part of her particularly nasty brand of offense and that’s what she would keep doing. The Belle from Hell then ran at Mary-Lynn and CRACKED her in the mouth with a Running European Uppercut against the barricade, sending her up and over into the crowd! Winterton then slid back into the ring and she and Charlotte waited as Kim Adams started beginning a ten-count for her to return to the ring.





Mary-Lynn started to get back up and used the barricade to pull herself back up to her feet before she started to crawl over.



Daryn watched from her corner as The Tiny Attorney started to crawl.



…And she was back in!

That didn’t please Sarah who ran over to where she had entered the ring and continued to assault her with a series of strong Forearm Smashes to the face! Mary-Lynn tried to cover up, but that did little to no good as she continued to pound away. Winterton held a hand out and pressed a boot down on The Tiny Attorney’s neck before she made the tag to Charlotte. The Queen of Breaking Hearts showed her athleticism by making one jump over the ropes to land on her feet. Winterton picked up Mary-Lynn and then gave Charlotte a free cheap shot by catching her in the face with a kick!

The Bombshells Champion returned to her corner as Charlotte picked her up. She hoisted Mary-Lynn into a Suplex position before lifting her up and then spiking her down into a modified Neckbreaker! After she was laid flat on the mat, Charlotte rolled over and made a cover.




The pupil of Jack Harmen, Lindsay Troy and Sonny Silver kicked out at two and a half, but Charlotte picked up The Tiny Attorney and slammed her on the mat with a Scoop Slam. She walked over and tagged Winterton back inside and then leaped over the ropes with a big Slingshot Elbow Drop! After hitting the move and returning to the corner, Winterton followed up by heading off the ropes and then using a Sliding Dropkick right to the side of the head! Mary-Lynn was hurt when Winterton pulled her up and away from the ropes before pulling her right into a pin…


The Gedo Clutch could win it here!




Winterton turned over to Kim Adams with a cross glare.

“Wench, how many times have I ridiculed your technical college schooling? THREE! ONE! TWO! THREE! That simple!”

Kim wanted to punch her in the mouth, but she was an unbiased official who was there to do her job. Winterton waited now for Mary-Lynn to try and get back to her feet. She did so and then grabbed her by the legs before shoving her into the ropes. She was trying to end things with her finisher…


Mary-Lynn rolled her up instead with a Flying Leg Roll-up! This could be it!




Charlotte ran in and booted Mary-Lynn in her exposed stomach to break up the bridge pin! She returned to her corner while an angry Winterton started to climb up again. She angrily picked up the very game Mary-Lynn and THREW her over with a Snap Suplex. She rolled through and pulled Mary-Lynn back to her feet. She took her down with a second Snap Suplex, but she STILL wasn’t done. She was pulled up with a leg hook and then snapped over into a Fisherman’s… sorry, Fisherwoman’s Suplex pin!




The Texas Technician was getting really impatient at this point and wanted into the ring in the worst way, but Pretty Dangerous had the lead in the match. Winterton held her own ribs in pain from where Daryn kicked her before shaking it off. She went over again to end things for good. She tried another attempt at Mirror Mirror, but Mary-Lynn elbowed her way out! In feisty fashion, the Pennsylvania native continued to strike back before Winterton relinquished her grip. She charged at her, but Mayweather took off like a bullet right behind The Bombshells Champion. She turned around…


The tribute to Jack Harmen’s own Locomotive Yakuza Kick had paid off and Winterton went spinning before she hit the canvas! FINALLY, Mary-Lynn had a chance to fight back and get to her corner where The Texas Technician had yet to tag in the whole match. Pretty Dangerous had done a great job of cutting the ring in half, so now she had the chance to get over to her corner. Winterton hadn’t moved after the shock of M-Kicked and The Belle From Hell needed to get over to tag Charlotte.


Mary-Lynn slapped the canvas and tried to will herself over to her partner. The Tiny Attorney was almost there and Charlotte reached over for the cover…


Sarah had tagged in Charlotte Huber and now the two rivals were about to lock horns! Daryn ran right through The Queen of Breaking Hearts with a hard Clothesline that knocked her down hard. She was pulled up and then cracked right back down with an even bigger Clothesline than the first. The Texas Technician snatched her by the arm and then tossed her into the ropes before catching Charlotte in mid-air and dropping her with a Throwing Scoop Powerslam! She then ran right at Winterton who was recuperating on the apron, only to knock her right off!

Her attention was back on handling her business with The Queen of Breaking Hearts. She grabbed onto her by the head and arm before using her superior power to pull her up… HEAD AND ARM SUPLEX! The fiercer half of Pretty Dangerous was dangerously close to losing the match!




Huber’s shoulder went up and the crowd groaned with disappointment. Daryn wasn’t that fazed by the kickout and was only going to inspire her to kick that much more ass. Charlotte Huber was then forced back up and Daryn threw a nasty Chop at her before trying to whip her into the ropes. Huber held on and kicked her in the face to stun her but when she ran at The Texas Technician for her next move, she was caught…


She picked up Charlotte and DRILLED her into the mat with massive force! She then crawled right into a pin!



Winterton ran back into the ring to come to Charlotte’s aid, but Daryn saw her coming and moved, making Winterton drop an elbow onto Charlotte! The Bombshells Champion realized her error and tried to attack Daryn, but Daryn struck her with a big Elbow Smash. She then tripped her up by the legs and then TOSSED her over with a big Wheelbarrow Suplex! The crowd was loving watching The Texas Technician go to work on both members of Pretty Dangerous!

With The Belle From Hell down for the count, it was Daryn’s time to end things for good as far as Charlotte was concerned. The other half of Pretty Dangerous was in a bad place as Daryn tried to pull her up for her Spin-Out Powerbomb called Dust In The Wind, but Charlotte dropped a pair of elbows onto the top of her head to make her relinquish her grip. With a free shot in mind, Charlotte charged off the ropes…


The One-Armed Swinging Neckbreaker quickly planted her on the mat and now The Queen of Breaking Hearts tried to steal the win as she pinned with a handful of tights!




The Texas Technician STILL kicked out, which Charlotte couldn’t believe! She had Daryn down on the mat still so she took a chance to end things for good…


The Springboard Moonsault failed when Daryn got both of her knees up! Charlotte crashed and burned in a bad way which then gave Daryn another opportunity to end this…


She had the deadly Anaconda Vice locked in on Charlotte in the middle of the ring now and she was close to tapping out! The Queen of Breaking Hearts had nowhere to go as she was about to raise her hand! The Bombshells were about to win…

Winterton was in the ring now with The Bombshells Championship belt and was ready to use it when Kim Adams stopped her from doing so! Charlotte was tapping, but there was no referee to see the decision! Adams was detaining Winterton and the crowd booed the decision, but the referee hadn’t seen Charlotte tap out! Mary-Lynn had seen enough so she charged at Winterton and clocked her, sending both ladies out to the floor!

Daryn was angry with the referee’s attention being diverted so she stood up and tried to turn Adams around, but she felt a hand snatch her by the feet. When she looked down…


Charlotte blew a kiss at Daryn Thompson and the same mist that helped beat Mary-Lynn once and aided Winterton in winning The Bombshells Title was used again! Daryn was blinded and that gave Charlotte a chance to end things…


The Double-Arm Gutbuster drove Daryn’s ribs firmly into Charlotte’s knees! It was a lot of mass to get up (Daryn was muscular, not fat) but Charlotte pulled off the move and drove Daryn down! Mary-Lynn saw what was happening and tried to get into the ring to break up the cover, but Winterton grabbed her and TOSSED her into the steel steps!





That was it! Mary-Lynn and Daryn had given Pretty Dangerous a hell of a fight, but thanks to their bullshit and chicanery, the former jOlt ladies won in tonight’s battle of Starlets vs. Bombshells!


Winterton grabbed her Bombshells Championship and she, Charlotte, and Timothy took off up the ramp like bats out of hell. Daryn had the match won, but Charlotte had stolen the victory tonight and they reveled in the victory!

“We told you, darlings, we told you!” Sarah shouted. “The Starlets are better!”

“Sorry, hon!” Charlotte mocked, feigning wiping a tear from her eye as the two dangerous ladies and their servant, Timothy, walked back up the ramp.

Mary-Lynn was still a little shaken from Winterton’s attack, but she did roll into the ring to check on Daryn. The Texas Technician was no doubt angry and she held her ribs, seething with her red mist-caked face. The two ladies commiserated in the ring, but tonight belonged to Pretty Dangerous!

Winner: Pretty Dangerous via Pinfall


Featuring: Scott Riktor, Vivica J. Valentine, & Sweet Aroma

Location: Office of the Brand President

The music from the ring could still be heard resonating somewhere in the distance as the screen panned to Scott Riktor in his office. In his hands were a set of papers, he flipped through them obviously conflicted by something before he looked up at a figure sitting across from him. Before he put them on the table, he shook his head and he couldn't help but hide his expression of disappointment.

"Look..." He spoke candidly, "I don't like this any more than you do, but you have to look beyond the past couple of weeks here and see the big picture. You're an asset to my company and I have high expectations for you, and honestly from what I know of you you're a great person with great intentions... and that's a lot more than you can say for a lot of people who walk around in the back, but I can't let you go through with this. Not on good conscience."

Across the table from him sat the Bulletproof Blonde, Vivica J. Valentine in street clothes. With her hair tied up in a ponytail and wearing a black hooded sweatshirt with the LoC logo on it, she glared back at Scott Riktor with a piercing gaze.

"So you're trying to shut me down... again." Vivica replied, "Last week you wouldn't even let me in the arena and this week you let me come into the door just to tell me I have to leave?"

"I felt you deserved more than a phone call, Viv." Scott answered, "While I appreciate you running through our concussion tests and you seem to be fine initially, we recently got a hold of your old medical records from Global Championship Wrestling and let me tell you, Steven Caldera doesn't make anything easy on anyone regarding former assets of his. It's pretty alarming. Ankle injury. Shoulder injury. Concussion."

Scott Riktor paused and held the paper up so she could see it.

"Concussion. Concussion. Concussion. Concussion." One at a time he put them all down on the table in front of her, "I mean you do realize a lot of research has gone into this kind of thing Vivica and I don't think you realize what you're doing to yourself. While you're scorned and trust me I know how important it is to get back at someone who has crossed you and have to sit on the sidelines, you're going to want to function as a person here in a few decades and I'm just trying to make that happen for you."

"So you're shutting me down." Vivica bit her lip, "This is absolutely ridiculous Scott, I went into your ring the other night and I ran the ropes, I took my bumps, I embarrassed myself while half the damn company watched and passed my concussion test. I did your dog and pony show, and you're going to sit here and tell me I did all of that for no reason? That you were never going to pass me anyway?"

"We didn't know about this at the time."

"Well you've already taken Winterton and Charlotte away from me, give me Dusk."

"Vivica, I can't in good faith let you do this to yours..."

"I need Dusk, in that ring, tonight."

"He's already facing Andy Murray, and you know that so just calm down an..."

"Then give me him, too." Vivica spoke, "I'll fight all of them. I came here to fight. That's who I am and that's what I do. I fight people, and I am damn good at it, Scott. Always have been, always will be. I'm not just some girl who wanted to be half-naked on television and get paid to be pretty for the rest of my life, I love this business and I wanted to be a part of it ever since I was a little girl. I busted my ass. I lost every single relationship I've ever had because I'm married to this business and this business comes first. There are times in my life when I've given up meals, I've given up comfort, I've given up amazing relationships that got in my way of achieving my dreams and that is to be the best wrestler on the planet."

"And that's why I brought you to LoC."

"Then book me, Scott." Vivica pleaded passionately, "This is my life, I need this."

"You know I can't do that Vi..."

As those words left Scott Riktor's mouth the door behind Valentine opened, and standing in the doorway was none other than Sweet Aroma. The crowd gasped in the distance as she walked up behind the former Bombshells Champion and tossed and envelope onto the table. If looks could kill, Sweet Aroma would be melted in a puddle on the floor from a cerulean stare.

"Keep lookin at me that way, blondie." Aroma spoke, "You should be more grateful when people do nice things for you."

Vivica's eyes quickly shifted to the envelope on the table, that Scott Riktor picked up.

"Good luck out there." Aroma smirked, "You stupid bitch."

"You went behind my back..." Scott spoke as he looked up at Valentine, "You really went behind my back?"

"I had to Scott." Vivica sat uneasily, "I can't sit on the sidelines any more. I'm sorry."

"You're going to kill yourself out there, Viv. Can't you see that?"

"I'm guessing that's a medical waiver in your hand." Vivica questioned, "In which case I appreciate your concern Scott, I do... but it's not your problem anymore. It's my life. It's my problem. When it's time to come to terms with it, I'm sure I'll appreciate everything you tried to do for me."

"You need to go, Vivica."

"I'm sorry. I am. I didn't want it to come to that."

"Leave." Scott stepped in, "Please."

She got in her apology, so she knew there was nothing else she could say as she pushed herself up from her chair and turned her back to her boss. As the door closed behind her, he simply shook his head in disappointment before he pulled a phone out of his pocket. Dailed a number. Then waited for someone to pick up on the other end.

"Tell the production team that the Board of Directors has added Vivica J. Valentine to the Underground Championship match." Scott paused, "I know, I know. I don't like it either, just make it happen."


Stipulation: First Fall to Finish

Referee: Ian Nyugen

Amber Ryann had found success as the Bombshells Champion. She lost that title to Vivica J. Valentine, who began her ascent to the status of a Triple Champion here in LoC. Amber; however, would get a measure of revenge as she defeated VJV to capture her second singles title, adding the Flyweight Championship to her resume. While the celebration began, one man had other plans.

The House had put the LoC locker room on notice. Kaus, the Relentless Champion, Adam Roebuck and Derrick Huber added another Tag Team Title to their already impressive and legendary resume and Charlotte formed a partnership with her greatest rival in order to change the landscape of women’s wrestling here in LoC. That left Zane Roebuck the odd man out until he decided to take matters into his own hands and target the newly-crowned Flyweight Champion Amber Ryann.

Zane, as cocky as ever, blindly attacked Amber Ryann on two separate occasions and even bailed in their first encounter at Underground 6. Zane has gotten under the skin of Amber Ryann like no other by stealing her championship only for Amber to reclaim it and send Zane packing. Scott Riktor knew this situation needed to be resolved and resolved quickly. Hence why Zane Roebuck will challenge Amber Ryann for the Flyweight title, but if Zane tries to steal the title and/or simply run out on this match, his career in Legacy of Champions will be over! The world was about to see just what kind of moxy Zane Roebuck truly had!

“Lucky” by Halestorm

Zane Roebuck was coming out first. Scott Riktor wanted to make sure that he didn’t have any opportunity to run. He wanted Zane to enter the ring first and watch Amber Ryann maker her entrance to see just what was in store for him. The fans booed as Zane Roebuck came out from the backstage area with a smirk on his face as per diem. Roebuck motioned to the crowd that he was going to be the next Flyweight Champion as he cockily walked down to the ring.

Zane walked up the steel ring steps and entered between the middle and top rope. He walked around the ring pointing to his waist while yelling.

“This part of my body was made for championships!”

Zane seemed fired up and focused. Perhaps the threat of being fired caused him to take this match seriously? We were about to find out as his music died down.

“Antinotice” by AKIAKANE The fans stamped the feet to the beat as Amber came out from the backstage area sporting a pair of dragonfly goggles and a single transparent dragonfly wing tied to her hair which dangled in front of her over her left shoulder. The LoC Flyweight Championship was secured firmly around her waist. She stopped at the top of the stage and raised her fist into the air. She then landed on one knee, slamming her fist into the stage setting off four pyro explosions: one red, one blue, one green, and one yellow which matched the colors in her hair. Amber then took off down the ramp and slapped the hands of some fans on her way down to the ring. Amber hopped up onto the apron and grabbed the top rope. She slung herself over, pivoted, landed on the middle rope and moonsaulted to the middle of the ring where she landed on her feet. She then fell to a knelt position, slamming her fist into the canvas and setting off four more multi-colored pyros from each of the ring corners. Zane jumped from the sound of the pyro going off… perhaps his composure wasn’t as focused as we all thought! Amber removed her trademarked dragonfly goggles and unfastened the lone dragonfly wing from her hair and passed them off to ringside. She unfastened the Flyweight Championship and passed it off to Darius Underwood who would be overseeing this contest here tonight.

Underwood held the Flyweight Championship high into the air before passing it off to ringside. Once the dust was settled he called for the bell.




“Here we go! This rivalry has been ugly all thanks in part to Zane Roebuck! Tonight, there is no running away. Zane needs to compete here for the Flyweight Title or be fired!” said Stone. “This is disgusting. Zane employed the best head games I’ve seen since… since… EVER and this is how he is rewarded? With the threat of a pink slip!? Riktor needs to go! This board of directors needs to get their act together!” said Davis. Immediately, Amber prepared herself for Zane to bolt from the ring. She charged in at Zane who simply stood there and when Amber realized he wasn’t going to move, she put the brakes on. Amber looked puzzled as Zane stood there with a serious look on his face. He then extended his hand and Amber knew exactly what he was aiming for. Not giving Zane the opportunity for a cheap shot, Amber shook her head “no’ and backed away. She then motioned for Zane to bring it.

Zane sighed and placed his hands on his hips. He sauntered over to the middle of the ring and with a serious look on his face said “Come on..” and extended his hand out to Amber once again.

“Please… I want to do this right” said Zane in a very serious tone.

Amber shook her head no and fire back.

“Shyeah right… I’m gonna grab your hand and you’ll cheap shot me. You think I’m some level one scrub?”

“Amber Ryann not trusting Zane Roebuck here. I wouldn’t either.” said Stone.

“Why not!? Look at Zane! He’s turned over a new leaf! I’d shake his hand in a heartbeat!” said Davis.

Zane withdrew his hand and sighed in disappointment. He had given up and began to circle Amber. Amber circled as well and the two of them locked up in the middle of the ring. The two jockied for position until Zane backed Amber up into the corner. The referee wanted a clean break and began to issue the mandatory five count.





Zane slowly backed away and Amber braced herself for another cheap shot, but it didn’t come. Zane actually gave her a clean break!

“See? Look at that Stoner. Zane is doing the right thing here! Amber is just being paranoid for no reason whatsoever!” said Davis.

“I’m still not buying it” said Stone

“Oh come on! You wouldn’t buy water if you were dehydrated and it’s a hundred degrees outside. You’re too paranoid.. Just like Amber Ryann” said Davis.

Zane backed up to the center of the ring and allowed Amber to step out from the corner. Amber and Zane circled each other once again. On the lock up, Amber immediately went into a side headlock and took Zane down to the canvas. Zane brought his legs up and wrapped them around Amber’s head pulling her over with a head scissor. Amber immediately escaped from it and the two of them popped up their feet. Zane began to clap while occasionally pointing to Amber Ryann and nodding in acceptance of her ability.

Amber had no idea what to make of all this. Zane wasn’t running, taking any cheap shots and now he was praising Amber? Something had to be up and Amber had to keep her guard up now more than ever. She was cautious as she circled Zane for the third time. They went to lock up, but Zane hit Amber in the stomach with a knee lift, grabbed her by the head and immediately pulled Amber over into an Inside Cradle!



Th.. NO!

It was a very near fall as Amber was taken by surprise. The two stood up and Zane showed Amber it was “that close.” Amber got angry and yelled at Zane.

“I KNEW you were up to something!” yelled Amber.

“What? Trying to win a match and a championship!? I didn’t cheat! You got caught off guard fair and square and that is YOUR fault” said Zane.

“Zane with the cheap shot there… he didn’t get the job done!” said Stone

“WHAT CHEAP SHOT!? You just heard Zane plead his case! This is a championship match, Stone. In these kind of matches, you have to be aggressive if you want to win a championship! Zane did nothing wrong there! He’s right.. It was Amber Ryann’s fault for being paranoid over NOTHING!” said Davis.

Indeed, Zane was acting like a normal human being and Amber suddenly realized that this was for real. Zane was done playing games and was taking this match seriously. Amber began to feel a bit guilty because she knew that Zane was right. She was expecting Zane to take cheap shots, but he was actually trying his best to win the title on an even playing field. Scott Riktor’s mandate of firing Zane must have affected his attitude.

“I’m being serious. I really am just trying to win this match. Let’s just forget this and start over. Deal?” said Zane as he extended his hand once again.

“See? Look at how much of a gentleman Zane is being!” said Davis.

Zane was dead serious. Amber, feeling the guilt of thinking the worst accepted Zane’s deal and reached out and embraced Zane’s hand. That’s when Zane smirked and pulled Amber into a HARSH Short Arm Clothesline! The crowd immediately booed as Zane began to stomp down on Amber Ryann before dropping to the canvas and getting into her face.

“HA! You stupid bitch! I’m Zane Roebuck!”

“Care to explain yourself, Reno?” asked Tony

“There’s no need to. Zane Roebuck is a master at head games. He suckered Amber Ryann into it and he sucked you in, too!” said Davis

“I questioned him the entire time, what do you mean sucked me in?” asked Stone.

“Just admit that you were fooled by the brilliance of Zane Roebuck.. The very same man who will soon be bringing that Flyweight Championship to The House! Pure Genius!” said Davis.

Zane turned to the crowd and outstretched his arms, basking in the boos of the crowd. Amber began to get up when Zane turned and punched her in the top of the head to knock her back down. Zane leapt into the air and came crashing down on Amber’s chest with a knee drop. He stood and repeated the same maneuver for a second and then a third time!


Zane went into the cover, hooking the leg.



Amber got the shoulder up

Zane pulled Amber up to a seated position and then placed her into a sleeper hold from behind. Zane was trying to wear Amber Ryann down when after a few moments Zane looked out to the crowd and shouted.

“She smells like sweaty strawberries! DAMN it’s nasty!!”

Zane then smirked, but that smirk didn’t last for long as Amber began to battle up to her feet. She stood and fired a pair of elbows into Zane’s mid-section and took off to the ropes, but Zane immediately leapt up and caught Amber with a Leaping Calf Kick, taking her down to the canvas once again.

Zane went to the corner and climbed up to the top turnbuckle pad. He looked back and took aim on Amber as he flipped off with a Top Rope Moonsault...



Amber rolled out of the way, but Zane landed on his feet! He wanted to beat the former jOlt Starlet by using the finisher he used in that very same promotion, but the pool was empty, but Zane showed that he, too, had cat-light reflexes!

In an attempt to capitalize on Zane’s miscue, Amber pivoted around and threw her palms out for the double palm strike..



Zane side-stepped it and Amber staggered forward. Zane grabbed Amber on the shoulder and turned her around into a kick to the mid-section. He set Amber up between his legs, looking for the Good Luck Souvenir… the Package Piledriver, but Amber countered with a back body drop, but Zane flipped and landed on his feet again!

The two of them spun around with Zane going for a Roaring Elbow, but Amber put both her arms up and blocked it! Amber swung with a lariat, but Zane ducked underneath and ran into the corner. Zane went up to the middle turnbuckle and flipped off with a standing moonsault, but Amber ran underneath into the corner. Zane landed on his feet and charged in, grabbing Amber by the waist. Zane went for a German Suplex, but Amber held onto the ropes. Giving up on that plan, Zane rolled backwards and up to his feet.

Zane charged the corner, but Amber lifted Zane up and over the top rope to the canvas. Amber pivoted and got caught with a forearm to the face by Zane that staggered her back a couple of steps. Zane grabbed the top rope and looked to fly, but Amber leapt up and dropkicked Zane’s legs off the top rope and Zane tumbled down to the floor landing HARD!

“Zane Roebuck just took a nasty spill right here in front of us!” exclaimed Stone.


“No shit, Tony! Even Ray Charles could see that. These fans are dumb for chanting that at the great Zane Roebuck!” said Davis

Zane looked a bit loopy after landing hard on the floor. He grabbed the ring apron and pulled himself back up. That’s when Amber Ryann saw her chance and hit the ropes. She charged full speed, but Zane saw her coming and moved out of the way, but Amber grabbed the top rope and front flipped over onto the apron. It was there where Zane used his arm and swept Amber’s legs out from underneath her, causing her to land back first on the edge of the ring to a loud groan from the crowd.

Zane walked back over to Amber and rained down rapid right hands to her head as she laid there on the ring apron. Zane rolled her back into the ring and slid in where he made a cover, hooking the leg.



Amber popped the shoulder up!

Zane stood up and placed his hands on his hips, giving off an aura as if to say “this is a pain in my ass.” Zane walked over to the corner and hopped up onto the turnbuckles where he sat up top waiting for Amber to get back up. Amber was a bit slow to do so, but when she did, Zane flew off with a Flying Leg Lariat and took Amber back down to the canvas. Zane quickly went for another cover.



The Flyweight Champion kicked out once again.

Zane was starting to get frustrated, but he stayed on the attack. He pulled Amber up and hit a knife edge chop across the chest. He hit a second, then a third and whipped Amber into the ropes. Zane took off to the opposite end and went for his flying Bakatare Kick.. The Lucky Shot, but Amber hit a baseball slide and went underneath as Zane flew overhead, landing on his seat! Amber quickly got up and...



Zane was on dream street as Amber threw him onto his back and went for her first official cover of the match!



Thr.. NO!!

“Amber Ryann may be mounting a comeback here. So far Zane has been in firm control of this match” said Stone.

“Yeah we’ll just see how long that lasts…” said Davis

Zane kicked out and many thought it was over right there, however, when they saw Zane pop the shoulder up, the boos from the crowd struck up for him once again.

Amber got back to her feet and tried to psych herself up as the momentum was beginning to swing. The crowd rallied behind her as Zane got back up, turned around and staggered into a dropkick from Amber that sent him back first into the turnbuckles. Amber got a running start and hit a running knee lift in the corner. She grabbed Zane by the arm and whipped him across the ring to the opposite corner. Amber charged in and hit another running knee lift! She walked Zane to the middle of the ropes and went for another Irish Whip, but Zane reversed it and sent Amber into the ropes instead. Zane telegraphed a back body drop, but Amber flipped over with a Sunset Flip, but Zane held on and knelt down into a cover!



Amber flipped him over into a cover of her own.



Zane kicked out and rolled to his feet. He then grabbed Amber’s legs and tried to stack her up



Amber pushed on the back of Zane’s head and flipped him over.



Zane reversed it and was now on top.



Back the other way!



Zane kicked out and rolled to his feet. He front flipped into a pin.



Amber and Zane both bridged up where Amber twisted Zane into a Backslide pin..



Zane kicked away, got to his feet and went for a field goal kick to Amber’s head, but Amber dodged and wrapped her arm around Zane’s leg, pulling him over in a school girl roll up!



Zane kicked away… Amber with a clothesline… Zane ducked

Zane went for a Pele Kick… Amber dodged

Zane got up and Amber turned her back to Zane, hooking his head, looking for the Reaper of Souls, but Zane spun around and went for a back drop suplex to counter, but Amber landed on her feet, leapt up and went for a reverse victory roll into another pin!



Zane kicked away and the two got up and went for the standoff, but Amber charged Zane and clotheslined him over the top rope and to the outside! Amber stepped back and took a knee as the crowd gave the two of them a big round of applause for the series of pinfalls. Zane was still staggering to his feet on the outside when Amber stood and grabbed the ropes. Amber took aim on Zane as he was staggering to his feet. She leapt to the top rope and flipped to the outside..


The Springboard Twisting Plancha connected with Zane and the two of them crashed to the floor!


“MY GOD! What an exchange of pinfall attempts there by both Amber Ryann and Zane Roebuck! Amber sacrificing herself to take Zane out at the tail end of all that!” said Stone

“Too bad she didn’t twist herself into a volcano.” said Davis

Both of them were down and out as Darius Underwood began his mandatory ten count. The two of them were pretty wiped and were taking as much of that count as they could. By the time the referee got to five, Amber was showing signs of life. She began to stand and at the count of eight, she was completely vertical. Amber went to the ring where she rolled in and then back out, but that was the moment Zane was waiting for. As soon as Amber rolled back out, Zane popped to his feet, grabbed her in a waist lock and...



“Amber may be seriously injured” said Stone.

“Who cares!? She almost spilled my drink! These drinks here in the Arena of Champions are NOT cheap!” said Davis

Amber’s back slammed against the edge and she crumpled to the floor in pain! Zane grinned as he knew that he was just a three count away from becoming the new Flyweight Champion and bringing, yet, another championship to The House! Zane pulled Amber up off the floor and threw her back into the ring. Zane could have made the cover, but he chose not to. He wanted to make sure Amber was completely incapacitated before making an attempt on the championship.

He rolled back in and pulled Amber up to her feet. He hit a swift kick to the stomach and doubled Amber over. He looked to hit The Good Luck Souvenir before, but was unsuccessful. He was making another attempt at it, but Amber countered again by plowing Zane back first into the turnbuckles! Amber buried her shoulder into Zane’s mid-section twice before lifting Zane to the top turnbuckle, but as she lifted, her back gave out and she couldn’t do it! Landing on the ring apron and getting German Suplexed into the announce table was too much for her!

Zane hammered away on Amber’s back with forearm shots until she fell to a knee. Zane hopped up and sat atop the top turnbuckle pad. He reached down and grabbed Amber by her rainbow-colored hair and pulled her up to the bottom ropes. Zane stood on the middle rope and bent Amber over. He was looking for a second rope version of the Package Piledriver, but Amber broke free, leapt up and hit a Second Rope Frankensteiner, flipping Zane over! Zane landed hard on the canvas and Amber held her back after landing as that flexibility pulled on those lower back muscles.

Amber pulled herself up in the corner as she dared Zane to get back up. Zane was a bit loopy after being sent flying and that’s when Amber took her shot. She charged in and hit the double palm thrust right into Zane’s chest!


Zane hit the canvas and Amber went for the cover, hooking the leg!



Thr.. NO!

Zane kicked out and the audience groaned after thinking Amber had it!

“A near fall here by Amber Ryann, but she’s not quickly completely recovered yet” said Stone. “Good. Zane needs to recover and finish her off so The House’s prestige can grow!” said Davis

Amber knew she had to act fast and put Zane away. She stood and signaled for one of her finishers. Knowing the condition of her back, it most likely wasn’t going to be Fate/Stay Dead. Zane staggered up as Amber tried to remain behind him the whole time. Amber stepped in and placed a knee right into Zane’s lower back. She pivoted and hooked Zane by the head, but Zane, again, twisted out of it and shoved Amber forward. Amber turned around as Zane lunged in...



The lights went out in Amber’s eyes as she hit the canvas. Zane quickly went into the cover as the audience got up and held their breath.





Amber kicked out JUST IN TIME and the audience popped big!

“WOW! That was about as close as you can get as Amber Ryann.. The LoC Flyweight Champion.. Hangs on by a thread!” said Stone

“Yeah, but Zane Roebuck has the scissors and he’s about to cut that thread! One more good move and we’ll have ourselves a NEW Flyweight Champion!” said Davis.

Zane stood up and threw a temper tantrum, jumping up and down in the ring. You could clearly see the frustration was setting in. He backed into the corner and swiped his hand down his face to remove the sweat from his eyes. What was left was a look of anger as he waited for Amber to get back up. Amber slowly got up to his feet and Zane lunged in with another Super Kick, but Amber side-stepped it! Amber quickly turned her back to Zane and grabbed him in the Inverted Headlock, but Zane pushed up with his legs, lifting himself off the ground. He then hooked Amber’s neck and hell to the canvas with a modified version...


Normally, it’s a Blockbuster-style neckbreaker, but Zane completed the back half of the move out of the Reaper of Souls set up position!! Zane made the cover once again!




Amber kicked out AGAIN!

“The heart! The resiliency of the Flyweight Champion! Amber Ryann continues to deny Zane Roebuck of his first singles title here in LoC!” said Stone

“I’m convinced that it’s involuntary. Her body doesn’t know when to just lay still and accept fate!” said Davis.

This time, Zane popped to his feet and got right in the face of Darius Underwood!


“Yeah! Let him have it Zane! You’ve been screwed too many times in this match already!” said Davis.

Amber slowly pulled herself up off the canvas. That caught Zane’s attention and he stopped bullying head referee Darius Underwood. Zane had had enough and when Amber was vertical, he yelled out...


Zane charged in, but Amber quickly wrapped her arm around Zane’s neck and pulled him into a Flatliner! She brought her legs up and applied the Koji Clutch!



“Impartial much?” asked Stone.

“DAMN STRAIGHT! And I don’t want to hear any complaints from a man who was suckered in by Zane’s generosity at the start of this match!” said Davis

“But I wasn’t…”

“CRAWL, ZANE! CRAWL!” yelled Davis, cutting Tony Stone off.

Zane was in the middle of the ring with nowhere to go! He couldn’t make it to any of the ropes and he only had one choice.. To tap away this match!

Or did he?

