"Previously on Legacy of Champions..."

The sibling rivalry between Derecho and his brother Mattock has managed to suck in Amber Ryann. The Flyweight Champion’s relationship with Mattock has caused the young LoC upstart to step in and challenge Derecho in an attempt to protect Mattock, but Derecho wants nothing to do with former Bombshells Champion and told her as much. Derecho’s loss was Cordova’s gain, as the former Flyweight Champion found himself once again battling for the title that he helped to cement in LoC history. A hard fought battle would see the luchador come up short but he is far from out of the hunt. Meanwhile, Amber’s vengeance against Derecho doesn’t seem to have died down at all.

The Draconian has made quite the impact since joined Legacy of Champions and that impact continued when he faced Chris Moliano. The Draconian absolutely destroyed the in-ring veteran and left yet another body in his wake while his odd relationship with LLB continued. The LoC Head of Talent Relations was on the hunt for The Draconian but his motives are no more clear than they ever have been.

Tensions continued to flare between Fall of Adam and The New Breed, a feud that is igniting the Team Division of LoC. No doubt one, if not both, of these teams will find themselves across the ring from The House in the very near future.

Tony Davis had a run in with the Nation that ended with one half of Team VIAGRAS being thrown through a wall. Not the best way to spend Legends for the aspiring rapper.

Dusk and Harmen had some choice words on Legends 26 over being friends turned potential enemies. The altercation ended with Harmen slapping Dusk in an attempt to fire the former Underground Champion up for their Legacy Championship match later, a match which Dusk nearly won had it not been for a surprise attack by his one-time tag team partner and current enemy Vivica J. Valentine.

Charlotte defended her Bombshells Championship against Daryn Thompson and showed how experience can trump enthusiasm by winning via count out. Charlotte managed to coax Daryn out of the ring before sliding back in at the last second to win via count-out. There is now way that someone with the pedigree of Daryn Thompson will let that stand and Charlotte may have made the target on her back bigger than ever, however, the sole female member of The House may not be too worried about that.

Speaking of The House, they made it known Lindsay Troy was on their hit list but she was not alone. Graham Youngblood was ambushed and brutally attacked in the locker rooms by The House with Zane Roebuck making it clear his intentions were to separate Youngblood from his Relentless Championship.

Shawn Hart faced Andy Murray for the Underground Championship, which was completely derailed with run-ins from both Providence and SVJ. Afterwards, Providence was stopped by Matt Mills and insinuated that he and SVJ may have been working together. Mills also stopped SVJ but the multiple-time Legacy Champion was a little tighter-lipped than his monstrous alleged cohort.

The two Grapplers vying for Legacy #1 Contendership faced off in the squared circle when Lindsay Troy took on Kaus. LT managed to win by disqualification when The House made good on their threats earlier in the show, however, Team VIAGRA and Daryn Thompson ran down for the save. LoC’s heroes stood tall against The House but the battle is far, far from over.

Welcome to the Underground...


Featuring: Derecho

Location: Parking Lot

The scene opened up outside in the parking lot. We see Derecho walking into the building dragging his luggage behind him. The security card verified his I.D. and let him into the Arena of Champions.

The camera followed Derecho down the hallway as he was headed towards the locker rooms. As he progressed further down the hall, a man stepped out in front of his path and it ended up being Scott Riktor.

“OH!” said Riktor in a bit of shock. “Derecho! This is my lucky day! I was on my way to my Skybox and I just got off the phone with the staff as I put out an APB on you, but here you are so I guess I get the honor of telling you in person to make sure you’re ready to go because you have a match tonight!”

Derecho looked puzzled.

“A match? I wasn’t informed that I was competing tonight.” said Derecho.

“That’s because I just made the match a few moments ago so, technically, you’re right about not having a match tonight, but as you know, in the wrestling business the card is always subject to change!”

Derecho grinned.

“So, I assume that since I finished my business with Monte Burns and my brother that you’re finally giving me what I’ve been asking for since day one? I assume my match tonight is for an opportunity at the Legacy Championship?” asked Derecho.

Riktor put his hands behind his back.

“Hmm.. close, but not exactly. You will be facing a champion, though!” said Riktor.

Derecho cocked his head to the side and then it hit him.

“Ah, so you’re giving me a Relentless Title match, then? I see.. You want me to win the Relentless Title and cash it in, much like I did back when I beat Suicide and became one of the longest-reigning Underground Champions in LoC and jOlt’s history, right? I understand.. You have to build up the suspense… good thinking!”

Riktor shook his head.

“Again, not exactly. The champion you’ll be facing tonight holds a belt that you’re a few pounds over the limit for. Tonight you’re going to be facing the Flyweight Champion, Amber Ryann.”

The crowd cheered.

“That’s a good one, Scott. I already rejected her challenge so as far as I’m concerned, I still have the night off so why don’t you go shuffle some papers or whatever the hell it is you do in your Skybox.”

Derecho turned and went to walk away when Riktor cleared his throat.

“It’s not a joke and this is already wasting enough of my time so I’ll say it again. You are going to face Amber Ryann later on tonight and since this is Underground… Underground Rules will be in full effect. So, again, get ready to compete.”

With those words, Riktor walked off and Derecho looked none too pleased.

“Damn girl has a death wish. Fine.”

Derecho nodded as he slowed came to accept what just happened here.

“I’ll grant her that wish.”

Derecho walked off and the scene faded to black.


Featuring: Shawn Hart

Location: In-Ring

An easy murmur had settled into the Arena of Champions following Underground’s opening salvo of hype, intrigue and pyrotechnics. The road to No Turning Back had begun and the crowd was eagerly awaiting the next big moment on the path to one of the Legacy’s signature events.

The ambient noise created by the thousands of souls in attendance was starting to morph into a restless grumbling when something quite unexpected happened.

Former two-time Legacy Champion, Shawn Jessica Hart, appeared atop the ramp way and was slowly making his way toward the ring. It was a sight not unfamiliar for LoC fans, but something was different this time. There was no esoteric 80s synth sounds or forgotten Kenny Rogers psychadelia booming out of the speakers, no intro video, no crazy jumpsuits, no juking and jiving -- no fanfare of any kind.

