"Previously on Legacy of Champions..."

The House's dominance that began at Icons continued to build as Legacy of Champions entered the second half of it's first "Legends" season. Not only had Derrick Huber and Adam Roebuck won the Team Championship and Kaus lead an attack on any and all Grapplers close to the Legacy Championship, but now Charlotte had turned on her tag team partner and ally to take the Bombshells Championship from Sarah Winterton. Not just to take the belt, however, but to set her up, humiliate, and injure her in the process.

That was just the beginning. Zane Roebuck was tasked to pick up where Kaus left off with Graham Youngblood and take his Relentless Championship from him, something the entire House is relishing in. Graham fought a hard battle against Persephone of The Nation only to be bombarded by his longtime rival's crew. Zane's duck-and-run approach that he took with the Flyweight Championship seems to have been replaced by an outnumber-and-overwhelm strategy. Youngblood is undeniably a fighting champion but how much fight does the LoC rookie possibly have in him?

The same can be said for Youngblood's current role model, Jack Harmen. The Legacy Champion had already withstood an all-sides attack prior to The House taking an interest in him but it was nothing like this. JCON & Co. were not nearly as organized as The House and while Lindsay Troy is somewhat of an ally, her sights are still set on the gold around Harmen's waist. That is a shaky alliance at best and with Harmen's history, one that he might blow up before The Queen of the Ring ever gets a chance to herself.

Troy's road, thus far, has been no easier than that of the Legacy Champion's. Still dealing with fall-out from her time as Underground Champion, LT partnered up with Monte Burns to take on Providence and Kaus. The Queen of the Ring and the King of Tiger Style came up short in the bout, losing to The Way and The Perfect 10 in dramatic fashion. As losses go, this was a big one. It set up Kaus with a viable claim to contendership and it only built upon the steam that Providence has been building since coming to Legacy of Champions.

Amber Ryann's Flyweight Invitational got off to an incredbile start with LoC Legend, Fanatic, being the first to answer the challenge. The masked hero would come up short, further cementing Amber's status as a formidable in-ring competitor, but the two Grappler put on one hell of a display. If future contests continue in that same vein, Amber Ryann may be on her way to becoming the definitive LoC Flyweight Champion.

Speaking of definitive Flyweight Champions, The Draconian made his highly anticipated debut against the man that arguably holds that title right now and absolutely demolished Cordova. LoC's resident luchador did his best to put up a fight, but at over seven feet-tall and well over three-hundred pounds LoC's newest monster made short work of him. Deceptively fast, The Draconian appears a force to be reckoned with.

Unconventional Underground Champion, Andy Murray, began his reign with the belt by taking on Terry Massimo of The Natural Athletes in a battle of the big men. Murray retained his title, proving why he deserved it in the first place, but the feat was no easy task. Behind-the-scenes his personal battles were no easier, as he continues to navigate the muddy waters that are his relationship with Vivica J. Valentine and her falling out with former Underground Champion, and her tag team partner, Dusk. That blood feud is far from over and it may be inevitable that The Scottish King of Cool finds himself pulled back into the fight. Time will tell.

Legacy of Champions, as always, is in a constant state of unrest. Anything can happen and there is no telling who you can and can't trust. Your best friend could stab you in the back, your worst enemy could come to your aid when you least expect it but most need it.

Welcome to Legends...


Featuring: Shawn Hart, Rikki Roxx, Superstar Vince Jacobs, Natalia, Athena, & Scott Riktor

Location: In-Ring

“Yeah, yeeaah, oh-yeeeahhh, what condition my condition was in…”

“Just Dropped In” by Kenny Rogers and The First Edition was the song that echoed throughout the Arena of Champions as the sold-out crowd was wild'n out. LoC’s most nefarious Aquarius, former two-time Legacy Champion Shawn Jessica Hart, PhD, had shot out from behind the curtains and was making his way toward the ring to kick off Legends 26!

The Prime Minister of Gettin' Sinister's mug was locked in bitch-face mode, an obvious bi-product of his recent bad luck. After losing to Providence at Icons, Hart had recently been dressed down verbally by the returning “Superstar” Vince Jacobs, after which he was beaten down by Athena.

In other words, it was the kind of thing he had paid a myriad of call girls and femdom fetishists to do to him countless times in his personal life. However, in the Legacy of Champions – with professional pride on the line – it was the last thing he was looking for.

Nevertheless, the LoC faithful cheered him as he sauntered down the ramp and toward the ring, clutching a microphone straight out of Match Game '76.

As had been his recent style, Hart was wearing a gleaming white jumpsuit, silver and gold kicks and a tool belt adorned with bowling pins, sex toys, vibrating devices, a Tickle Me Elmo doll and bottles of industrial-grade lubricant. A glorious interpretation of the dream sequence from The Big Lebowski.

Things hadn't gone his way, but he still looked fab.

Later that night, he would get the chance to recapture LoC gold (and some of his dignity) in a bout with Underground Champion Andy Murray. For now, he had other things on his mind as he swooped and swiveled into the ring and launched into soliloquy

“Soooooo, the last time you saw me...I got beat down by a chick. And not in a good way...”

The Hart-friendly crowd jeered.

“I know, I know. Sucker-punched from behind by a big, messy sack of vag and muscles and boobs and broken dreams....and I didn't even catch my nut!”

He shook his head solemnly, then continued.

“Now, under normal circumstances, heads would roll like the homies by my magnificent hand. I would strike down upon SHE with great vengeance and furious anger... she who attempts to poison and destroy my brothers, and they would know my name is THE LORD when I lay my vengeance upon her!” SJH nodded his head.

“And by vengeance, I mean DEEZ NUTS!”

A spontaneous “DEEZ NUTS” chant broke out in the crowd. Hart nodded approvingly.

“Then it would be SVJ and his chlamydia-ridden, pole-smokin', Trump-supportin' strumpet to taste the cruel and glorious judgment of my all-knowing nether rod. BUT, this week, they're off the hook. 'Cuz believe it or not, I've got bigger fish to fry! Namely, that too-hot-to-trot Scot Andy Murray and the Underground Championship!!”

The Prime Minister of Gettin' Sinister began to seductively rub the very mid-section where the Underground title belt would rest should he emerge victorious in his title shot.

“So, while I'm gettin' set to get the gold and get back to the TOP, Ol' Vin's gonna take it from behind from some hired muscle...just like I did on the last episode of Legends! What goes around comes around, Jacobs, and right here...right now, THIS cat's gonna be comin' on YOOOOU!!!”

Suddenly, Rikki Roxx emerged from the backstage area. It was an unconventional choice for a hired gun, but SJH was an unconventional guy and SVJ was going to pay the Hart way. Roxx joined Hart in the ring, where the two connected with an epic, Dillon & Dutch, Predator-style handshake. SJH then turned his attention back to his mic and the crowd.

“Justice has splooged upon you, Vince, and its name is Rikki Roxx!”

"I didn't have to come to the LoC to become a superstar...I brought my spotlight with me!!!"

“Right on cue.” Reno stated.

“Villain” by Theory of a Deadman

The song blared throughout the Arena of Champions as an angry chorus of negative crowd heat would flood the arena.

“Cut my music” Jacobs voice echoed from the backstage area as he made his way out with Natalia and Athena in tow.

“Really Shawn, this is the best you can come up with. You go and get a drug induced rocker to be your hired gun. You know this would be insulting if it wasn’t pathetic. But knowing whom I’m dealing with it doesn’t surprise me.” Jacobs said as he paced on the stage.

“So I grab the most impressive student from the RingSharks and you grab him.” Jacobs said as he pointed to Rikki Roxx.

“Look Shawn you were never my intended target when I came back. I was after my Legacy Title. “

Hart cut him off. “Why do you keep saying your Legacy title? You lost it, get over it and move on.”

Vince was not happy with the interruption and what Hart said. The crowd jeered Jacobs as he looked on.

“So I guess we are going to start Legends off with Shawn Hart’s comedy hour. See I am not here to play games Hart that’s why you met this young lady the other night.” Vince smirked.

“I will take your word for it that she’s a lady Vinnie Mac but you married Natalia so your word means absolutely nada.” Hart replied which got a small laugh from the crowd.

Vince was heading his way to the ring when Athena and Natalia held him back. Jacobs pulled the microphone back to his lips. “I’m done lowering myself to be a part of this asinine conversation. If you and your hired gun want to test your luck then come get some.”

“Whoa… Whoa… Whoa.” The voice of Scott Riktor could be heard as the Legacy-tron lit up to see Riktor standing in the Skybox. “We are not having a street fight to begin my show. Since Mr. Jacobs is back in action on Legends then how about we have a welcome back match.”

The crowd erupted in cheers.

“Vince you will go one on one against Hart’s hired gun, Rikki Roxx. Have fun Vince.” Riktor said with a smile as he faded off the screen.

Vince smirked as he was going to be back in the ring for the first time in months.

Superstar Vince Jacobs vs. Rikki Roxx

Stipulation: First Fall to Finish

Referee: Chris Horowitz

And as this was the first time that Jacobs had been in the ring in months so you would expect some ring rust from the former Legacy Champion. Horowitz signaled for the bell as the two men made their way to the middle of the ring. The two men had a few words for each as there exchange was inaudible the fans and the announcers. Roxx said something which brought a sly smile to Vince’s face and a right cross to Roxx’s face. Rikki was surprised by the punch which staggered the Rock God back to the ropes. Jacobs quickly grabbed his opponent and drove several knees into his midsection.

Rikki tried to hold on to the ropes as Jacobs pounded his back with vicious forearm shots. Vince turned to look at Hart on the floor and said hello to the former Legacy Champion with his middle finger. SVJ pulled Roxx from the ropes and whipped him into the ropes. Roxx bounced off the ropes and hit the mat hard from a huge back body drop from Vince. Greatness was moving around the ring like he was in his twenties and did not have a bevy of different injuries.

“Jacobs looks good out there.” Davis chimed in.

“I’m surprised to see the former Legacy champion moving like this after those injuries he suffered.” Stone added. “You had to sneak in the former champion bit, didn’t ya Stoner.” Reno replied as he looked at Tony Stone.

Jacobs quickly pounced on the Rocker as he drove his boots into his back several times. Roxx winced in pain as Jacobs continued the onslaught. Vince looked at Horowitz before pulling Roxx into the corner. SVJ backed his way into the opposite corner as he measure Rikki. He raced toward the corner and nailed Roxx with a stalling dropkick. Hart slammed his hands on the mat before he pointed at Jacobs. Vince smirked as he pulled Rikki from the corner and went for a cover in the middle of the ring.


Hart clapped his hands together as he saw that his “muscle” was able to stay in this match. Vince pulled Roxx up by his hair and whipped him into the corner hard. The ring shook from the force that Roxx was sent in the corner with. Vince smirked as he slowly made his way into the corner. Roxx nailed Jacobs with a big right hand that woke the crowd up as they started to chant for Rikki.


The punch seemed to infuriate Jacobs as he moved into the corner and started to choke Rikki. The crowd jeered the Icon but Jacobs did not care as he continued to choke his opponent. Horowitz tried to pull Vince off Rikki to no avail. Chris started the five count in the corner as Jacobs continued to choke Roxx.


Jacobs finally broke the hold as Hart jumped on the apron yelling at Horowitz. Chris admonished Shawn trying to get him off the apron. SVJ saw this and nailed Roxx with a vicious low blow. Rikki dropped to his knees then to his side as Jacobs stood over him. Hart dropped off the apron as continue to yell at Vince and Horowitz. SVJ rolled Rikki to his back and hooked his leg for the cover.


Roxx kicked out again as Vince smirked again. He did not look frustrated that he could not put down Rikki, he was rather enjoying the Rocker kicking out. With a smug grin on his face, Vince pulled Roxx up by his hair and raced to the ropes. He tried to rush at the Rocker, but RR went low and ducked underneath him. Off the rebound, he came back again, but this time Roxx went high and leaped right over Jacobs’s head. Jacobs stopped before racing at Rikki once again but the Rocker caught Jacobs with a deep arm drag that sent Vince flying across the ring.

Jacobs was pissed when he got back to his feet and ran at him, trying for a clothesline, but Roxx ducked the attempt and drove a high knee into Jacobs face. That attack staggered the Icon as Rikki hooked SVJ in the middle of the ring and drove him down with a DDT. The move caught everyone by surprise, even Rikki himself. Hart motioned to Rikki to continue the offense. Roxx pulled Jacobs to his feet instead of going for a cover. Rikki whipped Jacobs into the corner before racing into the corner himself.

SVJ moved out of the corner and nailed Roxx with a European Uppercut that almost sent his teeth in the first row. Jacobs was not done as he drove another European Uppercut into Roxx’s jaw. Vince pummeled him in the corner with punches as the crowd started to jeer. Vince pulled RR up and placed him on the top rope and looked to be going for something big, but stopped and slapped Roxx across the face.

“Don’t ever disrespect Greatness ever again. Next time I will not be light on you.” Jacobs said as a sly grin formed on his lips.

The Rocker did not take being slapped to lightly as he dove off the ropes with a flying spinning elbow. That sent Jacobs crashing to the mat. Vince rolled out the ring to get himself together but Hart ran around the ring, grabbed Jacobs and rolled him back into the ring. Vince shot to his feet and yelled at Hart who smiled at the irate SVJ. Athena started to make her way toward Hart who slowly backed away from that side of the ring. The Icon turned in the ring and was nailed by a clothesline from Roxx. Rikki grabbed Vince and hooked him in a front chancery.

Roxx tried to pick Jacobs up but Vince blocked the attempt. SVJ reversed the attempt and picked Roxx up.


Vince hooked Roxx’s leg for the cover.


Roxx survived once again as Jacobs stood to his feet.

“Vince does not look happy.” Reno chimed in.

“Roxx is giving him a good match on his return. SVJ may have taken the Rocker lightly.” Stone added.

“Jacobs just wanted to give this kid a touch of Greatness in the ring.” Davis said with a chuckle.

“You really drink that Vince Jacobs Kool-Aid don’t you?” Stone said as he looked at Reno.

“I gravitate to winners. Same as you Stoner, that’s why you are sitting next to me.” Reno fired back.

Roxx was now starting to pull himself up to his feet as Jacobs stood waiting to pounce. Rikki stood up with the help of the ropes.

Vince said hello to Hart once more before lunging toward Rikki in the middle of the ring.

(High Impact Superkick)

Vince went for the cover on Roxx as Horowitz dropped down for the count.



The match was over as Jacobs had made his return with a victory over the Rocker, Rikki Roxx. Hart rolled into the as Jacobs slowly made his way through the middle ropes, and dropped to the floor. Hart knelt in the ring to check on his friend as Jacobs’s entourage slowly made their way up the ramp as the camera went backstage.

Winner: Superstar Vince Jacobs via Pinfall


Featuring: Providence, Lindsay Troy, & Angelica Brooks

Location: Backstage

The scene shifted quickly from the ring to the backstage area, as fans in the arena saw the face of Angelica Brooks pop up on the LegacyTron with an uneasy smile.

“LoC fans, joining me now is a man who…” Angie paused momentarily, “...suffice it to say has not made many friends lately.”

“A warm welcome as always, Ms. Brooks…”


The crowd immediately voiced their displeasure at hearing Providence’s voice before the camera actually revealed him standing next to Angelica. As usual, he was wearing his hooded cloak that shrouded much of his face. Angie waited a second to see if Providence would continue his admonishment but the Man of Destiny seemed content to revel in the backlash from the fans instead. She continued on in his silence.

“Providence, on the last Legends you put another LoC fan favorite out of commission when you injured Monte Burns.” The mention of Monte’s injury drew the ire of the LoC fans once again. “What prompted that attack? After all, Monte was…”

“Was what?” Providence snarled his question before Brooks could finish. “What was he?”

Angie hesitated, then said, “I mean, he was your trainer. He was your mentor.”

Despite the hood and shadows, Providence’s expression had turned to a sly grin.

“Is that what he was? He was my mentor?” He shook his head before continuing. “Get your facts straight, Ms. Brooks. Darren Bishop was trained by Mr. Burns. Darren Bishop was mentored by Mr. Burns. Darren Bishop sought out Mr. Burns’s approval. I ceased being Darren Bishop long ago.”

“So Monte didn’t mean anything to you at all?” Brooks asked, confused.

“Was I not clear?” he questioned in return. “Any bond that existed between myself and Mr. Burns melted away long ago. He chose his path, while I was called to mine. I have a destiny that lies ahead of me, and a rundown shell of a man who still craves to be a hero means nothing to me. Once he decided to surround himself with a new host of friends, he had sealed his own fate with that bond.”

“Well, what about what Scott Riktor had to say on Rivals?”

Providence turned slightly to look at Angie and think for a second about his response. When he finally spoke, it was with a slight laugh.

“Mr. Riktor likes to pretend he is a man of power,” he said. “But Mr. Riktor is no longer capable of being the man he used to be. All of his power is gone, washed away with the years of being an irrelevant figure. He can walk out into that arena and claim anything he wants, but I can see through him. I can see the fear and doubt inside of him.”