Zane began to punch away at Amber’s lower back! He punched harder and harder until the pain felt like shockwaves riding up her spine. Amber was forced to let go of the hold, but the damage was done. Zane was gasping for air as he had to use the ropes to get back to his feet. Amber pulled herself up to all fours and that’s when Zane staggered over. He bent down and wrapped his arms around Amber’s waist, pulling her up with a dead lift! Zane looked for the German Suplex, but Amber placed her legs under Zane’s arm and rolled him up!



Zane kicked away!

Amber got up as Zane was up to his knees. Amber went for a Shining Wizard, but Zane ducked and pulled Amber over into a school boy...



Amber kicked away!

They both stood and Amber hit a knife edge chop on Zane who went to fire one back, but Amber put her arms up and blocked it and retaliated with another knife edge chop! She hit a third, and a fourth, gaining speed with each one! She backed Zane into the ropes and shot him across the ring. Zane came back and ducked a lariat attempt by Amber. Zane leapt onto the middle rope and went for a Springboard Stunner, but Amber side-stepped and Zane landed right on his ass! Amber swung her leg and kicked Zane hard in the head! Amber pulled Zane up and hit a toe kick the mid-section. She turned her back to Zane and butterflied the arms. She twisted Zane around and with a painful expression on her face, lifted Zane up! She then quickly dropped him on the back of his neck with the Vertebreaker...


Amber turned over as she was in obvious pain, but she made the cover





The crowd hit their feet as Amber Ryann defeated Zane Roebuck, retaining her Flyweight Championship! Darius Underwood grabbed the title and helped Amber up to her feet. He handed her the title and raised her hand into the air.

“Antinotice” by AKIAKANE filled the speakers as Amber glared over at Zane Roebuck one last time before exiting the ring gingerly. She made her way up the ramp and disappeared behind the curtain.

“Amber Ryann has done it! She has retained the Flyweight Championship in one hell of a battle here at ICONS!” said Stone

“This is bullshit! Hogwash! Zane Roebuck is one of the world’s most perfect specimens! He is a blueprint for what every human being should be patterned after! The fact that Amber Ryann retained her title here tonight is nothing short of some sort of chicanery!” said Davis

“Regardless of what you may think, Amber Ryann is STILL your Flyweight Champion!” said Stone to put a cap on a hard-fought contest!

Winner: Amber Ryann via Pinfall


Featuring: Andy Murray & Angelica Brooks

Location: Backstage

Backstage. An LoC backdrop.

Angelica Brooks. A microphone.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I am joined by a man who’ll compete for the LoC Underground Championship later on this evening, Andy Murray.”

Oh yeah, that guy too.

“Andy, you walked into the Arena of Champions thinking you’d be facing Dusk one-on-one tonight,” Brooks began. “We’ve since learned that your ex-girlfriend, Vivica J. Valentine, has worked her way into the match. How do you feel?”

“I don’t know, Angie,” Andy said as the microphone was thrust before him. "Truth is, I can’t give you the soundbite you’re looking for, because I’ve spent the best part of a decade trying to figure out how I feel about Vivica J. Valentine, and her jumping into the match tonight doesn’t help either way.”

The King’s tone was calm: he’d already accepted that the circumstances have changed, and if there was any frustration, he wasn’t letting it show.

“What about from a professional standpoint?” Angie enquired. “How do you feel as a competitor?”

“Well, I’ve probably fought with and against her more than anyone in this company,” Andy began. “She’s one hell of a competitor, and when she sets her sights on something, you’d best not get in her way. You don’t need me to tell you that, though: you all know her, you’ve seen what she’s capable of.”

At this stage in the evening, Murray was semi-ready for competition. He wore a grey athletic tee advertising his “Fighting Chance Gym,” but his wrists were already taped, and it looked like he was already in his tights.

“I prepared for a slugfest, and now I’ve gotta switch my gameplan up,” Murray continued. “She’s as quick as a flash and she strikes like lightning. I’m not gonna stand here and shoot on her, and I don’t want to put hands on her, but I will. This is my job, I am a professional, and if I have to fight Vivica tonight, then fine. Let’s do it.”

Angelica pulled the microphone back towards her and readied the next question. “Andy, this is a very important match for you tonight. You’ve been in this business a long time, but Dusk decisively defeated you at Underground, and even though you’ve impressed in your short time here, you’re still seeking a signature win. Can you put some perspective on what this match means to you?”

The King paused before answering. “Angie, this is my Indian Summer,” he said, his tone a tad more contemplative. “I’m in my third decade, which means I’ve been doing this for longer than some people on this roster have been alive. I’ve achieved more in this business than I could ever have dreamed, and recently, I’ve been pondering the legacy of Andy Murray. What have I truly achieved in these 22 years?”

He didn’t wait for an answer.

“Accomplishments? I’ve got a resumé to match anyone who’s ever stepped into this building. I’ve soared at great heights and been crowned King of the Mountain. I’ve tasted the ecstasy of gold, travelled the world, and experienced fame and fortune beyond my wildest dreams. But above all of that, I’ve always been a man who stands up for what he believes in, and that isn’t gold, glory, and personal gain. It’s this business, and all that fans out there that make what we do possible.”

Andy was starting to find his groove. His decibel was increasing, and his emotions were starting to carry him. Though he’d grown to become an exemplary in-ring performer over his time in the game, he was equally comfortable with a camera and a microphone.

“My love for this sport transcends everything else,” Andy continued. Brooks was listening keenly. “It’s allowed me to make a great living, and live one hell of a life. Without it, I’d be no more than a lanky fisherman’s son from Aberdeen, Scotland working the fryer in a fish and chip shop somewhere. This business is EVERYTHING to me, I’m willing to DIE defending it, and when people like Dusk THINK they can use it as a playground for their own megalomania… well, that makes me a little mad, Ms. Brooks.”

The change of pace set off an almighty roar inside the Arena: there wasn’t a single fan in attendance who didn’t want to see The Lost Soul get his comeuppance tonight.

“The Underground Champion has been very vocal in his criticism of you,” Angelica said, “and he’s been particularly vociferous in chastising you for ‘sticking your nose in his business.’ Do you have a response to that?”

Thought dwarfed by the 6’7” Scot, Angelica Brooks was doing a superb job of maintaining eye contact without the use of a box to stand on.

“Oh yes, that old chestnut.” Andy smiled, but only momentarily. “When a man like Dusk claims to stand for something one month, then turns his back on it, that’s not just his business. He didn’t just abandon his colleagues, Angie: he abandoned the people -- MY people -- everyone watching at home, and all the men, women, and children in the building tonight!”

Tightening his brow, Andy turned to the camera for the first time. ”Dusk!” he spat. “You are a disgrace to this sport! It isn’t my choice to stop you, it’s my goddamn DUTY, and when the three of us step out there tonight, your dues WILL be paid!”

The King hammered the last word home with a finger point. He was thoroughly in the zone now, and as fired-up and animated as LoC fans had seen him since he signed.

“You spit on my legacy every time you open your mouth… that’s not going to go untouched.”


“You plagued my friend, Lindsay Troy... that’s not going to go UNCHECKED.”


“The fans: you pissed on their support, betrayed their trust, sold them out… well that’s not going to go UNPUNISHED!”


“It is an HONOUR and a PRIVILEGE for me to walk out there and do my thing in front of alllllllllllllll these people.” Andy ran his hand across the screen. “These people have given you your LIFE, and they can’t fight back when you knock ‘em down… but guess what?”

He smiled.

“I can. I didn’t ‘stick my nose in your business,’ Dusk: you INVOLVED me in your business the day you stopped respecting THIS business, and tonight, lad, you’re gonna pay.”

Beads of sweat had started forming on The King’s brow. He pulled away from the camera, and let Angelica Brooks come back into the scene. The interviewer readied herself.

“What do you say to those who claim you’re ill-suited to the Underground division?” Angie asked. “That your traditional wrestling style and code of ethics prevent you from threatening the likes of Dusk and Valentine in this environment.”

“I’d say those people don’t know me too well,” Andy replied, “and to those who forgot, I look forward to reminding them what Andy Murray is all about.”

“Andy, thanks for your time.”



Stipulation: First Fall to Finish

Referee: D.C. Train

“Alright, Reno, this next match could get ugly in a hurry,” said Tony Stone. “In the past couple of months, this feud between Monte Burns and Derecho has certainly become personal.”

“Understate much, Stoner?” Reno Davis replied. “These two want to hurt each other in all kinds of ways. I can’t wait!”

The lights in the arena dimmed. "I am.... ....I am" "Charisma" by WASP A lone spotlight lights up the stage and we see Derecho with his back to the arena. Derecho was clad in his typical black leather trench coat while sporting a pair of sunglasses. The lights then begin to pulse to the beat of the song in random fashion. Derecho looked over his shoulder and grinned before pivoting and beginning his descent towards the ring. The capacity crowd on hand booed and showed their disdain, but Derecho paid no mind to them. Derecho stopped at the bottom of the entrance ramp and then turned to his left. He stomped up the steel ring steps and stepped into the ring between the middle and the top rope. Derecho made his way to the center of the ring where pulsing spotlights illuminated him from different angles. Derecho stretched out his arms and looked up toward the rafters as he wanted the LoC Universe to bask in his glory. Derecho then flicked his wrists and removed his sunglasses followed by his trench coat, passing them off to ringside. As Derecho moved around to loosen up and burn off anxious energy in the ring, the crowd’s boos died down and then immediately turned to cheers as they heard the next round of music...

“Nobody’s Real” by Powerman 5000

The familiar sounds signaled the arrival of “The Golden Child” Monte Burns, who walked out from the back amid bursts of red and gold pyro shooting up from the sides of the stage. Burns had on his infamous “Tiger-style” jacket, which Lindsay Troy and others were always so fond of needling him over.

But Burns was in no laughing mood. He stood still for what seemed like a full minute or two at the top of the ramp. His stare was fixed on the ring….fixed on his rival, who returned that stare with a fury of hatred in his eyes as well. The LoC Faithful roared its approval, but Monte paid them little attention as he walked down the ramp with purposeful steps. He didn’t turn and high five fans or wave to the crowd. His focus was entirely on the ring.

After handing off his jacket to a ringside attendant, Burns jumped up onto the apron and stepped through the ropes. Referee D.C. Train stood in the center, keeping his eyes on both men as he told them to hold off on fighting until the match was official.

“These two must be just dying to rip each other apart!” Yelled Reno.

“For a few weeks now they’ve been bound by that ‘no contact’ edict from Scott Riktor,” said Stone. “I’m sure there’s a great deal of pent-up aggression they’re both ready to unleash because of it.”

On one side of the ring, Derecho was pacing back and forth, taking deep breaths as he looked over at his opponent like an animal waiting to pounce.

On the other side, Burns stood almost eerily still, his clenched fists held down at his sides as his eyes followed every movement of Derecho like a cold-blooded killer awaiting its prey.

Finally, D.C. Train called for the bell and the crowd ignited in another roar. Surprisingly, for a few seconds nothing changed. The raging Derecho moved side to side, while the stoic Burns stood unmoving. The crowd was thrilled but also a little puzzled.

Then, in an instant, came the explosion of violence they had been waiting for.

The two men came charging straight toward one another, firing away with fists. A right from Derecho was followed immediately by a right from Burns, again and again. Each man grabbed the other around the neck with their off hand and they each began pistoning punches so fast and furious that they were impossible to keep track of. The adrenaline of the moment was preventing either of them from feeling much pain, as they kept firing away despite landing square punches to the head over and over.

This continued until Derecho snuck in a knee lift and double Burns over. Derecho whipped Burns to the ropes, but Burns ducked underneath after Derecho attempted a clothesline. Burns rebounded off of the opposite end, but Derecho sidestepped him and looked to throw Burns up and over the top rope, but Burns twisted and landed on the ring apron! Burns grabbed the top rope and launched himself at Derecho. Burns collided with the self-proclaimed World Breaker and took him down to the canvas. There, Burns mounted Derecho and hammered away at the side of Derecho’s head like a madman! Derecho tried to cover up as best as he could, but a few punches broke Derecho’s guard and connected with his head.

Derecho, eventually, rolled the momentum over and returned the favor with slower, yet, heavier punches to Burns’ head. After a few punches landed, Derecho stood up and grabbed Burns by the hair, bringing him back up to a vertical base, but Burns broke free from Derecho’s grip! Burns fired another right and Derecho returned the favor! We were right back where we started with the two of them slugging it out ferociously!!

Expectedly, the fans erupted at the sight of these two grapplers going to war with one another. The two men were like one mass as they slugged away while moving toward the ropes on the ringside near the ramp. D.C. Train tried to find a way to pull them apart as they leaned against the ropes, but his efforts were meaningless and the two of them actually ended up toppling through the top and middle ropes to the floor below.

“This one is ugly!” Exclaimed Stone.

“This is what you need more of around here - VIOLENCE!” Said Reno.

After landing on the floor, the two combatants momentarily separated from the impact of the fall. But Burns wasted no time jumping back on top of Derecho, hammering away with rights and lefts as he mounted on top of him. Derecho was quick to recover, though, using his strength to shift the advantage. He ended up toppling Burns and getting on top himself, raining down blows to Monte’s face.

D.C. Train leaned over the top rope and told the two of them to bring it back into the ring, refusing to count. The referee knew the importance of this match for these two and was being a little lenient with the rules here.

Derecho grabbed Burns and pulled him up to his feet. Derecho proceeded to whip Burns right into the steel ring steps where he collided with them with a thunderous thud that echoed throughout the arena! Derecho backed up, his chest heaving in and out from the energy he had expended so far, but the look on his face stated that he was far from done. Burns, sat there up against the steps as Derecho backed up and bit.

“BUUURRRNS!” screamed Derecho.

As he called out Monte’s name, Derecho charged in, looking for a knee to the face, but Monte rolled out of the way and..


Derecho slammed his knee right into the ring steps! Burns got up as Derecho hunched over, grabbing his knee in pain. Burns took this opportunity to climb onto the announce table and leap off...


The impact caused Derecho to turn and fall face first against the ring apron!!! His face bounced off of the edge of the ring and the result saw him flat on his back at ringside! The crowd groaned after witnessing the impact and D.C. Train immediately exited the ring to check on Derecho, but Burns smelled the blood in the water and forced the referee away. Burns pulled Derecho up and rolled him back into the ring where Burns went for the cover! D.C. Train slid in and made the count!



Derecho popped the shoulder up!

“Burns found a way to turn the tide of this match, but now both men look like they’ve been through hell! I can’t imagine they can’t keep this pace up for long.” said Stone.

“Nope. I’ve been in that ring and I know what it’s like to run off of adrenaline. Sooner or later, your supply gets cut off and you’re left as an empty husk. It looks like that point has come for both of these guys right now.” said Reno.

“Wow.. you actually backed me up for once! Could this be a turn in our working relationship?” asked Stone.

“Shut the hell up, Stone.” said Reno.

Burns pulled Derecho up to his feet and rocked him with a heavy right hand that jolted his head back. Burns fired another heavy right, but it was much slower than the opening flurry these two went through a few moments ago. Still, Derecho found himself being backed into a corner where Burns let loose with a knife edge chop across the chest, stunning Derecho. Burns grabbed Derecho by the arm and whipped him harshly to the opposite corner where Derecho slammed into the buckles and fell to his knees. Derecho tried to get back up, but Burns charged at him and nailed another Shotgun Dropkick, sending Derecho flying up against the buckles where he fell into a seated position.

Burns backed up into the opposite corner and took aim. Burns came in at full speed and hit his third shotgun dropkick of the match, planting both feet right into Derecho’s face!! It had to be over at this point as Derecho looked to be out cold! Burns wasted no time as he grabbed Derecho by the leg and dragged him away from the corner, eliminating the chance of a rope break. He went into the cover and hooked the leg.



Derecho kicked out!

“Monte Burns has gained full control of this…” said Stone before he was interrupted.

“Didn’t I tell you to shut up, Stone?” scowled Reno.


“Hey, don’t make that face!” said Reno. “I slipped up and agreed with you ONE TIME. It won’t happen again. Now sit there, shut up and call the match!” Reno.

“That doesn’t make any sens….”


Burns stood and pulled Derecho up to a seated position. Burns kicked him hard between the shoulder blades not once, not twice, but thrice. Derecho winced in pain with each impact as Burns continued to take control of this match. Burns backed up into the ropes and charged in at Derecho hitting a running kick between Derecho’s shoulders. Burns quickly followed it up by taking a step back and hitting a drop kick to the back of Derecho’s head! Burns quickly laid Derecho onto his back and went for the cover again!



Th..Kick out!

A little bit closer that time, but Derecho still kicked out nevertheless.

Burns stands and pulls Derecho back up to his feet. Burns hits a toe kick that doubled Derecho over. Burns butterflied Derecho’s arms and flipped him into the Double Underhook Backbreaker across his knee! Derecho was down on the canvas writhing in pain when Burns pointed to the corner as he looked to put an end to this match right here and now!

The crowd hit their feet as Burns stepped out onto the apron and then ascended the turnbuckle pads to the very top, but in a surprising burst of energy, Derecho got up and charged the corner, knocking Burns off of his perch and preventing him from going for that patented Swanton Bomb. Derecho leaned against the ropes as the burst of energy too a bit out of him, but Derecho shook it off and slowly ascended up the turnbuckles where he met Burns up top, but Burns rocked Derecho in the side of the head with a right hand. Derecho returned the favor and this match was right back where it started… with the two of them slugging it out, only this time, they were doing it on the top rope!

Derecho braced himself for a right, but Burns faked him out and hit Derecho with a headbutt instead! Derecho teetered on the top rope until Burns followed it up with another headbutt that knocked Derecho down to the canvas and in perfect position! The crowd got out their cell phones and began to take pictures as Burns stood up and flipped off the top rope...



Derecho put the knees up and the Swanton Bomb ended up in failure! Burns’ back crashed down on top of Derecho’s knees and now Burns was the one on the canvas writhing in pain! Derecho rolled over to the ropes and stepped out to the floor, which was the easiest way to get back on his feet. Here, Derecho began to walk around the ring to get some of his energy back. The referee checked on Burns and noticed Derecho on the outside. D.C. Train began his mandatory ten count.



Derecho looked back into the ring and waved off the referee, not caring about the count. The ring general that Derecho was, he was going to take as much of that count as he could in order to recover.

“This is a smart move by Derecho. This is why I like him. He knows what it takes to win a match and if he can regain his strength, the so-called Golden Child will fall!” said Reno.

“But Derecho hasn’t won a match on Pay-Per-View in quite some time. In fact, he’s only won a single Pay-Per-View match since returning to LoC. It’s hard to imagine he’s a former Legacy Champion with his record here since his return.” said Stone.

“Are you blind, Stone!? Every match he’s lost, there was interference by Karma’s Collector.. That man in the ring right now… Monte Burns. When Derecho DID win his Pay-Per-View match, there was no interference. Billows knew the only way he could beat this man was two on one like a COWARD. Here, it’s just Burns and Derecho one on one… That’s why Derecho will win tonight and show the world that when it’s one on one… NO ONE can beat him!”




Burns was starting to get back up so Derecho let out a sigh and walked up the ring steps. He stepped back into the ring right when Burns was up to a single knee. Burns’ recovery didn’t give Derecho the time he wanted to recover, but Derecho would take it nevertheless. Derecho walked over to meet Burns when Burns socked Derecho right in the gut so hard, Derecho gasped for air and dropped to his knees!

Burns shuffled back and went for the knockout shot.. He went for the Super Kick, but Derecho ducked it and caused Burns to miss! Derecho stood and turned, grabbing Burns by the waist. He popped the hips and...

German Suplex!

Derecho held on, turned and stood up. He placed Burns into a Full Nelson and...

Dragon Suplex!

Derecho continued to hold on. He stood up and pulled Burns with him. He pulled back on Burns’ arms and..

Tiger Suplex!

Derecho STILL held on! He pulled Burns back up and switched it into a Half Nelson...

Half Nelson Suplex!

Burns landed on his neck and flipped over onto his stomach! Derecho stood up and charged in. He pulled Burns up and hooked him around his neck...

Exploder Suplex!!

Burns bounced off the canvas and turned onto his stomach. Derecho, clawed his way back to his feet and stumbled over to Burns where he pulled him back up and grabbed him around the neck.

Head and Arm Suplex!

Derecho, gritting his teeth, turned and tried to get back up. He reached out towards Monte and growled..


With that, Derecho collapsed face first into the canvas. Both men were down!!

“It looked like Derecho was turning the tide of this match with that Suplex Flurry, but in the end, he collapsed and with both men down, I believe that we have pressed the reset button on this match once again!” said Stone.

“Not really. If we had done that, these two would be at a hundred percent, but as it is right now, both men are struggling to catch their breath. This match may not last much longer.” said Reno.







Both men begin to stir...




Derecho is up first and the referee’s count stops

Burns is about halfway up when Derecho walks over and lays in a right hand to the top of Burns’ head. Burns is stunned on his knees as Derecho pulls him back up. Derecho hooks burns for a suplex, but Burns blocks it when Derecho tries to lift him up. Derecho tries for the suplex again, but it is, once again, blocked by Burns. Derecho doubles Burns over and clubs him over the back with forearm after forearm until he feels he’s done enough damage. Derecho hooks Burns for the suplex again and gets him up, but at the apex of the lift, Burn knees Derecho in the top of the head and Derecho is forced to put him back down! Burns immediately pivots and grabs Derecho by the shoulder, slamming him down into the canvas and locking in the Fujiwara Arm Bar submission, but Derecho shuffled his way to the ropes immediately and draped his foot across the bottom rope, forcing the break, but Burns continued to hold on!

1… 2…. 3… 4...

Burns finally let go of the hold, showing off a bit of that mean streak he has adopted since this rivalry began!

Derecho used the ropes to pull himself up, but Burns was right there to meet him with a knife edge chop. Burns pressed Derecho’s back against the ropes and sent him across the ring. Burns with a drop down as Derecho stepped over him and headed for the opposite side. Burns got up and went for a leap frog over a rebounding Derecho, but Derecho caught him in mid air, pivoted and planted him with the Anderson Spinebuster!!!

Derecho opted not to go for the cover, but instead, head to the corner where he ascended the turnbuckle pads to the very top. Derecho took aim and leapt off..


It connected as Derecho bounced off of Burns from the impact! Derecho stood up and motioned that he was going to put Burns away! Two big moves back to back had Burns reeling and Derecho knew it as he pulled Burns back up to his feet. Derecho scooped Burns up onto his shoulder, but Burns wriggled free, landing behind Derecho! Burns leapt up and connected with a Backstabber on him! Burns stood and staggered back into the turnbuckles as he dared Derecho to get back up to his feet. Derecho stood up, holding his lower back and that’s when Burns lunged in with his second Super Kick attempt of the night, but Derecho, like the first, sidestepped this one and Burns missed!

Derecho spun Burns around and kicked him in the stomach. He set up Burns between his legs and lifted him up into a Canadian Backbreaker position. From there, Derecho flipped Burns across his body and sat out with the Clifferhanger DDT!


Derecho made a cover… which was his first official cover of this match!



Burns kicked out!

“The look of disappointment on Derecho’s face after that kickout says it all, Reno.” said Stone.

“Derecho pulled an old trick out of his book of magic, but it couldn’t get the job done. I’d be pissed, too, but I wouldn’t let that frustration set in, either. I’d just get up and continue to kick the hell out of Monte Burns” said Reno.

Derecho stood back up and he backed into the corner. Now it was Derecho that was taunting Burns to get back up, almost as if Derecho was mocking Burns by doing this. The look in Derecho’s eyes showed that he was laser focused as Burns pulled himself up. Once vertical, Derecho charged in and went for one of the biggest clotheslines he had ever attempted to deliver, but Burns ducked and Derecho’s own momentum caused him to face plant into the canvas. It was obvious he was going for a knockout shot, but Burns saw it coming! Burns quickly grabbed Derecho and ran him to the ropes where he threw Derecho over the top rope and down to the floor where he landed with a hard thud.

Burns took this time to recollect himself as he knelt in the center of the ring. Derecho slowly got back up on the outside, but while Burns was recovering, he kept an eye on Derecho. Derecho staggered to the ring apron and began to climb up, but Burns sprinted over and made Derecho eat a back elbow, knocking him back down to the floor. Derecho landed on his feet and he used the announce table to brace himself. Derecho was pissed now and showed it as he slammed his hands on the announce table and turned his attention back to the ring, but it was only to see Monte Burns flipping over the top rope with a Tope Con Giro, taking Derecho back down to the floor once again!

Burns pulled himself up by the announce table as Derecho was still down on the floor. Once vertical, Burns turned his attention to Derecho and grabbed him by the hair. Burns then bounced Derecho’s face off the announce table causing Derecho to stagger away and fall to a knee. Burns walked over and grabbed Derecho by the head and then slammed it into the top of the steel ring steps! Derecho turned and grabbed the ring apron to keep himself up on his feet. Burns turned and headed to the announce table where he climbed up top. He had success there earlier tonight and a drop kick off the table is what caused him to take a commanding lead in this match… he looked to go for it again, but Derecho rushed Burns as soon as he jumped off and Burns knew it was too late as he already committed himself...


Burns hit the ground HARD as Derecho knocked him to the floor!

Crowd: OOOOOH!!!!

“A VERY heavy hit by Derecho and I don’t think Burns knows where he is right now!” said Stone.

“Well I know where he is… right now, Monte Burns is in a world of shit!” said Reno.

Derecho stood back up and let out a bestial roar as he tried to get the adrenaline flowing once again. Derecho pulled Burns back up and rammed him back first into the edge of the ring apron. Derecho did this a second time before rolling Burns back into the ring. Derecho got up on the ring apron and grabbed the top rope as he waited for Burns to get back to his feet. Burns pulled himself up and Derecho lunged back in with his Springboard Clothesline..



Burns avoided it, but Derecho landed on his feet! Burns turned around while Derecho tried to regain his balance. He grabbed Derecho in a reverse facelock, but Derecho used some power and pulled Burns up onto his shoulder!! Derecho tried to go for A Forever Reminder, but Burns slipped off behind, hooked Derecho’s head and planted him with a Reverse DDT! Burns stood up and headed to the corner. Burns climbed up the turnbuckle pads and took aim...



Derecho rolled out of the way and Burns slammed down hard into the canvas! Burns held his back as Derecho ran past him, bounced off the ropes and caught Burns dead in the face...


Burns could be out! Derecho went for the cover, hooking the leg!



Thr.. NO!!!

Burns popped the shoulder up and the crowd popped huge!

“SO CLOSE, but the resilience of Monte Burns continues to shine through here tonight!” said Stone The frustration was really beginning to settle in as Derecho pounded his fists on the canvas as he stood back up. Derecho waited behind Burns, stalking him as he waited for Burns to get back up. Burns pulled himself back to a vertical base and Derecho rushed in from behind, hooking Burns in a half nelson. He was looking for Legends Get Forgotten, but Burns stomped down on Derecho’s shin and broke free! Burns backflipped and caught Derecho on the top of the head with a Pele Kick! Derecho was staggering on his feet and Burns quickly got up, took aim and…



The third time was the charm as it laid Derecho out flat on his back! Burns fell into the cover and hooked the leg!



Thre.. NO!!!

Derecho shot the shoulder up in time and now it was Monte Burns who was showing frustration by looking around in disbelief.

Burns stood up and headed back to the corner. He hopped up onto the middle turnbuckle behind Derecho. Derecho started to get up and when he did, he looked around to see where Monte went. Monte didn’t let him turn around as he leapt off the middle turnbuckle and hit a Missile Dropkick right into Derecho’s back, sending him staggering forward. Derecho fell to his knees in the corner where he hugged the middle turnbuckle pad. Derecho pulled himself up and turned around to see Burns charging in, looking for a Running Yakuza Kick, but Derecho moved and Burns got his leg caught up on the top turnbuckle! Derecho grabbed Burns from behind with the half nelson, hooking the leg...


The Regalplex connected, but Burns bounced off his shoulders and up to his feet!!! Burns let out a roar indicative of fighting spirit and twisted Derecho inside out with a vicious lariat!!!! Both men were down!

“THIS IS AWESOME!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THIS IS AWESOME!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THIS IS AWESOME!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THIS IS AWESOME!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THIS IS AWESOME!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap

“Burns took Derecho’s secondary finisher straight on and somehow found the strength to lay Derecho out, but you can tell it did its damage because Burns isn’t moving at all!” said Stone.

“The HATE these two have for each other must be wild because their bodies have to be spent!” Said Davis.

Referee D.C. Train had to, once again, administer another ten count in this match.. The crowd counting along...








Derecho, groggy, began to crawl over to Monte



Derecho reached out to drape his arm across Monte when Monte grabbed Derecho’s arm and scissored with his legs!!! It was a cross arm breaker submission from out of nowhere and the crowd erupted!

Derecho fought to shimmy his body towards the ropes. His legs were pointing towards the center of the ring so he had a bit of maneuvering to do. Derecho stopped about half way as Burns continued to apply more pressure. At one point, it looked like Derecho was about to tap away this match, but Derecho clenched his fist and continued to turn until he was able to get his foot onto the bottom rope. Burns let out a yell of frustration as he broke the hold.

Burns got back up and hopped onto the middle turnbuckle pad once again. Derecho used the ropes to pull himself up and once he was vertical, Burns flew off with a knee strike to the side of the head, knocking Derecho back down!! Burns quickly went into the cover, hooking both legs deep!



Three….?? NO!!!!

Derecho kicked out just in time!

“What do these two have to do to each other in order to end this match?” asked Stone.

“Obviously they have to hit their opponent so hard, they can’t kick out… it’s pretty much how all of wrestling goes, Stoner. Damn… I’m surprised you got hired with questions like that.” said Reno.

Knowing that a second rope maneuver has worked on Derecho twice, Burns went back to the corner for the hat trick. Derecho didn’t look like he knew where he was as he tried to stand, but collapsed down to a single knee. Derecho continued to shake off the effects of that knee strike, but when he finally got to his feet, Burns pivoted off the middle turnbuckle onto the top turnbuckle and flipped off with an impressive moonsault that...


Derecho stepped under Burns and he caught him on his shoulder...



Derecho went into the cover as the people in the crowd had their hands on top of their heads in disbelief! D.C. Train went down and made the count!




….. NO!!!!!!

The crowd came unglued when Burns shot the shoulder up at 2 and 99/100ths!

Derecho was beside himself! He got up and grabbed D.C. Train by the shirt, plowing him into the corner and getting into his face.


D.C. Train argued that it was a two count and Burns did get the shoulder up before the three, but Derecho was beyond livid to where he didn’t want to hear it. Derecho let the referee go as Burns was scrambling just to get back to his knees. Derecho quickly pulls Burns up, but Burns makes Derecho eat a back elbow to the face. Derecho turned away and staggered towards the corner where D. C. Train was still standing. Burns turned and charged Derecho, but Derecho moved and Burns sandwiched D.C. Train in the corner by accident!!

“Ref down!” yelled Reno sarcastically

Burns looked a bit shocked, but he knew Derecho all too well and felt the ring shaking as Derecho charged from behind to take a cheap shot. Burns put a stop to that with a mule kick that caught Derecho in the stomach. Burns pivoted and hit another Super Kick, laying Derecho out on the canvas! Burns said screw it and headed to the corner where he climbed up the turnbuckle pads, but Derecho, while down on the canvas, stuck his arm into the air and motioned for someone to come down.

From the backstage area came his brother Mattock!

“Derecho knows he’s in a tight spot and he just called on Mattock to come down and do his dirty work for him!” said Stone.

“Hey! It’s turnabout is fair play! Monte Burns came out in a mask and interfered in Derecho’s matches against Billows. Now it’s time for Monte Burns to know what it’s like to get screwed by a guy in a mask! This is brilliant!’ said Reno!

Mattock hit the ring and immediately went into the corner and climbed the turnbuckle pads where Mattock and Burns exchanged blows with each other. This allowed Derecho enough time to recover and get back to his feet, but Burns laid in heavier rights that dazed Mattock! Burns shoved Mattock’s head down and flipped over him...



The plan backfired!! Mattock was sent flying like a projectile right into his own brother! Derecho went down as Mattock hit the canvas! Burns grabbed Mattock and threw him out of the ring! He quickly saw his chance and went back up top! The crowd was on their feet as Burns flipped off the top rope just as the referee began to come to!



D.C Train slowly dragged himself over as Burns made the cover.





Burns just pinned Derecho in the middle of the ring and the crowd went apeshit! “Nobody’s Real” by Powerman 5000 hit the speakers as Burns was helped up by D.C. Train who raised his arm in victory. Derecho was down on the canvas with his hand over his face in disbelief. Burns took one look at Derecho on the canvas and wiggled his finger in the style of Karma’s Collector which got a pretty good pop from the crowd.