Instead, a stoic SJH sauntered down to the squared circle, slapping hands along the way, but lacking the crazy, sexy, cool kind of vibe that had been his forte for the better part of the last two decades.

The fans in attendance welcomed Hart’s arrival, but there was a particularly uneasy energy in the house.

Where was his trademark jiggy freshness?

They didn’t have to wait long to find out as the self-proclaimed Prime Minister of Gettin’ Sinister slipped into the ring, brought a microphone to his lips and spoke.

“We’ve been at it a long time now, haven’t we?”

SJH looked to the crowd and surveyed the arena’s circumference. He grinned, then rested a hand on the top rope.

“I mean, I haven’t hit the ol’ four-oh yet, but I’ve already spent more years bouncin’ ‘round these here ropes than I have doing anything else in life. From the time I was still suckin’ on mama’s teat -- which was totally still normal at that age -- to the time I singed the scroat at family game night playing Operation to that awkward Bosstones phase; all of it’s been eclipsed by my wrestling career.”

He nodded his head to acknowledge the applause of the crowd’s more sentimental contingent.

“Not just in terms of time, but also importance. Nothing has been more vital to my existence than doin’ my thang in this sport and doin’ it in a way unlike any other jackhole ever to squeeze his walnuts into that sweet spandex. And even though I’ve always done what I do for me…. you can bet your asses that I did it for all of you too!”

Hart pointed to his fans, who responded with a cheer.

“Whether I was wigglin’ my pelvis and winnin’ the gold to make you like me, or I was beatin’ your heroes down like I beat my meat to Veronica’s Closet reruns nightly…just to piss you the hell off, ALL OF YOU played a part in SJH’s meteoric rise. Without you, I never would have had the fame, the fortune, or the poon-fest that have followed me around for the last 18 years. And for that, I thank you.”

SJH chuckled, then continued amid a hearty “You’re Welcome” from the Orlando faithful.

“It wasn’t always easy, mind you. I’ve had my fair share of hard times. The injuries, the STDs, being forced to stand idly by as my kid sister was committed to menstrual institution for an indefinite period. Through it all, though, I had me and I had you.”

His face suddenly grew somber.

“But I also had Vince Jacobs.”

The hissing rained down from the masses, but Hart continued on.

“Y’see, my ultimate goal in this trip, besides takin’ names, kickin’ ass and givin’ my groupies the business in a very uncomfortable position, was always to be the most original asshat in a pair of boots. Just like Vince Jacobs!”

His proclamation was sincere, but was met with a mixed reaction from the in-house audience.

“SVJ, man, he was a true original. Not in the Back to the Future-quoting, Debbie Gibson-singing, lady’s thong-wearing, Macarena-dancing manner that I am, but in a way all his own. A way that usually ended with gold on his waist and guys in the ER.”

Suddenly, Hart’s face twinged with anger.

“All I can say about it now, after having gone toe-to-toe with him and fought for dominance in the Legacy with him is this….”

“Never meet your heroes. They’ll disappoint you every time.”

The former Legacy champ shook his head disgustedly.

“In the last year or two, Vince Jacobs has gone from the guy that used to hang from the wall of my junior college dorm to the biggest boil on my ass off all times and BY GOD, it’s time for him and his twiggy bitch to pay the piper for being the pimple on the face of my grand resurgence.”

A raucous ovation ensued.

“So I’m out here, TONIGHT, in the UNDERGROUND, to lay down a challenge to this fool, who has suddenly become the bane of my existence.”

Dramatic pause. Wait for it…

“You and me Jacobs, one last time…at NO TURNING BACK!!”

"I didn't have to come to the LoC to become a superstar...I brought my spotlight with me!!!"
“Villain” by Theory of a Deadman
The song blared throughout the Arena of Champions as an angry chorus of negative crowd heat would flood the arena as the entire arena became a washed with Purple, Gold & Pearl star-shaped eye candy from overhead. The massive screens continued showcasing the numerous displays of tactical brilliance & seasoned technical mastery for all to see. A select cadre of earned monikers would dance at random, exploding on the Arena of Champions one after the other.
Pro Wrestling's Phenomenon - The Icon - The Living Legend – The Ratings Grabber - The Reason there is a show – Mr. Pay Per View
The camera would center itself onto the entrance staging area where the notoriously controversial lightning rod would part the backstage curtains with a prominent smirk, etched across the heavily decorated veteran’s visage. The Russian Jewel herself would follow suit to draw forth the beta male thirst & envy while preening and proudly directing the ‘spotlight’ on LoC’s ‘God of Wrestling Greatness’ whom would slowly raise his extended arms upward to promote several Golden & Purple plumes of pyrotechnical brilliance upward before being dismissed on cue.

Jacobs stood on the stage with Natalia and Athena as they looked into the ring to see Shawn Hart awaiting an answer from Vince. The fans in the Arena of Champions erupted with a mixed reaction as Vince smirked.

“No!!” Vince spoke as the crowd jeered the former champion. “How about this Hart, your friend Rikki Roxx against the baddest woman in this company, Athena.”

Hart was about to speak as the Legacy-tron illuminated to see Scott Riktor standing in the skybox. “You know what Vince that is probably the best idea you’ve had in a long time. Tonight we will see Athena take on Roxx and that match starts right now.


Stipulation: Underground Rules

Referee: Chris Horowitz

“Hard Rock Hallelujah” by Lordi

The organ music filled the Arena of Champions as the lights dimmed to a dark blue/violet hue.


The lights exploded in white ambiance with word as it was screamed over the PA system. Smoke filled the entrance way as the main melody of the theme kicked in and out from the back darted Rikki Roxx to a pretty good pop from the crowd. Trailing behind Rikki Roxx is the former Legacy Champion SJH himself, Shawn Jessica Hart! Hart could be seen grooving to Roxx’s theme song as Roxx skips down the aisle giving some devils nubs to the fans.

Roxx entered the ring and ascended the turnbuckles, throwing up the metal fists for all to see. He hopped down and was ready in the ring as his music faded along with the lights in the arena.