“He does have the power to fire you, though,” said Brooks. “He made it clear he would do that if you do anything again like you did to Monte. Will that change your pursuit of your….destiny at all?”

“Ms. Brooks….” Providence exhaled and shook his head. “I answer to something much more meaningful than Mr. Riktor and his empty threats. I cannot and will not concern myself with any supposed punishment he says he will inflict on me. I will continue to do what is necessary to reach my destiny. If that means destroying every piece of this band of heroes that exists, then so be it. Mr. Burns is already out of the picture. Tonight, perhaps I will make my presence felt in Mr. Murray’s match. Or perhaps it will be dear Ms. Troy’s turn once again.”

Something in Providence’s peripheral vision caught his attention. He smiled and tilted his head in its direction. His gaze moved away from Angelica now and he raised his voice a few octaves louder.

“You just never know what fate will bring.”

“Nothing but fury coming your way,” was the response. Angelica looked over to see Lindsay Troy marching toward them in street clothes, notably punctuated by a Jack Hunter SUPERBEST~! t-shirt. While she consciously chose to handle Kaus with cool condescension on Rivals, knowing full well it would throw the leader of the House off his game and into a snit, the Queen of the Ring was not looking to follow that same game plan here. She was walking headlong into trouble and wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Went looking for you,” to Providence, “in the Arena last week before King Shit of Fuckboy Mountain started running his mouth in the ring, but you ducked out’ve here real quick after Scott and Andy interrupted your little gloat session.”

“Ms. Troy…” Providence said as he folded his arms across his chest. “You may find this difficult to understand, but sometimes I have more important business to take care of than toiling in this arena amid all of you who are beneath me.”

“Yeah? Like what? Seances in a bone garden?” Troy fired back, the retort rolling smooth off her tongue.

“More jokes?” Providence asked as he stared straight ahead. “Come now, Ms. Troy. Surely you can’t be in such a joking mood right now after all that’s happened lately. You’re better than that, aren’t you?”

“Am I?” she queried as she stepped closer. “You didn’t seem to think so highly of me two weeks ago when you came to the Loft looking for a scuffle with Andy now, did you? And maybe now that you’ve gone and put Monte out’ve commission, I might’ve started thinking that I’ve had it up-to-here with taking the high road at every turn. Not giving into you shitheels week after week gets exhausting for a girl, you know.”

The Queen’s eyes narrowed and her right fist instinctively clenched. Angie stood frozen between the two Grapplers and debated whether she should stay and let the situation ride or leave and try to find a roving band of LoC Security who could better contain the growing powder keg.

“Andy might be tangling with you soon, Darren, but rest assured, I’ll still be waiting in the wings. Whatever business I have with whomever else in this place - whether it’s Kaus, or Harmen, or the Shadow Board - my business with you is far from over.”

Despite the hood shrouding much of his face, it was clear that Providence’s demeanor had shifted. The grin had made its return as he listened to Troy’s punctuated statement. He did so love a challenge.

“Oh yes, Ms. Troy, our paths will cross once again very soon,” he said as he leaned forward. “When the time is right, your fate will come. And I will gladly deliver it upon you just like all the others.”

Before Troy could make another witty retort, Providence turned and began to walk away, disappearing off camera toward one of the hallways. The Queen turned and watched, her fist still clenched in anger - and now, frustration.


Featuring: Derecho, Amber Ryann, & Matt Mills

Location: In-Ring

The screen came to life as we see Matt Mills standing there with a microphone in his hand. Once he realized that the red light on the camera was on, he brought the microphone up to his lips.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time…. Derecho.”

The audience could be heard booing in the background as the camera panned slightly to the right. Derecho walked into the frame and immediately folded his arms.

“Thank you for joining me here. It was two weeks ago on Legends that you injured your brother Mattock and…”

Derecho put his hand up in front of Mills’ face and casually grabbed the microphone away from him. Mills took a step backwards as Derecho closed that gap.

“You don’t get to ask me about my brother. That is my business and my business alone, do you understand me?” said Derecho with a bit of venom in his voice.

Mills nodded yes and Derecho thrust the microphone back into his chest. Despite it being away from his mouth, he was as clear as day with what he said next.

“Ask me something else.”

Mills cleared his throat as he pulled the microphone back up to his lips.

“Okay.. so… if Mattock is not up for discussion, then what is next for you, then?” asked Mills

Derecho leaned into the microphone with a look of disbelief on his face.

“That’s your question? That such a generic question, Matt. It’s almost if that your question about my brother was the only thing you had loaded into your proverbial interview gun. Now that I took the one big bullet you had away, you had to resort to a generic question to try and fill time, didn’t you? Well, I’ll tell you EXACTLY what is next for me… and that is me becoming the number one co….”

Derecho stopped dead in his tracks and cracked a smile. The camera panned around and there was the LoC Flyweight Champion, “Dragonfly” Amber Ryann. The crowd cheered when they saw her appear on the screen. Derecho snagged the microphone out of Mills’ hand once again and Mills took a step back.

“My, my. What have we here? The colorful little conundrum herself decided to show up. What are you going to do? Use a bunch of gaming references that nobody understands to try and tell me that I suck for beating up your little boyfriend?”

Derecho stopped right there and laughed.

“Oh wait, I’m sorry, you blew that opportunity, didn’t you? See, let me tell you something about my brother. He’s a grown man trapped in a child’s body. He has this vast amount of intelligence, but he’s never had the pleasure of experiencing this thing called life. So when you shattered his heart, you also shattered his fragile little mind. It was the second time he had failed at something in his life and he took it hard… so hard that it made my job extremely easy. Sadly, that little experiment blew up in my face, but it’s not of any concern to me anymore because right now, he’s laying in a hospital bed.”

Derecho stepped in closer to Amber’s ear and began to speak in tone that chilled her to the bone.

“Can you envision him? Laying there with an IV in his arm, wrapped in bandages, hooked up to machines that produce a gentle and soothing beep every time his heart beats. His eyes, glazed over from the painkillers… the only thing that is preventing him from feeling anything in this world. His body beaten, mangled and crushed.. His soul torn asunder. His mind enfeebled and broken. Can you picture it?”

Amber closed her eyes and gritted her teeth… just then...


Amber hauled off and slapped Derecho across the face to a huge pop from the crowd. Derecho rubbed his cheek and smiled as he gazed at Amber.

“There’s that fire! There’s the resolve that burns brilliantly in your eyes, but allow me to extinguish those flames of yours because the reality is, this is all on your hands. This is all your fault. You were the catalyst that began the series of events and this is the end result. I often find it ironic that all of this started at a show called Self Destruction because that is what my brother’s life has been since then… a ticking time bomb and when he couldn’t even pull off a simple attack on Monte Burns, I knew right then and there I had to pull the pin on the grenade and the explosion that resulted was beautiful. Now, much like a hollowed out bomb casing scarred with the results of its final moments, Mattock lays as an empty husk in the hospital, probably being tended to by nurses that care more about him than you ever could.”

Amber continued to grit her teeth. She balled up her hands into fists as she stared a hole right through Derecho.

“You want to hit me again, don’t you? Well, come on. Take your best shot!” said Derecho.

Amber reached forward and grabbed the microphone out of Derecho’s hands. She walked right up to Derecho and got as close as she could to his face… the only thing preventing their noses from touching was the microphone itself.

“I’m done listening to you talk” said Amber. “I’m not going to stand here and stoop to your level. I showed up here for one reason and one reason only. I’m here to challenge you to a match!”

The crowd cheered Amber on in the background as Derecho burst out laughing.

“OH MY GOD! You really did just say that, didn’t you? No No… keep the microphone.. I’d probably lose control of it at this point.. Oh WOW… that was probably the funniest…”


Amber belted Derecho across the face again. The mood suddenly changed.

“I didn’t come here to be treated as a joke. I am dead serious. Are you going to accept my challenge or are you just going to continue to stand there like the little bitch you are!”

The fire in Amber’s tone was very unbecoming of her. She’s been showing us this side of her for the past few week and tonight, it was shining brighter than ever!. The look in her eyes told that she couldn’t be any more serious if she tried.

Derecho’s smile vanished as he walked back over towards Amber.

“Well now… this has certainly turned interesting. You want a match with me? Well the answer is…..”

Derecho got right up into Amber’s face.


The crowd booed heavily as Derecho backed away.

“You see.. I was able to see through my brother quite easily. He used the walkout to get away from you. You broke his little heart and he used the walkout and he used me as a scapegoat, but peas belong in a pod, don’t they Amber?.”

Amber looked puzzled by that.

“I see through you, too. I saw Rivals last week. You had a great match against Fanatic, but afterwards you were an emotional mess all thanks to my efforts. You haven’t changed at all, Amber. You’re still that timid little girl and you’re using this Flyweight Open Challenge as a placebo. You’re trying to mask the pain you feel deep down inside. The pain of knowing that you broke my brother’s heart… the pain of knowing that you were the reason he chose my side… and worst of all.. The pain of knowing that you’re the reason why I destroyed him two weeks ago, Actors in the play of life. That is what you and my brother truly are.”

Derecho grinned as Amber closed her eyes. Derecho knew he had gotten inside her head, but then Amber’s eyes snapped open.

“I’m not leaving until you accept my challenge” stated Amber emphatically.

Derecho shook his head.

“Then prepare to stand there for eternity.”

With that, Derecho turned and walked away. Once he was off screen, Matt Mills, who had witnessed everything came forward and tried to ask Amber a question.

“What will you do now that Derecho has….”

Amber cut him off by letting out an ear-piercing scream filled with anger. She turned and grabbed an equipment case and toppled it over to the ground with force. Mills jumped back and as she walked away, she kicked the toppled case as hard as she could. We have never seen Amber Ryann like this before!

Mills had a look of “What the hell just happened here?” on his face as the scene cut to the ring.

The Draconian vs. Chris Moliano

Stipulation: First Fall to Finish

Referee: Ian Nyugen

Back at ringside, Chris Moliano was warming himself up in the ring while Tony Stone and Reno Davis looked on from the announce booth.

"Moliano was a standout athlete in his former organization, Reno, and I expect big things from him in LoC," Tony Stone said.

"It's interesting you should say that, Stoner," Reno replied, "because I don't think a more false statement has ever come out of your mouth. He's going up against a guy named The Draconian and he's seven foot-tall and I'm literally making this up right here and now but you can't teach that."

Tony Stone was quick to retort, "This is true. The Draconian is an intimidating figure and he also impressed in the past. It's any man's game tonight."

"Nice back-peddle, Stoner."

The lights in the building cut out dramatically and blue lights panned the arena. No one in the crowd could tell where the lights were coming from, though.

"Scheme" by STS9

Out walked a hulking 7'2'' monster with pale white skin and a look of disapproval. Draconian made his way down to the ring with a purpose as Chris Moliano stood nervously in the ring. Once Draconian lumbered into the ring he walked casually without acknowledging Moliano's presence.

"Boy, after what Draconian did to Cordova last week what do you think he has in store for Chris Moliano?" asked Tony Stone.

"Well, Tony, I just don't know. Everything I know about Draconian is that he is just absolutely SCARY!" replied Reno Davis.

Finally the music lowered and the lights came back up.


Moliano charged forth unafraid and met a vicious clothesline. Draconian picked him up and delivered two hard knees to the gut, followed by several hard hammerfists to the back. Moliano slammed against the mat with a hard thud after ever blow.

Draconian picked Moliano back up by the neck and walked him to the corner. The pale dreadnought slammed Moliano's head into the turnbuckle repeatedly. The force was so thunderous that the crowd gasped with each impact.

"Moliano is getting absolutely THRASHED here in the beginning!" yelled Tony Stone.

Moliano was then scooped up and placed upon the third turnbuckle. Draconian climed up as well and positioned himself for a superplex. Draconian went to lift Moliano...

Moliano put everything into a hard right hand to Draconian's jaw. Draconian let go and looked down at Moliano. The two were perched atop the top of the ropes staring at each other. Moliano looked into Draconian's eyes and made an emphatic shake of his head in desperation.

"Oh boy!" Reno Davis exclaimed. "I think Moliano just realized what kind of trouble he is in!"

The big pale wrestler shook his head 'no' and wrangled up Moliano, tilted back against the center of the ring...


The crowd was stunned silent. They knew nothing what to make of this match, or Draconian for that matter.

Draconian scooped up Moliano and threw him over his shoulder in a fireman's carry. He jumped and DRILLED Moliano to the mat! The crowd began to boo at what was appearing to be a complete annihilation.

On his feet, Draconian grabbed Moliano up into a gorilla press. Again the crowd was silent as Draconian spun Moliano around above his head.

Draconian walked slowly around the ring with Moliano maintained in the air, unconscious and unable to get free. Finally after a full, slow methodical walk with Moliano in the gorilla press he approached a corner and walked up the ropes with his legs alone.

"For pete's sake! What kind of human being poses this strength!?" said a completely incredulous Tony Stone.

In a moment of purity, Draconian stood with both feet on the third rope in the corner, Moliano's unaware body clenched in Draconian's hands. Draconian shook Moliano above his head toward the crowd.

Draconian had been gorilla pressing Moliano for nearly two minutes now; an ungodly amount of time let alone at the same tme walking around and climbing ropes with only feet.

"Now we know Draconian has a frightening chokeslam. From what I hear around the locker room everyone is calling it Death From Above..." commented Reno Davis. His voice trembled just a tad.

The crowd was in ABSOLUTE shock at what they were seeing. Draconian finally stopped shaking the ragdoll that was Moliano in the gorilla press, and in one deft move he swung Moliano's body above.

Moliano's body hovered in the air like a helicopter blade...

Draconian caught Moliano by the neck in mid-spin...

The crowd gasped...


Moliano crashed down from nearly 20 feet in the air onto the ring side floor. The impact sent Moliano's body bucking off of the ground as it rolled into the ringside barricade.

No cheers were heard.

No boos were heard.

The crowd was in witness-mode at a crime.

Draconian scaled down the ropes and out of the ring toward Moliano's body. He easily lifted Moliano to his feet and picked him up in a curl motion dropping Moliano's face on the barricade.

"Is that really needed!?" yelled Stone.

"Was it needed? No. Was it ridiculously sadistic to watch? YES!" replied Davis.

The referee began a countout that Draconian appeared to ignore. Instead Draconian picked Moliano up into another fireman's carry. He sprinted surprisingly fast toward the ringside and SMOKED Moliano shoulder-first into the ringpost.

The crowd began to boo at what was obviously not something right any human would do.

Draconian threw Moliano back into the ring where he rolled helplessly to a stop. Draconian tossed a microphone into the ring and climbed back in himself.

"Oh man, Draconian bringing out a microphone?" asked Davis, but Stone was too shocked to oblige a reply.

Inside the ring Draconian grabbed Moliano and cradled him into a fisherman's position, and then went on to repeatedly apply said fishermen suplexes. Draconian rolled easily with each one without ever letting go of Moliano. After 4-5 fisherman suplexes Draconian let go and Moliano spun into the corner lifeless.

Draconian sat in the middle of the ring staring at the crowd. The referee cautiously pleaded with Draconian to just go for the pin.

"Now this is just getting out of hand! Draconian needs to end this match now!" yelled Stone.

The referee backed off slowly when Draconian stared back up, and after a moment Draconian got to his feet and went back to Moliano. Draconian dragged Moliano like a lion dragging a dead gazelle toward mid-ring.

The crowd booed more intensely than before.

"Now I KNOW that's not necessary!" screamed Stone.

He grabbed Moliano up by the neck one-handed and lifted him above his head. He spun around slowly showing the crowd one more time before...


Moliano hit the mat with a hard thud, to which Draconian walked away and grabbed the microphone. He came back to Moliano and looked down.

The ref lay awaiting on the mat ready to start tapping his hands. He looked up and pleaded with Draconian to end this so medical staff could be brought in. Draconian finally obliged by simply putting his foot on the chest of Chris Moliano.

"For the love of all that is okay in the world, finally!" Stone exclaimed emotionally.

The referee's hand LITERALLY could not hit the ring three times faster.



Medical staff that was already standing by rushed into the ring and began attending the severely beaten and unconscious Chris Moliano. In the middle of the ring Draconian brought the microphone to his lips.

The crowd silently, finally, heard the deep voice of Draconian as he stared down toward Moliano.

"This failure."

Draconian looked across the crowd disapprovingly.

"I did not come here for this... this utterly pathetic excuse for a representative."

The crowd booed deeply, and then even deeper as Draconian stood solidly staring at the crowd in disgust.

"I am Draconian."

With that "Scheme" by STS9 hit the air and Draconian made his way out of the ring without showing any hit of distraction by the jeers. He made his statement, and this time it was verbal too.

Winner: The Draconian via Pinfall


Featuring: Dusk & Team V.I.A.G.R.A.

Location: Backstage

It's an odd sight to see the LoC camera crew filming a locked fire exit. And to linger on it even, strange.

