"Previously on Legacy of Champions..."

Seven journeys Underground, each with it's fair share of casualties of war. Legacy of Champions emerges from the shadows each time changed, hardened, and weary. This time was no exception.

And yet, we begin again where we left off ... Underground.

Welcome to Legends...


Stipulation: Underground Rules

Referee: D.C. Train

“We Care A Lot” by Faith No More.





By now, the fans knew exactly what to do when this music hit. Brandon Thomas and his merry band of weirdos strode weirdly from the backstage area, looking extra-weird on this particularly weird evening. Weird.

They made their way to the ring with all kinds of chicanery: “Big” Little Italy, egg NOG, and cHEESE. Only BT was in action tonight, but heck, this is the Underground: anything goes, right? Thomas perched himself in the ring as his name was read out. He grinned broadly, and there was a mischievous glimmer in his eyes. Whatever he had planned, Andy Murray probably wasn’t going to like it.

“Hail to the King, Baby” by The Heavy Eyes.

A huge reception greeted the reigning Underground Champion. Fresh off another successful defence against Dusk, The King came out with his usual enthusiasm, and stood with his back to the crowd as the pyro popped-off. He eventually turned around, heading for one side, slapping hands, then heading for the other.

BT’s gang caught his attention immediately, and tonight, there was no Lindsay Troy, Monte Burns, or Vivica J. Valentine to help even the score. Then there was Providence’s looming spectre, and yeah… long night ahead for the Champion.

Still, if Andy Murray was concerned, he didn’t show it as he entered the ring. He went straight for a corner and put his arms out to the side, before peeling the UG Title from around his waist and hoisting it up.

The champ showed his first sign of weakness shortly after handing the belt over. Murray peeled-off his bomber jacket, and right shoulder was so heavily taped that it looked like it might fall-off without it. Thomas rubbed his hands together gleefully at the sight of this, but Murray wasn’t gonna give him the satisfaction of letting the pain show.

The ball rang, and the duo circled. Dusk had done one hell of a number on the shoulder injury that Terry Massimo inflicted in the first place, and The King was in no mood to lock-up and grapple. He kicked Thomas’ hands away and charged in with a flurry of left forearms, deliberately avoiding using the right arm. The explosion caught BT by surprise, and he was soon backed into the corner. The King followed-up on the forearms by whipping Thomas across to the opposite corner, charging, and flattening him with a (left) shoulder barge.

The crowd fired themselves up as Murray continued the barrage. He pushes Thomas back into the corner and cracked his jaw with a few elbows, before executing the perfect European Uppercut. Another European followed, before Murray sprinted back to the opposite corner, sprinted back, and nailed a dashing Uppercut!

BT slumped backwards, and Murray ran back to his corner. He charged back towards Thomas again, but cHEESE and egg NOG were at hand. They pulled Thomas out of the ring before Murray could collide, but Andy, fortunately, stopped himself before hitting the buckles.

The champ followed him outside, and the Legion scattered in the path of a rampaging, 6’7” Scot. Murray took control, blocking a few BT strikes, then blasting him with a couple of stinging chops. A European Uppercut dazed Thomas, and Murray set him up against the ring post.

The King charged forwards, looking to sandwich him with a running splash. Thomas moved at the last second, though, and Murray’s right shoulder hit the ring post with a deafening thud! The pain was excruciating and immediately, and Murray fell like a sack of spuds.

Once recovered, Thomas put the boots to the champ on the ground. He targeted the arm, because while he’s not the sharpest tool in the drawer, Thomas wasn’t quite as stupid as he looked. Back inside, Thomas grabbed Murray’s trademark cricket bat and set him up. Murray, however, was able to charge and tackle Thomas back into the corner. Brandon’s answer was simple: he elbowed the injured shoulder hard, and Murray was forced to break.

One vertical suplex later, and The King was down. Thomas turned around, removed the turnbuckle pad, and whipped Andy Murray into the corner so hard that it took BT off his own feet. Of course, Murray hit it shoulder-first…




Brandon kept things grounded for a moment, and trapped Murray with some smart (for him) jointwork. He got a little cocky after a minute, however, and spent a little too long playing to the crowd. Andy lifted him off his feet as he tried to pull him up, then drove him into the mat with a Spinebuster.

Again, the LoD pulled BT to the outside. Andy reached for the cricket bat to even things up, but “Big” Little Italy had already swiped it. The masked dwarf squared-up to Murray wielding a weapon that was almost as big as he is, and this allowed Thomas to clobber Murray from behind. Andy fired back with some forearms, however, then swung a big Roaring Elbow!

Murray rolled BT back inside and hooked the leg.




The King clapped his hands together, feeling the momentum growing. As usual in such situations, however, BT switched around. Flash roll-up!




Both men sprung back to their feet, and after a brief brawl, Murray sent BT to the ropes. He tried to pop him into the air for the Shutthefuckuppercut, but he couldn’t get enough strength from his bum shoulder. Thomas landed harmlessly and rolled him into a small package!




Thomas started tuning-up the band (because all Superkick dudes do that, right?), waiting for Murray to get up. The King eventually did, but if months of wrestling Dusk have taught him anything, it’s how to dodge a Superkick. Murray did just that, grabbed Thomas’ wrist, and flattened him with a Rainmaker-style Lariat!

Unfortunately, Andy hit him with the right arm. BT was down, but Murray was too focused on the pain to notice, and when he eventually made the cover…




… well, it was just a little too late.

The crowd were fired-up, and that helped Andy to his feet. He pulled BT onto his good shoulder, looking to finish it, but that slippery bugger escaped out the back. Thomas put an elbow to Murray’s taped shoulder, spun him around, then dropped him…

(Back Cracker)

He transitioned into the Crossface, but he couldn’t quite get it. Murray was desperate to keep the shoulder away from harm, and used sheer brute force to trap his own arm beneath the body and remove the Crossface’s key component. He pulled his head loose as Thomas tried to lock the fingers, rolled over, and forced Thomas to his feet.

BT came back in for the kill, but Murray caught him with a savage upkick just below the joy! Something small and white flew from BT’s mouth (either a tooth or a gob of saliva), and Murray quickly got to his feet. He flashes a glance up the ramp, then looked around ringside. Providence had made a habit of making an appearance at precisely this point in Murray’s recent matches, but there was no sign of him.

The distraction, however, did allow Thomas to hit the low blow!

BT was still reeling from the upkick. He collapsed to his knees for a moment, but eventually recovered. He grabbed Murray’s shoulders and hopped up, looking for another Egoboost, but Murray grabbed his legs. With Thomas on his back, Murray released an arm, pulled Thomas’ head onto his shoulder, and dropped him with a backpack Stunner!

The judder hurt Murray’s shoulder, but he couldn’t stop. He rose to his feet, planted Thomas on his left shoulder for a second time, then…

(Sitout Side Powerslam)

The King hooked the leg.





As the LoD bickered as to whose job it was to pull the referee out before the three, Andy Murray’s music hit. The victorious Underground Champion rose to his feet and immediately stumbled back into the corner clutching his shoulder.

The Curse, it seems, is a motherfucker.

Andy was handed his Championship, but he quickly turned his attention back to the ramp.

He waited.

And waited.

And waited.

But Providence was nowhere to be found.

It took until long after Murray’s name had been read as the victor for him to accept this, and he finally turned to the fans, saluting them with the belt.

Another in the win column for the most active Underground Champion LoC had seen in a long time, but the Man of Destiny was playing games.

And Andy Murray didn’t like it.

Winner: Andy Murray via Pinfall


Featuring: Keith Kane & Scott Riktor

Location: The Skybox

Inside his Skybox, Brand President Scott Riktor, plopped down in front of his dark oak desk and half-heartedly organizing the top, watched on as Legends picked up steam. Riktor ran a hand down his white button-up, making quick work of a wrinkle …


His focus was quickly shifted to the phone - more so the speaker - as his assistant buzzed in as she so often did.

“Mr. Riktor - there's a Mr …”

Her words were muted as a heavy-set man, dressed in an unflattering, but smart black suit, barged through Riktor’s Skybox door. For anybody who had ever paid attention to Legacy of Champions,the impatient intruder was clearly recognizable as KEITH KANE - former, long-time LoC Color Commentator.

“ .. Keith? What are you doing here?” Riktor queried, his brow furrowed.

Kane sauntered deeper into the Skybox.

“Oh, I don't know, Scott … starting the ascension to my rightful place at the Legacy throne. Something YOUtried to stifle. You put the greatest Color Man in the business out of work and replaced him with Reno Davis!Keith Kane replaced by a Ginger Baby who couldn’t entertain a group of four-year-olds!”

The Brand President incredulously shook his head.

“You were promoted to Brand President of Ring Sharks … but that’s besides the point. How did you get back here? Last time I checked, you took your ball and went home.”

Kane, grinning like a cheshire cat, retorted, “I did (nodded) and immediately started scheming to take YOUR JOB, but then I realized ... you don’t have any REAL POWER, Scott. And this only further proves that because I’m your newest EM-PLOYEE.”

Riktor leaned forward in his chair and asked, “And just who hired you?”

Kane let out a cackle.

“You know exactly who hired me and why would they consult you, a man who seemingly shakes a Magic 8-Ball to make major decisions,” replied Kane with a wry smile. “But we’re old friends, Scott, and I felt like I should let you know - personally - that I'm back.”