Roxx talked to Hart in the corner as Athena looked on. Vince made his way up to the apron and whispered something in Athena’s ear as she nodded. Hart dropped down off the apron and Rikki bounced around in the corner. Horowitz called for the bell as the two participants moved toward each other in the middle of the ring.

Athena moved in close to her opponent and smirked as she looked at Roxx. Rikki gave her a pelvic thrust and Athena returned gesture with a slap to the face. The Rocker did not take being slapped to lightly as he bounced off the ropes with a flying spinning elbow. That staggered the large woman but she did not fall down. Roxx nailed Athena with a standing dropkick that sent her to the ropes. The Rocker grabbed Athena and tried to whip her into the ropes. Athena pulled Rikki toward her with an attempt a short arm clothesline but Roxx moved. Rikki turned around and nailed Athena with a clothesline. Rikki grabbed Athena and hooked her in a front chancery.

“Okay is he dumb or just plain stupid.” Davis chimed in.

“I’m wondering why he think he can match strength with this Massive woman.” Stone added.

Roxx tried to pick Athena up but she blocked the attempt. Athena reversed the attempt and picked Roxx up. Athena nailed Rikki with a huge suplex.

Athena hooked Roxx’s leg for the cover.


Roxx was able to get his shoulder up before the three count. Rikki pulled himself up but Athena landed a clubbing blow to his back that sent him back to the mat. Vince motioned to Athena to continue the onslaught. She obliged as the Massive woman continued to pound on Roxx with one vicious blow after another.

Athena raised her arms high in the air as the fans erupted in jeers. Athena reached down and picked up Rikki and whipped him into the corner.

Rikki hit the corner hard as Athena raced into the corner. Roxx quickly moved as Athena rammed into the corner. Rikki got to his feet and started to nail Athena with a few big right hands. The Rocker was pumped now as he let out a large yell.

Roxx continued to drill Athena in the corner as Hart cheered him on. Rikki pulled Athena from the corner and sent her down to the mat with a DDT!

Rikki went for the cover on Athena as Horowitz dropped down for the count.


Athena powered out of that attempt.

“Athena still has a lot left in the gas tank.” Stone said.

“How did you deduce that statement? Maybe by the way she sent Roxx flying halfway across the ring.” Davis replied.

Roxx was the first to his feet and nailed Athena with a knee to the side of her head. She was on her knees as Roxx drilled her again with a kick to the head.

Jacobs slammed his hands on the apron as Roxx turned to see the Icon. Vince pointed at Roxx as Athena was trying to make it to her feet. Hart yelled at Rikki to focus on Athena. Rikki turned around only to be planted on the mat with a vicious clothesline from the massive woman.

Athena pulled Roxx to his feet and drove him back to the mat with a head butt. Athena bounced off the ropes and jumped in the air landing on Rikki with a standing splash. She hooked the leg for the cover.


The Rocker actually kicked out of the big splash from Athena. Roxx rolled over to his stomach as Athena stood to her feet. The massive woman grabbed Roxx and hooked him in a camel clutch. Roxx had nowhere to go as Athena applied the pressure on his neck and back.

Vince and Natalia smiled as Athena had Rikki in a very precarious position. The massive woman continued the pressure as Chris checked on the Rocker.

“Roxx should give up. Doesn’t he realize that he is no match for SVJ and Athena?” Reno said.

“Reno you know if Shawn Hart has anything to say about this match he will not let Rikki give up.” Stone replied.

“Well if Rikki keeps hanging with Hart he’s going to get killed.” Reno added.

Athena really sat into the hold applying more and more pressure on Roxx’s back. Hart saw his hired gun about to fade as he started to wave his arms in the air to get the fans behind Roxx.


Roxx tried to crawl his way toward the rope but Athena’s power was just too much for the Rocker. Jacobs smiled and gave Natalia a kiss on the lips as he watched Athena rip Rikki Roxx apart. The Rocker was fading again as Horowitz was checking to see if Rikki was going to respond. Hart started to pound on the ring apron as the fans started to chant once again.


This time Roxx was able to get one of his arms free as he moved closer to the ropes. He stretched out and grabbed the bottom rope as Hart wiped his brow. Vince was not happy as he thought the match was over.

Rikki was hurt as he held his back in pain. Athena made her way to her feet as she looked at Vince.

“Destroy him.” Vince yelled.

Athena nodded as she made her way over to Roxx who was struggling to his feet with the help of the ropes. The massive woman grabbed Roxx by the arm and whipped him into the ropes. Rikki bounced off the ropes and was nailed by a devastating power slam by Athena. She hooked his leg for the cover.


Everyone in the arena was amazed that Roxx was still in this match.

“How in the hell did he kick out of that?” Reno said.

“Rikki is showing some intestinal fortitude here tonight.” Stone replied.

“He’s showing stupidity by not staying down.” Reno said.

Athena stood to her feet pulling Rikki along with her. She whipped Roxx into the corner. Athena raced into the corner but Roxx moved out of the way. Rikki nailed Athena in the midsection with a few shot before nailing her with a big discus right hand.

The Rocker moved into the corner and made his way to the middle rope as he held Athena by the head. Roxx jumped off the ropes with a swinging DDT, driving Athena into the mat. Hart motioned for Rikki to go for the cover. Roxx slowly made his way to Athena and draped an arm over her chest for the pin attempt.


SVJ exhaled a sigh of relief as he thought Roxx may have pulled an upset.

Rikki slowly made it to her feet as well as Athena. Roxx saw this as he raced across the ring and nailed Athena with a running leg lariat. Athena fell to the mat again as the fans had sensed the momentum starting to change in the match.

Rikki dropped several elbows on Athena’s shoulder area as the fans erupted in more cheers.


The Rocker was loving this as he peered out into the sea of fans in the Arena of Champions and gave them all a thumbs up before turning his attention back on Athena. Roxx nailed Athena with a stiff kick to the side. Rikki reached down and pulled Athena to her feet with all his might. Roxx tried to hook Athena for a swinging neck breaker but Athena blocked the move.

