"Previously on Legacy of Champions..."

Icons changed things. That is a statement that is almost criminal when considering everything that happened during Legacy of Champions' big summer event, but the fact was that's exactly what happened. Any and all predictions that were wagered prior to the event were left null and void by Icons end. LoC was altered, fundamentally so, and it was only the beginning.

It began with Elias Pop and his ongoing battles with Cordova. Battles that Elias Pop would win, if only to lose a way against a Ceast & Desist order. His celebration was cut very short, his guests unceremoniously thrown out, and his LoC career came to a screeching halt.

Another odd encounter with Zane Roebuck left Amber Ryann beside herself but still with her Flyweight Championship intact. The young Bombshell Grappler has turned a lot of heads since her LoC debut and she continues to do so every time she steps foot in the squared circle.

The King of Hell himself, Derecho, went into Icons thinking his throne was safe but when facing someone with the moniker of "The Golden Child" it's safe to assume no crown is fully secure. Monte Burns put away his enemy in the match but not without help, however inadvertant, from Mattock. Now Derecho and his brother have bad blood on top of the bad blood that Derecho already shares with Monte Burns.

The strangest feud quite possibly in LoC history came to an apparent close at Icons when Providence put down the former Legacy Champion, Shawn Hart, in a hard-fought match. While the war between these two was anything but conventional, they each laid it all out on the line in a match that soundly put Providence on the map as a real threat in Legacy of Champions.

Dusk's reign of terror as Underground Champion was finally snuffed out by the combination of his former tag team partner, Vivica J. Valentine, and his newfound arch rival in Andy Murray. The one-time lovers laid it all out there, and VJV put her own safety on the line, to secure the title from a man that had been driven mad by it. Now the question is will Andy Murray follow suit, or if the Scottish King of Cool too level-headed to allow the sting of greed to infect him?

The Team Champions held on to their own throne in the Team Gauntlet against plenty of formidable competition in a match that many have said stole the show. The Team Division remains a force to be reckoned within LoC but at this point The House looks unstoppable.

The House ruled the night, even with a major bump in the road in the form of Graham Youngblood taking the Relentless Championship from Kaus' waist. The loss did not stop the man that appeared to become the de-facto leader of The House by night's end, however, but rather it fueled him. It inspired him to think bigger and it gets no bigger than the Legacy Championship. Kaus and The House absolutely destroyed the champion, Jack Harmen, and his contenders going so far as to put heavy favorite to win the Fatal Fourway, Jeremy Ryan, on the shelf. They dismantled the Legacy title picture and closed out the show standing tall, their dominance over Legacy of Champions made painfully apparent. And that is where we find ourselves now, in an LoC seemingly ruled by The House.

Welcome to Legends...


Featuring: Derecho & Mattock

Location: In-Ring

The lights in the arena faded. What came next instantly drew the ire from the crowd.

“I am…”

“...I am”

“Charisma” by WASP

The lights in the arena pulsed to the beat of the song as Derecho stepped out from the backstage area to boos from the crowd. Due to a miscommunication between himself and his brother, Derecho paid the price lost to Monte Burns at Icons this past Sunday. As one could imagine, Derecho wasn’t happy as he had only won a single Pay-Per-View match since making his return to Legacy of Champions.

Derecho made his way down to the ring and rolled in under the bottom rope. Normally he would methodically walk around ringside and stomp up and steps, but he just went straight into the ring and demanded a microphone from ringside. Derecho walked to the center of the ring as his music died down. All that was left was the sounds of the boos of the people. Derecho looked around the audience, but didn’t care about a single opinion. Instead he brought the microphone up to his lips.

“It was a little over a year ago that I walked down that ramp and powerbombed Billows through a table.”

The crowd booed that heavily.

“It was a little over a year ago when Billows enlisted the help of his friend Monte Burns to try and get in my head by portraying someone known as Karma’s Collector.”

The crowd cheered that and even started up a chant.


Derecho just ignored them and shook his head.

“And since then… It’s just been one thing after another. When I fought Billows, Karma’s Collector prevented me from winning. I know that to be true because I PROVED it as such when I beat Billows in the middle of the ring in a match where Karma’s Collector was banned from the arena. I proved that when it's one on one and without someone to help him, Billows couldn’t touch me!”

Derecho grinned over that statement as the crowd booed him even more.

“Then… I ripped that damn mask off of Karma’s Collector’s head and unveiled him to be Monte Burns and now I had new business that I needed to take care of, but… apparently I didn’t go about handling that business the right way because I allowed Monte Burns to prevent me from winning Only the Strong, thus taking away a shot at my rightful destiny which is to become a two-time Legacy Champion.”

Derecho seemed a bit agitated by that memory as he stood there in the ring grinning and shaking his head, almost in disbelief.

“Then, I had an opportunity at Icons to rectify all of that. To finish everything that had started over a year ago and just when I had Monte Burns within my grasp.. Just when I had him in my sights…right as I was about to put an end to over a year’s worth of torment that has hindered me from being where I belong.. At the top of this company...I was robbed again.”

Derecho began to laugh a bit to himself as you could see his sanity slowly slipping away.

“Yes, I was robbed again.. Not by Billows, not by Karma’s Collector, but, ironically, by another guy in a mask. A guy that just so happened to be my own flesh and blood.”

Derecho paused and turned his attention to the entrance way.

“Right now.. I want my brother to come out here. You don’t even have to play his music or cue up his entrance video or any of that horseshit… I just want him to walk down that aisle and step into this ring because, Markus… I have a few things I need to say to your face.”

Mattock stepped out from the backstage area clad in his gear and his mask. There was no entrance music for him just as Derecho had demanded. He just came out in silence. The only sounds that carried him to the ring were the sounds of fans cheering and clapping for him. Mattock walked the ramp and rolled into the ring where he stood up and faced his brother. Mattock raised his arms and dropped them back down to his side as if to say “Well.. here I am.”

Derecho gritted his teeth and walked right up to Mattock.

“I’m not going to beat around the bush here.. What I’m going to say, I’m going to say straight to your damn face.”

Just as Derecho said that, he gritted his teeth, grabbed Mattock’s mask and ripped it right off of his face, throwing it to the canvas as the crowd in the arena collectively booed.


Derecho was seething. You could see his chest heaving in and out as the anger caused him to take in deep breaths. The veins in his neck were about to burst as he gritted his teeth while staring into the eyes of his brother.

Mattock went to look away, but Derecho grabbed him by the face and forced his attention forward.

“Don’t you fucking look away from me. You will not ignore what I’m about to say... what I’ve been waiting a very long time to say to you!”

Derecho let go of Mattock’s face and, instead, grabbed him by the neck. Derecho forced him backwards until Mattock’s back was up against the turnbuckles. Derecho leaned in close and brought the microphone back up to his lips. Derecho’s tone changed to a very deep and serious tone.

“From this moment on… I am done with you. You were nothing more than an experiment in my eyes and it thrills me to know that I got under your skin using social media, but the one little side effect of this whole experiment is the fact that I let you back under my wing and then and only then did I come to realize just what a complete waste you truly are.”

Derecho squeezed a bit tighter as Mattock clawed at Derecho’s fingers, trying to pry them free.

“I could squeeze harder if you’d like. Trust me, I would love nothing more than to feel the beating of your heart come to a standstill with my own hand, but maybe it’s by the grace of God… maybe it’s because mom and dad still hold out hope that they’ll hear from you.. Or maybe I’ve finally lost my damn mind and I’m going to show you a little bit of charity… whatever the reason is.. I’m not going to do that. Instead, I’m going to tell you one thing and one thing only.”

Derecho shoved Mattock’s face away as he backed away towards the center of the ring.


Derecho pointed toward the locker room area.

“I don’t care where you go… I don’t care what you do. I don’t care if you quit LoC or if you go back to your locker room and cry yourself into manic depression. I simply just don’t care. The only thing I do care about is telling you that as of this moment… I no longer have a brother because in my eyes, you died fourteen years ago when you walked away from our family, changed your name and decided that you no longer wanted anything to do with us.”

That one stung as Mattock’s eyes widened.

“So the only thing you need to do right now is turn around and walk out of this ring. Leave and never show your face around me again.”

Mattock stood there in disbelief. Derecho.. His own flesh and blood, just disowned him in front of the entire world!

“LEAVE!” screamed Derecho.

Mattock closed his eyes and let out a heavy sigh before turning. He took one step forward and was about to put his foot through the ropes when…


Derecho drove the microphone right into the side of his brother’s skull! Mattock fell against the ropes, hanging onto them to prevent himself from falling to the canvas! Derecho grabbed Mattock and shoved him back into the corner where he rocked Mattock with knee strike after knee strike right into his stomach! Derecho kept at it until Mattock fell to a seated position in the corner.

Derecho then knelt down and pummeled away on Mattock’s head with heavy right hands. The camera was close enough to hear the pounding thuds of flesh on bone as each punch landed harshly atop of Mattock’s head. Dazed, Mattock slumped over into the corner as Derecho stood up, his chest heaving in and out.

Derecho shook his head in disgust as he looked down at Mattock. He slowly backed away into the opposite corner, not taking his eyes off of him. That’s where Derecho charged in full speed and…


Derecho drove his knee dead into Mattock’s face! It connected hard and Mattock seemed to be out after the impact. Derecho knelt down and grabbed Mattock by his face.


Derecho stood up and exited the ring. He walked around ringside to the time keeper’s position and if anyone saw Derecho’s matches back in the day where he was Underground Champion, they knew EXACTLY what Derecho was after. He went to pick up his best friend in the entire world…

The steel chair.

Derecho rolled back into the ring and dropped the chair dead center. He walked over and pulled Mattock up off the canvas, propping him up in the corner. Derecho then fired a vicious right hand that spun Mattock around. Mattock grabbed the ropes and leaned against them as that punch rocked his head hard.

Derecho went back to the center of the ring and picked up the steel chair. He then proceeded back to the neutral corner opposite of Mattock. Derecho licked his lips as he wore a sinister grin on his face. Mattock turned back around and that’s when Derecho charged the corner at full speed. 234 pounds in a sprint… the chair held behind him… an overhead swing with all of that momentum and force….


Derecho SLAMMED the chair over Mattock’s head so hard, the seat broke and Mattock ended up wearing the chair around his neck!!


The crowd let out one of the loudest groans that we’ve heard in quite some time. Mattock’s legs gave out after that hit and he fell straight to the canvas… the chair brushed against the ropes on the way down and popped off his head. Mattock hit the canvas in a heap as the broken remnants of the chair fell on top of him.

Derecho looked down at Mattock and shook his head… needless to say, The King of Hell wasn’t done.

Derecho rolled back out of the ring and went back to the time keeper’s position where he grabbed another steel chair. He brought that back into the ring and, again, dropped it in it’s center. He walked back over and pulled Mattock up to his feet who was dead weight at this point in time. Derecho, with his hand firmly grasped around Mattock’s throat, walked him back to the center of the ring. Derecho let Mattock go to pick up the chair, but Mattock was in no condition to stand on his own and he simply fell back to the canvas.

That’s when he knew something was seriously wrong here.

Derecho, however, didn’t care.


Derecho, with the chair in hand, slammed it down on top of Mattock while he laid there on his side..


By the time, the crowd was silent. After the first few hits, Mattock reacted to being hit with the chair, but after the fourth or fifth hit, Mattock just stopped reacting all together. The only reaction Mattock gave were completely involuntary resulting from his body reacting to the cold steel of the chair impacting his flesh.

Derecho, breathing heavily, looked down at his brother. Derecho put his boot on Mattock’s side and pushed him over onto his back. That’s when we saw the full extent of the damage. The left side of Mattock’s mouth was covered in blood. There was a small puddle from where his head laid on the canvas. It was clear Mattock had coughed it up while getting pummeled with the chair.

Derecho unfolded the chair and placed it in the middle of the ring. He then sat down on the chair and interlaced his fingers, resting his chin on top of them as he stared down at Mattock. Derecho sat there and pondered what he had just done. He began to rock back and forth in the chair, almost as if he were in disbelief at what he just did to his own flesh and blood. Derecho grasped at his face with his hand and began to let out a scream.

Derecho shot up out of the chair and grabbed Mattock. He pulled him up to his feet where he scooped Mattock onto his shoulder. It was quite the chore since Mattock was nothing by dead weight at this point. Derecho then put the exclamation point on all of this…


That was it.

Trainers.. Medical Staff… Security… and Scott Riktor himself, all bolted out of the backstage area, hitting the ring. Derecho didn’t even get up after hitting Mattock with the Emerald Flowsion. He just sat there next to his lifeless brother laughing at what he had just done.

Doctors and trainers quickly tended to Mattock. They just took one look at him and immediately called for the stretcher. Security surrounded Derecho to keep him from doing any more damage. Riktor audibly told security to “get him out of here” in reference to Derecho. Security grabbed Derecho, who didn’t even put up a fight or show any resistance. They escorted Derecho out of the ring who kept a smile on his face the entire time. As Derecho was being brought up the ramp the stretcher was being brought down the ramp. As the two passed each other, Derecho kicked the stretcher off the side of the entrance ramp.

“LET HIM WAIT. LET HIM SUFFER” yelled Derecho at the medical staff.

Security then hustled to get him out of the arena as quickly as possible as the medical team scrambled to recover the stretcher. Derecho disappeared behind the curtain as we refocused on the ring. The stretcher arrived as the doctors were frantically checking Mattock. Riktor was pacing back and forth when he noticed the red light was still lit up on the camera.

“Go to commercial… TURN THAT DAMN CAMERA OFF” yelled Riktor.

With that, the scene faded to black.

The lights in the arena went out as the Legacy-tron illuminated. The fans in the arena turned toward to the screen as some words unscrambled on the screen.

”He’s coming home.”

The Legacy-tron quickly went off as the lights came back on in the arena. The fans looked around the arena confused.

"Well," Tony Stone commented, "this has been an interesting way to start the show ... and I'm now getting word that we are heading to the parking lot where former Team Champion, Vivica J. Valentine, is arriving!"

"Former everything champions, Stoner," Reno Davis replied. "That woman has got to hold the record for both fastest multiple title win in LoC and then fastest complete and total failure at holding onto said championships."

The camera cut away to the parking lot.


Featuring: Andy Murray & Vivica J. Valentine

Location: Parking Lot


The slam of metal on metal resonated through the parking garage, eventually being silenced by the sounds of music playing in the distance. A murmur of thunder is what the electric capacity crowd sounded like from out here, as her footsteps were drowned out by the coming storm. Her cerulean eyes flickered back and forth behind locks of blonde and pink, covered by a black hood. The symbol on her shirt read UPRISING, now a distant memory of a fractured moment in glory.

“Oi!” A voice broke her stare and caused her to pick up the pace. She clinched the strings of her hooded jacket as she marched toward the door. Step for step, the large figure closed the gap between them. It was then a dim yellow light revealed her company.

Andy Murray had already been in the building for an hour, and had found himself in the parking lot for the majority of those 60 minutes. Though he’d already dumped his stuff in The Loft, The King (of Scotch Style?) had his two new best friends with him: the Underground Championship around his waist, and the cricket bat over his shoulder.

Gotta stay prepared when you’re cursed, y’know.

Murray held-out the bat to stop Valentine outright, and held it to her throat as if it were a sword. “You’re late,” he said, faux-threateningly. “Answer for your crimes. Now, or I’ll cut your throat with this totally sharp and lethal cricket bat.”

“Really?” Vivica paused in the middle of the garage, just a few dozen feet away from the entrance, “Here I am worried about what Riktor is going to say and I’m being held hostage by a pirate with a cricket bat. Funny how things never seem to go as planned with you.”

“Guess I should probably know better after all this time,” Andy said, pulling the bat down. “Not exactly sure what I was trying to accomplish there, actually. Don’t worry, I definitely wasn’t going to cut your throat…”

“Well that’s nice to know.” Vivica smirked from behind golden strands, “Now if I could say the same about the rest of the locker room, I wouldn’t have to go to the doctor’s office every other day.”

She paused and the seriousness of the situation began to set in. Mistakes. Regrets. Crippling awkwardness.

“Uhhh, errr. Yeah. I wasn’t trying to get sympathy or anything.” She quickly backtracked, “Just, it’s been a rough couple of weeks. You understand, right?”

“I can imagine that the two-to-three weeks following a gigantic chairshot would be kinda rough for someone with a concussion history like yours, yes,” Andy said. “How’s the headache?”

“Agonizing but infrequent.” Vivica answered matter-of-factly, “Nothing completely out of the ordinary. No memory loss. I feel fine. For the most part I feel normal. I’m on the road to recovery. I get a dizzy spell here and there, enough that I’ve been instructed by our ‘top notch medical staff’ that I shouldn’t drive.”

Vivica and Andy simultaneously looked over their shoulders at the rental car she’d just left.

“I’m good. Long story short.” Vivica attempted to stand up straight and smile, “Ready to get back at it. Ready to finish what I started. Get things going back in the right direction. All I need to hear are those magic words and I’ll jump back into the fire. That’s why I’m here.”

“Yup,” Andy said, “you’re here. A whole hour late.”

A tapped at a non-existent watch on his wrist.

“What gives? You’re usually one of the first people through the door. I’ve been hanging around for a while, and I’m not gonna lie, it’s hard not to look like a complete nugget when you’re just chilling in the parking lot with a cricket bat.”

“Well that was your choice.” Vivica responded, “The cricket bat isn’t really a direction I would go.”

She waited for a laugh, a smile, a smirk. Anything. It didn’t come.

“So I’m not very good at this. This is awkward.” Vivica shrugged, “Why were you waiting on me? What’s with the escort? I don’t remember getting this kind of service the past… how long has it been? Six years? Seven years?”

“When isn’t it awkward?” he asked. “Seven years, by the way. Not that I’m counting.”

The King paused. There was something on his mind, but his and Vivica’s complete and utter inability to communicate with each other like functional adults was getting in the way.

“Alright, screw it,” he said. “Might as well cut to the chase, and I don’t really know how to say this without sparking that legendary short fuse of yours, but here goes.” Murray paused. “You kinda inserted yourself into my match the other week, Viv…”

“Dusk kicked me in the back of the fucking head, what’d you expect me to do?” Vivica defended herself, “I was going to get him back for it. If you were going to stand in my way, so be it, Andy, you knew damn well that I wasn’t going to let that red-eyed asshole stab me in the back and just let it go.”

“I figured as much,” Andy said. Vivica’s answer had gone almost exactly as he’d expected. “I get it. Not that you need the reminder, but I’ve been a victim of the same thing myself, y’know…”

Vivica threw her arms into the air and began to walk away from the Underground Champion.

“Great, there go the toys out of the pram again,” Andy said.

Vivica stopped, taken aback by Murray’s harshness. She looked back at him over her shoulder, hood up just a little higher than it was before.

He adjusted his tone again. “Just hear me out, please? One time.”

“I’m sorry, alright? I don’t know how many times I need to say that before I feel better about it.” Vivica pulled her hood back to reveal her usually pulled back hair to be a mess. Her usually perfect makeup was nearly non-existent. Her eyes fought back against the tears welling inside of them, “I’m a mess, okay? I get wound up and I make a mess of things and I make dumb decisions that are executed poorly. I’ve made A LOT of mistakes and I’m willing to own them but you have to let me move past them and get on with my life, Andy. I’ll hear you out, but please think about the way you say things, I’m going through a lot of shit right now and I’m not real sure how I’m going to handle it.”

The King left Valentine hanging for a few moments, but cut through the awkwardness with a smile. “You could’ve saved a lot of words if you’d let me speak instead of going Full Vivica on me there.”

Vivica was beyond Murray’s jests at this point, but he didn’t wait for a reaction.

“Look, here’s what I was trying to say,” he said. “You added yourself to my match. I was pissed. I thought you were undermining my opportunity, and trying to take away my own opportunity to get at that arsehole’s throat. But then I think about how that match ended, and I know that this clearly wasn’t the case.”

He took a step forward.

“You took a pretty savage blow that was aimed for me. I think ‘thank you’ goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway. It was reckless, yes, and maybe a little dumb… but I gotta know why, Viv? Can’t just be because you didn’t want Dusk to win, because you know I’m perfectly capable of beating that fuck on my own. I’m just…” his words drifted away momentary. “Confused. Really, really confused.”

“I…” Vivica then turned into a mouth-breather. Lips parted but nothing was coming out. She closed her mouth and tilted her head to the side, as if she knew what she needed to say but she just didn’t know how to say it. Silenced. Ability to speak suddenly taken from her chords. “It’s not really a… err… WHAT THE HELL?”

Valentine felt a tug on her wrist, she spun around and looked directly into the eyes of one of LoC’s finest security guards. It was one of the same men who escorted her to the back after Dusk kicked her from behind at RIVALS 02, and again after she took the chair shot at ICONS.

“What are you doing?!” Vivica exclaimed.

“You need to go.” He answered, “Riktor says you can’t be here.”

“The hell is this?” Andy said, stepping to the security guard. “She works here.”

“She’s not medically cleared to be in the building.” The man replied, suddenly flanked by three, four, then five more dressed just like him, “Vivica has shown that she’s a liability to herself and in order to ensure her own safety we’ve been instructed to not allow her into the arena.”

“The hell you are.” Vivica spoke and took a step before being pulled back by three men, “You can’t be serious!”

“Well it sure would be nice to hear that coming from an actual doctor’s mouth, mate,” Andy said. “How can someone be decreed ‘not medically fit to be in the building?’ Unfit to wrestle, fair enough, but this is pretty absurd, lads…”

“She’s gathered a bit of a reputation for not taking care of herself.” One of the other guys chirped as as Vivica stopped struggling, “While I’m sure she appreciates the white knight gesture, we think it’s best she just watches from home until we know just how serious this injury is.”

“Why doesn’t Riktor tell me himself?” Vivica questioned.

“He’s a little busy, running a show and all.” The first security guard answered, “Look, we’re just looking out for you. Once your head gets all cleared up you’ll thank us.”

Andy had given-up all notion of protesting at this point, but he still had a thing or two to say. “I appreciate that you’re just trying to do a job, and please correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think ‘talking sassy to the wrestlers’ is in your job description, big guy.”

He focused back on Vivica. “Look, it’s best just to go. They’ve got orders, and they’re not gonna change their mind. If you need me to help square this bullshit up, you’ve got it.”