Riktor glared at Kane, clearly peeved at the position he'd been put in again by the Board of Directors.

“You're not replacing Reno - I don't care who hired you - ” he snapped back.

“I'm not here to add flavor to those two stale crackers. No, I've got a new Enterprise. I scoured the GLOBE for people like me, people with EXTRAORDINARY talent. You're looking at the (gazed off into distant) Manager of Champions! Money! Gold! Revenge!” exclaimed Kane as he turned toward the door.

“Good catching up, Scott. Enjoy the rest of the show.”

With that, Keith Kane had made his return to Legacy of Champions and left Scott Riktor to think about another decision made over his head.


Featuring: Derecho & Mattock

Location: In-Ring

The crowd inside the Arena of Champions was as energetic as always. Suddenly, the lights in the arena dimmed.

”Oh won’t you tell me?
Please just tell me.
Explain how this should work.

The rest of the opening lyrics were skipped and “Unravel” by KY0UM hit the speakers and the crowd gave Mattock a good reception as he stepped out from the backstage area sans the mask. In fact, he was wearing a black t-shirt and dark blue jeans instead of his wrestling attire.

He stopped at the top of the stage and looked around the arena as the crowd cheered for him. He soaked it in as the song continued.

”I’ll never move..
I’ll never lose…
I’ll never move…
I’ll never lose…
I’ll never move….
I’ll never lose you


Once that energetic scream pierced the PA speakers, Mattock let out a scream along with the lyrics and made his way down to the ring. Mattock rolled under the bottom rope and got up to his feet. He immediately asked for a microphone and his music died off when he got to the center of the ring. The lights returned to normal as the crowd gave Mattock a warm welcome.


“Why are they chanting Welcome Back at Mattock? He hasn’t been gone that long” remarked Reno.

“It was four weeks ago on Legends 25 where his brother Derecho viciously assaulted him. Mattock returned on Underground 7 and gave Amber Ryann the biggest win of her career. No doubt there are a lot of things Mattock would like to say here tonight” said Stone.

As the chants died down, Mattock brought the microphone up to his lips.

“When one is broken… beaten… and cast aside into obscurity, they often experience a certain magnitude of self-reflection. To the eyes of many, my brother seemed nefarious in his vicious assault against me; however, it was the epiphany I had been searching for.”

Mattock took a moment to pause.

“As ludicrous as it may be, suffering that beating was the proverbial opportunity knocking on my door. A door I’ve closed and have kept shut ever since Self Destruction. I finally mustered up the mental fortitude to open that door and answer opportunity’s call. By doing so, I’ve come to realize that my actions from Self Destruction up until this very moment were clouded, misguided and, above all else, completely selfish.”

“I sought strength. Not of the physical kind, but to possess the mental toughness I needed to face the reality that I had little experience in dealing with. All my life, I have been called gifted. I’ve always excelled in anything within the realm of academics, but when it came to professional wrestling, I admit that I had my first taste of failure in life. It made me ascertain just how shelted I was, but on the same token, how free I was to explore this new world that had been opened up to me. That is why I never quit. I wished to learn about this world and in the process, I fell in love with professional wrestling and it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do since.”

The crowd gave Mattock a round of applause for that.

“Of course, I was never as successful as my brother and for the past fifteen years, I’ve just been “Derecho’s brother.” I’ve never been Marcus Roberts…. I’ve never been Jared Thatcher… I’ve never been Mattock. No matter what I have done… no matter the lengths I have grasped at to achieve my own identity… at the end of the day, I was and still am just nothing more than “Derecho’s brother.”

Mattock looked dead into the hard camera with his next statement and he said it in a dead serious and emphatic tone.

“Well that ends now.”

That statement received a good reaction and Mattock wasted no time pivoting and turning his attention to the entrance.

“The only way I will ever emerge from my brother’s shadow is if I force my way out of it and I can only think of one way to accomplish such a goal and that is for me to best him in this ring. That is why at No Turning Back, I am….”

Before Mattock could finish that statement...


I am…

...I am

“Charisma” by WASP

The boos were deafening. Derecho stepped out from the backstage area as the lights pulsed to the beat of his song. Derecho stopped at the top of the stage, microphone in hand. He shot a perplexed look at Mattock as if he couldn’t believe that Mattock was being serious. Derecho shook his head, grinning as he walked down the ramp. He was going to confront Mattock to his face!

Derecho stomped up the ring steps and entered the ring through the middle and top rope. His music immediately cut off and Derecho brought his microphone up to his lips.

“I’m sorry, did I interrupt you? You were saying something about No Turning Back?” asked Derecho.

Mattock was about to answer when Derecho cut him off again.

“I stood back there and I listened to what you had to say and, honestly, I don’t want to hear another word. Sure… this whole thing COULD be seen as my fault. I mean, I did morally demean you on social media after that walking Splatoon billboard rejected you, but let’s be honest here. This isn’t really my fault, now is it?”

The crowd booed as Mattock folded his arms as he awaited Derecho’s explanation.

“Let’s face it. Being dumped by a girl was just another failure for you, wasn’t it? The oh-so-perfect Marcus Roberts failed at life again and just like when you got all emo, left home and changed your name because you realized you weren’t as good as I was, you sulked inside your little personal bubble once again. You used the walkout as an excuse to distance yourself from Amber and then you put on this whole facade about wanting to get stronger, but just like I read you like a book before, I’m about to do it again and you want to know how I’m going to do that?”

Mattock continued to stand there amused.

“Just like I called you out on the real reason you walked out of LoC and away from Jonathan Conspiracy, I’m going to reveal the real reason you sided with me. It wasn’t to get stronger.. You sided with me because you knew Amber hated my guts so you figured if you aligned yourself with me, she would hate you too. You never wanted to get stronger at all. You wanted to use me as an excuse to not have to pass by each other in the halls once the walkout was over… in other words… you did what you always do best when things don’t go your way… YOU RAN AWAY.”

Mattock laughed a bit to himself and brought the microphone up to his lips.

“It takes a man to admit when he was wrong, but it takes a bigger man to own his mistakes. You’re absolutely right. Everyone can hate me for it, but your words are true. I did, in fact, use you so that I could distance myself from Amber. You’re also right in the fact that I do run away every time I fail, but since you want to stand there and dissect me, allow me to return the favor.”

Mattock walked up to Derecho.

“Did you ever stop to think why I locked myself away night after night and buried my face in textbooks? It’s because neither you nor dad ever took a vested interest in me. Sure… they may be worried about me now, but when dad was training you to be a part of this business, he gave no thoughts to introduce me to it. In fact, he spent all his time with you and figured that since I turned to academics, I had laid out my own path for myself. I didn’t sit back and just fade away, though. I confronted him about it numerous times and each and every time I did, I got the cold shoulder. He saw something in you and nothing in me. I was FORCED into this life and I yes… that neglect gave birth to inexperience. I never experienced failure on a grand scale often and yes, I didn’t know how to deal with it, but like I had previously stated… it takes a man to admit when they are wrong and a man to own his mistakes. Once the mistakes are owned, a man can begin to correct them and that’s what I am doing starting now.”

Mattock stepped right up his brother. They were nose to nose.

“No more running away. Not now… not ever. I want to end this once and for all between you and I. I want to take the last fifteen years of my life… all of the misfortunes, all of the suffering and I want to wrap it up in my fist and use it to break every bone in your damn face.”

Derecho couldn’t help, but laugh.

“That’s really amusing, Marcus. It’s amusing that it’s taken you this long to finally reach puberty. You can spare me the sad story because I don’t really care. I came out here because I knew you wanted to finish this between us so why wait until No Turning Back? If you’re so eager to finish this, then why don’t we do….”


In the middle of his sentence, Derecho slammed his microphone into the top of Mattock’s head! Mattock hit the canvas and the crowd booed! Derecho mounted Mattock and hammered away at him with heavy right hands. Derecho stood up and looked down at his brother.

“Looks like we’re about to see a repeat from just a few short weeks ago.” said Tony Stone. “Fine by me! Mattock just admitted that he was the most gutless coward of a man in the history of this planet. Anything and everything that Derecho is about to do to him is deserved ten times over.” said Reno. Derecho took a moment to look around the arena and he cracked a grin. Derecho dropped to the canvas and rolled out of the ring where he made his way over to the ringside area. Derecho ordered the timekeeper to move out of the way. The timekeeper wasted no time in getting out of the way of Derecho’s war path! Derecho picked up the timekeeper’s chair and tossed it over the top rope, not even bothering to fold it up.

Derecho rolled back into the ring and stood, grabbing the chair in the process. He placed the chair down dead center in the middle of the ring and grabbed his brother by his silver hair. Derecho pulled Mattock up to his feet and grabbed a fist full of his hair. He looked at Mattock dead in the face and yelled...

“You have been nothing but a sheer disappointment! I have always been better than you! You hear me!? I’VE ALWAYS BEEN BETTER!”

With that, Derecho let go of Mattock’s hair and scooped him up onto his shoulder. Derecho positioned Mattock over the chair, but Mattock showed signs of life and wriggled free! Mattock landed behind Derecho, pivoted and...


The roaring elbow slammed into the back of Derecho’s neck and Derecho went face and chest first into the unfolded steel chair!!! Derecho rolled on the canvas and immediately flopped out of the ring! The crowd cheered loudly for Mattock as Derecho tried to get back to his feet, but the stinging blow of that elbow had him on spaghetti legs!