Roxx tried once more but again Athena blocked the move. The massive woman picked up Rikki and slammed him to the mat with a snap suplex. The crowd jeered as Athena slowly made it to her feet. She pulled Rikki up with her massive hand and drove him into the mat with a vicious choke slam. Vince jumped up and down as he smiled from ear to ear.

Athena went for the cover on Rikki.


“I can’t believe this.” Reno said.

“Neither can I.” Stone added.

Jacobs and Natalia was in the same boat as Davis and Stone as the two had a shocked look on their faces after the kick out. Shawn Hart was all smiles as his hired gun was still kicking. Vince jumped on to the apron and started to yell at Horowitz for a slow count. Hart saw enough as he raced around the ring and pulled Jacobs off the apron.

The two men started to come to blows on the floor as Horowitz tried to settle down the ruckus outside of the ring. Meanwhile Natalia grabbed a folding chair and slid it into the ring to Athena. Athena picked up Rikki and drove him into the steel chair with a vicious sidewalk slam. Athena pushed the chair to the apron as Natalia pulled it out of the ring. Horowitz turned back to the ring to see Athena covering Roxx.



Athena got the win as Hart and Jacobs was finally separated by security. Natalia raced over to Vince to let him know that Athena won the match. Jacobs smirked and gave Hart the finger as he, Natalia and Athena made their way up the ramp.

Hart rolled into the ring to check on Roxx who was still trying to get to his feet.

The Prime Minister of Gettin’ Sinister peered at SVJ as the two had not settled their differences.

Winner: Athena via Pinfall


Featuring: Derrick Huber, Adam Roebuck, Zane Roebuck, and Tony Davis

Location: Backstage

“There's that idiot, bobbing his head again.” Reno said over the commentary track as we faded backstage. “Doesn't he know he has a tag match tonight against Kaus and a mystery partner?”

Tony Davis, bobbing his head to the music inside his large comically oversized ear phones, walked without a care in the world down the dangerous hallways of Legacy of Champions. Last time he did this, he wound up in the creepy hallway of the Nation. Luckily for him, the Nation were still returning backstage from their previous tag team matchup with the Legion of Dairy, so at least Tony didn’t have to worry about that.

But, he should have at least minded his surroundings, because charging into frame with a vicious forearm to the back of the Original Degenerate’s noggin was one half of the House’s current tag team champions, Adam Roebuck. Adam grabbed Davis off the ground after his headphones went flying, and chucked him face first into the nearest concrete wall. Roebuck then let loose with a few kidney punches to Davis’ lower back, and pushed Davis’ face against the cold concrete wall. Roebuck spun and tossed Davis into the awaiting hands of the KING of the House, who positioned himself just in front of a concession stand…

(Sitdown Double Team Powerbomb)

Through the concessions, sending ketchup and mustard and popcorn flying. The concession worker quickly ran away, shouting something about “Not being paid enough for this shit.” As the King and Jack of the House looked down at the fallen and unconscious Tony Davis.

That’s when everyone’s “Favorite” Zane Roebuck showed up, and began to jaw jack with the fallen member of VIAGRA.

“Oh, didn’t see that coming did you T-D?” Zane shouted. “I bet you ain’t see this comin’ either! I’mma rap better than you ever could! WATCH IT! Check Check. One Two. Fuck you Zanadu…”

Zane’s voice trailed off as the LoC production crew thankfully faded out back to ringside.


Stipulation: Underground Rules

Referee: D.C. Train

"Otherworld" by Nubuo Uematsu hit the arena and the crowd gave a mild, mixed reaction to Seymour Almasy. Almasy made his way down to the ring, rolled in and began to bounce off the ropes in a warm-up fashion. The ref checked in with him that he was ready to go. Almasy quickly nodded before pulling on the ropes to stretch out his back.

"We might have seen Almasy just once so far, is that right Reno?" asked Tony Stone.

"'Seen' would be a stretch. He's shown up on camera once in LoC but never in the ring." replied Reno Davis.

"But that doesn't demerit just who is Seymour Almasy. This guy is a small, high-flying, WELL-decorated champion of several wrestling promotions!"

Suddenly the arena went dark and blue lights panned around seemingly from nowhere.

"Scheme" by STS9

Out walked Draconian. A 7'2" and 300 pound monster that the roster was starting to call the Pale Dreadnought. The crowd gave a dark measure of response with a chorus of boos in remembrance of what Draconian did to Chris Moliano the week prior.

"Oh man, Tony, I don't have a good feeling about this," remarked Davis.

"Draconian has made short work of Cordova and Moliano, so we have to expect he has some plan for taking on yet another smaller wrestler," replied Stone.

After Draconian lumbered into the ring the ref cautiously checked in to let Draconian know it was about to the start, and with that...

Ding Ding Ding!

Seymour Almasy ran and jumped at Draconian but was met with a stiff right clothesline. Draconian pursued but Almasy hopped to his feet and jumped off the ropes for a cross body, and Draconian caught him! Draconian made a move to lift Almasy above his head into what was becoming a signature gorilla press, but Almasy wiggled free and wrapped his legs around Draconian's head on the way down.


Draconian's large frame spun a few feet on the mat but he quickly regained his footing just in time so see Almasy rotating his body in the middle of the ring...

(jump spinning roundhouse kick)

It was enough to daze Draconian who stumbled a couple of steps back.

"We haven't seen this before! Draconian is actually getting countered!" yelled Stone.

Almasy came forward looking to hit another quick move but Draconian deftly cracked The Final Fantasy with the back of his hand. Almasy spun to the corner, to which Draconian followed, and then grabbed Almasy's head for a couple of quick slams onto a turnbuckle.

Draconian pulled Almasy by the head back to center ring and hoisted him up via gutwrench position, but Almasy again wiggled free again! Almasy slid down Draconian's back and ran to the ropes; when he came back to center ring Draconian was waiting and grabbed Almasy by the neck. He lifted Almasy up in the air looking for the chokeslam, but AGAIN Almasy escaped and got his feet back on the ring.