Valentine’s eyes narrowed as she looked back towards the entrance, and then back at her would be ‘protectors’, and then over at Andy Murray. She shook her head before putting her arms up into the air.

“You win, I deserve this.” Vivica forced a smirk, “I got myself involved in things I shouldn’t have involved myself in and I went behind Riktor’s back. I get it. I’ll be back though, and you let Dusk know he better look over his shoulder because I’m coming when he least expects it and I’m going to hit him with the sharpest cricket bat I can find.”

She pointed back at Andy Murray as she backed away, swarmed by security who were now escorting her back towards the direction in which she came.

Andy watched them go for a few moments. “Never did get my goddamn answer,” he said, before turning to the one security guard who’d stayed behind. “Cheers for that, friendo.”



Featuring: Team VIAGRA, The House, & Scott Riktor

Location: In-Ring

Matt Mills was in his Monday finest and stood in the center in of the ring with a microphone.

“Ladies and gentleman, your Legacy Champion-”

“ALL ABOARD~! AH HA HA HA HA ha haaaa…”

The opening chords to “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne echoed, as a swell of smoke rose from the entrance ramp. Emerging like a locomotive, Jack Harmen stormed into the arena. By his side, taking her sweet time, was Mary-Lynn Mayweather. She wore her new wrestling attire under her trademark red suit jacket. She posed, arms crossed next to the seething Lunatic. Jack Harmen could have been considered rabid as he practically drooled over his Joker Wildcard themed T-shirt.

“There's our Legacy Champion Reno,” Tony Stone said, “And he looks none too happy.”

“Well that makes two of us.” Reno replied. “The Board assured me in private they had this matter resolved.”

“Wait?” Tony asked, “You're in the Board’s back pocket too?”

“No, but I can be and I wouldn't have said that out loud if so,” Reno quipped. “Please send all checks to 207…”

“Checks?” Tony asked. “Let me get out the 8-track and we can play some Miner 2049er on the Atari.”

“I don't trust Bluetooth! Alright. I said it!”

Jack Harmen paused before he looked at the announce duo by the ramp. It seemed he overheard Reno’s declaration and looked extremely confused. He rolled his eyes and patted his Legacy championship around the waist, kick starting the engine as Harmen stormed toward ringside. Fans reached out to congratulate him, but Harmen walked without reciprocating or even truly reacting. Harmen rolled into the ring and kneeled, as the Faithful expected a snow angel taunt. Harmen however, stood to his feet and upturned his nose to Mills. Matt proceeded to toss Harmen a microphone as MLM entered the ring.

Harmen raised the microphone to his mouth as the LoC crowd quieted. “You and I both know we've already had one of these, ‘Guy gets in the ring and chats about his feelings’ things already. And I know, it's your big break, in front of a live crowd, so Mills, I have to apologize to you. Cause I'm getting right to the point.” Harmen unstrapped the Legacy Championship and raised it. “I am still your Legacy champ.”

“Congratulations, by the way,” Mills interrupted. “Hell of a match. Shame what happened after with Ryan.”

Harmen tossed the belt onto his shoulder. He looked a bit solemn for a minute before he continued. “Get well soon Ryan. I know we're not friends or anything, but you done got wronged son, and I can't wait to see your vengeance. I'll be the guy selling tickets.” Wild cheers.

“So what's next for the Lunatic?” Mills asked. There was a loud bang as they all turned to see Tony Davis, dressed quite nicely for a change, accidentally dancing into the ring steps and suffering the consequences of a damaged and bruised shin. He slipped into the ring, making sure his large headphones remained covering his ears. Mills shrugged it off and returned to Harmen. “I just gotta know, the LoC world wants to know…” Mills adjusted his tie. “What are you going to do about --”

Mary-Lynn reached out and placed her index finger on Matt Mills lips to shut him up. “Shhh. Otherwise, Jack smash,” was picked up by Mills’ mic.

Harmen said “I’m a changed man Mary.” Jack turned to a new camera, smiling. “I know I may be invoking the spirit of the RAYNE-Man, but I've only got eyes for you.” Harmen looked down at his Legacy Championship and gently polished it with his clover gloves.

Mary-Lynn shook her head wildly no. “Wait, what, again?” She muttered off mic.

“No Turning Back. One on one, the match these fans deserve to see.” Harmen framed the idea in the air. “Lindsay Troy. Jack Harmen.” Harmen dryly smiled as Mary-Lynn’s jaw dropped. “Whaddya say?”

Before he could get much further than that though, he was cut off by a very familiar theme to the audience …

“Aces High” by Arch Enemy played out not one, but five individuals who had a hand in the decimation of Jeremy Ryan and because of that, they had put all of Legacy of Champions on notice. The massive LoC Tag Team champions Derrick Huber and Adam Roebuck were out first in very nice three-piece suits they no doubt bought in a big and tall store. Zane Roebuck walked out next with an incredibly fancy jacket, dress pants and a button-down blue shirt. Charlotte Huber walked out along her husband with a sparkling sequin-covered red dress and the Shining Diamond was the last one.

The ringleader of the House and the man who orchestrated the attack on every man and woman involved in the main event of Icons walked out front and center. Harmen and Mayweather were none too pleased at the introduction of “The Shining Diamond” known as Kaus. Matt Mills quietly exited the ring during this time. The now former Relentless champ was in a gray suit, sunglasses, and to be blunt he dressed like a million bucks.

“Oh … you’re going to try and gloss over the most talked-about part of Icons, Jack?” asked Kaus, who tilted his head at Harmen. “No, no, no … I am not Jonathan Conspiracy and we are no Con-gregation. I don’t tell lies, Jack. I don’t manipulate the system. For the record, I don’t need any board connections to pull strings. We proved that when we took out Jeremy Ryan and I gave him the old KIRU treatment.”

A smile crossed the face of the Shining Diamond with the crowd booing along.

“When the Cut Diamonds and Team … ugh, I’m not even going to say your tag team’s incredibly stupid name. When we were selling out arenas and making it rain snowflakes with how good our matches were, you may not have known something about me until now, Jack … I’m a truthsayer. I tell it like it is and nobody likes that. I told Kiru that he was with me or against me and now he’s gone because he made a stupid choice. When I told Scott Riktor I had a trump card I was ready to play after repeatedly dicking me over … Big Slick, do you want to drop another card pun for him?”

“I do!” said Derrick Huber. “That paid off … in spades! Thank you, I’m here all week, idiots!”

The two cousins high fived each other and the Faithful booed the bad pun.

“Well put. I delivered on that promise. When I told everybody that the future was now for the House … well Jack you were there. You, Lindsay Troy, your little girl there, Sonny Silver, Jeremy Ryan, the LoC officials and you too, Riktor all found out first hand that I am Kaus and I cannot tell a lie!”

Kaus now found himself pointing down at the ring to where the Legacy champion was standing.

“Now here’s another truth for you and the rest of the roster to understand. Every show going forward belongs to us!

“YEAH!!!!!!” Zane added.

“Nobody takes a breath or walks the same hall as us unless you feel the need to forfeit your career. Take it from KIRU, take it from Jeremy Ryan and take it from me that the most painful truth is still to come Jack … your time as the champion is coming to an end. Now man up, do something about what I did at Icons and give me the Legacy title match that I deserve.”

Harmen ran his hands through his hair. He looked over to Mary-Lynn, who straightened her posture, fist clenched over her breast. He looked to Davis, who was rapping alongside the sound from his oversized headphones. Harmen rolled his eyes and slumped his shoulders. “I don’t know,” Harmen raised the Legacy strap to his eye line. “Yeah. Maybe he doesn’t know.” Harmen nodded to the Legacy title belt before he slung it over his shoulder. “So let me get a bit philosophical. A bit fourth dimensional. Teach a bit of my old man wisdom. Talk your truth.” Harmen stood onto the bottom and middle ropes, leaning over the top. “Anything that’s anything is already ending.” Harmen snarled. “A building constructed is deconstructed by Father Time. A baby is born and gets ever closer to the Reaper’s sickle. Legends 25, the moment it began, you people gave your tickets or scanned your smart phone,” Harmen pointed to the Faithful and was rewarded with cheers. “Every SECOND, you’re closer to the end than you were before. And you, KIRU!” Harmen shouted and pointed, before he blinked. “Oh sorry, I thought you were your more talented partner.” Harmen smiled, knowing his mistake all along. “You’ve just initiated the third act of your life.” Harmen raised his hand. “I'm just learning about this keeping your promises thing but I feel confident. Cause it's not just me gunning for you President Underwood. You got a ticking timebomb to worry about by the name of Jeremy Ryan. Cause even injuries end.”

. “I don’t give a damn about what Jeremy Ryan is going to do,” said Kaus, “he’s not here. I am. Now are you going to stop dodging my question? You’re the fighting champion, right? Troy can have whatever shot was undeservedly gifted to her at No Turning Back. I want that match tonight!

Harmen hopped off the ropes and turned his back to Kaus. “I know I’ll eventually lose this Legacy title. It’s part of the burden of carrying it. Nothing you would know about, but,” Harmen held in a chuckle. “I’m finally okay with it.”

Harmen eyes went wide as he overtly gestured while turning back to Kaus. “That being said!” Harmen let out a chortle and shook his head. “I’m not losing it to you.” Mary-Lynn nodded in the background. “I just learned this, but…” Harmen’s expression turned serious on a dime. “I, promise that.”

Mary-Lynn raised her hand as if asking a question. “Also, you’ve just kind of declared war on, like, everybody?” Mary-Lynn looked around. “You just went full on Hitler, and it didn’t work out for Germany or anyone on the internet ever.” Mary-Lynn took a moment. “Anyway, Hi Charlotte. Congrats on your defeat of me and Daryn. You won absolutely unfair and triangled.” Mary-Lynn shrugged. “You were clearly the superior athlete amongst the four of us.” Mary-Lynn said with just the hint of sarcasm. She slyly smiled at Jack with the side of her face turned away from the House. Harmen raised a thumbs up to her, hidden by the Legacy title from the House but visible to our cameras.

“I am the superior athlete!” screamed Charlotte over Kaus’s microphone. “I won and you didn’t!”

Derrick comforted his wife in his massive arms and the attention was back on the Shining Diamond.

“As long as we’re making promises then, I promise you one thing, Harmen … when it’s you and I in that ring, I will be the one that takes that title from you.”

Harmen held his hand out in the ring. “Spit shake on it?”

Kaus was about to make another statement when they were interrupted.

“Apparently you guys have my whole job figured out!”

Scott Riktor appeared from the back. The House were parked halfway toward the ring so that gave Riktor a little room to breathe.

“Oh wait … no, Kaus, you don’t. You think that you can just make matches as you see fit and throw your weight around? I don’t think so! I respect Jack’s abilities in that ring and I’m confident that if you were to fight him one on one, he would make you regret everything you’ve done up until now.”

“Then give me my match!” said Kaus.


Riktor stood his ground and the crowd cheered him for it! Harmen smiled.

“Last I checked, you lost to Graham Youngblood when he beat you for the Relentless championship! If you want a title shot, then you’ll need to earn it just like everybody else!”

“Oh … like how your favorite wrestler Lindsay Troy earned her title shot at No Turning Back when she lost at Icons? Hypocrisy, anyone?”

Scott looked him in the eye. “Troy has grounds for a rematch after things that J-CON did. You don’t. If you want a match against Harmen, then the House will have to lead by example. The House did win the Tag Team Title gauntlet at Icons and congrats to you gentlemen … but like you said, Kaus, we want fighting champions and we’ll see them defend those Tag Team Titles on Rivals! They’ll be defending against TEAM V.I.A.G.R.A!

The crowd just erupted and Harmen and Mary-Lynn looked very pleased. Davis was still rapping to himself. Huber and Roebuck did not seem that worried but Kaus was getting frustrated.

“So you can just give them title matches? I never thought I’d long for the days of J-CON in charge again.”

Scott Riktor shook his head. “No I’m not done, Kaus. I’ll make it fair. I’ll give you not one but three choices for you to earn a shot at the Legacy title. Tonight in the main event - non title affair of course - you can take on the man you physically attacked in a street fight: Jack Harmen!”

Harmen was all about that option.

“Two: you can take on Harmen at some point before No Turning Back in a cage for the Legacy title match and if any member of the House interferes, they will be stripped of their Tag titles and you will forfeit any future title shots!”

Now Kaus was growing furious.

“Three: Next week, you take on another person you wronged in our Number One Contender Lindsay Troy. Show the world what you’re capable of and if you can impress me enough, then I’ll give you a title match. Your choice.”

Both Hubers and Roebuck were offering the Shining Diamond suggestions away from the microphone but it didn’t take Kaus long at all to make his decision. He cast a glance at Jack Harmen and then looked back at Scott.

“Simple. I choose option three. I’m going to show Harmen that I’m better than that undeserving coward Lindsay Troy. I’m going to show the world that when you screw with the House, there’s consequences. After I’ve done all that, then I’m going to beat you for that championship, Jack.”

Harmen snickered. “Knew you were scared. Cause this Wildcard is gonna burn your House of Cards down.” Harmen looked at Riktor. “Hey, Scott, since Kaus doesn't wanna face me if this straps not on the line, thinking I'll go stupid crazy and just challenge him to a title match cause he messed up my bones…” Harmen shrugged. “How about I transitive property this and challenge a man who's proven superior to Kaus?" Quiet anticipation from the crowd. "How about I face off against the current Relentless champ... GRAHAM, YOUNGBLOOD.”

At this point the Shining Diamond was about to boil with rage! The fans however reacted with zest. Kaus’ rival was getting the title shot tonight ahead of him! He was ready to do something about it but Zane took his microphone.

“Enough, enough, enough!” said Zane. “I’m done with all this … and besides, I haven’t said my name in a good five minutes! I’m Zane Roebuck!!!”

“What's your name again?” Harmen asked.

“Zane Roebuck! One third of your LoC Tag Team champions, I demand retribution! I demand satisfaction! If Team Penis Medication think they can beat us at Rivals, then how about I take on one of them right now!” Adam Roebuck tried to put a hand on his son’s shoulders but Zane was not hearing any of that. “I’ll take on the little red-headed one!”

Mary-Lynn tore off her suit jacket and got into a fighting stance with no hesitation. The Brand President had enough.

“Nope. You got Tony Davis. Jack, tell him he’s in action right now!”

Zane was shocked! He shook his head. Harmen nodded to his partner and made him take off the headphones because after a quick break, the House’s Zane Roebuck was set to take on the big rapping, game playing suplex machine named Tony Davis!

Harmen patted Davis on the shoulder. “Hey, you're gonna face that guy,” Harmen pointed up the ramp.

Davis removed his headphones. “What?” Davis frowned. “Which one? I wasn't listening.” Davis lowered his headphones and looked like he had a revelation. “I think I finally became one with old school flava.”


Stipulation: First Fall to Finish

Referee: Chris Horowitz

“And we’re off to the first match of the night!” said Tony Stone. “The House’s Zane Roebuck takes on Team V.I.A.G.R.A’s Tony Davis! Davis is a two-time LoC Tag Team champion and he may not be all there upstairs sometimes, but he’s held titles all over the world!”

“Not all the way there, Stoner?” Asked Reno. “He’s a dozen eggs short of a god-damn dozen!”

The other members of the House remained at ringside following the very intense opening. Kaus, Adam Roebuck, Derrick and Charlotte Huber all were in the corner of Zane while Legacy champion Jack Harmen and Mary-Lynn Mayweather were the side of Davis which made it standing room only at ringside. Zane walked right up to Tony Davis at the start of the match and got the face of his bigger opponent.

“I play PS Vita!” said Zane, who made note of Davis’s Nintendo 3DS at ringside. “I’m Zane Roebuck and I love Persona games! Nintendo is Sony’s bitch!”

Tony didn’t pay him any mind and waved to the crowd! "My new album drops soon! Pick it up at Tower Records!"

“Tony, wrestle him!” Harmen shouted as Davis looked at him confused.

When Zane wasn’t getting the attention he wanted, he tapped Tony Davis on the back.

“Hey! I’m Zane Roebuck and my amazing voice demands attention when you hear it!”

Zane was acting like the child he was but when Tony stood on the top rope he pointed at Tony.

“I know people have sympathy for the mentally handicapped and that’s why you’re cheering, but I’m Zane Roebuck! You’re supposed to be cheering me and the House! LoC’s Tag Team champions! The future Legacy champion Kaus! Cheer us!”

Zane then finally had enough as Tony stood off the ropes.

“Vanilla Ice could drop a better beat than you.”

Then Zane made with a physical cheap shot after his verbal one and kicked Davis in the leg. Zane fired more stomps into his ribs and then punches to the face. He continued the attack on the two time LoC Tag Team champion and put more kicks into his chest in the corner. Zane continued to kick Tony in the face and then brought him down to a kneeling level in the corner so Zane could then put his knee against his throat. Zane was choking Davis against the ropes.

The official of the match Chris Horowitz told Zane to stop choking Tony or risk getting a disqualification so Zane backed off of him and then took a few second to flaunt his advantage over his larger opponent.

“I’m Zane Roebuck and I’m a champion!” shouted Zane. “I am one third of your LoC Tag Team titles and I demand respect!”

“Zane, turn around damn it!” yelled Kaus.

Tony heard enough!!!

Tony hit a huge flapjack on Zane sending him to the ground. He began to stomp the hell out of Zane! Davis pushed the new LoC Tag Team champion Zane on his back and now the other members of the House had to watch their problem child get the beating he deserved by Tony Davis. The House were out to make a lasting impression on the members of Team V.I.A.G.R.A. but right now Zane was making them look bad when Tony Davis was putting a beating on him.

The man known a long time ago as Two-Tone Tony was now putting Zane in the corner and slamming his head repeatedly into the top turnbuckle. After a few good slams he put him up against the middle rope and beat him on that. Then after a few more of those, he slammed him into the bottom rope and the crowd loved every second of it. Kaus and the House (The Haus???) were not pleased with Zane blowing control of the match and now because of it he was being manhandled by the muscle for Team VIAGRA.

“End that nameless mutant!” screamed Harmen.

Tony then picked Roebuck up by his stomach and then muscled him up as he threw him off to the side with an amateur-like gut-wrench suplex and then threw Zane onto his back. Roebuck flailed on the canvas with Davis now standing over him ready to deliver more hurt onto Roebuck. Zane was pulled up by the head and neck and then lifted right into one of Tony Davis’s bigger moves in his power arsenal …

(Stalling vertical suplex)

Not only was that the actual name of the move it was the exact noise that the crowd was making while Zane was being pulled up to his feet.

“Are we sure it was a good idea making him a tag champ?” said Big Slick to Zane’s father and his tag partner.

Adam Roebuck shrugged and remained quiet with Davis holding his son upside down. Over twenty seconds had elapsed when Davis sent the Ace of the House crashing down harder than a Drake diss track attempt on Eminem. Good Luck Roebuck’s luck was not so good against Davis right now when Davis sat over and covered Zane.



A kickout from Zane!

“Don’t you dare embarrass us, Zane!” shouted Kaus.

The former Relentless and LoC Tag Team champion continued barking words of negative reinforcement at Zane as the arrogant little twenty-four year-old continued taking a beating at Davis’s hands. Two-Tone Tony whipped him all the way into the corner and then he followed him with a big lariat in the corner before he pulled him out and followed that up with a big short arm clothesline. He dropped a huge elbow right onto Zane’s chest and then went for another cover.



And another kickout from Zane!

Roebuck’s chest was throbbing in pain and he limped towards the ropes when he saw Tony Davis coming at him again. He sat in between the ropes.


“Hiding in the ropes when things don’t go Zane’s way,” remarked Stone. “that’s the Zane we know.”

“It’s called strategy. He wasn’t blessed with Daddy Dearest’s size, so he uses his brains in that ring.”

“Is that what he calls it?” asked Stone.

Zane sat on the middle rope and he hid between the ropes with Chris Horowitz trying to break the two up. Roebuck continued hiding in between the ropes with Davis trying to get at him. Good Luck Roebuck wouldn’t leave unless he backed off and before Davis knew what was going on – which wasn’t a lot depending who you asked – Derrick Huber jumped on the apron and ran him right down with a running lariat from the apron!

“That’s the gang tactics we’ve seen the House use since they arrived from jOlt!” said Stone. “They’re big men when they can get away with this!”

“That’s just it Stoner!” yelled Reno. “They’re big men! You go and tell Derrick Huber and Adam Roebuck they can’t help their fellow Tag Team champion!”

Tony was laid out and now that was Zane’s cue to take advantage of the situation. Tony Davis didn’t know what hit him from Derrick Huber’s massive arm and if that was bad for him before then things got worse when Zane took flight from the second rope …

(Blockbuster neckbreaker)

That gave Zane control and now he was going for the cover.




After smacking the mat in frustration over the lack of defeating the House’s next challengers for Rivals with the Tag Team titles on the line. Zane then worked on Davis’s neck by stomping down on it a few times and then going for a tight sleeper hold to wear him down.

“Zane’s a capable wrestler and there’s no doubt about it, but he’d rather annoy people and tout how good he is than win a match!” said Stone.

“Hey, plenty of wrestlers can get away with doing both!” said Davis. “He can do both, Stoner!”

Harmen and Mayweather continued lending their support to Tony Davis as Zane Roebuck continued to hold his grip tight on the neck of Two-Tone Tony. The two time former LoC Tag Team champion was struggling to get back to his feet and with Zane on his back he was able to do so! He stood backward and crushed Zane in the corner twice in order to get him to let go of the submission hold. He fell over onto his back and then tried to mount a comeback …

“Nope!” yelled Reno. “Zane back on the neck!”

“He’s tenacious, we’ll give Zane that!” shouted Tony.

Tony dropped on one knee with Zane still on his back before Roebuck got over onto his side and held the sleeper hold again. Good Luck Roebuck continued to control the larger Davis with this painful submission attempt.

“Tap you big idiot!” yelled Zane.

Good Luck Roebuck worked the neck when Tony Davis surged to life and then threw Zane into the corner for the second consecutive time. Zane tried to jump right on his back a third time but Zane could not quite grip the neck like he thought he could and then turned that into a huge power slam that rattled his spine!

“That’s enough from Tony but now can he get some control back and stick it to the House tonight?” asked Tony.