While holding the back of his neck, Derecho got to his feet and stumbled around as if he were drunk. That elbow really knocked him for a loop, but despite all of that, Derecho was calling out to anyone that would listen.


A stagehand ran up with a live microphone and handed it to Derecho.

“YOU WANT YOUR MATCH AT NO TURNING BACK!?” yelled Derecho before doubling over and shake off the stinging effects of that elbow. He raised his head up and looked into the eyes of his brother. “YOU GOT IT!”

The crowd cheered, but Derecho began to laugh to himself.

“BUT! This match is going to be on my terms. I’m going to finish this once and for all. At No Turning Back… we’re going into my wheelhouse… we’re going into my realm… my world…”

Derecho sneered.

“This match will be contested with Underground Rules. I haven’t lost my crown yet and at No Turning Back, The King of Hell will have the sworn duty to bury his brother. You won’t be in my shadow anymore, Marcus. You’re going to be six feet beneath it.”

Derecho threw the microphone down on the ramp and slowly backpeddled towards the backstage area. Mattock’s eyes gave Derecho a focused, yet serious, stare.

“The match is set for No Turning Back! Derecho takes on his brother Mattock with Underground Rules in play.” said Tony Stone.

“Fourteen years of being a disappointment will finally go punished. Mattock will be buried alive by the hands of his brother at No Turning Back and we will finally get rid of this annoying little gnat!” said Reno Davis.


Featuring: The Draconian & LLB

Location: Outside the Arena of Champions

For weeks the mysterious man known only as The Draconian had laid waste to various LoC Grapplers, some of which were highly regarded as former World Champions in their own right. His methods were simple, his motivation unknown. LoC's Head of Talent Relations, LLB, the entire time had tried to get answers. How did The Draconian arrive to Legacy of Champions? Why was he here at all? However, he was unsuccessful in his search. The closest he got to any kind of information was from the lips of an FBI agent who simply said, "Draconian is ... dengerous." And so LLB continued his search, hunting The Draconian down and finally finding him just outside the Arena of Champions.

The scene was eerie. The dock heading into the lake that rested on the outskirts of LoC's property. The place where Frost was seemingly murdered years ago. The Draconian stood on the edge of the dock, staring into the night sky.

"Hey!," LLB screamed. "Drac -- Draconian! What are you doing out here?!"

A flash of light engulfed the night sky, the lake, and surrounded the Arena of Champions itself. LLB and Draconian were caught in it's midst. The sheer force of energy colliding with LLB sent the man tumbling backwards through the grass and into the parking lot. He struggled to see through it, shading his eyes with his hands, but to no avail. It wasn't until the light faded and the night returned to normalcy that he noticed ...

... The Draconian was gone. Disappeared into that bright flash of light. Just as mysteriously as he had entered the Legacy of Champions, he was gone.

Legends returned to the ring, leaving a baffled LLB to try and make sense of what he just witnessed.


Stipulation: Tag Team First Fall to Finish

Referee: Chris Horowitz

As we returned from the backstage area, Mary-Lynn Mayweather and Daryn Thompson were already both standing in the ring. They discussed strategy in their corner, as Daryn’s music died down.

“As you can see, tag team action is next as the Tiny Attorney and the Texas Technician prepare to battle the Bombshells champion and her latest assistant, Timothy.” Tony Stone said.

“Wait?” Reno paused. “Timothy is a wrestler?” Reno went inaudible. “... It… it can’t be.”

“I didn’t believe it either Reno.” Tony started.

“Whatever, the CHAMP… is… HERE!”

“A Girl Like You” by Edwyn Collins.

The music started up and the lights went out in the arena save for a few red spotlights that started to swirl around the arena. The spotlights continued to flash and bathe the arena in their glow.

That’s when the big screen interrupted the entrance. Standing in the House’s locker room was Charlotte, smiling toward the camera as Timothy dotted over her hair.

“Hello there, unworthy challengers.” Charlotte blew them a kiss. “I’m sorry we can’t make it tonight, but we’ve got other plans.” Timothy leaned into the frame and nodded enthusiastically. “But don’t worry, it won’t be the last time you see me tonight.” She smiled devilishly toward the camera. “Enjoy your meaningless victory in this battle, cause tonight, we make moves to win this war.”

After a moment, Charlotte turned to Timothy. “Timothy? Would you?”

Timothy then rushed toward the stationary camera, knocking it over. The big screen turned to static.

Mary-Lynn and Daryn could only look at one another confused as the camera returned to ringside. Even Tony Stone seemed a bit perturbed. “I… I’m not exactly sure what’s going on, but it appears Charlotte and Timothy have forfeited his matchup.”

“Can’t win or lose a match that never begins.”

“No, very clearly you can.” Tony said. “Mary-Lynn and Daryn Thompson can both claim a win over Charlotte.”

“In a tag match that never started?” Reno sighed. “That’s like saying I have credibility to face Youngblood for the Relentless title all because I booked myself in a match with him via an e-vite.”

“You did?”

“No, but give me a moment. I’ve got a smart phone.”

"Either way, whatever you think, this puts both Daryn and Mary-Lynn in line for a shot at Charlotte's Bombshell's championship." Tony Stone said. "Let's head backstage..."

Winner: No Contest


Featuring: Providence & Derecho

Location: Backstage

Derecho was seen backstage still seething after his encounter with his brother earlier tonight. He stormed the halls looking for something… anything to unleash his frustration on. Derecho turned a corner and stopped dead in his tracks. A sinister grin came over his face as he stared off into the distance as if he saw an answer to all of his problems.

“Fancy running into you here.” said Derecho.

The camera panned over and revealed Providence clad in his typical hooded cloak that hid most of his face. Providence turned and saw Derecho and tilted his head back to get a better look at him through his hood. The look also conveyed that Providence wanted Derecho to get to the point rather quickly. Derecho’s smile changed to a mood of seriousness as he got the same vibe just by looking into Providence’s eyes. Derecho cleared his throat.

“I’m not going to dance around anything and coat what I’m about to say in sugar. I know you are a man of destiny and you wish to rid LoC of all of the heroes that walk these halls. I can respect that.”

Derecho paused as Providence continued to give him the same look while remaining silent.

“Right…” muttered Derecho. “My point is you have a match tonight with someone who only THINKS he is a hero, but deep down inside, he is anything and everything but. You have a match against my brother and I figured that was just a little bit too convenient. I’m sure you saw what happened out there earlier tonight and I know a man like yourself can already see where I’m going with this conversation.” A slight smirk developed across Providence’s face as he listened to Derecho. He typically had little time for anyone - hero or not - but his ego basked in the moment just a little bit.

“I believe I do,” he said as he looked into Derecho’s eyes. “You’re looking for someone to do a little bit of your dirty work it seems. Someone you in your quest to take your brother out of the picture permanently. Does that sound about right?”

“Well, ‘help’ isn’t exactly…”

Before Derecho could finish his thought, Providence stepped right in again.

“You see, your brother may not actually be a hero right now. But the last thing we need is for any of these fools having false hope that they can become a hero either. There’s more than enough false idols as it is with the Andy Murrays, Lindsay Troys and others of their ilk running around LoC. That’s why I will make an example of your brother and anyone else who thinks they can somehow attain a destiny that is not theirs to have.”

Derecho cracked a grin and crossed his arms. He even began to laugh a little bit to himself.

“It’s funny.” said Derecho as Providence’s curiosity was piqued by that statement. “There are so many people out there that just don’t get it. The last time I was here in LoC, I broke my own personal code. I prefer being a lone wolf, yet, I surrounded myself with people like Jim Johnson and “Superstar” Vince Jacobs. Men who crave power, who crave the spotlight.. All to fulfill something inside of them that’s missing. Funny how that worked out for me. My goals changed and I no longer craved the Legacy Championship. I became the epitome of pain and destruction itself, but I guess I need to be thankful because through all of that pain and destruction, my eyes were opened and life taught me a harsh lesson.”

Providence still had no idea where Derecho was going with this, but still listened intently.

“That lesson was you don’t always get what you want. You stray off your path and walk a path of ruin. The difference between myself and my brother is I embraced the ruin and made it a part of myself. My brother… he doesn’t have the ability to do such a thing. He wants to redeem himself. He wants to walk the path of the hero. To vanquish me and get the girl in the end. It couldn’t be any more of a fairy tale ending to his chapter here in LoC, but as much as I have learned my lesson. Tonight, Mattock will learn it all the same… one way or another… it will be drilled into his head.”

As Derecho spoke, Providence nodded his head, seeing finally that maybe they shared a few ideas about how to deal with their counterparts on the LoC roster.

“For us, the best part of being on our own is that we alone hold our fate in our hands. No one can drag us down or hold us back from achieving what lies ahead of us.” He paused momentarily and the sly grin re-appeared. “But for others, being on their own means no one is there to save them. No one is there to make up for their faults. And that’s when a hero....becomes a martyr.”

The two men exchanged a knowing glance and a final nod, then Providence stepped by Derecho and headed on down the hallway toward the gorilla position for his impending match. Derecho cracked a grin and then began to laugh to himself just a bit before turning and exiting the ring. Derecho knew that it was only a matter of time before Mattock received a form of payback for what he did earlier this evening.