Oh, that's why. It's the Legacy of Champions... champion, having just arrived to the arena. Jack Harmen wore the strap around his waist along with long white cargo pants and his LoC Wildcard t-shirt, available online and at any live LoC event. Trailing him as ever were his trusty companions, the other two in the Team V trio, Tony Davis and Mary-Lynn Mayweather. Davis had his large oversized BEATS headphones covering his ears as he bobbed his head to the unheard music. Mary-Lynn wore her trademark red skirt suit, but still kept on her the gloves that match her with Daryn.

Harmen dropped his gym bag with a loud thud and took a deep breath in.

"Ah..." Harmen smiled. "Home." Cheers from the Faithful.

Harmen took a few steps forward, away from his bag and down the hall. Mary-Lynn looked down at the bag, back at Harmen, "Hey, do you," she sighed, reaching down and lifting the bag herself. "Nevermind." She trailed behind Harmen as Tony Davis literally wandered off the opposite direction, eyes closed in a musical trance. Mary-Lynn turned to see Davis wander off into the Bombshell’s locker room.

When she turned back around, she ran smack into the back of her teacher and the Legacy champ, Jack Harmen. Harmen stood his ground, shoulders stark, ready for a fight…

Because Dusk.

The beast, the Lost Soul, stood there and the two men locked eyes. Dusk had been virtually MIA since Icons had ended, where he was defeated by Andy Murray thanks to Vivica J. Valentine. His hands were balled up and he looked like he was ready for a fight; not necessarily with Harmen, but with anyone in that moment. His red eyes sharpened as he looked at Jack, the two long time buddies, but with the new status quo that Dusk existed in, questions had to be at the forefront of their minds as to where they truly stood.

After a tense moment…

“Hey, have you heard from Kanye?” Harmen rubbed the back of his neck. “Won’t return my calls.” Harmen frowned, “Maybe he just uses snapchat these days.”

Dusk stood there for what seemed like an eternity. Mary-Lynn looked ready to mace Dusk in the face with a literal medieval mace.

Then, Dusk reached into his back pocket, whipped out his phone, and pressed a few buttons. All of a sudden, there is a loud ringing sound and it is evident that Dusk put the phone on speaker. Harmen looked puzzled before the ringing stopped and a recorded message began.

“This is ‘Ye,” it began, the undeniable voice of Kanye West on the other line.

“--and Kim!” came the other half of what is known as KimYe.

“We busy creating art and shit right now, so leave us a message and one of my models will call you back with a poem from Sir Issac Newton,” Kanye continued.

“Gosh, you’re so smart, Kanye!” Kim yelled out before a beep was heard. Dusk looked up at Harmen and shrugged his shoulders.

“Ye, it’s Flyboy and Creezy. Call us back man. We need some Yeezy’s,” Dusk spoke into the phone before he hung it up and placed it in his back pocket.

Mary-Lynn stepped forward, her cheeks a fiery shade of red. “You can't just pretend it's 2008 again. I mean Jesus what the fuck Dusk?” Harmen raised two fingers in the SWAT team like gesture of halt. Mary-Lynn’s nose curled as she bit her tongue. Harmen’s face was stone solemn as he stared ahead at Dusk.

The corner of his lips curled in a hidden smile. “Woman’s not wrong.” Harmen stuck his nose in the air a bit. “Perhaps my advice from the last time we spoke didn’t resonate.” Harmen laughed. “Can’t blame you. Not like I listen to people either.”

“My issue,” Dusk began, “Is with people like Valentine and Murray getting involved in my business. I carried Vivica for FAR too long as she continued to put herself above the team. Murray continued to stir the pot and get himself involved with something he had no right being involved in because he still harbored feelings for Valentine.”

Dusk took a moment. “They must both be taken care of. If you don’t agree with that, then we can settle our differences in the ring.” He looked over at Mary-Lynn. “If that pleases you.”

Mary-Lynn grasped her team gloves into a fist. “I'd love to be the one who beats you back to reality, bring it.”

Harmen sighed. “Why am I the only one not resorting instantaneously to fisticuffs?” Harmen looked at Mary-Lynn and shook his head. “You're supposed to be the grown up here.” Back to Dusk. “Listen dude, I disagree with what you think happened based on what I heard, but that's not a battle I'm involving myself in. I think you’ll realize like I did, one day, that you’re walking down a precariously difficult wrong path. That said,” Harmen tapped the Legacy strap around his waist, “If you're looking for someone to fight, a fighting champion could oblige.”

Dusk took a look at the title and let the thought simmer for a moment. “I refuse to do it out of a place of anger or fighting. You and me, we’ve been friends for a long time. If we do it, let’s do it out of a place of respect and wanting to put on a good show.”

Dusk then extended his hand to Jack. “What do you say?”

Harmen reached in and gave Dusk a hug. It was a show of emotion that Mary-Lynn didn’t appreciate it. Harmen nodded to Dusk, smiled, and broke the hug. Then, in a split second, Harmen slapped Dusk across the face before turning away.

Dusk stood slack jawed, confused. “What was that for?!” He shouted.

“I want you a little angry!” Harmen shouted as he raised a peace sign to his friend, and walked down the corridors to the Loft for what would no doubt be a platter of sandwiches.


Stipulation: First Fall to Finish

Referee: Kim Adams

“This is unfair, Stoner!” whined Reno Davis. “Charlotte Huber just won the Bombshells championship two weeks ago and how does Scott Riktor repay her? By making her defend the title tonight! What kind of garbage is this anyway?”

“The kind where Scott Riktor’s point stands! The House have titles and as title holders they need to defend them just like Jack Harmen is!”

“This doesn’t make any sense! What did Daryn Thompson do to deserve this match? Charlotte beat her at Icons!”

“Not fairly and not for the Bombshells Championship! And Charlotte has been talking for weeks upon weeks about how much better she is than the rest of the division, so if she’s going to keep making that kind of proclamation she’d better be ready to back it up! She’ll be defending her title for the first time since stealing it from Sarah Winterton against Daryn Thompson right now!”

“Something Bad” by Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood played first and the crowd firmly cheered on the challenger as she stepped onto the stage. Gold and pink spotlights swirled around the Arena as the Faithful jumped to their feet with a roar. Daryn Thompson strode through the curtain and made her way down the ramp. The Texas Technician hopped onto the apron and slipped between the ropes.

“Introducing first,” said Brad Arnold, “from Dallas, Texas, weighing in at 165 pounds… DARYN THOMPSON!”

Daryn didn't acknowledge the crowd, preferring to keep loosening up in preparation for getting her hands on Charlotte Huber. She had bad blood with her ever since Icons when Charlotte and Sarah Winterton robbed her and Mary-Lynn Mayweather of a victory.

“Have you ever seen Daryn Thompson as intense as she looks right now, Reno?” asked Stone.

“Intense Schmintense. Everyone likes to talk about how Daryn is a gifted athlete and a third generation star, but Charlotte has years more experience than her. That’s what led to her beating Daryn at Icons and that’s what we’re gonna see tonight! More of the same!”

The Texas Technician, as she was known by many, waited for the Bombshell representative of the House to make her grand entrance.

“A Girl Like You” by Edwyn Collins.

The music started up and the lights went out in the arena save for a few red spotlights that started to swirl around the arena. The spotlights continued to flash and bathe the arena in their glow.

“And introducing next,” continued Arnold, “the Legacy of Champions Bombshells Champion … from Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing in at 134 pounds … CHARLOTTE HUBER!”

The spotlights continued and now gathered on the stage where a tall redheaded drink of water in a big and bright red robe stood with her back to the crowd and the audience. The gorgeous woman turned around and as the announcers revealed, it was none other than Charlotte Huber of The House! The crowd responded to her appearance with jeering but she waved to the crowd and blew kisses in their general direction as she approached the ring. Her new faithful servant Timothy Teegan was right behind her holding up the back end of her robe to keep it from getting dirty on the floor.

“Look at this woman, Stoner! Derrick is a very lucky man,” said Reno.

“Charlotte has it equally in the brains department. She knows her way around the ring and she can come up with a game plan to counter the strength and technique of Daryn.”

“ … all you had to say was ‘yes, she is hot’ Tony.”

Charlotte disrobed to reveal her very skimpy golden ring gear and then gave her robe to Timothy. Her new servant happily took it and Charlotte gave the title to Kim Adams.


Charlotte Huber tried a cheap shot at the bell just like she and Winterton did to Thompson and Mayweather at Icons. The issue was it was the equivalent of going to a well one time too many and Daryn used a big old lariat to make her pay for it!

“Wow, did you see that?” asked Stone. “Charlotte Huber tried to attack her as the bell rang and it was a gamble that didn’t pay off.”

“ … only her husband is allowed to use gambling puns, thanks, Stoner.”

Daryn slowly grabbed Charlotte by her long red hair and got her back up to her feet, then unleashed a big forearm uppercut that took her down just as fast. She was pulled up again and a second forearm uppercut landed across her jaw. She pulled her up for a third straight time and then another shot landed right in the mouth! Daryn was going right after the Bombshells title when she tried to hook the leg of Mrs. Huber!




Multiple shots from the Texas Technician were nearly Charlotte’s undoing but what she did was roll away from Daryn to create separation. Daryn went after her but not quick enough because now Charlotte was inside the ropes to prevent any more of an attack.

“Stop her! Do your damn job, hon!” yelled Charlotte.

Daryn ignored Adams and she tried to once again get her out of the corner but Mrs. Huber did not want to get out of the corner. The Bombshells official had to step in between them and Charlotte used the opportunity to strike Daryn with a kick to her face. Charlotte grabbed a headlock and now she had control that she used to keep Thompson grounded. Daryn had the power advantage but both ladies were very close to the same height so Charlotte could make use of a leverage technique or two. Charlotte had Daryn in her grip but that didn’t last too long because Daryn picked her up and threw her into the ropes. Huber bounced right back and Daryn tried to take her head off a second time but Charlotte wised up to that. Huber slid past her and then tried to take her down with a rear mat slam, but Daryn used an elbow to catch her in the face! She turned to face Charlotte and then grabbed both arms around the waist before using a big side belly to belly suplex!

“Big move by Daryn early!” shouted Stone. “Can she win the title that quick?”

Daryn crawled right over to a cover on Charlotte to try and win her first Bombshells title.




“Great tactics by Daryn and now Charlotte is taking a breather on the floor!” said Tony.

“She’s just making sure all her facial features are in perfect proportion. Daryn has slugged her with some questionable uppercuts in that ring and I think Adams needs to do something about that!” Reno critiqued.

“You’re an idiot.”

Charlotte and Timothy regrouped on the floor. Timothy was checking her face to make sure there was no damage but Daryn had enough of any of her shenanigans and chased her on the floor. Charlotte ran away like she was on fire and Daryn was going to stomp her to put out that fire if she could catch her. The Bombshells champion ran half of a lap around the perimeter and then headed back in. Daryn stepped up and climbed in after her but that’s when Charlotte grabbed her by the legs and then used a small package.




Charlotte tried to pull a fast one right there but Daryn kicked out quickly. The Texas Technician soon got to her feet but the Bombshells champion made her pay for it a drop kick that landed right into her back. Daryn got sent rocking into the corner and then Huber fired off a second running dropkick in the corner that finally had Daryn reeling.

“She’s got Daryn in the corner now and she goes to town with uppercuts of her own!” said Stoner. “Now Charlotte with a boot to the throat! She’s trying to choke the life out of Daryn!”

“She’s trying to save her title!” said Reno. “Whatever it takes! That’s how the House all operate!”

“Ugh, don’t I know it …”

Charlotte had Daryn in the ropes in the most literal of senses and pressed her foot into her neck while Daryn was reeling in a doubled over position. Kim Adams warned her with a disqualification but Charlotte Huber was not impressed with her threat because a disqualification meant she would retain the championship. The Queen of Breaking Hearts continued her fixation with hurting Daryn by striking her with another kick. Daryn fired right back with some open chops that hurt worse than the ones Charlotte were throwing!

“Daryn has her way out of the corner now! Could we see a suplex?” asked Stone.

Daryn had Charlotte in a suplex set-up and picked her up for one but Charlotte kicked wildly until she was forced to let go. Charlotte aimed at her leg with a kick and then that brought down the Texas Technician so that way she could follow up.

(running one armed neckbreaker)

“One Eyed Jack!” yelled Reno. “She’s got this, Stoner!”

Charlotte with a cover!




“Not just yet!” said Tony. “Charlotte has taken control of this match after Daryn and her hot start but now Charlotte is looking to end this right now!”

Charlotte quickly picked up Daryn and placed her into the corner. She stepped back a few steps and then ran with a head of steam to catch Daryn in the chest with double knees to the stomach! Daryn had the wind knocked out of her and that gave Charlotte the chance to go ahead and end things for good.

“It’s time to get your cash out and Bet On Red!” yelled Reno.

“If she lands the Omori driver, this one is over without a doubt!” said Tony.

Timothy gave her a big old double thumbs up on the outside as Charlotte tried to get Daryn in the position for the new finisher she debuted to put Sarah Winterton on the shelf indefinitely. She made one attempt to muscle her up for the deadly driver but Daryn had the move scouted well because she kicked her own legs to keep the Bombshells champion off center. Charlotte tried again but Daryn had the perfect opportunity to instead lift her up and drive her down with her signature snap powerbomb!

“Daryn did her homework!” yelled Stone. “She blocked Bet on Red and countered with her own snap powerbomb!”

“Big whoop,” Reno chided. “She’s still got to pin or submit her if she wants the Bombshells title!”

“Daryn now trying to shake off some of the damage Charlotte has been doing to her!”

Daryn was on both knees after the powerbomb and Timothy’s face had turned sheet-white after watching what happened to his boss. Daryn went over to where Charlotte had landed after the powerbomb and then she was struck down with a forearm and then a chop followed by a forearm uppercut to put Charlotte in the corner. She then picked up Charlotte from behind and before she knew what was even going on she was launched into the air courtesy of a German release suplex! The suplex and technical wrestling game was exactly where Daryn shined and now Charlotte was in danger of losing her prized possession in her first championship defense.

“Charlotte up in the corner now and Daryn strikes her with a running knee into the corner!” said Stone.

“And now she goes up … falcon arrow!” screamed Reno. “Come on Charlotte! Kick out, kick out, kick out!”

Daryn had Charlotte in the middle of the ring using a falcon arrow and she reached over to grab a far leg to pin her.




“She almost had the title right there, but Charlotte shows why she’s been a three time Starlets Champion in jOlt wrestling!” yelled Stone. “Daryn is closing in on the title, you can just feel it!”

Daryn went up and she pushed Charlotte into the corner. She picked her up and now she was in a very, very bad place: seated to face the crowd on the top rope. The Texan Technician and third generation wrestler climbed up to the second rope with what looked to be a German superplex! That would have certainly ended her title reign for sure but Charlotte sensed the danger looming and she threw back elbow after elbow into Daryn’s face. Charlotte finally knocked her off the top, but Daryn was still on her feet until Charlotte dove off.

(Moonsault from the top rope)

Charlotte landed the move on Daryn as she stood and she tried to cover her for the victory!




“How did she kick out of that?” asked Reno. “We usually see Calamity Jane from a springboard but Charlotte pulled out a variant to try and beat her!”

“And as good as it was, Daryn is still fighting!” yelled Tony. “Can she put away Daryn here?”

Charlotte was sweating bullets after not being able to put Daryn away in the biggest opportunity of the third generation Bombshell’s career. Timothy told her she could do it and Charlotte believed it as well so she went to end her for good. Charlotte tried to put Daryn away with the Bet on Red again but when she got her up for the Omori driver, Daryn kicked her legs and she rolled her way out of it in a sunset flip style of escape. Daryn got back to her feet and then used her strength to deadlift Charlotte for another powerbomb! The crowd OOH-ed and AAH-ed at her strength but the only one who hated it was Charlotte! She landed on her feet in front of Daryn to escape and then fled the ring quickly!

“Come on now!” said Tony. “Charlotte is clearly flustered she hasn’t been able to put Daryn away … now where is she going?!”

“Wherever she wants!” replied Reno. “She’s the champion, Stoner!”

Charlotte brushed her hair to get it out of her face and she picked up the Bombshells championship.

“Timothy! Let’s go!” yelled Charlotte.

“You got it, boss!”

The crowd was jeering and Kim Adams began calling for a count-out.





“No! Daryn isn’t going to let things end like this!” said Stone. “She’s going out to the floor to cut Charlotte off!”


The count continued and Daryn ran out of the ring so she could grab Charlotte by her red locks! The Queen of Breaking Hearts shouted out loud in pain!



Charlotte was thrown back into the ring!


Daryn tried to get back in when Timothy grabbed her by both of her feet!


She kicked him away, but Charlotte nailed her from behind with a sliding dropkick!



“No way! Not like this!” yelled Tony. “Daryn was closing in on the title and Charlotte tried to run away and took advantage of the situation! She wins by count-out!”

“She wins period!” replied Reno. “She won! Daryn took her eye off the ball and got herself counted out! That’s Charlotte’s veteran instinct right there getting her the duke!”

Daryn Thompson grabbed the back of her head and turned to see Charlotte standing tall in the ring! The Queen of Breaking Hearts had just outsmarted the third generation star and stole the victory to retain her championship! That didn’t sit well with Daryn who was red in the face. She turned and shoved Timothy down on the ground for his part in the interference!

