"On This Episode of Rivals ..."

The Team Championship is on the line as LoC's newest tandem, The New Breed, takes on The House in tag team action! Will The House continue to dominate or will the newcomers pull off the upset and take the straps off of the red hot champions?

Superstar Vince Jacobs and Providence, long speculated to be in liege with each other, will now put all rumors to rest as they team up to face their enemies in Shawn Hart and Andy Murray. But can Hart and Murray get along enough to make it through the match ... correction: Can Shawn Hart keep his antics in check long enough to make it through the match without Underground Champion, Andy Murray, attempting to kill him himself?

Finally, the Bombshells Championship is on the line and Mary-Lynn Mayweather is headlining her first Legacy of Champions event since officially signing an active in-ring contract. Can the longtime manager-turned Grappler defeat Charlotte and chip away at The House's strangle-hold on all things gold in LoC?

Welcome to Rivals ...


Featuring: Team VIAGRA

Location: Backstage

“Welcome everyone to Rivals!” Matt Mills stood backstage in front of a Loc backdrop. He was well lit, holding a microphone as he addressed the camera. “I’m Matt Mills, and with me tonight is the challenger in tonight’s main event for the Bombshells championship, Mary-Lynn Mayweather.”

The camera zoomed out a bit and revealed the Tiny Attorney, dressed already in her ring gear with a quite serious look on her face. She didn’t smile wide or wave to the crowd at home, but clutched and cracked her knuckles. She nodded toward Matt, “Mills.”

“Last week, you attacked Kaus, causing your teacher and mentor Jack Harmen to lose via Disqualification. In addition, you ensured that Kaus would get a one on one opportunity against the Legacy champion at No Turning Back.” Mills tugged at his collar. “Do you have anything to say for yourself?”

Mary-Lynn blinked. “Excuse me?” She turned her head to Mills to address him directly. “All of a sudden I grow a backbone and a bit of a vicious streak and I’ve got to explain myself?” Mary-Lynn shook her head from side to side. “It might have been considered an error, but I think of it as a calculated risk. No one expected it, and Kaus deserved what I gave him and more.” Mary-Lynn nodded toward the camera. “Now, Jack’ll do just that at No Turning Back. The entire House is on notice, Mills. They took out Jeremy Ryan, the pupil of a mentor. Then they took out Troy... They’ve got Harmen in their sights… when will it end?”

Mary-Lynn stepped forward. “It ends tonight.”

“But you’re going out there alone tonight.” Mills said. “Jack Harmen is not in the building, and Charlotte, well, the House never travels alone.”

“I don’t care!” Mary shouted. She took a step back. “Cause tonight?” Mary-Lynn cracked her fists. “Tonight. I break Charlotte.” She began to wave her arms around as she spoke. “I’m not only going to take her Bombshells championship,” Mary-Lynn raised her head high. “I’m taking her career.” Her eyes widened. “I end her, and ANYONE who gets in my way.” Mary-Lynn’s cheeks burned red as her nostrils flared. “The House may have the odds ever in their favor, but tonight?”

Mary-Lynn Mayweather looked directly at Mills, nostrils flaring one last time. “I stop playing games.”

And with that, Mary-Lynn Mayweather stormed off down the hallways. Mills tugged at his collar, concerned, before smiling toward the camera. “And there you have it, chilling words from a reinvigorated Mary-Lynn… Let’s send you to ringside!”


Stipulation: Tag Team First Fall to Finish

Referee: Darius Underwood

The Fall of Adam passed up another opportunity at The New Breed in favor of a Tag Team Championship match against The House. The Fall of Adam came up short and The New Breed felt that they could do better. A challenge was laid out and The House accepted! This leads up to a championship match here on Rivals where we will see if The New Breed can succeed where The Fall of Adam failed!

“Symphony of an Empty Hope” (Arena Mix) by Nightwish

The crowd popped as the last-ever jOlt World Tag Team Champions stepped out from the backstage area. Tonight, they had an opportunity to add another tag team championship to their resume. Patterson and Williams paused at the top of the stage and fist bumped each other. They began their descent down to the ring where they climbed up onto the apron and stepped through the ropes. They met in the middle of the ring where they fist bumped each other once again before taking off to opposite corners to pose for the crowd. They hopped down as their music faded away.

“Aces High” by Arch Enemy

The cheers converted to boos as the LoC Team Champions, Derrick Huber and Adam Roebuck stepped out from the backstage area flanked by Zane Roebuck and Charlotte. The four of them came down to the ring where Charlotte and Zane remained on the outside as Adam and Derrick got up on the ring apron. They stepped in and held up their championship titles in front of Patterson and Williams. The size of these four men equated to damn near 1300 pounds of men in that ring. This was going to be a hoss fight of epic proportions!

Referee Darius Underwood retrieved the titles and held them high up into the air before passing them off to ringside. Brian Williams and Derrick Huber were slated to start things off here. Once everything was settled, the referee called for the bell.




“Two behemoth teams are set to clash over the tag team titles. These two are no strangers to each other as they both have held jOlt Gold in the past.” said Stone.