“Mattock is going to be fighting an uphill battle later tonight.” said Stone.

“It’s Mattock v. Providence one on one, Stoner. Derecho’s not going to be out there, but it is still an uphill battle for Mattock. No one can fight and win against destiny!” said Reno.


Stipulation: First Fall to Finish

Referee: Ian Nyugen

Earlier in the evening, Mattock came out to the ring and called his brother Derecho out. He had returned at Underground and helped secure a win for Amber Ryann, but tonight he had a one on one match with Providence. Derecho caught wind of this and decided to stir the pot. A deal was made and Providence was out to make an example of Mattock.

The lights in the arena faded to black as an image of a greyscale landscape was shown with a figure sitting in a chair.

"Oh won't you tell me
Please just tell me
Explain how this should work."

"Well now who could it be…
That lives inside of me?"

The screen cracked with the thump of the drum. As the song revved up, the letters M-A-T-T-O-C-K slowly encroached their way to the center of the screen, their individual characters becoming distorted as they passed over the cracks in the glass. When the camera focused away from the screen, Mattock as crouched down on all fours among a smoke screen on the stage. Slowly, he stood up as the opening guitar continued to play. When the lyrics kicked back in, he began to walk down the ramp to the ring, the crowd cheering for him in the process.

Mattock picked up a bit of speed at the bottom of the ramp and slid in under the bottom rope. Mattock performed a headstand into a front flip where he landed on his feet and then pivoted into a crouched position in the ring's center. He slowly backed up into the neutral corner where he remained crouched.

“Out of the Black” by Royal Blood

As the letters forming PROVIDENCE rolled up onto the LegacyTron, the familiar yellow beam shone down on the figure of the LoC grappler standing at the top of the entrance ramp. He stood momentarily without moving, his face hidden in the shadows of his hooded cloak. Then, he slowly began his walk down the ramp, his head remaining down the entire way.

Finally when he reached the ringside area, Providence pulled back the hood and looked up at Mattock in the ring. A slight grin started to creep across his face as he removed the cloak and set it to the side. While remaining on the floor, he rubbed his hands together and eyed Mattock closely. Providence walked up the steps and entered the ring where he continued to grin as he eyed at his opponent from across the ring.

Referee D.C. Train checked to make sure that both men were ready and called for the bell.




“This was set to just be a one on one match here to celebrate Mattock’s return and recovery, but Derecho made a deal with Providence and now Mattock has to watch his back more than ever.” said Stone.

“Why? Because Derecho and Providence had a conversation? I’m having a conversation with you right now, but does that mean Mattock has to watch his back? No… it doesn’t. You’re just being paranoid, Stoner.” said Reno.

Mattock pulled himself up out of the corner and began to quickly encircle Providence. Mattock went for the leg, but Providence quickly dashed out of the way. The two stopped circling and then locked up, but Mattock quickly went into a go behind and into a hammerlock. Providence reached between his legs and tried to trip Mattock up, but Mattock reached down and grabbed Providence by the arm and flipped him instead! Mattock pulled up on Providence’s legs, stepped over him and bridged backwards into an unorthodox pin!



Providence kicked out.

The two of them got back to their feet and had a bit of a staredown. Mattock glanced at Providence through his mask while Providence began to realize just how different Mattock’s offense was from other wrestlers on the LoC roster.

Providence and Mattock circled each other in the ring once again. Mattock went to lock up, but Providence stopped him with a knee to the stomach. Providence hammered away over Mattock’s upper back with forearm after forearm. He whipped Mattock to the ropes, but Mattock front flipped against them and came back with a leaping roundhouse kick which caught Providence in the side of the head.

Providence staggered backwards as Mattock got back to his feet. Mattock turned and stepped into Providence with a kick to the mid-section, doubling him over. Mattock grabbed Providence in a gutwrench and muscled him up onto his shoulder, but Providence wriggled free and landed behind Mattock. Mattock turned around right into a discus clothesline from Providence which knocked him down to the canvas. Providence took a step back and measured up Mattock as he got back to his feet, backing into the corner. Providence charged in and nailed a corner clothesline which stunned Mattock.

Providence quickly took off to the opposite corner and charged back in, hitting a second corner clothesline which dropped Mattock down into a seated position in the corner. Providence then pressed his boot across Mattock’s throat, choking the life out of him. Referee D.C. Train stepped in and admonished Providence, but when he wouldn’t let go of the hold, he gave him the mandatory five count.





Providence finally let the hold go as the people booed. Mattock clutched his throat as Providence backed away, turned and went back to the corner where he pulled Mattock back to his feet and hit a right hand that produced a thundering smack throughout the arena. The impact of the haymaker dropped Mattock back down, but he held onto the top rope to prevent himself from falling all the way to the canvas.

Providence headed to the opposite corner and charged in right when Mattock pulled himself up. Providence drilled a running back elbow right into Mattock’s face and now Mattock collapsed back down to a seated position. Providence grabbed Mattock by the leg and pulled him out of the corner where he made the cover, hooking the leg.



Mattock popped the shoulder up

“Mattock sure has an odd wrestling style, but Providence isn’t going to let that phase him” said Stone.

“Of course not. Providence is a genius. He is a man of destiny and a savior of the masses. He won’t let a few flips and flops deter him.” said Reno.

“Ironic coming from a man who made a career out of flips and flops.” said Stone.

“Don’t patronize me. At least I had a career. What have you done aside from sitting behind a table and spout off the most generic crap in the history of commentary, huh!?” retorted Reno to silence from Tony Stone.

Mattock’s unorthodox offense threw Providence off his game at first, but now Providence was firmly in control of the match. Providence got behind Mattock and sat him up. He then rained right hands to the top of Mattock’s skull, knowing full well that Derecho gave him a head injury just a few weeks ago. Providence, as cerebral as he is, was plotting to use that to his advantage here today. After he rained down those right hands, Providence stood and kicked Mattock between the shoulder blades which caused Mattock to tense up and try to pull himself up. But before Mattock could get up on his own, Providence was on him. The Man of Destiny yanked him to a standing position and lifted him into the air before driving Mattock back down to the mat with a brainbuster suplex..Mattock clutched his head in pain on the canvas as Providence went for the cover, hooking the leg.



Mattock kicked out once again.

Providence sat Mattock back up and then placed him into a Rear Naked Choke. Providence was trying to keep Mattock grounded and worn out. He knew that if he allowed Mattock to get free that hit would be quite difficult to keep up with him. Providence continued to wrench away at Mattock’s neck, but the crowd began to get behind him. This gave Mattock the energy to begin to battle back up to his feet. Once vertical, Mattock hit a pair of elbows into Providence’s stomach. It jarred Providence enough to allow Mattock to break free. While Providence was hunched over, Mattock fell to his back and kicked Providence right in the side of the head! While he was dazed, Mattock reached up and pulled Providence over into a small package!



Providence got the shoulder up!

“This could be the start of Mattock mounting a comeback.. Unless you think that, too, is generic.” said Stone.

“Of course I do. You are the John Madden of Pro-Wrestling.. And not in a legend kind of sense, but in the regard of the fact that you say the most obvious shit and it’s a wonder how you had a job in your field for as long as you have.” said Reno.

Providence got back to his feet, holding his head and was met with a knife edge chop from Mattock. Mattock hit another and another, driving Providence back into the corner. Mattock with a whip, but Providence reversed it, sending Mattock into the opposite corner instead. Providence gave chase, but Mattock walked up the turnbuckles and flipped over Providence, landing on his feet. Mattock grabbed Providence in a waist lock and attempted a German Suplex, but Providence held onto the top rope and prevented it! Mattock tried it again, but Providence continued to hold on. Providence made Mattock eat a back elbow to the head and then with Mattock stunned, Providence lifted him up and planted him to the mat with a spinebuster that turned the tide once again.

The people booed as Providence stood over Mattock, quite displeased that he was trying to mount some sort of offense. Providence picked Mattock back up and hammered away at his head with more heavy right hands. The third strike put Mattock onto his back as Providence shook off the sting from the punch as he walked away. Mattock got back to his feet as Providence stepped in and pressed Mattock against the ropes. He went for the whip, but Mattock reversed it and sent Providence into the ropes instead. Mattock backed up quickly and hit the ropes and the two were on a collision course. Mattock went low and nailed a Basement Dropkick that sent Providence face first into the canvas!

Providence was pulling himself up when Mattock went to the ropes and flipped over Providence, pulling him into the Cartwheel Powerbomb...


Mattock held Providence down for the pin!



Providence kicked out!

Mattock stood up and went to the corner. He crouched down and measured Providence up as the crowd began to cheer. Providence stood back up and that’s when Mattock charged in. He lunged forward and twisted, hitting the Spiral Spear to the stomach...


Another one of Mattock’s many signature moves connected and he went for another cover, hooking the leg...



Shoulder up again by Providence!

“A quick succession of moves has Mattock right back in this match, but he can’t quite capitalize on it yet!” said Stone.

“Providence is a tough individual.. You don’t just have a snappy comeback and expect to win with him. Come on Stone. A man of destiny cannot be robbed of it so easily!” said Reno.

The crowd booed as they thought that move would be the one to put Providence away, but after two big moves like that, Mattock was feeling confident that one more would put Providence away. Mattock stood and walked behind Providence. He reached for the zipper on the mouth to his mask and unzipped it, unleashing a battle cry. He turned his attention back to Providence who was pulling himself back up. Providence turned around and Mattock pivoted with the Roaring Elbow...