Burns exited the ring and looked down at Mattock with a look of pity as he passed him by on the entrance ramp. Burns made his way to the back as he disappeared behind the curtain. The music cut off and Derecho continued to lay there, almost in hysterics.

Slowly, Derecho sat up and looked around the arena knowing that his plan backfired and that he just tasted defeat against a man he had waited so long to get his hands on. Derecho laughed to himself as the realization of what happened sank in.

Derecho shook his head and rolled out of the ring. He made his way to the entrance ramp where Mattock stood back up and went to explain what happened to Derecho, but Derecho simply walked right back Mattock without even acknowledging him. Mattock began to follow Derecho to the back and one by one they disappeared behind the curtain without Derecho so much as turning to say a word to his brother.

“Derecho gave Mattock the cold shoulder just now. What is going through Derecho’s mind now that his backup plan backfired on him?” asked Stone.

“If you want my honest opinion… as much as I love Derecho, he is a fool for trusting the fate of this match to a screw up like Mattock. If anything, Derecho needs to re-evaluate this entire thing with this brother because Mattock is holding Derecho back. Derecho SHOULD be in the Legacy Title picture, but instead, he’s nothing more than an overglorified babysitter.” said Reno.

Winner: Monte Burns via Pinfall


Featuring: Legion of Devastation, Inc. & Dam

Location: The Loft

Outside the Loft, approximately one hour later. The Legion of Devastation, Inc. was scheduled to reconvene and every member was there, save for cHEESE. BIG Little Italy was still wearing his disguise, sneakers lighting up like the Fourth of July with every step he took. They all gathered around in a huddle behind a corner far enough away that the Loft’s guardian, Dam, was unable to see nor hear them.

“Welcome back, gentlemen. I assume you have all gathered the information needed to infiltrate this fortress,” Brandon “Bacon” Thomas said to his stablemates.

“Well, dude,” egg NOG began, “I got so caught up trying to find a cool disguise that I may or may not have never gotten around to doing any recon … like, at all.”

“NOG, seriously?”

BIG Little Italy was next up, “All I got was a friggen free ice cream cone … but that was nice.”

“C’mon, guys,” BT whined, “Are you telling me you didn’t get any information whatsoever?”

“Sorry, dude … what did you get?”

“Me, NOG?” Brandon shook his head, “I was the brains of this operation. The general, if you will, and as such it was not my job to gather intel. It was my job to coordinate the troops. I’ve been standing right here for an hour.”

At that exact moment cHEESE showed up to see his brother and BIG Little Italy’s mouths agape and Brandon Thomas looking nothing short of confident. “Well,” BT whisper-shouted, “Look who finally decided to show up. You better have some great information on these clowns, let me tell you.”

cHEESE sighed. “I don’t have any information … and I think we should just drop this. I’ve got something way better for us to do tonight. Waaaay better.”

“Are you kidding me, cHEESE?!” Brandon exclaimed. “Can’t you smell his sweet tiger musk? We are too close to turn back now! This … is … our destiny!”

cHEESE fired back, “How is our destiny getting you a tiger, bro?”

“Oh, ye of little faith. Haven’t you ever seen Scarface?”

BIG Little Italy chimed in, “I love dat movie.”

BT smiled. “And I love that you wore my disguise. Because you, my altitude challenged friend, are the most important part of this plan.”

“I am?”

“You are.”

“Dat’s … dat’s really nice of you to tink of me like dat. I’m flattered, Bran--”

In that exact moment BT snatched Italy up and ran around the corner. “Follow me, Dairy boys!” he shouted and barreled towards the Loft’s door. Dam immediately sprung into action, bracing for the incoming attack. He was ready for anything … except Brandon Thomas and the fact that his plan was to, literally, hurl BIG Little Italy at Dam’s face.

”OH MY GOD THAT CHILD IS RABID!,” Brandon yelled.

An enraged BIG Little Italy screamed back, “YA FRIGGEN’ IDJIT!”

“LANGUAGE, YOUNG MAN!,” Brandon exclaimed as he watched his handiwork tackle Dam and bring the big man to the ground. He and the rest of LoD, Inc. slipped past Dam as he is tried to wrestle Italy off his face. The scrambled and once in the Loft, they locked the door from inside.

“Suck on that, you big freak!,” Brandon shouted in victory. “Now, let’s find that gorgeous tiger and get out of here!”

After a few moments rummaging through every corner of the Loft egg NOG finally said, “There’s no tiger in here, dude.”

BT was beside himself, “WHAT?! HOW DID THEY KNOW WE WERE COMING?! We were so … inconspicuous. There must be an inside man. A wolf among the sheep. One of us is a traitor. A Benedict Cumberbatch!”

cHEESE was standing outside a closet. “Bro,” he said,”... there’s a tiger jacket?”

“A what?” Brandon Thomas questioned, his face turning pale.

“A jacket … made from tiger fur.”


“No, bro, Monte Burns wears this.”

“The owner of Springfield Power Plant?”

”No, Bacon ...dude, the wrestler,” egg NOG added.

Brandon was not amused. “He’s far too old and decrepit to wrestle. Plus, he’s a cartoon.”

”Dude ... “

Stomping like a spoiled child, Brandon let loose, “This is a disaster! We’re leaving and we’re informing PETA immediately!” BT marched towards the door, opened it, and found an extremely ticked off Dam standing just on the other side and ready to pounce.



egg NOG began panicking, ”We’re trapped, dude!”

BT, still furious, replied, “This is probably how that poor animal felt right before Lindsay Troy tore him apart with her man hands!”

cHEESE rolled his eyes and stated the obvious once again, “Nobody killed a tiger, bro.”

“Oh, sure,” Brandon fired back, “I suppose it just died of *finger quotes* natural causes then?”

“It didn’t die at all … I don’t even think that’s real fur. Listen, we’re in serious trouble here.”

“It’s okay, brothers Dairy. I … have … a plan.”

And with that cHEESE and egg NOG rolled their eyes while Brandon darted for the closet. Icons moved to ringside.


Stipulation: Tag Team Gauntlet Match

Referee: Chris Horowitz

The crowd was hot from the action so far tonight. The ring bell went off and it immediately grabbed everyone’s attention as Brad Arnold brought the stick up to his mouth.

“Ladies and Gentlemen... The following is the gauntlet match for the LoC Team Championship! In this match, two teams will start out and when a pinfall or submission occurs, the winning team will remain in the ring and face another challenger. This will continue until there is one team left and that team will be declared the LoC Team Champions!”

“Symphony of an Empty Hope” (Remix) by Nightwish

After the symphonic intro of "Symphony of Destruction" the thunderous drums of "Yours is an Empty Hope" kicked in as the arena swirled with amber lights. Brian Williams and Mike Patterson walked out from the backstage area and stopped at the top of the entrance ramp. They paused for a moment and then fist bumped each other and walked down to the ring in tandem.

When they got to the ringside area, Patterson went left and Williams went right. They both climbed up to the ring apron on opposite sides of the ring. They both stepped in as Williams knelt down in the middle of the ring while Patterson stood behind him with his fist raised into the air. They both stood and fist bumped each other before splitting to opposite neutral corners. They ascended to the top and eat struck a pose for the crowd. They hopped down and regrouped as the arena returned to normal.

“The last team to throw their names into the hat are the first team out here tonight. Who will be team number two?” asked Tony Stone.

“We Care A Lot” by Faith No More

The theme song revved up and everyone turned their attention towards the entrance way as did The New Breed. People were awaiting the arrival of The Legion of Devastation, but as the time passed, no one surfaced from behind the black curtain. The New Breed looked at each other with perplexing glares, figuring that after two defeats that they just gave up.

All of a sudden, there was some stirrings in the crowd. People were beginning to turn their heads in the direction of the Skybox. A rope was hung out of the window and we saw cHEESE and egg NOG climbing down the rope with Brandon Thomas yelling at them.


cHEESE landed on his feet first, then egg NOG. Brandon yelled for the two of them to clear the way as he put on some gloves. Brandon looked back and yelled “SHIT” and slung himself over the window, grabbing the rope. Brandon gripped the rope and slid down it just as Dametrius reached over and tried to grab him. The three of them began to make their way down to the ring through the crowd.

“What about BIG Little Italy?” asked egg NOG.

“Ah.. he’ll be okay!” said Brandon “Bacon” Thomas. “We gotta championship to win!”

The trio made their way to the barricade where they hopped over. cHEESE and egg NOG entered the ring while Brandon stayed at ringside, occasionally looking back towards the Skybox to make sure that hulking behemoth stayed up there.

It looked as if egg NOG and Brian Williams would start thing off in this match. Buck Logan, who would be the poor sap to referee this match, called for the bell




“The Legion of Devastation has had their history with The New Breed here in LoC. They tried a couple of different combinations, but both time they have come up short. Now they are trying the tried and true duo of The Legion of Dairy to try and get the job done!” said Stone.

“Well, the third time is the charm and The New Breed have only been defeated once here in LoC. We’ll see if LoD can move on in this match and score themselves another long overdue reign as tag team champions.” said Reno.

Williams and egg NOG circled each other in the ring and locked up. Immediately Williams powered egg NOG back into the corner and hit him in the chest with a huge open palm slap which caused the crowd to groan. Williams walked egg NOG over to the middle of the ropes and attempted an Irish Whip, but egg NOG reversed it and sent Williams into the ropes instead. egg NOG leapt up and took Williams down with a leaping calf kick! egg NOG immediately stood and dropped an elbow into Williams’ chest. He stood and repeated that two more times before standing and looking down at one half of the former and final jOlt World Tag Team Champions.

Cheeze wanted into the match and egg NOG walked over and tagged him in. cHEESE quickly ascended the turnbuckle pads and took aim on Williams. He leapt off with a top rope Cannonball Senton and came crashing down across Williams’ chest! There would be no squash here tonight as cHEESE went for the first cover of the match!



Buck Logan declared only a two count as Williams popped the shoulder up.

cHEESE stood and dared Williams to get to his feet. Williams did so and cHEESE backed into the ropes. He leapt up onto Williams’ shoulders looking for a Huricanrana, but Williams shook his head “no” and pulled cHEESE back up onto his shoulders, but cHEESE took the momentum and flipped over Williams, taking him over with a sunset flip!



Williams kicked away and cHEESE rolled up to his feet. Williams stood and was met with a kick to the mid-section. cHEESE then slapped Williams across the chest as he interlaced his left hand with Williams’ right. cHEESE went into the corner and hopped up the turnbuckles and flipped off, looking for a lucha-style Tornado DDT, but Williams wrapped his arms around cHEESE’s waist and blocked the move. Williams was about to counter with a Belly to Belly Overhead Throw, but cHEESE headbutted Williams in the face and broke free!

Williams was a bit dazed as cHEESE backed into the ropes. He charged at Williams and slammed his arm right into his chest with a vicious lariat...


This could be a major upset at cHEESE went for the cover!



Williams kicked out!

“The Legion of Dairy are in firm control! Usually they are out here living it up, but maybe they decided to focus for once instead of worrying about some damn tiger jacket.” said Stone.

“DO NOT TALK BAD ABOUT THE ALL-POWERFUL TIGER JACKET!” yelled Reno! “There are certain people who may think that you hate them if you speak badly about it”

“Are you one of them?” asked Stone.

“Of course, but I hate everyone by default so it all works out” said Reno.

cHEESE walked to his corner and made the tag to egg NOG. egg NOG waited for Williams to get to his feet before charging in, looking for a lariat of his own, but Williams stopped that with a kick to the stomach! He grabbed egg NOG by the shoulder and slung him into his own partner, knocking cHEESE off the apron! Bacon was about to get up on the ring apron when, instead, he grabbed BIG Little Italy and threw him up onto the apron instead. Williams charged in with a knee lift and knocked BIG Little Italy off the apron, but Bacon caught him! Bacon then tossed BIG Little Italy back at Williams but Williams stepped away from the ropes and BIG Little Italy just ended up bouncing off of them and falling to the floor.

Bacon looked down at Italy for a second as if he actually expected that to work. Bacon then looked up at Williams who was telling Bacon to bring it inside the ring. The momentary distraction was enough to allow egg NOG to recover. He got up behind Williams and grabbed him in a waist lock. He went for the German, but Williams fought and pried egg NOG’s hands apart. He performed a standing switch and hooked egg NOG in a half nelson. He took him over and dumped him right on his head with a Half Nelson Suplex. egg NOG rolled up to his feet where he was looking to regain his whereabouts. Williams grabbed egg NOG and placed him into a Pumphandle. He then lifted egg NOG up and dropped from across his knee with a Pumphandle Neckbreaker...


Williams went for the cover, hooking the leg..



cHEESE dove in from the outside and made the save!

“It was almost over right there for the Legion of Dairy, but cHEESE made the last might save after recovering from being hit by his own partner.” said Stone.

“He wasn’t hit by his own partner, genius. Brian Williams used egg NOG as a battering ram and should have been disqualified for doing so!” said Davis.

cHEESE began to pound on Williams back in an attempt to stop him from getting back to his feet, but Williams powered through it instead. Williams turned and glanced at Patterson who came into the ring. Williams grabbed cHEESE by the arm and whipped him in Patterson’s direction. Patterson lunged in and...


cHEESE was cut nearly in half by that Spear! cHEESE rolled to the outside as the two of them stalked egg NOG from behind. egg NOG staggered up to his feet as Patterson grabbed egg NOG and nailed his Back Drop Driver...


Patterson stood and pulled egg NOG to his feet. He then sent him into the direction of Brian Williams to kicked him in the stomach and placed him between his legs. He grapevined the leg and dropped egg NOG right on his head with the Cradle Piledriver.


Patterson glanced over at Brandon Thomas who thought twice about interfering as Buck Logan made the count.





The New Breed knocked off the Legion of Devastation for the third time in their LoC careers! egg NOG rolled out of the ring and was rejoined by cHEESE at ringside. The duo met up with Brandon Thomas and BIG Little Italy who tried to comfort them. The four of them headed to the back as Patterson and Williams gave each other a fist bump in the middle of the ring. They awaited their next challengers as did the rest of the crowd.

“Madgalena” by A Perfect Circle

The mood changed as Penance and DV8 made their way out from the backstage area with The Magdalena by their side. The people booed as the trio walked down the ramp. At the base of the ramp, the two of them stood there and waited for Magdalena to give the signal. Once she did, the two of them slowly crept up onto the ring apron and stepped into the ring.

“The one team who handed The New Breed their only loss here in LoC are next up in this gauntlet. Things have just gotten interesting!” said Stone.

“They lost because The Fall of Adam caused a masterful distraction and because as such, they exposed The New Breed for what they are… overglorified meatheads. I bet The Nation will take these two chumps out without the help of Gacy and Oswald here tonight! said Davis.

Brian Williams was still the legal man as he stood there and watched as Penance was set to start this match off. Buck Logan once again called for the bell.




Williams backed into his corner and tagged Patterson into the ring. Patterson was the fresh man and right away we got a situation that we saw before on Legends 23 with these two behemoths coming face to the face in the center of the ring. Patterson shrugged his shoulders and decked Penance with a big right hand, but Penance didn’t budge! Penance fired a heavy right hand back at Patterson, but Patterson didn’t budge either! Patterson simply smiled and the two of them came face to the face; however, that staredown didn’t last long as Penance immediate hit a headbutt into Patterson’s face. Patterson staggered back and Penance grabbed him by the arm and whipped him across the ring. Penance then showed his power by lifting the 300 pounder up high with a Military Press and letting Patterson free fall to the canvas! The crowd couldn’t believe what they had just witnessed and it definitely showed how scary Penance’s strength can be.

Patterson held his midsection as he tried to get back to his feet, but Penance was there to meet him immediately. Penance whipped Patterson into the ropes, going for the big boot, but Patterson stopped and grabbed Penance by the leg. Patterson yanked Penance into a Bear Hug and from there, a pivoting Belly to Belly Suplex! Patterson stood up and let out a bestial roar as he put his power on display there!

Penance stood back up and these two behemoths came face to face in the middle of the ring once again. Patterson smirked and went for the right hand again, but Penance knew it was coming and blocked it. Penance with a headbutt in retaliation, but Patterson knew that was coming and was quicker with his own headbutt! Penance tried to shake it off, but Patterson grabbed him in another Bear Hug and hit a second pivoting Belly to Belly Suplex on the big man!

Patterson popped up and headed to the corner where he ascended the turnbuckle pads. Patterson took aim and leapt off and all 300 pounds of his frame came crashing down on top of Penance with the Frog Splash...


Patterson looked to put Penance away with this cover...



Penance kicked out with authority and sent a man Patterson’s size flying! Even Patterson was shocked as he saw Penance sit up after the pinfall attempt!

“My GOD! The power Penance has to be able to kick out like that with a man the size of Mike Patterson covering him!” said Stone.

“This is why we have the Penance rule here, Tony. You piss off the wrong people and you have to face this monster in the ring! Now that I think of it.. Get in there, Tony!” said Reno.

Patterson immediately crouched down in the corner and took aim as Penance pulled himself up to his feet. Patterson charged in, but Penance side-stepped the Spear and Patterson lunged, hitting nothing but air! Patterson hit the canvas, but immediately popped back up, but while he was trying to regain his balance, Penance was already picking up steam and he crushed Patterson in the corner with a running body avalanche!

Patterson slumped in the corner as Penance grabbed him by the hair. Penance backed up to the center of the ring where he set Patterson up between his legs, looking for one of his patented powerbombs, but Patterson found the strength to counter with a back body drop! Patterson fell to his hands and knees after executing that move, but he got back up and measured Penance up again. Penance pulled himself back up and this time, Patterson didn’t miss with it...


Patterson knocked Penance down, but when Patterson stood, Penance sat up!!!!


“Uh, yeah he is.. I could have sworn I just put him over as a monster a few moments ago. GOD Tony.. FOCUS” said Reno

Penance began to stand when Patterson shook his head “no” and charged in, slamming his knee right into the side of Penance’s head as he was half way to his feet. Penance was on his hands and knees after that, trying to shake off the effects, but Patterson grabbed Penance in a front chancery and drove his knee into the top of his skull not once, not twice, but thrice times! Patterson stood up completely and pulled Penance up between his legs. Patterson used his might to try and lift Penance, but Penance fought and countered The Trailervision, Patterson’s own variation of the Cradle Piledriver, with a Back Body Drop, but the knee strikes took their effect and Penance was still a bit dazed.

Penance walked over to his corner while trying to shake off the effects and tagged in DV8.

DV8 came into the ring as Patterson turned over and began to get up on all fours. DV8 charged in and hit Patterson over the back of the head and neck with an Axe Kick! Patterson went face first into the canvas and DV8 turned him over, hooking the leg.



Broken up by Brian Williams!

Buck Logan tried to get Williams back into his corner and this caused Penance to come back into the ring. DV8 pulled Patterson up and whipped him into the ropes. Penance grabbed Patterson and lifted him into a Bear Hug position. DV8 went to the ring apron and grabbed a hold of the top rope. He sprung off with a Flying Knee Strike that connected with Patterson’s face. At the same time, Penance fell forward and planted Patterson with a makeshift Spine Buster! Penance rolled back to the outside right when the referee got Williams into his corner. DV8 made the cover, but Williams didn’t stay on the apron for long.



Broken up by Williams again!

Williams knew he couldn’t stay or he would risk his partner getting double teamed again. Williams immediately exited the ring as DV8 stood back up. He grabbed Patterson and pulled him back up where he rocked his head with a right hand. He hit a second and a third before whipping Patterson to the ropes. Patterson; however, exploded off the rebound and leapt into the air with a massive shoulder tackle that knocked DV8 down hard! Patterson was slow to get up, but he still managed to get back to his feet. DV8 staggered back up and was met with a kick to the stomach. Patterson set up DV8 between his legs and lifted him up the shoulder height, but DV8 wriggled free and fell behind Patterson. DV8 pivoted and decked Patterson in the back of the head with a Discus Forearm!

Patterson staggered forward as DV8 backed into the ropes and charged in. He flew at Patterson with a knee strike between the shoulder blades that caused Patterson to fall chest first against the middle ropes. DV8 got a running start and leapt over Patterson, looking to deliver a slingshot knee drop over the back of Patterson’s neck, but Williams grabbed the top rope for balance and leapt up, kicking DV8 mid flight! DV8 hit the apron, missing Patterson and fell out to the floor!

Williams dared DV8 to get back up as Patterson flopped back into the ring. When DV8 got back to his feet, Williams ran along the ring apron and front flipped off with a Cannonball and took DV8 down to the floor! Patterson got back to his feet inside the ring as Williams picked DV8 off the floor and rolled him back in under the bottom rope. Patterson pulled DV8 up and placed him between his legs. Patterson lifted DV8 up for the powerbomb once again, but DV8 hammered away on Patterson’s head! Patterson staggered back towards the wrong corner and DV8 was able to reach out and tag Penance back into the match!

Patterson may have been backed into the enemy corner, but he still had DV8 on his shoulders. Patterson may not have realized that there was a tag, though as he charged forward and dove, hitting a Running Powerbomb on DV8! Patterson got up and backed up to measure DV8 up, but Penance laid him out HARD with a vicious lariat to the back of Patterson’s head! Penance grabbed Patterson and pulled him up to his feet. Penance got underneath Patterson and lifted him up into the Torture Rack!


Williams; however, came into the ring and hit a running Big Boot right into Penance’s face! Penance put Patterson down and Patterson grabbed Penance by the waist. Patterson then did the unthinkable...


Penance hit the turnbuckles and fell into a seated position! Williams backed up into the opposite corner and charged in at full speed before flipping into Penance with the corner cannonball..


Williams rolled out of the corner as Patterson charged in next...


Patterson grabbed Penance and pulled him out of the corner. Williams grabbed DV8 and threw him over the top rope to the outside. Williams stood guard in the ring as Patterson got behind Penance and dropped him on the back of his neck..


The Backdrop Driver connected and Patterson made the cover, hooking the leg.





“Patterson and Williams survive another team! They march onwards and with three teams left, you have to wonder if they’ll go the distance.” said Stone.

“I don’t think they will. They faced two tough teams, but we still have The Natural Athletes, The LoC Tag Team Champions The House and their arch nemesis, The Fall of Adam still in this match! If The Nation were able to take it to them like they have already then...

Reno Davis was interrupted by a sickening smack.


DV8 had grabbed a steel chair from ringside and while their backs were turned in celebration, DV8 slid into the ring and nailed Brian Williams over the skull with the chair! Mike Patterson turned around and...


He, too, met the same fate! Patterson hit the canvas, covering his head in pain. Meanwhile, Penance began to get back to his feet and he wasn’t happy with what Mike Patterson just did to him. Penance grabbed Patterson and pulled him up and set him between his legs. Penance lifted Patterson up to shoulder height and planted him with a massive powerbomb, but Penance held on! Penance used his power to lift Patterson back off the canvas, planting him with another powerbomb! After the impact, Penance STILL held on! He lifted Patterson back up and hit him with a third powerbomb!

Meanwhile, DV8 had unfolded that steel chair and pulled Williams to his feet. He kicked Williams in the stomach and grabbed him by the head. He twisted Williams around and...


Patterson was down… Williams was down… The Nation left the ring! Magdalena was still proud of those two despite losing the match! Whoever was about to come out next had a free shot at advancing here!

A blanket of darkness encompassed the LoC Arena as the Faithful jumped to their feet in anticipation. A familiar white line began to scribble across the LegacyTron, beckoning a chorus of boos from everyone in attendance. Marilyn Manson’s “King Kill 33” invaded the room as the infamous duo of Gacy and Oswald plowed through the curtain.

“I knew there was a reason I got out of bed this morning.” Davis quipped as The Demons from North Denver approached ringside.

“Good God, Reno. The Fall of Adam have been embroiled in a chess match with the New Breed for the last month and they just had their bitter rivals served up on a silver platter.” acknowledged Stone..

“Rivals? That would insinuate that the New Breed is on the same playing field as the Fall of Adam. Patterson and Williams were the kings of a dead promotion. Here in LoC, they’re just a couple of “good hands” that should be expecting their pink slips in the near future.” Davis delivered his own special brand of propaganda.

“I think the Legion of Devastation and The Nation would disagree with you.” responded Stone.

As Patterson and Williams lay vulnerable in the ring, a visibly amused Gacy and impatient Oswald pulled themselves to the apron. Each man methodically entered the ring, and approached a seemingly unconscious, Williams. Patterson rolled underneath the bottom rope, gasping to catch a breath that Penance had stolen from him. Buck Logan tried to cement himself between the two teams, protecting the sanctity of the Gauntlet.

“Logan’s checking on Williams. He’s not going to let this match restart after The Nation’s attack on the New Breed.” noted Stone.

Buck Logan shook Williams, instigating a literal awakening of Killer B. The 6’4” wounded animal flung his arms about, unaware of his surroundings. Buck Logan maintained a safe distance, loudly inquiring if Williams was fit to proceed. The proud technician struggled to pull himself to his feet and bellowed a series of inarticulate words at the official. Buck Logan took this as a sign of continuance, and called for the bell.




“Pride is a deadly sin, and I think Brian Williams just punched his own ticket to the afterlife.” joked Davis.

Williams turned, and found himself hoisted onto the shoulders of Gacy.

“Oh come on, not like this.” pleaded Stone.

The famously sadistic smile of Gacy commanded a roar of boos from the thousands of people in attendance. He charged towards the nearest turnbuckle with hate in his eyes, only to have Williams wriggle free from his grasp. The Killsmith stopped short of the corner, and turned just in time to eat a flying boot to the mush.

“Sick Kick from Williams! The New Breed isn’t done yet.” proclaimed Stone.

Gacy flew into the turnbuckle, as an incensed Williams scrambled to his feet. He let out a primal scream to the delight of the masses, only to find himself in the clutches of The Nowhereman.


Oswald’s Tiger Suplex dropped Williams firmly on the back of his neck, folding the former jOlt Tag Team Champion like an accordion.

“He’s dead.” said Davis.

Buck Logan cringed as Oswald carelessly drug Williams close for the pin.





Buck Logan called for the bell as The Nowhereman violently threw Williams’ leg aside. Gacy drug himself from the corner, smiling through bloody teeth as Oswald rose to his feet.

“And thanks to The Nation’s heinous post-match attack, Fall of Adam pick the bones and ended the dominant display from The New Breed!” Tony Stone told the audience. “We’ve only got The Natural Athletes and the LoC Tag Team Champions The House left! Who’s next?”

Reno cackled. “Bye-bye, goody-goods! Stoner, we’re gonna find out who’s next!”

As Williams and Patterson both were being attended to on their way back up the ramp, Gacy and Oswald waited for their opponents…

“Athlete Nation” by Legacy Music.

Out stepped the trio of Cori Albright, Terry Massimo, and Nate Quartermaine, as the arena lighting turned everything into a sea of blue. Massimo lead the way, the powerhouse of the group, flanked by Albright and Quartermaine on each side!

“Here we go!” Stone said. “A first-time match-up right now as The Natural Athletes take on Fall of Adam!”

“And you realize what this means, Stoner? The SEVEN HUNDRED-PLUS POUND LoC Tag Team Champions The House are gonna be fresh as daisies to defend the titles against the winner of this match!”

“And that could go either way! Will The House be meeting The Natural Athletes, a team they’ve NEVER beat before or Fall of Adam, who have made vague threats about Charlotte Huber in the past?”

Gacy and Oswald didn’t seem all that concerned and they watched as Terry and Cori were about to hit the ring! “Accompanied to the ring by Nate Quartermaine… at a combined weight of 534 pounds, they are the team of Terry Massimo and Cori Albright… THE NAAAAAATURAL AAAATHLETES!

Brad Arnold announced the team who played up the crowd, throwing their arms into the air as they made their way down the aisle. At the bottom of the ramp, Massimo raised his arms into the air and Albright slapped the hands of a few front row fans before they headed to the ring…


Gacy and Oswald picked up where they left off on their rivals, The New Breed, by going after Albright and Massimo at the jump! The former Hype and jOlt World Tag Team Champions were bumrushed and they moved their attacks to separate corners of the ring. Gacy buried several right hands into the chest of Albright as Big Terr and Oswald went to battle! Oswald grabbed Massimo by the back of his head and ran his face across the top ring rope repeatedly. Massimo was stunned against the ropes when Oswald kicked the rope up, snapping it right into his face!

With The Big Hitter stunned in the corner, Oswald went over to help his sadistic partner in crime continue his mugging on Cori Albright. The two men grabbed him by either arm and whipped him off to the ropes before SLAMMING into him with a vicious Double Shoulder Block! The Striker went down and now Fall of Adam were in control while Nate Quartermaine was on the outside, forced to watch the mugging of his friends. Gacy was going to be the legal man here as he went for a cover on Albright.



The Killsmith pulled Albright up right after he kicked out and sat him up before delivering a powerful elbow right to the top of his head! FIFA’s Favorite Wrestler was doubled over in pain, but he wasn’t on the mat long as Gacy went to pick him up. He attempted a big Back Suplex, but out of nowhere, Cori had backflipped his way out and landed on his feet. Gacy turned around…

(Watch an AJ Styles match. You know what a Pele Kick is.)

In complete OUTTANOWHERE fashion, Cori turned the tide on the bigger Gacy and knocked him down! FIFA’s Favorite Wrestler was still reeling from the elbow, but he got up and rolled out to the ring apron before he took flight and connected with a Springboard Dropkick! He knocked him down and went for a quick cover on Gacy!




It was now The Killsmith’s turn to kick out, but Cori wasn’t going to let up the lead. He grabbed Gacy with a Headlock and moved him over to the corner to where Terry had been. Big Terr was now inside and took down Gacy with a Scoop Slam. As he was down, Cori landing a Standing Moonsault and Terry immediately followed that up with a Falling Headbutt! Terry slapped his big noggin and the fans cheered as Massimo went for another cover.




“Fall of Adam able to get things at the start, but now Albright and Massimo are in control!” Stone said.

“When you have that big mass of humanity called Terry Massimo, of course they do!” Reno shouted.

The angered Terry waited for Gacy to get back up and another Headbutt caught him in the face and now he was left in the corner. Terry charged in and connected with a big Running Splash! The Killsmith convulsed in pain, but Terry wasn’t done with him. He used the Irish Whip and took him cross-corner before he followed him in with another Running Splash! He then picked up Gacy by the head and threw him outside the ring!

Massimo let out a roar and the crazy LoC Faithful unleashed thousands of screams of their own! Oswald had seen enough and charged at Terry, only to duck out of the path of a Clothesline… THROWING GERMAN SUPLEX!

It wasn’t often that Oswald was overpowered like that, but he was taken down and went scrambling to the floor! Nate watched and cheered on his allies as Cori Albright wanted the tag. Terry ran over and made the tag to his partner and now it was time for FIFA’s Favorite Wrestler to take flight…


He leaped to the middle rope and dove over in dramatic fashion, taking down both members of Fall of Adam!


“The Athletes have turned this match around real quick!” Tony Stone said. “Can they follow up and end things quickly to face the LoC Tag Team Champions?”

“Nah, gimme a HOSS-FIGHT!” Reno yelled. “Gimme some House and Fall of Adam!”

Cori greeted the crowd and almost acted like a conductor with the chants and then he got back to business quickly. With some effort, he picked up Gacy and then went back inside the ring. He waited and he waited, but when he tried the jump…


The larger half of Fall of Adam grabbed him by the leg and SLAMMED his face into the ring apron! Cori took a bad landing and clutched at his face in pain as Buck Logan reprimanded The Nowhereman for his actions. There was a sick smile on his face as Gacy started to recover inside the ring. He rolled to the floor and went to dole out some more damage. Nate protested with the official and Terry watched helplessly as his partner got worked over…


Gacy LAUNCHED Cori into the steel steps, knocking them back a few inches in the process! Albright looked like hell after his dive and now had a cut on his lip after the ugly landing and no doubt he might need stitches for his lip with some blood! Gacy then picked him up and STRUCK Cori in the mouth with another Knee Lift before throwing him back inside the ring. Gacy now followed him inside and gradually kicked Albright across the canvas towards their corner.

The tag was made to Oswald, who had returned to the corner just moments before. Gacy held up Cori by the arms and that gave Oswald a clean shot with a Running Punch to the face! Not a Clothesline, but a straight PUNCH to the mouth! Cori’s mouth had been busted open and now he was stuck fighting an uphill battle against the merciless Fall of Adam!

“Cori’s gotta get checked out after this match,” Reno said with a surprising amount of concern. “...But that’s AFTER this match! Bust his ass, guys!”

“Wow, tell us how you REALLY feel about The Athletes, Reno.”

“I will… but we don’t have enough time in the night to do this.”

Oswald stood over Cori and almost egged him to get up. The LoC Tag Team Titles were for the winner of this gauntlet, but Fall of Adam almost seemed to enjoy doling out punishment to Albright. He picked up FIFA’s Favorite Wrestler and DROPPED him with a vicious Gourdbuster turned into a Backbreaker! The crowd cringed from the impact of the move when Oswald went for a cover.