“Yeah, but The House won the jOlt Tag Titles FOUR times… The New Breed.. Only once and they never had to defend those belts in jOlt because the damn place closed. I’m not impressed with The New Breed… The House is CLEARLY superior.” said Davis.

Williams and Huber circled each other and locked up in the center of the ring. Huber tried to power Williams back into the corner, but Williams stood his ground which took Huber by surprise a bit. They broke the tie up and circled each other again. Williams motioned for Huber to bring it, but Huber simply grinned and continued circling. Another tie up, but Huber sucked Williams in and hit him with a knee to the stomach. He began to club him over the upper back with heavy forearm shots before standing him upright and sending him off to the ropes. Huber leaned in and knocked Williams down with a shoulder block. Huber took off to the ropes, but Williams popped up and shocked Huber by hitting him with a snap powerslam in the middle of the ring complete with a quick cover!



“A quick cover here by Williams shows that The New Breed are serious about winning these titles here tonight.” said Stone. “I would hope so.. ANY team should be serious about winning a title. That should go without saying Stoner.” said Davis

Huber shot the shoulder up and rolled over to the ropes. He used them to pull himself up as he didn’t expect that out of Brian Williams. The crowd cheered as Williams, once again, motioned for Huber to bring it. Huber looked visibly pissed and harshly tagged Adam Roebuck into the match. Roebuck stepped in as Williams backed into the corner and tagged in the bigger muscle of The New Breed, Mike Patterson.

The crowd rose up as the two behemoths entered the ring and moved in closer to each other inch by inch. Roebuck shrugged and turned to walk away, but he pivoted and snapped a huge right hand across Patterson’s jaw. Patterson snapped his head right back and gave Roebuck a death glare. Adam gave Patterson a “Are you f’n serious?” look and then snapped off another big right hand, but Patterson shrugged it off and hit knee after knee into Roebuck’s stomach, backing him up into the ropes. Patterson shot Roebuck across the ring and lunged in with a flying shoulder tackle that knocked Roebuck down. Roebuck pulled himself up, but Patterson was right there. He grabbed Roebuck in a front waist lock and stunned the crowd with a Belly to Belly Overhead Release Suplex on the 400+ pounder!!!!!

Crowd: OOOOOOH!!!!!!!



Roebuck bounced off the canvas as Patterson kipped up to his feet and let out a bestial roar! Patterson backed into the corner and hunched down, ready to strike. Roebuck pulled himself up and Patterson lunged in to deliver a match-ending Spear, but Roebuck, being the veteran, sensed it coming and side stepped Patterson. He used Patterson’s momentum to send him shoulder first into the ring post! Derrick Huber nodded to Zane and began to step into the ring. The referee saw Derrick and got distracted. This caused Zane to run around and begin to hammer away on the side of Patterson’s head while he was trapped between the turnbuckles, much to the dismay of the crowd.

When the damage was done, Zane backed off and Derrick stopped distracting the referee. Roebuck pulled Patterson out of the corner, turned him and placed him back first into the turnbuckles. Roebuck told the crowd to shoosh, but they booed even louder. Roebuck then let loose four consecutive open hand slaps to the chest of Patterson, turning it bright red...


Patterson slumped forward and that’s when Roebuck shoved him back into the corner and hit him with shoulder block after shoulder block until Patterson fell into a seated position. Roebuck walked away to the opposite corner and charged in, slamming into Patterson’s face with a Running Hip Attack! Patterson looked to be on dream street after that impact. Roebuck sensed it as well and dragged Patterson out of the corner where he made the cover, hooking the leg.



Patterson shot the shoulder up.

“The House have taken control of this match!” said Stone.

“Thank you John… “ said Davis

“My name is Tony.” said Stone.

“Not tonight it isn’t. Tonight, you’re John Madden.. Master of the obvious. What’s next from your brilliant mind, John? The team who scores the pinfall will be the winner? Go on.. SAY IT” said Davis.

Roebuck sat Patterson up and placed him in a rear chin lock, cutting off his air supply and making sure the agile big man wouldn’t be going anywhere anytime soon. The crowd and Brian Williams began to rally Patterson, but Zane took it upon himself to run around ringside and tell each individual fan to shut up and cheer him instead. The crowd didn’t listen and began to feed energy to Mike Patterson. Patterson used this energy to rally and get back to his feet. He fired a pair of elbows into Roebuck’s stomach and then…. HE PICKED HIM UP!!!


The crowd was amazed at Patterson’s power, but he needed to make the tag. He began to crawl over to his corner where he lunged in and tagged Brian Williams. Roebuck was almost to his corner when Williams got into the ring, but Roebuck made a last burst and tagged in Huber. Despite the tag, Huber didn’t get a chance to get into the ring as Williams leapt into the corner with a flying forearm and decked Huber in the face just as he was about to step into the ring. Roebuck was pulling himself up on the apron when Williams turned and hit a dropkick through the ropes, knocking Roebuck down to the floor.