Providence avoided the Roaring Elbow and when the two of them turned around, Providence quickly kicked Mattock in the stomach, butterflied the arms and spiked him..


“HA! Told ya!” said Reno.

Mattock could be out after that one! The impact to the head could have also reaggravated that injury and Providence knew it! He quickly went down into the cover, hooking the leg!!



Thre… NO!!!

“But it wasn’t enough to put him away, Reno.” said Stone.

“Yes, but now Providence has Mattock right where he want him and after sustaining an injury to the head at the hands of Derecho which, by the way, was well deserved, it’s only a matter of time before Providence sinks his teeth in and prevents this poor, wretched soul from ever becoming a hero!” said Reno.

Mattock shot the shoulder up and the crowd popped! Providence gritted his teeth as he felt that he had Mattock right where he wanted him. Providence stood and stalked Mattock, daring him to get back up. Mattock began to stand, but he was a bit on dream street after that double arm DDT. It was quite obvious that there was something wrong here as the referee stepped in to check on Mattock. Providence didn’t care as he stepped in and grabbed Mattock by the arm. He pulled him in and hooked Mattock around his neck, but when he lifted him for The Fall… his Uranage Slam… Mattock elbowed Providence in the side of the head and Providence released Mattock.

Mattock landed, but staggered back. Providence saw his shot and swung with a lariat, but Mattock ducked into the go behind… He nailed the German Suplex and rolled through, pulling Providence up to his feet. He got underneath Providence, lifted him up and spun out with the Blue Thunder Powerbomb...


Mattock held Providence down for the cover...



Thr.. NO!

Providence with the shoulder up much to the chagrin of the crowd on hand.

“A close one for Mattock, but he can’t put Providence away!” said Stone.

“Just like you can’t put yourself away like we all wish you should.” said Reno.

Mattock got back up and pulled Providence up to his feet. Mattock hooked Providence after a kick to the gut into a Pumphandle position. He lifted Providence up and fell forward with the Pumphandle Slam. Mattock stood and headed to the corner as Providence was in the perfect position. Mattock ascended the turnbuckle pads and took aim on Providence when all of a sudden...


“What the hell is happening?” asked Stone.

“The lights went out, Tony. I thought that was quite obvious.” said Reno.

“I am….”

“....I am”

“Charisma” by WASP

“That’s Derecho’s theme!” exclaimed Stone.

“Well it certainly isn’t Brooke Lynn’s theme, that’s for damn sure.” said Reno.

The crowd booed as Mattock halted and turned his attention to the entrance way, but as he did that, Providence popped to his feet and charged the corner. He quickly climbed up to the middle turnbuckle and the arena returned to normal… Derecho was nowhere in sight, but that didn’t stop Providence from hitting a Super Belly to Belly Overhead Release Suplex! Mattock bounced off the canvas hard! Providence got to his feet and pulled Mattock up. He hooked Mattock around the neck and planted him with the Uranage Slam...


Providence covered Mattock, hooking the leg.





“Providence stole one here tonight off of the distraction of Derecho’s entrance cuing up!” said Stone.

“Stole is such an ugly word. Providence did what any man of destiny would do and that was take advantage of a man who was distracted. If Mattock were truly going to become a hero, then he would have known that heroes don’t get distracted. They get the job done no matter what and Mattock couldn’t do that!” said Reno.

The crowd booed as Providence got back to his feet. D.C. Train raised Providence’s arm as he looked down at Mattock with a smirk. Just then, Derecho walked out from the backstage area applauding Providence’s efforts here tonight.

“Aw, come on! Now Derecho is out here to pick the bones!” said Stone.

“What’s wrong with that? I’ll tell you what… NOTHING!” said Reno.

Providence exited the ring and when Derecho and Providence met on the ramp, Derecho extended his hand and Providence shook it. Derecho continued down to the ring where he rolled in under the bottom rope.

Derecho, with a grin on his face, looked down at his beaten brother. Derecho reached down and grabbed Mattock’s mask and ripped it off of his face. He then planted his boot on top of Mattock and held his mask up like a trophy.

“This is just a sickening display. He has absolutely no respect for Mattock who is trying to turn his life around.” said Stone.

“Why should he? Mattock was the one who shunned his family. Mattock is the one who changed his name. Mattock is the one who can’t step out of his brother’s shadow. Mattock is the one who keeps running away whenever life throws him a hardball situation. Yet, you’re lauding Derecho? You SHOULD be lauding how deplorable Mattock is. He’s not turning his life around… he couldn’t even beat Providence.. Not that anyone really can, but that’s beside the point!” said Reno.

The crowd continued to boo Derecho as he tossed the mask aside. Providence was backpeddling up the ramp, enjoying what he was seeing. Derecho went to leave when he stopped and turned on a dime, rushing back to the center of the ring where he began to hammer down rapid right hands to the side of Mattock’s head! Providence nodded and laughed as he disappeared behind the black curtain to the backstage area.

Derecho continued to hammer away at Mattock until he stood and pulled Mattock to his feet. Derecho then hoisted Mattock up onto his shoulder and..


“That’s enough! Mattock didn’t deserve that!” exclaimed Stone.

“Do I need to re-list everything Mattock has done? No? Good! Based on my earlier recap of Mattock’s life, please explain how he doesn’t deserve something like that! Actually… wait… don’t… because you’ll just spout forth some random generic hooha once again. Yes, I said hooha.. .deal with it.” said Reno.

Derecho popped back up and looked around. He found Mattock’s mask and looked at it before looking down at his brother. Derecho leisurely held the mask over Mattock’s body and then let it free fall on top of him. Derecho then mouthed the words..

“You will never be a hero”

With that, Derecho took his leave to a chorus of boos from the crowd. Derecho made his way to the backstage area and disappeared as D.C. Train checked on Mattock’s condition.

Winner: Providence via Pinfall


Featuring: Andy Murray & Providence

Location: Gorilla Position

Providence had long swept through the gorilla position before Derecho’s assault on Mattock had continued. The younger brother had been a stern opponent, and The Man Of Destiny doubtlessly benefited from the W.A.S.P-induced distraction, but it didn’t matter: his name would go on-record as the winner, and the circumstances were irrelevant.

Crew members actively moved out of Providence’s way as he entered the backstage area. He was a man nobody wanted to cross, particularly those who weren’t trained to fight, but that didn’t stop the Underground Champion brazenly striding towards him.

“‘Ello mate,” Andy Murray said on approach. He’d already freshened-up and changed into something more casual following his match with Brandon Thomas, though his shoulder bandaging now extended beyond the length of his t-shirt sleeve. Regardless, The King didn’t fear the perennial thorn in his side… not yet, anyway.

“I missed you out there tonight, friendo,” Murray said. “Where were you? Seems a week barely passes without you cloaking my match in smoke and mirrors, but tonight? Nothing.”

Providence almost cracked the slightest of smiles, but chose to remain stoic. “You’re complaining about me NOT interfering in your match, Mr. Murray?” Providence asked. “Do you realise how ridiculous you sound?”

“I think it’s a safe assumption,” Andy responded, “especially after the shit you tried to pull at Underground, and Legends 26 before that..”

Andy winced as he gesticulated with his right arm. Barbs of pain shot from his injured shoulder, but he did his best to mask it. Providence couldn’t help but notice, however.

“Here’s the thing: I didn’t come back to this business to play hide and seek with guys like you,” Andy continued. “I am a wrestler, and I want to wrestle: that’s it. I’ve just spent a couple months doing the whole ‘runaround’ thing with Dusk, and now that we’re getting into it, I’m going to nip this in the bud.”

The Underground Champion took a step closer to the Man of Destiny: close enough to reach out and grab him, but not close enough to send the tension through the roof.

“I don’t have a goddamn clue what your motivations are,” Andy said, “but I’m tired of this nonsense already. Let’s settle it, mate: one on one, and afterwards, you’ll go your way, and I’ll go mine.”

The familiar smirk that Providence often displayed appeared once again as he studied Murray for a moment before replying.

“Mr. Murray, are you really standing here right now challenging me to a match?” Providence paused for a second before continuing. “You, sir, are the Underground Champion. You don’t have any need to challenge any of us to a match. We should be the ones challenging you after all. And trust me, when I am ready to ascend to greater heights and make you the latest LoC hero to fall at my hands, I will come calling and take that championship from you.”

Andy’s first instinct was to smack the Man of Destiny across the jaw, but he kept his restraint. Providence was trying to push his buttons, but as much as he didn’t like it, he couldn’t afford to lose his cool and lash out.

“You’re a slippery piece of work, I’ll give you that,” Andy said, “but it doesn’t matter. None of this matters. Why? Because I took the initiative. I already spoke to Scott Riktor while you were out there doing your thing, and we’re on, mate. No Turning Back, the Underground Championship: let’s settle this once and for all.”

The King let the announcement hang in the air for a few moments, perhaps testing for Providence’s reaction. He got nothing in return.

“Looking forward to cashing-in all those receipts you’ve given me lately, lad,” Andy said, turning away. He stopped. “Oh, and one for Monte Burns…”

When Providence remained silent without a reaction to the remark, Murray continued on walking away. Once the Underground Champion had disappeared around a corner into the nearby hallway, Providence finally smiled again.