Oswald showed great surprise that Cori kicked out, but if he could torture him a little more on the way to fighting The House, then that’s what they’d do. Oswald hoisted Albright to his feet by his neck, but on his way up, Cori surprised him with a good Forearm Smash… but despite how good it was, Oswald didn’t budge too much from the strike. It didn’t have a lot of force behind it, but when Cori ran off the ropes, the devastating Kitchen Sink Kneelift did! Cori tumbled over onto his back and his mouth was a bloody mess.

“Here…” Gacy said.

Gacy reached out his hand and Oswald reached over to tag it. Oswald held up Cori up and whipped him as Gacy came running, SPIKING The Striker into the mat with a huge STO! Nate cringed and Terry grimaced with the force of the impact while Cori was nearly crunched in half! Oswald left the ring and Gacy went for another cover.




Terry reached over and grabbed him by the leg, pulling him off his partner and saving him in the process! Terry had to return to the corner by Buck Logan, but all that did was inspire Gacy to go for the attack on Cori some morel He crawled towards where Cori had landed and unleashed a deadly flurry of big mounted punches!

“Hey! HEY!” Logan shouted. “BREAK IT UP!”

Gacy continued despite the bad mouth injury by Albright!

“One… two… three… four…”

The Killsmith backed off, but Cori was STILL willing to fight and continued to try and stand.

“He needs to get over to his corner right now…” Stone said. “Terry needs to get in there because Fall of Adam WON’T let up!”

“He needs to play dead,” Reno said, “if he wants to save his career.”

Gacy picked up Cori again, but when he was up, Albright surprised him with a Seated Jawbreaker! Not enough to get Gacy down, but enough that it stunned him so Cori could make it to the ropes. The crowd was buzzing for Cori to make the tag now and Gacy was irate that Albright still had some fight in him. Terry’s arm was out…

Cori was almost there..


Gacy cut off the tag by kicking Big Terr off the ring apron with the kick and the crowd booed! Nate shouted at Gacy for his actions, but The Killsmith could give less than zero fucks what he thought. Gacy was about to end things, but out of nowhere, Cori had surprised him with a shove into the ropes followed a Flying Leg Roll-up out of nowhere!






“He did it! He did it!” Stone shouted. “Fall of Adam have been eliminated from the match!”

“NO, NO, NO!” Reno protested. “QUICK COUNT!”

Gacy had taken his eyes off the ball for merely a second and FIFA’s Favorite Wrestler caught him with a flash pin in order to secure the victory! Gacy was IRATE and he picked up Cori…

(Running DVD into the turnbuckle!)

“CHEAP SHOT BY GACY!” Stone shouted. “Didn’t we get enough of this from The Nation earlier?!”

Gacy stood over Cori as the crowd booed and Oswald was about to join in, but Terry slowly crawled back into the ring and Nate came in between his allies! Nate and Terry protected Cori from any more damage, but said damage may have already been done! Gacy and Oswald knew when discretion was the better part of valor, but Gacy and Oswald slowly backed away from the ring and the Fall of Adam may have had the last laugh here tonight.

“We still have one team left, but The Natural Athletes are at a severe disadvantage now.”

As Fall of Adam retreated up the ramp…

“Aces High” by Arch Enemy.

The two giants of The House stood front and center with Charlotte Huber wearing her bright red sparkling robe. She blew a kiss for the fans and pyro exploded on the ramp as the NEW LoC Tag Team Champions all basked in the light. Charlotte Huber - victorious earlier tonight with Sarah Winterton - introduced her husband and brother.

“Allow ME to introduce my boys, hon… they weigh in at a combined weight and of 694 pounds… they will STILL be your LoC Tag Team Champions and the future winners of this gauntlet… THE HOUSE!

Charlotte Huber then smiled and as they accompanied her group, they stopped halfway up the ramp when Fall of Adam stared them down. The House were no strangers to their threats and Derrick kept his wife behind him and away from Fall of Adam.

“Keep walking, fuckers…” Roebuck hissed.

Gacy and Oswald said nothing, but they did eye the LoC Tag Team Title belts on the shoulders of The House before departing. The Natural Athletes said nothing and Cori had time to be put in the corner while Terry stood his ground against the two massive monsters.

The tense stand-off was now completed and the big boys from Las Vegas now hit the ring with only Terry Massimo there to try and fight them off. Cori’s mouth was gushing still after his nasty ride on the floor earlier and a ringside technician was checking on him which meant that Terry was doing this last part of the gauntlet alone. Charlotte Huber stood proudly in the corner with the LoC Tag team champions ready to get down to business.

Buck Logan’s bell might have felt like a death knell for the chances of the Natural Athletes to walk out with the gold tonight but don’t tell Terry Massimo that. The former football player got himself nose to nose with Derrick Huber flexing an arm to show off why he was called the Sin City Strongman.

“We’ll be kind to you Terry,” said Big Slick. “Walk out of the match now and your friend over there can still learn to chew right. If you don’t then …”

Terry’s answer was to shove his face away from him. The Big Hitter as he was known then socked Derrick with a punch to the face and Derrick came right back with a punch of his own. The fight escalated quickly and now Terry was in for the fight of his life with the biggest tag team in Legacy of Champions!

“He don’t have a chance!” said Reno. “Terry’s got balls but he doesn’t have belts!”

“That’s why teams like the New Breed and the Athletes are so beloved! That never-say-die attitude!”

Cori was still slumped on the outside and since they had already set their line-up for this match Nate couldn’t simply sub in for his friend so he was all but powerless to watch Terry go it alone in the ring. The crowd was very vocal for Terry Massimo now being in the ring trying to fight off Big Slick and the “Pit Boss” Adam Roebuck. Terry and Adam were continuing to fight each other with a very strong bevvy of big bomb-like right hands.











Derrick was winning the scuffle with the biggest member of the Athletes and he moved an arm back and swung again but Terry ducked it and then picked up the nearly three-hundred pound Huber to drop him with a spinebuster!!! Massimo had the best chance in the world to end this quickly when he ran at the ropes and then tried to land his game-changing running senton he liked to call All The Way …


Huber got his knees up and the shock did hurt him, but Terry was left even worse off!

“That’s what so insane about the House!” said Reno. “They are both clearly big men but they do their homework, too! They know the Athletes very well and that was a good counter.”

“Huber might have hurt himself with that counter but it does look like Terry Massimo got the worst of it!”

Big Slick made sure both of his knees were still in working order and then resumed attacking Massimo. He flexed his mighty big arm and then Big Slick took the fight right off to him …

(Spinning clothesline)

“Bam! Head in the mezzanine, Stoner!” Reno said with a hint of an evil laugh.

Charlotte Huber clapped for her man and watched him go to work with a pinning hook of the leg.




The Athletes were so close but they were not going to be denied when they were so close to making it to the end of tonight’s gauntlet. Huber was now bringing up Terry to his feet and then tagging Roebuck so they could dish out some double damage. Roebuck launched his own partner like a rocket at Terry Massimo and he struck him with another lariat in the corner. Big Slick grabbed Massimo’s arm and then he launched him into a sickening throat thrust strike from Roebuck and the blow brought Terry to his knees.

The Pit Boss had Massimo slumped against him still trying to fight back as best as he could but the sheer force of the House was too much for any one man to overcome. Roebuck slowly moved Terry into a corner where he crushed him with a splash in the corner much like the ones that he did to Gacy of the Fall of Adam earlier. Roebuck ejected Terry out of the corner and dropped him on the canvas before coming down with all his weight with a flashing elbow. A big muta-esque elbow was in Terry’s chest and Roebuck made what some might have called a half-hearted cover.




Roebuck gave Buck Logan a look that suggested he was not enthused with the cadence of the count and that he could probably eat him if he so chose. Charlotte continued to lend out verbal support for her brother and husband’s efforts.

“Roebuck and Huber don’t have to rush!” said Reno. “They’ve got this match in the bag Stoner!”

“Terry may have something to say about that! The Athletes all have heart!”

“Yeah, and Roebuck just might eat his when this is over!”

It was Big Slick’s turn once more to try his hand and snuffing out the fire that Terry Massimo was putting on display. Huber and Roebuck fought with more urgency now as Huber gave orders to Adam to hold him. With some effort Roebuck had Terry in a side walk slam position and that gave the House a chance to dust off an oldie but a goodie in the House arsenal.

(Combination side walk slam/running elbow drop)

The ring could have collapsed with all the force put down on it by the collection of super-heavyweights. The Pit Boss cleared the ring and that gave Derrick Huber his chance now to cover Terry Massimo and win the gauntlet.




Huber was incensed with the fact that Massimo would not go quietly and he sat up now thinking of whatever else the House could do in order to win this match. Big Slick and his big boot collided now with Terry’s big cranium and he was laid flat on the mat. Charlotte Huber continued to give support to her team.

“Finish him off, fellas, we got places to be!” said Charlotte.

The Queen of Breaking Hearts continued her verbal jabs as her hubby continued striking Massimo in the head with a big knee. He then pulled his arm and crossed it over his front in order to prep for the Dead Man’s Hand. Derrick powered Terry up and spun him to face him but he didn’t expect Massimo to fire back with a stinging right hand of his own! Derrick was disoriented and that gave Massimo a much-needed shot to get back in the game. Instead, Huber struck him back with a big right that stopped him again. Big Slick was pretty confident now as he came off the ropes but he didn’t expect Massimo to change direction …

(The pounce)

“Holy dog-shit he rocked Derrick Huber!” screamed Reno. “He might be done!”

“Cori is still being checked on at ringside so does Terry even have a partner to get to?” asked Stone. “He don’t even have anybody to tag out too! All the Legion of Boom did was buy him a few seconds!”

Both the Big Hitter and Big Slick were laid out. He still had Adam Roebuck in his corner but Terry had nobody and he was supposed to get to a corner and made the tag. Cori Albright was still being patched up on the floor by one of the ringside EMTs, but the very second that he was finished, Cori Albright had jumped onto the ring apron. Terry Massimo had crawled towards his corner still running on fumes after the number the House had done but he made that tag anyway.

Young Cori started to climb the ropes with Derrick Huber on the ropes …

(flying headbutt to standing opponent)

Perhaps it was not the best move for him to make because Cori’s mouth looked like it had been through hell but it was enough to rattle Huber and now he was in the corner not aware of where he was. Cori Albright ran at Huber like a speeding bullet and he looked a bit like Superman when he lit Huber up with a heat seeker-style of drop kick in the corner. Cori was on his feet again and he did it a second time and hit him with another kick in the head like he was practicing a Dean Martin song. The David Beckam of Wrestling jumped onto the second ropes and he spiked Huber right on his bald head with a springboard tornado DDT! That famous speed of Albright let him run circles around Big Slick and he hooked the leg for the win.




Cori was surprised that he hadn’t defeated Derrick with the slew of moves he tried using on him but he was ready to end it here and now. He went to move his hand back and strike with the Golden Goal kick … but somebody tugged at his leg! It was Charlotte Huber! Nate rushed over to his partner’s aid and stood between the two …

(bakatare kick)

Nate Quartermaine didn’t see Zane Roebuck coming to the aid of his precious Auntie C and he nailed him in the back of his head with the kick! Even though he did not win his match earlier on in the night for the Flyweight Title that did mean keeping the titles they did have with the LoC Tag team titles granting a Legacy and Underground shot to whoever wanted it. Cori used the ropes for more momentum and he struck Zane with a kick to the head out of retaliation for that!

“Name-dropping asshole …”

Cori shook his head but when he turned around he tried for the Golden Goal kick. Huber instead grabbed his leg and spun him around. He snatched his arm up …

(wrist-lock spun into right hand)

Right in the mouth!!!

The crowd was agape with the damage Derrick Huber had just done to Cori! He had been patched up but now his face looked like a massacre after that strike! Huber turned to Roebuck and the tag was made letting the two men end things for good. Terry Massimo tried to stand on the ring apron and Massimo was once again struck off the apron by Huber with a big right hand. Roebuck and Huber turned their attention onto Cori Albright. Roebuck charged and dropped his weight on Cori with a charging splash! He sat up and now Huber dropped all of his weight on him with a senton splash. Roebuck then flew from the other side of the ring and another splash!

(double-team splash/senton combo)

“Damn! They want to end the Athletes, don’t they?!” said Reno. “That’s the Belly Buster Straight Draw with an extra splash from Roebuck for good measure!”

“And thanks to Zane, they just might!” Stone objected.

Roebuck didn’t even have to hook a leg. He rested his gigantic paw on top of Albright’s battered face.





“And there you go, Stoner!” said Reno. “The House always wins and tonight they are still your LoC Tag Team champions!”

“Granted they can’t control where they land as far as the gauntlet was concerned, but it seemed to me like Cori had things in hand before Zane and Charlotte stuck their necks where they didn’t belong!”

Six teams went to war for the much sought-after LoC Tag Team championships but the House had the fortune of winning tonight and finally defeat their rivals, the Natural Athletes in the process thanks to the work that The Fall of Adam had started. There was no way these issues were all settled tonight but in the ring, Derrick Huber stood with his back to the hard cam, slinging his belt over his back with Adam Roebuck lording his championship over head. Kaus’s battle with Graham Youngblood would be on deck momentarily but the scene faded on the Athletes all trying to recover from this disappointing setback as the Roebucks and the Hubers all headed to the back with the gold successfully retained.

Winner: The House via Pinfall


Featuring: Amber Ryann

Location: Backstage

The scene opened up backstage where we see everyone’s favorite backstage interviewer, Matt Mills standing by with a microphone in hand. The smile on his face could only indicate that he was about to interview a random member of the LoC roster.

“Ladies and gentlemen… please welcome my guest at this time, the LoC Flyweight Champion, Amber Ryann!”

The crowd in the background could be heard cheering as Amber stepped into frame. She was still a bit sweaty from her match earlier in the evening, but she sported the Flyweight Championship on her shoulder.

“Amber… congratulations on your victory earlier tonight. What does it feel like to get Zane Roebuck off your back?”

Amber shook her head for a moment before she answered.

“Ever hear a story of siblings playing Nintendo and the older one lets the younger one play, but the controller isn’t even plugged into the console? To me, Zane Roebuck was that younger sibling and tonight, it felt so good seeing him in the role of the kid with the unplugged controller. It was cute in the way that he thought he could be on my level, but as you can see…” said Amber as she looked over at the title on her shoulder.

“...I still achieved the high score in the end.

Mills smiled.

“It’s good to see you a bit out of your shell. Typically, you don’t really say much in these interviews so the world has to be wondering… are you finally warming up to the people around you?”

Amber looked at Mills as if he went a bit too far with that question, but she brushed it off and decided to answer it anyway.

“Shyeah… I guess it’s not exactly a secret that I, typically, keep to myself. I guess you can say that between jOlt and LoC, I’ve done a bit of growing up, but that journey is still something that’s in progress. Baby steps, ya know?”

Mills nodded and accepted the answer.

“So now that you put Zane Roebuck behind you, what’s next for Amber Ryann?”

Amber shrugged her shoulders.

“It’s all RNG, Matt. I mean, last time my goal was clear… to defeat, quite possibly, one of the greatest people I’ve faced in the ring in Vivica J. Valentine and become the Flyweight Champion. I leveled up and scored this pretty little achievement, but then RNGeesus rolled the dice and Zane Roebuck QCFed me in the stomach. So I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but if Zane Roebuck was any indication, then whatever tomorrow or next week brings… I’ll be here ready and waiting.”

Matt Mills nodded.

“Fair enough to me! All right guys, I want to thank The Flyweight Champion, Amber Ryann for stopping by, but it’s time to send it to the ring where the Relentless Championship is about to be decided! Tony and Reno, back to you!”

With that, Amber stepped off camera and the scene faded out to black.


Stipulation: First Fall to Finish

Referee: Darius Underwood

The camera was once again with Tony Stone and Reno Davis. Davis in particular seemed a little bit giddy.

“You really wanting to see this next match, Reno?” asked Tony.

“You know it!” yelled Reno with extra energy. “Kaus is finally going to be rid of Graham Youngblood!”

“It could work the other way around! Youngblood defeated Dominic Van Ness to earn this title opportunity tonight, but this match has a special stipulation. There are no House Rules tonight on account of all the other House members having been in action already. Kaus will go this alone, but under what’s being called Double or Nothing: If Graham wins, Kaus forfeits all challenge rights as long as Youngblood remains champion. If Kaus wins, this is the final match between he and Graham ever and this will be something Riktor as long as both men are employed by LoC.”

“Graham’s wanted this opportunity for a long time one-on-one against Kaus so he better make the shot count!”

“He’s had two opportunities in the past to beat Kaus, but the House have been interfering every step of the way. I have it on authority they are banned from ringside so if Kaus wants to finally be rid of Youngblood then he needs to do it on his own. Kaus defends the Relentless Title against Graham Youngblood right now!”

Nonpoint’s “Miracle” played and with a look of intensity on his face, Graham Youngblood came out from the back to a positive response from the crowd. Graham stopped on top of the stage and looked at the ring. He was all alone but he swallowed any hesitation and pointed towards the ring.

The young protégé of LoC Hall of Famer Sylo ran down to the ring at a frenzied pace. Graham slid into the ring and took to a turnbuckle to take in the response from the crowd. Youngblood had been turning his aggression up in recent outings and if he wanted to defeat Kaus like he did DV8 he would need to everything in his power to bury his long rivalry with Kaus once and for all.

“Look at him, Stoner, he’s sweating!” said Reno. “He knows Kaus is going to end this quickly.”

“You don’t give him enough credit. He’s beaten Kaus in the past and Kaus has never been able to defeat him without some sort of extra help or on his own merits.”

Youngblood’s music went quiet and the tempo turned to something a little bit slow. The crowd waited with anticipation as the lights dimmed a second time. A small intro played for the crowd ... the clip was from "Slam" by Pendulum ...

But tonight, on this small planet On earth, we're going to rock civilization …

"Here" by VAST kicked in now and standing with his back to the ring was the House member with the Relentless belt strapped over one shoulder. Kaus ignored the jeering crowd. The technical wizard turned to face the crowd and paced towards the ring with the crowd jeering him the whole way as he flaunted the Relentless title.

“Look how confident he is, Stoner! Like he knows he’s already won! Intelligence! That’s what a champion has!”

“You’re right … but what about actual poise? Respect? Does he have any of that?

Kaus unstrapped the title from around his shoulder and then hoisted it so Youngblood could see it. The official for the match was Darius Underwood and he kept Youngblood from doing anything so Kaus could enter the ring. That didn’t stop Kaus from getting right in his face with the sought-after title and putting it right to his nose.

“That’s as close as you’ll get to having my …”


Youngblood had enough of Kaus’s trash talk and he slapped him right across his face! Kaus was knocked a little dazed from being slapped and if that somehow didn’t, the drop kick that Youngblood just nailed him with might have done the job for sure! The Relentless champion was already reeling and Darius called for the bell to ring. The action was already under way now.

Kaus was on the floor and Youngblood went outside to join him in the final encounter between the two rivals. Kaus was thrown into the barricade and then Youngblood hit him right where it hurt …




Kaus’s chest was on fire from the viciousness of his chops and even though he was not Jeremy Ryan, Youngblood’s had some force behind them. Youngblood put Kaus up and one of the fans actually held Kaus by his arm so Youngblood could strike him with another chop in the chest.

“That’s cheating! Disqualification, ref! Get your damn bifocals checked!” yelled Reno.

“The fan didn’t actually do anything to hurt Kaus, that was all Youngblood!” replied Stone.

The fans were all about the Demon Dragon finally giving Kaus the comeuppance he’d deserved especially since joining the House and terrorizing the roster with House Rules for his title matches. Youngblood tried throwing Kaus back inside the ring but he wouldn’t go and a wild elbow caught him in his mouth. Kaus couldn’t believe that Youngblood had turned up his intensity, so he was going to do the same to his rival. Youngblood found himself on the bad end of the barricade. Kaus thought that he was done …


“Good God!” exclaimed Stone. “We’ve seen Youngblood use his mentor’s move more and more recently, but that might have been his worst one yet!”

“Youngblood’s a damn cheap shot artist! That’s all he is!”

“And what do you call what Kaus has been doing since he turned on Kaus?”

“A tactical genius!”

Kaus’s ribs might have been rearranged after the big spear that Youngblood struck him with out of nowhere, but now it was time for the action to get back in the ring before both men got counted out. Youngblood had tossed Kaus’s carcass back inside. He flipped over the ropes with a big slingshot senton and then shot off the ropes like a rocket to come back with a leaping elbow drop right to his chest. He fired off the combination of moves and then tried winning the Relentless title and settling this grudge with Kaus once and for all.



And the kickout from Kaus. There was no use fighting the referee’s count. He was going to keep throwing move after move after move at Kaus until something put him down for good. He called out to the crowd for his next big move which was his signature shining wizard. Kaus was conscious enough to see Youngblood coming when he rolled out of the way of the kick. Youngblood tried to recover quickly but he found himself on the bad end of a leaping elbow strike from Kaus. The shot turned Youngblood out into the corner and now he followed that up with a stepping knee strike in the corner!

The blow put Youngblood down in the corner so Kaus continued striking him with his powerful and dangerous elbows. He continued striking and striking and striking even amid the warnings from Darius to get disqualified. Kaus didn’t care and he continued to do some more damage with the elbow strikes to the face.

“Now there’s that aggression from Youngblood coming back to haunt him!” said Reno.

“Good lord, get a hold of him, Darius!” Stone complained.

It took a warning or two to finally get Kaus from the corner long enough but he did of his own volition. Kaus held out his hands and absorbed the jeers of the crowd, then worked on him again. He slowly and deliberately rubbed the business end of his boot across his face repeatedly. Kaus was on the warpath and he was now running off the ropes for his signature face-wash kick. When he came back around, Youngblood surprised him with a surging diving lariat that knocked Kaus upside down!

Youngblood’s own arm was rattled but he got back up and he drop kicked Kaus again. The blow rattled him up again and Youngblood continued attacking him with more strikes to the face. Youngblood threw another pair of chops to the chest of Kaus but when he tried a third, Kaus snatched his tights and used them to throw Youngblood out onto the floor again. Kaus took his chances on the ring apron and he tried using another strike in the form of a running penalty-style kick off the ropes, but Youngblood grabbed his leg …

“OUCH!” said Stone. “He blocked the kick and now faceplanted him! Youngblood has had an answer for a lot of Kaus’s moves so far!”

“He needs more than that!” yelled Reno. “Like a miracle if he thinks he’s gonna win tonight!”

Youngblood shoved Kaus back inside the ring …

SHINING WIZARD~! (step-up running knee strike)

Kaus was flat on his back and now Youngblood reached over and sat on him to hook a leg.




One second away from putting his rivalry with Kaus to bed for good, but that wasn’t how it was going down if Kaus had any say. Youngblood had the chance again to go for the killing blow when he scooped Kaus up on his shoulders. Perhaps a little Poetic Justice?


Kaus was on his back behind him to try a cheap shot but Youngblood blocked the thumb and then pushed him into the corner. He was going to run at him with the spear again …



That was the gruesome sound of shoulder hitting steel and that was the fans cringing in pain from what had just happened. Youngblood missed the second attempt at the Slaughter because Kaus moved and his shoulder greeted the steel post. Kaus was now on the attack again. He grabbed Youngblood’s tights and slung the Demon Dragon across the ring to the opposite turnbuckle.


The relentless Relentless champion (not a typo) peeled the Demon Dragon out of the corner again. It was now back to the other side …



Screams of anguish from Graham followed the three impactful shoulders he hit into the steel ring post. With Youngblood’s shoulder now a prime target, the angry Kaus stomped away at his shoulder. He targeted with kicks and then worked over the arm. More boots hit the arm and he pulled back on the arm and shoulder.

“He’s working that arm and shoulder like a boss!” said Reno, brimming with confidence. “He got a little too spear-happy and now Kaus is going to hand that arm back to him as soon as he rips it off.”

“It’s a shame seeing this from Kaus … we know he can wrestle with the best of them, but he’d rather take shortcuts and cheat when we know how good he can be on the mat.”

It was almost like Kaus was trying to rip the arm and shoulder out of the socket, but he was trying to do just that. Kaus had a hold of a hammerlock on Youngblood and then rammed the arm/shoulder area right into the turnbuckle! His arm continued to be worked over at his pace and Kaus went wild with a series of strikes. He fired a left elbow, a right elbow, a spinning back left elbow and then finished it off with a big rolling elbow to the jaw! If Kaus wasn’t keeping him supported, Youngblood might have fallen, but instead, Youngblood was held up by his left arm. Kaus hurled him with a big biel-style throw with the intent to damage that arm further!

“Kaus is on another level right now, Reno,” said Stone. “He has created a weakness and now he’s exploiting it.”

“It’s called opportunity, Stoner! Learn it, live it, love it!”

Kaus was closing in on the corner as Youngblood got back up but when he geared up for another knee strike, Youngblood struck him with his foot. He rushed at Youngblood and tried to end things with a sneaky roll-up pin out of nowhere!



But Kaus spoiled that when he kicked out of the move. Youngblood tried to make some moves happen for himself again when he hit an inverted atomic drop on Kaus. He tripped him up and tried to use what looked like a jack-knife pin attempt but the arm was hurt and Youngblood had to break it … WHACK!!! Kaus used his knee and struck Youngblood in the side of the head. The Ten of Diamonds then had a big opening to dole out more punishment …

DIAMOND TIP~! (Sliding D elbow strike)

He was right on the button and Kaus made the pin by putting all his weight on Youngblood’s shoulders with a seating position.


He got his shoulder up …

And Kaus made him pay for it by grabbing the arm!

“That was creative!” said Stone. “He knew there was a chance that Youngblood may kick out so when he got his shoulder up, he went right into the Diamond Arm! Can he lock it in fully?”

“Youngblood has moxie, I will give him that, Stoner! He is trying to keep those arms interlocked!”

“No! Kaus has it! The Diamond Arm!”

One of his two key finishers was now locked in …

THE DIAMOND ARM~! (Cross armbreaker)

That arm was in a bad position now with Kaus working on it! Youngblood was in a very, very very bad position to lose this match and that led to him frantically kicking and flailing as best he could as he tried maneuvering to the ropes. Kaus was keeping the hold locked in tightly …

“Just tap!” shouted Kaus. “That Relentless title is mine!

“Fuck … you!”

“I said tap!”

“I said … fuck you!”

The two men were still very much in a heated battle between then and this encounter was no exception. Youngblood was about ready to tap when he raised his hand … but then he thought twice about it!

“Is he gonna tap?” asked Stone.

“Yes! If he knows what’s good for him, Stoner, he’ll tap out faster than you know!” said Reno.

The submission hold continued doing its harm but that inspired Youngblood to try and stave off the pain as best he could. He tried to shake and kick his way toward the closest set of ropes and moved his leg forward several times. He inched closer and closer to the ropes, but Kaus let the hold go! Kaus stood up and dragged Kaus back to the center of the ring by his arm! His plan was to go right back to the submission, but when he tried to do it, it was Youngblood that rolled him up first.




“That’s how Youngblood beat Kaus in a previous confrontation!” noted Stone. “He tried to fight that hold and rolled him up!”

“Kaus is the type of guy you can’t beat with the same move twice, Stoner!” said Reno.

Graham’s arm was no doubt hurt after what Kaus had just put it through, but Graham had his best chance to beat Kaus tonight and he was trying to gut things out as best he could. The Shining Diamond charged at Kaus and Youngblood moved out of his way and sent Kaus outside of the ring before he hit the floor. Kaus had landed on his feet, but Youngblood struck him down with a baseball slide drop kick. Kaus was knocked into the guardrail once and then that led to Graham taking another big risk with a tope suicide to the floor!

“Now Graham’s on that comeback trail!” said Stone. “Can he find gold at the end of it?”

“I told you earlier! No!” shouted Stone.

Graham was on his knees and he favored his arm and shoulder, but he fought through it all and motioned that the Relentless belt was going to be his with the gesture for belts coming home with new people. Kaus was picked up and then thrown upwards into the rings so that gave Youngblood a chance to continue his aerial offense. The Demon Dragon was on his feet and then he was heading to the top rope and took to the skies with a big MISSILE DROP KICK!!! He shut out the pain in his shoulder and used his opposite hand to hook both of the Relentless champion’s legs for the cover.




“Kaus made a very rare mistake in that ring and now he’s paying for it,” said Tony Stone. “Can he do what needs to be done to finally win his first title tonight?”

“God-damn it, this kid had guts … but no brains! We know how that usually goes! Take it from a former Relentless champion that Kaus is made for that belt!”

Reno Davis was about the only person not actively cheering for Graham Youngblood to dethrone Kaus in their final encounter tonight but Graham did not care what Reno thought. Graham rolled over onto his side and then pulled Kaus back up by his hair. He made another attempt for Poetic Justice, but his shoulder wouldn’t allow him to do so. The second that Graham showed any strain Kaus pushed him into the ropes. The moment that he sprung back …

THE SHIV~! (Hip toss into a knee strike)

The blow had knocked Youngblood out on his feet but Kaus followed his move up with a huge dead-lifted german suplex that led right into a bridging pin!




Youngblood limply rolled over onto his back but that may have been his last surge of strength. His shoulder felt like it had been ripped apart by the Ten of Diamonds but he didn’t stop fighting through. Kaus maybe didn’t give Graham enough credit for all he had put him through, but he wasn’t going to show anybody any type of respect that wasn’t a member of the House. Kaus almost grinded his teeth together so tightly they were turning to dust.

“This is unbelievable!” said Stone. “Youngblood isn’t going to let this thing with he and Kaus go until somebody here has been defeated definitively!”

“He’ll be in a body bag by the time this is over!” said Reno.

Kaus took his time before sitting up knowing that the Demon Dragon may not have much more in the tank – an issue that the Shining Diamond did not have. The champion of all things relentless took more time pulling Graham up to his feet. His attempt to end things was resulting in him going for his spiral brainbuster finisher called Shine On. He had Graham up, but somehow Graham slipped behind him and then he was thrown into the buckles. As he came back out Graham nailed him out of the corner …

RIKTOR SCALE~! (springboard DDT)

That was certainly a new one but the Demon Dragon had been mentored by Riktor, so why not try one of his best moves when all the chips are down? Youngblood’s shoulder was still giving him trouble but he had another chance to win Double or Nothing and get rid of Kaus for good!




Youngblood almost him there but the Relentless champ kicked out and moved over onto his stomach. Graham’s arm was still somewhat cradled close to him after what Kaus had done but he could feel himself getting closer to the Relentless championship. When Youngblood was out he was going to the ropes for something good yet again.

“He may be going to the well one too many times!” said Reno. “He’s hit move after move from that top rope but with that shoulder … ”

“I don’t know but we’re going to find out!”

Youngblood got to the top rope and with a look at the heavens he dove off … he tried Blood in the Water, the frog splash …

DIAMOND ARM~! (cross arm breaker)

After he made the jump for Blood in the Water, he found out the hard way that there was no water in the pool! With a roll out of Youngblood’s path, he crashed down on the canvas and Kaus quickly applied the submission again, but Graham somehow fought back! He kicked Kaus away from him and when he charged back at Youngblood he was scooped onto his shoulders a third time …

“No!” Reno said. “He rolled him onto his shoulders!”


“Yes!” Stoner said.

POETIC JUSTICE~! (Cradle shock)

The crowd reaction was almost enough to blow the roof off the building as Graham held his own into a cover.





“NO … NO … NO!!!” screamed Reno.


“Well .. I’ll give this kid a ton of credit, Stoner. He did everything in his power to wrestle the title from Kaus and he did it!”

“Graham laid it all out there and Kaus had that Poetic Justice countered every step of the way but tonight, we have a new Relentless champion and finally … FINALLY, Graham’s time is now! And this feud is over! Kaus forfeited all rights to a rematch under Double or Nothing so now that means he can no longer face Graham as long as he remains the champion!”

Graham couldn’t believe it!!! The Relentless title was thrust into his arms and the young rookie fell to his knees almost fighting back the tears! He raised the title and the LoC Faithful cheered for the hard-working rookie who never gave in and never gave up. Youngblood had finally scored a decisive victory over Kaus after a long rivalry over much of 2016.

Kaus didn’t even do so much as make eye contact with Graham Youngblood. His head was throbbing and he was frustrated with how this turned out so he disappeared to the back. One of the trainers tried to help the Shining Diamond but he ignored him and slowly limped away to the back under his power. This was not the way this night was supposed to go but it looked like he wanted to separate himself from Graham as far as he could.

Whatever Kaus was feeling right now, that didn’t ruin Graham’s moment in the sun. His first title in LoC would be the one he would always remember.

Winner: Graham Youngblood via Pinfall, NEW Relentless Champion!