Williams then grabbed Huber by the head and pulled him into the ring where he unloaded on him with forearm after forearm shot to the face before sending him into the opposite corner. Williams charged in and hit a massive shoulder block, knocking Huber down into a seated position. Williams backed into the enemy corner as he looked to the crowd who came alive. Williams charged in and front flipped into the Corner Cannonball...


Williams dragged Huber out of the corner by the leg and then pulled him up to his feet. Williams hit the toe which to double Huber over and then hooked him into a Pumphandle. Williams showed his power by lifting Huber up and dropping him neck first across his knee...


Roebuck slid back into the ring as Williams made the cover...



Broken up by Roebuck!

“A close nearfall, broken up by Adam Roebuck! That was a close one. Did you know that whoever scores the pin here will walk out the winner and tag team champions, Reno?” said Stone sarcastically.

“I hate you so much.” said Davis

Roebuck pulled Williams up to his feet and shoved him off into the corner. Roebuck, pissed that Williams dropkicked him, went over and began to stomp away at him. Patterson didn’t like this and entered the ring. He ran right up behind Roebuck and...


Huber got up, however, and when Patterson got back to his feet, he pivoted around and blasted Patterson with the Spinning Clothesline...


Huber fell to his knees from the momentum. Before he could get to his feet, Williams charged in and nailed a running single leg kick to the face...


Williams with the cover!



Thr… NO!!!!

“WHAT A SEQUENCE! I thought we had new Tag Team Champions right there! How in the hell did Derrick Huber kick out of that sick kick!?” asked Stone.

“By lifting his shoulder off of the canvas. How else would you kick out?” said Davis

Huber shot the shoulder up as Zane almost had a heart attack on the outside of the ring. Williams stood and helped Patterson up to his feet. Williams had a plan for Patterson and the two of them pulled Huber up to his feet. Patterson took off to the ropes behind Huber and rebounded. Williams lifted Huber up...

Inverted Atomic Drop...

Williams took off to the ropes...


Patterson drilled Huber… Williams charged in as Patterson went to the corner..

Senton Back Splash!

Patterson went up top...


Patterson was standing up as Williams made the cover. Roebuck got back to his feet...



Roebuck grabbed Patterson and threw him into the cover, breaking it up! Patterson collided with Williams head and it caused Williams to become dazed. Roebuck pulled Wiliams up and kicked him in the stomach. He lifted Williams up to shoulder height and tossed him over head with the Alley Oop Powerbomb...


Williams hit hard, but was staggering to his feet. Roebuck noticed this and picked up Patterson. He scooped Patterson up into his arms and dropped him side-first across his knee with a Rib Breaker. He then tossed Patterson over head and right into his own partner with the fallaway slam...


Roebuck then grabbed Patterson and heaved him out of the ring. Roebuck then checked on Huber and helped him back up. The two of them targeted Williams and pulled him up to his feet. Roebuck kicked Williams in the stomach and lifted him up to shoulder height. Huber fell back into a double team powerbomb lung blower...


Patterson tried to climb back into the ring, but Zane Roebuck ran around and went low, hooking onto Patterson’s ankle much like a chihuahua. Huber made the cover on Williams hooking the leg.





“WOW! What an amazing end to this one! Love ‘em or hate ‘em The House are still your world tag team champions, but a hell of an effort by The New Breed.” said Stone

“Effort or not.. It didn’t get the job done. There’s no participation trophy here in LoC… They lost… they’re losers and your REAL winners are STILL your world tag team champions.. Because The House always wins, Tony.” said Davis.

The crowd booed as The House retained their tag team championships here on Rival. Darius Underwood handed them their championship titles and the four of them exited the arena. They couldn’t accomplish what many others sought out to do and The House remained your tag team champions as a result.

Winner: The House via Pinfall


Featuring: Amber Ryann & Mattock

Location: Backstage

The Legacy Tron illuminated and it showed a dressing room door with Mattock’s name on it. The people cheered expecting to see the silver-haired misfit as he was just a couple of weeks away from facing his brother one on one at No Turning Back.

Faint footsteps could be heard and as they grew louder and louder, the camera panned back and to the left where it revealed the LoC Flyweight Champion, “Dragonfly” Amber Ryann. The crowd cheered loudly as Amber stood there holding an envelope in her hand. Amber was wearing a shirt that exposed her stomach which had a rather large ace bandage wrapped around it. No doubt it was to help cope with that happened last week on Underground.

Amber hesitated in front of Mattock’s dressing room door. She began to sweat a bit as she grew more and more nervous. Slowly, she raised her arm up and made a fist with her right hand. She was about to knock on the door when she quivered and withdrew her arm. She took a deep breath and tried to compose herself as the audience could be heard rallying behind her in the background.

“DO IT!”
“DO IT!”
“DO IT!”
“DO IT!”
“DO IT!”

Amber took another deep breath and held her ground as she raised her arm up and tried to knock on the door, but her fist stopped right before connecting with the door’s surface. She quickly withdrew her hand and took a step towards the wall, pressing her forehead against it. Amber cleared her throat and took another deep breath. She stood in front of the door once again and raised her fist back up.