“Uhhhhhhhhh … Tony’s an idiot! He’ll forget he’s even in a match in a second!”

Zane and Tony were both trying to recover now from the most recent couple of minutes with both sides cheering on their respective stablemates. Davis had all of the love from the crowd not only because Team V.I.A.G.R.A. were popular but because Zane was a complete little asshole that people wanted to see bad things happen to. When Tony Davis stood up he took Zane with him and walloped him with a right hand. He laid into Zane with a few jabs and then punctuated with a big elbow on the crown of his head. Roebuck was left laid out in the corner now with Davis standing over him about ready to fire more big hands. He let him have it with the good old ten punches in the corner and the crowd loved it!


Ten powerful punches greeted Zane’s cranium and now he was on hands and knees. Davis stood behind him and pulled him up by the tights before throwing him backwards into a release German suplex! The blow rattled Zane and now he was in the corner probably about as punch drunk as Tony Davis seemed to be on a regular basis. He was pulled out of the corner in an airplane spin position and taken all around the world for the ride!

“Tony’s on fire! Can he beat Zane tonight?” said Tony.

“This big ox just might if Zane doesn’t do something!” shouted Reno.

Reno Davis and Tony Stone called more of the action with Tony Davis now about to take Zane down for good as he dropped him on the mat with a big slam. Davis took a few seconds to get his wits about him. He pulled Zane up and kicked him in the stomach and tried to grab his arms for what was no doubt going to be the Equalizer. The double under hook powerbomb was about to strike and Mary-Lynn and Davis were watching when Charlotte Huber hopped onto the apron and started to unbutton her blouse.

“Hey! Tony!” she waved.

Charlotte Huber started to take down two more buttons. Davis waved her off. “Very nice. But I already have sex with his sister!” Davis pointed toward Harmen on the outside, just as Mary-Lynn jumped in and dragged Charlotte off the apron! Derrick and Adam came to Charlotte’s defense and Harmen had grabbed a chair to try and protect her in case Kaus or the big goons of the House tried to do anything more! Horowitz had been distracted long enough for Zane to throw an upper cut in between the legs of Davis!

“Ouch! The old seven-ten split, Stoner!” shouted Reno.

“Zane with the ultimate of all cheap shots!” called Tony.

One blow was enough to double Tony Davis over but Zane Roebuck apparently didn’t think so. He got behind Tony and grabbed both of his arms …

(Low blow into backslide pin)

Zane managed to maneuver the much larger Davis down after two low blows and a backslide. Chris Horowitz didn’t see either cheap shot and counted Davis’s shoulders to the mat!





Zane escaped the ring like a thief in the night because that’s exactly what he was! Zane did not have his father’s size but he did have his aptitude for cheating and now disappeared from the ring! Harmen and Mary-Lynn all rolled inside the ring to protect their fallen ally as they watched Zane jump into his father’s arms.

“I won! I won! I won! I did it!” yelled Zane in triumph.

Kaus grinned at Zane and then he fired a look of contempt at the Legacy champion Jack Harmen. Harmen flew into a furious rage, charging toward the turnbuckle looking to make a dive. Kaus took a few steps away from the ring to avoid the blow, but Harmen faked the dive. The Legacy champ sneered at Kaus and the House on the rampway.

“Zane wins this match with that expertly-applied maneuver that he calls The Nuts!” said Reno. “That’s the best hand you can get in Poker and Zane’s gamble paid off!”

“The House surprisingly are leaving ringside without trying to attack Harmen.”

“Kaus made a point! The House can take out anybody at any time and they want Harmen to know that!”

Zane, his father, Charlotte Huber and Derrick Huber all parted ringside while The Shining Diamond pointed a finger at the Wildcard – and at the Legacy championship he wanted for himself. The House had stolen a win from Team V.I.A.G.R.A. tonight and if they had their way this would be the first of more to come.

Winner: Zane Roebuck via Pinfall


Featuring: The New Breed

Location: Backstage

The scene opened up backstage with Angelica Brooks standing by. The LoC Legends logo served as a backdrop as Angelica brought the microphone up to her lips.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome my guests at this time, The New Breed!”

The crowd cheered as Mike Patterson walked in from the left and Brian Williams did from the right.

“After what happened at Icons involving the tag team championships, what is going through your minds?” asked Brooks.

Williams smiled as he rubbed his chin. It was obvious he was going to do the talking so Angelica brought the microphone over to him.

“You know, it’s funny. We came here seeking competition and we got it. We also got the Fall of Adam on our backs and at Icons, they got us on ours and eliminated us from the Tag Team Gauntlet match.”

Williams paused for a moment.

“You know.. I find it funny that’s how it played out. Gacy and Oswald caused a distraction and The Nation defeated us. Hey… no beef with The Nation over that.. They simply picked the bones after the Fall of Adam pulled off their little stunt. It was a free win right in front of them and they took it. No hard feelings… that is until we got to Icons when we evened it up by eliminating them from the match. I guess they felt that if they couldn’t get another free win then the next team to walk out should get one because I still feel the sting of the cold hard steel hitting me in the back.”

Patterson closed his eyes and tensed up.

“I know he’s still feeling it,” said Williams in reference to Patterson. “Then, just like on cue, here comes Oswald and Gacy just strutting their way down to the ring and, sure enough, picked the bones once again as we were conveniently incapacitated thanks to The Nation. The whole thing smells like a conspiracy, if you ask me because how could The Fall of Adam show up in our match with The Nation and cost us a win and then, lo’ and behold, they return the favor to them at Icons? It just doesn’t add up for me.”

Williams turned and looked into the camera.

“That’s why before we deal with the Fall of Adam, we’re going to set this straight. Nation… You beat us… we beat you… your actions put a rather large chip on both of our shoulders so tonight… we’re getting our revenge. Scott Riktor already made the match official so get your gear on boys and get ready for the fight of your life.”

Angelica turned to Mike Patterson.

“What are your thoughts on this?” asked Brooks.

Patterson looked down at Angelica. Typically, he let his actions speak for himself. The man of few words, however, had something to say.

“We’re doing playing around.” said Patterson in a serious tone. “Up until this point, we put handcuffs on ourselves, but tonight.. Between us and The Nation… those handcuffs… they’re coming off.”

With that, Patterson turned and walked away and Brian Williams followed suit. The scene cut elsewhere with the feeling of a tense atmosphere looming.


Featuring: Lindsay Troy, Monte Burns, Andy Murray, Dam, & Providence

Location: The Loft

The fans in the arena gave an audible cheer as the scene shifted to The Loft, where Andy Murray - grey jeans, black James Varga t-shirt - was mid-conversation.

“You know the ending of E.T., right? When all those guys show-up in hazmat suits and try to take the little alien fella away to their weird science lab? It was just like that, except we didn’t get on a bicycle and somehow fly into outer space.”

He paused, then shook his head.

“Well, it was absolutely nothing like that, but I’m sure you catch my drift.”

As the camera panned back, it revealed Monte Burns sitting on a couch facing Murray. Burns tilted his head and had a quizzical look on his face.

“...and you’re NOT the one with the concussion problems?”

“Don’t tell me you’ve never seen E.T., mate,” Andy said as disbelief crept across his features.

“Oh, I’ve seen E.T.,” Monte said as he took a drink from his water bottle. “But I’m still figuring out what E.T. has to do with this little drama here.”

“Okay, okay,” Andy said. “Layman’s terms.” He cleared his throat. “We were having one of those awkward conversations in the parking lot. I asked why she took a bullet at ICONS - because I still can’t figure it out - and pop,” he clicked his fingers, “Riktor’s goons appear and tell her to leave. Injuries, concussions, ‘danger to herself.’ Something like that.”

“That’s not like Scott to send LoC Security to deliver that kind of message.” Lindsay Troy, phone in hand, entered the scene from a back hallway. “Even if he wasn’t occupied with the Mattock/Grumpy Cat massacre, he’d ask LLB to go in his place, no?”

“No idea,” Andy said, shrugging. “Didn’t realize anything else was going on but, regardless, I understand it. You know how she gets. Still, those guys were fannies… one of ‘em even called me a ‘white knight.’” He reached to the floor, grabbed his conveniently-placed cricket bat, and slapped it against his palm. “That’s a paddlin’.”

“Never let it be said that you don’t care about your friends, Andy,” the Queen said with a wink and flopped down into an easy chair. “She hasn’t answered my texts yet, so there’s a good chance she’s setting Orlando ablaze with her small but furious anger.”

Andy chortled. “Heh. Could turn on the news…”

“Or check if #CrazyWhiteGirl is trending on Twitter…” muttered Monte.

“Or go up to the roof.” Troy inclined her head toward the ceiling. “See if we feel anything coming in the air tonight…”

Burns looked over in Troy’s direction and raised an eyebrow. “Wait, I always thought it was ‘calling’ in the air tonight?”

“C’mon, Dad!” Andy chimed-in. “That’s your era, isn’t it?” He paused, thinking. “Wait, how old are you again?”

As he stood up, Burns looked back at Murray. “Hey, give me a break. I had a rough match with Derecho. I’m off my game.”

Andy shook his head. “That doesn’t excuse the fact that you’ve never seen E.T., mate. Shocking.”

The trio of LoC stars immediately turned their attention toward the door at the noise.

“Jesus, now what?” Monte said as he set down his water bottle.

“Dam’s got it. That is, if he hasn’t wandered off to find more Pokemon,” Troy rolled her eyes as she tapped her phone. “Brooks keeps leveling up before him, or beating him in battles, or who knows what...”

As Troy finished up her sentence, they could hear the sounds of a heated exchange at the door. Dam’s voice was getting louder, while another voice was countering just as firm.

“I don’t give a damn what your prophesizin’ ass wants,” Dametreyus’ voice rang out very clearly from the entranceway. “You’re not gettin’ in.”

“Okay, now I’m curious,” said Monte. A lightbulb goes off in Andy Murray’s head, he pulls his own phone out as they move toward the door.

As they came up behind Dam, it became clear just who was behind the commotion.


The Man of Destiny stood in his signature hooded cloak, eyeing Dam carefully and gesturing toward the inside of the Loft. As Murray, Troy, and Burns came closer, Providence saw them and his gaze changed to focus on them.

“And here they are,” he said with a grin. “The Heroes of LoC. I am so pleased to see you all. I was just telling your….servant…..I had something important to discuss. Particularly with you, Mr. Murray.”

“I’m about to serve my fist through your face if you don’t start walkin’ away from this door…”

“‘Scuse me, gang,” Andy said, gently shuffling past Lindsay Troy and Monte Burns. Instead of looking Providence in the eye, The King raised his phone towards The Man of Destiny and squinted. “Hold real still, mate. Reaaalllllllll still.”

He flicked his finger across the screen, then fist-pumped.

“Yus!” Andy proclaimed. “Finally caught my first Fuckboy!”

His misplaced jubilation was met by mass confusion (and complete derision from Providence). Andy help his phone up for all to see. “Pokemon, guys.”

Burns held out his hands. “E.T…..Pokemon…..what the hell, man?”

“More jokes, Mr. Murray?” Providence said, clearly annoyed by what he had just witnessed. “That’s fitting, actually. Fitting because the notion that the three of you are the faces of this company is a joke. At ICONS, I dispatched Mr. Hart because he was another joke of a hero. Now it’s time to move on to someone bigger.”

Providence’s eyes narrowed on Murray as he spoke the final words, completely looking past Dam and ignoring Troy and Burns. Andy had already put his phone away, and his facial expression had gone from ‘let’s make E.T. jokes’ to ‘okay, fuck this guy.’

“Alright laddie, spit it out. What do you want?” Andy asked. “In plain English, please. I’m not into cryptic nonsense.”

“You and I have unfinished business,” Providence said. “It’s time my destiny took me to another level. It’s time I not only rid this place of another so-called hero but also claimed one of LoC’s prized championships. I want a rematch with you tonight, Mr. Murray. A rematch with the Underground Championship on the line.”

The fans in the Arena of Champions cheered at the challenge from Providence, knowing the prospect of seeing such a physical, heated battle for the Underground Title.

“I’m afraid you’re a little late to the party, mate,” Andy said. “Turns-out everyone wants a piece of the belt - Curse be damned - and I’ve already agreed to meet Terry Massimo out there.”

The King took a bold step away from his friends, beside Dam, and a lot closer to Providence.

“Don’t worry, though. You jumped me a few weeks ago, and I don’t forget about such things easily. You want to figure this thing out? Me too. We could go and see Mr. Riktor about it right now, if you want…”

“I want what is owed to me, Mr. Murray,” Providence snarled in reply. “I have earned a shot at that championship and a chance to finish what I started with you weeks ago.”

“If Dave Grohl’s thirsting for some kind of rematch, I’ll be his huckleberry.”

All eyes looked over to Lindsay Troy, whose eyes were locked on Providence. She had hung back as a passive observer thus far but everyone’s got their limit.

“You and I were rudely interrupted some months ago,” she continued. “I wouldn’t mind finishing what I started, unimpeded, this time.”

Providence smiled as he looked in the Queen’s direction.

“I’m sorry, Ms. Troy, but I have my eyes set on something much bigger than a simple singles match against you. My destiny involves something much greater than that.”

“Like what, being featured on the cover of a Just for Men box?” she quipped. “Come on, Nopestradamus. You don’t want to finish our dance?”

“I know how that dance ends. And the thought of going through that with you one on one again….” He thought for a second. “It bores me.”

“I see…” she said, but the smirk on her face didn’t lend itself to any sort of agreement. “A man who wants to rid LoC of heroes only wants to do it when there’s a shiny bauble in play.” She looked to Monte. “This what you’re teaching the kids?”

Monte shrugged. “Hey, I wasn’t always a great guy.”

“Tell you what,” Troy looked back to Providence. “Your destiny keeps crossing my path in some shape or form, whether you want to admit it or not. And since you won’t keep your mouth shut about ‘heroes’ in this place, I think it’s more than high time a few of us banded together to knock you down a peg or twelve. You don’t want me in a singles match?” She shrugged. “That’s too bad, because maybe you’ll get me in a tag match instead.” A glance again to Monte. “How about it?”

Burns glanced over at Troy and for a split second looked surprised at the suggestion. Quickly, his expression changed and he looked back toward Providence.

“I’m game,” he said. “I still have a few things I can teach you….Darren.”

“Ooooh, he used your Christian name,” Lindsay taunted. “That’s how you know shit just got real.”

Providence looked back and forth between the two, his face contorting for a few seconds.

“Is this really what the two of you want?”

“You’re the one who came up here wanting a fight,” Troy shot back. “Or did your destiny not account for someone other than Andy stepping to the plate?”

The snarl on Providence’s face disappeared and was replaced by a slight grin.

“You just remember that it’s two of you who asked for this. Whether I find a partner or not I look forward to claiming you as trophies tonight,” he said before turning toward Murray once again. “And you just remember that after I take apart your two friends out there, you won’t have anyone else to fight your battles for you. I’m bringing your destiny very soon, Mr. Murray.”

Before Murray could respond, Providence turned and headed away from the door, disappearing down the hallway and out of sight.

“You know,” Andy said, turning to his friends. “I kinda like that guy.” He paused, reconsidering. “No. No I don’t.”

Pretty easy to see why, of course. And on that note, Legends headed to the ring.


Stipulation: Tag Team First Fall to Finish

Referee: D.C. Train

There were some shenanigans that took place during the Tag Team Gauntlet match at Icons. The Nation, angry over their elimination, attacked The New Breed before heading to the back. This made The New Breed easy pickings for a tag team that they’ve been having an issue with as of late in The Fall of Adam. Before The New Breed addresses them, they wanted to take care of some business here tonight. The match was made and it was time to see if The New Breed could enact their revenge.

“Symphony of an Empty Hope” by Nightwish

After the symphonic intro of "Symphony of Destruction" the thunderous drums of "Yours is an Empty Hope" kicked in as the arena swirled with amber lights. Brian Williams and Mike Patterson walked out from the backstage area and stopped at the top of the entrance ramp. They paused for a moment and then fist bumped each other and walked down to the ring in tandem.

When they got to the ringside area, Patterson went left and Williams went right. They both climbed up to the ring apron on opposite sides of the ring. They both stepped in as Williams knelt down in the middle of the ring while Patterson stood behind him with his fist raised into the air. They both stood and fist bumped each other before splitting to opposite neutral corners. They ascended to the top and eat struck a pose for the crowd. They hopped down and regrouped as the arena returned to normal.

“Madgalena” by A Perfect Circle

The mood changed as Penance and DV8 made their way out from the backstage area with The Magdalena by their side. The people booed as the trio walked down the ramp. At the base of the ramp, the two of them stood there and waited for Magdalena to give the signal. Once she did, the two of them slowly crept up onto the ring apron and stepped into the ring. The New Breed retreated to their corner to talk strategy.

The Nation did the same and it looked like DV8 and Brian Williams were going to start things out. Once things were settled, referee Chris Horowitxz called for the bell.




“A score is looking to be settled here between The Nation and The New Breed. Which team will come out on top?” asks Stone

“The one who gets the pinfall, Stoner. I really wonder how you manage to keep your job.” said Reno

Williams and DV8 circled each other and immediately upon the lock up, Williams buried his knee into DV8’s stomach. He grabbed DV8 by the shoulder and slung him into the corner where he began to put the boots to him in the corner, causing DV8 to slouch over. Williams grabbed him by the arm and sent him across the ring to the opposite side. Williams charged in and hit a running body avalanche, sandwiching DV8 up against the turnbuckle pads. Williams stepped out and shouted out to the crowd who cheered him. Williams turned his attention back to DV8, but DV8 escaped further punishment with a thumb to the eye right in front of the referee to boos from the crowd!

DV8 ignored being admonished by Chris Horowitz and charged in while Williams had his back turned. DV8 went low with a Chop Block and took Williams off of his feet. DV8 then got on top of Williams and used a blatant choke hold right in front of the referee!





DV8 let go, stood and began to stomp away at Williams. Meanwhile, Mike Patterson was seething on the apron, shouting out to his partner to fight back. DV8 pulled Williams up and sent him to the ropes. DV8 leapt up and took him down with a Leaping Side Kick! DV8 went for the cover, hooking the leg.



Williams kicked out with ease.

“It’s going to take more than an illegal choke and a leg lariat to keep Brian Williams down” said Stone.

“First off.. It was a leaping side kick… not a leg lariat. I should know… I’ve been in the ring. Second… why do you have to go and say illegal? It’s such an ugly word. Clearly DV8 was taking advantage of a situation!” said Reno.

DV8; however, had other plans as he sat Williams up and slapped on a sleeper hold in an effort to wear him down. Williams clawed away at DV8’s arm, but he just applied more pressure. DV8 then took Williams down to the mat where he kept the hold locked in tight. Chris Horowitz got down low and asked Williams if he wanted to give up, but anyone who knows Brian Williams already knew the answer to that question.

Williams began kicking his feet into the canvas and the crowd got into it as they clapped along. Williams used that energy to power himself up to a standing position where he fired a pair of elbows into DV8’s mid-section. After breaking free, Williams laid in a pair of haymakers to DV8’s head, stunning him momentarily. Williams grabbed DV8 by the arm and whipped him into the corner. Williams charged in and nailed a running back elbow which dropped DV8 down to a seated position.

Williams clapped his hands to get the crowd into it as he walked away to the opposite neutral corner. He turned and picked up full speed, hurling himself into a seated DV8 with the corner cannonball!


Williams stood up and the crowd began to chant..


Williams grinned and nodded his head as he walked away to the opposite neutral corner once again. He turned and charged in at DV8 with full speed, once again hurling himself into the corner...



“And this is why you don’t listen to these stupid peons! Crap like this happens!” exclaimed Reno.

“Can’t blame someone for trying to give the fans what they want.” said Stone.

“Sure you can. I just did!” retorted Reno.

DV8 pulled himself out of the way and Williams’ back slammed into the turnbuckles hard! DV8 began to crawl towards his corner with Magdalena cheering him on from the outside. Mike Patterson rallied Williams to do the same. Williams began to crawl, but as he was about half way to his corner, DV8 made it to Penance and got the tag in!

Penance stepped over the top rope and entered the ring. He made his advance towards Williams, but when Williams looked over and saw the hulking monster advancing in his direction, Williams made a last ditch effort and leapt into the corner where he made the tag to Mike Patterson! Penance changed directions and charged the corner as Patterson was stepping through the ropes, but Patterson kept himself low and hit a double leg takedown on Penance as he entered the ring! Patterson mounted Penance and rained down heavy right hands to the side of his head!

Patterson got to his feet as Penance immediately pulled himself up. Patterson hit the ropes, looking for a shoulder tackle, but Penance stood his ground. Patterson shook it off and hit the ropes again, but there would be no contest of strength as Penance took a swing, but Patterson ducked underneath and bounced off the opposite end. Patterson used his momentum and leapt into the air, taking the big man off his feet with a Leaping Clothesline!

Patterson stood and dared Penance to get back to his feet. As Penance did, Patterson made sure to stay behind him at all times. Patterson got underneath Penance and in a display of power, lifted and dropped the big man with a Back Drop Suplex! Patterson turned over into the cover.


Penance powered out with authority at only a one count!

Patterson wasn’t all too surprised as this was the third time these two have met in tag team matches so Patterson already knew that Penance was one tough bastard. Patterson quickly got back to his feet and stalked Penance as he got back up. Patterson went for a right hand with no effect! Penance countered with a knee to the stomach that doubled Patterson over. He quickly set Patterson up between his legs and lifted him up to shoulder height for one of his patented powerbombs, but Patterson slipped off of Penance’s shoulder and landed in front of him. Patterson went for the toe kick, but Penance blocked it and grabbed Patterson’s leg, spinning him around. When Patterson faced Penance once again, he found Penance’s hand around his neck!

Patterson gripped Penance’s wrist with both hands and used his might to pry himself free. Patterson then hit the toe kick, doubling Penance over. Patterson hit forearm after forearm after forearm in an attempt to daze Penance. Patterson took off to the ropes, but on the rebound, all he did was run into a Big Boot by Penance!

Penance picked Patterson up immediately and set him up between his legs. Penance powered Mike Patterson back up to shoulder height and charged the corner...


The impact was so hard, the top turnbuckle popped out! The top rope dangled and was useless!