Before Draconian could turn around Almasy came flying from behind and delivered a FAST bulldog. Draconian rolled onto his back in the center of the ring in a bit of a fog, which was just enough time for Almasy to hit the second rope for a springboard moonsault...


Draconian put a knee up in front of himself just in time for Almasy to make impact and bounce away clutching his stomach in pain.

"Oh man, just when you thought someone was finally getting some momentum against Draconian..." Tony Stone's voice trailed off.

Draconian got to his feet, approached the prone Almasy and then delivered several HEAVY boots to the head. The Pale Dreadnought lifted Almasy up from the mat into a fireman's carry all in one motion, then flung Almasy into the air onto his knee!

The ring shook with the impact and Almasy subsequently was not looking good. Draconian picked up the injured Almasy and took him to the corner where he laid several hammerfists on the back of Almasy's head. Draconian carried his opponent to the top rope where he had made his name known with superplexes, gorilla presses and chokeslams.

At the top of the third rope, Draconian hoisted Almasy above his head looking for another out-of-this-world chokeslam onto the ringside floor...


Almasy, yet again, negotiated his body out of the Draconian's grasp and into a backflip out of the ring landing squarely on his feet. The crowd popped at the sheer athleticism! From above Draconian grimly stared down at Almasy.

Draconian got down from the top turnbuckle and stood at the ropes. Almasy came running toward the ring and slid directly between Draconian's feet, who was too slow to catch his sly opponent.

Almasy used the the moment of confusion on Draconian's part to jump on the big man's back. Draconian attempted to spin around but Almasy was firmly hooked onto Draconian's neck. In vain, Draconian reached back over his shoulder to grab Almasy but gave up quickly. Instead Draconian walked into the center of the ring with Almasy hanging on his back, and then begun to spin around as quickly as his big frame could manage.

On his back Almasy's legs extended outward as he kept his grip. Finally his grip failed and Almasy went spinning out the side of the ring!

"Talk about being thrown into orbit!" exclaimed Reno Davis.

In a hurried pace Draconian followed and caught up with a slightly dizzy Almasy. Ringside Draconian clobbered Almasy with a couple of right hands, and then spun him toward the steps...


Almasy writhed in pain but Draconian gave him no quarter. Instead Draconian picked up Almasy onto his shoulder, walked to the barricade and dropped Almasy HARD straight onto his face!

Seymour Almasy's head snapped back on the impact and crowd recoiled in empathy for the pain inflicted. While Almasy laid on the ground holding his head, Draconian dug under the ring and pulled out a table! The crowd popped at the prospect of some table-breaking...

Draconian set up the table ringside and grabbed Almasy, then picked Almasy up into a vertical suplex position.


The table splintered everywhere as Almasy's back broke through it; Draconian quickly rolled and went for the cover...




Almasy's body jerked at the last second to halt the pin, to which Draconian didn't give reaction. Instead Draconian dragged Almasy up by his neck, lifted him into a quick gorilla press and threw Almasy back into the ring.

After entering the ring, Draconian ran up to Almasy and jumped looking for a MAJOR standing frogsplash, but Almasy moved! Draconian hit the mat and rolled over in slight pain for a moment. Almasy moved to take advantage of the situation and performed a high jump leg drop, and it connected!

Almasy sprinted to the top of the turnbuckle, turned back to the ring and leaped into the air...

(Springboard 450 Splash)

"This could be it! Draconian is in trouble!" yelled Tony Stone.





Draconian kicked out hard so hard and Almasy was flung into the air onto the mat. Almasy attempted to get to his feet but Draconian was already waiting there to deliver HARD boot to the face. Almasy fell back against the mat as if he were almost unconscious.

Draconian stood silently in the center of the ring staring down at his smaller opponent. He finally looked ringside and yelled for a microphone, and the match wasn't even over! To his satisfaction a microphone was throw into the squared circle by a production assistant.

Without an exerted effort Draconian lifted Alsamy from the mat into the air by just a hand on Almasy's neck...



Instead of going for the pin, Draconian grabbed the microphone; he got down onto the mat next to a completely pain-ridden, foggy Almasy. Draconian slipped his legs around Almasy's stomach, and then scissored his legs and began applying a TREMENDOUS amount of pressure.

"We've seen this before, Tony, but not in Loc!" yelled Reno Davis. "My backstage connections tell me this is leglock is called Detainment!"

Almasy screamed in agony as Draconian's legs flexed around his midsection. On the mat, Draconian brought the microphone to his lips.

"Do you see now?" asked Draconian in a DEEP voice. He continued to apply the leg scissors. "This is what you have to offer ME?"

The referee checked in on Almasy, who simply was coughing for breath and in no way able to answer a question.

"This is how it will be," stated Draconian. "Every man you put in front of me will be silenced..."

The referee knelt down to Almasy, who was not struggling to stay lucid. Almasy's eyes began to roll into the back of his head, to which the referee only had one recourse; he lifted Almasy's arm into the air once.

Almasy's arm fell for the first count.

"I am Draconian."

The referee lifted Almasy's arm again, and it fell for a second time.

"I am your judge."

The referee lifted Almasy's arm a third time... and it fell!



"Man, I really thought one of LoC's high fliers had found a way to solve Draconian," said Tony Stone.

"Sorry, Tony..." replied Reno Davis. "I think this just might be one big man who can't be beat by athleticism alone."

Draconian got back to his feet as the referee checked in on Almasy's condition. For the third straight match, Draconian's opponent was being swarmed by medical staff. "Scheme" by STS9 hit the airwaves and Draconian made his way backstage to the crowd booing.

Winner: The Draconian via Pinfall


Featuring: Graham Youngblood & Scott Riktor

Location: The Skybox

Outnumbered. Alone. At the mercy of The House. This is where Graham Youngblood found himself last week on Legends. Now, standing in front of his mentor in the infamous Skybox, Graham was worse for wear but more determined than ever.

“Let’s give them what they want,” he stated without a shred of doubt in his tone. Scott Riktor mulled over the words, hands folded and eyes closed, and searched for the appropriate solution. He respected Graham’s determination and his persistence, as these were two traits Scott shared with the LoC rookie, but after years of barreling headstrong into certain doom Scott also possessed something that Graham did not.