She closed her eyes real tight and went to knock, but her sense of direction was off and she missed the door completely and knocked on the solid concrete wall next to the door. Amber suddenly withdrew her hand and cringed.

“AH! Son of a……..” she said, but then she quickly covered her mouth as she heard a rustling coming from behind the door.

Amber dropped the letter on the floor and took off like a bat out of hell. The door opened and Mattock looked around.

“Hello?” asked Mattock, but he couldn’t see anyone in sight.

Mattock was about to step back into his dressing room, but he looked down just far enough to the point where the envelope caught his eye. Mattock bent down and picked it up off the floor and flipped it over, seeing his name written on the front.

Mattock tapped the envelope to shift the contents down and then tore open the sides, extracting the note that was contained within. Mattock unfolded it and began to read it out loud.

“There’s so much I want to say more, but I need to work up the courage to say it to your face. Until that day comes where I can stop being a total scrub, don’t give up. I never stopped believing in you and never will.”

Mattock turned and leaned against the door frame.

“So all this time…”

Mattock laughed to himself.

“I really am pathetic.”

Mattock smiled as he re-entered his dressing room and closed the door. The scene faded to black.


Stipulation: Tag Team First Fall to Finish

Referee: D.C. Train

The lights dimmed and a familiar blue lettering appeared on the LegacyTron as boos began to shower down from the fans.

”Out of the Black” by Royal Blood

As PROVIDENCE spelled out letter by letter on the screen, the man himself stepped out from the back and was soon bathed in the yellow beam from above. He moved slowly down the ramp, turning his head from side to side to take in the reaction of the crowd. Although no one could see his face due to the shadow from the hood, it was clear Providence still enjoyed the hatred spewed his way.

“Reno, this should be a heavy hitting tag team match with a couple of big-time rivals on each side,” said Tony Stone.

“Thank you, Captain Obvious!” Reno Davis said with a head shake. “Stoner, we might have more star power in this match than any in a long time. Try to not ruin it, okay?”

"I didn't have to come to the LoC to become a superstar...I brought my spotlight with me!!!"

“Villain” by Theory of a Deadman

The song blared throughout the Arena of Champions as an angry chorus of negative crowd heat would flood the arena as the entire arena became a washed with Purple, Gold & Pearl star-shaped eye candy from overhead. The massive screens continued showcasing the numerous displays of tactical brilliance & seasoned technical mastery for all to see. A select cadre of earned monikers would dance at random, exploding on the Arena of Champions one after the other.

Pro Wrestling's Phenomenon - The Icon - The Living Legend – The Ratings Grabber - The Reason there is a show – Mr. Pay Per View

The camera would center itself onto the entrance staging area where the notoriously controversial lightning rod would part the backstage curtains with a prominent smirk, etched across the heavily decorated veteran’s visage. The Russian Jewel herself would follow suit to draw forth the beta male thirst & envy while preening and proudly directing the ‘spotlight’ on LoC’s ‘God of Wrestling Greatness’ whom would slowly raise his extended arms upward to promote several Golden & Purple plumes of pyrotechnical brilliance upward before being dismissed on cue.

Vince Jacobs and Natalia slowly made their way down to the ring as the fans continued to jeer the four time Legacy champion. The huge monster Athena was seen in the rear as the power couple finally made their way to the ring. Jacobs climbed up the steps and looked at Providence in the corner with a smirk before turning back to his entourage.

“Yeah, yeeaah, oh-yeeeahhh, what condition my condition was in…”

“Just Dropped In” by Kenny Rogers and The First Edition was the song that echoed throughout the Arena of Champions as the sold-out crowd was wild'n out. LoC’s most nefarious Aquarius, former three-time Legacy Champion Shawn Jessica Hart, PhD, had shot out from behind the curtains and was making his way toward the ring!

The Prime Minister of Gettin' Sinister's mug was locked in bitch-face mode, an obvious byproduct of his recent bad luck. Hart has been in an massive tit for tat with Vince Jacobs ever since his return to the Legacy of Champions. Jacobs has enlisted the help of an unlikely bodyguard who has been giving Hart and his friend Rikki Roxx fits, the massive Athena. SJH rolled into the ring looking across the way at his nemesis, SVJ.

“Hail to the King, Baby” by The Heavy Eyes.

A huge reception greeted the reigning Underground Champion. Fresh off another successful defence against Dusk, The King came out with his usual enthusiasm, and stood with his back to the crowd as the pyro popped-off. He eventually turned around, heading for one side, slapping hands, then heading for the other.

His jacket was unzipped, and it couldn’t hide the ever increasing ream of medical tape around his shoulder. Murray had been working hurt for months, but if he added anymore tape to his shoulder, he’d start resembling a mummy..

Still, if Andy Murray was concerned, he didn’t show it as he entered the ring. He went straight for a corner and put his arms out to the side, before peeling the UG Title from around his waist and hoisting it up.

As Murray handed off the Underground Championship to D.C. Train, it seemed like his gaze never lost its hold on Providence, who was standing still at the opposite side of the ring. For his part, Providence just grinned, though his eyes seemed fixed more on the title than on making eye contact with the champion.