“One for Monte…” he said with a shake of the head. “You just remember what happened to him, Mr. Murray. It’s a fate you will share thanks to the destiny that awaits us both.”


Featuring: The New Breed

Location: In-Ring

The lights in the arena dimmed.

After the symphonic intro of "Symphony of Destruction" the thunderous drums of "Yours is an Empty Hope" kicked in as the arena swirled with amber lights. Brian Williams and Mike Patterson walked out from the backstage area and stopped at the top of the entrance ramp. They paused for a moment and then fist bumped each other and walked down to the ring in tandem.

When they got to the ringside area, Patterson went left and Williams went right. They both climbed up to the ring apron on opposite sides of the ring. They both stepped in as Williams knelt down in the middle of the ring while Patterson stood behind him with his fist raised into the air. They both stood and fist bumped each other before splitting to opposite neutral corners. They ascended to the top and eat struck a pose for the crowd. They hopped down and regrouped as the arena returned to normal.

Brian Williams asked for a microphone from the ringside area and received one. He went back to the center of the ring where he stood side by side with Mike Patterson. Williams had the microphone in hand as he brought it up to his lips.

“You know, it’s funny.” said Williams. “The first time we challenged Fall of Adam, they used the Tag Team Gauntlet as an excuse to avoid us. Then, last time on Legends, they cited that they had another opportunity at the LoC Tag Team Championships and, once again, used a title opportunity to avoid us. This is kind of getting old if you ask me.”

Patterson stood there and nodded as Williams scratched the side of his head.

“So I got to thinking. If the Fall of Adam want to use championships as an excuse, then why can’t we? Afterall, if you take Fall of Adam’s involvement in our matches out of the equation, we’re undefeated here in LoC.

Patterson thought about it and nodded.

“Right? Every time we’ve lost a match, the Fall of Adam have interfered and cost us our victory… so I thought to myself… what would happen if the Fall of Adam were banned from ringside and we were to challenge The House for the LoC Tag Team Championship!?”

The crowd cheered and began a “YES!” chant.

“I think they like the idea” said Williams in reference to the audience. “So I’m thinking we go on and beat The House.. Become the first team in history to hold the jOlt and LoC Tag Team Championships at the same time because, you know.. We’re still kind of the jOlt World Tag Team Champions… and then we beat the Fall of Adam decisively in a title defense. I don’t know about you, Mikey, but I love the sound that.”

The crowd cheered loudly as well and Mike Patterson asked for the microphone. The silent giant wanted to speak.

“You know, Brian. You and I went to war with each other. We had, arguably, the greatest match of 2015 in any company on the planet. When the two of us came together, we became an unstoppable force. We know exactly what The House is capable of. Four-time jOlt World Tag Team Champions… one of the best teams in jOlt’s history. It’s no shock that they’re holding the belts here in LoC, but times have changed. There’s five of them now and only two of us.”

Patterson then turned to the camera.

“...and because it’s us, that makes it a fair fight. So… Roebuck… Huber…. The ball is in your court. We’ve laid down the challenge. Should you accept, I want Gacy and Oswald to find a seat in the back and pay close attention because where you failed, we will succeed and once we succeed, you better believe we’re going to finish what the two of you started. I only hope you’re ready for it.”

Patterson threw the microphone down as their music cued up. Patterson and Williams fist bumped each other as Patterson gave a dead-serious look into the camera.

“The challenge has been laid out! The New Breed feel that they can succeed against The House whereas The Fall of Adam came up short. They feel like they are the better tag team and a win against The House will undoubtedly prove that.” said Stone.

“That’s IF The New Breed can beat The House and, Stoner… believe me when I say this… NOBODY can beat The House, but it’ll be entertaining to watch them try.”

As the talking heads discussed what just went down, Patterson and Williams exited the ring and headed to the backstage area.


Stipulation: Tag Team First Fall to Finish

Referee: Chris Horowitz

“Yeah, yeeaah, oh-yeeeahhh, what condition my condition was in…”

“Just Dropped In” by Kenny Rogers and The First Edition was the song that echoed throughout the Arena of Champions as the sold-out crowd was wild'n out. LoC’s most nefarious Aquarius, former three-time Legacy Champion Shawn Jessica Hart, PhD, had shot out from behind the curtains and was making his way toward the ring with his partner Rikki Roxx!

The Prime Minister of Gettin' Sinister's mug was locked in bitch-face mode, an obvious bi-product of his recent bad luck. He has been in a heated altercation with the resident superstar in Legacy of Champions, Vince Jacobs and his new bodyguard the massive Athena. He and Roxx quickly made their way to the ring to a loud chorus of cheers from the fans as they prepare for this huge tag team match.

Both men stood in the ring awaited their opponents.

"I didn't have to come to the LoC to become a superstar...I brought my spotlight with me!!!"

“Villain” by Theory of a Deadman

The song blared throughout the Arena of Champions as an angry chorus of negative crowd heat would flood the arena as the entire arena became a washed with Purple, Gold & Pearl star-shaped eye candy from overhead. The massive screens continued showcasing the numerous displays of tactical brilliance & seasoned technical mastery for all to see. A select cadre of earned monikers would dance at random, exploding on the Arena of Champions one after the other.

Pro Wrestling's Phenomenon - The Icon - The Living Legend – The Ratings Grabber - The Reason there is a show – Mr. Pay Per View

The camera would center itself onto the entrance staging area where the notoriously controversial lightning rod would part the backstage curtains with a prominent smirk, etched across the heavily decorated veteran’s visage. The Russian Jewel herself would follow suit to draw forth the beta male thirst & envy while preening and proudly directing the ‘spotlight’ on LoC’s ‘God of Wrestling Greatness’ whom would slowly raise his extended arms upward to promote several Golden & Purple plumes of pyrotechnical brilliance upward before being dismissed on cue.

Vince Jacobs and Natalia slowly made their way down to the ring as the fans continued to jeer the four time Legacy champion. The huge monster Athena was seen in the rear as the power couple finally made their way to the ring. Jacobs climbed up the steps and made his way into the ring as he peered over at Roxx and Hart with a smirk.

Roxx spoke to Hart on the outside of the ring before positioned himself in the ring ready for combat. Jacobs smirked as he decided to start for his team. Chris motioned for the bell to sound as Jacobs walked to the middle of the ring, however Roxx and Hart was not in the playing mood as he charged Jacobs. Rikki took Vince down with a Lou Thesz press and starting to nail the former champion with big rights hands.

Roxx was trying to take all his frustration out on Jacobs after everything he has done to him and Hart. The crowd was behind both of these superstars as Roxx continued his onslaught. SVJ tried to roll out of the ring but Rikki kept him in the ring. Rikki picked Vince up and whipped him into the ropes. SVJ bounced off the ropes and was nailed by a big dropkick from Roxx. The fans erupted in cheers as Roxx nailed Vince with an elbow drop.

Roxx picked Jacobs up from the mat and pulled him to his corner. He quickly tagged in Hart but Jacobs was able to pull free and roll out of the ring to a chorus of jeers. Natalia ran around the ring to check on her husband. SVJ held his jaw as he climbed back into the ring. He tagged in Athena as he slowly climbed through the ropes onto the ring apron. Athena tried to hook Hart in a front chancery but Hart nailed Athena with a quick couple of kicks to the thighs.

Hart surprised Athena with a dropkick to the knee. Athens fell to one knee as Hart quickly bounced off the ropes and nailed Athena with a Shining Wizard. The massive woman fell to the mat as Jacobs yelled at her to get up. Hart looked at Vince and gave him a quick pelvic thrust as the fans started to laugh. “Hart is really on his game tonight.” Stone chimed in.

“It won’t last long.” Davis added. Hart drove a leg across Athena’s throat before going for the quick cover. ONE!

Athena almost threw SJH halfway across the ring. Hart looked on surprised as Athena tried to get to her feet. Hart raced over to her and started to drill her with several right hand as the Amazon looked to brush the punches off. Hart pulled Athena to her feet.

“Not sure that was a wise move by Hart.” Stone said.

“No one will ever mistake Hart for a rocket scientist.” Davis replied.

Athena shoved Hart into the corner. She raced into the corner looking for a big splash but Hart moved out of the way. He ran into the corner and was caught by the throat. Athena drove him into the mat with a huge chokeslam. SVJ pointed to Hart on the mat as Athena pulled herself from the corner. She made her way toward Shawn and drilled him with a big boot to the side of his head. Hart rolled to the mat as Athena stalked the former Legacy champion.

Athena grabbed Hart by the hair and pulled him to his feet. She whipped Hart into her corner hard. Athena charged into the corner with a big splash. Hart slumped to the mat as Athena started to choke him with her boot. Roxx was livid on the ring apron as Horowitz finally pulled Athena away from Hart. This gave Jacobs the opportunity to jump down on the floor and start choking Shawn. Roxx could not take any more as he made his way into the ring.

Horowitz was trying to hold Rikki back as the fans erupted in jeers. SVJ continued to choke Shawn as Athena made her way back to the corner.

“Doesn’t Roxx understand he’s making it worst for Hart? Jacobs is a veteran he knows how to break the rules.” Davis said.

“And break the rules well he does.” Stone replied.

“Don’t hate on Greatness, Stoney.” Davis added.