“Patience,” said the LoC Brand President.


Scott opened his eyes. “Patience. You need to find some. Trust me. I’ve been in your shoes plenty of times. I know where this path leads. You against the world and let me tell you something … the world hits hard and it fights dirty. Your pride has the hairs on the back of your neck up. It’s filling your chest with fire and you feel like you’re going to explode if you can’t direct that fire at someone right now. Am I on the right track here?”

Graham nodded. “Yeah, that’s exactly right. Here’s the thing, though, I’ve seen every match you’ve ever been in. I know that when you were fired up you won more than you lost.”

“You have no idea what I lost,” Scott said with a distinct certainty that made Graham Youngblood think twice. He wasn’t talking about wrestling matches here but something more, something personal. Scott glanced down for a moment and continued. “There are things in this life, kid, and once they’re gone … they’re gone. You don’t get them back, no matter how hard you try. You can’t find them again, no matter how much you want to. These things are finite and most of us don’t realize that until it’s far too late. If I can save you from one thing it would be that.”

“You’re talking about …”

“Regret. Or maybe regrets? It’s plural. You think there’s one but then one leads to another and another until, pretty soon, it’s all you’ve got. It’s what consumes you. The things you left behind, the things you never had a chance to get, the things you wish you wouldn’t have had in the first place. It digs a hole inside of you and it buries itself there, and that’s where it lives … forever.”

Graham’s eyes turned somber seeing the look in those of his mentor. He sat down across from Scott and, leaning over the Brand President’s desk, said, “But what if I regret not doing anything?”

“Isn’t that the damn truth?” Was all he got in response. Scott Riktor shook his head, understanding all too well what the youngster was talking about.

“Well,” Graham replied, “what am I supposed to do?”

Scott looked his protege dead in his eyes. “Find a balance,” he said. “Decide what you’re willing to give and what you need to take. See if there’s a middle ground for you. You need to think long and hard about this before you dive in. I don’t want to see you on this side of the desk in twenty years trying to figure out why this itch won’t go away and how to scratch it. Learn from me and be better than I was. Look at your opponents, who are they?”

“The House,” Graham said matter-of-factly.

“Past that,” Scott responded, “they’re united. Right now they are strong in a singular belief and that belief is that their numbers are stronger than anyone that would stand against them. And here you are, looking to prove them right.”

“Wrong,” said Graham, “I’m looking to prove them wrong.”

Scott smiled. “Then do it. Figure out a way and do it. Or run in there like an idiot and get killed again … the choice is always yours to make.”

“I need a plan.”

“You need a plan.”

Graham stood up and extended his hand across the Brand President’s desk. Scott graciously accepted.

“Thanks, coach.”

“It’s what I’m here for,” Scott said.

Graham ventured towards the door of the Skybox but stopped in the doorway and looked back. “You know,” he said, “I think maybe if you had never lost anything then you wouldn’t have known what it was like to win.”

Scott simply smiled. “I’ll let you know when I do, kid. Unless you get there first.”

LoC: Underground shifted back to the ring.


Stipulation: Underground Rules

Referee: Ian Nyugen

Last week on Legends, Amber Ryann pulled off her bravest move to date: walking up and challenging the self-proclaimed “King of Hell” to a match. Derecho declined, but Scott Riktor sealed the deal and tonight, Amber Ryann will be stepping into Derecho’s wheelhouse here on Underground.

“Antinotice” by AKIAKANE

The fans stamped the feet to the beat as Amber came out from the backstage area sporting a pair of dragonfly goggles and a single transparent dragonfly wing tied to her hair which dangled in front of her over her left shoulder. She stopped at the top of the stage and raised her fist into the air. She then landed on one knee, slamming her fist into the stage setting off four pyro explosions: one red, one blue, one green, and one yellow which matched the colors in her hair. Amber then took off down the ramp and slapped the hands of some fans on her way down to the ring.

Amber hopped up onto the apron and grabbed the top rope. She slung herself over, pivoted, landed on the middle rope and moonsaulted to the middle of the ring where she landed on her feet. She then fell to a knelt position, slamming her fist into the canvas and setting off four more multi-colored pyros from each of the ring corners. Amber removed her trademarked dragonfly goggles and unfastened the lone dragonfly wing from her hair and passed them off to ringside. She warmed up as her music died down.

The lights in the arena dimmed.

"I am....

....I am"

"Charisma" by WASP

A lone spotlight lights up the stage and we see Derecho with his back to the arena. Derecho was clad in his typical black leather trench coat while sporting a pair of sunglasses. The lights then begin to pulse to the beat of the song in random fashion. Derecho looked over his shoulder and grinned before pivoting and beginning his descent towards the ring. The capacity crowd on hand booed and showed their disdain, but Derecho paid no mind to them.

Derecho stopped at the bottom of the entrance ramp and then turned to his left. He stomped up the steel ring steps and stepped into the ring between the middle and the top rope. Derecho made his way to the center of the ring where pulsing spotlights illuminated him from different angles. Derecho stretched out his arms and looked up toward the rafters as he wanted the LoC Universe to bask in his glory. Derecho then flicked his wrists and removed his sunglasses followed by his trench coat, passing them off to ringside.

After the arena had returned to normal, Derecho stared across the ring at Amber Ryann and shook his head as he couldn’t believe that she was going to go through with this. Amber looked ready to go and Ian Ngyuen called for the bell




“Amber Ryann looks to get a measure of revenge here tonight as she looks to take on Derecho.” said Tony Stone. “You know.. I’m really getting sick of this. First she doesn’t even take on a valid challenger for her Flyweight Title and now she makes the stupid decision of facing Derecho… on a show… with match rules that favors Derecho. Did she not do her history lessons? Does she realize that it’s matches like this that caused Derecho to be Underground Champion for over a year!? Such an idiot” said Reno.