“OH MY GOD!!!” exclaimed Stone.

“Welp, that’s coming out of Patterson’s paycheck” said Reno, nonchalantly


“These fans are as shock as I am as they’re chanting something we can’t repeat!” said Stone.

“Huh? They’re saying Holy Shit, Stone. What’s the big deal? They say it all the time over the dumbest shit. Hell, I even said shit right now! SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT!” said Reno

Chris Horowitz immediately checked on Mike Patterson and when he saw that he was okay, he turned his attention to the entrance way and motioned for the ring crew to come down to the ring. The ring crew came down and immediately began to repair the busted turnbuckle with Horowitz overseeing the work. With Horowitz having his attention diverted on the turnbuckle situation, that’s when they came from the crowd...



“The Fall of Adam are here!” exclaimed Stone.

“Yes.. we can see that” said Reno.

Gacy slid into the ring and went straight for Patterson. Oswald slid in and charged the corner. Before Williams could reaction, Oswald decked Williams and knocked him off the ring apron. Penance stood there and did nothing but watch as Gacy picked up Patterson on his shoulders and nailed the Death Valley Driver!


Just like that, the two of them exited the ring. Chris Horowitz heard the commotion and turned around to see Penance covering Patterson. Horowitz went down and made the count.





“The Nation stole one here tonight!” said Stone.

“Steal is another ugly word. I prefer to say that they worked hard for this victory thanks to unforseen circumstances. Hell.. Vin Diesel even said it best in The Fast in the Furious… it doesn’t matter if you win via your own finishing move or someone else’s… winning’s winning!” said Reno.

“I don’t think that was the line” said Stone.

“I don’t think you’re a good commentator. The point is, The Nation wins here tonight and it was hard-fought and well-deserved!” said Reno.

Gacy and Oswald, who were laying low at ringside, grinned as Penance and DV8 celebrated their victory in the ring. Even though it was a stolen victory, Magdalena looked happy regardless. The two of them exited and rejoined Magdalena and made their way to the back.

Williams pulled himself up from the floor and caught a glimpse of Gacy and Oswald making their exit through the crowd. Williams gritted his teeth as Patterson started to come to in the ring. Williams rolled in to check on his partner and when he told Patterson what happened, Patterson was visibly enraged as well.

Winner: The Nation via Pinfall


Featuring: Graham Youngblood, Violet, & Paisley

Location: Locker Rooms

The Arena of Champions had such a wide variety, and large quantity, of rooms that it was easy to find one to be alone in ... and that's exactly where Graham Youngblood was. With only his newly won Relentless Championship to keep him company, the young LoC Grappler sat in contemplation. A few weeks ago he was on the wrong end of what some would consider a losing streak and now he was a champion with a shot at the Legacy Championship looming on the horizon. Needless to say, he never expected to be in this position so quickly. The RingRats graduate had a lot to think about.

"Wondering how you got here?"

One thing he knew he did not need, however, was to talk with anyone. He needed to focus, but Violet did not care as she approached Graham with her young protege, Paisley.

"Not exactly," Graham replied.

"Oh, I think exactly." Violet was a seasoned veteran turned manager, one that from the looks of her physique could still step between the ropes and compete if she wanted to. The fact is, she did not. She believed her true calling was in leading other Grapplers to follow in her footsteps. "You're so caught up in the grandeur of it all that you don't see the forest for the trees."

Graham Youngblood was offended. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means, in a nutshell, you're a rookie idiot."

"How so?"

"You don't even know what happened tonight, do you?"

Graham shot up from the folding table he had been sitting on in the corner of a dimly lit conference room. "I got a Legacy title shot, so what? I know I'm a longshot, so what about that, too? My only concern is giving it all I've got."

Violet laughed. "Spoken like a true amateur," she said. "Listen, kid, there's two things that happened tonight. One, which even you understand, is you were given a Legacy Championship match and that pissed off Kaus for obvious reasons."

"And the second?"

"God, you really don't see it ... they saved your ass."

"Who saved my ass?"

"Jack did. And Scott backed him right up on it because he, unlike you, knows what's going on around him. That's why he's your coach, although ... it seems he hatched this particular egg before it was exactly ready."

"How?" Graham was unconvined and a little more than annoyed with the way he was being talked down to. "How did they save me?"

"Did you really think you were going to get through tonight without some member of The House challenging you for that belt?"

"I had a feeling they might, what's your point?"

"My point is no "Relentless Rule" would have protected you from the onslaught you had coming your way. Jack challenged you so that you could remain a thorn in their side. Scott backed him up so that you wouldn't get murdered. Can you really be this dense?"

Graham knew immediately that Violet was right. He felt something in the pit of his stomach but he couldn't figure out what. It wasn't anger.

"You're finally in on it, huh?" Violet smiled as she ran her hand over the Relentless Championship still laying on the table behind Graham. "You know," she said, "you could benefit from some guidance."

"You mean from a manager? Someone like you?" Graham was still annoyed that he was a little too slow on the uptake and his pride was clouding his thinking. "I think I'm good on that."

"Suit yourself. You want to keep making rookie mistakes, that's fine with me." Violet picked up the championship belt and placed it on Youngblood's shoulder. "You should probably know now that your title reign is officially on a countdown clock. There's no way you hold that thing for any respectable period of time."

"Yeah, well, we'll see."

"That we will," Violet said with a wink. "Look, I like you. You've got balls, even if you lack a lot in the brains category. You stood up to a lot and you haven't backed down yet. I'll tell you what ... my offer remains on the table."

Graham looked at his Relentless Championship and filled with pride he said, "Good to know. You can keep it there."

Violet just smiled. "Good luck," she said before heading back out into the Arena's hallways. Paisley followed behind her but before she left she shared a smile of her own with Graham Youngblood.

"I like your hair," Paisley remarked. The duo disappeared down the hallway. Graham was left alone again but now he was plagued by even more thoughts than he had before.


Featuring: LLB

Location: LLB's Office

In his office, LLB paced in front of his desk with hands behind his back and a furrowed brow. On his desk sat his cell phone which LLB glanced every time he turned.

It had been ringing all day like clockwork; every forty nine minutes a call from an unknown number came in, but when LLB answered all he heard was static and occasionally whispers. He couldn’t make out exactly what the whispers said, and the first three calls he hung up after a few moments. On the fourth and fifth calls he made some sharp comments about this unknown caller having too much time on their hands.

He simply rejected both the sixth and seventh calls, but the eighth got sent directly to his voicemail… and that was when he got the message. The voicemail was similarly static with faint whispering but after a few moments the whispers became clearer. For several moments he was able to hear what was being said until the voicemail ended.

What the whispers said left him spellbound with curiosity.

Inferior beings…
He will prove them weak…
Judgment will be made…
He comes…

LLB glanced at the clock, and it had been forty nine minutes since that voicemail was left, and by his logic any second now another call should come. But it didn’t. A couple of minutes later LLB was sitting at his desk and still thinking about those phone calls and what it meant that they had stopped.

His office lights flickered.

It had been doing that a lot today, too.


Featuring: Lindsay Troy, Monte Burns, & Andy Murray

Location: The Loft

And so, the mystery of why LLB hadn’t delivered Vivica’s banishment news himself had, seemingly, been solved, although this fact was still unbeknownst to everyone’s favorite SuperFriend Fun-Time Face Brigade up in the Loft.

Which is where we’re now going back to…

Lindsay Troy stood near the bar, getting the last of her stretches in before she and Monte Burns headed down to Gorilla for their impromptu tag match against Providence. A few feet away, Burns slipped into the Tiger Style Jacket, his face set in grim determination. In the sitting area, Andy Murray watched his two compatriots finish their prep.

“So, is there gonna be anything left of this dafty by the time you guys are finished?” Andy said. His own match wasn’t far off and he was now decked-out in his ring gear (and the Varga shirt, naturally). “I wouldn’t mind elbowing him in the face a couple of times at some point in the near future.”

“We’ll leave him breathing for you,” Troy replied and laughed, just a bit. “I might take his robe as a parting gift, though. We can either burn it or leave it for Tiger Style to maul.”

“It’s more of a cape, isn’t it?” Andy asked. “Reckon the big bastard’s just pissed because he got turfed out of wizard school, which would explain a lot. Either way, I don’t think it should be burned or mauled.” Murray turned to Burns. “Montell, you can dye it in… like… tiger colours, right?”

“I still prefer burning over making it a cheap imitation, but I guess anything’s possible.” Troy looked over to Monte and frowned. “Hey, you alright?”

“Yeah.” Monte stretched out his back with a nod. “Just hadn’t anticipated getting out there tonight. I’m good, though.”

“Good poker face, but you don’t sound all that convincing, mate,” Andy said.

“All that time battling Derecho on different fronts will leave a mark on a man,” the Golden Child answered, although he did smile a bit at Murray’s good-natured rib. “I’ll be fine. I’ve tried to reason with Darren. Beating on him might be the only way to make him see sense, lingering bumps and bruises or no.”

“That’s the spirit,” Lindsay replied. She put her hand on his shoulder in reassurance. “Look, we’re all banged up. The last time I didn’t have lingering bumps and bruises was two and a half years ago. Part of doing what we do is getting through it all, despite our aches and pains.”

She looked over to Murray and continued, “I know you’d handle your business with him if you weren’t otherwise engaged tonight, but I’m tired of him running through people and then running his mouth after. I didn’t get to finish our last encounter on my own terms because of another faux-’White Knight,’ and I wasn’t going to let him deflect or weasel his way out of a fight. Not when he came up here spoiling for one in the first place.”

“I’d definitely be slapping him around a little, maybe dropping him on his head a couple of times,” Andy said, “and if he was really lucky, I might even break-out the old cricket bat.”

The weapon - which he still hasn’t used - was sitting beside him. Andy tapped it gently.

“I’m still relatively fresh off my five-year vacation,” he continued, “so I’m likely carrying a lot less than you guys at the moment, but this job is nothing if not brutal, particularly when trifling with some of the fuckboys walking around this place. I’m still trying to get Dusk’s stench off my belt, you know.”

Monte laughed. “Yeah, good luck with that, man.”

“We all have each others’ backs,” Troy continued. “You said something along those lines to me after I won the Underground Title, Monte. Remember?”

“I do,” he nodded. “Although having some of that ‘wizard magic foresight’ to know what I was getting myself into would’ve been nice…”

The Queen scowled. Andy chuckled in the background. “Was that a jab, Mister Burns?” she asked.

“Maybe a tiny one,” Monte admitted. “But you’ve certainly helped keep things interesting for me.”

“I definitely don’t have your backs, for the record. I’m only here for free catering,” Andy said. “Haggis puffs allllllllll night.”

He paused.

“Nah, I’m 39 in two months, and I’ve been throwing myself around a ring since I was a teenager,” he said. “I can count the number of legitimate allies I’ve had in this business on one hand, and those who’ve not stabbed me in the back on one. I reckon this little arrangement is about the only thing preventing this place from becoming Fuckboys in Paradise, so let’s try and keep it together for as long as possible, aye?”

“The Loft is a Fuckboy Free Zone forever,” the Queen agreed. “Time to go and keep it that way.”

Cut away…


Stipulation: First Fall to Finish

Referee: Kim Adams

The lights in the arena went out again as they did earlier in the night as the Legacy-tron lit up once more. The fans in the arena turned toward to the screen as some words unscrambled on the screen.

”He seeks revenge and he will have his redemption.”

The Legacy-tron shut down as the lights came back on in the arena. The fans looked around the arena confused.

It was to the announce table with Tony Stone and Reno Davis about to introduce the next match. The word “match” could be used loosely and they would tell you why here shortly.

“What a crazy night and, look, I can’t believe what we’re going to be seeing next but here we are Reno.”

“What do you mean?” asked Reno. “I’m giving this five … no SIX stars! Sarah Winterton defending the Bombshells championship against Charlotte Huber – the only person on this roster worthy of a title shot! That’s what we in the biz call magic, Stoner!”

“I don’t know how magical this is really going to be. Charlotte Huber and especially Sarah Winterton have made a complete mockery of what the title stands for. We’ve seen them treat the title like a prop than an actual prize to be won so pardon me for not being biased but I am not looking forward to what we’re about to see!”

“Well I am dude so let’s get to it!!!”

And with that it was now time for the Bombshells championship to be on the line for the first time since Sarah Winterton and Charlotte Huber conspired to defeat Vivica A. Valentine for the title!

“A Girl Like You” by Edwyn Collins played! The music started up and the lights went out in the arena save for a few red spotlights that started to swirl around the arena. The spotlights continued to flash and bathe the arena in their glow.

“Introducing first… from Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing in at 134 pounds… CHARLOTTE HUBER!

The spotlights continued and now gathered on the stage where a tall redheaded drink of water in a big and bright red robe stood with her back to the crowd and the audience. The gorgeous woman turned around and as the announcers revealed, it was none other than Charlotte Huber of The House! The crowd responded to her appearance with jeering but she waved to the crowd and blew kisses in their general direction as she approached the ring. She held up the bottom of her robe to keep it from getting dirty.

This is what a woman looks like Stoner! Gorgeous, amazing athlete, intelligent! She embodies all the traits it takes to be a champion here along with Sarah Winterton! I can’t pick who is going to win this!”

“Oh God.”

Charlotte disrobed and revealed very skimpy golden-colored attire tonight just for the occasion. Perhaps reminiscent of her wanting to be the champion? Perhaps not knowing how much the women who identified as Starlets were denouncing the Bombshells name.

“Pageant (instrumental)” by Moi Dix Mois was up next. That music played for the fans and lights began to swirl in shades of pearl as a lovely shade of pyro began to shower from the ceiling. As the pyro shower continued to fall on the stage, the fans in the arena began to boo and shout at the prissy girl who took to the stage and did a curtsy for the crowd, all the while with a big smile on her face.

“And being accompanied to the ring by her personal assistant, Timothy… weighing in at 138 pounds, she is the LoC Bombshells Champion… SARAH WINTERTON!

The crowd was roaring with deafening hatred for the young ladies that dared disrespect the hard-working Bombshells division. The longest-reigning Starlet Champion under the jOlt banner held out the Bombshells Championship and held it out for all to see as Timothy walked out, looking nervous to be there.

“Why does this Timothy guy take orders from Sarah Winterton anyway? We’ve never really known their relationship aside from being a servant and boss. Have you heard anything, Reno?”

“What I do know is this – if Timothy doesn’t do his job then Sarah will fire him! She used to have another assistant in jOlt that she broke the arm of just because she could!”

Sarah Winterton climbed into the squared circle and she gave the title to Kim Adams who was the official referee for Bombshell matches. She elevated the championship and then she called for the bell to ring.




“And here we go! Pretty Dangerous collide for the championship!” said Stone. “The old saying is that there is no honor among thieves! Let’s see what they’ll do.”

The women who were once rivals in jOlt were now here in front of a very loud and angry crowd. Neither woman looked particularly put off by this and they did appear to take things seriously for the most part. They were about to lock up …

“Wait, wait, wait darling, wait!”

Sarah Winterton walked over to her corner and wagged her finger at Timothy to come to her. Timothy walked up the steps and then held out a comically large pocket mirror so she could check to make sure that everything was in order. The Fairest Of Them All checked to make sure nary a hair on her beautiful head was out of place.

“Oh come on!” said Stone with a moan. “Can we get to actual wrestling tonight?”

“A lady has to make sure she’s prim and proper Stoner!”

With that bit of business out of the way she returned to the ring and the two ladies were about to lock up. They hesitantly engaged in a game of the physical chess that was wrestling … and then Charlotte checked her nail.

“Wait, hon, I got to check my nails! Hold on!” “Oh, let me help you out with that, darling!”

Winterton summoned Timothy again and her little weasel of a manager walked up and gave her a nail file. She handed it to Charlotte.

“This is way more interesting than a Bombshells championship match anyway!” Winterton said.

“I know, right?” said Charlotte with a laugh.

She continued to file her nails and the crowd was getting more and more impatient with the antics of the ladies who proclaimed themselves better than Bombshells. Charlotte took a good minute to file her nails to make sure that they were all looking perfect.

“There!” said Charlotte. “All done darling, thank you!”

Charlotte tossed the nail file to Timothy and gave the little weasel for Sarah Winterton a little flirty wink. The Queen of Breaking Hearts and The Fairest Of Them All were now ready to engage in the sport of combat and get this match underway.

“Here we go, Stone! They’re wrestling!” said Reno. “You see what’s going on now right? They’re going to give you a six-star match that we’ll be talking about for ages to come!”

“Both of these women are immensely talented in their own way, but I don’t have the faith in you that they’re taking this title match very seriously.”

Charlotte and Sarah Winterton were engaging in a game of one-upmanship and they grappled with one another.

No …

They did not.

“Oh for Christ’s sake!” shouted Stone. “The finger-poke? What kind of bush league garbage is this? These fans want to see some action!”

That was exactly what happened. Sarah Winterton jabbed Charlotte in the chest with a finger and she fell like she had been struck by a Superstar Kick from LoC legend “Superstar” Vince Jacobs.

“Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!” cried Charlotte. “My world is going black!”

Sarah Winterton fell over and then went for a cover. The very upset Kim Adams kneeled over and went to make a cover on Charlotte Huber with a pinky.



“Charlotte just kicked out! Miracle of Miracles! How did she kick out of the old ro-sham-bo?!”

The camera was on Tony Stone who just buried his face on the announce desk.

“Good lord end this please.”


“These swine!” shouted Reno. “Do they not know our sport is a human game of chess? You can’t just go off half-cocked especially against women the caliber of Sarah Winterton and Charlotte Huber! That just won’t fly!”

“This match is a farce!” yelled Stone. “I can’t see how anybody would enjoy this!”

“Tomato, to-mah-to, potato, you don’t know what good wrestling is, Tony! It’s all the same!”

Sarah acted completely shocked when Charlotte sat up in exaggerated fashion like she was coming back from the grave!! The Queen of Breaking Hearts did a nip-up and she was on her feet ready for battle again. The two ladies now ran off the opposite ropes.

They kept on running …

They kept on running …

And more running …

And more running …

The two ladies stopped in the center of the ring and they both looked at one another.

“I’m going to beat you!” said Charlotte.

“No you won’t, darling!” Sarah replied.

The two ladies then ran off of the ropes and then then came back and embraced in a hug!

“This has gone on long enough!” said Stone. “I bet Riktor is regretting sanctioning this match right now.”

“I think his phone is blowing up with how many world-wide tweets, likes, pokes, nudges and whatever fat idiot virgin neckbeards do online when they like stuff!” said Reno while laughing. “These two ladies are gonna be in jail after tonight because they’re killing it!”

After the long hug between the two ladies that made up Pretty Dangerous they were about to continue this charade.

“Want to run again, hon?” asked Charlotte.

“I do, darling! Let’s go!!” said Winterton. The two ladies ran off the ropes presumably for another hug …

But Timothy grabbed Winterton’s leg in the process and almost tripped her up!

“Hey, hey HEY!” yelled Stone. “What did Timothy just do?”

“He probably didn’t mean to trip her up! I’m sure this idiot was trying to hand her something and then he screwed the pooch as usual!”

Winterton turned to her man-servant and Kim Adams ran over to reprimand him for interfering in what many people would question was an actual match. Charlotte suddenly grabbed Winterton and spun her around …

SEALED WITH A KISS~!!! (Red Asian mist)

“What the …???” shouted Reno. “What is Charlotte doing?”

“I think she just went into business for herself!” shouted Tony.

Kim hadn’t seen the mist and before she could get the chance, Winterton was disoriented and that allowed Charlotte to use a brand new move …

BET ON RED~!!! (Omori driver)

The dangerous move saw Sarah Winterton spiked on the top of her head! The crowd was still very much surprised with what they saw! Charlotte kneeled over her Pretty Dangerous partner(?) in crime and blew another kiss to the crowd with Kim Adams counted.





“I … I don’t know what’s going on here!” said Stone. “Pretty Dangerous conspired to win the Bombshells title from Vivica Valentine and just a few short weeks later, Charlotte does this. What the hell is going on?”

“I don’t know, Stoner, I don’t know!” said Reno. “I’m in shock, too!”

Charlotte had just swindled her own partner out of the Bombshells championship! When Kim Adams tried to hand over the title Charlotte grabbed it right from her and raised it like it was clearly her prize. The Queen of Breaking Hearts waved at Timothy and he ran into the ring like an excited kid.

“Wait … was Timothy IN ON THIS?!?!?” asked a confused Stone. “I think he was in on this! He tripped up Winterton and now Charlotte is the new Bombshells champion!”

Winterton remained motionless after what Charlotte did to her, but Timothy was happy to bring her a microphone.

“Sarah Winterton … hon, you’re a stupid bitch!

Charlotte and Timothy both stood over what appeared was her now-former Pretty Dangerous partner-in-crime.

“Pretty Dangerous? You really think that I would team with your prissy bitch ass? You broke my arm in Jolt! I don’t forget that kind of thing, hon! This right here between me and Timothy here? This was a game. This was a game called the long con and hon … you lost!!!!”

She now raised the title right over Winterton’s face.

“Titles are what the House are all about and last I checked, darling, you weren’t a member of the House! I made this deal with you because I do agree with you that we’re better than any Bombshell … but when you treated poor Timothy here like garbage, I approached him with this plan. He had enough … I had enough … and when the time was right, we pulled off the heist of the century! I’m Charlotte Huber, you dumb bitch! I play second fiddle to no one!”

Charlotte politely gave the microphone to Timothy who now had the most evil of evil looks on his face.

“Oh ho ho I got the microphone now Sarah!” yelled Timothy with a voice that was now full of bass. “I agreed to be your servant because I wanted in on this business! People have told me I’m too small to make an impact and that I can’t do anything in this ring because I’m only five-foot five. Well guess what Sarah? I did something all right! I sold you out and now I’m a proud servant of the House! How is that for impact?!”

Timothy turned to face Charlotte.

“Miss Charlotte, if you or any other member of the House need somebody to carry your bags, fetch your things, and make your life easier then I am your guy! I will serve you and not this … witch!”

“I will take you up on that, hon … go bring me a chair.”

Timothy waved a hand. “With pleasure!”

Timothy scooted to the floor and he pulled up the ring skirt to grab a chair from under the ring. He slid it inside and he gave it to Charlotte who picked up Sarah from the canvas.