Featuring: Daryn Thompson & Mary-Lynn Mayweather

Location: Backstage

One RingRats graduate was on the highest of highs after being awarded the Relentless Title, but the same could not be said for another of Scott Riktor’s original students.

Daryn Thompson stood by the Grapplers’ entrance with her bag over her shoulder. She was dressed in very unassuming street clothes - t-shirt, jeans, trainers - and her blonde hair was pulled mostly back off her face, which was now void of any traces of red mist from Charlotte Huber’s dirty pool trick in their earlier match. A few wisps fell away from Daryn’s pony tail and settled in front of her eyes, which were trained down to her phone. She tapped away at a text message, lost in thought but trying her best to keep the bitter bile of disappointment and aggravation from surfacing.

She knew this business was tough and the competition fierce, but the Texas Technician believed she should be farther along by now than she actually was. She had steamrolled over Paisley and Amber Ryann in the early goings of this run of LoC’s, but where Amber had somehow managed to capitalize on title opportunities lately, Daryn had stumbled. Paisley wasn’t even around anymore, not really. Vivica J. Valentine had rocketed past Daryn as a triple champion, although those were all gone now thanks to the Underground Curse. Persephone was still a looming threat, but the Nation’s Strong Woman was too busy playing a supporting role for whatever ‘bigger things’ the Magdalena kept heralding to care much about the Bombshells title. And, of course, with jOlt’s closure came Huber and Sarah Winterton, and their experience and alliance had the division in a stranglehold.

How do you come out ahead when the numbers and odds aren’t in your favor?

That was the question she had typed out but hadn’t yet sent off. Daryn scowled. She was frustrated but felt like she was whining. Her thumb started hitting the backspace key.


She looked up and saw Mary-Lynn Mayweather approaching from the right. “Hey,” she replied.

“Are you leaving?” The Tiny Attorney stopped next to her, out of her ring gear and into a clean red skirt suit. She still had to manage Jack Harmen in the Legacy title match later.

“Yeah. I was gonna stick around but…” Daryn paused and bit her lip. Her phone dinged. She glanced down quickly then looked back to Mary-Lynn. “I need to clear my head a bit.”


Neither tag partner said anything for a moment.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t there to stop Charlotte,” Mary-Lynn’s voice finally filled the space. She looked crestfallen. “I saw Sarah distracting Kim and thought…”

“That’s not your fault,” Daryn said. “How could you have known what was gonna happen?”

“I took that mist before,” Mary-Lynn continued, her voice spiked with emotion. “I could’ve done something else so I could still see what was going on. Not taken us both out to the floor and taken my eyes off the ring. I should’ve yelled at Kim. I should’ve…”

“You did what was needed in the moment.”

Mary-Lynn shrugged, unconvinced. Miserable.

“Look,” Daryn continued, “I’m not mad at you. I’m not gonna haul off and deck you ‘cause those two tramps don’t play fair and stole a win. What I’m feelin’ isn’t because of somethin’ you did or didn’t do. Alright?”

“I guess…”

“I don’t deal dirty hands. I just…” A sigh from the Daughter of Dust. “If I don’t get outta here, I might put both Huber and Winterton through a wall and I don’t want anybody stoppin’ me or playin’ peacemaker. And by ‘anybody’ I mean Scott, and I don’t want a lecture after the fact either.”

That got a tiny smile from the Tiny Attorney. “It would be nice to see, though. Not the lecture. The other part.”

“Maybe, but then we’d have to hear the two of them bitch about me hurting them in addition to bragging about their cheap-ass win.”

“There really is no way to shut them up,” Mary-Lynn conceded. “Unless we beat them.”

“Right,” Daryn agreed. “Unless we beat them. Straight up. Which is what I’d rather do, even though they deserve to taste plaster and fiberglass insulation.”

“So...I guess we’ve got something to work towards?”

The Texas Technician nodded. She might have even smiled a little. “Yeah. We do.”

“Alright then,” Mary-Lynn agreed. “Well, I’ll let you go to wherever it is you’re going.” She turned to go but then thought of something else. “We didn’t do too bad out there tonight.”

“We really didn’t.”

“Next time, then?”

“Yeah. Next time.”

Mary-Lynn smiled and walked back the way she came. Daryn dipped her head back to her phone, unlocked the blackened screen, and continued deleting that text.


Stipulation: First Fall to Finish

Referee: Buck Logan

As the arena darkened, the crowd murmured wondering who was to come. It didn’t take long for the groans and boos to begin instead.

“Out of the Black” by Royal Blood

The song was only a couple of seconds in before a furious response came from the LoC Faithful as they recognized the entrance music. For anyone who didn’t, the giant letters spelling PROVIDENCE that soon stretched across the LegacyTron gave them their cue.

The hooded figure walked out from the back, but instead of pausing at the top of the ramp to bask in the yellow spotlight, Providence just walking. He had a faster pace than usual as he headed straight for the ring, ignoring the masses without even giving them a sneer.

“I know Shawn Hart is smarter than people give him credit for, Reno, but he seems to have created an extra serious Providence here tonight,” said Tony Stone.

“You think?” said Reno Davis. “How would you react if you had….THAT thrown on you?”

“Well, we don’t really…” Stone began before Reno cut him off.

“I know we don’t but I know I’d be mad if I was Providence. Of course, I do like me some Shawn Hart baby!”

Inside the ring, Providence wasted no time pulling off his cloak and tossing it aside. He then immediately began pacing around the inside of the ring. Referee Buck Logan recognized the mood and took a couple of deep breaths, knowing what kind of craziness might be ahead.

“Yeah, yeeaah, oh-yeeeahhh, what condition my condition was in…”

“Just Dropped In” by Kenny Rogers and The First Edition began to reverberate out of the arena’s sound-system and into the rafters. Seconds later, former Legacy champion Shawn Jessica Hart, PhD. sauntered out through the entryway and came to a stop atop the rampway, reigniting the crowd. Sporting a gleaming white jumpsuit, kicks of silver and gold and an industrial-grade tool belt adorned with various sex toys, vibrating devices and bottles of lubricant, Pro Wrestling’s SJH began to juke and jive his way down toward the ring as the fans in attendance broke out into a chant...

“S-J-H! S-J-H! S-J-H!”

While Providence looked on, utterly unimpressed by what was transpiring, Hart held a hand to his ear and nodded approvingly before moving ever closer to the squared circle.

Before Hart could even get too close to the ring, Providence stormed over toward the ropes on that side, already wanting to get his hands on his opponent. Wisely, Hart waited but each time he tried to move to another side of the ring, Providence shadowed him. Buck Logan tried to stand between and get Providence to back up, but the Man of Destiny wasn’t budging.

SJH moved to slide in quickly but Providence again was right there, trying to kick Hart in the head while he wasn’t able to defend himself. He moved around to the side of the ring facing the hard camera and tried again, but the same result happened. Buck Logan was getting nowhere with holding Providence back and the crowd was getting frustrated, booing even louder as Providence was seemingly holding up the start of the match.

Suddenly, Hart’s expression grew sour. He deftly procured the mic from Brad Arnold, sent him back with a hard slap to the backside, then turned his attention to Providence in the ring.

“Yo-yo, Provo! So I know you’re acting like you don’t want me in there, pouncin’ on me like a rabid gerbil everytime I get close to the ropes, but y’know what? I think you doth protest too much…”

SJH pulled what can only be referred to as a double-sided dildo from his tool belt.

“I think what you REEEEEEEEEALLY want is to get all Requiem for a Dream up in here!”

Hart blew a kiss in the Man of Destiny’s general direction as a short-lived “Ass-to-ass!” chant broke out among the cinema savvy in attendance.

“I hope Shawn Hart knows what he’s doing,” said Stone. “How wise was that, Reno?”

“Wise? Maybe not. Funny? Oh yeah baby!” said Davis.

Enraged, Providence was tired of waiting and immediately stepped through the ropes and jumped to the floor outside. As he did that, a grinning Hart finally slid into the ring and the crowd laughed at the switch. Providence glared at Hart, who was shimmying with pride in the ring. Again, anger got the better of Providence as he climbed back inside as well and finally Buck Logan could call for the bell to officially begin the match.

Providence took a couple big steps and swung wildly trying to take off Hart’s head with a clothesline but SJH ducked under. Immediately Providence spun around with a backfist but again Hart was too quick, leaning back to avoid the punch and instead leaped up and hit a dropkick that staggered Providence back a step.

As Providence backed up, Hart ran toward the ropes away from him. Providence regained his composure and went for a high leg kick but Hart rolled forward and under before popping up to his feet again and continuing toward the opposite ropes. As he came back this time, Providence lifted him up and appeared to be going for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, but Hart was able to counter into a headscissors takedown that sent Providence to the mat.

“The Prime Minister of Gettin’ Sinister is showin’ those moves, Stoner!” shouted Reno.

The fury inside Providence kept him from staying down long, and he was immediately back up and trying another attack. But before he could do anything, Hart stunned him with a jab, then another and another. SJH threw on a couple of dance moves to the delight of the fans and then went for one of his patented moves...

(Bionic Elbow)

However, this time it was Providence avoiding a move, stepping to the side and behind SJH. He grabbed him around the waist for a German suplex, but when he lifted Hart up to throw him backward, the LoC legend used his momentum to flip in the air and land on his feet. The roar of the crowd told Providence something was wrong, but just as he was getting to a knee and turning around, Hart came charging forward and hit him in the temple with a running knee. The move put Providence on his back and Hart dropped for an early cover...



Kickout by Providence!

“The speed and quickness of the former Legacy Champion is outdoing Providence’s anger right now,” said Stone.

“He must still be thinking about….” Davis paused. “You know, that stuff that Shawn threw on him.”

“I know I don’t want to think about that anymore,” said Stone.

As Providence stood up, Hart laid in a couple of knife-edge chops, waving his arms around like a karate master as he did so. He backed Providence against the ropes, but the Man of Destiny held on before Hart could whip him. He hit Hart in the jaw with an elbow but before he could follow that with a clothesline, SJH ducked under and kicked Providence in the ribs.

As Providence held his side, Hart ran across to the opposite ropes and coming back with momentum leaped for a cross body. But Providence had his wits back and caught his opponent in mid-air. He snarled as he looked out at the crowd while holding Hart in his arms, intent on finally having SJH at his mercy.

Providence turned and hoisted Hart up onto his shoulder, then began running forward for a power slam. Again, though, Hart had a counter. SJH slipped off Providence’s shoulder and landed behind him. Then, before the bigger man could turn around, Hart jumped up and pulled Providence backward, driving his knees into his back with a back stabber.

With Providence clutching his back in pain, Hart bounced up to his feet, ready for more. Instead, Providence rolled underneath the nearby ropes and stood on the outside. He looked up into the ring at Hart, who responded with a sly grin. That was all it took for Providence’s top to blow completely, as he slammed both fists against the apron and let out a huge roar of rage. He turned and kicked the stairs as hard as he could, as the fans at ringside laughed and taunted him.

“I know you might say it’s early, Reno, but all this rage from Providence clearly has him off his game,” said Stone.

“Well, yes, it IS early, Stoner. Duh,” said Davis. “But it might not be an accident. You do remember Shawn Hart is a legend, right?”

“Well, yes, of course.”

“Okay, just checking. Sometimes I have to help you with these things.”

As Buck Logan continued his count, Providence paced back and forth a couple of times. His frustration showed even more as he lashed back at a couple of ringside fans sporting Hart gear and smiling about his early showing.

Finally, as Logan reached an 8 count, Providence climbed up and stepped back through the ropes. This time, he avoided rushing right in and instead he and Hart circled each other in the ring for a couple of seconds. Slowly, Providence started to cut off the ring and SJH began to feel himself becoming cornered.

Suddenly, Hart started toward Providence and when the big man closed in, SJH slid underneath and between his legs. He popped up quickly and spun around with a discus punch that staggered Providence again. Hart then booted Providence in the stomach and grabbed him around the neck, looking to set up an implant DDT.

But before he could execute the move, Providence regained his composure and charged forward to slam Hart back into one of the corner turnbuckles.Providence stood back upright and took a couple of steps back, watching Hart clutch his back as he took 2 or 3 steps out of the corner. Before Hart could do anything more, Providence grabbed him up, spun him around and planted him to the canvas with a stiff spine buster.

“That’s the opening Providence was looking for, Reno,” said Stone. “This match may have just turned on one move.”

“All that jiggy….” Said Reno shaking his head.

For a moment, Providence caught his breath on a knee as Hart lay flat. He looked around at the fans, who shouted for Hart to get back up. That brought a sneer to Providence’s face and he immediately pounced on top of his opponent. He rained down a series of blows, a mix of punches and forearms and elbows that just pounded away at Hart’s face.

Buck Logan tried to put a stop to it but Providence just kept grinding away until finally relenting and standing to his feet. The Man of Destiny stretched out his arms and glared at the crowd, then looked down again at Hart. While Logan checked on the fallen LoC legend, Providence mockingly kicked at his head and stood over top of him.

“Arrogance and disrespect….trademarks of Providence’s career in LoC so far,” said Stone dismissively.

As he nudged the referee moved out of the way, Providence grabbed Hart by the hair and lifted him up before blasting him again with a pair of forearms. As Hart stumbled backward from the blows, Providence shoved him with both hands to send him back into a corner again. With Hart backed against the turnbuckles, Providence moved in and pummeled him with a couple of punches to the jaw, followed by high knees to the midsection.

Hart started to slump forward in pain, but Providence held him up and kept hammering away. He stopped the blows but only so he could press his forearm right into Hart’s throat, choking him as he shouted in his face. Buck Logan made his count and Providence released just before the five count for a DQ. Providence stood there just looking at Hart for a second, as the crowd chanted for him to get back into it.

“You hear that, Mr. Hart?” Providence said. “These lost souls actually believe you’re going to fight for them. They still believe the lie.”

As he spoke the words, Providence lifted up Hart’s head and slapped him hard across the face. Providence grinned, but the moment was short lived, as Hart immediately fired off a right hand that connected with his jaw, followed by a left and another right.

“Oh boy, Stoner, get your popcorn ready!” Reno said.

“Shawn Hart is fired back up after that slap!” Stone said in return.

Providence was reeling and as he staggered back, Hart ran forward and connected with a seated double drop kick to his chest. Providence went stumbling backward and leaned back against the ropes nearest the entrance ramp in a daze. Hart scrambled to his feet and after giving the crowd a shrug and a “what the heck” look, he ran forward and leaped into the air with a cross body that sent both he and Providence careening over the top rope and down to the floor.

The crowd roared at the move, despite the fact that it left both men in a heap on the floor. Buck Logan began his 10 count, but around the count of 6 both men had pulled themselves back up. They began to trade blows, as an exasperated Logan halted his count and yelled for them to get back in the ring.

“Looks like Buck Logan is giving these two a little break here,” said Stone. “Fans are going to want to see a true winner for this one.”

“That’s right, Stoner,” said Davis. “No one wants a lame ending at a big show like Icons!”

Hart stunned Providence with a stiff back elbow and grabbed him around the neck for the Hart On cutter, but the bigger man held his ground and shoved Hart forward. The 2-time Legacy Champ rammed into the steel post and staggered backward toward Providence. The Man of Destiny readied himself and then grabbed Hart around the waist. Then in an instant before Hart could escape, Providence lifted him up and drove Hart backward with a release German suplex that sent his upper back and neck crashing into the entrance ramp at full force.

“Hart’s neck just went snap, crackle, pop!” said Davis.

Seeing Hart land hard, Logan immediately jumped down out of the ring to check on him, bending down to make sure he could continue. Providence stood back to his feet and hovered over Hart, a sick grin spreading as he saw his opponent barely moving. Logan motioned for him to stay back, but Providence just bumped the official out of the way and laid in a series of boots to Hart’s head and neck area.

The ringside fans in particular responded with boos, but Providence just turned and held his arms out, soaking it all in. Hart was trying to get up on his own when Providence grabbed him again, dragging him to his feet. He carried Hart back closer to the ring before immediately driving him full force into the barricade, once again with Hart’s neck absorbing the bulk of the impact.

“You have to think Providence is going to zero in on that neck, especially since it sets up well for ‘The Cleansing’ later in this match,” Stone observed.

After rolling Hart back inside, Providence gave him no chance for rest, holding him in place to drop a knee across the already-injured neck. He then took a couple of steps to back against the ropes before stepping forward and dropping an elbow, the point going right into the neck.

Hart reached back and clutched the area in pain as he tried to roll away to recover. As Hart started to sit upright, Providence again backed against the ropes and came off, this time cracking Hart in the upper back with a vicious kick. SJH arched his back in pain and as he did so, Providence put pressure on the back with his right knee while pulling both of Hart’s arms behind him like a bow and arrow in a painful hold.


The fans were trying to get SJH going and, despite the pain, he began to fight. He kept shaking his head “no” to Buck Logan’s question about submitting and started to find the strength to rise up. Just as he was starting to stand, Providence released his hold on Hart’s arms and caught him in an inverted facelock. Before Hart could react, Providence drove him down into the mat with a reverse DDT and then covered for a pin attempt...




The LoC Faithful cheered just as much in relief as in happiness when Hart managed to escape the pinfall just in time. Providence stewed for a second before angrily kicking at the back of Hart’s head just as SJH was rolling to his side. He then grabbed Hart by the hair and dragged him over to the side of the ring, draping his upper body across the bottom rope. A second later, Providence was pressing his right knee against the back of Hart’s neck to force him down on the rope, holding onto the top rope for leverage to make it even more painful.

“Now that he has the advantage, Providence isn’t letting up at all on Shawn Hart,” said Stone. “He’s really punishing the Phenom right now.”

“Isn’t that what he’s supposed to do, Stoner?” said Davis. “He’s out for blood….and wins!”

Providence finally relented before Buck Logan reached the five count and paid zero attention to the official chastising him for bending the rules. As Hart rolled over onto his back with his head still laying on the bottom rope, Providence leaned down and grasped his jaw tightly, yelling in his opponent’s face.

After releasing his hold on Hart’s jaw, Providence stood back up again, once more raising his arms to the booing masses. He motioned to Hart, seemingly asking the fans what they thought of their hero now. He even turned to face away from Hart, looking to the opposite end of the arena to taunt the fans on that side as well.

But as soon as he turned back around, Providence found out that SJH had plenty of fight left in him.

Hart sprang to his feet and blasted Providence across the face with a forearm. The Man of Destiny was stunned by surprise more than pain, but it still gave Hart a chance to follow up by leaping into the air and cracking Providence in the back of the head with an enzuigiri. Providence stumbled backward toward one of the corners, and Hart ran to the opposite corner.

Building a head of steam, Hart charged out of the corner and toward Providence. But as he prepared to leap for a splash in the corner, Providence stopped him short with a quick boot to the midsection. Hart doubled over and before he knew what was happening, Providence was setting him up for...

(Snake eyes powerbomb)

Hart’s face was planted on the top turnbuckle, causing him to crumple to the mat. Providence took a second to pull his opponent out of the corner away from the ropes and then hooked the leg for a pin attempt...




“That was close, Reno, but Shawn Hart got that shoulder up just before Buck Logan could reach the three count,” said Stone.

“Close or not, that was only two!” said Reno. “I thought he had it going but Providence busted out some of his big guns.”

Providence glared in Buck Logan’s direction, not happy that the referee continued to emphasize that it was only a two count. He blasted away a couple of more times with elbows to Hart’s upper back and then pulled SJH up to his feet. Providence then lifted Hart high into the air in a vertical suplex position. But instead of dropping Hart down to the mat, he drove his head and neck down onto his knee in a modified brain buster.

Hart rolled over onto his back in tremendous pain and again Providence made a cover...




An even louder roar erupted from the fans, as Shawn Hart again showed that he was not done despite the continued punishment.

“Where is this coming from, Reno?” asked Stone. “Providence is throwing high impact moves here and Shawn Hart keeps coming back.”

“There’s a lot of heart behind all that showmanship,” he said. “You should know that by now!”

For the first time, Providence slammed a fist to the mat in frustration as he eyed the referee. Before Hart could get too far away, though, Providence reached out and grabbed him in a headlock, grinding away to try and suck the life out of him one way or the other.

For the first few moments, Hart did begin to fade, and it looked like maybe the weight of Providence hanging on him and the lack of air was going to put him out. But the stirring claps and cheers from the audience seemed to give him strength, and Hart began to force himself up to a knee despite Providence trying to keep him grounded.

Hart began laying in punches to Providence’s ribs, trying anything to break free. Finally he had enough leverage and Providence released the headlock. As he did so, Hart landed a high knee to the midsection that stunned Providence and as he staggered slightly backward toward the ropes, Hart caught him square in the jaw with a superkick. It was a last gasp in a way for Hart, who fell to the mat afterward to try and catch his breath. Meanwhile, Providence went flying backward in a daze and fell to the mat before rolling to the outside in a heap.

“This one’s still up for grabs, Reno,” said Stone. “Shawn Hart has an opening!”

“And Shawn Hart always knows how to fill an opening!” yelled Reno.

“That….was not what I expected at all,” said Stone raising an eyebrow.

Reno paused. “Just call the damn match and let me say what I want to say.”

Surprisingly to some, Hart was the first one up to his feet. Seeing Providence still just on a knee on the outside, he went over to that side of the ring and stepped through the ropes to the apron. With Buck Logan wondering what was happening, Hart took a few steps back to the furthest corner of the apron, while striking a pose to show the audience he was still ready to get it on. They responded with cheers, eager to see what he was about to do to the hated Providence.

Hart ran forward and leaped off the apron but before he could smash Providence with a double axehandle, the Man of Destiny made a recovery of his own. Just before Hart landed, providence caught him with a boot and then immediately grabbed him around the neck and shoulders...

(Uranage slam)

The crowd winced and let out an audible gasp when Providence slammed Hart to the floor with his patented finishing move, again inflicting major damage to the head and neck area. Buck Logan looked on from up in the ring and began his 10 count, obviously tired of giving these two men slack when it came to the rules.

Providence stood for a moment over Hart’s fallen body, mockingly kicking at him while grinning at the crowd. The nearby fans unleashed a torrent of hateful comments, but Providence just looked back at them with that sly grin, knowing there was nothing they could do to him to stop him from his destiny.

However, one fan did have something in mind, as amid Providence’s triumphant posturing, a wave of a dark wet substance came from the crowd and splashed him in the face. Many in the crowd cheered and laughed as soon as it happened as they thought back to what Hart had done on Legends 24, but Providence was immediately unamused.

“Uh, Stoner…” Reno began.

Stone immediately cut him off. “No, I don’t want to think about it. Not one bit.”

Providence began wiping away the liquid from his face, which appeared to be a soda. Furious, Providence looked out at the giggling fans near ringside and ran up to the very edge near the barricade.

“You want to laugh?!?” He roared. “Here’s what makes ME laugh!!!”

The Man of Destiny turned around and immediately snatched up Hart, pulling him to his feet by the hair, and shoved him back into the ring underneath the bottom rope. Providence followed close behind and turned Hart near the ropes so that as he lay on his stomach his face was looking toward the section of fans where the drink had come from. Providence then dropped down and locked on...

(Full Nelson submission)

The laughter in the crowd suddenly died, replaced by fans pleading for Hart to fight the hold and not give up. Providence wrenched back deep on the submission hold as Buck Logan dropped down close to check on Hart. The LoC legend waved his hand in Logan’s direction despite the pain radiating across his face.

“Shawn Hart has survived everything so far but this may finally be what breaks him,” said Stone.

Hart’s hand reached out for the rope, but Providence tightened his grip and pulled back even harder. At the same time, he used the leverage to turn himself and Hart slightly, just enough away from the rope so that Hart’s outstretched hand couldn’t reach it. Hart’s legs flailed around along with his arm, trying desperately to inch back over to the ropes. But then the flailing started to die down and Hart’s hand hovered close to the mat.

“He might be ready to tap Stoner,” Reno said. “He’s my main man but he’s still just a man and…”

Before Reno could finish his thought, Hart clinched his fist. His legs flailed around just a little more and finally just as Providence was letting out a roar and pulling back even harder, Hart’s right foot managed to hook over top of the bottom rope.

Buck Logan noticed it right away and called for Providence to break the hold. The Man of Destiny closed his eyes and kept the hold on as long as possible before finally relenting and dropping Hart like a limp body on the canvas. Providence scrambled to his feet and got right into Logan’s face, yelling that Hart had passed out and that the referee should have called the match.

“I don’t know how Shawn Hart survived that, Reno,” said Stone. “He looked like he was a split second from tapping out and just managed to touch the rope in time.”

“Survive is the key word there,” Reno said. “If Providence had been able to hold that in one extra second, Hart was a goner.”

”S-J-H, S-J-H, S-J-H”

The crowd was doing everything they could to show their love for Hart. Providence, meanwhile, was incensed, jamming a finger in Logan’s direction and then shouting out at the crowd at the same time. He yelled all around at the fans, telling them to stop chanting and shaking with clinched fists.

On the opposite side of the ring, SJH had found a way to drag himself up to a knee with the aid of the ropes, drawing loud cheers from the Faithful. Hearing the cheers, Providence turned around and saw Hart kneeling there. For his part, Hart looked up and despite the deep breaths, he pulled the hair back from his face and eyed Providence. Then, he took his free arm and made a certain motion with his hand that reminded Providence of the “substance” from the previous show.

“Did he just pretend to…” Reno began.

“I DON’T WANT TO THINK ABOUT IT” Stone yelled to cut him off again.

The look on Providence’s face told the story of just how much rage he had inside. He charged forward with zero caution ready to finish off Hart. However, that was obviously the reaction Hart had angled for, as he quickly pulled himself up with the aid of the ropes and caught Providence with a quick kick to the head.

Providence recovered and ran forward but Hart threw him over with a perfect arm drag. A second time Providence jumped and charged and again Hart tossed him over with the arm drag. This time Hart tried an Irish whip when Providence got back up, but the Man of Destiny reversed it and sent Hart in instead.

Hart bounded off and hopped up behind and onto Providence’s shoulders looking for a crucifix pin attempt. Instead, Providence steadied himself and dropped Hart to his feet beside him. He then grabbed Hart around the neck and shoulders again for another chance at The Fall. But Hart elbowed away at Providence’s temple to break free and...

(Diamond cutter)

In a flash, Hart had dropped Providence with his patented move and the fans were on edge, feeling a victory for SJH. With Providence down, Hart was exhausted as well and took an extra beat before rolling over and covering Providence with his arm.




With Buck Logan’s hand only inches away from the canvas, Providence was able to muster the strength to kick out, drawing groans from the crowd. Hart rolled over onto his knees and looked at Logan, who confirmed it was a two count. SJH looked around for a moment, taking in deep breaths as the crowd clapped and cheered.

“Hart is looking around like he’s wondering what to try next,” said Stone.

“The Prime Minister of Gettin’ Sinister has those creative juices flowing!” Reno said.

Hart stood up and grabbed Providence, pulling him over toward one of the corners. With Providence starting to get up as well, Hart threw a couple of forearms to soften him up and then lifted him up in a seated position on the top turnbuckle. The crowd rose as Hart climbed up the turnbuckles as well, wondering what was happening next.

Instead of the usual superplex attempt, Hart stopped at the middle ropes and turned back around to face the ring. He then grabbed Providence by the neck and leaped off to hit a Hart On from the top rope...

One problem: Providence didn’t come with him.

As Hart jumped, Providence had the presence of mind to hold onto the ropes with both hands, holding firm as Hart went crashing to the mat. As Hart stood back up, Providence jumped down and immediately clubbed him from behind with a lariat to the back of the neck. He then dropped down once more...

(Full Nelson submission)

For the second time in the match, Providence locked on the submission hold. His arms flexed and he pulled back harder than ever on Hart’s neck. This time, Hart was locked in it in the middle of the ring - nopes nearby to rescue him.

The pain and anguish on his face was undeniable and despite the fight inside and the urgings of the crowd, the pain became just too much and Hart finally tapped the canvas to signal the submission.


Buck Logan called for the bell right away but despite the match ending, Providence held the move on an extra couple of beats before finally releasing it. For a couple of moments he just sat there, looking at Hart beside him and smiling. He leaned over and whispered something in Hart’s ear, then climbed to his feet.

The referee reached to raise his arm but Providence just shoved him away and raised both arms himself, standing over Hart’s beaten body. He took one final look around the arena and sneered at all of the booing fans, then abruptly left the ring and didn't look back.

Winner: Providence via Submission


Featuring: Fall of Adam

Location: Locker Rooms

A loud smack echoed off the concrete walls of the LoC locker room and a wad of athletic tape tumbled to the floor. A visibly agitated Gacy stomped into the room, Oswald lumbering closely behind. The Fall of Adam had manipulated their way into TEAM Gauntlet Match, and even found themselves in an opportune position to rip the belts from the hands of The House. Unfortunately, an oversight in the scouting of The Natural Athletes missed the fact that Cori Albright was a fucking ninja.

“I fucked up. That was my fault.” Gacy proclaimed as he unwrapped the remaining tape from his wrists and tossed them to the ground..

“We didn’t plan for him… you didn’t plan for him.” Oswald stated with a hint of disappointment through his prosthetic mask.

Through gritted teeth, Gacy buried his forehead into the closest wall and responded.

“And now we know who he is. I don’t intend to forget him.”

Oswald glared through sharp cut eyeholes at the back of his only friend’s head.

“I trust you.” The Nowhereman stated as he kept his gaze upon the only person that has ever understood him. Gacy’s head slowly swiveled right, content with an absence of words. In the quiet, Oswald was the first to break.

“And I know the bonds of a brother will never be broken.”

Evading a post-match shower, Oswald snatched his duffle bag and promptly left the room. Gacy slowly removed himself from the wall and took a deep breath. Changing the world wouldn’t be easy, especially if the world doesn’t want to change.



A middle aged man in a pressed suit entered the doorway. His shoes were freshly polished and silver tipped hair glistened in the fluorescent bulbs. His teeth were the purest shade of white, and his skin tone an unusually dark shade of bronze.

“Excuse me, Mr. Michael?” the man from the door way’s voice instantly resonated with the LoC Grappler. Gacy’s demeanor changed, and the character of The Killsmith disappeared.

“Haven’t been called that in a while, but yes sir.” The gravelly nature of Gacy’s voice was replaced with smooth enthusiasm as the 6’3” demon casually rotated towards the unknown gentleman.

“I’m Detective Jack Langdon. Not sure if you remember me. I was the lead detective on Adam Weiss’ murder.”

Gacy waited a moment to study the face of a man he was all too familiar with.

“Oh yeah, Detective Langdon! What are you doing in Florida?” Gacy maintained a sunny disposition.

“Well some new evidence has come to light about Adam’s case. I was hoping you’d be willing to answer a couple more questions.” Langdon was light hearted yet direct.

Gacy studied the detective, just like he had 15 years ago.

“Of course! Anything I can do to help.” Gacy’s demeanor changed and he looked the Detective square in the eye. “Adam’s death affected the entire community, and the fact we never found his killer has haunted us all for 15 years. We all know how personally you took this case, and I want to thank you for everything you’ve done for us.”

A slow smile crept across the lips of Langdon.

I appreciate that. I’m going to be in town for a few weeks. Adam’s father asked us to follow up on a few leads in Miami/Dade County.”

“Leads? You make it sound like a conspiracy.” questioned Gacy.

Langdon furrowed his brow. “When a popular high school student and his girlfriend are killed within 48 hours, coincidence isn’t likely.”

Sociopaths are often described as antisocial, and generally lacking remorse. To manipulate their counterparts is not only acceptable but preferred.

“Let me know what I can do.”


Featuring: Elias Pop & Legion of Devastation, Inc.

Location: The Lounge de la Bohemia

When Elias Pop was eleven years old, he went to a fortune teller with his friends. They had saved up for weeks, squirreling away every quarter they found and saving their allowances. Madame Yara was a genuine gypsy, accent and all. For twenty dollars, she would tell you everything you ever wanted to know about the future. As Elias Pop and his friends entered her storefront, it was with quiet anticipation. They were instantly transported to another world, the front room decorated with ornate and esoteric totems promising mystical meanings and outlandish ideas. For a moment, young Elias was astonished, but that astonishment turned into fear as the beaded curtain separating the front room from the back opened wide seemingly on it’s own accord, revealing his first sight of Madame Yara sitting in all her splendor.

She was wrapped in black lace and feathers, gaudy golden jewelry hung about her neck like trophies of war. Her hair was done up in a spiraling mess, a dizzying frenzy of curls of envy and strands of blackish gray. Her eyes were like two raging fires as her spiderlike fingers ran across her crystal ball, her lips pursed into a constant grimace. As he and his friends gathered around the table and held hands, Yara told them their futures one by one.

When she reached Elias, her eyes widened before a wicked smile curved on the edges of her lips. Removing her hands from the crystal ball and crossing her arms over her chest, her voice came out like venom: “In the poison season, as the parties rage and the celebrations toil, everything will be for naught. One day, everything you’ve ever loved with go up in flames.”