Amber showed no fear as she walked right up to Derecho and shoved him backwards. Derecho stumbled a bit, but he actually cracked a smirk thinking that what Amber did was cute. Amber, however, didn’t take that smirk lightly and hauled off and slapped Derecho across the face! Amber then followed it up with a toe kick that doubled Derecho over! She grabbed Derecho by the arm and attempted an Irish Whip, but Derecho reversed it and sent Amber into the ropes. Amber hopped up onto the middle rope and twisted off with a corkscrew plancha, taking Derecho down to the canvas!

Derecho stood up as Amber backed into the ropes. She leapt up into the air and took Derecho down with a leaping clothesline! Derecho stumbled up to his feet, but Amber pressed him back into the corner. She lit up Derecho’s chest with a knife edge chop! She hit a second, then a third, then a fourth… all the way up to TEN chops which turned Derecho’s skin bright red! Amber quickly headed to the opposite corner and charged back in at Derecho. Derecho exploded out of the corner and swung with a lariat, but Amber was ready for it and ducked!

Amber leapt up onto the middle turnbuckle and pushed off, decking Derecho in the face with a leaping reverse elbow! The crowd couldn’t believe how Amber Ryann was taking it to Derecho and began to cheer wildly for her! She felt that energy as Derecho stumbled back up. Amber with a high roundhouse kick knocked Derecho over to the ropes by the entrance way. Amber charged in and before Derecho could even look to see her coming, she belting him over the top rope and down to the floor!

“LET’S GO AMBER!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“LET’S GO AMBER!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“LET’S GO AMBER!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“LET’S GO AMBER!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“LET’S GO AMBER!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap

“Amber Ryann is taking it to Derecho and this crowd is rallying behind her.” said Stone.

“For now, but her naivety will catch up with her soon enough and I’m just going to sit here and laugh at it!” said Reno

Amber looked ready to fly. The capacity crowd began to stamp their feet as Derecho pulled himself up. Amber got a good head start and turned just as she approached the ropes, sailing over them with a Shooting Star Press over the top rope to the outside!!


The move connected and Derecho was wiped out on the floor! Amber popped up and she didn’t let up on Derecho at all! She grabbed Derecho by the hair and pulled him back up to his feet. Amber hit kick after kick after kick to Derecho’s side until he fell to a single knee. Amber backed up and charged at Derecho looking to take a page out of Derecho’s playbook with a Shining Wizard, but Derecho grabbed Amber and stood. He turned and….



“GOOD LORD! That’s it… Amber Ryann’s back has got to be broken after that. Ian Nguyen should think about ending this match. That’s a damn woman Derecho just did that to!” said Stone.

“First off… I told you it was coming… second… NOW you have pity for her? Not before when she thought it was a good idea to ask for this match knowing full well that this is the kind of stuff Derecho is capable of? If you ask me.. All the damn hair dye chemicals seeped into her brain and made her dumb as all hell. Amber asked for this.. She deserves everything she’s about to get.” said Reno.

Derecho stumbled back and propped himself against the barricades. Ian Ngyuen exited the ring to check on Amber who was motionless on the floor after that move. Derecho was starting to shake off all the strikes Amber had delivered to him. Derecho walked over and practically shoved Ian Nguyen out of the way. Derecho knelt down next to Amber and grabbed her by the hair. He lifted her head up off the floor and shouted at her.


Derecho stood, still holding onto Amber’s hair. He pulled her up to her feet and then placed her into a front waist lock. Derecho pivoted and...


“The referee needs to stop this match. Amber can’t take another hit like that. This is ridiculous!” said Stone.

“No it’s not. Everything that is happening to that brainless little walking cartoon is stuff she brought on herself. All of it could have been prevented by dropping it and walking away, but nope. She thought that this needed to happen. Hell.. the next person to walk out through that curtain for her Flyweight Title Challenge is going to get themselves a free belt at this rate.. And honestly, I can’t wait to see it happen.” said Reno.

Ian Nguyen quickly got between Derecho and Amber Ryann, immediately checking on her as Derecho stood back up with a sadistic grin on his face. Derecho walked over to Amber Ryann and stood over her.

“What’s the matter!? I’m only giving you what you asked for!” said Derecho to a chorus of boos from the crowd.

Derecho pulls Amber Ryann up much to Ian Nguyen’s chagrin. Derecho wraps her arms around Amber’s wait and rams her back first into the edge of the ring apron. Amber practically collpases in his arms, but Derecho rams her back into the ring apron again! The referee tells Derecho to get her back in the ring, but he looked at the referee and shook his head “no” right before lifted Amber up off the ground and...


By the time, the crowd couldn’t even boo. They had gone silent. The referee got right on top of Amber to try and shield her.

“This crowd has been stunned silent by Derecho’s actions. What kind of man would do this?” asked Stone.

I know jOlt bought LoC and such, but you should at least watch some of it. Derecho ripped through name after name after name. People like Rune Winters, Ninja K, Citizen and even the Superbeast himself, Sylo. He beat Omega to win his second Underground Championship and you sit there and ask what kind of man does this? The answer is right in that ring.. Derecho is the kind of man who does this. He doesn’t care who is in front of him. If you stand in his way, he will mow you down.” said Reno.

“Yeah, because that worked so well against Billows and Monte Burns” said Stone.

“You really don’t pay attention, do you? Derecho beat Billows when it was one on one. Every other loss Derecho has suffered on Pay-Per-View was due to outside interference. Karma’s Collector and his own brother Mattock screwed Derecho out of victory after victory. The King didn’t lose his crown… the king was outnumbered in an unfair fight.” said Reno.

Derecho looked pissed that the referee would do such a thing and went to go grab him. At that moment, the crowd erupted and when Derecho turned around to see what it was..




“MATTOCK HAS RETURNED!!!” yelled Stone.

“No shit.” said Reno, sarcastically

Derecho hit the floor and Mattock quickly pulled Derecho up and rolled him into the ring. Derecho was staggering back to his feet, but he looked punch drunk. Mattock grabbed the chair and slid in. He stood and charged at Derecho, going for another chair shot, but somehow… someway… Derecho put his arms up and blocked it! He fought with Mattock for control of the chair, but Mattock decided to let Derecho have it. Derecho yanked the chair right out of Mattock’s hands, but that’s because Mattock, upon relinquishing the chair, spun around and,...