“My God I had no idea Timothy was so complex!” said Reno. “I always thought he was more of a tertiary character!”

“Sarah’s no saint but she doesn’t deserve what Charlotte is about to do …”

Charlotte had Sarah stretched across her back and she delivered a second BET ON RED right on the chair!!! The crowd was on her case but Charlotte and Timothy did not care. Charlotte and Timothy now stepped out of the ring and Timothy jumped right into the champion’s arm! The new Bombshells champion and her new assistant had just pulled of the heist of the century over her own partner and now Charlotte and Timothy walked off proudly that a plan had come together.

“Sarah might have been injured after that deadly move! She just got dropped on that chair and now she’s hurt!” said Tony.

“Of course she can’t! She just got dropped on her cranium on a steel chair! If Charlotte is capable of doing this to her own partner … what will she do to keep it when the rest of the Bombshells locker room tries to take it?”

The camera closed to Charlotte Huber and Timothy one more time and not only had Charlotte Huber decimated her rival of several years, she had also brought a new title to the House in the process!

Winner: Charlotte via Pinfall, NEW Bombshells Champion!


Featuring: Providence, Kaus, & The House

Location: Locker Rooms

The scene took the camera to an empty locker room with none other than the Man of Destiny, Providence, getting ready for an impossible task. He was about to take on “The Queen Of The Ring” Lindsay Troy along with her friend “The Golden Child” Monte Burns. He was dressed and ready to fight and finished putting his tape on his wrist when he could hear footsteps approaching the room.

“What do you want?” he asked. “If somebody else wants an interview …”

Providence turned up and didn’t see just one body but there were several that approached him: both LoC Tag Team champions, Derrick Huber and Adam Roebuck, Zane Roebuck and last but not least the ringleader “The Shining Diamond” Kaus. He wasn’t sure what to make of the appearance of the troublemaking group of baddies but Kaus was the first to speak up.

“You can relax, Providence ... “ said Kaus. “None of us are here to resort to anything physical unless we have a reason to. We came to talk business.”

He still wasn’t quite sure what to make of the House approaching him nor Zane Roebuck holding a hand out.

“Hi, I’m Zane Roebuck!” said Zane. “I’m sure you know me from such beatings as the one I gave Tony Davis earlier.”

Providence looked at the hand for a second and then raised an eyebrow in Zane’s direction before looking back over to Kaus.

“Exactly what kind of business do we have to discuss?”

Kaus motioned for Zane to take his hand away and then he turned to the Man of Destiny.

“The business of showing people that Legacy of Champions belongs to people like us … not people like that pop culture-spewing moron Lindsay Troy or that window-licker with the jacket nobody shuts up about.”

“Pfft, jackets … I’m Zane! I’m worth a MILLION tigers …”

Derrick Huber put a hand over his nephew’s mouth and then Big Slick looked at Providence.

“Sorry … the egos on these kids these days,” said Big Slick. “Trust me, Prov, you’ll want to hear this.”

Providence didn’t say anything and he was waiting for the point to arrive. Kaus took the hint and then he continued.

“I’ll bottom line it for you, Providence; people are trying to cast us aside. The House and I are here to show this place that we’re the ones who make the rules now and if you need help tonight proving why people shouldn’t screw with us … you may have more allies in that fight than you think.”

As Kaus finished, Providence eyed him closely and then looked around at the group. He rubbed his chin for a second, clearly thinking about his words.

“When it comes to people at the level of Ms. Troy and Mr. Burns, I don’t need help. A man in my position, with my power can hold up against pretenders of their ilk any time I so desire.”

He could see the cross look starting to come across Kaus’s face and quickly continued.

“However….you and your partners here proved at Icons just how devastating you can be to the so-called heroes around here. I know you seek the same future that I do. And who am I to stand in the way of you going after your own destiny here tonight?”

The Shining Diamond folded his arms and nodded.

“Truth and destiny … I think we can make this work.”

Kaus and the other members of the House walked out of the locker room and as Providence watched the show went on.


Featuring: Legion of Devastation, Inc. & Dam

Location: Locker Rooms

Once upon a midnight dreary, while they pondered, weak and weary, over many a quaint and curious volume of Brandon Thomas lore.

While LoD, Inc. nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping, as of some one gently rapping, rapping at the locker door. “’Tis some visitor,” cHEESE muttered, “tapping at our locker door — Only this and nothing more.”

“Dude … why are you talking like that and are you going to get the door or what?” a confused egg NOG asked.

“‘Dese freakin’ idjits,” BIG Little Italy sighed and hopped off his chair. He approached the door and opened it. There, standing just in the hallway, was someone Italy hoped to never see again. “Hey, uh, … Dam, is it?”

The Loft’s hulking gatekeeper had descended from on high for one reason and one reason only: to rectify some nonsense from ICONS. His normally calm demeanor had already been damaged thanks to Providence, so to say he was in no mood for hijinks would be an understatement. Dam folded his arms across his chest and regarded Italy with a scowl. “No light-up sneakers?” he replied.

“Yeah, so about that … that was Brandon’s idea.”

“Bacon!” an annoyed BT shouted.

“Mmhmm,” Dam said and stepped into the locker room. “I don’t care what you call yourself,” he said to Brandon. “You ever try something like tossing this clown at me again and you’ll regret it.”

“Honestly, though,” BT said while kicking his feet up on Italy’s now vacant chair opposite him, “I already do regret that. You people are animals! And not like the cute and cuddly, sometimes ferociously deadly, ones that you skinned! Like, the type that means you’re sick! How many tigers did you have in there and how did you get away with skinning them?! cHEESE and I … we saw the jackets! They make a terrible rope, by the way. So soft and luxurious, but damned if you can tie a knot in those things that doesn’t just slip right out!”

Dam was not amused. “I’m not interested in more of your dumbass banter, either. I’m simply here to warn you, and you’re lucky I’m even doing that.”

“Threaten, bro,” cHEESE chimed in.

“Excuse me?”

“C’mon, bro, you’re threatening us.” cHEESE, sporting a pair of large-rimmed wooden sunglasses, slid said sunglasses down his nose and continued. “Threatening people is sooo mainstream.”

Dam, still not amused, was beginning to realize that he was completely out of his element with this group. How can you prepare for something that has no plan of it’s own? The four men he was in the company of had no train of thought. No train at all. They were pogo sticks bouncing through a minefield, randomly exploding but only to bounce higher. He realized what this meant and, in a way, it comforted him. He wasn’t losing his touch; he was simply dealing with a group of lunatics.

“Hey, Dam,” Italy said with a tug on the big man’s trousers, “I’ve seen dat look before.”


“Yeah,” Italy replied, “Every time I look in da mirror. I wanna apologize for, you know, for dat friggen idjit trowin’ me at you. So, uh, sorry.”

It took a moment but, finally, Dam nodded in mutual understanding. “Sorry you have to deal with this.”

“I complain a lot but deep down dese morons … dey got hearts of gold and dey mean well … except for dat one.” BIG Little Italy pointed Brandon Thomas out of the group. “Dat one just pisses me off.”

BT fired back, “OH YEAH! Well,you ... uh ... you piss yourself off, Italy! YEAH! Cause you’re too short to reach the top of the bowl! Boom! Headshot!”

“Boom? Headshot? That is sooo five years ago, Bacon. Also, bacon is so two years ago,” cHEESE scoffed.

Grinding his teeth, BT leaned forward and snarled. “I hate Hipster cHEESE.”

“Hipster cheese,” said cHEESE, “now there’s something worth ridiculing people for not understanding.”

“Hate’s a strong word, dude,” egg NOG replied to Brandon.

“Not strong enough, NOG, if you ask me.” BT turned back to Dam. “Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you, big man, or your jungle cat killing friends!” And after saying that Brandon found himself in a familiar position … someone had their hands around his throat, trying to throttle the life out of him. This time is was DAM and he had Brandon Thomas leaning on the back two legs of his chair, completely incapacitated.

“First off, nobody skinned a damn tiger! It’s a tiger jacket! LT got a bunch of ‘em for Burns after joking that the original needed a friend or two, but she’s not going out on some African Safari. They. Aren’t. Real.”

“Gak! Fair … fair enough,” Brandon managed to say through desperate gasps for air, “You … can … stop … killing … me … now.”

“Number two,” Dam responded, clearly not done. “Stop messing with my people or the next time you see me, I’ll be squeezing your overinflated head off your stupid spray-tanned neck.”

“G..Got it! I got it!” Brandon wheezed. His point having been made, Dam released his grip on BT’s neck, gave the ‘leader’ of LoD Inc. one more pointed glare, and took his leave.

Brandon Thomas rubbed his throat while the rest of LoD, Inc. looked on in awe. "That guy's got issues," he said.

"Bro, choking you to death is sooo last arc," cHEESE replied and slid his glasses up the bridge of his nose. He was intently reading a newspaper that looked so old that it may crumble into dust in his hands. "Alas, he will bother us nevermore."

egg NOG shook his head. "You've gotten really weird, dude. You know that, right?"


Stipulation: Tag Team First Fall to Finish

Referee: Buck Logan

“Alright, Reno, this next matchup could get heated in a real hurry,” said Tony Stone. “On one side we have Lindsay Troy and Monte Burns, both of whom have had issues with Providence. And now you throw Kaus into the mix after what happened at ICONS, and this should have a lot of action.”

“Stoner, I’d say ‘heated’ is an understatement,” said Reno Davis. “You saw Troy’s challenge earlier to Providence. When a chick looks that intense, it’s panic time. But Providence and Kaus are intense too. And with the House, you know they’ll have an advantage.”

“So you expect them to try and cheat then, is that it?” Stone asked.

Cheat is a very subjective word,” Davis scoffed. “I expect them to win, no matter what it takes.”

“I’m not even sure that Troy and Burns know who Providence’s partner is, either. But I think they’re about to find out…”

“Nobody’s Real” by Powerman 5000.

The familiar sounds signaled the arrival of “The Golden Child” Monte Burns, who walked out from the back amid bursts of red and gold pyro shooting up from the sides of the stage. Burns looked focused and ready to tangle with his former student and whomever he happened to find as a tag team partner...that is, if he was able to find anyone.

“Trampled Underfoot” by Led Zeppelin.

That all-too familiar clavinet intro blasted through the Arena of Champions and the red and gold pyro that signaled Burns’ entrance was replaced with white, gold, and blue colored explosions. Lindsay Troy bounded through the curtain to a roaring ovation and stopped next to her tag partner. She and Monte smiled, went up-top for the double high-fives, and then made their way down the ramp to the ring.

Monte slid head-first under the bottom rope while Troy leapt to the apron and flipped herself up and over the top rope. The duo ascended opposite corners to pose for a photo op, then hopped down once “Trampled” began to fade out.

The lights dimmed in the Arena of Champions and the opening chords of the next entrance theme was enough to draw a flood of boos from the crowd.

“Out of the Black” by Royal Blood

As the letters forming PROVIDENCE rolled up onto the LegacyTron, the yellow beam shone down on the figure of the LoC grappler standing at the top of the entrance ramp. He stood momentarily without moving, his face hidden in the shadows of his hooded cloak. Then, he slowly began his walk down the ramp, his head remaining down the entire way.

Finally when he reached the ringside area, Providence pulled back the hood and looked up at Burns and Troy in the ring. A slight grin started to creep across his face as he removed the cloak and set it to the side. While remaining on the floor, he rubbed his hands together and eyed the two of them closely.

”I know you thought I'd sold my soul But you never told me to my face I just had to leave you cold And blow this shit away! … “

"Showdown” by Pendulum.

Standing on the stage with his back to the ring was the now FORMER Relentless Champion and the would-be, wanna-be, Number One Contender to the Legacy Championship, Kaus! Complete with a new track! And he wasn’t going to come out alone, because running out to stand by his side was the youngest member of the House, Zane Roebuck!

Kaus was dressed for a fight and he let everyone know it as he strode down the ramp. Zane was right there with him, acting like an over-sugared hype man. Providence remained pleased with himself from his stance on the floor and Monte regarded the approaching duo with a hardened glare. The Queen didn’t share Monte’s expression; she looked eager for the opportunity to rip Providence’s, Kaus’, and Zane’s heads from their shoulders, given all the things that had transpired at the end of ICONS and at times leading up to this moment.

As soon as Kaus and Zane hit the bottom of the ramp, Providence hopped onto the apron and slipped in-between the ropes. Kaus bounded up the stairs and got into the ring as well. He made a beeline for Troy, ready to start jaw-jacking with her, and she egged him on. If he wanted to get their Legends 26 match started a little early, that was alright with her.

“Buck Logan’s going to have a heck of a time keeping order in this match, Reno,” Stone said. “There’s a whole lot of bad blood at play here.”

“It looks like Kaus isn’t waiting until Legends in two weeks, Stoner,” said Reno. “He got into this match because he wants a piece of the ‘Jack Harmen Appointed’ Number One Contender early!”

Buck Logan signalled for the bell as Troy and Providence eyed each other from opposite ends of the ring. The two LoC stars moved forward and locked up in a collar and elbow tie-up, with Providence using his strength advantage to push Troy backward and start to take control.

But before he could make another move, the Queen countered with a quick kick to the ribs. The two unlocked and Providence retaliated with a clothesline that sent Troy to the canvas. Troy recovered and tried a leg sweep, but Providence avoided the move and attempted to drop a knee to his opponent. Instead, Troy rolled clear and pounced to her feet. Without missing a beat, Troy went for a spin kick that was designed to take Providence’s head off but the Man of Destiny backed up toward his corner just in time to avoid it. Troy eyed him carefully from her corner as the two of them re-grouped.

“Looks like we have a stalemate here, Reno,” said Stone. “These two are familiar with each other; they’ve already tangled at Underground V when Lindsay Troy still held that title.”

“Which is the reason why Troy wanted Providence one more time. Looks to more to me like Providence is letting her have a little before he takes her down!” said Davis.

The two competitors started to circle each other again before Providence suddenly charged forwarded, which Troy side stepped. As Providence ran against the ropes, Kaus made a blind tag. Providence went for another clothesline when he came off the ropes, but Troy ducked. Meanwhile, Kaus leaped up to springboard off the ropes looking for a dropkick on Troy.

Instead, she moved just in time, causing Kaus to connect on the dropkick with Providence instead, sending him rolling to the floor outside. As Kaus looked out at Providence in frustration, Troy geared up and as soon as he turned around, she caught him flush on the chin with a spinning heel kick that drove him backward and through the ropes to the outside as well, generating a loud ovation from the crowd and a fist pump from Monte on the apron.

“Lindsay Troy is one step ahead of everything so far!” exclaimed Stone.

While Troy paced inside, her two opponents - and Zane Roebuck - huddled up on the outside. The crowd began to boo at the delay, drawing a few angry words from Providence. Before Buck Logan was too far into his 10 count, Kaus climbed up the steps and back inside.

On the opposite end, Troy turned to Monte and asked if he wanted a shot and The Golden Child happily tagged in. Kaus looked pissed at the tag-out, and Troy replied with the Italian fuck you gesture, meant to rankle the outspoken leader of the House rather than to serve as any sign of avoidance on her part.

Burns and Kaus moved to the center of the ring and locked up, with each man taking advantage of the other momentarily. Kaus then worked into an armbar, holding Monte under his control with the pressure of the hold.

Burns tried a forward roll to reverse and even dipping under, but Kaus stayed in command. Kaus grinned out at the crowd, who responded with boos as expected. After working toward one of the corners, Burns was finally able to use the turnbuckles to kick backward and get free of the hold. He then grabbed Kaus by the arm for an Irish whip, but the Diamond Warrior reversed it to send Monte into the ropes instead. Kaus went for a high kick as Burns came off, but Monte had other plans, as he floated over to spike Kaus into the mat with a DDT and made a quick cover...



Kickout by Kaus!

“Kaus telegraphed that kick and it almost cost him a quick loss,” said Stone.

“Almost a loss? Come on. He was just resting for a minute!” said Reno in return.

Both men were quick to their feet, but Burns stayed on the attack with a series of knife edge chops that backed Kaus into one of the neutral corners. Monte grinned for a second at the “WHOOOO” from the crowd before whipping Kaus across to the opposite corner. Monte charged in after him, but Kaus stunned him with a back elbow and before Burns could respond, dropped the Golden Child with a discus clothesline.

Seeing an opening, Kaus pulled Burns closer to his own corner and tagged in Providence, who came in and immediately laid in several boots to Monte’s upper body. As Burns crawled over to the ropes to pull himself up, Providence yelled something in his direction, then began choking Monte by shoving his boot into his throat while Burns’s head leaned back against the bottom rope. Providence broke the hold before Buck Logan could reach the five count and turned to face Troy, pointing his finger at her and yelling in her direction as well.

“Providence is getting nasty….and I like nasty, Stoner,” said Davis.

“Unfortunately, I know you do,” muttered Stone.

“Was that a shot?” Davis asked.

As Providence turned back around to punish Burns more, Monte caught him with a boot to the midsection that stopped him. Monte then stood and ran forward, driving Providence’s face into the mat with a bulldog. As he rose, Burns tagged in Troy, who came in and rolled Providence onto his back before hitting a perfect standing moonsault. Before Providence could recover, Troy covered and hooked a leg...



Kickout by Providence!

As Providence rolled over and started to get up, Troy tagged Monte back in and the two of them grabbed Providence to whip him toward the ropes. As Providence came off, Troy caught him in the ribs with a high knee and then with him doubled over, Burns caught him immediately with a running knee to the temple.

Kaus saw the double teaming and decided to get involved. He stepped through the ropes and came running toward Troy and Burns, but the two Loft mates saw him coming and threw him with a hip toss. Kaus was back up quickly, but just as he was up on both feet, Troy and Monte send him back to the mat with a double dropkick to draw a new round of cheers from the crowd.

“Troy and Burns are a well-oiled machine!” said Stone. “They have Providence and Kaus searching for answers here.”

“Isn’t that cheating? Come on, get control of this thing, Logan,” said Davis.

Burns and Troy high fived in celebration just as Zane Roebuck jumped on the apron. But before he could get involved, the Queen saw him and immediately drilled him in the side of the head with a roundhouse kick to bring even more cheers from the LoC Faithful. Burns smiled at the sight and gave Troy a thumbs up.

But while Monte’s back was turned, Providence came up from behind and blasted him in the back with a running lariat. As Buck Logan tried to exert some control getting Troy and Kaus to their respective corners, Providence dropped a hard elbow across the back of Monte’s neck and stomped away before stopping only to yell at the crowd with a fury in his eyes.

Burns was pulling himself up with the ropes, but Providence grabbed him by the hair to pull him up the rest of the way. With Monte leaning back against the ropes dazed, Providence pounded away with several forearms before backing away momentarily at the request of the referee. Burns threw a punch that halted Providence for a second, but the Man of Destiny blocked a second punch and retaliated with another forearm before tossing Monte across the ring with an overhead belly to belly suplex.

He walked over and looked down at Burns for a second, then tagged in Kaus for another turn. Kaus drove a couple of hard knees into Monte’s head and then as Burns started to get up, the former Relentless Champion grabbed Monte around the head before dropping him with a snap suplex. With Burns down, Kaus climbed to the top turnbuckle in one of the neutral corners and leaped off, connecting perfectly with a guillotine legdrop. He slid over to make a pin attempt...



Shoulder up by Burns!

“Monte Burns isn’t about to give up just yet here, Reno,” said Stone.

“Yeah, well how’s that ‘well-oiled machine’ working for ya now?” Davis asked.

“What can I say? Providence and Kaus have turned the tide here and taken control,” said Stone with a shrug.

Burns started to crawl toward his corner where Troy was urging him on, but Kaus grabbed his leg and held him in place before dropping an elbow down across his back. He watched for a few moments as Monte started to sit up, then Kaus backed against the ropes and came diving forward with a clothesline to Burns in a seated position.

On the outside, Zane Roebuck clapped and yelled at some of the ringside fans to cheer too, as Kaus smiled. He dragged Burns closer to one of the neutral corners and then lifted him up, setting the Golden Child on the top turnbuckle in a seated position. Kaus started to climb up as well, but Burns hit him with a right. Kaus steadied himself and held onto the ropes, but Burns fired away with a couple of additional punches that sent him sprawling backward to the mat. Monte caught his breath for a few beats and then once Kaus was back up to his feet, Burns leaped off and hit him with a flying forearm to put both of them down on the mat.

The crowd was back in it and Troy was reaching from her corner, trying to help reach for a tag. On the other side, Providence was fuming, yelling at Kaus to get up and tag him in as well. Burns was inching closer to Troy when Kaus got his bearings back and dove over to his corner to slap hands with Providence. Just as Monte was stretching his hand out toward Troy, Providence came rushing across and knocked the Queen off the apron with an elbow to cut off the tag attempt.

“A cheap shot by Providence,” Stone said as he shook his head. “Why am I not surprised?”

“What was he supposed to do? Let Monte tag her? Come on, Stoner, get with the program here,” said Reno.

Turning his attention to Monte, who was up to a knee, Providence softened him up with a couple more hard elbows to the back of the neck. Monte used his right hand to keep from going to the mat, but he was clearly in pain. Providence came around behind Monte and grabbed him around the waist, then tossed him backward with a release German suplex.

Providence stood to his feet and hovered over Burns, taunting him before looking out at the crowd. He then reached down and started to pull Monte up before grabbing him around the waist again. A second later, Monte was once again tossed to the canvas with a second German suplex. Providence grabbed Burns by the wrist and pulled him away from the ropes before dropping for a cover...




“Burns with an escape just in time!” said Stone.

Kneeling beside Monte after the kickout, Providence was talking to his former teacher, mockingly slapping his head. It was his way of toying with Burns. As he stood up and pulled Monte with him, Providence lifted him up for his patented powerbomb variation known as The Schism. But once he was up on Providence’s shoulders, Burns started to slug away and eventually slid down and landed on his feet. Before Providence could react, Burns grabbed him and dropped him with a side Russian legsweep.

With both men down, Burns looked again toward his corner, where Troy was dying to get in the ring. He crawled closer and the crowd could feel the moment about to arrive. But again he was cut off. Providence tagged in Kaus, who hurried through the ropes and rammed Burns in the ribs with a baseball slide that sent the Golden Child to the floor. Kaus rolled under the bottom rope to the outside as well and as Burns started to get up, Kaus grabbed hold of him and tossed him back toward the ring with an exploder suplex.