“Usually you don’t see a champion so eager to get his hands on a challenger, Reno,” said Stone as he observed the two rivals. “Do you think Providence’s mind games have worked?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Reno replied. “The Man of Destiny has fate on his side and Murray knows it. He’s had a good run here, but the reign of Providence is coming soon!”

D.C. Train talked to both sides, encouraging each one to have one competitor step out onto the apron so the match could get underway. Murray pounded a fist to his chest and Hart nodded, conceding the King to start the match for their team.

As Hart stepped through the ropes, Murray turned back toward the center and pointed to Providence, obviously wanting him to begin the match as well. At first he started to step forward to meet Murray but then turned and stepped through the ropes. SVJ looked back at his partner, himself not appearing very happy either but then turned back around to face Murray as the bell rang.

The two men stepped forward to lock up, but SVJ instead ducked and slipped behind Murray, grabbing him around the waist. Murray quickly countered, catching Jacobs with a back elbow. With his opponent stunned, Murray broke free and then slipped behind SVJ this time, grabbing his left arm into a hammerlock. Sensing the pain, SVJ immediately took a couple steps forward to grab the top rope with his right hand.

D.C. Train called for the break, and Murray obliged. As he backed off, SVJ rubbed his shoulder, with Victoria yelling at the ref from the outside to move Murray back as well. Once Murray was back in the center of the ring, the Superstar stepped back toward him, jawing with the Underground Champion. The two men stood toe to toe and suddenly SVJ hit Murray with a two-hand shove to the chest, causing the King to take a step back.

“That’s what you get when you disrespect a Superstar, Stoner,” said Davis.

Stone shook his head as the fans booed. “Since when is a wrestling hold a sign of disrespect?”

Davis stammered for a minute. “Just call the action in the ring!”

Jacobs yelled at Murray, as the King pondered for a second. Then, as SVJ was in mid-sentence, Murray responded with a shove of his own that jolted SVJ backward. That action drew a roar from the LoC Faithful, as SVJ looked surprised. His eyes quickly turned red and Jacobs tried to sneak a right punch, but Murray blocked it and responded with a European uppercut. Murray then grabbed SVJ by the wrist and shot him into the ropes, nearly taking his head off with a lariat that drew another loud pop from the fans.

Providence fumed on the apron as Murray looked his way for a few moments. He then returned his focus to SVJ, who had rolled to the side and stood back up by the ropes. As Murray came toward him, SVJ stunned him with a boot to the midsection followed by a kick to the chest as Murray was doubled over. SVJ then ran toward the ropes and leaped forward to springboard off with a moonsault but Murray regained his senses and caught SVJ as he came flying backward before smashing him to the mat with a power slam.

“Looks like SVJ was going for his patented ‘The Reason There Is A Show’ move, but Andy Murray had other plans!” Stone said above the crowd’s loud cheers.

“Murray got lucky there. Trust me it won’t happen again.” Davis replied.

Murray grabbed SVJ by the hair and hooked him in a front chancery in the middle of the ring. The Underground Champion hoisted the Icon high in the air but the four time Legacy Champion had other plans as he maneuvered out of the suplex attempt and landed behind Murray. Jacobs hooked the King and drove him to the mat with a belly to back suplex. The fans jeered SVJ as he rolled to his knees. Vince made his way to his feet before Murray.

The Icon noticed that Murray was starting to move as he quickly raced to the opposite ropes. He bounced off the ropes and drilled Murray.

(Shining Wizard)

Jacobs connected with a vicious Shining Wizard to the side of Murray’s head. Vince stood over the Underground Champion with a sly smirk on his face as he soaked in the jeers from the fans. SVJ pointed at Shawn Hart out on the ring apron, motioning him to get in the ring. Hart thought better of it as he stayed on the ring apron. SVJ smiled as he slowly backed his way into his corner and tagged Providence into the match.

“Well, Stoner, looks like Providence is going to get his chance to soften up Murray here,” said Davis.

Providence stepped through the ropes and immediately began stomping away at Murray with boots to the head as the fallen champion was still groggy from SVJ’s assault. Murray rolled over toward the ropes and got up to a knee before Providence blasted him with a running knee to the temple. Providence held his arms out as he looked around at the crowd, who responded with boos.

“Providence seems awfully happy with himself,” said Stone. “A little early to be gloating this much though.”

Davis shook his head. “You really have no idea what it’s like to be confident, do you?”

Standing over Murray, Providence bent down and spoke to his opponent, gesturing toward him and then out toward the ringside area where the Underground Championship sat. He stood back up and looked out at the fans again momentarily before turning back to Murray to inflict more damage.

(Pop-Up European Uppercut)

Before Providence knew what had happened, he was flat on his back thanks to the blast to his jaw from Murray. Andy hooked the leg almost instinctively.




Not a close one by any stretch of the imagination, but Murray didn’t expect it to be. He rose slowly with a handful of Providence’s hair, but the Man of Destiny slugged him in a gut a couple of times. Providence was soon on his feet, booting Murray’s injured shoulder, then wrenching the arm tightly. Andy tried breaking his grip with a forearm to the face, but Providence only snapping the limb down, sending Murray to a knee.