“You little shit …”

Daryn reared back to dish out some punishment on her …

(red mist)

Charlotte saved her stooge which was something a whole lot more than Sarah Winterton might have done! Charlotte caught Daryn with the mist and then shoved her into the steel ring post!

“You don’t touch my stooge … I mean, Timothy!” shouted Charlotte.

M-KICKED~! (running yakuza kick)

Daryn’s BFF Mary-Lynn Mayweather to the rescue! She kicked Charlotte in the face when she didn’t expect it and came to the aid of Daryn! Timothy quickly grabbed the Bombshells title and helped Charlotte up and the two fled out through the crowd!

“What business does Mary-Lynn have out here?” asked Reno. “This wasn’t even her match!”

“What business did TIMOTHY have being out here?!” yelled Stone. “Thanks to him, he cost Daryn Thompson her chance to win the Bombshells title!”

Mary-Lynn went to check on Daryn and Kim Adams walked up to give her a towel to wipe the mist out of her eyes. Charlotte had stolen another victory from Daryn but tonight was certainly not the end of the ongoing issue of Charlotte, Daryn Thompson and Mary-Lynn Mayweather!

Winner: Charlotte via Count Out


Featuring: The Draconian & LLB

Location: LLB's Office

LLB sat at his desk in contemplation. After watching tonight Draconian dismantle yet another grappler, LLB had much to think about.


Is Horki, Belarus really the location that Draconian came from? The paperwork sent over by via jOlt records said as much, but something wasn't adding up. He checked with his wrestling contacts in eastern Europe but nobody had heard of this Draconian.

What location is Draconian staying right now? There was an apartment listed on his paperwork, but LLB was pretty sure a grappler like Draconian wouldn't be living in a single room apartment. LLB knew that former jOlt commissioner, Damien Lee, had pushed through all of Draconian's paperwork; does that make the paperwork more or less legitimate?

What is the next location that Draconian will appear? Since Draconian's incredible arrival a few weeks ago, LLB had not been able to find Draconian's location to talk to him again. After all, if he were to locate Draconian and try to talk to him with other grapplers around... it could get awkward.

Maybe on the next Legends he will find Draconian's location... LLB had questions that need to be answered.

LLB rubbed his temples and asked himself what exactly he was getting into.


Stipulation: First Fall to Finish

Referee: D.C. Train

Last week, Amber took on her first challenger for the Flyweight Championship. After being denied by Derecho earlier in the evening, Amber put herself in a match here tonight where she looked to challenge another member of the LoC roster.

“Antinotice” by AKIAKANE

The music hit, but Amber came out from the back with the title on her shoulder rather than around her waist. She didn’t even stop at the top of the ramp for her signature pyrotechnics. She power walked down to the ring bypassing all of the fanfare that normally went into her entrance. Amber rolled in under the bottom rope and threw her championship at referee Ian Nguyen. Amber warmed up in the middle of the ring and when the lights came on, Amber was pacing back and forth in the middle of the ring and motioning for anyone in the back to come out.

“Amber Ryann is absolutely livid! I don’t know if going through with an open challenge is the best idea here” said Stone.

“I said last week on Rivals that all that needed to happen is for a worthy challenger to come out here and that would be the end of Amber Ryann as Flyweight Champion, but this? Look at her, Stoner.. It could be anyone.. Hell.. it could even be you…. And all you’d have to do is just get your ass beat until she makes a mistake and even you could be Flyw… Middleweight Champion! Seriously, Stoner.. Put down the doughnuts once in a while.” said Reno.

The crowd was a bit confused to the way Amber was acting, but then they began cheering when the music hit.

“Latin Thug” by Cypress Hill

The self-proclaimed King of the LoC Flyweights stepped out from the backstage area to a pretty big pop from the crowd! Cordova came up a bit short at Icons against Elias Pop, but if there was a chance at redemption, tonight would be it as he looked to step into the ring with a distraught Amber Ryann. It was an opportune time to claim the Flyweight Championship all for himself!

Cordova made his way down to the ring rolling in under the bottom rope and hopping up to his feet. He hopped on one foot raising his fist into the air before hitting the turnbuckle to soak up the flashes from all the phones grabbing a photo. Cordova moonsaulted off the turnbuckles and landed in the ring. Cordova looked at Amber Ryann who wasn’t phased by Cordova’s entrance. She was ready to go the moment the bell rang.

Ian Nguyen raised the title high into the air and passed it off to ringside. The moment Amber waited for had arrived and Ian called for the bell.




Right off the bat, Amber charged at Cordova, but Cordova kicked her right in the head with a roundhouse kick, ending that advancement immediately!

“HA!! Even a blind man could have seen that coming from a mile away! It’s over already, Stoner!” said Reno.

Cordova, indeed, felt it was over as Amber hit the canvas with a thud. Cordova wasted no time in going for a cover as he wanted to get himself a championship!



Thre… NO!!

Amber kicked out!

“There’s something off there about that kickout. The kick wasn’t necessarily that hard and when Amber was laying there getting covered, it looked like she had almost given up. She was waiting for that third slap to hit the mat, but it seems that right at the last moment, she decided to continue on. That was pretty eerie if you ask me.” said Stone.

“I already said it Stoner. She’s gone, mentally. Derecho broke her mind just like she broke Mattock’s. She’s getting a taste of her own medicine right here and it’s only a matter of time before Cordova puts Elias Pop behind him and becomes the Flyweight Champion!” said Reno.

Cordova brought Amber up to her feet and rocked her with rights to the side of the head. Cordova then took off to the ropes, but Amber let out a scream and damn near took Cordova’s head off with a vicious lariat! Amber knelt down on top of Cordova and fired away with right after right after right hand. Cordova tried to cover up, but the shots pierced through. Amber stood up and looked very distraught as she headed to the corner. Amber grabbed the top rope and leapt up to the top turnbuckle pad. She looked back at Cordova and leapt backwards with the front flip. She twisted, but Cordova moved!


Amber held her back and stood back up, but Cordova quickly ran in and grabbed Amber by the head and spiked her into the canvas with a hard DDT! The people got on their feet as Cordova made another cover, hooking the leg.



Amber kicked out of it!

“You can really see the agony on her face. I never thought I would agree with you, Reno, but you’re right. Her being out here in this frame of mind is an absolute mistake. She’s way to vulnerable right now and she could lose her title to Cordova at any moment. Said Stone.

“What amazes me is it took you this long to realize that I’ve been right this whole time. Hell, I was even right last week on Rivals, but you still decided to ignore me then, too. You know, Stone. You would be a much better commentator if you would just listen to me.” said Reno.

Cordova grabbed Amber and put her into a sleeper hold. He pulled her down to the canvas and wrapped his legs around her body with the body scissors. Amber was trying her best to break free, but the more she tried, the more Cordova squeezed.

“There’s something off about this sleeper hold. You would think with Amber’s mindset that Cordova would continue the attack and not try and wear her down.” asked Stone.

‘Wow.. you actually make sense for once, Stone. I agree… .words I thought I’d never say. Cordova should be KILLING Amber Ryann right now. Not trying to put her to sleep. This is a big mistake” said Reno!

Amber could just tap away the title, but she chose not to. Cordova’s sleeper hold almost had a calming effect on Amber and her demeanor began to change. Amber tried to get back up, but Cordova threw her back down to the canvas! He circled Amber turned and began to get back up. As she got up on all fours, Cordova readied himself, waiting for the moment to strike. As she stood, Amber looked around the arena and the crowd began to cheer her. She realized right then and there just what she was doing and she shook her head, but Cordova wouldn’t let her bask in that feeling as he came in with a lariat, but Amber quickly ducked and went into a waist lock, but Cordova fired a back elbow and broke free. Cordova took off to the ropes and bounced off.

Amber hit the canvas and Cordova stepped over and went to the opposite end. Amber got up and went for a Dropkick, but Cordova held onto the ropes and Amber fell right on her back. Cordova stepped forward and flipped into a bridging pin.



Left shoulder up.



Right shoulder up.



Both of them bridged up and spun around and it was Cordova who hooked Amber and took her over with the backslide pin...



Amber kicked away and both of them stood. Amber went for the lariat, but Cordova ducked underneath and hit a back mule kick to the stomach. Cordova hit the ropes and went low with a basement seated dropkick that put Amber down on her face! Cordova stood and hit the ropes and sliced across the back of her head and neck with a running leg drop! Cordova turned the Flyweight Champion over and went for the over as Ian Nguyen went down for the count.



Amber with the shoulder up again!

Cordova sat Amber up and placed her into a seated position. He placed his knee into her upper back and pulled back on her arms with the submission hold. Cordova was in firm control of this match!

“Look at what’s happening. That sleeper gave Amber time to rest and think! That idiot let the title slip through his fingers because he wasn’t aggressive enough!.” said Reno.

“Maybe Cordova wanted it this way? Maybe he preferred a fair fight?.” said Stone.

“And that’s why he’s an idiot. If losing to Elias Pop taught him anything it’s that he should have just let Amber implode and pick up the pieces. I guarantee you that if he did, he would have walked out of here champion by now, but nope. This is why he won’t go anywhere in this company.” said Reno.

The crowd began to rally behind Amber Ryann as she battled back up to her feet. She twisted her body in toward Cordova and jammed her elbow right into his stomach twice. Amber stood with her back to the hunched over Cordova and hooked him by the arms. She twisted him around, looking for that Vertebreaker… the Fate/Stay Dead, but when she lifted him, Cordova flipped over and landed on his feet. Cordova leapt up and pulled Amber down into his knees with a backstabber! Two weeks in a row where Amber was hit with this move and just like when Fanatic did it to her last week, she bounced hard off of Cordova’s knees and plopped down on the canvas!

Amber held her back in pain, but Cordova elected to not go for the cover. Cordova went to the corner and ascended the turnbuckle pads to the very top. He took aim on Amber and spun off with that 360 Guillotine Leg Drop.



Amber moved out of the way and Cordova landed hard on his tailbone. Cordova gingerly got back to his feet, but Amber was already back up to hers. She spun around and threw both palms right into Cordova’s chest!


Cordova caught it and hit the canvas! Amber went into the cover, hooking the leg.



Cordova kicked out!

“It’s a bit hard to believe, but that was Amber’s first cover of the match! Looks like she’s getting her confidence back a little as momentum begins to swing her way.” said Stone.

“This is nothing more than a damn mockery of everything professional wrestling stands for. It should have been long over by now.” said Reno.

Amber got back up and began to psych herself up. Cordova got back to his feet and..


Amber hit a huge roundhouse kick to the side of Cordova’s head! Cordova spun around from the impact and Amber immediately hooked Cordova by the waist and bridged into a German Suplex! Amber held Cordova down with the bridge pin!



Cordova kicked out again!

The crowd cheered as Cordova grabbed the ropes, shaking his head in the process to try and get some sense back into his head after getting hit with those two moves back to back. Amber charged in, but Cordova lifted Amber up and over, but she landed on the ring apron. Cordova went for a shoulder block between the ropes and connected! Amber tumbled down to the floor, but she was able to pulled herself back up. Cordova saw his opportunity and went to the ropes. He bounced off and charged forward at full speed, launching himself over the top rope with a corkscrew plancha to the outside, but as he went over the ropes, Amber rolled back in under the ropes!

Cordova hit the floor with a sickening thud as Amber stood up in the ring. Cordova staggered up to his feet and that’s when Amber charged at the ropes full speed. She turned her direction as she approached the ropes and then hit a running Shooting Star Press over the top rope and to the outside...


Amber came crashing down on top of Cordova and wiped him out on the outside! Amber rolled off of him and grabbed the ring apron as the crowd was chanting.


Amber pulled herself up and leaned against the apron for a second before walking over and grabbing Cordova. Ian Nguyen was up to the count of four by the time she rolled Cordova back into the ring. Amber got up onto the ring apron and then headed for the corner where she ascended the turnbuckle pads. She took aim and jumped off for something, but Cordova moved and Amber adjusted mid-move, diving down and rolling back up to her feet. She turned around and caught a kick to the stomach from Cordova.

Cordova grabbed Amber by the head and ran towards the ropes. He leapt to the middle rope and pushed off, looking for a Tornado DDT, but Amber countered it into a Blue Thunder Driver!! She had the cover...



Thre.. NO!!!

Cordova kicked out at the last second!

Amber quickly stood and pulled Cordova up to his feet. She tried hooking him for Fate/Stay Dead, but when she twisted him around, Cordova shoved her forward, but Amber stopped short and hit modified Super Kick to the face of Cordova! Cordova spun around and staggered forward. Amber ran up to him and grabbed him in an inverted headlock. She swept the legs out from underneath him and planted the back of his head into the canvas...


Amber made the cover, hooking the leg.





“Amber Ryann was able to pull herself together and thanks to that she was able to pull off a victory here tonight” said Stone.

“No.. Cordova was the one who pulled Amber Ryann together with that damn sleeper hold. If he was a Latin Thug like his theme song suggested, he would have taken complete advantage of Amber’s mental state and won himself a championship! Cordova is an idiot through and through!” said Reno.

After Amber was handed her championship back, she walked over to Cordova and helped him up to his feet. She extended a hand to him and he shook it, then gave him a nod.

Amber raised Cordova’s hand before exiting the ring. She made her way to the back as Cordova shook his head realizing what Reno had been saying this whole match. He let an opportunity slip through his fingers, but on the same token, his gesture did help set Amber straight once again.

Winner: Amber Ryann via Pinfall


Featuring: The House, Kaus, & Angelica Brooks

Location: Backstage

The camera returned to the backstage area with the lovely and gorgeous Angelica “Angie” Brooks about to bring the fans another scoop. She was in front of the LoC Legends logo.

“Hello!” said Angie. “Later tonight we will be seeing a first-time singles match between “The Queen of the Ring” Lindsay Troy and my guest. “The Brilliant Diamond” Kaus!”

Kaus walked onto the set but he was not alone. Angie grew a little uncomfortable as the set grew crowded quickly with the giants of the House – the LoC Tag Team champions Derrick Huber, Adam Roebuck and Zane Roebuck. Completing the House was Charlotte Huber who was fresh off her victory over Daryn Thompson thanks to some questionable methods.

“I hope you don’t mind if I bring some friends tonight,” said Kaus. “After all the jealously being spouted by Lindsay Troy on Rivals last week, I wouldn’t put it past her to try and attack me after I verbally put her in her place.”

“Well … some might say that it was the other way around,” said Angie. “She said some things you clearly didn’t like and you attacked her first.”

Charlotte did not like that comment and got in Angelica’s face.

“And who might some be, hon?” asked Charlotte with a tone of anger in her voice. “Some little wanna-be journalist trying to make herself famous off the expense of the House?”

“Hey, I’m just trying to do my job, Charlotte,” said Angie.

“Then sit there, close your word-hole and open your ear-holes!” yelled Zane. “I’m Zane Roebuck and I approved this message that put Angelica Brooks in her place. Kaus?”

The Brilliant Diamond smiled at Zane.

“Thanks, bud. All Lindsay Troy did was try to make something about her like she always does. She really thinks the Legacy title shot is hers because she held the Underground title for over a year. I don’t give a shit. She can argue with me about whether or not she walked out or she was suspended … again, I don’t give a shit. The bottom line is that two weeks ago on Legends, I pinned her. Notice that she didn’t talk about that? It’s because for once, the world doesn’t revolve around Lindsay Troy’s self-serving ass and then dares to accuse me of revising history. She’s had two previous title shots against Jack Harmen and I don’t care what the end result was – she lost. She can’t get it done when it counts and tonight, I’m going to prove that again. You know I speak the truth, Angelica.”

Kaus turned to Angelica.

“Now … do you have a question that doesn’t disrespect me and the House?”

She carefully chose her words and continued with Charlotte Huber right next to her.

“Yes. I do want to say congratulations to the House for pulling off a win over Team V.I.A.G.R.A. last week.”

Big Slick had a big smile.

“Thank you, Ang, that means a lot!” said Derrick Huber. “Pit Boss and I have shown that there is no team that can beat us. We won the Gauntlet at Icons! We beat Team V.I.A.G.R.A. on Rivals! We’ve been proving that we’re the measuring stick for all tag teams. The Natural Athletes couldn’t beat us, neither could Team V.I.A.G.R.A. We’re untouchable!

“I helped! I helped!” shouted Zane. “You know, moral support and nothing more!”

Angelica rolled her eyes knowing the whole world witnessed Zane interfere on a few occasions to help win the belts.

"That brings me to you, Zane. Charlotte has the Bombshells championship and Huber and Roebuck have the LoC Tag Team championships. With Kaus after the world title, was your attack on Graham Youngblood an indicator that you’re going for the Relentless title since Kaus can no longer challenge for it?”

Kaus gritted his teeth in her direction and Charlotte pointed another finger at her.

“That’s strike two, you little hussy,” Charlotte hissed. “If I catch even a whiff of disrespect one more time – there won’t be a third because I will drop your sorry ass. This title says I’m better than all the women here in LoC and that means you.”