Jacobs released the choke hold as Athena made her way back to the corner.


The crowd tried their best to get behind SJH in this match. Athena pulled Hart from the corner and whipped him into the ropes. Hart held onto the ropes as Roxx made the blind tag. Athena raced toward Hart and was nailed with a double boot to the face. While this was happening Roxx was climbing to the top rope. Athena staggered backwards as Hart rolled out of the ring. Roxx leapt off the top with missile dropkick that sent Athena to the mat.

Rikki was not done as he went to the top rope once again. The Rocker waited for Athena to get to her feet as he dove off the tope rope with a spinning heel kick that caught the Amazon flush in the face. Roxx went for the cover.


Athena was not going down that easy. Hart was still a little groggy as he stood on the floor. Roxx stood to his feet and raised his arms in the air. Natalia jumped on the apron which got the attention of the referee. Vince slunk into the ring and nailed Rikki with a low blow. He quickly rolled out of the ring as Hart raced around the ring after the Superstar. Athena made it to her feet and hooked Roxx in the middle of the ring. She drove him into the mat with a thunderous power bomb as Natalia dropped down from the apron. Horowitz turned to see Athena dropping to the mat to cover Roxx.



Vince held Hart by his legs so he could not get into the ring as Athena picked up the win for his team. Jacobs smirked as he and Natalia made their way up the ramp. Hart rolled into the ring to check on Roxx as Athena rolled out of the ring. She made her way up the ramp to where Vince and Natalia were as Natalia raised the winning tag team’s arms.

Winner: SVJ & Athena via Pinfall


Featuring: Legion of Devastation, Inc.

Location: Locker Rooms


Sitting in their locker room the Legion of Devastation, Inc. was ... devastated. Well, not all of them. Not any of them, really, just Brandon "Bacon" Thomas. BT had just lost an Underground Championship match to Andy Murray and that was the one question he had on his mind.

"...HOW?! How did we lose an Underground Rules match when it was four against one! HOW?!"

"Dude," egg NOG cautiously responded, "I mean ... we tried."

"I was da guy in da ring with dat cricket dat, yaknow?," an annoyed but almost apologetic BIG Little Italy chimed in.

"Which," BT fired back, "If I'm not mistaken, AND I AM NOT, was a completely useless thing to do, meatball!"

"Did youse just call me meatball?!"

"Yes, Ise did just call youse meatball, meatball." Brandon eyed cHEESE and "Max". "And what did you two clowns offer in any of this?!"

"Clowns are so mainstream now. Mimes are the new clowns ... but you wouldn't know about that."

"HATE Hipster cHEESE," BT snorted, "And you ... what do you have to say for yourself?"

"I'm Max."

"Superb. I don't know why I even bother. I went for years in this company and I didn't care once about the Underground Championship."

"So, dude," egg NOG replied, "why do you care now?"

"Because, NOG," BT said in a frustrated tone, "I actually had an Underground Championship match and I ... DON'T LOSE CHAMPIONSHIP MATCHES!"

"Dude, yes you do." egg NOG started counting on his fingers, "First of all, you lost the Legacy Championship twice ... then you lost the LoCDown match for the Legacy Championship, which I think counts. You lost the Continental Championship, like, a million years ago. Technically, you lost the Team Championship match just a few weeks ago. There was that time when --"

"You know what, NOG, I do not recall any of that."

"I do," cHEESE chimed in. "All of those are in my Brandon Thomas Greatest Hits wrestling mixtape. Wrestling mixtapes are probably the most genuine form of artistic expression someone can ever hope to achieve ... but none of you would know about that."

"Dig friggen guy," BIG Little Italy said while pointing his thumb at cHEESE.


Stipulation: First Fall to Finish

Referee: D.C. Train

“Tonight’s main event is a special one Reno,” Tony Stone said. “We have a preview of No Turning Back, a bout between the two number one contenders, two of the most talented people in LoC and the industry in general: Lindsay Troy, and Kaus...”

“And I’m so glad you finally admitted that Kaus is a talented and superior athlete.” Reno Davis replied. “I’m glad you remember what being a journalist is like.”

“That’s hardly fair of you Reno. Just as Kaus’ actions of late have been hardly fair. It’s why Riktor is making sure there’s no outside interference or chicanery in this match. If Kaus loses by DQ or countout, he loses his shot at the Legacy title.”

“Which is completely unfair.” Reno said. “Why wouldn’t a man play the game unfair if everyone else is?”

Tony seemed to lose his breath as he spoke more rapidly. “You have such a weird perspective… Listen, no one ever doubted Kaus’ inherent talents, Riktor said it himself! But the way he utilizes those around him to give him the easy path to the top… that’s what I can’t personally stand.”


“You think if Kaus had to destroy the House to gain personal glory he wouldn’t? He eliminated KIRU.”

“Now come on.” Reno said. “KIRU was dead weight and everyone knows it. Who takes fifteen months to recover from a broken arm?” Reno laughed. “At least KIRU is smarter than Lindsay Troy! Challenging Kaus… no doubt the rest of the House will be waiting backstage to interfere given the opportunity.”

“If they do Reno,” Tony Stone started. “Our man in charge Scott Riktor has said Kaus will be forfeiting his opportunity at No Turning Back… any interference at ringside from the House will cause our main event to be strictly Jack Harmen vs. Lindsay Troy.” Tony paused. “Let’s head to ringside.”

Pendulum’s “Showdown” played next.

It's been such a long time coming I'd thought you'd understand That's over, hate of the last Will be joining in the sand

But it's simple you were wrong You must have known that we didn't not belong

I know you thought I'd sold my soul But you never told me to my face I just had to let you go And blow this shit away

The Brilliant Diamond make his entrance with a series of red strobe lights covered the arena. Kaus was out solo as per the stipulations of the match. The House had made trouble all night long and it looked set to continue some more with the Brilliant Diamond about to take on Lindsay Troy in a rematch from their encounter on Legends 26.

The Brilliant Diamond now entered the ring and with the crowd showing their scorn for a man who was once respected in the locker room, The de facto leader of the House took a spot in the ring and and shot a death glare at the official for having to go through what he called another hoop.

“And now, Kaus’ judgement day.” Tony Stone said.

“C’mon.” Reno sighed. “I just earlier praised your journalistic integrity. Don’t make me regret it…”

"Trampled Under Foot” by Led Zeppelin.

That all-too familiar clavinet intro blasted through the Arena of Champions and the crowd roared to its feet. Cell phone screens and camera flashes began illuminating the blackness, and blue, white, and gold pyro exploded from the stage like cannon fire.

Greased and slicked-down fine
Groovy leather trim
I like the way you hold the road
Mama, it ain't no sin

Talkin' 'bout love
Talkin' 'bout love
Talkin' 'bout …

“So,” Reno started. “Where is she?”

“I don’t know Reno.” Tony said. “In this situation, I imagine Troy is just salivating at the one on one opportunity she’s been given tonight to rectify the beatdown she received at Legends 26…”

“OH!!!!” exclaimed Kaus. “I know where Troy is! Is there a camera guy back there?”

On the big screen, footage of a fallen and beaten Lindsay Troy is shown. A small gash above her left eye, her hair began to be dyed a slight crimson. Fallen on the cold concrete, Troy clutched the arm that Kaus had locked into The Diamond Arm (Cross arm-breaker) just weeks ago. Derrick Hueber and Adam Roebuck stood overtop her, fuming. Zane Roebuck seemed to have boundless energy, taunting the fallen Queen of the Ring, while Charlotte simply looked on, all smiles.

“I’m getting word from backstage that this attack has been going on since Kaus’ entrance.” Tony Stone said. “Zane sneak attacked her with a chair, and then the House caught Troy by surprise with the Bust.”

“See?!” Reno shouted. “This is why Kaus is a GENIUS.”

“Cause he’s cheating? ‘Cause they’re doing to her what they did to Jeremy Ryan?”

“He’s leaving NOTHING to chance!”

Zane grabbed Troy’s arm as the elder members of the House restrained her. Zane took a steel chair and wrapped it around Troy’s exposed arm, and then took one hell of a stomping party all over it.

Troy hollered in pain and rolled to her side as numerous EMTs and security guards flooded the scene. Leading the charge was Scott Riktor, followed closely by Team VIAGRA member Mary-Lynn Mayweather. Riktor was screaming, shouting for the House to leave the area, as Mary-Lynn rushed to Troy’s side. Troy kept her arm close to her chest, bracing her elbow in particular against her sternum. Mary-Lynn stared daggers and looked furious toward Charlotte and the retreating House.

Back to ringside, Kaus couldn’t help but smile. To make matters worse he had a microphone in his hand.

“Oh darn,” said Kaus with dripping sarcasm. “Now I can’t jump through another one of Scott Riktor’s ridiculous hoops. Oh well. Guess there’s no main event and you’ll all have to settle for the fact that I and I alone am the true Number One Contender for the Legacy Championship!” he said.

“This is garbage!” said Tony Stone. “He can’t do this! There’s no way he’s just going to get away with this! Troy is a respected member of the locker room and she - let alone anybody else - doesn’t deserve this!”

“How many times does he have to say it, Stoner?” asked Reno. “The House play by their rules. Not yours, not Riktor’s, and not anybody’s!”