Providence maintained wrist control, and slowly pulled the arm behind Murray’s back to increase the tension. Andy grunted, but grit his teeth and worked through the pain. He was able to use his great strength to reach the ropes and force a break, before turning to face his opponent.

Hart was calling for a tag, but Murray had business to settle. He rolled his shoulder and did a poor job of masking the pain, before jumping into a lock-up with Providence. Again, the Man of Destiny capitalised by forcing Andy’s weight onto his injured right hand side, and applying another armlock.

Andy twisted his way out of this one, but it cost him dearly. He shook the pain from his arm but Providence came inside, catching him with a couple of knees to the body, before dragging him to the mat and straight into a cross armbreaker! The crowd hooted and clapped, willing the Scot on, and he was again able to use his superior power to make it to the ropes. Prov, being Prov, broke at 4.99999.

The Man of Destiny rose to his feet, soaking in the boos. He paced around slowly for a few moments, then stomped down hard on Murray’s shoulder. Murray rolled away to escape, but Providence repeated the act, then booted Andy square on the shoulder as he tried to rise.

Murray fired up. He powered through the pain and rose to his full 6’7”, blasting Providence in the face with a series of left forearms! An elbow followed, then a chop to the chest, before Murray whipped his opponent towards the ropes… but Providence hooked his arms over the top, ducked down, and rolled outside.

The jeers intensified, but Murray wasn’t going to wait around, particularly with Vince Jacobs lurking. Providence tried to get to the ramp, but Andy charged after him and engaged him at ringside, catching his rival with a big uppercut! Providence shook it off and clapped back with an eye gouge, followed by a straight right hand, and the duo were soon brawling on the entrance ramp!

Murray caught Providence, Providence caught Murray, and there was no separating them! The duo’s back and forth got messier and messier, and it was carrying them further and further away from the ring. Murray and Providence were soon duking it out at the top of the ramp, when Providence finally gut Andy with a knee to the gut and threw him through the curtain. The Man of Destiny soon followed him, and both men were gone.

While the fighting up the ramp continued D.C. Train was administering the ten count to the dismay of the fans.


Train called for the bell as he counted both men out of the ring signalling that the tag team match was a double countout. Vince Jacobs did not seem to care as he slipped into the ring pulling Hart over the top rope. Jacobs and Hart started battling in the ring, going toe to toe with every right hand connecting on each other’s jaw. Jacobs dropped to his knees and drilled Hart with a vicious low blow that sent the fans in a state of constant jeering.

Vince smirked as he stood to his feet. He slowly backed up before drilling Hart.

(High Impact Superkick)

Jacobs looked down at Hart who was out cold. Athena and Natalia made their way into the ring as the three stood triumphantly over the fallen Shawn Hart.

Winner: Double Countout


Featuring: Team VIAGRA & Zane Roebuck

Location: Locker Rooms

Backstage, Graham Youngblood was enjoying a well-deserved but rarely received night off by watching the action on a nearby screen. He sat atop an equipment box just outside of the Gorilla Position where two monitors were propped up on a bar. Hanging on the bar was a headset with a microphone. There was a commotion coming from Gorilla. Providence and Andy Murray burst onto the scene and brawled through, Graham calmly moving his legs out of the way as the two LoC behemoths traded blows and slammed each other into equipment and walls. They continued their battle down the hallway and out of picture. Graham smirked and turned back to the monitor, this time his attention broken by the voice of Dominic Van Ness VIII.

"Well, if it isn't the man with the horse shoe stuck up his ass," DV8 remarked. "How's running for your life from The House treatin' ya?"

Uncharacterstically absent from DV8 was the rest of The Nation. Graham noticed this quickly and his head instinctively went on a swivel, searching for the sneak attack he had become accustomed to over the past few weeks. "The rest of your freaky zealot crew currently sacrificing a chicken or something?"

"Hilarious," DV8 snarked back. "Don't worry, you're not about to get murdered for your 8th straight week in a row. They're not here."

"So ... that's a yes on the chicken then?"

"You seriously have a death wish, don't you?"

Graham nodded. "Apparently so. Why are you here?"

"Just passing through," DV8 replied. "Although, now that you mention it ... maybe you got something I want."

Graham hopped off the box he was perched upon. "Maybe you should try and take it?"

"That's where the maybes stop for you, teacher's pet."

Graham Youngblood was nothing if not a fighting champion and DV8 wasn't being shy about his challenge either, so Graham got right in The Nation's members face. "If you want to go, we can go. Right here, right now."

DV8 chuckled. "Relax, kid, I'm not going to beat your ass tonight. Where's the fun in kicking someone when they're down? Actually, that's a lot of fun. I just have a previous engagement tonight I can't break. So you're safe ... for tonight."

"Fine, Legends?"

"How do you want your tombstone engraved?"

Youngblood smiled and simply said, "Relentless Champion."