Elias sat with his mouth agape. “Like… my house will catch on fire?” He asked.

“No, child,” Yara whispered. “Flames of comeuppance. Flames of circumstance. Flames of the blue ribbon.”

At the time, Elias didn’t know what she meant by that. In the days following, he couldn’t sleep at night for fear that some wayward spark would set off a cavalcade of wanton destruction. At any moment, Hell itself would open up to suck away his soul. But as the days turned to weeks and the weeks to months, all of those fears faded away. He hadn’t thought about it in years. Yet, as he stood in the center of the party in The Lounge de La Bohemia, confetti in his arm and streamers wrapped about his body like vines, the thought crossed his mind.

“HEINEKEN?!” Pop screamed at the top of his lungs as one of his friends came into the room carrying a case. “FUCK. THAT. SHIT. PABST! BLUE! RIBBON!”

The party was in full swing. Half dressed hipster chicks ran amok, their tattoos on full display, while Joy Division played from a nearby record player at full blast. Pop, despite putting on his best face, saw a darkness in that moment as he remembered what Madame Yara said. There was an anxiety in the back of his head, some unsightly premonition waiting to make it’s presence known. Pop scanned the room. There was cHEESE and egg NOG lounging on a couch, wide eyed and nervous. Big Little Italy was passed out, covered in beer cans. Somehow had painted ‘AND MY AXE!’ on his chest and placed a fake beard made out of the head of a mop on his chin. Even Bacon, who was belligerently arguing with a vegan girl about why his name wasn’t ‘problematic’, had shown up. Other than them, The Lounge was full of fresh faces, half of whom Pop didn’t even know. He had put up flyers in every bar from here to Disney World advertising the afterparty. In his own drunken stupor, Pop had almost forgotten what he was even celebrating.

Stumbling across the room, Pop slumped down into an open seat, his eyes going closed for what felt like a split second. When they reopened, he looked up to see two men in suits standing in front of him.

“Uh… do I know you guys?” He asked.

“No,” One of the men said. “But we know you. Elias Pop, correct?”

“Uh… yeah,” Pop said, clearing his throat and sitting up straight. “You guys come for the party? No offense, but this doesn’t really seem like your kind of scene.”

“No, we’re not here for your party,” The other man said before reaching into his jacket pocket and pulling out a piece of paper. “This is for you on behalf of Pabst Brewing Company. Have a wonderful night, Mr. Pop.”

And just like that, they were gone. Pop was confused as he unfolded the piece of paper, but that confusion turned into a look of genuine distress as his eyes scanned over what was written within. “Fuck,” He muttered to himself, his voice growing louder with every line. “Fuck. Fuck! FUCK!”

Above the chaos surrounding him, above the music, above it all, Pop stood and screamed at the top of his lungs. “FUCCCCK!”

Like in a movie, the music stopped playing with a sudden scratch and everyone went hushed as they turned to look at The Post Modern Icon. cHEESE spoke up first, sounding genuinely concerned. “Pop Daddy? POP DADDY, WHAT’S WRONG?!”

Elias sent cHEESE a look of absolute scorn, his teeth gritting and rage overflowing from within him. “What’s wrong…?” He muttered. “I’ll tell you what’s wrong, fuckface!”

Pop held up the letter idea for all to see, his voice rising to a full on scream. “THIS! THIS FUCKING PIECE OF PAPER IS WHAT’S WRONG!”

“Uh… what is it, dude?” egg NOG asked meekly.

“It’s a summons,” Pop said, stalking across the room to where The Brothers Dairy sat and holding it in both of their faces. “To appear in court. Guess what, boys?! I JUST GOT SUED BY PABST BLUE RIBBON!”

There was stifled laughter from somewhere behind Pop, who turned and looked over his shoulder like a hawk. “THIS ISN’T FUCKING FUNNY!” Pop screamed. “They’re suing me for defamation and misrepresentation of their product! FUCK! That’s it, that’s it! All you fuckers gots to get the FUCK out of my FUCKING Lounge! Everybody! Up and at ‘em!”

Slowly but surely, everyone made their way towards the door, carrying their beer as Pop stood and watched with his arms crossed over his chest. As cHEESE walked by, he looked at Pop and said, “Great party, bro! Seriously! You’re the coolest, Pop-Drop-and-Lock!”

“Shut the fuck up, cHEESE,” Pop said. “I really, sincerely, completely do not give a shit what you think about me. And stop calling me dumb shit, dumbass. You’re not cool, you’ll never be cool, go give yourself a milk enema, faggot.”

There were genuine tears in cHEESE’s eyes as his brother wrapped an arm over his shoulders. “C’mon, dude,” egg NOG said. “Don’t let him bring you down. He’s not mad at you, he’s just mad about getting sued, dude.”

As The Brothers Dairy walked out of the room, an Italy carrying Brandon "Bacon" Thomas spoke up. "You're not cool. I thought maybe you were. cHEESE certainly thought so but you're not cool. Cool people don't treat their friends like shit. Cool people hunt tigers with their friends. You don't even know what cool is. You're a poser."

"Oh, fuck right off, Bacon! Like I need this shit from you! Your name isn't even a fucking dairy product! Why the fuck don't you just call yourself Brandon-fucking-Thomas?!"

BT's eyes closed in on Pop's. "We're named after breakfast foods, you idiot."


"Yes. We. Are." Bacon replied, then uttered a disapproving grunt and walked off with his miniscule stablemate still in his arms.

Pop stood in the silence, gripping the letter in his hands. As the camera panned in closer and closer, Pop shook his head. “I’ve got nothing to fucking say,” He muttered. “Get the fuck out of here, Camera Guy Who Isn’t Stan. You’re a piece of shit and I hope you die.”

As the cameraman backed out of the room, Pop slammed the door in his face.

Inside the room, Pop felt like he had a noose around his neck. Madame Yara was right. In the coming weeks, everything would go up in flames. Inside the room, Pop felt like he had a noose around his neck. Madame Yara was right. In the coming weeks, instead of celebrating the end of his long campaign against Cordova, everything would go up in flames.


Stipulation: Underground Rules

Referee: Chris Horowitz

“Welcome back to ringside, Ladies and Gentlemen,” Stone began. “It’s time for our pre-main event, as Andy Murray and now Vivica J. Valentine challenge for Dusk’s LoC Underground Championship.”

“I dunno about you, Stoner,” said Reno, “but I sure am looking forward to watching Dusk cave-in a couple of do-gooder skulls!”

“I wouldn’t be so sure of that, partner. Both Murray and Valentine have a huge axe to grind with Dusk, and while the Champion seems to have completely convinced himself that he’s in the right, his opponents are both out to shove his words down his throat tonight.”

“Yeah, but it’s not a handicap match. Murray and Valentine aren’t just gonna come-out and double-team the guy! They’ve got their own problems, and while they’re busy dealing with whatever derpy Ross & Rachel shit they’ve got going on, Dusk’s gonna clean house. Besides, Murray’s already lost to Dusk: what makes you think he’s got a chance tonight?”

“... do you want a list?” Stone asked.

“Yes,” said Reno. “Yes I do.”

“Well, for one--”

“Doesn’t matter, Stoner,” Reno interrupted. “He’s already failed, and Vivica’s a walking medical bill at this point. Let’s get this thing underway.”

A long pause brought anticipation across the arena. Suddenly, familiar baby blue lights began to swirl around the arena… but the pounding violins had been replaced by a raising guitar line. As the note ascended, the lights in the arena turned from baby blue to hot pink and “Timebomb” by Bad Seed Rising chugged in over the PA. The crowd roared as dual banners dropped on each side of the Legacytron, but the blue Vendetta style was replaced by a pink upside down Anarchy symbol, marking a “V.” Vivica J. Valentine stepped onto the stage with new pink and black ring gear, and waived the black flag adorned with the new pink logo before planting it into the stage.

“A new look for the Bulletproof Blonde and she’s going to have to fight to keep it.” Tony Stone chimed in, “A lot of people, including Scott Riktor himself and the medical staff here in LoC think Vivica shouldn’t even be allowed to compete, but the board has made a special exemption for tonight and one has to wonder what that means for her future.”

“She’s putting it all on the line tonight, Stoner, and as much as I don’t like the girl you gotta respect that!” Reno stated, “That being said, I hope Dusk crushes her and puts her back on the sidelines where she belongs tonight. She was the weakest link, she needs to go back home and rebuild, heal her wounds, and try again.”

“I don’t think she’s wired that way, Reno, and I think that’s why these fans are on their feet!”

The usual crowd interactive entrance of the One Woman Riot was subdued. There were no slapping of fives, there wasn’t a lot of playing to the crowd. Even as Valentine stood on the top rope with her fist in the air, the smirk the usually crossed her lips was gone. Tonight wasn’t about putting on a show. Tonight was about one thing, and only one thing… establishing herself as the premier fighter in LoC and inflicting sweet revenge against her enemies. The former Triple Crown Champion jumped down and stretched in the corner as her new music faded away, but even her own focus couldn’t shield a reaction to the drum beat that hit the speakers.

“Rise” by The Cult hit the speakers with a pop from the crowd that seemed to grow louder every passing week. Pulsing strobes accompanied the staccato guitar riff as usual, and a hulking Scot strode confidently from backstage and took his place on the ramp. His usual white jacket substituted for a black one this evening, Andy Murray raised his right arm in the air, holding an implement of destruction aloft as cascading sparks tumbled down behind him.

“What the hell is that?!” Reno Davis asked.

“Uhhhh,” Stone began, squinting through the pyrotechnics’ bright light. It wasn’t until they died down and the house lights returned that he was able to answer. “Whoa, that’s a cricket bat.”

“A cricket bat?!” Davis retorted. “Jeesh, these Brits…”

“Andy Murray is learning how to play the Underground game, Reno. We heard him earlier: he sees himself as a ‘traditional’ type of grappler, but if he’s going to compete in this division, he’s going to put himself in the best possible position to succeed. Tonight, it looks like he’s found his insurance policy.”

The King started a brisk walk down the ramp, slapping hands with fans on either side of the ring, before eventually sliding beneath the bottom rope and climbing up a set of turnbuckles. Murray raised both arms high, casting a strong, steely gaze across the arena, and not paying Vivica J. Valentine a smidge of attention.

“So what’s he gonna do, Stoner?” Reno enquired. “Just walk over there and bat Valentine’s head off her shoulders? For an apparent ‘good guy,’ that’s not a very gentlemanly thing to do!”

“Of course not,” Stone said. “Their situation is riddled with complexity, as confirmed by the fact that Murray hasn’t so much as looked at his former flame yet. Who the hell knows what these two even think of each other at this point, but Murray hates Dusk, and the bat is a statement of intent. He lost at Underground because he was too focused on wrestling a ‘clean’ match’: that won’t happen again tonight.”

Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger.


The deft tones of Daft Punk roared through the Arena and was quickly followed by a large explosion as pyrotechnics exploded around the stage. Immediately, the fans make their feelings known.


“And here comes Dusk,” Davis sang. “The champion is here!”

“That he might, but there’s no guarantee that he will walk out of here tonight with it!” Stone shot back. “He’s in real danger with Murray AND Valentine in the ring with him.”

“Danger? Come off it. That anger of Dusk, the rage that he has now unbridled, is going to allow him to DESTROY both of them.”

From the backstage emerged the Underground Champion, head down, wearing long black pants and a black trenchcoat. The prize rested against his shoulder as he felt the furor of the fans as they rained down hate upon him. He slowly lifted his arms in the air, his fingers begging them for more, while his head remained down. Eventually, his arms were straight over his head and then he brought them in one swift movement as he looked up at the heavens above as fireworks exploded around him.

Then Dusk lifted the Underground Championship off of his shoulder and raised it for all to see. He looked down the ramp at his two opponents and the fire in his eyes came to life. He strode down the ramp, completely focused on the two foes in the ring. As he marched up the steps into the ring, each step he took echoed as his feet collided with the steel steps. Then, he entered the ring and locked eyes with each competitor, both of whom were chomping at the bit to take Dusk down.

“These three are going to have a battle of epic proportions,” Stone noted to the viewers at home.

“You have that EXACTLY right, Tony. This is not going to be a match. This is going to be a battle. A war. These three hate each other so much right now that it stands to reason that only one of them will walk out of here while the other two will have to be dragged off. And that person will be none other than Dusk, the only one in that ring that can do what is required of him and that’s put these two out for good,” Davis expounded.

“That’s, well, that’s some solid thinking there,” Stone sarcastically replied.

“Shut it, Tony! Just shut it.”

As Dusk held onto his championship, he calmly walked into the middle of the ring and glared at his challengers. He held it up high and turned his attention to Murray.

“You want this?!” Dusk yelled at Andy. “You couldn’t take this from me on your best fucking day, fuckwit! I’m going to choke you out with your own emo tears, shitstain!”

Then Dusk looked at Vivica and it took everything Valentine had not to explode with a fury of fists. Dusk closed the gap between them and the two stood centimeters from each other.

“You disappoint me,” he told her. “You make me sick.”

Those words were enough to nearly cause Valentine to come to blows if it weren’t for the referee separating them in a hurry. Valentine was not just thirsty, but blood thirsty. Dusk stuck his finger right in Valentine’s face.

“You should have stayed down when I put you down! You were lu--”

And then Vivica J. Valentine smacked him right in the mush.

“Hey!” Reno yelped. “The bell hasn’t even rung yet!”

By the time the bell did ring, Vivica had already landed five or six shots flush on Dusk’s face. She threw limbs at the Underground Champion like the angriest little human windmill in the world, and it took him a few seconds to get his hands up and cover his face. When he did so, Valentine kicked him in the side of his torso! Dusk caught the second kick, though, and after clobbering VJV with an elbow, he knocked her to the ground with a clothesline. Valentine popped right back to her feet, but Dusk threw a knee into her gut, then tossed her out of the ring!

The King had abandoned his cricket bat and jacket. He charged at Dusk, who stood firm to counter the shoulder block, then ate a forearm to the jaw. Another followed, but Dusk fired back with a closed fist, and soon the duo were stood in the middle of the ring, trading blows.

“What an explosive start!” Stone proclaimed. “All three of these wrestlers are going all-out!”

Andy appeared to be getting the upper-hand after landing a couple of unanswered blows, but Dusk countered with a blatant thumb to the eye. With Murray blinded, The Lost Soul scooped him up and bodyslammed him down to the mat! Before he could capitalise, however, Vivica J. Valentine slid back into the ring and nailed him in the jaw with a leaping forearm!

Dusk was knocked back by the blow, and Vivica’s spinning back kick knocked the wind out of him. He fell back against the ropes and Valentine charged. Dusk bundled her over the top rope to counter the run, but Vivica landed on her feet on the apron! He stumbled away, turned around, and Valentine’s springboard dropkick knocked him across the ring!

It wasn’t VJV who made the next move, though. Murray was back on his feet, and he whipped the dazed Underground Champ across the ring. Dusk rebounded, but ducked Andy’s attempted big boot, and clotheslined Valentine into the ground! With his former tag team partner downed, Dusk turned his attention back to Andy and threw the superkick…


“Dusk nearly connects with Lights Out! That could’ve ended things right there!” Tony Stone exclaimed, “In these triple threat matches things can end in a second!”

“These matches are two parts skill and one part luck,” Reno Davis elaborated, “You need to be in the right place at the right time to win, and you need a lot of luck if you’re anyone but Dusk in this one.”

The King skipped around Dusk and wrapped his arms around his stomach for a German Suplex. Before he could lift, however, Dusk threw a number of blind elbows into his side, with loosened Murray’s grip enough for Dusk to break free, turn around, and drill his head into the mat with a DDT!

“Sit down, Scotland!” Davis shouted. “Now where is that gnat?”

“I think she’s up top!” Stone followed-up.

Vivica had clambered onto the top rope, and when Dusk turned around, she flew off and knocked him down with a Blockbuster! Instead of covering, however, Valentine helped the big man up to his full vertical and peppered his torso with some stiff kicks, before going low and attacking the legs. With Dusk suitable stunned, Valentine hit the ropes, came back, and leaped-up for a cross body… but Dusk caught her!

Fall Away Slam!

With both challengers down, Dusk hopped back to his feet and soaked-in the crowd’s complete and utter contempt.

“Listen to these fans, Stoner,” Reno began. “No respect for the champ! He’s just blasting these two.”

“Maybe if Dusk had a little respect for them…”

“Hey! He fought JCON, remember?!”

“That was a long time ago now, Reno. These paid paid good money to be here tonight, and they have every right to voice their displeasure at Dusk’s recent actions! He’s standing tall at the minute, though.”

Ready to resume his dominance, the champion walked over to where Valentine was lying and tried to pick her up. Before he could get her, though, Murray steamed in from behind and knocked Dusk across the back of the head. The crowd cheered as Andy pulled Dusk around and nailed a couple of forearms, before whipping him into the corner. Dusk landed back first, and Murray charged, crashing into Dusk at full-speed with a leaping European Uppercut!

A whip to the opposite corner followed, and once again Murray ran over with an Uppercut!

Third time’s a charm?

Sure! Why not?

Repeating the move again, Murray had the Arena of Champions on their feet. Dusk slumped to the mat as Murray landed the third strike, and Murray ran back to the opposite corner. He charged once again, and his time flew into Dusk’s chest with a low-arcing dropkick!

“What the hell?!” Reno quizzed. “That’s a 280lbs man!”

“He didn’t get particularly high off the ground, but to hell with taking that kinda move from Andy Murray! That had to feel like a battering ram hitting you right in the chest!” said Stone. “Dusk will be lucky to walk out of here tonight with his ribs intact!”

Pleased with his handiwork, Andy stood up and looked around the building. Dusk took this moment to roll out of the ring and gather his senses, but The King wasn’t going to let him get away that easily. As Murray approached, Dusk was searching around under the ring curtain, and when Andy grabbed his shoulder, The Lost Soul swung around and cracked Murray across the head with a trash can lid!

Andy stumbled backwards, but Dusk was feeling too much pain in his ribs to follow-up immediately. He stayed down for a moment or two, but fortunately Andy Murray was seeing butterflies, and when Dusk eventually got-up, he ducked the Scot’s looping clothesline. Dusk hit him hard on the jaw, before taking Murray’s arm and whipping him back-first into the ringside barrier!

As the crowd gasped, Dusk turned around and gathered his senses, still hurting from that ridiculous corner dropkick. Before he had any time to recover, however, Vivica suddenly flew over the top rope, sending the fans into raptures with a suicide dive!

“What a move from Valentine!” Stone said. “She’s putting her career on the line tonight in the name of retribution, Reno! She’s going to do whatever it takes to come out of this one vindicated.”

“This isn’t for the frail, Stoner! Relentless, hard-hitting action is all she’s going to face. If she can’t stand the heat she needs to get out of the kitchen, this isn’t for the feint of heart!!”

It takes her a moment or two, but Valentine was to her feet just as Dusk started rising. As the champ reached a knelt position, Vivica kicked him hard in the chest with her right boot, then again, and again. Dusk did all he could to block, but when he covered his left side, Valentine stung his right. Her intensity was unparalleled as she laid into her former tag partner, before taking a step back, and burying a knee into the side of his head!

Dusk fell onto all fours, and Vivica came forward again to punt him square in the gut. Before he could continue, however, Andy Murray pulled her round by the shoulder. She was ready to throw an elbow instinctively, but hesitated with The King bearing down on her. Her eyes narrowed and she wound back back, bit her lip, and clenched up.

“Go on!” Reno said. “Pull the trigger!”

“She’s having second thoughts here…” Stone commented as he watched the scene unfold.

“This is the Underground!” Reno shouted, “There are not room for friends! You take everything you have and you crush it into a ball of violence and then you shove it down his throat! That’s what a champion does!”

The building filled with anticipation of the two fighting, but neither looked willing to throw the first blow. Just when it looked like Vivica was ready to uncoil, Dusk desperately lunged-out from the floor and pushed her into Murray! The momentum took them both backwards, and when Valentine turned around, Dusk was teeing the superkick up!


The King pushed Valentine out of the way and ate the shot right on the chin, sending him over the railing and into the crowd.

“Whoa!” Stone proclaimed. “Andy Murray just pushed Valentine out of the way!”

“What is this, date night?!” Davis steamed in frustration, “FIGHT, DAMMIT!”

“Would you stop?!”

“White knights gonna white knight, I guess. Just when you think a man is gonna start taking a fight seriously the leash is pulled and he turns into a p…”

“Valentine is back up!”

Valentine was back on her feet. She tried throwing a kick into Dusk’s torso, but Dusk blocked it and tossed her over the barricade after a quick headbutt. Valentine landed right on top of Murray, and Dusk clambered over the barricade after her. He yelled a fan away from their chair then scooped it up, pulled it overhead, and cracked it over Valentine’s back!


“Talk about a thunderclap!” Tony Stone exclaimed, “My LORD!”

Vivica rolled onto the floor, her back arched in-pain. Instead of following-up on her, however, Dusk brought the chair down hard across Andy Murray’s ribs! The Lost Soul laughed heartily, then yelled something that the cameras didn’t quite pick-up, before pulling the chair over his head again. Before he could bring it back down, however, a wobbly Valentine yanked it out of his hands. Dusk spun around and put both hands around her throat, his face a picture of pure rage as his red eyes met her cerulean blues.

Before Dusk could act further, however, Andy Murray was back on his feet, clutching his ribs. Andy clubbed Dusk hard in the back, and he fell away, releasing Valentine in the process. The King grabbed the chair from the ground and swung it with vicious intent, but Dusk ducked around the way, and Murray cracked Valentine instead! She got her hands-up to absorb much of the blow, but still went down, crashing through a choir of chairs and rolling through a meadow of black folded steel!

“WHAT A SHOT!” Stone said.

“That one issss….” Reno mocked a baseball announcer, “OUTTA HERE!”

“That wasn’t what Murray was intending at all!”

“All is fair in love and war, Stoner!” Reno said. “Do these two honestly think they can get away with not fighting each other here?! AT ALL? That had to happen eventually, better he strikes first than waiting for Valentine to get him in the back later!”

“It’s not a case of them not wanting to fight each other. I think both Murray and Valentine are very aware of what’s at stake here, and if they need to fight, they’ll fight. I just don’t think Murray wanted to smash her with a steel chair…”

“Better her than I!” Reno rebutted, “That’s how he should think.”

Angry with himself, Andy threw the chair to the floor and shouted “god-fuckin’-damnit!” While he was doing so, however, Dusk had moved behind him, wrapped his arms around his body, and drove him into the concrete with a backdrop!

With his largest challenger down, Dusk mounted, and started raining fist after fist after fist down upon the Scot. His face flush with crimson fury, Dusk was overcome by rage. All traces of the man that was once has vanished: this was a fighter full of spite and venom, concerned with little more than harming his opponent with a primal roar.

Done with the ground and pound, Dusk climbed off Andy Murray, pulled him up, and slammed his forehead down into the barrier. He threw Andy over the top, and though Murray tried to hobble away, Dusk hit him with a throat thrust, then followed-up with a facebuster to the floor.

“This is just brutal from Dusk, Reno,” said Stone.

“Damn right it is,” Davis replied, “and that’s why he’s the champion! Dusk is willing to go to lengths that Andy Murray just isn’t, and Murray’s gonna be lucky to walk out of here own his own accord, let alone with his arm raised.”

Dusk had seized Murray by the back of the head, and he was dragging him back towards the ring. After rolling his opponent under the bottom rope, Dusk followed him inside, then made the cover.



The King powered his shoulder off the mat, and Dusk rose to his feet, unperturbed. This time, however, his wits were about him and out of the corner of his eye he caught Vivica J. Valentine leaping from the top rope and nailed her on the way down with an elbow to the sternum! That blow knocked the life out of Vivica, and a clothesline took them both over the top rope!

Dusk smirked at his downed opponent on the floor and kicked at her with mocking gentleness, then leaned down, and slapped her clean across the cheek. The crowd jeered, but not for long. Andy Murray slid out of the ring and floored Dusk with a huge Lariat! He was still hurting himself, though, and slumped down to the floor momentarily. When he recovered, Andy moved over to the corner where he’d left the cricket bat, and wrapped his hand around its group.

“Things are about to get serious!” Tony Stone tried to emphasize over the roaring crowd.

“Looks like Andy Murray is trying to hit his second homer of the night after sending Valentine’s skull halfway to Disney World!” Reno chirped in.

“That’s a Cricket Bat not a….” Stone tried to correct his partner, “Nevermind.”

Dusk had grabbed the trashcan lid while on the ground, but when he stood-up and swing it at Murray, Andy used to bat to knock it away from The Lost Soul! Instead of using a weapon against an unarmed foe, Murray kneed him in the gut, dropped the bat, and tried to roll Dusk in the ring. Dusk countered with a blatant blow blow, however, then took to the back of Murray’s head, and crashed it into the ring post!

“See!” Reno said. “Just when Murray had a chance to kill Dusk with the ‘cricket’ bat, he went back to shiny-happy soft-ass nice guy wrestling instead. This is why he isn’t the champion, and this is why he WILL fail tonight, Stoner.”

Having rolled Murray back into the ring, Dusk paced back and forth, letting The King get to his feet on his own accord.

“He’s setting him up for Lights Out!”

Growing impatient, Dusk called-on Andy to get up. Just as Murray was about to turn around, however, VJV rolled into the ring, charged, and cracked Dusk with a Busaiku Knee Kick! She instinctively went for the cover…




“Uh-oh!” Stone said.

Vivica rose to her feet, and got right in Andy Murray’s face. “Why--” she started.

But The King didn’t let her finish. “This was MY match…”

Valentine gave a sideways glance.

“No.” Vivica snarled, “This is MY fight now.”

She clenched a fist.

But before the duo could finally come to blows, Dusk clobbered Andy Murray from behind, then rolled Valentine up, peeled her off the ground, and tried a deadlift! Before he could suplex her down, however, Andy kicked him from behind and pulled him around.

Unfortunately, Dusk was a split-second quicker.


“Down goes Andy Murray!” Stone said. “But wait! Here comes Valentine!”

A swift roundhouse saw Valentine’s boot meet Dusk’s face! The move set him to the ropes, and Valentine run to the opposite side, rebounding back, and hit him with a running high knee! The Lost Soul fell to his knees, allowing Valentine time to hit a Shining Wizard! Dusk fell to the mat, Valentine hopped to the ropes, and flew back with a springboard Phoenix Splash! The crowd went ballistic!

“Big move from Vivica J. Valentine!” Stone said. “Can she win it here?!”

“She’s fighting like a woman possessed tonight, that’s for sure!”

“Nobody’s really been able to gain a foothold in this one other than the champion, but such is the nature of three-way match-ups! With Murray down, Vivica has a great chance to capitalise, and gain a measure of revenge on her villainous former tag partner!”

Valentine looked to go for the pin, but instead peeled Dusk off the mat and wrapped an arm around his throat, wrenched it backwards and made a cut throat motion across her own neck. The Bulletproof Blonde held the Dragon Sleeper for a few moments with a brazen look of fiery intensity, before flipping over the top…

(Dragon Sleeper into a Somersault Cutter)

Dusk hit the mat hard, and Valentine went for the cover.




Visibly frustrated, Vivica slapped a palm down into the mat, before eventually rising-up and guiding Dusk with her. She whipped him to the ropes and collided with him on the rebound, throwing a single-leg dropkick into his face and somersaulted through. Dusk fell back against the ropes again and let himself fall to the mat so he could roll-out and recover some lost breath.

The King, meanwhile, was already on the outside and moving towards his hated foe. He was blind to what was happening in the ring, however, and blinded by his quest to make Dusk pay, Andy totally missed Vivica J. Valentine leaping over the top rope.

Dusk, on the other hand, did not. He pulled Andy in front of the tope, and the Scot went down like a sack of potatoes.

“She just cleared the rope!” Reno Davis exclaimed, “How does she do that?! She’s like five feet tall!”

“Incredible athleticism once again from Valentine,” Stone said, “but Murray is getting absolutely abused out there!”

“He’s taken some of the match’s most high-impact moves, that’s for sure.”

“Andy’s landed a couple himself, but he needs to find a way to work back into this one! It’s been a rapid-fire match, but The King’s quickly losing ground here!”

Andy wasn’t the only one feeling it, though. Valentine landed awkwardly. She’d aimed for Dusk, but met Murray, and with the duo sprawled out on the floor together, Dusk slowly rose to his feet, laughing.

The Underground Champion kicked-out at Andy Murray. “Is that all you got?!” he screamed, before turning his attentions towards Valentine. “And you! You… should’ve known better.”

He reached down and slowly pulled Valentine to her feet. Dusk appeared to have positioned himself for a backdrop or a German suplex, with Valentine countered with a Pele kick! It’s enough to send Dusk to one knee, and Vivica took him by the waistband before rolling him back under the bottom rope.

Inside, Valentine went back to work with a fury of kicks. She hit his torso hard as he was rising, then again, and again! Tiny sledgehammer shots landed in succession on Dusk before he fell to all fours. Valentine ran to the ropes, hopped-up on the rebound, and curb stomped his face into the mat. The a roar of the crowd followed…




“How’d he kick out from that?!” Tony Stone proclaimed, “She just smashed Dusk’s face flat as a pancake!”

“That’s the will of a champion, Stoner!”

Now firmly in control of the match, Vivica rose to her feet and ran her fingers through her freshly dyed pink and blonde locks. The tide had turned firmly in her favour, and she could sense victory in the air. She circled her downed opponent a couple of times, calling him to get to his feet, and Dusk slowly rose. When he was almost up, Vivica went to the ropes again, but Dusk popped her into the air on the rebound!

Before he could complete the Powerbomb, however, Valentine pounded her fist down into his skull a couple of times, threw her torso down, and executed a perfect Hurricanrana. The move stung Dusk’s back, and while he did his best to get back up, he couldn’t avoid what came next…

(Step-up Enziguri to the face!)

“NO!” Reno David cried out as the fans jumped to their feet. The Lost Soul slumped to the mat as Valentine’s finisher connected, and she hooked the leg! The crowd screamed along with the count.





Andy Murray came-in with only a split second to spare and again pulled Valentine off of Dusk! Just when she had the match won, Vivica had been denied.

Knowing exactly what happened, VJV rose to her feet.

This time, there’d be no messing around.

This time, she lept-up, spun around, and nailed Murray with an elbow.

And another.

And another.







The dual chant erupted as Andy absorbed the blows. He stumbled backwards. Valentine came forward and tried to crack him again, but enough was enough. As she charged forward, Andy tossed her into the air…

(Pop-Up European Uppercut)

“AND SHE’S GONE!” Reno Davis screamed in joy, “Thank GOD! I’ve been waiting all night to see this!”

“The truce is done! Andy Murray is in it to win it!”

With Valentine down, Andy moved over to the fallen Dusk and put his arms around his waist. Applying the gutwrench, The King deadlifted him off the mat, then suplexed him down again! He maintained his grip, however, and after rolling over, Andy rose back to his feet and delivered another gutwrench suplex!

Dusk was out for the count at this point, but Murray wasn’t done yet. A third rolling suplex all but flattened him.

(Three Rolling Gutwrench Suplexes)

At this point, Andy hooked the leg.




Valentine broke it up, but she was still a little wobbly from the uppercut. She stomped away on Murray, but couldn’t stymie his rise, and when she went for the body kick, Andy caught it. He used his leverage and power to bring her down to the mat with a Dragon Screw, before throwing himself down on her, securing the arms, and tying her up in an Anaconda Vice!

Desperate to end the match, Andy wrenched as tightly as he could. Vivica kicked and struggled against the hold, but Murray was too strong, and his technique was too precise. She was just starting to run out of gas when….


Dusk cracked Murray across the back of the head with the cricket bat!

“How is he still in this thing?!” Tony Stone exclaimed, “What does it take to keep the Underground Champion down?!”

“That man could kick out of a car crash!” Reno Davis touted.

Both of his opponents were down, but Dusk was far from comfortable on his feet. The match had taken a toll on him, and he needed a few moments to recover. Instead of following-up, he went to the outside and started rummaging around under the ring for a few moments. When he emerged, he pulled-out a set of handcuffs and hoisted them high in the air.


“What is he planning on doing with those?” Stone questioned, “Who is the target?”

“I’ll tell you what he’s going to do, Stoner.” Reno said, “End this.”

Dusk wasted no-time in getting back inside and immediately securing one side of the cuffs around Valentine’s wrist, before picking her up from the mat, and fastening the other side around the top rope. With his former tag partner secured, The Lost Soul pulled her head back with a handful of hair, and punched her in the jaw with his free hand. Her body fell lifeless to the mat, held up only by the handcuff that secured her wrist.