Kaus was about to drop his microphone and take a leave. However …

”All Aboard~! AH HA HA HA HA HA HA HAH…”

”Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne

Kaus turned his attention to the entranceway to face the Legacy champ as the billows of smoke began to emerge on the ramp. As the song reached a crescendo, Kaus readied himself in the ring, microphone still in hand.

Meanwhile, Jack Harmen hopped out from the crowd. The LoC fans cheered wildly as Harmen spoke briefly to the time keeper when he handed over his Legacy title. Harmen slid into the ring, standing just behind Kaus who was prepared for Harmen to emerge from the entranceway.

*Ding Ding Ding*


Stipulation: First Fall to Finish

Referee: D.C. Train

Kaus’ eyes went wide as he shouted “Wait, what?!” into the mic as he turned. Shoulder block from Harmen into a takedown, just as D.C. Train hit ringside. Harmen slammed fist after fist into the fallen and prone Kaus. Kaus squirmed and crawled to the nearest bottom rope, grasping for safety. Harmen finished the four count with three more punches before hopping off Kaus. Kaus hugged the bottom rope for his life as the Lunatic champion salivated for Kaus to let go and get to his feet.

Kaus began to yell at D.C. Train, “This isn’t a match! What is this?!”

D.C. Train just shouted, “Riktor’s orders. Stips the same.” Train nodded toward Harmen. “Now you face the champ.”

“Kaus has to face off against the Legacy champ just a few shows before No Turning Back! And if he gets DQ’d or counted out, he loses his shot at the belt!”

“See! See how unfair it is for Kaus! This is why he plays unfair!”

Harmen motioned for Kaus to bring it, as Kaus slowly pulled himself to his feet. He sneered toward Train, rubbing his nose in the process. Harmen, having enough, rushed toward Kaus, who used the ropes to pull himself out of the ring to a chorus of jeers.

Kaus waved the LoC Faithful off as he turned his attention to a particularly unruly fan. “What do you know!” Kaus shouted, before turning into a diving tope forearm shot from the flying Lunatic. Harmen landed on his feet and quickly jumped onto Kaus, lifting him by his hair. Harmen measured, and tossed Kaus toward the ringpost, only for Kaus to reverse at the last moment and send Harmen flying shoulder first instead. Harmen bounced off the post like a pinball and fell to the outside mats.

Kaus walked over to Harmen and stomped onto Harmen’s exposed hand. Then he took Harmen’s arm and slammed it against the turnbuckle post. Kaus wrapped Harmen’s arm around the turnbuckle post in a way it wasn’t ever meant to be bent, as Jack let out a scream.

D.C. Train reached five in the ring, as Kaus grew slightly concerned. He released Harmen’s arm for a moment, as Harmen reached out with his good arm and hooked Kaus, pulling him face first into the turnbuckle post. The crowd cheered wildly as Harmen rolled in under the bottom rope, and then rolled back outside, trying to shake the stinger out of the arm that Kaus had attacked.

Kaus with an eye rake, and then hooks Harmen’s tights, pulling him down face first onto the outside mats. Kaus rose to his feet, clutching his nose, before stomping the every living beejesus out of Harmen.

“Kaus is focusing specifically on that arm of Harmen’s. The same arm he targeted at Underground in that street fight tag team match.” Tony Stone said.

“Once again, Kaus is the smartest man alive.” Reno said. “Besides myself, and maybe Vince Jacobs… and the collective of the board.”

“Did you say collective of the Borg?”

Reno sighed. “No.” Reno shook his head. “Never.”

Kaus lifted Harmen up and tossed him shoulder and sternum first into the ring canvas. Winded, Kaus tossed Harmen into the ring itself and then slid in himself. He rushed a crawling Harmen with a double forearm smash to the face, and then quickly covered the champ.


“Harmen easily kicked out of that Reno, but I think the damage might have been done on his arm.” Tony said. “He’s at least weakened and vulnerable to Kaus’ most dangerous maneuver.”

“Well duh.” Reno said. “That’s just smart ring work.”

Kaus grabbed Harmen’s arm into a wristlock. Kaus then took his free hand and slammed a few forearms into Jack’s head and chest. Kaus jaw jacked at the fans as he ran elbow after elbow into the Lunatic. Jack scrambled and sprawled out, throw his own head into Kaus’ gut. And then a shoulder block into a tackle into the corner. Harmen let loose with a chop from his non dominant hand, and then tried one from his dominant, but it hurt him more than it hurt Kaus as Harmen stumbled out of the corner. Kaus charged the stunned Harmen and caught him with a roaring elbow, directly into a pin.



Kickout from the Lunatic. Kaus went back to the wrist lock but Harmen quickly sprawled before he could lock it in this time. Harmen put a step between himself and Kaus, who closed the gap quickly. Drop toe hold from Harmen, into an STF with a cravate, but Kaus quickly swiped at Harmen’s arm and he couldn’t hold the move in. Harmen rolled to his stomach as Kaus jumped on top, smashing his knee into the back of Harmen and yanking back with both arms in almost a surfboard variation. Kaus shouted at D.C. Train to check on Harmen, and Jack shook his head.

Jack fought to his knees, putting immense pressure on his back and arms, before folding his legs underneat him into a seated position. He then went to a kneel, and front flip mule kicked Kaus’ stomach to break the hold. Harmen landed on his back, and rolled to a three point stance. Kaus stumbled back, trying to regain his equilibruim as Harmen charged.

(Charging Yakuza Kick)

Kaus tumbled completely out of the ring from the blow, landing up against the barricade at ringside. D.C. Train began his count in the ring, as Harmen smiled and looked down at his handiwork.




“Why isn’t... “ Reno started. “SEE! I TOLD YOU! UNFAIR!”

Harmen laid down and began to make imaginary snow angels.

“It would be unfortunate if Kaus suffered a legit count out… it would mean his shot at No Turning Back-”

“-Would be STOLEN!” Davis finished.




Kaus began to stir, pulling himself up by the Barricade. At eight, he was right next to ringside, ready to slide in…

Only for a charging Mary-Lynn Mayweather to rush and spear him into the ring canvas. Kaus silently shouted in pain, his wind broken. He turned to meet his assailant, who raised her clipboard high.


The wooden clipboard came down with a thunderous SMACK that echoed through the arena. It cracked in two like a karate board. Mary-Lynn Mayweather kicked a slumping Kaus, before taking him and smashing him face first against the turnbuckle post on the outside.

Ding Ding Ding


“That’s the bell Stoner! Kaus is safe! He’s going to No Turning Back! This day is amazing!” Reno shouted.

Kaus bounced off and only held himself up by stumbling into the ring apron. Mary-Lynn caught him with a charging forearm that sent Kaus flailing backward in such a way he landed on the apron on his back. Mary shoved him in further, and then pulled out a steel chair from under the ring.

“Mary-Lynn Mayweather just ensured that Harmen would have to face Kaus and Troy together at No Turning Back.” Tony said. “This surely wasn’t Riktor’s idea of a punishment.”


“But perhaps this is Mary’s idea of one for that attack on Troy!” Reno shouted. “Steel chair across the back. And AGAIN. And AGAIN! And AGAIN! God she’s furious!”

Jack Harmen rushed toward his protege and almost caught a wild chair shot as Mary-Lynn drove the chair a fourth time into the now rolling over Kaus’ shoulder. Harmen stepped between MLM and Kaus and raised his arms, telling her to stop. Mary-Lynn’s cheeks were flushed red with anger, her nostrils flared with every passing moment, her eyes bug wide. Mary-Lynn shoved Harmen aside, which stunned the Lunatic. Mary-Lynn took one final shot at Kaus’ shoulder with that steel chair before Harmen rushed behind her and hooked her in a rear waist lock.

The rest of the House were arriving on the scene. Harmen drug Mary-Lynn out under the bottom rope, and had to continue dragging her past ringside, into the crowd and through it. All the way, Mary-Lynn was protesting, logic be damned, attempting to storm back ringside and take on every member of the House.

Derrick Huber and Adam Roebuck helped Kaus to his feet. He was particularly favoring his shoulder, as he used the elder members of the House for support.

It was Zane Roebuck, who found a fun treasure around ringside. He slid back into the ring, holding Harmen’s Legacy championship. He extended it to Kaus, who took to standing on his own two feet. Kaus looked down at the Legacy championship...

Kaus looked at the championship.

“HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO GET THE BETTER OF YOU UNTIL THIS … “ screamed Kaus, holding the title in his hand. “... BECOMES MINE?!”

He limped over to where Jack Harmen and Mary-Lynn were exiting, and leaned over the top rope, shouting to the fleeing members of Team VIAGRA.

“If you’re going to try and steal my opportunities, then I’m taking this belt! This belongs around the waist of a real champion, you hear me?”

With that last bold statement the Brilliant Diamond took possession of the Legacy Championship and ordered the House to leave the ring with him. The LoC Team champions Adam Roebuck and Derrick Huber left the ring with an exuberant Zane right behind them laughing at what they had done to Harmen and company.

“What … he can’t do that!” protested Stone. “That’s not his property!”

“What did I just say about the rules and the House, moron?” yelled Stone.

The final shots of tonight’s show were Kaus walking away with the Legacy Championship that did not belong to him. He was holding the title tightly in his grip and the House were flanking him. There was no telling what damage had been done to Lindsay Troy and now the House had made off with yet another championship!

Winner: Kaus via Disqualification