"Figures, you're lying to yourself in life ... why wouldn't you in death?" And with that and a laugh, DV8 left the Relentless Champion to his own devices. Watching his next opponent disappear down a hallway, Graham shook his head.

"One day," he said, "One day they're all going to realize who I really am."

Rivals headed elsewhere.


Featuring: Andy Murray & Providence

Location: Parking Lot

Cut immediately to the parking lot.

Things were getting chaotic. We couldn’t actually see what was going yet, but the air was full of fight noises. Grunts, groans, fists hitting faces, bystanders scurrying away: all that!

The cameraman hastily swung his lens away from whoever’s rental car he’d been focusing on and turned to the action. It took a light jog for him to get there, but he eventually caught up with the source of the noise, and immediately made a mental note to keep his distance.

Providence and Andy Murray were still throwing bombs at each other, and nobody was making an effort to get between them.

The Man of Destiny had seized control. There was a huge chunk of torn tape missing from Murray’s shoulder, and Providence was clubbing down on the Underground Champion’s injured shoulder. Satisfied with the level of pacification, Providence dragged Murray towards a car hood and tried to slam his head down, but The King stopped him, kneed him in the stomach, then gave him the intended treatment.

Andy’s first instinct was to back-off and check his shoulder, which was getting worse by the second. There was a commotion by the doorway and Murray turned towards it -- big mistake. Providence surged off the hood and pushed Murray back into the side of a van, striking him several times in the side.

Murray dislodged the Man of Destiny and created separation, but it was all about to come to an end. The commotion made its way from the door to the warring wrestlers, and several security guards dove bravely between them.

Andy was relived: his shoulder was hurting like hell, and brawling with his rival wasn’t going to help matters. He had no time for a rain check, though: Providence dove through security and landed one final cheap shot flush on the champion’s jaw, before have a dozen guards finally got him away.

Murray quelled his instinct to throw the guards away and get back at Providence, but it took his every drop of willpower. Instead, Andy doubled over, caught his breath, then slowly rose back to his full height. Providence was already several metres away from him at this point.

“You,” Andy said between heavy breaths, pointing at Providence. “When I get my hands on you--”

“You’ll what?!” Providence yelled. “Huh?!”

Murray kept his response cool, collected, and relatively measured, speaking at a low decibel.

“You’ll see, my friend,” he said. “Soon. Real soon.”


Stipulation: First Fall to Finish

Referee: Kim Adams

“Well, our challenger isn’t one for pageantry tonight, Reno,” Tony Stone said as Mary-Lynn was shown, already in the ring. She paced from side to side impatiently as her track “Sweetness” by Jimmy Eat World faded out. “Mary-Lynn Mayweather is ready to take on our Bombshells champion, and the title, IS ON THE LINE.”

“I gotta say, I Iike this fire from Red, but our champion, well, she’s always got an Ace up her sleeve.” Reno said. “I don’t like Mary-Lynn’s odds.”

“Neither do I, Reno. Charlotte has been champion and has shown she has what it takes to retain her title. And with the House on her side…”

“A Girl Like You” by Edwyn Collins.

The music started up and the lights went out in the arena save for a few red spotlights that started to swirl around the arena. The spotlights continued to flash and bathe the arena in their glow.

“And introducing next,” continued Arnold, “the Legacy of Champions Bombshells Champion … from Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing in at 134 pounds … CHARLOTTE HUBER!”

The spotlights continued and now gathered on the stage where a tall redheaded drink of water in a big and bright red robe stood with her back to the crowd and the audience. The gorgeous woman turned around and as the announcers revealed, it was none other than Charlotte Huber of The House! The crowd responded to her appearance with jeering but she waved to the crowd and blew kisses in their general direction as she approached the ring. Her faithful servant Timothy Teegan was right behind her holding up the back end of her robe to keep it from getting dirty on the floor.

“Charlotte Huber is bad news, Reno. After she walked out of their tag match on Legends, you have to think she’s not taking Mary-Lynn seriously. From what we heard with Mary-Lynn earlier, that could be costly.”

“She knows what she’s doing, Stoner! Charlotte is a million dollar body and a billion-dollar brain in women’s wrestling!” Charlotte disrobed to reveal her very skimpy golden ring gear and then gave her robe to Timothy. Charlotte then removed her Bombshells championship and handed it to Timothy on the outside. Timothy rushed up the ring steps to part the ropes for Charlotte, but the crowd popped when Mary-Lynn Mayweather rushed him. She speared Timothy through the ropes and off the apron, into Charlotte as all three of them tumbled into the guardrail. Mary-Lynn was quick to her feet, grabbing Charlotte by her hair and tossing her into the steel steps. Charlotte flipped over and landed on her back, clutching her knees and scrambling to her feet. Mary-Lynn ran toward the steps and leapt, catching the recovered Charlotte with a tackle before laying into her with rights and lefts.

“And the challenger is setting the House on fire!” Stone said. “Rights and lefts; she’s not waiting for this match to start!”

“And how fair is that, Stone-Hedge?” Reno replied. “Not fair at all!”

“One way to change the odds, isn’t it Reno?”