Things grew tense for a moment after that threat when Zane cut through the tension.

“Graham Youngblood …” said Zane. “I dropped him on his dome because he’s been walking around with stolen property ever since Icons. Every day that he walks around with that championship he insults the House with his phony tough guy act. That is why I did what I did at the end of Rivals, Angie! I will even let you in on an exclusive that you can take to! I heard Graham is in the house tonight and I plan on marching up to him and telling him to his face that he’s a joke! I will destroy him just like later tonight when we all get to watch Kaus destroy Troy …”

Zane snapped his fingers and a light bulb went off in his head.

“Destroy Troy! Destroy Troy! Destroy Troy! Destroy Troy! Come you guys, it has a nice ring to it!”

Zane continued chanting and Charlotte joined in. So did Derrick Huber and Adam Roebuck and Kaus smiled along with them.


It was music to the Brilliant Diamond’s ears.

“I couldn’t have said it better myself, Angelica. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to get ready for my match. We’re done here.”

It was then that Kaus walked away to prepare for his big singles match with the Number One Contender Lindsay Troy. Derrick Huber and Adam Roebuck followed him. Charlotte and Angelica both tried to walk the other way when Angelica bumped into the Bombshells champion.

“Oh! I’m sorry!” Angelica gasped.

“You …” Charlotte said angrily.

Charlotte pushed her down on her backside! She hiked her title up and pointed a finger at Angelica.

“You do not touch me!” yelled Charlotte. “That is an honor reserved for my husband, not for a little wretch like you!

There was surely going to be a fine of some sort in Charlotte Huber’s immediate future and as Angelica sat there in disbelief, Zane hovered right over her.

“You shouldn’t have walked into Auntie C!”

He winked and dropped his business card at her feet just like he did to Mary-Lynn Mayweather in the chaos of the Tag Team title match on Rivals. Angelica Brooks was visibly upset by the treatment from the House and the show kindly rolled on.


Featuring: The New Breed & Fall of Adam

Location: In-Ring

The lights in the arena dimmed.

After the symphonic intro of "Symphony of Destruction" the thunderous drums of "Yours is an Empty Hope" kicked in as the arena swirled with amber lights. Brian Williams and Mike Patterson walked out from the backstage area and stopped at the top of the entrance ramp. They paused for a moment and then fist bumped each other and walked down to the ring in tandem.

When they got to the ringside area, Patterson went left and Williams went right. They both climbed up to the ring apron on opposite sides of the ring. They both stepped in as Williams knelt down in the middle of the ring while Patterson stood behind him with his fist raised into the air. They both stood and fist bumped each other before splitting to opposite neutral corners. They ascended to the top and eat struck a pose for the crowd. They hopped down and regrouped as the arena returned to normal.

Brian Williams asked for a microphone from the ringside area and received one. He went back to the center of the ring where he stood side by side with Mike Patterson. Williams had the microphone in hand as he brought it up to his lips.

“Okay… this has gone on long enough.” said Williams. I’m not going to stand out here and give you the rundown of why we are here in LoC… we’ve said it enough times. What I am going to talk about are two people who have been residing under our skin since our very arrival. Of course, I’m talking about Gacy and Oswald, the Fall of Adam.”

The crowd booed at the drops of their names.

“I don’t care about your women fetishes, I don’t care about past and why it involves a detective. All I care about is getting the two of you into this ring. You’ve ran from us, you’ve come up with excuse after excuse to not fight us, you’ve taken cheap shots at us, the list goes on and on. Well.. NO MORE!”

The intensity in Williams voice picked up as he was getting angrier by the second.

“We’re here at the flagship show! We’re here at Legends so why wait any longer. Let’s give the people what they want, but most importantly, let’s give us what we want… and that is to put an end to all of this… TONIGHT!”

The crowd cheered that response. Williams and Patterson waiting in the ring for The Fall of Adam’s response when suddenly...

“King Kill 33” by Marilyn Manson

The crowd booed as Gacy and Oswald, the Fall of Adam, stepped out from behind the backstage area. Gacy already had a microphone in his hand as the two of them stopped at the top of the entrance ramp awaiting the fade of their music.

The music eventually faded and all that was left was the sounds of displeasure from the LoC faithful as their boos filled the Arena of Champions. Neither member of the Fall of Adam seemed phased by the reaction that they received here tonight.

“Lo and behold we walk a path once walked before” said Gacy. “I remember it as if it were just over a month ago. The two of you standing out here and issuing a challenge to us, but we could not accept it at that time because we had an obligation to fulfill, which was focusing on a shot at the world tag team championship.”

Gacy paused.

“And now we are on the same road and once again we will have to decline your invitation.”

The crowd heavily booed that announcement as Brian Williams leaned against the ropes and shouted back at Gacy.

“I should have expected an answer like that. You hid behind the Tag Team Gauntlet at Icons last time. What excuse do you have this time?”

Gacy smirked.

“The very same. You see, next week on Underground… Oswald and I are set to face The House for the LoC Tag Team Championship. I’ve spent a lot of time getting Oswald to focus and now that he has, we need to hone in on those championships.. So again… we’ll have to take a rain check on your little….. invitation.

Gacy and Oswald slowly backed away as Williams looked pissed.

“You know… Underground is a great show. There’s no rules or regulations. Maybe… JUST MAYBE… we’ll pay you back in spades.” said Williams

Gacy simply smiled as the two of them disappeared behind the curtain. Patterson stood beside Williams who looked pretty livid over the fact that the Fall of Adam have dodged them once again!


Featuring: Tony Davis & The Nation

Location: Boiler Room

Tony Davis hadn't taken off his earphones at all. In fact, he had just been wandering aimlessly around the LoC backstage area, without a care in the world. It was here, in this special, dark mysterious place, that Tony Davis turned a corner and found himself head bobbing and raping directly into...

The Nation

There was a bit of a chill in the air, which finally caught Tony's attention. He opened his eyes, and saw the powerhouse woman named Persephone standing directly in front of him. Tony's eyes went incredibly wide, as he began to nonchalantly whistle. He reached into his back pocket and produced a small CD, entitled "Two Tone's Comeback" with temp graphics that were drawn by that of a mentally challenged grade schooler.

"Check out those fresh beats." Davis said, as he cautiously backed away from Persophone. Persophone barely looked at the disc, before she cracked it into pieces in her hand. Tony meanwhile, continued back peddling, until he bumped into the massive DV8.

Tony tried to smile it off, politely nodding his head to the Nation who had now began to surround him. "Hey, you guys. Uhm," Davis started. "That was my only copy of my new cd, so I don't have anything else to offer. Could you just, point me to anywhere else and I'll be happily..." It was now the LARGEST of the Nation, Penance, who wrapped his hand around Tony's throat. "... on my way," Davis garbled out before Penance lifted Tony and chucked him clean through the nearest wall.

The Nation regrouped, Magdalena leading the charge, and wandered down their mysterious hallway. Off screen, Tony Davis could be heard gathering his bearings, and realizing that he had been thrown clean out of the mysterious hallway and back into the regular backstage areas. "Oooh, popcorn." Davis wheezed. "Ow. Pain." Before you could hear him limp and shuffle off.


Stipulation: Underground Rules

Referee: Chris Horowitz

"This one's going to be good." said Reno, matter-of-factly.

"I couldn't agree more, Reno, as the Underground Champion, Andy Murray, is set to go toe-to-toe with a former two-time Legacy Champion in SJH." answered Stone. "Both have had their issues with Providence of late, but tonight, Murray and Hart will square off in an Underground title bout that pits two of the best in the business against one another for the first time ever.”

"Both men have gone the rounds with Providence, but the Prime Minister of Gettin' Sinister is suddenly in the thick of it with the returning SVJ," Reno added, "And for a guy that's been struggling to get back into the swing of things since his own return, SVJ's crosshairs probably isn't the place to be."

"Either way, a win tonight would put Hart back on track and then some." said Stone. "In all his years with the Legacy, SJH has never held the Underground title, but Murray is undoubtedly looking to cement himself as champion by putting another 'L' on the record books for the LoC original."

"It's the local kid versus the Pride of Scotland and the Underground CHAMP for the strap! And it is NOW!"

“Yeah, yeeaah, oh-yeeeahhh, what condition my condition was in…”

“Just Dropped In” by Kenny Rogers and The First Edition suddenly blared out of the sound system at the Arena of Champions, propelling the fans from their asses to a seemingly instantaneous standing ovation.

The Legacy’s most nefarious, gregarious, with a chest most hair-ious grappler -- the inimitable Shawn Jessica Hart, PhD -- was in the house.

It had been tough times recently for SJH. The Prime Minister of Gettin’ Sinister had failed to register a win since an impressive return at Only The Strong, and was coming off both a beatdown at the hands of Athena, as well as a verbal lambasting from Vince Jacobs. His comeback now faced another giant roadblock in the form of Underground Champion Andy Murray.

Nevertheless, LoC fans remained firmly in the corner of the former Legacy Champion as he bolted out from behind the curtains and came to a stop atop the ramp.

In keeping with his recent custom, Hart paid homage to “The Dude” by rocking a gleaming white jumpsuit, kicks of silver and gold and an industrial-grade tool belt adorned with bowling pins, various sex toys, vibrating devices and extra-large bottles of lubricant.

As SJH moved down the ramp and toward the ring, he sang with a heavy heart into a Gene Rayburn-esque microphone.

“Here we go again, Or-lan-dooo,” he screeched. “Goin' down the only road I've ever known!”

Hart reached the ring steps, stopped in his tracks and looked to the crowd.

“And I may have drawn a Demogorgon from the Underground tonight, but no one’s turnin’ this cat upside-down for a spanking. Unless, of course, it’s from one of you Central Florida trailer park girls lookin’ to go ‘round the outside!!”

The crowd’s female contingent united for a heart “Whoooo!!” as SJH bent to the side, slapped himself on the bottom.

"In other words, feast your eyes upon the next-est and BEST-EST...Underground...Champion!!"

Hart raised his hands victoriously, then tossed his mic into the stands. With the crowd still cheering his proclamation, he slipped under the bottom rope and into the ring.

"Rise" by The Cult belted through the arena's sound system accompanied by the usual strobes punctuating every staccato guitar hit. The crowd immediately reacted, but it got a whole lot noisier as the song hit its stride. The camera panned around the building, almost expecting the Underground Champion to emerge through the crowd after his recent defence against Terry Massimo, but Andy Murray had opted for the conventional route this week.

He appeared at the top of the stage with both hands held aloft: cricket bat in one, title belt in the other. After pausing for some pyro, Andy began his way down the ramp, fist-bumping a few fans while still clenching the bat, before rolling under the bottom rope and heading for a set of turnbuckles. A similar pose to that which he'd just adopted at the ramp followed, before he hopped down from the corner and headed to his own.

As soon as Andy had pulled the jacket from his shoulders (and discarded his toys), the bell rang. A little wary of the crafty former Legacy Champion, Andy chose not to dive in, and the two circled one another for a few moments.

Murray put a hand forward looking for a knuckle luck, but Hart shot lower and transitioned into a rear waistlock. Much to his chagrin (and the crowd’s delight), SJH began to thrust his pelvis. Murray maintained focus, however, and was able to gradually wrangle free from SJH's grasp. Still, Hart kept wrist control and twisted one of the larger man's arms into a Hammerlock. Shawn wrenched a couple of times, and though pained, Andy stayed relatively calm throughout.

Hart eventually went for a third wrench. Murray, however, was able to work the angle, twist out of it, then work into an arm wrench. With the hold applied, Andy pulled Shawn's wrist back against itself for some extra pressure, as an oddly-technical Underground match started taking shape.

The grappling came to a momentary lapse when Shawn kicked Andy twice in the gut, broke free, then raked the eyes. Andy stumbled away, temporarily blinded, but he swung a big forearm as Hart approached. It connected, and gave The King time to land another, before tying-up at the collar-and-elbow.

Not wanting to give SJH the leverage to work his catch-influenced style, Andy brute-forced him back into a corner, then worked the lock-up into an MMA-style clinch. He threw a knee, but Hart's positioning prevented it from hitting his head. Still, the blow struck SJH in the gut, another followed, and then a third. With a clear strength advantage tonight, Andy maintained his grip and tried to hurl the former Legacy Champ towards the centre of the ring, but Shawn threw his legs up as soon as they left the ground. He was somehow able to wrap 'em around Andy's arm and pull him to the mat with an arm triangle!

The champion struggled for a few moments, and realised he probably wasn't going to be able to counter his way out of this one. Instead he dug his feet into the mat, straightened himself up, and heaved Hart all the way off the canvas! SJH realised he was about to get dropped on his head, however, and released the hold, dropped down, then front kicked Andy's knee against itself.

A second nasty kick to the knee followed, and Andy grimaced. Hart sought to take advantage by grabbing the leg, but Andy backed into the corner and booted him hard with his free leg. This sent Hart stumbling backwards towards the centre. Murray charged out, swinging a Lariat, but Hart ducked beneath it, swung around, the superkicked The King straight in the knee!

This was enough to see Murray's leg buckle, and he fell flat on his face. On the ground, Hart rolled him over and grabbed his boot, looking to damage the knee ligaments further with an inverted Dragon Screw. Again, however, Murray saw what was coming, and thrust Shawn away with both feet. SJH fell back against the ropes, Andy hopped to his feet, and the two found a stalemate with ripples of approval drifting through the building.

They circled again. SJH was able to skip behind Murray's attempted lock-up and apply another rear waistlock, and The King's first instinct was to charge backwards and bash him against the turnbuckles, but Hart wouldn't let go. Instead, he pulled his arms up past Murray's chest and over his head, then sat down on the top turnbuckle. Hart cracked him with an elbow, Murray turned away, then walked right into a front dropkick from the second rope!

Into the cover.


No! Shoulder up!

At this point, Hart went back to the knee. He lifted the boot and stomped down on it a couple of times, then dropped an elbow across the jointed and held-on with a kneelock. Murray's response? To boot away at SJH's torso as if he was trying to stomp out a fire. Hart obviously wasn't enjoying that particular experience, so he backed out of the hold, maintained foot control, and tried to go for a Kneebar.

Knowing this'd be a far more troublesome hold, Andy scurried away, but ate a knee to the side as he tried to rise. Shawn swarmed with a couple more strikes, but the Underground Champion was able to rise through them, get to his feet, then throw his challenger over the top rope! Hart hit the floor, and Andy stumbled backwards, already kinda sore.

After some recovery moments, Andy left the ring to engage SJH, who was reaching for one of those oh-so-convenient Underground steel chair. Murray attempted to cut him off, but he was a little too slow, and took the chair's hard edge right in the gut! Andy doubled over, and SJH cracked it hard across his back.

With Murray down, Hart dropped the chair and slid him back in the ring. Though hurting, Murray had grown wise to the knee attacks, to Shawn switched things up and went to the shoulder Murray had been favouring throughout the Massimo match. Shawn pulled the bad arm up into a grounded Half Nelson, and the pain was immediately apparent on Murray's face.

Hart's quandary was whether or not to go for the Full Nelson, but it'd be tough to strap both of the big man's arms in. Instead, he twisted round, maintained wrist control, and dropped into a Cross Armbreaker!

The UG Champ writhed in pain. He rolled over, trying to link one hand with the other, but Hart had him tied-up good. Instead of persisting with this tactic, Andy again tried to rise to his feet and slam the challenger down, but the pain was too severe to get Hart fully off the mat this time.

Instead, Murray pulled him up so his head and shoulders were still on the canvas, then toe-punted him approximately where his kidneys should be. It took a couple of attempts to hit that sweet spot, but the resulting judder eventually sent Hart loose, and allowed Murray some recovery time.

“My loins; they betray me!” screamed Hart.

Hart was proving every bit as dangerous as Murray had anticipated thus far, and he wasn't gonna let him get a significant foothold. He went over to the smaller man and pulled him off the mat, before tossing him in the corner and following-up with a running shoulder block. He took the arm, Murray, then whipped SJH to the opposite turnbuckle, sprinted after him, and landed a running European Uppercut!

A second whip to the opposite, and a second European. SJH was dizzying by this point, so Andy put him in the front facelock, grabbed the waistband, and drilled him into the mat with a Brainbuster!

The cover...



No! Kick-out!

Andy tried taking Hart up by the hair, but SJH jabbed his stomach a couple of times to prevent that. The Prime Minister of Gettin’ Sinister broke free and landed a throat thrust that bought him a little time, and sent Murray staggering.

When he moved back towards the Scot, however, Hart ate an elbow, then another, and another. Murray whipped Hart to the ropes and looked for a Flapjack on the rebound, but SJH stopped himself just short of the champion and kicked him hard in the chest! Andy turned around, and Hart grabbed him for a roll-up!



No! Kick-out!

It was a characteristically powerful kickout from The King, but Hart was all over him. He stomped down on Andy's shoulder a couple of times, then turned for the cricket bat that Murray left under the bottom 'buckle. Andy was up as soon as Shawn took the grip, however, and he clobbered the smaller man across the shoulders, before putting his arms around his waist, and driving him down with a German Suplex into the pin!