Because of how close the two men were to the ring, Monte’s back actually slammed against the edge of the apron before he crumpled to the mat. Burns immediately grabbed his back in tremendous pain and Troy moved over to get a closer look.

“That was a rough and awkward landing for Monte,” said Stone. “That’s the hardest part of the ring, and he made solid contact.”

“Annnnnnddddd…..we know he has a history of back injuries, Stoner,” said Reno.

Kaus yelled at Buck Logan to keep Troy back, but it was clear she was concerned about her partner. Kaus grinned slightly as he looked down at Monte in pain. He grabbed the golden one by the hair and lifted him up to roll him back in the ring under the bottom rope. Kaus followed in and made a cover...



Shoulder up by Burns!

The crowd exhaled at Monte breaking the three count, but he didn’t show nearly the fire getting a shoulder up as he had before. Kaus wasn’t about to let up either. As Burns turned onto his stomach, Kaus stood up and drove his right knee down into the small of Monte’s back over and over. Standing back up, he watched Burns struggle up to his hands and knees, then lifted him up in a side headlock. In a split second, Kaus had Burns lifted up in the air and then slammed him back down with a Falcon Arrow.

For a moment, Kaus thought about making another cover attempt, but he noticed Providence calling for him from their corner. The former pupil of Monte’s was eager to get back in and Kaus obliged with a tag. Providence came striding in and wasted no time lifting Burns up for one of his signature moves...


As Providence slammed Monte’s back against his knee for the third time, he tossed Burns in a heap to the mat and made a cover...



THR-NO! Kickout by Burns!

Troy was relieved that Monte was OK enough to kick out, as were the fans cheering in the stands. She yelled and pounded the turnbuckle - the tried-and-true ‘will your partner to get up’ gesture. Providence glared at Buck Logan, having assumed that move to the already injured back would be enough. The official countered by insisting it was a two count, but Providence just eyed him and held up three fingers in response.

Providence turned his attention back to Monte, who was still fighting to drag himself toward Troy. For a few seconds, Providence just watched him without trying to keep him from the corner. Kaus looked confused in their corner, telling Providence to stop him. The Man of Destiny finally reached down and grabbed Monte’s tights and pulled Burns to his feet.

“When will you admit your defeat?” Providence shouted in Monte’s face. “When will you realize I am more than you could ever be? Accept it!”

Providence punctuated his trash talk by slapping Burns across the face. Monte bent to the side for a second and Providence smiled, turning his attention to the crowd asking them what they thought of their hero. But when he turned back toward Monte, he immediately ate a foot to the face courtesy of an enzuigiri by the Golden Child.

“What? Where is this coming from?” said Davis.

“Monte Burns isn’t done yet, not at all!” said Stone.

As dropped to a knee dazed by the kick, Burns turned around and with what energy he had left dove for his corner and slapped Troy’s hand to tag her in. The former LoC Underground Champion went right to work on Providence, connecting with a combination of kicks that sent him reeling. Troy sent Providence into the ropes and leaped into the air to catch him with a flying knee as he came off. Providence staggered back to his feet and she took a few steps backward, then ran forward and blasted him in the chest with a seated dropkick.

As Providence fell backward toward his corner, Kaus tagged himself in. Troy stood her ground, waving for Kaus to bring it on. He ran forward and she ducked a clothesline by rolling forward. A back heel kick stunned him as he turned around and she grabbed him around the head and planted him to the mat with a jumping DDT. As a stunned Kaus struggled to his feet, Troy stepped through the ropes to the outside and climbed the turnbuckle, then leaped off at the perfect moment to drop Kaus with a flying front flip neckbreaker. The crowd was going wild as Troy made the cover...



Kickout by Kaus!

The crowd groaned when Buck Logan’s count stopped, but Troy wasn’t slowing down. As both competitors got to their feet, she peppered Kaus with elbows and whipped him across. Kaus ducked a superkick attempt, but when he tried to lock onto her from behind, Troy elbowed him hard, slipped free, and took him down with a reverse STO. She then hit the smooth transition to lock on...

(Koji Clutch)

The submission was locked on tight and Kaus was in immediate pain. The fans sensed a potential tapout as Troy tightened her grasp on the hold. But just when it seemed Kaus might tap, Providence attacked Troy with a series of kicks. She scrambled to her feet, but Providence caught her with a boot to the stomach and spiked her with a double-arm DDT. Providence was about to lift Troy up for more when a semi-recovered Monte Burns came to her aid, leaping forward to slug away at Providence. The two of them traded blows to the delight of the crowd as they spilled through the ropes to the floor.

As Kaus and Troy recovered in the ring, Providence was up first on the outside and pulled off the top section of ring steps, intent on attacking Monte with them. But Burns was up and side stepped Providence’s toss. Instead he caught Providence with a superkick that dazed his former student. Monte then leaped up onto the apron and ran toward Providence before jumping off. Burns appeared to be going for a hurricanrana, but Providence caught him and instead slammed Monte down with a powerbomb onto the steps.

“Oh my!” said Stone. “That back of Monte’s has taken tremendous punishment and now this. He may not be able to continue.”

“I guess this might turn into 2-on-1 after all!” said Davis.

Monte yelled out in pain, his face contorting as he writhed around on top of the steps. Buck Logan saw what was happening and slipped outside to check on him. Back in the ring, Troy and Kaus were back up and trading shots. Troy started to get the better of it, ducking a wild punch and kneeing Kaus in the stomach. With him doubled over, Troy grabbed him around the head and hooked a leg looking for a fisherman’s suplex. But before she could lift him up, Providence came charging ahead and blasted her in the face with a big boot.

Providence picked her up and backed Troy against the ropes, blasting away with a couple of forearms. He turned around and yelled for Kaus, and the two of them stood before Troy as she helped herself up with the ropes. Both Kaus and Providence smiled.

“Buck Logan is checking on Monte Burns, but someone needs to stop these two from this,” said Stone.

Troy stood and looked over at the two of them before looking around at the crowd. They moved closer and she shrugged her shoulders before firing away with punches and elbows for each one. At first, she seemed to hold her own fending them off, but eventually it was too much. After the two of them pounded away at her and she dropped to a knee, Providence lifted her up first...

(Uranage slam)

That probably could have been the end, but Providence held out his hands toward Kaus, offering him the chance to finish the job. Kaus smiled and pulled Troy back up for...

(Spiral brainbuster)

As Kaus was executing the move, Providence walked over to where Buck Logan was on the outside and shouted for him to get back in the ring. As Logan slid back inside, Kaus covered the fallen Troy...





Logan signaled for the bell and the victory for Providence and Kaus, just as Monte was fighting to lift himself up on the outside. Providence shoved the official aside and smiled at Kaus, who seemed to understand. The two of them then renewed their attack on Troy, kicking away at her and taunting her as they did so.

“These two maniacs got their win, now what’s this all about?” said Stone.

“You saw what was said earlier didn’t you?” said Reno. “These guys want to make an impact and put their stamp on LoC. Kaus just pinned the Number One Contender, but what better way to top it than look dominant here tonight?”

Seeing the attack taking place, Monte knew he had to will himself to try and help. As much pain as he was in, Burns found a way to pull himself inside and back to his feet. His attempted retaliation on Providence and Kaus gave the crowd a glimmer of hope to cheer for, but they pretty easily fended off his punches and Kaus decimated him with a Diamond Flash as well.

With both Troy and Burns down, Kaus yelled to Zane on the outside, calling for a chair. Roebuck ran over to Brad Arnold and told the ring announcer to get up and yanked his chair away, tossing it into the ring. Kaus grabbed the chair and just as Troy was starting to get up, whacked her across the back with it. Boos rained down from the crowd immediately and Kaus just smiled before cracking her again with it. He then held out the chair toward Providence, who happily accepted the offer.

Providence turned his attention to Monte and began immediately laying waste to Burns. The chair came down again and again on Monte’s back, the sickening thud seeming to echo throughout the arena. He went far beyond what Kaus did to Troy, brutalizing Monte’s back with chair shot after chair shot. The boos only intensified from the crowd, but so did the fury in Providence’s eyes.

“This is an assault! Someone stop this!” yelled Stone.

Suddenly, the boos turned to mounting cheers. As Kaus and Zane looked around, they saw why.

“It’s Andy Murray!” yelled Stone.

The Underground Champion was running down the ramp, prepared with the cricket bat he had earlier. Providence, Kaus and Zane held their ground for a moment, but as Murray slid into the ring and swung the bat wildly, the three of them ducked out to the floor. Murray considered following after them but wanted to protect his friends. He eyed them cautiously as all three walked around toward the ramp. Kaus and Zane grinned, pleased with their handiwork. Providence glared at Murray, yelling at him that he was next.

With the three men gone from the ring, Murray and Buck Logan began checking on Burns and Troy. In short order, more officials and medical staff came out from the back. The main focus was on Monte, who wasn’t moving much at all. The scene took on a somber tone as a stretcher was called for and Legends cut to commercial.

Winner: Providence & Kaus via Pinfall


Featuring: Amber Ryann

Location: Backstage

The scene opened up backstage with Angelica Brooks who was looking lovely as always. She had a big smile on her face as she brought the microphone up to her lips.

“We are backstage here in the Arena of Champions in Orlando, Florida and this night has been pretty hot so far and it’s about to get hotter as I would like to welcome my guest… the LoC Flyweight Champion Amber Ryann!”

The crowd cheered in the background as Amber came into view with the Flyweight Championship over her shoulder.

“Amber, I understand you were the one who requested this television time because I understand you have an announcement you would like to make!” said Angelica with excitement in her voice.

Amber stood there and took a deep breath. You could tell that putting herself in front of a camera willingly was still taking some getting used to.

“Shyeah… I was thinkin’ about what I said at Icons when I was asked what the future held for me and I decided something. When I became the Bombshells Champion, I kept to myself and it didn’t work out too well. Then, when I won the Flyweight Championship I was the same way and Zane Roebuck took advantage of that, but again… little boy with his controller not plugged in and all that ish.”

Amber took a moment to pause.

“So instead of standing around and waiting for someone stick their quarter on the arcane cabinet that is my championship, I decided that I’m going to succumb to RNGeesus.”

Angelica looked a bit confused.

“R-N-Jesus?” asked Angelica.

“Shyeah.. Ya know… the god of the randoms.” said Amber.

Angelica looked lost.

“Look, don’t sweat the details. Just know that I’m going to leave things to chance. Starting next week on Rivals…. The very show where I totes won this title.. I’m gonna begin the Flyweight Open Challenge. Anyone who wants to walk out from the back and step into the ring… they can have an opportunity at my title.”

Angelica looked surprised.

“WOW! So you’re going to face all comers then?”

“Totes! In this game of life, you gain exp, but if you lose a life you lose exp as well. This belt means in the Flyweight division, I’m level skull double question mark. If I get complacent, I’ll just de-level back to pleb status and I’m not about to let that happen. The only way to make sure you stay at a high level is you keep your skills honed. You don’t falter and respec your talent tree. You take what ya got and you put everyone on notice.. That I am the final boss and I won’t go down easy.”

Amber looked into the camera.

“So to anyone who wants this title… just come to the ring and try your best, but don’t cry if you wipe.”

Amber gave a wink into the camera showing some uncanny confidence and charisma that people were not used to seeing from her. With that, Amber took her exit as Angelica stood there shocked. I don’t think anyone expected something like this out of Amber Ryann! She was no longer the girl who sat in the corner playing her 3DS… she was a fighting champion!


Featuring: Draconian

Location: LLB's Office

LLB still sat as his desk typing an email on his laptop because now that the phone calls had stopped he was able to start getting more work done. To his displeasure the office lights flickered again, and more intensely than had been happening all evening. Several times this evening he ran to the hallway to see if the lights were flickering out there too but everything was always back to normal when he got to his door.

The lights flickered again even more intensely than the last time; between the phone calls and the lights he was sure whatever was going on was isolated to him. A quick text message with a staff member reported that lights around the building were working just fine.

Just as he read that text the lights flickered AGAIN, and his phone subsequently went black. The lights continued to cut on and off as he reached around his desk for an emergency flashlight. Before he could find it it the lights went off completely, and LLB was frozen in darkness at his desk.

The lights finally came halfway on and in front of his desk stood one of the largest behemoths LLB had ever seen. He instantly gauged this wrestler at 7'2'' and well over 300 pounds. His skin was pale, his eyes were dark, and his grimace foreboding. LLB was in awe, and the circumstances of the arrival left him speechless.

Finally the mysterious titan spoke in a deep, cavernous voice.

"I am Draconian."

The enormous wrestler kept his fists at his sides and cracked his knuckles while staring at LoC's Head of Talent Relations. After a few seconds LLB calmed himself and leaned forward with his forearms on his desk.

"Well then, Draconian, let’s get you on this roster," said LLB semi-confidently. He knew Legacy of Champions would never be the same.


Stipulation: Underground Rules

Referee: Chris Horowitz

Cut back to the arena. “Athlete Nation” by LoC: The Music was playing over the PA System, with red and white lights fading in and out with the ascending synth line. The drumbeat kicked-in, and Terry Massimo barreled out from the backstage area, throwing an arm in the air and letting-out a big ol’ roar.

“This, my friend, is gonna be a hoss fight!” You could almost hear Reno Davis rubbing his hands together as he spoke, and his enthusiasm was reciprocated by his partner.

“What a ridiculous first defence for Andy Murray,” Stone said. “Terry Massimo’s better known as a tag wrestler, but he’s absolutely gigantic and freakishly athletic for his size! He’s very, very similar to Andy Murray in that regard, but here’s the key difference: Massimo is 44lbs heavier, and 3 inches shorter. He’s a cannonball, and when he flies into you, good luck getting up again.”

The Big Hitter made his way to the ring. Light-footed and sprightly for a 324lb man, he was full of energy, and pumped all the way up for his big singles opportunity. Icons hadn’t gone as he and Cory Albright would’ve liked, but he was following it up with the biggest shot of his LoC career thus far, and he was amped as hell.

“This guy’s just pure athleticism,” Reno said. “Murray supplements his own power and speed with veteran experience and razor sharp technique, but that’s not going to matter if Massimo gets hold of him!”

In the ring, Massimo grabbed the top rope and shook it like a maniac, before backing into the centre and throwing both arms in the air. It took The Cult’s “Rise” kicking-in for him to eventually head to a corner, but even then he stayed on his toes, shadowboxing ahead of the champion’s arrival.

The Arena of Champions filled with noise as the music played, but Murray was nowhere to be seen. He failed to appear at this usual cue point and confusion reigned for a few seconds, before Murray’s location became abundantly clear.

“Where the he--” Reno said, before cutting himself off. “Oh, God. Talk about pandering!”

A commotion grew among the fans, before the camera team eventually located the Scot. Standing with both arms held aloft - cricket bat in one, Underground Championship in the other - Andy was in the crowd, atop a staircase, mobbed by the fans.

“Andy Murray’s coming-in through the audience!” Stone proclaimed. “He spoke very, very strongly about his desire to put the sport back in the fans’ hands at Icons, and tonight, he’s doing just that!”

The King put the belt on his shoulder and held-out a fist for fans to bump as he descended. It took a while, but he eventually reached floor level, where his walk turned into a quick, purposeful stride. He reached the barricade, and when he got there, Andy planted his feet on its thin, flat top edge, stood to his full 6’7”, and raised the bat and gold triumphantly. A big, hearty crowd reaction followed, before Andy turned to the ring, rolled inside, and slapped Terry Massimo’s outstretched hand.

“A quick show of respect to set this one off,” Stone said. “We’ve got two good-natured, passionate athletes in there, but I don’t think they’re gonna hold anything back tonight. This is high stakes pro-wrestling, and as Murray said at Icons, anything less than 100% would be insulting.”

“He’s still got that cricket bat, too,” Reno followed-up. “Let’s see how far these guys are willing to go.”

Murray handed the belt to the referee, left his jacket and bat by the corner, and the bell ring. The two big men moved towards the centre, and wasted no time whatsoever in throwing themselves into a collar and elbow tie-up. They jostled for position: Massimo was able to force Murray back a few steps before Andy got his feet planted, found an angle, then skipped around to lock his opponent up from behind.

Terry grabbed Andy’s hands and tried to pull them apart, but The King let go voluntary. Backing-off a couple of steps, Andy invited his opponent forward, and The Big Hitter didn’t need a second invitation. Another collar-and-elbow followed, and again they jostled back and forth without gaining a significant advantage.

Eventually they released each other. Andy looked to Massimo, saying: “this is boring, mate.”

The challenger half-smiled, nodded, then suddenly dashed to the ropes. Murray was prepared for the shoulder barge, however, and stood firm. Seconds later it was Murray’s turn to try, and despite throwing his full 280lbs into Massimo, he couldn’t make him budge.

“This is more like it!” said Davis.

A second Massimo shoulder barge saw one of Murray’s boots leave the canvas, but he soon pushed it down again. The King went to the ropes for his second attempt, but again, no change from Terry Massimo!

Third time lucky? Terry ran the ropes, came back, and finally sent Murray stumbling backwards! The Big Hitter naturally charged at the champion, but he ran right into a European Uppercut, then answered with a forearm!

Murray, uppercut.

Massimo, forearm.

Murray, uppercut!

Massimo, forearm!





Winning the strike exchange, Andy whipped Mass to the ropes, but his challenger reversed it. Andy hooked his arms over the top to prevent a rebound, but Terry charged right at him. A big body drop sent the gargantuan Natural Athlete over the top, but his freakish agility kicked-in, and Mass landed on the apron! Murray heard his feet come down and smashed him with a back elbow, however, then dashed across the ropes.

As Murray was running, however, the former defensive lineman used his explosive athleticism to jump, slingshot over the top rope with his hands, then fly into the oncoming Scot with a shoulder tackle! He made the cover.



“The Big Hitter draws heavily on his football background every single time he wrestles,” Stone said. “It’s an ideal athletic base for a career in pro-wrestling, and Massimo’s very capable of knocking Big Murr down all night long.”

“I understand that Murray’s own athletic background comes through soccer,” Davis said, “but he gave the sport up as a teenager. Athletically, both of these guys are off the charts. Hope you’ve got your popcorn ready, Stoner!”

Terry Massimo climbed to his feet, taking Murray with him. Andy threw a few shots into Big Mass’ gut, but the challenger held steady and cracked him with a Bionic Elbow. With Murray dazed, Massimo put him against the ropes, took a few steps back, then sent him to the outside with a clothesline.

The fans lit-up, knowing what was coming as soon as Massimo started stomping his boot into the mat. As a dizzy Andy Murray rose outside, The Big Hitter run to the ropes, rebounded, then leapt off his feet and flew through the top and middle ropes! Terry’s shoulder crashed into Murray, who fell like a Canadian Redwood, and the big challenger rose to his feet, fired-up and full of adrenaline.

“Massimo is ready to go!” Stone yelped.

“He’s in complete control here,” Davis said. “We’ve seen that dive before, and it doesn’t look any less insane with every repeat! What a goddamn freak, Stoner!”

“It’s not elegant, but it sure is effective. Being hit by a flying Terry Massimo is like stepping-out in front of a truck!”

Refocusing, Terry took Murray by the waistband and rolled him back into the ring. Andy tried to clamber to his feet, but he was soon clubbed down again, before Massimo stomped on his back a couple of times. The King was pulled back to his feet, before Massimo downed him with an effortless bodyslam.

From there, Massimo hauled the Scot up and tossed him into the corner. He walked away, then followed-up with a charge, but Andy used some of his own agility to skip out of the corner before the running splash could land! The Big Hitter’s chest hit the turnbuckles, but he wasn’t so hurt that he couldn’t duck Murray’s clothesline when he turned around. Now out of the corner, Massimo put his arms around Murray’s waist and pulled back.

But Andy grabbed the top rope! Desperate to avoid the German Suplex, Murray felt his feet leave the mat, but gripped onto the ropes with all the strength in his body. Massimo let Andy down, adjusted his own grip, and pulled back again, but it was no use. Instead of giving-up, however, The Big Hitter adjusted by sliding his grip up a little bit, stepped forward to loosen Murray’s arms, then pull the Scot’s back down onto his outstretched knee!

Massimo covered following the backbreaker.




“Outstanding adjustment from Massimo, who proves he’s much more than a one trick pony,” Stone said. “I don’t think Murray saw that coming.”

“Good improvisation, and man, if I was Andy Murray, I’d be worried about my reign here!” Reno said. “Massimo’s on fire!”

Things were starting to get a little scary for The King, who wasn’t able to fully dislodge his challenger despite the kickout. Feeling a little drained himself, Massimo synched Andy into a headlock and kept him grounded for a few moments.

With Massimo’s tree-trunk limbs clamped around his skull with anaconda-like tightness, Andy laboured to his feet. It took all of his core strength to get there, but he eventually did, and found the angle and leverage required to get himself free. Terry fired back with a boot to the gut, then set Murray up against the ropes. He took a few steps forward then charged, but ran right into a ring-shaking Spinebuster!

“Now there’s Andy Murray!” Stone said. “For all the talk of Massimo’s power, Andy is outrageously strong himself. There’s barely an ounce of fat on his body, and every one of those muscles is finely-tuned to slam you into the mat!”

Both men were on the mat. Murray was conveniently close to the ropes, however, and grabbed the second to aid his rise. He saw Massimo rising close by, and grabbed him on his ascent before throwing him through the top and middle ropes. With his opponent on the outside, Murray held his arms out to the side, and the crowd’s excitement brought a big smile to his face.

“What the?!” Reno said. “Is he…?!”

Without hesitation, Andy Murray ran the ropes, then sprung into the air on the rebound. He cleared the top rope by a few inches and landed right on the standing Massimo, who crumbled under Murray’s weight!

“What a dive!” Stone exclaimed. “These are two of the biggest men in the company, but they’re far from your average ‘big guy’ power wrestlers!”

“They’re not exactly flipping around like Flyweights,” Reno said, “they’re more like flying bricks. What a spectacle!”

The tope took it out of Big Murr, though. He wasn’t able to react immediately, and instead spent a few moments shaking butterflies away on the ground. Behind him, Terry Massimo was crawling towards one of the steel chairs that LoC’s evil road agents had left lying around for the match. Oblivious to this, Andy started heading towards the corner where he’d left the cricket back.