Mary-Lynn rose to cheers, and then threatened Timothy who was creeping around the outside, looking to hit Mary-Lynn with the title. The Tiny Attorney hooked Charlotte in a body slam, and then snake-eyes her throat across the barricade. Charlotte bounced off, clutching her neck as Mary-Lynn threw a roundhouse kick that caught the champ square in the jaw. Mary-Lynn hit a right elbow, then a left, and then spun for a roundhouse elbow that sent Charlotte off her feet to the mats outside. Mary-Lynn wasn’t done, grabbing the bottom rope and stomping away at the champion.

Timothy snuck around the ring steps, and charged toward Mary-Lynn, title armed. She ducked, and then charged toward the stunned Timothy.


“Shades of the Lunatic takes out Charlotte’s servant Timothy!” Tony Stone shouted. “Reno, the fans are loving this!”

“Well I’m not!” Reno shouted. “How dare this master of legalese break the rules!”

Mary-Lynn hooked Charlotte and pretended to toss her into the ring, before turning and Irish whipping the champ back first into the guardrail. Red caught the Queen with a few stiff kicks to her midsection, before grabbing Charlotte and tossing her face first into the ring apron. Charlotte bounced and spun toward the far corner, only for Mary-Lynn to shove her from behind into the ring post.

Referee Kim Adams tried to shout at Mary-Lynn to bring the champ into the ring, but he was ignored. Instead, Mary-Lynn fished around underneath the ring. When she retrieved the device she was looking for, she raised it above her head to wild cheers.

“And now Mary-Lynn has a steel chair!” Tony Stone shouted. “I’ve never seen the Tiny Attorney use…”


“HOW IS THIS FAIR?!” Reno shouted as Charlotte fell like a ton of bricks. Mary-Lynn then took the steel chair and wrapped it around Charlotte’s elbow. She then proceeded to stomp the ever loving beejesus out of it. “Stop this!” Reno shouted. “Why won’t someone think of the children!!”

“This is a little too much, even for me.” Stone said.

“Even for you?!” Reno replied. “I didn’t know you were a sadist.”

Mary-Lynn lifted Charlotte off the outside canvas with the steel chair still wrapped around her shoulder. Mary-Lynn shoved Charlotte chair first into the turnbuckle, causing a LOUD CLANG. Charlotte fell back to the mats and painstakingly removed the chair wrapped around her arm from her. But that didn’t stop Mary-Lynn, who continued to stomp away at Charlotte’s arm and shoulder.



“And Kim Adams has no choice but to throw this match out.” Tony Stone said as the crowd booed the decision. Mary-Lynn grabbed Charlotte and tossed her into the timekeeper’s table, taking out Brad Arnold as she did.

“I’m so glad I’m not ringside.” Reno said. “I don’t need to be a casualty.”

The fans pop a bit as Daryn Thompson rushed to ringside. She darted to Mary-Lynn’s side and raised her hands, trying to tell her to stop, that this isn’t the person she is.

“Whoever thought Daryn would be the voice of reason?!” Tony Stone said.

Daryn cracked her own knuckles and shouted. “This is something I should do!”

She grabbed Charlotte from the wreckage of the timekeeper’s table.

“Well, that lasted long.” Reno said.

As Daryn pulled Charlotte to her feet, Mary-Lynn grabbed her by her arm and spun her. Mary-Lynn’s nostrils flared as she stared down her partner and friend. Daryn narrowed her eyes in confusion as Mary-Lynn rushed toward Charlotte. Daryn caught her around the waist to delay her, lifting the Tiny Attorney off her feet. Mary-Lynn shouted, kicking and screaming.

Meanwhile, Timothy recovered and lifted Charlotte by her bum shoulder. The two began to hightail it backstage.

Mary-Lynn shouted at Daryn, as Thompson finally let go of her. Mary-Lynn stood tall, and shoved Daryn back. The crowd gasped, as Daryn reciprocated, sending Mary-Lynn completely off her feet. The Tiny Attorney recovered, and got right up into Daryn’s face.

“You don’t want to do this, Red.”

“Get out of my way!”

As the two exchanged heated words, no one noticed...

“Kaus! Kaus just shoved Mary-Lynn into Daryn, and both fell into the steel post!” Tony Stone said, as indeed, the Number One Contender to the Legacy title stood outside with a smile on his face. He grabbed Mary-Lynn up by her hair and looked at her.

“YOU THINK YOU COULD DO WHAT YOU DID TO ME?!” Kaus shouted, before he locked her in a suplex position.

Shine On (Spiral Brainbuster)

“SHINE ON! THROUGH THE TIMEKEEPER’S TABLE!” Reno shouted. “This is why, even when the House loses… the HOUSE ALWAYS WINS!”

Kaus stood over the wreckage of Harmen’s protege, and took a moment to snot rocket in her general direction. He raised his hands to the jeering crowd as the LoC copyright logo came on in the lower left corner of the screen.

“That’s all the time we have for Rivals, what a show!” Tony said. “Join us next time for Legends, where this collision between VIAGRA and the House will no doubt intensify!”

Winner: Charlotte via Disqualification