With Hart still on the mat, Andy Murray sat upright. A volume in the arena rose a little bit, and while Murray may have initially mistaken this for cries for support, he soon realised that wasn't the case.

The King turned around. Somebody was watching from the top of the ramp.


The Underground Champion's newfound revival stayed almost perfectly still as he observed the match from beneath his hood. As he would do, Andy rose to his feet, and glared at Prov with caution. He hadn't looked like making a move for the ring yet, but Andy knew exactly what the Man of Destiny was capable of.

Still, he'd already allowed Shawn Hart enough recovery time. SJH was back on his feet, and Andy tried to seize him from behind but ate a back elbow to the jaw. Hart spun around and put Murray into a front Cravate, before pulling The King's head down into an oncoming knee strike! Shawn dropped to his knees.




No let-up from SJH, who stifled Andy with a couple of blows to the back of the head, before seizing him again.


“This jackhole is crushed like Natalia’s cooter!” Hart exclaimed as he made the cover once more.




NO! Shoulder up!

This pesky new Scottish guy was proving troublesome for SJH. The challenger got all the way up again, and stomped down on Murray's bad shoulder. This caused some pained wails, so Hart rolled him onto his chest, took the arm, and stomped hard on the joint a couple of times.

Murray's wrist slipped out of SJH's fingers. Having lost his leverage, Shawn immediately tried to regain control, but Andy pulled him down to the mat with a modified arm drag! SJH rolled through it, but Murray was on his feet at roughly the same time. Hart threw a bodykick, Murray caught it, then lunged forward with a short clothesline!

Andy was just about to try to take control when his peripheral vision caught something on the ramp.

Providence had taken a couple of steps forward. Not much, but certainly enough to warrant The King's attention. Murray immediately marched towards the ropes, calling out to Prov, who offered nothing in response.

Unfortunately, the Underground Champion dallied a little too long. Hart charged in from behind and took him to the mat with a chop block! A few stomps followed, before Hart pulled Murray up to a knelt position, raised his elbow high...



A hand on the Prime Minister of Gettin’ Sinister’s shoulder pulled him round.


Jeers rained from every corner of the building, and ”Superstar” Vince Jacobs backed-off from SJH, looking mightily pleased with himself.

SVJ, who'd came through the crowd, backed-off towards the ropes. A pained Andy Murray was starting to get to his senses, and by the time SVJ had backed out of the ring, The King was on his feet.

Murray looked at Hart, who was down and out. Looked at Vince Jacobs.

Looked up the ramp for Providence.


Andy's head swung back around to SVJ, who returned his glare only for a few seconds, before clambering over the barricade. Murray, meanwhile, was none too pleased. He scowled the LoC legend and held his hands to the side, frustrated and angry that a third party had once again gotten involved in one of his matches.

SJH was close to stirring as Andy turned around. The King shook his head and muttered a number of four-letter words to himself before peeling him off the mat, placing him on his shoulders...


... and driving him into the mat.

He made the cover.





And that was that.

The bell rung. Andy's hand was raised, his music played, and he was announced the winner, but he didn't look all too pleased. It was a victory over a strong opponent, but not the victory he wanted.

Hart, meanwhile, tasted defeat once again after being nano-seconds away from capturing LoC gold and legitimizing his comeback.

Superstar Vince Jacobs had been the deciding factor, and Providence?

Who the hell knows?

Winner: Andy Murray via Pinfall


Featuring: Providence & Matt Mills

Location: Backstage

In a back hallway, another of LoC’s imposing figures was shown, as Providence was making his way toward the camera. With his gear bag slung over his shoulder, it appeared the Man of Destiny was on his way out of the building after the brief “encounter” a few minutes earlier during the Andy Murray/Shawn Hart match.

As he approached, Matt Mills took a step forward in front of the camera.

“Providence, if I could just…”

As Mills began to ask his question, Providence just blew right past, causing the veteran interviewer and his camera man to go mobile as well to catch him on the fly.

“I just have to ask, what was that all about out there? Are you trying to mentally throw Andy Murray off his game?”

“Mr. Mills, perhaps you should have the respect to ask for an interview next time rather than assault me with your questions when I have better things to do.”

Providence kept walking and turned a corner, and as Mills and the cameraman followed, they could see the exit to the parking lot coming, guarded closely by some of LoC’s security.

“What about Vince Jacobs? Was that something you and Jacobs planned out there tonight?”

Providence took another couple of steps before finally stopping. Mills waited, hoping maybe he would get some dirt about a new alliance or some kind of conspiracy plan between the two LoC villains. He could see Providence rubbing his chin for a moment, seemingly considering whether to respond and what to respond with.

A second later, Providence turned slightly and looked back in Mills’s direction with a slight grin on his face.

“Mr. Mills, are you saying that Mr. Jacobs and I may have put together a scheme to target two of LoC’s heroes and put them out of our way?”

Mills was a little surprised at first that Providence had asked him a question in return. “Well…yes, I think that’s probably on a lot of people’s minds right now. It just seemed so…”

“Perfect?” Providence asked as he finished Matt’s thought. Mills shrugged and nodded, agreeing with Providence’s assessment.

“Yes….yes, it did,” Providence said as he nodded. Then, Providence turned back around and continued toward the exit.


Featuring: Zane Roebuck & Graham Youngblood

Location: Locker Rooms

When the LegacyTron shifted its focus to the locker room the crowd gave a round of cheers to the Relentless champion Graham Youngblood. Known for being trained by Legacy of Champions Hall of Famers Sylo and Scott Riktor, he was a proud young star that had really come into his own as a rising star. He rose to the occasion by defeating Kaus to win the Relentless title at Icons and his stock had skyrocketed since then, especially coming off the performance of his life with Jack Harmen for the Legacy title.

“Here I am, Zane.” Said Graham.

He laid out the Relentless championship right next to his bag.

“I saw the House’s disgraceful treatment of Angelica Brooks earlier and Zane, I saw you run your whiny-ass mouth backstage about how me with this title is an insult to the House. Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news, Zane, but I don’t give a shit about what the House thinks!”

That brought about a loud ovation from the LoC faithful!

“But … since I know me possessing the Relentless title pisses you off then I’ll do my best to fight with this title week in and week out until I’ve stressed you all right out of LoC!”

He smirked but then that disappeared quickly.

“I heard that you wanted to tell me to my face and tell me that I’m a joke. Well go ahead Zane. I’m right here in this locker room and I’m not going anywhere. Besides, I’d like to tell you what a gigantic chicken-shit you are and maybe put your head through a locker like this was your freshman year of high school.”

Graham turned and faced the door with the camera still on him.

“Where you at, Zane? Come tell me to my face! Or do you have to ask for daddy’s permission to stop being a little bitch?”

“My my, you’re vulgar! I’m right here Grammy!”

Walking right into the room was Zane Roebuck like he didn’t stink. Good Luck Roebuck strutted right in and smiled at Graham.

“Look man, I …”

Youngblood’s forearm was drilled right into his throat and Zane got pushed into a locker! The Demon Dragon unleashed a big round of punches right into Zane’s gut for what he did to him on Rivals!

After delivering a few more punches into his gut, Zane got thrown right to the floor of the locker room! Graham turned and tried to race to deliver more punishment to Zane for his attack on Rivals, but he was grabbed by another hand and socked in the face WITH THE DEAD MAN’S HAND!!!

Big Slick was right behind Graham Youngblood and he pulled him right into his Dead Man’s Hand signature move! Graham had felt the move on the last episode of Underground when they fought and here he was feeling it again.

“Get him! Get him, Uncle D!” yelled Zane.

Zane took great delight in watching the Sin City Strongman grab Graham and then chuck him right into a locker! Graham was left hurt on the ground writhing in pain while Zane walked up to join his uncle.

“You alright?” asked Derrick.

“I’ll be fine … better than this poser is gonna be, Uncle D!” smiled Zane as he grabbed his ribs.

Derrick snatched up Graham’s Relentless title from the ground.

“Remember when I beat you on the last Underground when we had the Relentless strap, kid?” asked Big Slick. He kneeled over Graham and put a boot on his throat. Graham tried to squirm but Derrick was too big. “Well … let’s fight again on the next Underground. You can get a front-row seat when Big Slick becomes a double champion and brings our title back to the House!”

“YEAH!” yelled Zane.

Derrick dropped Graham’s Relentless title on his chest and then both he and Zane walked away from the locker room.

"Hey, let's go watch Kaus destroy Troy! That'll be awesome," Huber chuckled.

"Sounds good!"

The two attackers were finally gone from the room. Two weeks in a row, Graham had been the victim of the House and two weeks in a row he could really feel the effects of a target on his back.


Stipulation: First Fall to Finish

Referee: D.C. Train

After the jarring scene of Zane Roebuck and Derrick Huber’s attack on Graham Youngblood, the camera returned to a very disgusted Tony Stone and a giddy Reno Davis.

NOBODY is safe from the House!” Stone shouted. “They’ve bossed around Angelica Brooks, cheated Daryn out of a victory, then they attack the Relentless champion Graham Youngblood! Is that what we’re in store for when Kaus faces Lindsay Troy?”

“No way!” said Reno in complete denial. “The Brilliant Diamond and Queen of the Ring are gonna lock horns and we’re gonna have a good clean fight!”

“Kaus has made it his goal to get a shot at the Legacy championship and to do that, has deemed he must go through the current Number One Contender Lindsay Troy. He beat her two weeks ago on Legends so whether he can beat Troy not the question - can he do it alone and get a title shot against Legacy champion Jack Harmen?”

“I say he can,” said Reno. “Kaus didn’t have the Underground title for a year, but he’s a former Tag Team and Relentless champion. We’ve seen that when he wants something, he won’t stop until he gets it.”

“Let’s see who’s right then.”

The camera then turned its focus to the LegacyTron.

"Trampled Under Foot” by Led Zeppelin.

That all-too familiar clavinet intro blasted through the Arena of Champions and the crowd roared to its feet. Cell phone screens and camera flashes began illuminating the blackness, and blue, white, and gold pyro exploded from the stage like cannon fire.

Greased and slicked-down fine
Groovy leather trim
I like the way you hold the road
Mama, it ain't no sin

Talkin' 'bout love
Talkin' 'bout love
Talkin' 'bout …

Lindsay Troy threw the curtain aside and strode out to the platform. The Faithful’s response grew in volume once they saw what she was wearing: Monte Burns’ Tiger Style Jacket! Sure, it was a little big on her, but she wasn’t about to let Providence or Kaus have the last and final word when it came to Monte Burns and their actions on Legends 25.

The “High Queen DEFIANT” was just that, for better or worse, to the very end.

“Ugh, they couldn’t have draped that over Monte’s broken corpse when they took him out of here two weeks ago?” Reno moaned.

“Never!” Stone replied. “And I think this is great.”

“You would…”

She acknowledged the Faithful with extended arms and pointed fingers as the pyro continued to blast around her. She even looked over to the announce booth, saw Reno’s sour face, and flipped him the bird. After a moment or two, she made her way down to the ring.

The former year-long Underground Champion jumped onto the apron and flipped herself up and over the top rope, as was her customary entrance. It was great to see her looking like her pre-Underground Curse self, and she ascended a turnbuckle to give the Faithful a much-deserved photo op, looking ready to rip Kaus’s head right off of his shoulders.

Pendulum’s “Showdown” played next.

It's been such a long time coming I'd thought you'd understand That's over, hate of the last Will be joining in the sand

But it's simple you were wrong You must have known that we didn't not belong

I know you thought I'd sold my soul But you never told me to my face I just had to let you go And blow this shit away

Lindsay Troy watched the Brilliant Diamond make his entrance with a series of red strobe lights covered the arena. Kaus was out solo unlike two weeks ago when he had Zane Roebuck by his side. The House had made trouble all night long and it looked set to continue some more with the Brilliant Diamond about to take on the Queen of the Ring.

The Brilliant Diamond now entered the ring and with the crowd showing their scorn for a man who was once respected in the locker room, Kaus paid little attention to their booing and insults as he climbed up the turnbuckle. He cast a frigid glance at Troy, who had shed Monte’s jacket and handed it carefully to a ring attendant for safekeeping. She was one of the better big match wrestlers in Legacy of Champions but that identity didn’t seem to affect Kaus much.

“Kaus doesn’t look afraid despite the war of words he and Troy had a week ago,” said Tony. “He looks ready to take her on tonight and I’m surprised he doesn’t have the House out with him.”

“He doesn’t need the House to beat Troy! He can do it, Stoner, I’m telling you!”

The Queen of the Ring and the Brilliant Diamond were both standing face to face now and neither looked like they were about to back down.


The moment that the bell rang Kaus launched the first attack as he went after the leg of Troy. He tried to get her off her feet with a single leg takedown and then maneuvered around into a headlock. He had it locked on tight to keep in control but Lindsay defied him by attacking his ribs. She threw shots into his ribs to get him to let go and then maneuvered herself to the ropes to launch him against them. When he came back he knocked her down with a shoulder.

Where most wrestlers would gloat at this point he shifted downward to use another headlock on Troy. She tried to reverse the hold and then turned him over onto his shoulders.


Kaus rolled back over onto his side and then shifted his work to go to the arm. The Brilliant Diamond turned over and he was looking to end her chances quickly with a fujiwara armbar submission but Troy quickly got her feet on the nearby ropes to make him break it up. The official of the match, DC Train, warned him to break it up and shockingly, he did it without incident.

“Troy is a great all-round wrestler in that ring,” said Tony, “but Kaus’s specialty is the mat. Very few better technicians than Kaus.”

“Troy can’t take him lightly. That’s a mistake.”

The Brilliant Diamond had a smug look on his face suggesting that he was confident in his abilities. He got back into Troy’s face again and was about to go for her arm to set up for his cross arm breaker finisher called the Diamond Arm. Troy wised up to that and then used a quick leg sweep to take Kaus off of his feet. She ducked down and was about to gear up for another move when Kaus rolled out of her way. Troy approached Kaus cautiously and then belted him in the chest with two kicks. She attempted to Irish whip him across the ring but Kaus quickly reversed that and took her down with a drop toe-hold then went into another armbar attempt!

“He’s going after that arm again!” said Stone. “She’s got to do something else besides trying to get to Kaus on the mat.”

Almost as if she somehow heard Tony Stone talking, Troy took the advice to heart and then pulled her arm away from Kaus. The Brilliant Diamond switched tactics and then tried to go for a leg but Troy used her other leg to catch him on the mouth with an enziguri strike! The blow was good enough to catch Kaus on the mush and soon he rolled out to the floor to retreat. He was rather angry with the setback and checked his jaw to make sure that all of his teeth were still in place and his jaw worked.

“Kaus is better on the mat without a doubt, but Troy has so many other ways in her arsenal to strike you with!” said Tony. “She has submission moves but she’s going to have to keep Kaus off of his game by using things he wouldn’t expect.”

“He’s just regrouping that’s all!” said Reno.

Kaus walked across the floor and DC Train was counting him out but he was clearly flustered with the fact Troy caught him with the kick. She had enough with the stalling and ran over the ropes with an amazing corkscrew plancha to the floor!

“She’s done waiting!” said Tony. “Kaus wanted this match and now he’s got it!”

“The Queen of the Ring is now going all flippy-doo on us!” yelled Reno.

After being cleared for take-off, the Queen’s dive to the outside had paid off! Troy was the first of the two to get back to their feet and she continued to punish Kaus with stiff forearm smashes. She threw him back inside and then followed in with a falling slingshot elbow drop that struck her opponent right in the chest! Troy made a cover and hooked the leg of Kaus.



The Brilliant Diamond’s shoulder came up before the pivotal three count happened. Lindsay Troy’s attacks continued with more kicks to his spine. Kaus put her through some bad things including his part in the injury of Monte Burns. While she hadn’t forgotten what he did, she had always been better at weathering personal storms on her horizon than she ever had been with attacks against those she was close with. More strikes landed on Kaus’s jaw and when he thought he was safe from Troy in the corner, she ran and caught him in the mouth with a jumping boot. Kaus was left reeling from the kick! He was pushed out of the corner and a second kick struck him in the back of the head that brought him down to a knee. Troy then used another move in the form of a running face crusher. She covered Kaus after drilling his face into the mat.



“Kaus kicks out again!” said Tony. “He needs to get away from her attacks or find an opening here. Troy is all about punishing him tonight!”

“She should be trying to win the match!”

The LoC Faithful continued supporting the Queen in her efforts to put away Kaus for good. He looked like he was on dream street when she tried throwing the Brilliant Diamond into another corner to dish out more damage. Instead, Kaus abruptly stopped her and locked up an arm before he threw her arm right into the corner! The hammer-locked arm was exposed and Kaus was granted another opening when he grabbed her arm and climbed on the second rope. He jumped off with a calf branding knee strike that dropped the knee right into her left arm!

“Calf branding to the arm!” said Tony. “That’s a dangerous move for Kaus to be using to work that arm and now he’s got Troy on the mend!”

“That quick!” yelled Reno. “That’s how dangerous he is!”