The King put his hands around the bat’s rubber grip as Terry took the chair and got to his feet. They turned around at the same time, swung at the same time, and the bat left a huge dent in the chair’s surface!

Massimo came from the right with his second swing, but the bat deflected it!

Third swing. From the left.


A fourth came, and this time Murray’s bat swing was so forceful it sent the chair flying out of Massimo’s hands and up the ramp. Terry stumbled backwards, but Andy didn’t strike the unarmed man. Instead, he dropped the back entirely, and cracked Massimo with a big elbow.

“What’s he doing?!” Reno asked. “Murray had the perfect opportunity to batter Massimo with the bat! What was he thinking?!”

“He’s not gonna do that to a man like Terry Massimo. Dusk? Maybe, but Andy Murray’s the type of wrestler who’ll only get his hands dirty if the shoe fits. I’m not surprised at all.”

Grabbing a loose arm, Murray took the wobbling Massimo and whipped him into the barricade. The Big Hitter’s weight almost knocked it loose from its mooring, and Murray followed-up with a near-immediate charge… but Terry ducked down and tossed him into the crowd!

As The King hit the deck, Terry Massimo took some time to recover. The match hadn’t been going long, but it had been sharp and intense, and his gigantic body was already lacking in oxygen. Once he’d drawn enough O2 back into his system, Massimo turned around, climbed atop the barricade, and flew shoulder-first into Andy Murray!

The impact sent Murray crashing down, but Terry had the Scot to break his fall. He rose among the scattering fans, shook the funk from his head, and immediately rolled the champion over the top of the barricade.

Back at ringside, Terry clubbed down on Murray a couple of times, then set him up by the apron. The fans rose to their feet in anticipation, and Massimo’s intentions became abundantly clear as soon as he put Andy’s head between his thighs.

“Oh no,” Stone said.

“Yes!” Reno retorted. “Do it!”

The King deadweighted himself, dropping to one knee, before throwing a desperation shot into Terry’s side. Massimo shrugged it off, however, and pulled the Underground Champion high into the air!

“LOOK OUT!” Stone almost shouted.

Andy rained some elbows down on Massimo’s skull, but he couldn’t stop the Big Hitter. The apron Powerbomb landed, Murray hit the ring’s hardest part shoulder-first, and fell to the ground in a heap! Massimo, meanwhile, stumbled backwards, feeling shaken by the elbows.

“Right on the apron!” Reno said. “Maaaaaan, that’s a sore one! Terry Massimo is in control again!”

“I think I heard one of the ring slats crack on impact,” Stone said, “or maybe that was the champion’s shoulder? Either way, The King is in a bad, bad way…”

“This could be it, Stoner!”

Murray was writhing in agony, but Massimo couldn’t capitalise just yet. It took him longer than he’d like for his blurred vision to return, but he eventually grabbed a handful of tights and pushed Murray back inside. Once there, Terry made the cover.




No time-wasting from Massimo this time, though. He was on his feet in seconds, then ran to the ropes, and leapt-up on the rebound.

(Running Sent--


Andy Murray rolled out of the way!

“Phew!” Stone said. “That was almost it for Murray!”

Massimo hit the mat back first, and The King was spared, but hurting. Andy rolled onto his left hand side, rubbing his hand against his shoulder, grimacing.

Murray recovered a few moments before Massimo, but he was focused on rolling his shoulder, making sure no lasting damage had been done. As he was doing so, Terry rolled to the edge of the apron and swiped a chair from outside. After sliding it inside, Massimo rose to his feet, arching his sore back, before setting Andy Murray up.

“Look out,” Stone called. “Massimo’s got a chair!”

“Here it comes!”

The King turned around and put his arms up to stop the chair hitting his head, but the blow still sent him a few steps back. As he recovered, Terry threw the chair right at him. Andy caught it, but that was the plan all along: Massimo charged forward and big booted it right in his face!

“Holy hell!” Reno barked. “Right in the kisser!”

The Big Hitter hooked the leg!





“How the heck?!” Reno exclaimed.

“Say what you will about his Underground acclimatisation, but Andy Murray is as tough as old boots!” Stone said. “Great heart from the champion to kickout there. He’s not going down without a fight.”

“He needs to start landing some offence, though,” Reno said. “He’s taken some big shots, and the momentum is firmly on Massimo’s side. That shoulder looks a little messed-up, too…”

“Murray does seem to be in some discomfort out there. I guess he landed awkwardly on the Powerbomb…”

Massimo sat upright. His look of frustration was tempered with disbelief, but he wasn’t going to let it get the better of him. He seized the stirring Andy Murray, then slowly rose to his feet. Once up, Terry threw Murray’s head under his arm and pulled back for his trademark “First Down” Jackhammer. He got Andy’s feet a couple of inches off the ground, but The King hooked a boot behind Massimo’s knee to stop him going any further. Murray pulled an arm loose, then smashed it into Massimo’s temple to break his grip entirely.

The champion stumbled backwards, but regained his footing as Massimo came at him…

Roaring Elbow!

“Crrrrrrrack!” Reno shouted. “What a shot!”

Massimo hit the deck as the strike connected, and Murray fell to a knee, feeling the impact of all those blows. He put his hand back to his shoulder and rolled it a couple of times, his pain apparent.

Andy didn’t switch-off entirely, though. He got up when he saw Massimo was back on his feet, and when the former football player came at him, The King ducked his clothesline, then swung around with a European Uppercut! Terry fell backwards and Murray lunged forward, smashing the challenger with a Lariat using his unfavoured left arm!

The cover…




Close, but with his shoulder hurting, the right-handed Murray couldn’t quite get the force he wanted on the Lariat. The Underground Champion climbed back up, and, leaning against the ropes, called for Terry Massimo to join him.

“Murray’s getting fired-up now,” Stone said. “He’s finding his groove!”

The Big Hitter slowly rose, looking increasingly unsteady at this stage in the match. The King called on him a second time, and that seemed to spur the challenger into action. He turned around and saw Andy’s running Yakuza Kick coming. This allowed him to duck it, turn around, and grab Murray for a Belly-to-Belly, but Andy cracked him with some short rapid-fire forearms to break the grip!

Once loose, Massimo threw a big elbow at The King.

Murray fired back with a forearm, and soon the two were stood in the middle of the ring trading blows, as they’d done earlier in the match.

The pace was significantly slower, however. Massimo blasted Murray with an elbow, then switched things up with a body kick… but Andy caught his boot!

The King wasted no time. He pulled Terry in, seized his torso, then threw him overhead with a modified Exploder Suplex!

“What a move!” Stone said.

“Jeez, Stoner!” said Reno. “What the hell is Andy Murray made of?! I want some of it.”

“This match is everything we thought it’d be: two gigantic pro-wrestling machines absolutely thrashing one another, and they’ve barely even paused for breath.”

“That move might be the difference maker, Stoner!” said Reno. “Murray just ragdolled him!”

The impact shook the ring (and probably caused a tidal wave somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean), but Murray’s work wasn’t done. He scrambled across the ring, rose up, then hauled Massimo onto the shoulder that wasn’t busted up. Suddenly, The King slammed him down hard on his head, neck, and shoulders.

Highland Hangover!
(Sitout Side Powerslam)

“BOOM goes the dynamite!” Reno barked.

“Huge move!” Stone said. “You don’t get up from that one, Reno!”

And with his opponent down, Murray hooked the leg.





“A successful first defence for Andy Murray,” Stone said, “but Terry Massimo didn’t make things easy for him.”

“Far from it,” Reno started. “Big Mass brought the fight to Murray tonight, but in the end, Scotland’s cheesiest son had too much guile for him. He did well to recover from that Powerbomb, and his reign is off to a great start.”

“Lots of power, agility, and heart from the Underground Champion tonight. If this is anything to go by, Murray’s reign is going to be a lot of fun.”

The Cult played loudly, and a tired, sweating Andy Murray rose to a knee. Again, he rolled his shoulder around a couple of times, but it wasn’t long before his arm was being raised, and the Underground Title was back in his clutches.

“It’s only gonna be so long before the Curse kicks-in though,” Davis said. “Heck, it might have done so already: he’s still struggling with that shoulder.”

“The Curse hurts every Underground Champion differently,” said Stone. “It’s too early to tell if it’s already taking hold because there’s a strong chance Murray just took a bad landing on the apron, but we can’t rule it out. Either way, Murray has a long road ahead of him.”

Released by the official, Murray slapped the belt around his waist, then put an arm behind his back and bowed for the crowd.

His first defence was in the books, but Andy Murray’s Underground acclimation was still very much a work in progress.

Winner: Andy Murray via Pinfall


Featuring: Jack Harmen & Dam

Location: The Loft

Harmen chomped on a tuna sandwich, sitting on the counter. Harmen shouted over to Dam, who stood with his arms crossed at the entrance to the Loft. “Yo Dam. You ever wanted to do something, more?” Harmen dangled his legs off the counter. “Like, fight for the big gold belt?” Harmen looked up at the lights in the loft. “Cause. Man. Dam. You are a dangerous man. I would give you this legacy championship rather than face you.” Harmen nodded to the unflinching Dam. “Please don't ever hurt me. I know this is very Houston of me, but will you be my bodyguard? I haze moneys.”

Harmen looked up to the monitors in the corner of the room, and hopped off the desk. “Oh shhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeet.” Harmen’s eyes went wide. “I’m next. Where’s my title?” Damn frowned and shook his head. “I kinda need it to defend it.” Harmen tossed a couch cushion and broke a potted plant. “Otherwise, no one knows I’m the champ.” Harmen opened the fridge door and breathed a sigh of relief. Harmen leaned in and grabbed the Legacy title out of the fridge as the fans cheered. “You know, I’m glad we don’t have hot sandwiches here.” Harmen tossed the Legacy strap on his shoulder and shivered. He nodded to Dam as he walked past him at the entrance. “Cold, even for a snowman.”

After a brief pause, Dam smiled and nodded toward Harmen as he walked toward the Gorilla position.


Featuring: Superstar Vince Jacobs, Natalia Simunek-Jacobs, Shawn Hart, & Athena

Location: In-Ring

The lights in the arena went out once more as the Legacy-tron lit up once more. The cryptic messages had been appearing throughout the night. The fans in the arena turned toward to the screen as some words unscrambled on the screen.

”You can’t keep a living legend down. You people have been duped in believing that a wildcard is a champion for the people. There is only one REAL LEGACY CHAMPION!”

The Legacy-tron turned to static. The fans looked around the arena confused.

"I didn't have to come to the LoC to become a superstar...I brought my spotlight with me!!!"

“Ring Superstar” by Cypress Hill

When the song hit the negative crowd heat flooded the arena as the entire arena became a washed with Purple, Gold & Pearl star-shaped eye candy. A few seconds passed as “Superstar” Vince Jacobs wearing a black Armani suit and Gucci sunglasses appeared on the stage. To his right his lovely wife Natalia, wearing a black Vera Wang dress smiled from ear to ear. A select cadre of earned monikers would dance at random, exploding on the Arena of Champions one after the other as the two peered out into the crowd.

Pro Wrestling's Phenomenon - The Icon - The Living Legend – The Ratings Grabber - The Reason there is a show – Mr. Pay Per View – Four Time Legacy Champion

The bank account's thick and his pockets are fat
Peep the smirk on his face when he watching you tap
A three-count or submission, which steez you wanna go?
'Cause this muthafucka right here is a reason there's a show!

The lights slowly illuminated as the camera followed Jacobs and Natalia down the ramp. The fans ringside were giving Jacobs an ear full as he smirked at the masses. The Russian hottie received a bunch of cat calls from the men as she smiled and planted a kiss on the lips of her husband basically saying he was the only man for her. The self-proclaimed Icon slowly opened the ropes for the Russian beauty to enter the ring. Jacobs held out his arms as the crowd continued to jeer his return to Legacy of Champions.

Jacobs smirked at the mixed reaction he received from the fans as he was handed a microphone by his beautiful wife. The four time Legacy champ raised the microphone to his lips.

“Listen to that Natalia. These people have been lost without us.”

Jacobs smirked as the fans got louder. Natalia smirked as she put her hand on Vince’s shoulder.

“It’s been awhile I know but you can’t keep a Superstar of my caliber down for long. Now ever since I was blindsided and injured by your conniving Legacy Champion and his puppet Jeremy Ryan, you people had to sit back and endure main events with JCON, Lindsay Troy, Ryan and Harmen. My how this place has gone downhill. It just breaks my heart to see the place that SVJ built so embattled.” Jacobs spoke as he got moans from the crowd.

The Jacobs moved around the ring as Vince paused for a few moments.

“I’m not going to come out here and sugar coat anything. I want my title back and there is nothing that no one in this damn place is going to do to stop me. I’m Vince F’Ning Jacobs, the Icon and there is no way that a man of my stature will be working his way up from the bottom to get a title shot. SVJ is a former champion and by that right I have a guaranteed title rematch.”

At ringside, an exhuberant Reno Davis chimed in, "SVJ is right, he should be first in line for a title rematch."

"No he doesn’t. He has not been here competing for months," Tony Stone disagreed.

The camera focused back to Vince and Natalia. “So as I was saying Mr. Wildcard, why don’t you walk your high flying ass out here right now and give me the title rematch that richly deserve. But knowing who I am calling out, you won’t show your face to me tonight. I have known you for years Harmen and I know that you are going to try to get me to jump through hoops in order to get my title back.”

The fans in the Arena of Champions erupted in a WILDCARD chant that rocked the ring that Natalia and Vince stood in.

“Yeah, yeeaah, oh-yeeeahhh, what condition my condition was in…”

“Just Dropped In” by Kenny Rogers and The First Edition began to blare throughout the Arena of Champions and reverberate into the rafters. Just then, one of SVJ's former rivals for the Legacy championship, the nefarious Shawn Jessica Hart, PhD. bolted out through the entryway and came to a stop atop the ramp, reigniting the crowd's eruption.

In an homage to a certain Big Lebowski dream sequence, just as he did in his match at Icons, SJH was sporting a gleaming white jumpsuit, kicks of silver and gold and an industrial-grade tool belt. Only instead of actual tools, the belt was adorned with various sex toys, vibrating devices and bottles of lubricant.

Also industrial grade, of course.

With the Jacobs duo looking on, half-confused, half-disgusted, Pro Wrestling’s SJH began to juke and jive as he retrieved a microphone from the recesses of his glorious get-up. With the fans still going bonkers, he brought the stick to his strangely shimmering lips and spoke.

"SVJ..." he paused to tap his own chest, then continued. "It's ya boy, SJH. Remember? The guy that took the Legacy title from you and wiener-kicked Ninja K in the process at his signature event, SELF-DESTRUCTION. The guy who only lost it back to you at Siege because a cruel combination of ligament damage at scrotal-analistic nephritis reared its ugly head right at the crucial moment. THAT guy... remember?"

Jacobs elected not to respond, instead muttering something indecipherable to Natalia. However, the sentiment was clear--Hart's presence was not required.

Nevertheless, SJH continued to speak.

"Here's the deal, bub. I was sittin' in the back, enjoying a refreshing egg nog, collecting a check to sit in the locker room and beat my meat to Stranger Things on Netflix--hashtag Barb's bangin' booty--when I heard you say something about the Legacy title. Now, am I completely boinked on goof pills, or did I hear you say that you...YOU...are owed a guaranteed title shot?!"

Jacobs began to speak, but the Softcore Soldier shrieked over the top of him.

"...Because the steak n' eggs of the situation is that while you and Natalia were chillin' at home, wondering who gave who which burning sensation, I was here...kickin' ass and gettin' my ass kicked to defend the good name of the Legacy of Champions! Not only that, but I've yet to receive my own title match since my glorious return at Only The Strong. And since I came back first...after having been the Legacy champion before that cruel mistress fate forced me onto the shelf, I do declare that I'm the only one around here that should be gettin' a title shot! Call it a mockery, call it an OUTRAGE, my Magic 8-Ball says it's the truth!"

“You know what Shawn I knew you had to come out and try to steal my spotlight. You have a distinct knack for showing up whenever Vince Jacobs is around. I swear you are still trying to be me and it is getting very annoying.” Jacobs said with a smirk as he looked up at Hart on the stage.

“But I will tell you what Hart, SVJ is in a jovial mood since his return to this great federation. Tonight I will give you a pass for coming out here and interrupting me.”

Jacobs looked at Natalia as she shook her head to the left and right.

“Well that look right there…” Jacobs pointed to his wife. “…just changed my mind. She says you do not get a pass tonight.”

As soon as Jacobs pulled his microphone from his lips, Hart was drilled in the back by the massive Athena from the RingSharks. Jacobs and Natalia smiled from ear to ear as Athena continued to maul Hart on the stage. The fans erupted in jeers as they witnessed Shawn Hart being pummeled by the massive woman.

Jacobs pulled the microphone to his lips. “I’m back Harmen and I want my Legacy championship.

Vince dropped the microphone in the ring as he motioned for Athena to stop the onslaught on Shawn Hart. SVJ and Natalia made their way out of the ring and up the ramp as the greeted the massive Athena. Vince raised her arms high in the air as the three stood over Hart on the stage.

"What a night!," Reno exclaimed, "SVJ is back and all is well in the world!"

"And it looks like he has the help of the massive Athena from RingSharks to help him," Tony Stone added.

"That’s why the man is a genius!," Reno replied. "You can never tell what he's got up his sleeve or what he's going to throw at you next!"


Featuring: "Max", Legion of Devastation, Inc., & The Nation

Location: Backstage

In a dark and lonely hallway in the bowels of the Arena of Champions there was a bin and in that bin were the remnants of anything lost or discarded within the Arena, things long abandoned and forgotten about. Rummaging through those things was a man that had come to embody the bin himself, “Max.” The one-time Relentless Champion, one-time paranormal investigator, one-time coherent and quirky yet intelligent Grappler was still apparently battling with a heavy dose of amnesia after a wicked blow to his head. He hovered over the bin, carelessly tossing random artifacts behind him. A broken cane from Phoenix Rose, a child’s SVJ doll, Tiny’s g-string, a mask … he paused. It was El Phantasmo XLVII’s mask. It was Max’s mask and he seemed to at least vaguely recognize it. He turned it over and over in his hands, his brow furrowed and his lip curled. Then, suddenly, he let out a seemingly frustrating grunt and tossed it aside. It was at this point that the Legion of Devastation, Inc. happened upon him.

“Dat’s just sad,” said BIG Little Italy.

Brandon Thomas had different thoughts and shouted, “Hey, monkey! Are those my old sunglasses?!”

Indeed they were, “Max” had been wearing them since his accident but only now did BT recognize them. Back when he sported his pinks, purples, and blacks he also wore the gaudy wrap-arounds that “Max” was now in possession of. “Max”, of course, said nothing and continued digging. He stopped, then furiously continued until he emerged with a soiled hoodie. “Max” slung it around his back and slid his arms through.

“Whatever, man,” Brandon said, “Don’t even acknowledge that greatness is speaking to you. You’re gonna spend the rest of your life living out of the lost & found. Which, by the way, was something that introduced to this company, thank you very much.”

“”Max”, dude,” said egg NOG, “That’s gross, dude. Take that thing off.”

“Max” looked egg NOG dead in his eyes and then began to walk away. egg NOG, however, would not let it go. He walked over and grabbed “Max” by the arm. “Dude! Just … dude, do you want to join us? You look like you could use friends.”

“A bath, NOG,” BT replied with a heavy dose of snark, “That’s what he needs. A, like, 47 gallons of cologne.”

“Cologne is sooo played out.” cHEESE had now become quite adept at offering his opinion when it was not in the least bit solicited. “In fact, the natural musk of an unwashed human is the most intoxicating smell in the world.”

“Have you smelled this unwashed human up-close, dude?” His brother asked. “Bacon’s right, dude, “Max” needs a shower.”

“He needs to run through the carwash about ten-thousand times, NOG,” Brandon said while shaking his head. “Can we take a person to a dog groomer? Is that a thing?”

BIG Little Italy pulled his mask down to cover his nose, “Dat ain’t right. He smells like year-old moldy parmesan mixed with a dead cat.”

“Ah, yes,” cHEESE said with a nod. “You’re also a fan of that band?”

“... what?”

“Year-old Moldy Parmesan Mixed with Dead Cat? They’re one of my favorites … but you’ve probably never heard of it.”

HATE hipster cHEESE,” BT said through grinding teeth.

egg NOG was still pleading his case to “Max” when they all heard an all-too-familiar, and all-too-despised, voice pierce through the group like a bullet.

“Well, well, well,” said The Magdalena, “If it isn’t the village idiot and his merry band of morons.”

“Oh my God!,” Brandon exclaimed, “Get the smelly freak out of here! My amore is here and I don’t want her to see me with him!”

The Magdalena, flanked by The Nation, were on their way to their Boiler Room home after an impressive win over The New Breed earlier in the night. Needless to say, they were riding the high that only a victory can give someone. All four members appeared confident and happy … or as happy as a group like The Nation could look. “Never going to happen, imbecile,” The Nation’s leader remarked.

“You miserable cretin,” Persephone added. “Why oh why haven’t you managed to accidentally, and tragically, kill yourself I have no idea.”

“That’s … that’s not very nice,” a downtrodden Brandon Thomas whined.

“Goth is sooooo 1990s, you guys,” cHEESE said, “And … are those sheer sleeves?”

The fashion offender in question, Dominic Van Ness VIII looked at the sleeves of his jacket. They were, in fact, sheer. “You want me to strangle you with that scarf, hipster blowhard?”

cHEESE did not but that was no longer his decision. DV8 was feeling good after his win and had no qualms in picking another fight, especially with the likes of LoD, Inc. He tapped Penance on the chest and the monster lurched forward to support him. Persephone smirked and followed suit. It was about to be on … again.

“My love, how many times are we going to do this lover’s dance?” Brandon Thomas, along with the rest of LoD, Inc. readied themselves for battle. However, they found that they had a most unlikely protector. “Max” lunged forward in front of the group and loud out a loud howl. Persephone was the first to fall from a well-placed kick to her midsection. “Max” followed up by driving the aforementioned SVJ doll into DV8’s temple and tossing him, head-first into a cement wall. Within seconds two-thirds of The Nation was writhing on the floor in pain, leaving only Penance standing.