The King, meanwhile, was stirring on the mat. Dusk wouldn’t allow him to get back up. He picked Murray up, stifled him with a knee to the gut, then pulled him over to the opposite side of the ring. Without a second set of handcuffs, Dusk pulled the top and middle ropes together, slid Murray’s tree-trunk arms between them, then wrapped them around. The Scot was utterly stuck, and there was nothing he could do as Dusk planted his knuckles into his forehead over and over again.

With jeers reigning down, Dusk moved back to Valentine. He screamed something at her, then punched her just as hard as he’d been striking Murray. With VJV reeling, Dusk took a step back, then surged forward with a big boot she was powerless to avoid.

“Oh c’mawwwwwwn!” Tony Stone shouted in disgust, “She’s tied up and barely conscious! What do you have left to prove here, Dusk?!”

Instead of striking again, Dusk pulled an arm across her windpipe and yanked back with a rear naked choke. Having already suffered an Anaconda Vice, Valentine’s face turned a deep shade of red. She flailed her arms around trying to break the hold, but she was still attached to the rope, and there was little she could do.

The Underground Champion wasn’t done having fun just yet, though. He let Valentine go. She fell to her knees, and Dusk booted her clean across the face sending her back down to the mat, before walking back to Andy Murray.

A closed fist landed flush on Murray’s nose.

THAT is for sticking your nose in my business!”


THAT is for manipulating her!”


THAT is for daring to think you belong in a ring with me!”

… and one more for good measure.

“And THAT is because I fucking hate you.”

Dusk spat on the mat after landing the final punch. The King slumped forward, his head bowed, but the camera was close enough to pick up his hoarse voice.

“Fuck. You.”

This brought a smile to Dusk’s face.

“Oh, how very defiant of you…”


“I think you’ve forgotten WHERE THE FUCK YOU ARE.”

Dusk drove a knee up into Murray’s face, busting his nose open. Crimson splattered everywhere, and Dusk’s grin only grew further. Dusk put both hands around Murray’s neck and squeezed tightly, turning to Vivica J. Valentine as he strangled the Scot’s life away. She stood near the corner now, desperate just to get free. Like a trapped animal, her eyes screamed of a woman in survival mode.

“This is getting very dark, Reno.” Tony Stone said plainly, “This match needs to end before someone gets killed out here.”

“Pay attention!” Dusk snapped. She was still trying frantically to break free, but Valentine looked-up and saw her former tag partner doing his best Albert DeSalvo act on her former life partner.

“When you’re lying in the hospital tonight, I want you to remember THIS moment!” Dusk screamed across the ring at her. Valentine gritted her teeth together and reached out across the ring with her free arm, but of course, it got her absolutely nowhere.

Dusk could only laugh in response, and he went back to physically abusing Andy Murray.




The closed fists hit harder and harder. Eventually, Dusk tired of straight-up bludgeoning The King, and took a few steps back, looking for the Superkick.

That’s when the top rope collapsed.

“What in the world?!” Reno Davis shouted in confusion. “There’s no way!”

Andy Murray fell forward onto the canvas, but Dusk spun around on his heels. While his back was turned, Valentine had used her brain. She’d gone over to the corner, unscrewed the top turnbuckle, and slackened the entire set of ropes. Before this could compute with Dusk, VJV was in his face, leaping at him with a forearm and blasting him with shot after shot!

She chipped away at The Lost Soul as if he were a giant tree. After a couple of stinging blows to the thigh, Dusk fell to one knee.

VJV backed-off. Dusk was primed and ready for a second Raise the Alarm, and she was setting it up. She pointed her right hand down at Dusk’s skull like a gun, ready for the kill.

Valentine charged…


Down went Vivica J. Valentine! Dusk laughed, but when he turned back around, Andy Murray was in his face with a European Uppercut, followed-up by a Roaring Elbow! Dusk fell to the mat, Murray covered…




“This is insanity!” Tony Stone was still trying to wrap his brain around the series of events but his confusion didn’t keep the match from continuing down this frantic pace.

The King didn’t hesitate. He got to his feet and took Dusk with him, before scooping him up and draping him over his shoulder. Before he could complete the Highland Hangover, however, Dusk slid out the back, pulled Murray around, and thumbed him in the eye again! Without hesitation, Dusk threw Murray overhead with a German Suplex!

The champion spent some time on the canvas, but after recovering his breath, he rolled out of the ring and retrieved one of his steel chairs. Going back inside, Dusk stood over Murray, and bashed the chair’s edge down into the mat.

Andy was getting to his feet slowly but surely.

“Come on!” Dusk yelled, slamming the chair down again.

Andy grabbed the rope for support. He was oblivious.


He pulled himself to his knees, Murray, then slowly to his feet.

Slowly, Andy turned around.

Dusk pulled the chair overhead.



… and brought it down across the diving Vivica J. Valentine’s skull!


“NO!” Tony Stone screamed, terrified as her body fell limp at Andy Murray’s feet. He was wide-eyed: stunned, just like his opponent.

Valentine had taken the shot for him.

“My God.” Reno Davis was even speechless as Valentine just laid on the canvas, lifeless.

“Not like that.” Stone denied.

Everything seemed to stand still, if only for a moment, neither man knew quite what to do. It was Dusk who snapped out of it first, and he swung a second shot at Murray. Fortunately, The King ducked, booted Dusk in the gut, and followed-up with a slow forearm.

Dusk answered. Murray fired back. Soon, the duo were trading tired blows in the middle of the ring.

Dusk landed three in a row. He squatted.

Threw the Superkick!

Murray grabbed his boot, threw it down, and damn near took Dusk’s head-off with a Lariat!

Andy fell momentarily, feeling the accumulation of blows from when he was trapped in the ropes, but he knows he won’t get a better shot than this. With Valentine unconscious, Murray hauled Dusk off the ground, grabbed his wrist, and pulled him onto his shoulders.

He held him in the air, but only for a moment or two.

(Wrist-Clutch Death Valley Driver!)

Dusk’s head, neck and shoulders took the brunt of the impact. His body fell in a lifeless heap, and Murray made the cover.





The bell ring. We had a new Underground Champion. EMTs who were waiting at ringside immediately rushed the ring as “Rise” by The Cult hit the airwaves, and Andy Murray pulled himself up from the mat. The championship belt was thrust in his hands and an arm was raised in the air as his name was read-out, but he didn’t bask for too long.

“We have a new champion, but this certainly doesn’t feel like victory.” Tony Stone worried, “Vivica J. Valentine hasn’t moved an inch since she took that shot to the head. After what we just saw, I don’t even know what to say.”

“Valentine played the martyr and saved Andy Murray’s career, Stoner.” Reno chimed in, “He was a goner. This match was over until she threw himself in front of him. Talk about white knighting, Dusk almost fought off two challengers tonight but… you have to wonder what condition Vivica is in. I don’t approve of her tactics or her beliefs, but the last thing we want to see in an LoC ring is the end of a career.”

Behind him, Vivica J. Valentine was already undergoing medical attention, and her well-being became his immediate concern. The Scot walked across, still utterly astonished at what had transpired, but he couldn’t get close. A medic asked The King to step back and let them do their job, and he obliged.

He watched carefully for a few moments, he never took his eyes off of his fallen former lover, but there was nothing Andy could do to help her. Meanwhile, the crowd was buzzing all around him. The Arena of Champions had seen Dusk eat some comeuppance, and slowly, Murray became lost in the moment.

Turning around, he looked at his own bloody reflection in the LoC Underground Championship before he hoisted the title high into the air, then draped it over his shoulder proudly.

The war was over.

All hail the king.

Winner: Andy Murray via Pinfall, NEW Underground Champion!


Featuring: The House & Angelica Brooks

Location: Backstage

“All right, fans we have one match left go! We still have the main event for the Legacy title to come, but first we’re going to take it backstage to Angelica Brooks. Angelica?”

The scene shifted to the backstage area where Angelica Brooks was in front of the interview set with the familiar LoC backdrop behind her.

“Hello everybody,” Angelica said. “We’ve received word that this time has been requested and I have with me at this time the entire collective known as … the House!”

The camera panned back a little and standing right there in the set were all five members of the House! “Big Slick” Derrick Huber and Adam Roebuck walked in first followed by Zane Roebuck, Charlotte Huber and now the former Relentless champion Kaus. Charlotte Huber looked pretty happy with her own victory along with that of the House while Zane Roebuck and Kaus stood in front of them. Kaus looked a little bit apathetic but Zane somehow remained his normal smarmy self.

“Hi, I’m Zane Roebuck!” he said as he popped the cap off his beer. “You may know me from such charity cases as me deciding I’m too good for the Flyweight championship and offering moral support to Auntie C, Uncle D, Daddy Dearest and Cousin K! That’s the biggest gift of all, Angelica … my very presence!”

Angelica wanted to slap that stupid smirk off his face but she was a lady and a professional first.

“Well … first things first, out of all the matches the House have had, you were split down the middle. What about your match earlier, Zane?”

Derrick patted him on the back.

“You heard the boy, Angelica,” said Big Slick. “Moral support! He’s still one of us, he’s still part of a winning team and that’s us! Scott Riktor tried to make our first LoC Tag title defense a gauntlet match but at the end of it, who was standing tall, Angie?”

“Um …” she looked off to the side, but Derrick continued.

“Answer the question, hon!” scolded Charlotte Huber.

“Well … you did.” She said flatly.

“That’s right, we did,” said Derrick before taking a sip of beer. “The House have proven time and time again we’re not only the most powerful tag team in professional wrestling but we also have the future of the business in our camp! Kaus DESTROYED that little shit, Graham Youngblood, every step of the way and it took him like four tries to finally beat Kaus once.” Kaus nodded in agreement next to him with Derrick addressing his nephew. “Zane … earlier tonight you came through with Big Bucks and I needed you. That’s why we have a gift for you. From this moment going forward … we are hereby declaring that you are now one-third of the LoC Tag Team champions!”

Zane’s eyes lit up like a kid opening presents Christmas morning.

“Ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod! Uncle D! No fooling? We’re going to be freebirding these belts?”

“Nope …” Huber corrected him. “We’re going to be HOUSING these championships. We’re the House, we make the rules and your father and I would like you to help carry on the legacy of dominant tag teams by being our third man!”

“You’ve earned it, son,” said Adam Roebuck.


Derrick chuckled. “And if Riktor has anything to say about it … well, we don’t give a shit, do we Kaus?”

“Nope,” said Kaus. “Angelica … tonight the lot of us were put into matches we were forced to participate in. Derrick and Adam had to put their titles on the line in a gauntlet for their first title defense! Charlotte and Sarah had to fight Daryn Thompson and Mary Lynn Mayweather! For the umpteenth time this year … I’ve had to humor Scott Riktor’s little pet project Graham Youngblood.”

A cross look now appeared on his face as he looked right into the camera.

“Graham … congratulations. You did it. You pulled off the upset of the century, but let’s look at the record books. Who has won more matches in our rivalry this year? Me! Who has made that Relentless title a prize worthy of being won? Me! It’s easy for you to win against me when you keep begging and pleading with Riktor for more opportunities against me until you’re finally lucky enough win one. I’m sick of this crap. I’m sick of Riktor’s favoritism and I’m sick of the way he steers the helm of this ship. He allows idiots like Jonathan Conspiracy to run amok after he almost tanked this place. JCON was an egocentric piece of garbage, but that window-licker Scott Riktor makes Donald Trump look like Neil DeGrasse Tyson. That’s why we’re going to do something about it!”

Angelica paused for a moment before asking her next question. “What does that mean?”

Kaus took a cold, cold breath and then answered, “It means that we're through indulging the past. We wanted this time because the House are declaring that we are done dealing with the past. Blips on the radar like Graham Youngblood are just that … blips. Now we’re all about LoC’s future and that future involves us standing at the top! And we're going to start making moves VERY VERY SOON.

The LoC Faithful were not happy with that declaration and they voiced their opinions with jeering, but Kaus continued speaking.

“I don’t care what anybody thinks about how we do what we do in that ring. We’re a family first,” he said. “and family has each other’s backs. We don’t play by LoC’s rules – we play by ours. People like us have been ignored for the longest time in favor of relics like Lindsay Troy, has-beens like Providence and Jeremy Ryan, freak-show comedy acts like Shawn Jessica Hart throwing human ejaculate on people’s faces … and of course, undeserving champions like Jack Harmen and the rest of his team with the stupid name that I’m not even going to lower myself enough to say out loud.”

Kaus waved his hand and Big Slick pulled a six-pack from off sides. He reached out and handed out beers to everybody. The Roebucks, Charlotte Huber and Kaus all took a bottle and held it out.

“It’s time that we look ahead, guys … it’s time that we look to the future!

“TO THE FUTURE!!!” all five said in unison.

The House clinked their bottles together and all took a drink. They touched bottles a second time and the scene moved on.


Featuring: Andy Murray & Lindsay Troy

Location: Gorilla Position

The ICONS main event for the Legacy Title was, literally, minutes away, but time had been crawling for Andy Murray since the end of his own match for the Underground belt.

The big Scot hadn’t wandered far from the gorilla position since his contest completed. He stood a ways down a side hallway, not wanting to be in anyone’s way, but not wanting to go far because Vivica hadn’t yet been taken from the ringside area. The Legacy title hopefuls had started gathering; he could see JCON and his cronies laughing and sneering. He assumed Jeremy Ryan and Sonny Silver were somewhere nearby, and figured that Silver was probably talking the big Mainer down from ripping Conspiracy’s spine out before they even got to the ring; a task easier said than done. The same could be said for Jack Harmen and Mary-Lynn Mayweather, on all fronts, but where Jeremy Ryan would at least listen to Sonny Silver the same could not always be said for the Lunatic and the Tiny Attorney.

He felt, more than he heard, a presence approach his left flank. Andy looked over his shoulder and saw Lindsay Troy standing there; a silent vision in white ring attire with blue and gold piping. New gear for new opportunities. She looked poised, serious; her facial expression immovable. She handed him a balled-up black t-shirt and motioned to his blood-caked face. A flash of something darted across her eyes as she did. Worry. Dread.

“Thanks,” The King said, almost whispering. Though his heart was still beating at a rate of naughts, he was still breathless from the Underground Title match. Andy pressed the tee under his nose, dabbing away the excess blood. The LoC Underground Championship slid off from his sweaty shoulder, but caught it on the way down. “Did you see that?” he asked.

Troy inhaled, held her breath for a second or two, then slowly released it. “I did,” she said, and looked up ahead at the gathering crowd by Gorilla. LoC Staff had started hovering. “They bring her through yet?”

He shook his head. “Nope. Already took him through, but screw that.” Andy pushed the rag back to his nose, his eyes darting back and forth as he hastily scanned his surroundings. “This doesn’t make any goddamn sense to me. None of it.”

“It makes perfect sense to me, unfortunately.” Lindsay offered up a small, somber smile. “Viv’s equal parts stubborn and foolhardy, pops her mouth off and wants no help...but she cares too much about the people in her life when the chips are down like they were at that moment. Even though she’s told you off in the weeks before.”

“I should know of all this, but Christ.” He shook his head. “Gets me every time.” Andy sighed as deeply as his winded state allowed. “Well, whatever. At least I closed one door tonight.”

Troy motioned down to the Underground strap. “And opened another.”

“Right.” Murray tapped his new strap. “Gonna take a week or two to get Dusk’s stench out of it, but I think I can live with that.” He pulled the belt from his shoulder, then glared at his own reflection. “I should probably be happier at the moment.”

“I think you’re feeling exactly what you need to be feeling, given the circumstances. The chances of anyone coming out of that match on a high with those stakes was slim.”

The sea of people up ahead parted as EMTs wheeled a stretcher through the backstage curtain.

“Wasn’t that long ago when I held that title,” Troy continued. “And we know the prices I paid for my victories. Your battles are just beginning, Andy. I know you know that.”

“Heh, yeah. Can’t wait to see what fate this wonderfully accursed belt has in store for me. I ca--” he abandoned his next sentence mid-word. The commotion caught his peripheral vision, and he spun around.

Calling for space as they shuttled down the corridor, the medics dragged the stretcher through gorilla and towards the former and current Underground Champion. They both knew who the occupant was, but the pink and black ring gear confirmed it. The King had to stop himself from walking in front of the EMTs, such was his disquiet.

Though well-secured in the stretcher (neck brace and all), Vivica J. Valentine had her wits about her enough to flash her friends the weakest of thumbs-up as she passed by.

Andy’s eyes followed the group’s journey down the corridor for a few seconds. “Lindsay,” he said, “please affirm that going to the hospital with them right now would be a terrible life decision.”

“Speaking from experience…” the Queen’s voice trailed off, remembering a time seven years prior when she was in Murray’s position and the situation was much more dire. She didn’t want to go there, not now, so she steadied herself. “...they’ve got her stable. You could find out where they’re taking her, then get your stuff, gather yourself, and go meet them there. Leave word where she’ll be and I’ll be along when I’m done dancing with the boys for the Legacy belt.”

“Good idea, I need a drink anyway,” he said, then patted his belt. “Double celebration later?”

“Triple. Golden Oldie skinned the Grumpy Cat. That’s worthy of a toast too.”

“Montell, how could I forget?” he shrugged. “Must be that Curse kicking in. Go get that big belt, boss.”

“Think I will,” she said with a smirk. “‘Lady Legacy’ has a nice ring to it…”

Troy patted him on the shoulder and jogged off down the corridor. Andy nodded to himself as she left and the camera cut away.


Stipulation: First Fall to Finish

Referee: Darius Underwood

“Since Only the Strong, Jack Harmen, our Legacy Champion, has tried his best to be a defending champion.” Tony Stone started to speak, over a graphic for the ICONS main event that you can see above. “He fought Lindsay Troy at Legends 21. He defended the championship against Jeremy Ryan at Underground. And through all that, Harmen has not been able to successfully defend his championship, one two three in the middle of the LoC ring. Mostly, because of the final man in this fatal fourway we haven’t yet mentioned, JCON.”

“And how could we get this far without mentioning the constant thorn in everyone’s side?” Reno replied. “Given carte blanche by the shadowy board of mysterious directors who are mysterious,” You could tell Reno was smirking as he said it. “JCON has caused most of our Legacy Championship matches to end in nefarious ways.”

“JCON interfered during Harmen/Troy for the title. He did the same thing with Harmen/Ryan. And when he was about to lose to Harmen and lose his place at ICONS, he had his personal errand boys the Jury interfere to send the match to yet another no contest.”

“Tonight, as much as JCON, the Jury, and the Board want it all to be about JCON, it ISN'T," Reno continued. "Jeremy Ryan, my personal pick to win this, is a HOSSFITING MONSTER. And who knows what tricks Lindsay Troy will have up her sleeve? I give her crap because me ripping on the ho hum ladyfites is what I do, but I'll give her credit: you don't hold onto the Underground Title for over a year if you're a no-talent slouch who can't get creative and think on their feet."

“The odds aren’t in any of our competitors' favor, Reno. This is going to be a wild one, that's for sure."

”Tom Ford” by Jay-Z”

The entire LoC crowd turned on the entrance and showered down boos. First out from the back were the three members of the Jury, Duzza shouting like a hype man while Statuz Quo and Khadafi stood like silent soldiers. Parting them like the red sea was JCON, dressed in his finest shiny wrestling attire imaginable. Sweet Aroma dangled off his arm like a clingy girlfriend. They each matched their traditional color of blue, as the Jury wore the CONgregation official Blue Hoodie, available in the LoC Shop.

“JCON has lied, cheated, and stolen his way to a shot at the Legacy championship.” Tony Stone said. “I can’t personally wait for someone to finally put him in his place.”

JCON and Sweet Aroma then lead the way to ringside, mostly ignoring the fans. Only Duzza interacted with them, egging them on to strike him and then rushing away when worried they may actually do so. JCON reached ringside, and then helped Sweet Aroma into the ring by holding the ring ropes open. The Jury entered behind him, and while Duzza ran around the ring like a maniac, Statuz and Khadafi stood like bodyguards behind the ever pompous and confident Jonathan Conspiracy. JCON lightly patted Aroma on her ass and the rest of the CONgregation exited the ring as…

Single spotlight on the ramp and with it came the lowering of the OLD SKOOL MIC that could only belong to one man… nay, a manager… no, the LAST REAL MANAGER IN THE SPORT. It was cupped in the hands of its owner as the form appeared.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you the man that will SINGLE-HANDLEDLY become YOUR Legacy Champion tonight! He is not only The Last Real Man In The Sport, he is also YOUR Only The Strong 2016 winner and YOUR Last Real Man Standing! At 272 of the most ass-whomping, poser-stomping pounds y’all ever dun saw… THIS… IS… JEREMY… RYANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!

“A Man” by Cypress Hill.

The opening riffs of the music blared over the PA and out came the REAL #1 Contender to the Legacy Championship. Jeremy Ryan stood at the top of the ramp and raised both arms into the sky, letting out a roar that was reciprocated in kind by the LoC Faithful! The Only The Strong winner unzipped his jacket and stormed to the ring while Sonny threw the OLD SKOOL MIC away and headed there too, high-fiving Jeremy Ryan. Ryan threw his hoodie to Sonny and stepped into the ring as he watched JCON stare directly at him.

“Jeremy Ryan means BUSINESS!” Stone said. “Look at him! He’s run like a truck through whoever has been put in front of him! He’s mowed through twenty-nine other men and women to win Only The Strong 2016, he’s defeated JCON twice in the past few weeks, former Legacy Champion Brandon Thomas and back on Underground, some speculated he MAY have been able to beat Jack Harmen for the Legacy Title had it not been for JCON and The CONgregation!”

“He got SCREWED, Stoner!” Reno said pointedly. “He and Sonny have been diplomatic for the most part with Troy and Harmen, but tonight that ends. And when Jeremy Ryan wants something, you bet your ass he gets it.”

The former jOlt World Champion faced off with JCON and Sonny kept his protege back.

“Soon… then whoop his fucking ass…” Sonny said.

Ryan’s music faded out as they waited for the final two parts of tonight’s puzzle.

“Trampled Under Foot” by Led Zeppelin.

That all-too familiar clavinet intro blasted through the Arena of Champions and the crowd roared to its feet. Cell phone screens and camera flashes began illuminating the blackness, and white, gold, and blue pyro exploded from the stage like cannon fire.

Normally this is where the Queen of the Ring would throw the curtain aside with a flourish and stride out to the platform all cocky and showy. But despite how she left things with Andy Murray a few minutes ago, a very serious thing had happened at the end of the Underground Title match and Lindsay Troy needed to not let that shift her focus from the very tall order, and the very big opportunity, in front of her.

"We haven't seen anyone like Lindsay Troy come through the Arena of Champions before, Reno," Stone commented. "She's been one of LoC's most consistent competitors since the doors reopened last January, nevermind being the first woman ever to hold the Underground Title. We could see history be made again tonight if she comes out of this with the Legacy title."

"This won't be easy for her, though." Reno chuckled. "She may have fought every kind of competitor out there, and may have survived hossfites and hardcore brawls and high flyers and submission specialists, but she's about to contend with three at the same time. That's not easy, no matter who you are."

At the bottom of the ramp, Troy jumped flat-footed onto the apron and slipped in-between the ropes, foregoing her customary flip over the top rope. She shot daggers at JCON and nodded at Ryan, who returned the gesture. Then she turned her attention to the entrance way.

“And here comes the champ!” Tony Stone shouted.

”ALL ABOARD~! AH HA HA HA Ha Ha ha ha…”

Smoke rose from the entrance rampway. The percussion instruments echoed through the arena. As the guitar picked up, Jack Harmen emerged from the backstage area, disappaiting the smoke and illuminated by a single spotlight. As always, the plucky Tiny Attorney, Mary-Lynn Mayweather was by his side, a little worse for the wear after her tag team matchup earlier this evening against Charlotte and Sarah Winterton. Harmen looked at her, nodded his head and made sure she was ready, before he stormed down the ramp and toward the ringside area.

“Jack Harmen had done everything he can to be a defending champion.” Tony Stone said. ”Perhaps tonight is the night he gets his wish.”

“Or it’s his last chance to do exactly what he wanted Stone-Hedge.” Reno replied. “Lindsay Troy, Jeremy Ryan, and the CONgregation are not going to make it easy, yet alone possible!”

Harmen reached the edge of the entrance ramp, and stood wide legged. He patted the Legacy championship around his waist twist before raising his hands in his trademark Devil Horn taunt. He quickly rushed up the steel steps, and then into the ring, unstrapped the championship and raising it high for all to see.

“This next match, is scheduled for one fall, and is for the Legacy Championship!” Huge cheers. “Introducing the first challenger, from Brooklyn, New York and weighing in at 201 pounds, is the your former Commissioner, the Conspiracy Theorist himself, J – “ Brad Arnold was grabbed by the lapel of his jacket. He nodded toward Jonathan. “Mister ONE LETTER BETTER...JAAAAYYYYY-COOOONNNNNNNNN!”

JCON dropped Arnold and raised his hands to a chorus of boos. He walked to Sweet Aroma in his corner as she consoled him and rubbed his chest. The Jury and Duzza on the outside told him not to worry, focus on the match at hand.

“The second challenger, accompanied by the legend Sonny Silver,” Silver scoffed and yelled, “I already did this part!” to which Brad returned with a look that said, Yeah, but I still have to get a paycheck, before he continued... “The winner of the Only the Strong Match, the Last Real Man in this sport… hailing from Bangor, Maine, and weighing in at two hundred and seventy-two pounds… Jeremy, RYAAAAAN!”

Jeremy Ryan stood stone faced. The only movement was his neck cracking from side to side.

“The third challenger, a former Underground champion… hailing from Tampa, Florida and weighing in tonight at 188 pounds… the QUEEN OF THE RING….LIIINNNNDDDSSAAAAYYYY TRRRRROOOOYYYYYYYY!”

Troy, like Ryan, stood stock still, ready to go.

“And their opponent, hailing from his winter home of Los Angeles, California… weighing in tonight at two hundred and twenty-four pounds… he is your CURRENT, LEEEEEGAAAAACY CHAMPION…. The WIIILLLDCAAARD… JACK. HAAAAARMEN!”

Jack swan-dived back first onto the ring apron, and with the championship in one hand, began to do his patented imaginary snow angels to the LoC crowd’s cheers.

After a moment, Harmen stop and rose to his knees. Darius Underwood was quick to ask for the Legacy belt, which Harmen hesitated to give over. Darius then raised it to the cheering LoC crowd as Harmen pushed himself to his feet. Once there, he cracked his knuckles, and stared down across the ring at JCON, Lindsay Troy, and Jeremy Ryan.


“And we’re off!” Tony Stone shouted. “And Lindsay Troy and Jeremy Ryan bum rush JCON!”

HUGE knife edge chop by Ryan takes JCON off his feet. Troy and Ryan begin to stomp away, Sonny Silver on the outside cheering them on like a cheerleader. Jack Harmen is no longer in the ring, as Duzza and the Jury climb up onto the apron, yelling and screaming.

“Darius Underwood is going to have a hard time keeping things in order tonight,” Reno said.

From out of nowhere, Jack Harmen took a steel chair and slammed it into Statuz Quo’s head. He proceeded to whack Khadafi clear off the apron. Duzza meanwhile, eyes wide, hopped off the apron before Harmen can slam the chair into him as well. Harmen sneered and leered down at JCON’s CONgregation, as the LoC Faithful cheer wildly for the Lunatic.

”Wild-Card!” “Wild-Card!”

“Welp, that’s one way to keep order,” Tony Stone said. “Too bad Darius can’t be using weapons to contain the volatile elements on the outside of the ring.”

“Just doesn’t seem fair.”

“What? The chair shots? Or the Jury being out here?”


Darius Underwood yelled at Harmen and Jack promptly tossed the chair over the top rope. It clanged next to a perturbed Sweet Aroma. Harmen then came over to Jeremy Ryan and Lindsay Troy and watched them stomp away on JCON. After a brief pause, he joined in on the proceedings to huge cheers. As Harmen and Troy continued their stompfest, Ryan picked up a head of steam off the ropes and leapt with a running senton, crashing all his weight onto JCON’s chest. Troy followed that up with a stiff dropping elbow to the neck, as Harmen bounced off the far ropes and returned with a quick seated legdrop.

Harmen lifted JCON to his feet and tossed him off the other side. Returning, both Troy and Ryan grabbed JCON and made him come crashing down with a flapjack. JCON did his best to roll out of the ring, but Harmen caught him and lifted him by his hair. Right hand by Harmen, and JCON stumbled back into a European uppercut by Lindsay Troy. Stumbling into a hard knife edge chop that Ryan took a little steam off, so JCON would stay on his feet. Right hand from Harmen, stiff elbow from Troy, another chop from Ryan, European uppercut from Harmen, double elbow from Troy, and a FINAL HUGE resounding chop that echoed throughout the arena took JCON off his feet in the center of the ring.

“And JCON is down after being a pinball between our fan favorites.” Tony Stone said.

“Now’s the question, how long this alliance can stay together?” Reno replied. “It’s one fall to a finish, Stoner.”

Harmen looked at Ryan and Troy with hesitation, before diving on top for a pin.


Ryan deadlifted Harmen up off of JCON and let him land on his feet. Harmen shrugged as Ryan pointed down to the fallen JCON. Ryan with a kick to Harmen’s gut, and deadlift powerbombs the champion directly onto the torso of JCON.

“Looks like Harmen heard me!” Reno said.

“Well, Jack is ever the opportunist. He just may have picked his spot a bit early.”

Ryan held onto the champ, lifting him and powerbombing him a second time onto JCON. A third time, and this time Harmen fell from a jackknife position, squashing the lead member of the CONgregation and former Commish. Harmen bounced off of JCON and rolled himself completely out of the ring, falling between his manager and protégé Mary-Lynn Mayweather, and a cheering Sonny Silver.

That left Jeremy Ryan and Lindsay Troy standing tall in the ring, with JCON crumpled in a heap. The two stared at one another for a moment, before they just let loose with a barrage of kicks to JCON’s gut and shoulders to wild cheers. They lifted JCON to his feet and Ryan wrapped his bear-like arms around him before tossing him in a belly to belly suplex. JCON fell near the ropes, and was dragged out by his feet by Sweet Aroma.

“Only way JCON stays a threat in this match is if his outside helpers keep him involved, keep him healthy,” Stone said.

“Easier said than done,” Reno replied.

On the outside, Sweet Aroma tended to and helped JCON to his feet. It wasn’t long until Harmen rushed on the outside of the ring. Harmen jumped through the ring from the outside, under the bottom rope and caught JCON square in the jaw with a dropkick that sent him tumbling to the barricade. Harmen remained mostly in the ring, pulling himself to his feet. He then rushed off the far side ropes, and Jeremy Ryan stepped in his way. With a flick of Ryan’s wrists, Ryan rocket launched Harmen up and over the top rope with a cross body, taking out the recovering JCON as well as the dazed Jury with one high flying blow.

“What a double team high flying maneuver from Ryan and Harmen,” Tony started, “And here comes Troy!”

Jeremy Ryan again helped press Lindsay Troy, sending her over the top rope with a corkscrew plancha onto the recovering Jack Harmen and JCON to wild cheers. Troy looked down at the fallen Harmen, shrugged, and then grabbed JCON, tossing him into the ring. Sweet Aroma tried getting into Troy’s face before she could re-enter, but the Queen snatched a fistful of her hair and let loose with a vicious headbutt to her face. Aroma shrieked and held her face in pain.

Troy smiled toward Mary-Lynn and re-entered the ring where Jeremy Ryan was sizing up the recovering JCON. Once JCON got to his feet, Jeremy Ryan charged, caught JCON in a spear, spun, and slammed him back first into the center of the mat with a spinebuster.

“Spearbuster by Ryan!” Tony Stone shouted. “And Troy with a Standing shooting star press into a cover!”


Troy got up, just as Ryan tried to break up the fall. Troy shot Ryan a look, signifying she wasn’t done with the former Commish and wasn’t trying to win the match. Ryan dusted his hands, picked JCON up, and placed him between his legs.

(Jumping Piledriver)

“JCON’s head bounced off the canvas!” Tony Stone said.

“I know everyone hates JCON, but how is this three on one assault fair?”

At that point, the Legacy champion had climbed to the top turnbuckle, and flew with his patented ***** ½ Frogsplash. Harmen, however, stayed on top for the cover.


Jeremy Ryan quickly wrapped Harmen from his waist, and deadlifted him into a gutwrench suplex. Harmen rolled to the corner, seated, and dazily smiled toward both Ryan and Troy.

“While Troy isn’t attempting to pin JCON at this point, it looks like the champ has no reservations out of stealing a win while the three of them pick apart the CON-Man,” Reno said.

Troy reached down and grabbed JCON, hitting a straightjacket Northern Lights Suplex. Jeremy Ryan bounced off the ropes and hit JCON with yet another senton. Troy with a double underhook, into a face breaker on Conspiracy. Jeremy Ryan is on the top rope, and flew with a top rope splash, sending all 272 pounds crashing down onto JCON’s midsection.