Troy started to clutch the left arm and she threw up a couple of kicks to Kaus’s legs to keep him away from the arm. Kaus flinched from a few strikes but then grabbed the arm and tossed it aside so he could stomp the arm. He grabbed her arm and slammed it down repeatedly on the canvas. Kaus folded up her arm and put the palm of her hand down on the ground then stomped on her exposed elbow!

“Damn, that’s cold!” yelled Reno. “Look at how bad he’s going after that’s arm! He’s like a hungry dog smelling meat, Stoner! I don’t care what title Graham Youngblood has, Kaus is the real champion of all things Relentless!”

“He certainly is,” said Stone. “It’s a shame he’d rather employ gang tactics to make a statement. He obviously has the talent in the ring, but he’d rather take shortcuts and blame others for when things doesn’t go his way.”

“Oh, you’re drinking the Riktor Kool-aid, too?”

“I’m calling it like I see it.”

Kaus now had her arm locked up tightly in another variation – choosing to sit down while working the joint. He was kneeling down over the Queen of the Ring and she could see all that was going on but the Brilliant Diamond continued to stretch out her arm. He twisted it in such a way that she was in clear pain but she was centered in the ring so crawling to the ropes wasn’t going to help her out at all. However Kaus had inadvertently left himself in a vulnerable position.


Her height had given her a chance to catch Kaus right in the back with a few wayward kicks. She continued kicking and kicking frantically until the Ten of Diamonds finally released the hold he had on Troy. He had enough and he dropped a knee right over the elbow he had been working over! Troy’s attempts to block the submissions and arm work left her wide open for another assault that Kaus made her pay for.

He circled over Troy and then led her up by the arm. He fired an elbow right into the arm that had undoubtedly hurt her, but the Lady of the Hour struck Kaus right back with a stiff forearm from her good right arm! Kaus threw a kick to the arm and she flinched but she continued fighting back with more strikes.

“Troy isn’t giving Kaus the satisfaction of succumbing to the pain!” said Tony. “We’ve seen how tough she is especially when she was Underground champion and that won’t stop now!”

“But Kaus is still going for the arm!” Reno replied.

He was stunned from the strike but not so that he didn’t grab the arm. Before he could formulate his next plan, Lindsay shot back three more of her forearm strikes and that seemed to do the trick. Before she could formulate whatever her next move was going to be, Kaus grabbed the leg and used a pele kick aimed right at the arm!

“Damn that was smooth!” said Reno with a surprised laugh. “I’ve seen people use pele kicks but not like that!”

“Indeed some innovative offense by Kaus!” said Stone. “Troy keeps fighting but he keeps exploiting the damage he’s been doing to the left arm!”

Troy was biting down on her lip to try and mask the pain she was in but Kaus knew better. The Queen of the Ring tried to get back up by her hands when Kaus hit her in the face with a knee lift. The blow sent her into the corner and then he followed by scraping his boot across her face multiple times! Troy was left in the corner as Kaus used the adjacent ropes for extra speed and then used a face wash! Kaus pulled her out from the corner and smiled.

“He hasn’t gone for a single cover in this whole match yet,” noted Stone. “He seems intent not just to pin Troy like he did two weeks ago, he wants to make her submit!”

“I’ll give her credit – that’s much easier said than done!” said Reno. “But if anybody could do it, we know Kaus could break down anybody of any size!”

Kaus pulled Troy’s hair and led her back on two feet before he tried setting her up for the flip that would lead into the Diamond Arm. Troy saw it coming and then she pushed him away and tried to buy herself some time by sneaking off into a corner. Kaus recovered quickly and he charged but she grabbed his head and then used an STO facebuster into the middle buckle. Troy finally bought herself some time and then headed out of the corner with Kaus trying to stand again.

(Flying double knee strike)

“OWWWWW!” yelled Reno. “Tooth check!”

“Caught him right in the face! Kaus is out of it and Troy’s going for the win!” yelled Tony.




Troy had attempted a cover that involved hooking the leg of Kaus with her good arm but all she had was the good arm so Kaus was able to kick out. She stood up and as Kaus was trying to mount a comeback of his own, Troy had already seen it coming and she struck back on him again this time with a running DDT on the mat! Kaus was spiked like a lawn dart into the mat and now Lindsay Troy went for another cover.




“Troy’s throwing everything she can at Kaus!” said Reno. “That arm is bothering her, clearly, but she’s gonna give Kaus everything she’s got and then some!”

“Troy now back on her feet and trying to gut out the pain,” said Tony. “What’s she going to do now?”

The Queen of the Ring didn’t need to think too long about it. She already had Kaus by the hair and it looked like she was attempting a reverse STO that would no doubt set up her own submission finish called the Divine Right. Kaus knew it was coming so he fired an elbow to her temple to break free and then followed with a forearm uppercut to her left arm. Troy was weakened and Kaus used a slam to put her down on the mat.

(Sliding D elbow smash)

“Diamond Tip right on the money!” laughed Reno. “Suck it, Queenie!”

Kaus finally tried a cover while he had the chance to pin Lindsay.




The Brilliant Diamond could not believe Troy had kicked out of one of his better moves but he quickly went back to trying to end the match for good. Kaus picked Lindsay up by her arm and then tried for a belly-to-back suplex but Troy executed a backflip and landed on her feet behind Kaus. He turned to face her only to get struck down with a rolling elbow right on the jaw! That stunned Kaus and Lindsay Troy seized an opportunity to catch him by surprise with a small package!




Kaus popped up to his knees but that gave Troy the opening again to kick his arm and then strike him down. Kaus struck using a big forearm uppercut that sent Troy back into the corner. The Brilliant Diamond charged for another attack but Troy dodged and Kaus hit his back against the corner. Troy jumped onto the second rope!

(Leg trap sunset flip power bomb)

Troy didn’t have all the strength in her left arm to keep him down, but hoped that it was enough to end Kaus’s hopes of running through the Number One Contender.




“I can’t believe it!” yelled Tony. “These two are throwing move after move at each other, but neither one want to stay down! Kaus has been ripping her arm apart, but Troy is taking any opening to put the pressure on the House’s leader!”

“These two are playing chicken in that ring and it’ll be interesting to see who blinks first … NOT KAUS, NOT KAUS, NOT KAUS!”

Troy fell backwards and laid out on the mat right next to Kaus. She wondered what to do in order to put away the Brilliant Diamond and the same thought was unmistakably running through Kaus’s as well. Troy was the first of the two to move and she crawled over to where Kaus had landed. She looked like things were under her control …

Charlotte Huber appeared on the ring apron!

“Hey! What the hell is she doing there? This is supposed to be one on one!” shouted Tony. “Charlotte and the House have all caused enough trouble tonight!”

Troy rushed at Charlotte and cracked the Bombshells champion flush in the face with a kick! Charlotte went flying off the apron and hit the floor. Off to the side, “Pit Boss” Adam Roebuck stormed into the ring. Troy pivoted and charged at the giant, meeting him head-on with elbow and forearm strikes. DC Train didn’t have a choice.

*DING!* *DING!* *DING!!!*


“Why are the House doing this?” Tony questioned. “Kaus needed this match to earn entry into the No Turning Back main event and they just cost him this match! Troy wins by disqualification!”

“Do they?” asked Reno. “Kaus said point-blank he didn’t care about impressing Scott Riktor or anybody else! This is making a statement, Stoner!”

The match was over and Troy was trying to fight back against the massive Adam Roebuck, despite giving up 215 pounds to him and not having the numbers game in her favor. She fired off kicks to his leg and forearm smashes to the face. Roebuck was on the ropes but Zane Roebuck - that little shit - had once again come to his dad’s and the rest of the House’s aid! Zane grabbed Troy’s leg and Adam took advantage of the opening. He grabbed Lindsay by the throat and then threw her up in the air.

(chokeslam lifted into samoan spike)

The immense numbers of the House were too much for Troy to overcome! Zane ran over to help Kaus back to his feet and with Charlotte and now Derrick Huber all at ringside that made all five members of the House.

“Was this plan B?” asked Stone. “Kaus looked like he was on the ropes, so the rest of the House bail him out?”

“Don’t know, but the fact is Troy is all alone again!”

Charlotte clenched her jaw and Derrick went to check on her while Kaus grabbed Troy’s arm.

(cross arm breaker)

Kaus had the submission hold locked in after Adam and Zane Roebuck already did the damage to Lindsay Troy! The Queen of the Ring was surrounded by the House and if this wasn’t a clear statement to the rest of the locker room, then it should have been obvious.

“This needs to stop!” Tony protested. “Somebody get out here! They’re going to injure Troy!”

The Diamond Arm was locked tightly and the long-term effects of this could be bad! He had already put out Jeremy Ryan and KIRU with attacks on the arm. The crowd’s booing turned into cheers quickly which indicated to the House something was wrong.

“IT’S TEAM V.I.A.G.R.A!” yelled Tony. “And Daryn Thompson! They’ve seen enough and now Harmen, Davis, Mayweather, and Daryn are coming to Troy’s aid!”

“No! Get those idiots out of here! They don’t belong here!” yelled Reno.

The crowd’s cheers were a warning sign to the House that they needed to leave. Team V.I.A.G.R.A. and Daryn Thompson all had chairs in their hands. Kaus released the submission hold on Troy and all the House members removed themselves from the ring! Mary-Lynn stood over her mentor to try and protect her while Harmen, Davis and Daryn all formed a circle around her. Kaus glared at the ring and held out his fingers.

“That close, Troy!” shouted Kaus. “That close!”

Team V.I.A.G.R.A. and Daryn Thompson controlled the ring so the House retreated up the ramp. They had made a slew of enemies ever since Icons and at this point, it looked like none of them were going to take it anymore. Daryn and Mary-Lynn both helped Lindsay Troy up and though her arm was very much sore the look she gave Kaus and the House was a murderous one.

Winner: Lindsay Troy via Disqualification


Featuring: Superstar Vince Jacobs, Natalia, & Matt Mills

Location: Parking Lot

The camera pans to the parking lot area where you can see Vince Jacobs and Natalia carrying their bags to Vince’s limo. Matt Mills could be heard calling to the duo as they made their way through the parking lot.

“Mr. Jacobs… Mr. Jacobs can I get a word with you?” Mills said trying to catch his breath.

Vince turned around and looked at Mills who stopped in front of LoC’s power couple.

“Mr. Jacobs, first off I would like to welcome you back to Legacy of Champions.” Mills said as Jacobs look on a little perturbed.

“Look Matt, I don’t have time for this. If you have some riveting journalistic questions to ask me then spit it out.”

“I know you are your quest to regain the Legacy Championship that you lost to Jack Harmen.” Mills asked.

“Let me stop you right there. I did not lose to Harmen I was swindled by someone you and those peons in the audience believe to be such a guy on the up and up. He knew he could not beat Greatness one on one so he enlisted the help of Sonny Silver’s bitch. It does not matter to me what happened in the past. My sights are set on the future and the future is bright with SVJ becoming a five time Legacy Champion.” Vince looked at Natalia and smiled.

“We witnessed your in ring return earlier in the night in a match against Rikki Roxx. How did it feel to be in the ring after several months away?” Mills questioned.

Vince smirked. “The Icon that I am is never far away from a ring. Roxx was an unfortunate causality because his friend Shawn Hart put him in that predicament. If you have friends like Hart then you don’t need enemies. Hart has stuck his nose in my business for the last time. I will deal with him in dues time then Harmen will be next on my list.”

Mills pulled the microphone to his lips. “Speaking of Shawn Hart, you cost him title match against Any Murray. What do you have to say about that?”

“Are you slow? HART plus NOSE plus BUSINESS equals Superstar Kick, enough said.” Jacobs replied as he turned to make his way to his limo. Jacobs helped his lovely wife into the limo.

“Mr. Jacobs, one more question. Everyone wants to know are you and Providence in cahoots after what happened in the Underground title match?” Mills asked.

Jacobs smirked. “Wouldn’t that be something?”

Vince climbed into the limo and slammed the door behind him as Mills watched the car speed through the parking lot. Matt Mills turned and walked back toward the arena as the camera faded back to the ringside area.


Stipulation: First Fall to Finish

Referee: Darius Underwood

“Jack Harmen, our fighting champion,” Tony Stone began, “defends the title here tonight against a friend who has gone dark side, the former Underground champion, Dusk.”

“Yeah, fighting champion my arse, get in the bin.” Reno said. “Denies Kaus a shot at his title until he beats Troy. Vince Jacobs shows up last week and you don’t see this fighting champion offering him a shot at the title.” Reno paused. “Seems to me Harmen’s being a bit selective in who gets a title shot when.”

“Well, you can’t say he’s taking it easy when he was the one that offered Dusk the opportunity tonight.”

“Yeah I can.” Reno said. “He could be defending against the entire roster tonight in a triple cage match. He chose not to!”

“Reno, be serious for a moment.” Tony Stone said. “Would you rather, honestly, have the belt with Vince Jacobs where he would have taken it with him for the past three months while on the shelf? Has the LoC championship been defended more times with Harmen as a champ than all the time before his reign?”

“I don’t do math.”

”Work it, Make It, Do It, Makes Us
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”

“Stronger” by Kanye West.


A series of ominous fireworks spewed from the entranceway as Dusk appeared on stage. He was heavily jeered for his recent actions, but paid the crowd little attention as he made his way toward ringside.

Dusk slid into the ring wearing his trademark trenchcoat, as head official Darius Underwood went to check him for weapons.

“This one is for all the marbles Reno.” Tony Stone said.

“Have you ever played jax?” Reno said. “Cause that’s where that saying came from. I read it in that book I once looked at about cliches that I promptly discarded.”

Tony continued, ignoring Reno, “Dusk has his opportunity at the Legacy strap, just weeks after losing the Underground title at ICONS against Andy Murray and the now medical uncleared Vivica J. Valentine. We haven’t seen him in the ring since that faithful loss. What does Dusk have to do to bounce back?”

“He’s gotta work his game. He’s been in the Underground so long now, he’s gotta turn this into an Underground match.” Reno started. “Then again, he is facing the Lunatic, so setting that crazy man off may not be the wisest of strategies. You can only try and hope it all pans out in the end.”

”All Aboard~! AH HA HA HA HA ha haaaa….”

Fog permeated the entrance area as our Legacy Champion, Jack Harmen emerged from the back. He wore his white snow like ring attire and the same Wildcard shirt you can also purchase. He stood tall, looking toward the ring with purpose, as he patted the LoC strap twice on his waist. He raised his hands in his devil horn taunt as Mary-Lynn Mayweather joined him on the ramp. She stared daggers toward the challenger at ringside.

The two made their way toward the ring, Harmen taking the time to loosely slap a few extended hands, but they never took their eyes off Dusk. Harmen climbed the steel steps, as he watched Dusk, and pointed toward Dusk and Darius in a “watch him” sort of way. Harmen slipped himself into the ring, and then back walked to his corner. He used the top ropes and sprang up, sitting on the top turnbuckle as he removed the Legacy Championship. Mary-Lynn climbed onto the apron and whispered last minute instructions to Harmen as Dusk gritted his clenched fists.

“For the uninitiated,” Tony Stone began, “VIAGRA and Dusk go back almost a decade now, growing into close friends during another very successful popular promotion. Harmen and Dusk in particular got close, perhaps because they were two like minded individuals. Now, Harmen has already gone down his path of destruction and anger. Reformed, experienced, Harmen attones while he watches his best friend fall down the same path he did.”

“I still say Harmen is evil.” Reno said. “Me and Jacobs. We agree. Harmen isn’t a good guy. He’s not a nice guy. He’s just playing the part, for now.”

“Oh come on. You don’t believe our Legacy Champion’s repentance? Unlike Dusk, who seems to have no concern for his actions as of late.”

“I just know whenever I said I was sorry,” Reno said, “I wasn’t.”

Harmen hopped off the top buckles and began to dance with Dusk, circling each other in the ring, Neither man broke eye contact, playful, but weary of the other. Dusk rubbed his cheek as a reminder of Harmen slapping him earlier in jest. Harmen meanwhile, raised his hand in a semi-threatening fashion, using the other to curl his fingers for Dusk to bring it.

Then the bell rang.

Dusk looked at Harmen and not only saw a friend, but he knew if he defeated Harmen that he would claim the Legacy Championship and be the top dog in LoC. That was definitely something he wanted to achieve in his career, but there was internal strife as he wasn’t keen to do it at the expense of one of his only friends left in the business.

“Dusk showing a bit of apprehension here,” Tony started.

“Harmen’ll make up for that with impulsiveness.” Reno finished.

Harmen rushed at Dusk and Dusk went after him, but Jack knew what to expect and slipped underneath the outstretched arms of Dusk, moved behind him, and clubbed him in the back with a forearm to the spine. Dusk took a few steps forward and Jack moved in to hit him again, but Dusk was ready as he connected with an elbow strike to the jaw. Dusk then spun around, wrapped his arms around Jack. Jack shouted “I thought we were friends!” before Dusk launched him across the ring with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex.