“Dudes …,” egg NOG whispered.

Brandon Thomas glanced at his stablemate, “Bath or not, NOG, this guy is definitely in. But, also, we should definitely give him a bath … or twelve.”

Penance was both visually angered and shocked as he stepped forward to approach “Max” but the man in purple was unphased. He growled at The Nation’s monster.


And Penance did just that at the order of his matriarch. “Pick yourselves up off the ground, we have more pressing matters to attend to than these … disgusting sewer urchins.”

“Sewer--,” BIG Little Italy fired back, “Youse are the ones that live in a friggen boiler room!”

“We don’t live there,” DV8 said while dusting off his knees. “But if you ever want to die there … you know … open invitation. You’re small, we can just shove you down some drain and flush you away like the knock-off Mario Brother you are.”

“Say dat to me again,” Italy responded.

“How about I just --”

“Enough, Dominic.” The Magdalena was clearly not pleased. “We will deal with these unbelievers another time. We mustn’t keep HIM waiting any longer.”

“Right … right,” DV8 said but before he followed the rest of The Nation down the hallway he was sure to turn back one last time. “You got lucky this time … all of you.”

The Legion of Devastation, Inc. stood in awe, just staring at one another but mostly at “Max”. They were impressed and BT even slung an arm over “Max’s” shoulder, but then quickly removed it. “My God, man,” he said as they escorted their newfound friend down the hallway towards the locker rooms, “Have you even heard of soap?”

“I’m Max,” “Max” said.

“Yeah, we know, I’m Bacon.”

“egg NOG.”

“BIG Little Italy.”

“Cornelius Whippersnapper.”

“That’s cHEESE, he’s kind of a douche now.”

And they disappeared into the faint fluorescent lighting as Legends moved to the ring for the main event.


Stipulation: First Fall to Finish

Referee: Darius Underwood

“Ladies and Gentleman, it has been quite an epic night of action here at Legends 25,” Tony Stone stated. “And from one young upstart getting his championship opportunity to another, tonight, the newest Relentless champion gets a crack at crafting a Legacy.”

“Youngblood surprised me more than ever at ICONS Stone-face,” Reno replied. “But the chance of lightning striking twice for the Demon Dragon? If it happens I’m going and buying all the lottery tickets.”

“Graham has shown himself to be a cunning and savvy wrestler, with a skillset unmatched but anyone. A little green around the ears if you will, but Youngblood could be this generation’s Harmen.”

“Oh God. I hope not. No one wants a repeat of that crazy man.” Reno said. “He overcomes JCON, Troy and Ryan, Ryan gets hurt, JCON gets GONE, and he goes right after challenging Troy?” Reno raised his voice. “I mean, why wouldn’t he try to defend his title against the talented and wronged Kaus?”

“What’s in it for him?”

“Being a fighting champion.” Reno said. “Instead, he’s getting underneath’s Kaus’ skin by giving the UNDESERVING a shot at the Legacy title before the deserving do.”

”Miracle” by Nonpoint

Graham Youngblood stepped out onto the LoC rampway, and a massive pop followed. He smiled and tapped his Relentless championship over his shoulder, and raised it high to the cheering crowd. As he walked to the ring, he held the Relentless title to the walking camera and shouted “This is for you!”

“And here comes the challenger, the Demon Dragon, the underdog, Graham Youngblood.” Tony started. “You know, I can’t remember the last time the odds makers said Graham was the favorite. And yet, he’s made a gambling man pay more often than he’s won with that philosophy.”

Youngblood hit the steps, and slammed the palms of his hands into them as the sound echoed with the cheers. Graham climbed up and into the ring, before Sylo’s protege hopped onto the turnbuckle, throwing his fist in the air.

“Yeah, well, it doesn’t always work out in David’s favor. Goliath wins more than he loses. And we don’t have a focus group telling us we need to change the end of our Dodgeball movie because it was sad. This is real life Stoner!” Reno shouted. “Whatever happens, happens! Graham may have been able to surprise, but can he conquer?”

”All Aboard~! AH HA HA HA HA Ha ha ha hahhhhh….”

“Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne.

If the reaction to Youngblood was the median, Harmen’s reaction was the unbalancer. Jack stepped out from the backstage area in a cloud of smoke, Legacy championship wrapped firmly on his waist. He stood wide legged, revealing a simple black shirt that had white lettering. “I KILLED SYLO.” He grinned as he noticed Youngblood notice his shirt. Mary-Lynn Mayweather stepped out from the back at Jack’s side, now always dressed in her ring attire, just in case the House feel like turning this sports contest into a fight. She did wear the same suit jacket she wore out and threw down in the ring earlier. The two stand back to back, posing for the cameras just a bit.

“And there’s our Legacy Champion.” Tony Stone said. “Do you think Kaus would have made as much a stink about everything if Harmen actually talked about the vicious attack at ICONS?”

“Listen, you beat someone up, you expect a reaction.” Reno said. “Harmen ain’t ghandi. Harmen however, is a skilled student of human psychology, regardless of how crazy he is. He knows Kaus attacked him for a shot at the belt. Why reward a man when you want to punish?”

“It’s still a sign of disrespect to the leader of the House. The man who lost his Relentless title to Youngblood just hours prior his vicious assault.”

“Without a doubt Stone-Hedge.” Reno said, as Jack Harmen and Mary-Lynn made their way down the ramp. “Listen. It’s a tactic. A strategy. Like how when you asked me to watch your kids and I lost one and the other powerbombed another through your kitchen table.”

“You lost one?”

Reno’s eyes shifted, you could hear it in the audio. “Uhm. WOW! Look at that back flip from Mary-Lynn into the ring.” Reno said, diverting attention as Mary-Lynn indeed pressed her back against the ropes and leaned back, to land on her feet. Jack meanwhile, climbed the turnbuckles, and unstrapped the Legacy championship before showing it high to the cheering crowd.

Jack Harmen hopped off the top turnbuckle and turned to meet his challenger. Graham removed his Relentless title and handed it over to Darius Underwood. Harmen did the same. Darius went over last minute instructions, as Harmen and Youngblood stood only separated by their respective championships. Harmen removed his t-shirt and tossed it to the crowd.

*Ding, ding, ding*

“This is going to be an interesting contest Reno.” Stone said. “Two very unorthodox styles. They could clash like oil and water.”

Harmen and Youngblood circle center of the ring, Harmen going low. Jack stopped first, and extended his hand toward Youngblood for a handshake. Youngblood hesitated, as Harmen edged him on. Reluctantly, Youngblood took the innocuous handshake before Harmen held on.

Harmen yanked Youngblood into a quick hug, as he patted the young flier on the back. The two broke and circled. Youngblood raised his hand for a test of strength. Harmen raised his hand to meet him, but then ducked behind Graham into a quick takeover. Jack spun into a front face lock on the mat and squeezed the sides of Youngblood’s head. Graham rolled to the left and Harmen rolled with him to keep the hold locked in. Graham tried the right roll with similar results. Youngblood rose to his knees and used the separation to spin, breaking the front face lock, but Harmen hooked and inverted headlock and shoved him back to the mats back first.

Harmen hooked Graham’s head and arm in the inverted lock on the mat, as Youngblood fought to get out. Graham bridged up and twisted as the stubborn champ refused to let go, slamming a forearm into his exposed ribcage. Youngblood fell to a seated position, as the champ hooked the inverted headlock in further, pressing his knee into Youngblood’s back as he locked in a modified Dragon Sleeper.

“And Harmen looks to be trying to end this early Reno! He’s got that dangerous dragon sleeper locked in. It’s not a move Harmen usually employs, but when you’re in the right position, you might as well make the demon DRAGON SLEEP.” Tony Stone said.

“Nice way to get both the name of the move and Graham’s nickname in there,” Reno said. “Either way, Youngblood is in a precarious position. At least he’s not center of the ring.”

Indeed, Youngblood was only a few feet away from his destination. He crawled and drug himself, inch by inch, until he grabbed the bottom rope. Harmen let go of the hold at two, as he stood and waited for Youngblood to get to his feet. Graham was slow, clutching his head and neck as he used the ropes to recover. He turned back to Harmen and nodded.

The two circled each other again, Graham making note to try to crack his tender neck. Collar and elbow tie up, into an arm wringer from Harmen. Graham rolled forward, flipped up, and then spun into an arm wringer of his own. Harmen went for a swipe, so Graham ducked behind Harmen into a hammerlock. Harmen went over his shoulder, then behind his back trying to grab the wily Graham, before he pivoted out of the hammerlock into an Irish whip. Graham off the ropes, Youngblood ducked a clothesline, and sprang off the second rope, twisting into a cross body that took down the champ. Harmen and Youngblood both rose to their feet quick, and Graham caught the champ in the jaw with a dropkick. Harmen rolled completely out of the ring to recover, standing next to the attending Mary-Lynn Mayweather.

“Graham Youngblood taking no prisoners here after he had that early submission scare.” Tony Stone said. “The upstart Demon Dragon is gaining a head of steam!”

Indeed, Graham Youngblood took to the air and cleared the top rope. He landed on Harmen’s shoulders, and grabbed him with a DDT on the way down, slamming Harmen onto the outside mats. Mary-Lynn only had an instant to get away, and she couldn’t pull Harmen with her, so she took a tumble herself. Youngblood shot to his feet, the LoC faithful cheering the display of acrobatics, as Graham tossed Harmen back into the ring.

The Demon Dragon entered the ring and stalked a back peddling Harmen. Youngblood leaned in, only to get rolled up.



Kickout from the Dragon. Both men rose to their knees, awaiting the next attack, only for Harmen to point to his head, somewhat smarmily. Youngblood’s nose upturned as the two got to their feet.

”Let’s Go Harm-men. *Clap-Clap-ClapClapClap*”
”Let’s Go Young-Blood. *Clap-Clap-ClapClapClap*”

Harmen smiled, and raised his hand for a test of strength. Again, Youngblood hesitated, but he reached in, only for Harmen to slip behind Youngblood into a rear waist lock. “HE NEVER LEARNS!” Harmen shouted, giving Graham time to rush to the ropes, hook them and cause Harmen to slip off in a back roll. Graham turned and spun with a flying crescent kick. Harmen ducked, but Graham landed on all fours. Harmen kept running off the ropes, Graham with a tilt-a-whirl, but Harmen keeps going around, and around, and around, before Graham just DROPPED to his knees and planted the Legacy Champion with a tombstone piledriver.

“Jeez, I’m dizzy.” Reno said as we saw a dizzy Mary-Lynn wince at the impact.

“If you’re dizzy, you can only imagine what Harmen feels like. Around and around he goes until that vicious piledriver.”

Youngblood hesitated on the cover, and doesn’t hook the leg.



Harmen just barely able to lift that shoulder. Youngblood ran his hand through his hair as he stood to his feet. He lift Harmen by his green and white and black hair, and tossed him into the corner. Youngblood aimed, and CHOPPED. CHOP SUEY. CHOP SALAD. CHOP CHOP CHOPPITY CHOP CHOP OH GOD STOP.

Harmen flopped down to a seated position in the corner, chest beat red. Graham stepped away at the four count of Underwood, as he seemed quite fired up. Graham turned back to Harmen in the corner and reached down, as Harmen grabbed Youngblood by his tights and yanked him face first into the middle turnbuckle.

“Jack Harmen, ever the savvy ring veteran, used the ring to his advantage right there.” Reno Davis said.

Harmen slipped out under the bottom rope onto the apron. He waited for the dazed Youngblood to stumble to his feet. As Graham turned, Harmen sprang off the top with his patented springboard lou thesz press w/ punches. And Harmen was raining them down on the plucky challenger. Rights and lefts, into elbows, until Darius stepped in to break the onslaught of punches and strikes.

Harmen rose to his feet and clutched his beat red chest. He grabbed Youngblood in a front face lock, into a simple suplex. Jack held on, into another quick snappy vertical suplex. Harmen held a third time, and then hit an impact full corkscrew suplex. Graham rolled into the corner turnbuckle out of instinct.

“Now Graham showing signs of a ring vet,” Tony Stone said, “Making sure to get to the ropes rather than risk a pinfall.”

As Youngblood picked himself up in the corner, Harmen was in the far side, eyeing his prey. He charged.

(Running Yakuza Kick)

“There it is! And Youngblood is out!” Tony Stone shouted.

Indeed, Jack Harmen’s locomotive connected with Youngblood, although he did he best to turn it into a grazing blow. Even still, he fell to the mat like a ton of bricks. Harmen leaned down in the corner and rolled him over, hooking both legs that were closest to the ropes. Mary-Lynn counted on the outside with her fingers in the air alongside Darius.




“WHOATWHYOW?!” Reno shouted.

“Wait! Darius is waving it off!” Tony interjected. “Graham Youngblood just grabbed the bottom rope! He’s still in it Reno!”

Harmen looked down at Youngblood and pulled him closer to the center of the ring. Darius however, stepped inside, respecting the rope break and how Harmen would have to distance from Youngblood before pulling him back toward the center of the ring. After a moment, Harmen pounced, elbow to the gut followed by a flurry of rights and lefts. Graham did what he could to cover up, and went into a fetal position. Until he tucked his legs and caught one of Harmen’s wild strikes.

“Graham with a cross arm-breaker!” Tony Stone shouted. “A good offense can sometimes be a good defense Reno!”

“This kid has got guts, I counted him out, thought he was done, and now he’s got the Legacy champion in a position where he’s gonna break his arm!”

Harmen rolled to his knees, and then put pressure up against Youngblood, rolling him into a pin.



Youngblood broke the arm bar to kick out. Both men to their feet, Youngblood a little slower. Harmen grabbed the Dragon and irish whipped him off the far side. Youngblood hooked the top rope to stop that. Harmen blinked, confused, before he charged. Youngblood back body dropped Harmen up and over, with Jack landing on his feet on the apron. Harmen with a right, but Youngblood blocked the blow. Kick to the gut stunned Harmen, as Youngblood desperately tossed his body up and over the ropes and the leaned over Harmen.

Flip over powerbomb, on the outside.

”Young-Blood. Young-Blood.”

“My lord almighty I am now religious, because that is a car crash of biblical proportions!” Tony Stone shouted from the commentary position. “Graham Youngblood just took the Legacy champion on a ride of a lifetime!”

“I don’t understand what you said but I’m excited too!” Reno shouted.

Darius Underwood started his count in the ring. Mary-Lynn Mayweather rushed to the scene, checked on Harmen, and then checked on Youngblood. Neither moved.



Three. NO!

Four. NO!

“What are they doing?” Reno shouted.

Five. NO!

“I believe the LoC Faithful are telling Darius to stop counting.”

On the outside, Graham Youngblood got to his feet, and slipped himself in under the bottom rope. He remained facing the arena lights as Darius continued. Mary-Lynn shouted at Harmen to get up.



Jack Harmen stirred on the outside of the ring, grabbing the ring apron.


Jack Harmen pulled himself to his feet. He hesitated to enter the ring. Darius stared slackjawed, his count interrupted as Harmen considered his options. He looked to the backstage area and Mary-Lynn, who shot him a disapproving look.


Harmen turned back to the ring, shaking his head no. He yanked himself in under the bottom rope, just barely beating the count. Both Harmen and Youngblood laid on the mats, facing opposite directions.

“Remember, both Harmen and Youngblood have just come off some hellacious matches at ICONS.” Tony Stone said. “I don’t think either man can truly count themselves as 100%.”

“And for 8.99, you can see that and so much more on Wrestlenet!” Reno said. “Now where’s my raise?”

One! No!

Two! No!

“Darius is just doing his job here.” Reno said. “You can stop giving him a hard time now.”

Three! No!

Four! No!

Five! No!

Mary-Lynn climbed up onto the apron to wild cheers, as Darius rushed over, breaking his count. She calmly explained her position and offered to help him babysit his pet iguana or whatever he has as Ref Underwood yelled at her to get off the apron. She promptly did.

Youngblood stirred, pushing himself to his hands and knees. Harmen began to use the ropes to slowly pull himself up. Darius turned back and waved off the countout as the LoC Faithful clapped in appreciation. Youngblood found himself to his feet first, and noticed Harmen in the corner. He ran with all his energy.

Charging Shining Wizard in the corner. Harmen hobbled out of the corner, fell to his knees, and then faceplanted on the mat. He rolled onto his back as Youngblood was perched on the second rope. He climbed to the top and turned.

Blood in the Water

“There it is! Blood in the Water! The Demon is a shark Stoner! He’s got this!”

“Right into the cover!” Stone said. “Graham Youngblood on top!”





“NO!” Reno shouted. “THAT CRAZY SON OF A--”

“Jack Harmen has kicked out!” Tony Stone replied. “I thought it was three.”

“So did I!” Reno said. “I’m kinda caught up in this! Youngblood might be able to do it!” Reno blinked. “I need to buy all the lottery tickets.”

Graham with a boot to Harmen, doubled him over.

“He’s going for Poetic Justice!” Reno said. “This could be it! NO! Back body drop!”

Harmen with a counter, falling to his knees afterward, clutching his blood red chest. He winced as he rose to his feet, just as Youngblood returned to his. Harmen with a wild right that Graham ducked, into an atomic drop. Youngblood shoved Harmen to the ropes, and he bounces off chest first, right into a belly to back suplex. As Harmen stood…

The Slaughter~!

The move his mentor Sylo taught him, crumpled the Legacy Champion up like an accordion, center of the ring. Youngblood fell directly into the pin.




NO! Darius had two fingers up, only two as Harmen barely gets a shoulder up on the loose cover from Youngblood. Youngblood, seated on the prone Harmen, has glazed over wide eyes.

Youngblood stood to his feet and measured Harmen. As the champ rose to his feet, Graham caught him with a kick. Placing Harmen between his legs, he was once again going for his Poetic Justice, when suddenly his legs were taken out from under him.

The Legacy Championship, in a surge of adrenaline, hooked Youngblood’s legs and turned him over into the modified Boston crab, with knee dropped over the back of Graham’s leg.

Peaceful Slumber
(Walls of Jericho)

“I don't think we've seen this here in LoC Reno, the Peaceful Slumber he calls it.”

“It's anything but peaceful Tony, look how he’s contorted like a circus freak in that hold.”

Harmen sat down on the hold and Youngblood let out a painful cry. Darius was right there, asking him if he submits.

The LoC crowd, tonight, were firmly behind the underdog.


“Why” Harmen shouted.


“Stop that!” Harmen replied.


“Alright!” Harmen said, releasing the submission hold just before Darius began to lift and let Graham’s arm fall a single time. The Legacy Champ shook the cobwebs loose as he watched the fallen and almost unconscious Youngblood stir on the mat. Harmen stomped his boot once.

The crowd was in a silent mix of anticipation.

He stomped it again.

The crowd this time, seemed to almost boo. Harmen laughed, and stomped once more to another boo.

Youngblood rose to his feet and spun to meet the charging Jack Harmen.


Youngblood ducked into a school boy!



Harmen with a kick out. Both men to their feet, Youngblood with a go behind into a backslide.



Harmen used his legs to flip Youngblood into a pin.



Graham with leg kicks to the side of the head breaking the pin. Both men roll to their feet, Graham tripped the charging Harmen into a cover.


Both men up, this time Harmen with a simple trip himself.



Into a roll up from Youngblood.


Both men up to their feet, Graham a bit slow…


Jack Harmen laid out the Demon Dragon with his charging Yakuza Kick, his own eyes rolling into his head in stereo with Graham. Jack then fell back first onto his challenger, pulling at Graham’s tights to try to hook the leg unsuccessfully.




“WHAYOWOT just happened?!” Reno shouted.

“I…” Tony said. “I think Graham Youngblood just kicked out again.”

”This is Awe-Some! *Clap-Clap-ClapClap*

Indeed, Darius had two fingers raised. Harmen sat up out of the pin, and began to rub his forehead. Youngblood rolled to a neutral corner to regain his bearings as Harmen contemplated strategy.

“What is it gonna take for the champ to walk out with the gold?” Reno said. “Youngblood has the perseverance of a cockroach.”

“The same could be said for our Legacy champion.” Tony said. “They share both an unorthodox fighting style, and the spirit of a champion, the never say die attitude necessary to be the very best.”

“He’s survived the Locomotive twice, he’s endured the Peaceful Slumber…” Reno continued as Harmen slowly climbed the turnbuckles. “Perhaps now it’s time for the five star?”

Harmen had his back to the ring, and looked once between his legs. He sprang.

Flying Moon Shot
(Top Rope Moonsault)

“Look at the height!” Tony shouted.

“LOOK AT THE FALL!” Reno shouted. “Graham moved! He moved! Harmen ate the canvas with his teeth!”

Harmen clutched his jaw and wobbled to his feet. He turned…

The Slaughter~!

“The Slaughter! The Slaughter!” Tony Stone shouted. “Graham Youngblood just folded up the Legacy champion! Into the pin!”

The impact was tremendous. Youngblood fell to his knees overtop the fallen Harmen. His eyes rolled into the back of his head as he spun, landing back first onto the prone chest of Harmen. Neither man moved a muscle.

“That’s new Champion Stoner!” Reno said.


“Think you’re right Reno!”


“Jack with a crucifix pin!” Reno said. “Crucifix counter!”





Graham Youngblood tried his best to kick out, but Harmen held him down in place long enough for the three count. Harmen released as Youngblood back rolled to his knees.


“Your winner, and STILL, Legacy Champion, the Wildcard, Jack, HARMEN!”

The words were a bit bitter for Youngblood, who felt so close to the Legacy strap. There was a tinge of envy, as Harmen was lifted to his feet by Mary-Lynn, and handed the Legacy championship.

It wasn't until Darius handed him his Relentless title, that a smile came across his face. It didn't happen tonight, but…

Harmen walked over to Youngblood and extended his hand. Graham took it without hesitation, as Harmen raised his hand to the cheering Faithful. The two circled in the middle of the ring, soaking in the cheers.

Harmen looked over this young kid, that put him through the fight of his life. He couldn’t help but smile. This was why he was champion. This, made it all worth wild.

Harmen slipped out of the ring after, letting Youngblood soak in the rest of the cheers. It was his night. While Youngblood didn’t win the championship, Jack Harmen knew…


Winner: Jack Harmen via Pinfall