Jeremy Ryan got off of JCON and rushed off the far side ropes, looking for another senton, but Harmen grabbed the top rope and Ryan tumbled out of the ring. Troy didn’t notice, as Harmen rushed behind her and tossed her like she was a participant in the Only the Strong match. Harmen dove on top of the down and out JCON and Darius slid into position.

“And again! Harmen looks to capitalize before either Troy or Ryan are ready for this beatdown of the former commish to end!” Tony Stone shouted. “With the cover…”



Troy yanked Harmen out of the ring by his boot.

“And Troy is none too happy, and she’s laying into Harmen!” Reno said.

Troy with a stiff right forearm to Harmen, and another, and then sent Harmen slamming shoulder-first into the steel steps. Troy slid into the ring, and sized up the downed JCON.

“Just as JCON gets to his knees, Troy is on him!” Tony Stone said. “Brings him back to the mat, she’s got him wrapped up!”

(Koji Clutch)

“JCON’s fighting it, but he’s got to feel like Rodney King right now.” Reno Stone said.

“Reno… poor taste.”

“Poor taste is this Board-approved ‘beat down’ disguised as a match. Again, how is three on one fair?”

JCON reached out for the bottom rope but he was a clear foot or two away. The LoC crowd was at a fever pitch as they watched Lindsay Troy squeeze his windpipe, locking the hold in tighter. JCON’s arm flared in the air, and then came crash…

…ing into Jeremy Ryan’s palm! Ryan grabbed his arm, not allowing the CON-Man to tap out. Once there, Ryan decided to lock JCON’s free arm into a fujiwara armbar!

“Dear God! JCON is in a WORLD of hurt! The Divine Right, and Ryan wrenching on his shoulder,” Reno said. “AND THERE COMES HARMEN!”

Off the top rope, Jack Harmen flew into the mass of bodies, breaking up both holds and causing what could only be described as a car crash in the center of the ring.

“What would have happened if JCON tapped out to both holds, Reno?” Tony said.

“We won’t have to know because Jack Harmen is a Mad Man!”

Jeremy Ryan recovered first, taking the least amount of impact from Harmen’s dive. He reached down and grabbed the Legacy champ, and placed him between his legs. With a quick lift, Ryan powerbombed the champ into the center of the ring. He held on, powerbombing Harmen a second time, and held on again. This time, he charged toward the far ropes, right where the Jury were recovering, and tossed the Legacy champ over the top rope like a lawn dart. With a Jacknife powerbomb, Harmen took out the Jury and Duzza, as Sweet Aroma freaked out and rushed away to safety.

”Holy Shit! Holy Shit!”

Jeremy Ryan snarled in the ring as the LoC crowd cheered him on.

”Last Real Man! Last Real Man!”

JCON from behind with a roll up!



Ryan powered out, just as Troy got to her feet and dove, this time hitting Jeremy Ryan with an ax handle smash. JCON saw a prone Troy, and rolled her in a crucifix pin.



Troy easily powered out, JCON unable to keep the pin held. Troy to her feet, quicker than JCON, and…

(Leg Trap Sunset Flip Powerbomb)

By Royal Decree! into a cover!” Tony Stone shouted.



BARELY broken up by Jeremy Ryan. Sonny Silver on the outside nearly had a conniption.

As Troy and Ryan stood up and stared at one another, Ryan reached in and lifted Lindsay Troy completely off her feet in a vertical press. After a moment, Troy kicked her legs and slipped down the back, rolling Ryan up in a school boy.



Kickout from Ryan. Both Troy and Ryan stood, but Lindsay was a hair quicker and caught the Bad Man from Bangor with a vicious spinning roundhouse kick that took a stunned Ryan off his feet. She gave Sonny a wink, shades of the Silver Lining’s own Corona Kick there, but the Queen didn’t notice the Wildcard on the turnbuckles. By the time she did, it was too late - a missile dropkick from Jack Harmen saw her slip completely out under the bottom rope, right next to Mary-Lynn Mayweather, who helped her to her feet.

“STOP HELPING HER!” Harmen shouted over the top rope, as Troy stood with an assist from Mary and the apron. Lindsay reached in and hooked Harmen by his ankle, dragging him outside. Harmen fought back with a few right hands, before Troy lifted Harmen in a front suplex, and then gutbuster dropped him on the outside guardrail to ’ooooohs’ from the LoC Faithful.

“Harmen should be more concerned with the state of Troy rather than the fact his protégé is helping her.” Reno said. “Eye on the ball champ, before it knocks you the fuck out.”

“Reno.” Tony Stone said. “There are kids watching.”

“There are?” Reno replied. “Well, they have bad parents.”

Troy climbed onto the apron and ate a dropkick from JCON, to wild cheers from the recovered Jury and especially his sweet beau, Sweet Aroma.

“First offense of the night from JCON it seems.”

“Hopefully the last.” Stone replied.

JCON charged off the far side ropes, and returned only for Jeremy Ryan to wrap his hands around his waist from behind in a rear waist lock just before he leapt over the top rope. Ryan spun, and then tossed JCON in a German suplex, sending him up and over the top rope and to the outside, crashing down on Lindsay Troy and Jack Harmen.

“This is just a car crash Reno. This is a mess!”

“Of course it is Stone-slab. Hasn’t that been the case for this entire past arc?”

Jeremy Ryan with a head of steam off the other side as the LoC Faithful couldn’t believe it again. Just like Legends 22, Jeremy Ryan barreled through the middle ropes with a flying forearm.

But unlike Legends 22, Jeremy Ryan missed and crashed face-first into the guardrail. JCON, Troy, and Harmen were all able to get out of the way just barely in time.

“I love me some NASCAR, Stoner!” Reno shouted.

“Jeremy Ryan may be seriously hurt. Sonny Silver’s rushing to his side, even Mary-Lynn is checking in on him…” Tony said.

The match must continue, as JCON shoved Harmen from behind into Troy, sending her sprawling into the turnbuckle post and then flipping over the steel steps. Harmen stunned, turned and was thrust face-first into the ring apron. A second attempt was blocked with Harmen’s leg before JCON ripped the eyes to blind the Lunatic. Harmen spun, clutching at his vision until JCON hit him with a neckbreaker on the outside.

Darius Underwood wasn’t sure whether he should start counting or not in the ring, and decided not to.

JCON grabbed Harmen and tossed him in under the bottom rope. He climbed up top, as the LoC fans let loose with the shrillest of jeers.

(Guillotine Leg Drop)

“Conspiracy Theory…” Tony started, “MISSES IT’S MARK! Harmen rolled out of the way!”

“God, his tailbone must be on fire.”

Front chancery roll up on the stunned JCON.



BARELY was JCON able to kick out.

Sweet Aroma leapt onto the apron and began to fiddle with the top turnbuckle pad. Darius Underwood rushed to the corner to stop her as JCON and Harmen stood. JCON shoved Harmen into Darius, and the head official of LoC took a tumble.

Harmen acted shocked, actually apologizing to Darius. With no official, JCON reached into his tights and proceeded to pull out a pair of brass knuckles. Harmen spun, and ate the knuckles straight to the jaw. Like a knockout punch, Harmen flattened on the mat.

JCON dove on top for the cover, and began to count. There was no official, until Ian Nyugen rushed out from the backstage area. He slid into the ring, and REFUSED TO COUNT.

JCON got to his feet, incredibly angry. “I’M THE CHOSEN ONE!” he shouted, before Ian pointed toward JCON’s fist, which still contained the brass knucks. It was then that JCON just PUNCHED Ian out of his boots! The LoC Faithful audibly gasped. JCON spit down at the fallen official and turned…

(Flying Double Knee Strike)

Lindsay Troy just caught the JCON square in the jaw, knocking him unconscious. As Troy looked to capitalize, the Jury rushed into the ring, Khadafi spearing Troy to the mat and Quo putting boots to her midsection as Khadafi threw rights and lefts.

The crowd booed relentlessly as the Jury began to now stomp away at the Queen. Khadafi looked up and…

Springboard Crescent kick from Mary-Lynn Mayweather, taking Khadafi stumbling out of the ring! Mary-Lynn landed on all fours, like a superhero, and charged toward Statuz Quo.

M-KICKED (Charging Yakuza Kick)

Quo flipped over the top rope and to the outside. Mary-Lynn reached down and began to help Troy, as Harmen recovered and shouted, “Stop helping her! Help me!” At which point, Mary-Lynn rushed over and helped Harmen up. A trickle of blood dripped down his forehead from the brass knuckle shot, as Harmen stomped to his feet. He grabbed JCON, and tossed him over the top rope, wrangling the middle rope so that JCON landed in a HANGMAN in between the top and middle rope.

“Ooooooh.” Reno said, squirming. “I do NOT want to be JCON right now.”

“Who does? Ever?” Stone said.

With his face turning the brightest shade of red, JCON struggled to breathe. Sweet Aroma rushed onto the apron trying to free him, as Harmen rushed off the far ropes, and returned.

(Charging Yakuza Kick)

JCON gingerly slipped through the hangman’s noose and fell, crumpled to the floor on the outside. Aroma was not so lucky. She went flying off the apron into the awaiting hands of Khadafi, and they both tumbled into the barricade.

Harmen shouted obscenities that aren’t worthy of being written or repeated at the fallen JCON on the outside, as Troy recovered and grabbed him in a rear waist lock. German suplex! Troy held on. German suplex. Troy again held on. And lift for a German… NO, TURNED INTO A POWERBOMB, center of the ring! Troy stayed on top for the pin.

“What a combination!” Tony shouted. “This could be it. New Legacy Champion… Lindsay Troy!”

Darius Underwood slowly recovered from being shoved into the corner, and crawled to make the count.



Jeremy Ryan with a diving double ax handle to break up the fall!

“My God! I thought we had a new champ!” Tony said.

“Course you did.” Reno replied. “Why you said it. I can’t believe Ryan was able to get up after he head-butted the guardrail like he did.”

Indeed, Ryan was able to break up the pin, but was moving much slower than he normally would. With Ryan down, Troy rose to her feet and threw three Muay Thai elbows directly at his potentially concussed skull. Then, she cradled Ryan with a double underhook… FINAL JUDGMENT!
(Double Underhook Front Face Plant)

...and drove him skull first into the canvas! Ryan flipped up, landing back first on the mat.




“What are these competitors going to have to do to win this match Reno? You’ve been in one of these four way dances before, haven’t you?” Tony asked.

Troy rushed to her feet, and hooked Ryan in a single leg, She began to try to turn Ryan over, looking for a single leg lock Boston crab, but Ryan powered out, sending Troy flipping over to her back. Ryan pushed himself to his feet as Troy recovered, and Lindsay caught Ryan with a beautiful Enziguri, rocking the Last Real Man in the Sport.

“You gotta be a bit lucky,” Reno replied.

Quick roll up from behind by Harmen on Troy, with a hook of the tights, exposing just a smidge. Troy kicks wildly.



Troy got a shoulder up, rolling free. Both are up to their feet, and Troy caught Harmen with a SPINNING roundhouse kick that flattened the Legacy champion.

“And you gotta hit moves like that!” Reno continued. “You gotta knock all three men down to get the fall. Or if you can separate into two pairs of one on one, you gotta hope you can pin your man before someone else pins theirs!”

She looked down at the fallen Lunatic and just shook her head from side to side. She grabbed the Lunatic by his multi-colored hair and lifted, catching him in a lungblower powerbomb! On top for the cover.



(Guillotine Leg Drop)

JCON broke up the fall with his finisher, his leg drop draping across the back of the Queen of the Ring’s neck.

As JCON leapt to his feet, shouting “I’m da man!” Jeremy Ryan recovered and barreled over him with a shoulder tackle.

“And yes. JCON seriously believes he’s…” Tony Stone audibly groaned. “Da man.”

Ryan looked down at JCON and snot rocketed onto his body, much to the dismay of Sweet Aroma and the Jury on the outside. Jeremy Ryan then lifted JCON up off the mat, and tossed him to the corner turnbuckle. Once there, Ryan laid into him with a knife edge chop, causing JCON to teeter on the top rope. And another. Another! Another! Another! And finally the last one took JCON completely off his feet, as he landed in a seated position in the corner.

“I’ve been chopped by some of the best in this industry Stone-throw…” Reno began. “But dear God almighty I’m glad I’m retired.”

The Bad Man From Bangor took a moment to shout off a bit of adrenaline, before charging and kneeing the former Commissioner square in the face. Aroma protested on the outside, as Sonny Silver shouted, “That’s the game, honey!”

Ryan grabbed JCON by his hair and Irish whipped him directly into the recovered Lunatic, who caught him with a Japanese arm drag. JCON fought back to his feet but ate a dropkick, sending him tumbling out of the ring. Harmen rushed toward the opposite side, but didn’t see Ryan, who grabbed the Lunatic by his neck and slammed him with a vicious chokeslam.

“Always gotta keep your eyes on all your opponents.” Reno said. “Hard to do, and Jack paid the price!”

Shaking the cobwebs loose, Ryan dropped an elbow square in Harmen’s chest, into a cover.



Troy barely broke it up with a dive, then hooked Ryan and planted him with a simple DDT. Troy turned to the outside and rushed toward the recovering JCON, baseball sliding outside and then sending him flying with a headscissors! Troy shot to her feet, as Mary-Lynn was by her side, clapping. Official Ian Nguyen was also there, holding his head and dazed from the earlier blow from JCON.

“Oh, there’s Ian.” Reno said. “Wonder if he knows where he is after that brass knucks shot?”

“I wouldn’t. I’d think I was on another planet.” Tony said.

Troy climbed back onto the apron, as Harmen rushed in and caught her with a forearm. Troy fell off and landed in the arms of Mary-Lynn, who herself toppled from Troy’s larger frame. Harmen shouted, “STOP HELPING HER!” before grabbing the top rope and hitting a springboard shooting star press on the outside to both Troy, the fallen Mary-Lynn, the concussed Ian Nguyen, and the once-recovering JCON.

Harmen raised his hand in his custom devil horn taunt, when suddenly, a handcuff wrapped around it. Held by Duzza, Harmen looked at his cuff’d wrist inquisitively. Harmen grabbed Duzza by his wrist and then spun, sending the CONgregation’s manager back-first into the guardrail. Darius Underwood, inside the ring, shouted at the Jury, keeping them at bay. As Statuz Quo and Khadafi raised their hands, showing they weren’t a threat, Harmen made sure by charging and giving one knee each square into their faces. Harmen rolled through on the blow, and kneeled just before Sweet Aroma. He winked, blew her a kiss, and slid back into the ring.

“And Harmen making sure that JCON’s CONgregation can’t get further involved in this match than they already are.” Tony said. “Thankfully for Harmen, it’s worked.”

“Thankfully for Harmen, his face hasn’t turned to a six on the Muta scale, Stoner.” Reno said. “That cut’s healed up nicely.”

Jeremy Ryan was waiting for him, and the Last Real Man in the Sport cracked his knuckles. Harmen shrugged, and charged toward Ryan for a shoulder block, but the larger Ryan stood his ground and Harmen was the one that fell back-first to the mat. Harmen rubbed the back of his head, and then kipped up to his feet. He began to throw rights and lefts at Jeremy Ryan’s larger frame, the brawling techniques doing very little real damage. After a flurry, Harmen began to huff and puff, and placed his hands on his knees and hunched over. You could hear him say, “Give me a second,” as he stood to his feet, eyes wide. “Whooo boy.” Harmen tilted his head back, and inaudibly laughed due to lack of air. “What are you, made of metal?”

*WHAM!* Kick to the gut. Harmen between Ryan’s legs.

(Side Death Valley Driver)

“Jack Harmen’s head just bounced off the canvas!” Tony Stone shouted. “We may have a new Legacy Champion right here right now!”



Harmen barely got the shoulder up to cheers. Ryan punched the mat as he rose to his feet. He called for the end of Harmen, waiting for the Lunatic to stand. Once he did… *WHAM!* another kick to the gut...


“Jack Harmen just handcuffed his wrist to Jeremy Ryan’s ankle!” Tony Stone said.

“Well, that’s an unorthodox way to avoid Jeremy’s jumping piledriver, but what now?!” Reno replied. “I mean, who’s even got the key?”

Indeed, Ryan tried to pull Harmen up for his finish, but couldn’t. Harmen fought back, and the leverage from the handcuff to the ankle helped keep him grounded. Ryan dropped Harmen by his waist as Harmen spun, back-first looking up at the arena lights. He smiled up at Ryan, as Ryan tried to stomp his face in. Harmen rolled to one side. Ryan with another stomp, Harmen with another roll through. A third stomp, and Harmen avoided it by tripping Ryan up in what essentially was a handcuff’d assisted drop toe hold. He then rolled to Ryan’s head, hooking Jeremy’s leg in a single leg Boston crab - the same move that Lindsay Troy tried minutes before - putting extra torque as he yanked and pulled. He used his free hand to brace the handcuff against his wrist as he yanked back. “ASK HIM!” Harmen shouted to Darius, who slid into view.

“Jeremy Ryan may be in immense pain here, that leg shouldn’t contort the way Harmen’s bending it,” Tony started.

“But Jeremy Ryan submit? Tap out?” Reno laughed. “Better chance of seeing JCON win this match and the Legacy belt, my good man!”

Cue Lindsay Troy, grabbing Harmen by his stomach in a fallaway slam. She tried to toss Harmen over her shoulder, but due to his hand being cuffed to Ryan’s leg, she only fell back and Harmen landed on top of her in a pin combination.


Ryan swatted Harmen square in the jaw with a knife edge chop to the FACE~!, breaking the pin. Harmen rolled off but could only roll so far.

“Oooh man, JCON’s chest is beat red, I can only imagine what Harmen’s face feels like now.” Tony Stone said.

Meanwhile, Darius Underwood was yelling at the slowly recovering Duzza outside to hand him the handcuff key. Duzza refused, now wearing the key as a necklace. Quickly, JCON reached out and yanked it off around his neck. He slid into the ring, holding the key as a weapon. Darius stepped in between Mr. Conspiracy and his prey, shouting that he can’t use it as a weapon. JCON shouted, “FINE” before reaching down and uncuffing Harmen. He then placed the key into his tights, and tossed the Lunatic into the corner. Troy returned to her feet, catching JCON in the back of the head with an elbow. Stunned, Mr. One Letter Better was Irish whipped by the Queen of the Ring into the same corner as Harmen. With a head of steam, Troy charged, sandwiching both men with a big time body splash.

“That’s what you’ve gotta do. You gotta find a way to attack two combatants at once,” Reno said. “Rather than just fight one at a time!”

“You have so many strategies for this match type, Reno.” Tony started, “Have you ever won one?”

“Hey! You asked for my expert analysis.” Reno said. “And I’ve expertly given it!”

JCON fell and rolled out of the ring, as Harmen lurched forward, dropping to his knees before face-planting onto the canvas. Troy rolled him over.


Harmen tried to get his foot to the bottom rope but Troy hooked it to stop that nonsense.


Harmen barely reached out and grabbed the bottom rope.

“Great ring presence from Troy there, hooking Harmen’s leg. I think she knew when Harmen tried with his leg, she wasn’t getting the pin.” Tony said. “Thought she had him.”

“How many are you gonna say that during this match?”

“Probably about forty or fifty more.”

Troy yanked Harmen up from the mat, lifted him into the air, and atomic dropped him onto the top turnbuckle. From there, she climbed to the middle ropes and everyone knew what was next.

With Harmen frozen and his back to the ring, Troy leapt up onto his shoulders. Harmen hooked her legs with his arms and used his legs to tie himself up in the turnbuckles. Troy attempted the backflip for the reverse hurricanrana, but Harmen kept strong, and Troy wound up hanging upside down. With Troy in a precarious position, she could do nothing except widen her eyes at the charging Jeremy Ryan. Troy held firm, trying to yank Harmen off the top rope with her legs wrapped around his head, but it was to no avail. Yet the strength of Jeremy Ryan allowed him to deadlift Troy off the corner and yank Harmen free. With an INCREDIBLE show of force, Ryan inverted vertical suplexed Troy, causing her to finally complete the reverse hurricanrana on Harmen. Both Troy and Harmen collapsed in the ring, Harmen in particular landing hard on his head and neck before rolling to his stomach.

”Holy – Shit!” *CLAP!* *CLAP!* *CLAPCLAPCLAP!*
“Last Real Man!” *CLAP!* *CLAP!* *CLAPCLAPCLAP!*

Ryan got up from the move and soaked in the cheers. He cracked his neck from side to side, and turned to face a springboarding JCON.


The sound echoed through the arena. The former Mr. Conspiracy fell to the mat, clutching his now beat red chest.

“Jeremy Ryan is firing on all cylinders now!” Tony Stone said. “He’s got JCON…”

(Jumping Piledriver)

“That’s it Stoner! Jeremy Ryan is your new Legacy Champion!”

Jeremy Ryan dove on top for the cover.


Jeremy Ryan got up from the cover and noticed Darius busy with both members of the Jury, who had hopped onto the apron. Frustrated and unamused, Jeremy Ryan charged and knocked BOTH off with shoulder tackles. Statuz Quo & Khadafi both hit the guardrail HARD on the outside and slumped unconscious.

Jeremy Ryan turned back to JCON and dove on top. Sonny Silver yelled and pointed for Darius to make the count, as the head official slid into position.




“Dear God!” Tony Stone said. “JCON was able to kick out, primarily due to the distraction of the Jury! Jeremy Ryan is FUMING!”

“Wouldn’t you be?” Reno said. “Only reason JCON’s been relevant in his title chase is the fact you gotta face five people when you take him on!”

Jeremy Ryan lifted JCON to his feet, kick to the gut, *WHAM!* Ryan lifted JCON onto his shoulders, charged, and tossed JCON over the top rope with a VICIOUS powerbomb. JCON landed on the outside, back-first, in between the fallen Khadafi and Statuz Quo. Ryan sneered as Sonny cheered him on. Ryan slipped out of the ring, and went to pick up JCON.


“That hussy!”

“Way to be unbiased, Stoner,” Reno said.

“Sweet Aroma has just handcuffed Jeremy Ryan to the guardrail!”

“I didn’t realize he was so kinky.”

Jeremy Ryan tugged and pulled at the guardrail, and it actually began to give way a bit. Darius shouted at Aroma from the ring, as Aroma climbed onto the apron away from the action to explain herself.

It was here where Duzza took the steel chair that Harmen had used earlier and cracked it over the Ryan’s noggin. Jeremy got the hands up, but the impact was felt by all who watched, the world knowing of the potential dangers of concussions. Even Duzza himself was thrown a bit, before he took the chair and proceeded to smash it into Jeremy Ryan’s back three more times. The Jury recovered on the outside, and joined in on the beat down, kicking and stomping away at Jeremy Ryan.

“This is just a mugging! A brutal and decimating mugging by the CONgregation!”

Sonny Silver was nowhere near where Ryan was being detained by the Jury, but he had started moving to help fend off the wolves. In the ring, Lindsay Troy had recovered, and she also noticed the beatdown of Ryan occurring on the outside. She had a direct line to the onslaught and, let’s face it, between her and Sonny she always was the faster of the two.

The Queen barreled toward the ropes, deftly leapt onto the top cable, and springboarded through the air with reckless abandon

“Huge corkscrew plancha from Lindsay Troy!” Tony Stone said as the LoC Faithful cheered wildly. “She just took out Duzza and the Jury in one fell swoop!”

“Yeah, but I think she landed awkwardly on the outside.” Reno said. “She’d usually land that on her feet, and she’s down with them Stoner. Plus, Ryan is unconscious, and Harmen doesn’t look any better in the ring.”

“And here comes JCON! Somehow, he’s dragging himself up by use of the ring apron, just as Sweet Aroma jumped off.”

Indeed, JCON crawled and pulled his way back into the ring. Once there, he used the ropes to return to his feet, then turned and realized Jack Harmen was lying unconscious and face-up in the center of the ring.

“I don’t think I’ve seen our Legacy champion move since he was hit with Troy’s reverse frankensteiner out of a Ryan deadlift,” Tony Stone said.

“Would you move after something like that?” Reno replied. “One time I took a regular frankensteiner off the top and I didn’t move for a week.”

JCON smiled, as the LoC Faithful booed. JCON fell to his knees as he rushed to Harmen’s side. Kneeling next to Harmen, he couldn’t help but let out one last cackle.

“SMALL PACKAGE! SMALL PACKAGE BY HARMEN!” Tony Stone shouted as the crowd went from silent boos to a huge roar of cheers.




The crowd seemed a bit deflated as JCON barely got the shoulder up. Harmen rolled off as both men got back to their feet.

(Charging Yakuza Kick)


Harmen folded JCON up into a pin, as if his Locomotive and the pinfall after was one single motion. Darius slid into position.


Harmen hooked JCON’s tights!





Harmen let go of the tights and rolled off as the ring bell sounded three times. The LoC Faithful shot to their feet in cheers, as Brad Arnold made the announcement.

“Your winner, and STILL, your Legacy Champion… JAAAACK HAAAAARRMEN!” Brad Arnold shouted.

Mary-Lynn Mayweather rushed into the ring and presented Harmen with the Legacy title. Harmen clutched it like a newborn baby, and fell to his knees. With one last look at the former Commissioner, Mister Conspiracy, Harmen spat in his general direction and raised the title high to the cheering crowd.

Meanwhile, Lindsay Troy had recovered. She slipped under the bottom rope and, noticing the string from the handcuff key alongside JCON’s hip, pulled the necklace from its hiding place. She and Harmen caught each other’s gaze, and Harmen nodded to the Legacy championship in his hand. He looked at Troy, she looked at his title. Then, Harmen extended his hand to Troy.

“What a show of sportsmanship here from your Legacy champion.” Tony Stone said as Troy hesitated just briefly. “And there’s the reciprocation. Lindsay Troy may not have won the title, but I don’t think it’s the last time Harmen gives either Troy or Ryan a shot at the gold. Maybe now, it’ll be a fair one?”

Lindsay Troy raised the Legacy champion’s hand high to the cheering crowd, with every intention to be the next person to raise that championship high. She released, and Mary-Lynn hugged her, telling her, “Next time.”

“The Board’s not going to be happy about this, Stoner,” Reno said. “They gifted this shot to JCON, let nearly every shenanigan possibly fly, and the man still got walloped.”

“Perhaps we can put this chapter of Jonathan Conspiracy behind us, once and for all then,” Stone asserted. “And folks, there’s only one way to find out for sure. Tune into Legends! My God, what a night of action we had...

Troy nodded to Harmen and slowly headed back to help out the still-handcuffed Jeremy Ryan. Sonny Silver was beside himself on the outside with his client as Tony Stone continued to close out the show.

“Remember, you can rewatch all of ICONS on WrestleNet, along with any of the previous Legacy of Champions shows, Pay Per Views or Television. Also included in WrestleNet is a wealth of other great classic wrestling action. It’s only $8.99, one dollar better!” Tony Stone shouted. “Man, we gotta retire that phrase. Anyway, for Reno Davis, I’m Tony Stone, we’ll see you –“

The microphone abruptly cut out. The lights in the arena went black. Darkness.

There was a muffled sound of the microphones being turned back on. “Wait, are we off?” Tony Stone could be heard saying. “Was it a power outage? Glad we got through the –“




Cue the house lights… and cue…


The former Relentless Champion Kaus stood overtop the fallen and bloodied Jack Harmen, steel chair held in his hand that left a blood ink splatter of Harmen’s face. Not only that, but Charlotte and Derrick Huber stood over the fallen Lindsay Troy, each with a chair of their own in their hands. Adam Roebuck was towering over JCON and before he knew what was happening …

(Waist Lifted Side Slam)

That one got the beast a slight pop from the crowd but then that quickly went away as Kaus and his henchmen continued to destroy the participants in the ring!


“It’s the House! Kaus is just laying into the back of Jack Harmen with chair shot after chair shot!” Tony Stone shouted as the cameras caught Charlotte shoving Mary-Lynn Mayweather face first into the steel turnbuckle post. “Where’s Zane?!”

Some rumbling was heard off-camera and then a camera cut to the announcer’s table with Zane and a head set.

“Hi! I’m Team Champion Zane Roebuck! You know me from such hostile takeovers of pay per views like ICONS!”

“Zane is here!” said Reno. “That means we’ve got a … FULL HOUSE! YEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

In the absence of sunglasses and The Who, Zane and Reno too-sweeted each other, bro! Tony Stone was still rattled by what he was seeing as assaults continued left and right! Inside the ring, Darius tried to get away but “Pit Boss” Adam Roebuck shoved him down! Lindsay Troy was just starting to get her bearings while Charlotte stood over Mary-Lynn Mayweather, taunting and kicking the fallen Tiny Attorney!

“This …” Stone conjectured. “This has to do with that interview earlier! The House promised that the future was coming sooner than later but there was no way to think that it would be this soon!”

“Yep!” Zane added. “We’re not going to wait any more! Kaus is right; Riktor’s kind of a d-bag so now we’re gonna be running this show!

Since Troy was wiped out under the cloak of darkness, nobody could see where the handcuff key went...which meant the Bad Man From Bangor was still cuffed with no means of freedom. Jeremy Ryan struggled with all his might to break free while Sonny tried to stabilize the guardrail in hopes that Ryan could just snap the restraint away…

Kaus kept pressing his chair down on Harmen’s neck. On the outside, Ryan and Sonny kept at it. Jeremy heaved with a mighty roar…

“Ryan is free!” shouted Reno. “He just hulked out of those cuffs and now he’s trying to fight off the House!”

He was not your conventional good guy, but Ryan did appear to have some scruples about what the House were doing so he charged in and decked Kaus with a big punch to the face!

Meanwhile, Lindsay Troy had Charlotte Huber in her sights. The Queen of Breaking Hearts was still kicking away at Mary-Lynn, who was trying her best to fend her off while shaking the cobwebs out after hitting her head against the exposed turnbuckle. Charlotte reared back for a soccer punt to Mary’s face but Troy sprang forward, picked the leg on the front swing, and drove her to the canvas with a nasty dragon screw leg whip!

“Oop! Gotta go save my family! ZANE, OUT!”

Zane dropped the headset and ran towards the ring full speed ahead while Ryan engaged with Derrick Huber! Some of his famous chops found their mark on his chest but Adam Roebuck aided the other half of the LoC Tag Team champions when he laid into him with a head butt to the face. Lindsay Troy had Charlotte’s face turning redder than her hair via a grounded rear naked choke when Zane slid inside the ring and stomped on her head! Troy released the hold, shook her head, looked around for the offender, and met Zane’s boot again when he connected flush with a Lucky Shot kick! The youngest Roebuck tossed Troy out of the ring and Mary-Lynn out as well, checked on his Auntie C, then went off to help his daddy dearest and Uncle D by aiding in a three-on-one beat down of Jeremy Ryan …

“I can’t believe all of this!” shouted Stone. “Ryan is the only one still standing but he’s trying to fight off the House singlehandedly!”

Sonny Silver cheered for his protégé as Ryan threw strikes at both of the Roebucks as well as Derrick Huber but he wasn’t up for long. Kaus had been knocked to the outside and he struck Sonny across his back!

“Sonny isn’t even a wrestler any more! He didn’t deserve that!” protested Stone.

“The House are here to prove a point! They’re sick and tired of being yo-yoed around by people like Scott Riktor and they’ve said from Day One they’re here to make noise! LoC should be able to hear them loud and clear now!”

Sonny went down at the feet of Kaus and as Ryan was being tackled into the corner by Derrick Huber, Kaus rushed in and delivered a big chair shot to his face!

“DAMN!” Reno screamed.

The blow rocked Ryan and now all four of the House’s male members launched an all-out assault aimed at Ryan! Roebuck and Huber picked him up …

(Double-Team Powerbomb!)

Even the strongest man in this match could not withstand the full onslaught of the House when they were at full strength! With Ryan down at the feet of Kaus, the Shining Diamond ordered Derrick Huber to attack him. He grabbed his arm and held it out.

“Oh … no, no, no, what’s he doing?” asked Stone.

“He’s making a statement! Kaus is now the real Last Real Man in LoC!”

He raised the chair and brought it down ...











Kaus brought the chair down many times on the arm and hand of Ryan! He was destroying his arm just like he did to his ex-tag partner KIRU! Ryan’s entire left arm and hand were mangled and now Kaus clipped the dented chair around his arm! Zane brought another chair to him and Kaus took the weapon …






“My God! They’re gonna separate that shoulder of Ryan! This is insane! Somebody stop this!”

“Who, Stoner? Everybody has been laid out! This is the House’s house now!”

Kaus was finally finished with his disgusting assault and let the second bent chair fall at his feet. Bodies were laid out everywhere and now the House had made the biggest statement they could hope to make here tonight.

The future was coming sooner than later.

And if Kaus and the House had anything to say about the destruction caused tonight, then the future was now.

Winner: Jack Harmen via Pinfall