Mary-Lynn covered her mouth as she saw her mentor thrown across the ring like a rag doll, from the man she always considered a friend or a big brother. Jack arched his back as he pulled himself up with the ropes, a smile on his face before he clapped his hands together. He looked over at Mary-Lynn.

“He’s has muscles!” he yelled at her and Mary-Lynn could only roll her eyes.

“I’m not entirely sure what Jack’s gameplan is here tonight.” Tony said.

“That’s not the first or last time anyone will say that.” Reno replied.

Jack turned his attention back to Dusk and nodded his head at the Lost Soul. He motioned for him to come smack him. Dusk rolled his eyes at Jack and shook his head. Jack inched closer.

“Come on, slap me! Get angry!” Jack yelled at Dusk once again. The Lost Soul shrugged his shoulders and walked over to Jack before smacking him across the face. Jack nearly fell to his knees from the force. “That’s not angry.” Jack then shot an elbow to Dusk’s abdomen and rolled him up into a school boy pin, unconsciously pulling the tights as he does so.




“Harmen with a pin attempt, but Dusk kicks out.” Tony Stone said. “Harmen hooked the tights but then let go before the three.”

“And I don’t think Dusk is gonna forget that.”

Dusk managed to kick out at the last second just after Harmen released the hook of the tights. Harmen looked at his hand that hooked the tights and shook his head, clenching his fist until his fingernails dug into his palm. Dusk moved to his knees and looked at Jack as if to say, “What the fuck was that?!”

Actually, the look was followed by him actually saying it.

“What the fuck was that?!” Dusk shouted.

The fire burned in Dusk’s eyes as he stood up and charged toward Harmen. Jack slithered to his feet, wobbling in a bit of a daze / drunken boxer type stance. He shrugged, “Old habits die hard.” He winked. “You’ll see.”

Sick of holding back, the anger got the best of Dusk as he pummelled the champion with fist after fist, blow after blow, punch after punch, sending Harmen backing up into the corner in a defensive position. Jack swung with a wild right hand. Dusk easily ducked it and connected with a release German Suplex that sent Jack crashing halfway across the ring. He rolled toward Mary-Lynn and looked at her, his eyes rolling into the back of his head.

“I may have deserved that,” he groaned. Mary-Lynn sighed.

“Yeah, you did.” Mary-Lynn leaned in, extending brass knuckles. “But he deserves worse.”

“Mary?!” Harmen shouted as he rose to his knees. “No! BAD moral compass, BAD!”!

Jack rubbed the back of his neck as he cracked it from side to side. Jack then turned in a sense of urgency, having heard the stomps of a big strong man storming his way. He was in a fighting stance, ready to take the worst that Dusk could dish out. Instead, a loose and unguarded Dusk extended his hand out to his friend. Jack’s eyes looked down to the hand, squinted, and then blinked.

“Dusk, being the sportsman.” Tony Stone said.

“This just seems odd to me Stone-face.” Reno said. “I mean, Dusk has to be planning something, no?”

“Maybe Harmen’s friendship is what Dusk needed to save him.”

“Well, then, proof again, Harmen is a selfish dick and SVJ is right.” Reno said.

“Try this again?” Dusk asked him. Harmen bit his lower lip, sneered, and reluctantly agreed. The two men shook hands, and circled one another before transitioning into a collar-and-elbow tie-up. Dusk immediately placed Harmen into a side headlock and wrenched it good. Jack backed into the ropes and pushed Dusk off of him only for the Lost Soul to connect with a shoulder tackle that sent Jack off his feet.

Jack bounced back up and connected with a swift front kick to the midsection followed by a swinging neckbreaker to Dusk. Jack popped right back up and flung himself off the ropes before connecting with a leg drop across the throat of his friend. Jack went to pull Dusk off of the mat, but the Lost Soul was ready for him as he slammed his shoulder into Jack’s midsection. He used his strength to lift Harmen off his feet, and drilled him into the corner buckles.

“What an impressive show of strength from the Lost Soul!” Tony Stone shouted.

“No one ever doubted strength Stoner, but that curse means that melon of his might need an inspection.”

Dusk started wailing away at Harmen before he whipped him across the ring. Harmen collided hard with the ring corner and only had a second to breathe before Dusk came in like a locomotive train and connected with a running clothesline. Harmen stumbled out of the corner, swinging his fists at no one in particular while Dusk watched. The Lost Soul then connected with a Tiger Suplex that drove Harmen down to the mat.

Dusk watched as Harmen pulled himself up and then went over to him only for Harmen to connect with a leg to the midsection. Harmen was slow to his feet but managed to catch Dusk with a knee to the face, sending the big man into the ropes. Jack walked over to Dusk and connected with a knife-edge chop that echoed throughout the arena. Dusk grimaced from the shot, but that did not stop Harmen as he whipped Dusk across the ring and connected with a dropkick to the left knee of his buddy.

“And Harmen targeting that knee of Dusk,” Tony said. “It’s a chronic issue, Dusk’s knee issues. In fact, Harmen dealt with quite a bit of knee trouble due to his high risk style. Just another way these two are in common.”

“Knees, backs, heads,” Reno said. “They all get broken in that ring. Why I’m here talking to you and not in there having some real fun.”

“You wanna wrestle again Reno?” Tony asked.

“What, you askin’ to be my tag team partner?”

Harmen then made his way to the nearby corner, hopped onto the second turnbuckle and came crashing down with an elbow across the back of Dusk’s neck. The Lost Soul laid there, not moving, while Harmen bounced back up to his feet. Jack walked around the ring while he watched Dusk, but noticed he was not moving in the least bit. Concerned, Jack hesitated.

“Darius Underwood is heading over to check on Dusk, who has not moved.” Tony said.

“Harmen’s a bit concerned himself.” Reno said.

Jack walked over to Dusk and checked on him only for Dusk to rake his fingers across his face.

“The idiot!” Reno shouted.

Dusk rose to his feet, soaking in the jeers of the crowd who booed him incessantly. He almost smiled, before catching a stunned Harmen in the jaw.

Lights Out!

Harmen fell like a ton of bricks, back first in the center of the ring. He rolled instinctively to his side, as Dusk looked down at his friend with a certain bit of bloodlust.

Mary-Lynn hopped onto the ring apron and began to yell and scream at Dusk. She stomped her wrestling boots on the ring apron, as Dusk stood motionless over Jack Harmen.

With a slow reveal of a devilish grin, Dusk turned to face the Tiny Attorney. His nose curled up in anger. As Jack began to stir in the ring behind him, crawling, he could only watch on as Dusk confronted his pupil. Dusk stomped to Mary-Lynn’s side, and the way he looked at her… he knew he wasn’t the same Dusk he knew. The Lunatic Champion knew, this was worse than what he himself had once become. The sane always have a bit further to fall…

“Oh I don’t think Mary-Lynn wants to be there!” Tony Stone shouted.

“She got herself involved in this mess Stone-Hedge.”

Dusk reached out and grabbed Mary-Lynn by her hair to a chorus of boos. Before Dusk could react, Mary-Lynn sprayed him in the face with a mouthful of red mist. Stunned, rubbing the mist out of his eyes, Dusk back peddled into a school boy by the champion.

This time, with a conscious hook of the tights.



“Kickout by Dusk. I think Harmen just wants to end this to make sure Mary-Lynn doesn’t interject herself and get hurt!” Tony said.

“He’s still a cheater!” Reno shouted.

Dusk with an angry kickout. He rose to his feet quickly, rubbing the last remnants of the mist out of his eyes, just as Harmen stood. Dusk caught him and planted him into the mat with a spinebuster. Mary-Lynn quickly covered her mouth in abject horror to see the viciousness that Dusk delivered that with. Dusk looked over at Mary-Lynn and immediately she hopped off the ring apron, shocked.

“Wise move from a wise lady.” Tony Stone said.

Dusk walked around Jack’s body, looking down at him and shaking his head.

“This is REAL for me, Jacky! Play your stupid fucking games all you want, but I’m out here to win. You want to cheat me out of a match? No, boy, no,” Dusk screamed at Jack.

Dusk then yanked Jack off of the mat and whipped him viciously into the corner. The sound of Jack’s back cracking against the turnbuckles echoes throughout the arena. It was a miracle he didn’t collapse to the ground. Dusk walked over to him and Jack tried his best to punch Dusk, but the Lost Soul grabbed it before connecting with a headbutt that busted Jack’s nose. Blood started to drip out of Jack’s nose and Dusk smiled at the sight before slamming his forearm into his throat.

“Dear God.” Reno said. “That’s not what friends do!” He laughed. “I kinda love it.” Harmen garbled out words like “Breathe” and “Air” as Darius Underwood checked on the choke of the forearm in his throat in the corner. Darius told Dusk to break it, gave him a count and he broke it at four. Dusk then whipped Jack into the ropes and lifted him high in the air before dropping him throat first against the top rope. Jack bounced off, clutching his throat like it had been slit, and collapsed to the mat.

“Dusk is a man possessed Reno.” Tony Stone said. “He’s targeting that throat of the Lunatic. I’ve never seen anyone target a body party like that one so maliciously.”

Dusk mounted Harmen and planted his forearm into the back and side of his skull repeatedly as the fans watched in horror. Dusk grabbed Harmen by the back of the neck and pulled him up before slamming his face into the top turnbuckle over and over again. With each violent thrust, blood flew out of Jack’s nose. Across the turnbuckle, across the ring, and even on Dusk.

Dusk looked at the blood and then at Jack. For a moment, there was a brief hesitation, so Harmen slapped him. But it was so slow, the Lost Soul caught it, pinned Jack’s arm behind him, and connected with a Hammerlock Suplex. Dusk then looked out at the crowd, mimed the title going around his waist, and drank in the jeers from the fans.

With Jack on the canvas, Dusk bounced off the ropes and leaped into the air before he drove his knee into the face of the Legacy Champion. Dusk rolled off of Jack and was about to do it again when Mary-Lynn hopped onto the ring apron.

“Bad idea red.” Reno said.

“Please!” Mary-Lynn pleaded with Dusk. “We were your friends you dick!”

Dusk walked over to her and grabbed her by her long red hair. “Out of mist, huh? Not smart red.” Dusk yanked her a bit by her hair. “Where were you when i was getting screwed by Troy? Where were you when I was getting screwed by Murray and Valentine? I remember you sneering at me earlier tonight. Don’t CALL yourself my friend! Friends have one another’s back and you did not.”

Harmen wrapped Dusk from behind in a bear hug. “I’ve got your back.” Dusk’s eyes go wide as he lets go of Mary-Lynn. GERMAN SUPLEX.

Harmen stood up over Dusk, and wiped a bit of blood from his nose. “Oh Dusk.” He started as he dropped a headbutt of blood into Dusk’s face. Harmen stayed hovering over top, on his hands and knees. “You got it all wrong buddy boy ol pal.” Harmen smiled, just inches above Dusk. “Friends tell friends when they’re fucking up.”

Jack then slammed his elbow into the throat of his buddy. “And you done fucked up.” Harmen transitioned into a dragon sleeper, DRAGON SLEEP, but Dusk used his strength and lifted himself and Jack to his feet. Harmen flipped forward, breaking the hold and landing on his feet, before pele kicking Dusk in the jaw. Dusk went crashing into the mat. Jack rolled to the ring ropes and leaned up against them. He was desperate to catch his breath and clear the cobwebs, regardless of his earlier lecture being fueled by pure adrenaline. Dusk began to stir just a bit and Jack sprung back into action, kicking the kneeling Lost Soul in the back of the skull with a punt.

“Harmen with some vicious strikes here.” Tony said. “This is more resembling that of an Underground match than a Legacy title match Reno.”

“And Harmen’d be careful not to fall into playing the wrestling game to Dusk’s favor.”

Harmen then grabbed Dusk and pulled him up to his feet. He quickly followed that with a series of knee strikes to the abdomen before lifting Dusk up in a scoop slam. He held him there for a second and looked out at the fans before he spiked Dusk’s head into the mat, harder than he normally would. Directly into a pin.

(Little used Michinoku Driver)




Dusk violently threw up his right shoulder, life still breathing through him. Harmen moved to his knees and looked at Dusk, but knew he was looking at a man possessed. Jack climbed to his feet and watched as Dusk rose to his knees. Jack drilled his foot across Dusk’s face and the Lost Soul stumbled into the ropes. Jack then bounced off the far ropes and returned, looking for a shoulder tackle. Dusk side stepped it, and sent Harmen flying through the middle and top ropes like a lawn dart. Harmen tried his best to brace his fall outside, but he collided hard with the guardrail on his way down, smashing into his braced arms and head.

“What a counter from Dusk!” Tony Stone shouted. “My God that was vicious, Harmen’s head against the steel. That could be a concussion.”

“Like I said Stone-Man, heads, backs, knees, arms, they all get broke in this ring eventually.”

Dusk wasted no time as he rolled to the outside and caught a rising Harmen with a knee to his jaw. Dusk then wrapped his arms around Jack and slung him into the ring barrier. Dusk drove knee after knee into the midsection of Harmen, inflicting painful shot after painful shot against the Legacy Champion. Dusk grabbed Harmen and yanked him up off his feet.

“You will NEVER know the pain that I’ve been going through, Jack. Everyone I trusted has turned their back on me! And I thought I could trust you,” Dusk said as Harmen just smiled at him.

“You can.”

Dusk seethed before he grabbed the back of Jack’s skull and proceeded to ram him face first into the steel post. The sound of Jack’s skull violently colliding into the unforgiving steel rang throughout the arena as Jack just collapsed with seemingly no life left in him. Dusk rolled Jack back into the ring and looked around at the fans who yelled obscenities at him.

“Fuck you too,” he stoically voiced back at them.

He then rolled into the ring and looked at Jack, who was lifeless in the middle of the ring.

“GET UP!” Dusk roared at the Legacy Champion, knowing his time was coming to an end and it would be time for a new era.

Mary-Lynn climbed onto the apron, and shouted at Dusk. “You Sonova---”

Lights Out!

“Dusk just took Mary-Lynn clean out of her boots!” Tony Stone shouted. And he’s got Harmen sized up!”

Harmen got to his knees and rubbed the side of his head...

Lights Out!

“Jack Harmen is OUT COLD Stoner!” Reno paused. “Just pin him Dusk! What are you waiting for!”

As Dusk watched like a hawk with its eyes locked on its prey, Dusk could taste the sweetness of victory on his lips. He was so enamored with his own handiwork, in fact, that he paid little attention to the swell of support growing louder from the audience around him. Out of the corner of the scene, a security guard rushed out of frame as Dusk took a few steps forward. His red eyes narrowed before a small hooded figure grabbed him by the shoulder. The Red-Eyed Ravager spun around just in time to catch a step-up enziguiri right between the eyes.

Raise The Alarm!
(Step-Up Enziguiri)



The crowd roared in approval as the figure ripped her hood back to reveal the ravenous cerulean eyes of Vivica J. Valentine, blazing from behind locks of pink. She jumped on top of the floored former Team Champion and rained down a series of fists and forearms before security stormed the ring and pulled her off of her former tag team partner. Screaming, Vivica fought her way out of her own hooded sweatshirt and went back after a now kneeling Dusk. The monster caught the former Flyweight Champion and threw her across the ring. Tumbling, the Bulletproof Blonde sprung back up to her feet and rushed Dusk again, this time connecting for a second time!

Raise The Alarm!
(Step-Up Enziguiri)


The crowd went ballistic as Valentine stood over Dusk, her shouts getting lost in the noise of the audience before she was speared by a member of the security staff. Boos rained down from all directions as two, three, four, five security guards pinned down the injured member of the LoC roster and rolled her over onto her stomach. She snarled out from under the pile as they cuffed her hands behind her back. Harmen wobbled to his feet and was handed the Legacy Championship by Darius Underwood as he noticed the commotion. He frowned, missing all the fun. He smiled as he noticed the LoC fans chanting...



“We don’t need a lawsuit StoneHedge! That’s exactly what we’re gonna get!”

The fans chant resonated through the arena as Valentine was pushed into the aisle toward the backstage area. Her head hung low, forced that way by security and her hood was back up and over her head. Suddenly a huge shot sent security scrambling and floored the former Bombshells Champion. Cuffed and unable to defend herself, Vivica had no choice but to be ripped back up off the ground by a vengeful Dusk and hurled into the security railing. She bounced off the steel like an inanimate object and a snarl crossed the lips of Dusk as he looked down at his former tag partner one last time, helpless and in agony. He smiled, took a step on top of his prey, and walked away, leaving LoC security to clean up his mess. Only to turn into a BIG right hand from a brass knucks wearing Mary-Lynn Mayweather. Her bottom lip had a gash, as she stood overtop of Dusk. She rushed toward Vivica’s side, calling for medics and EMTs. The Legacy champ Harmen even came out to check on the hoodied assailant of his opponent, stepping between her and the now recovering Dusk. Dusk smiled as he rubbed his nose with his fist, looking at Harmen as he did if to say, “I broke yours.” Dusk threw his hands up, soaked in the pouring jeers, and made his way backstage. All the while, EMTs tended to a fiery, yet fiercely vulnerable Vivica.

Winner: Dusk via Disqualification