The roaring elbow slammed into the chair which, in turn, slammed into Derecho’s face! Mattock quickly rolled out of the ring and grabbed Amber Ryann. He rolled Amber back into the ring and then slid back in as well. Mattock stood and grabbed Amber by the arm and dragged her on top of Derecho. Ian Nguyen slid into the ring and made the count...





“Amber Ryann just picked up a victory of a lifetime over a former hall of famer!” said Stone.

“Victory of a lifetime!? ARE YOU SERIOUS!? SHE’S FRIGGIN DEAD!! I’d be surprised if she has a pulse right now! Her little wannabe boyfriend ran down here and did all the damn work… from behind like a coward.. And then dragged that undeserving bitch of a woman on top of one of the greatest men to walk this planet for a cheap, STOLEN victory. You want THAT walking around as your Flyweight Champion!? Again… Derecho lost a match due to outside interference! What you saw before Mattock came running down here was the real Derecho. The man who is unstoppable… the man who Scott Riktor is afraid to put in a Legacy Title match in a fair one on one environment because he knows Derecho would be walking around as THE man of this company in a heartbeat. To say that this is a victory of a lifetime… it churns my stomach!” said Reno.

“What do you have against Amber Ryann all of a sudden?” asked Stone.

“Just LOOK at her… she’s annoying as all hell. LoC would be better off without an annoying little bitch like her.” said Reno.

The crowd cheered as Mattock knelt down next to Amber and checked on her. The referee assured Mattock that he would help her and that’s when he stood. Mattock reached down and grabbed his brother, pulling him up to his feet. Mattock shoved Derecho back into the corner and grabbed him by the throat, tightly. The cold icy stare sent a clear message to Derecho, but Derecho answered by spitting in Mattock’s face. Derecho grinned as Mattock stepped back and wiped the spit from his eyes. Mattock then pivoted and decked Derecho in the face!



Another roaring elbow connected and Derecho slumped down into the corner. Mattock then began to hit knee after knee into Derecho’s face to the point where Ian Nguyen had to stop tending to Amber to pull Mattock off of Derecho. Ian backed Mattock up and that’s when Mattock threw his arms up and and exited the ring. Mattock headed to the backstage area as Amber was just finally able to begin moving. The referee helped her sit up and Amber looked around to see just what the hell was going on. She looked as if she didn’t know how she got into the ring. Nevertheless, Ian Nguyen helped her out of the ring and Amber used him as a crutch as she hobbled to the backstage area to cheers and applause from the crowd.

As Amber was making her way to the back, Derecho continued to slump there in the corner, but something was a bit off. The camera zoomed in on Derecho’s face and he was… laughing!?

Winner: Amber Ryann via Pinfall


Featuring: Providence & Angelica Brooks

Location: Backstage

No sooner did the next scene on the LegacyTron appear than the fans in the Arena of Champions voiced their displeasure, as they looked up to see Angie Brooks standing side by side with Providence.

The camera was angled slightly upward toward Providence, allowing the fans a chance to get a better view of his face under the hood. Already, he bore a slight grin across his face as he rubbed his hands together and eyed Brooks. For her part, the interviewer maintained her calm as she looked his way for a moment before turning to the camera.

“Once again I’m here backstage with one of LoC’s most dangerous men,” Brooks said as she turned back toward Providence again. “First, I have to say I’m actually surprised you agreed to speak with me tonight. After all, you didn’t seem very interested in saying much to Matt Mills at the end of our last Legends show.”

Providence stopped rubbing his hands and instead took turns alternating using one hand to rub the wrists of his other.

“Well, Miss Brooks,” he started to say as he turned toward her, “there was a lot that happened at Legends as you may remember. Now that I’ve had a chance to digest the…shocking...attack by Mr. Jacobs I witnessed, I feel much more comfortable having a chat with you.”

Brooks gave the camera a quizzical look before asking, “So are you saying here tonight that you and ‘Superstar’ Vince Jacobs did NOT plan that out together? That you’re NOT working in tandem?”

“Miss Brooks, please, surely you know me better than that. Have you ever seen me working as a team with anyone here in LoC? Have I ever given the slightest indication that I want to join forces with anyone here? Now, Mr. Jacobs is a talented individual, someone who has achieved a great deal in this business, much more than many of the so-called heroes these fans adore. But, no, he and I are not a part of some grand conspiracy.”

“Okay,” Brooks nodded. “If that’s the case, then what’s behind your behavior recently with Andy Murray? Why the mind games?”

Providence gave Brooks a surprised look, obviously mockingly trying to appear taken aback by her questioning.

“Mind games?” He asked as he shook his head. “No, no, I am afraid there has been a terrible misunderstanding here MIss Brooks. I am not playing mind games with Mr. Murray. No, Mr. Murray is the Underground Champion. He’s this self-proclaimed king who wears a heavy crown but continues to fight week after week. You can see what a fierce competitor is, how stubborn he is to battle each week, all for the adulation that his subjects in the audience provide. I was merely out there to admire his work, to see firsthand what has captured the hearts and minds of the masses here.”

Not surprisingly, Brooks was not convinced. In fact, she looked toward the camera and gave the audience a look that said just that before following up.

“Is that really what you expect the LoC Faithful and everyone back here to believe? That you’re admiring Andy Murray’s work?”

Sensing her tone, Providence’s mood turned slightly darker as he moved a step closer to her. Brooks instinctively leaned back slightly as Providence eyed her coldly for a couple of seconds before speaking.

“I agree to your little interview here and you want to stand there calling me a liar? That’s the disrespect you’re going to show me, Miss Brooks?”

Before she could say anything in return, Providence snapped his head forward to face the camera and took a step closer to it.

“Mr. Murray, I hope you know that our business is far from over. I still have many…many things in mind for you before it’s time for your destiny to visit you. In the meantime, I hear you have another Underground Championship match tonight. Rest assured, I look forward to….admiring your work....yet again. Soon, Mr. Murray. Very soon.”

Just as the last word left his lips, Providence marched forward, shoving past the cameraman and disappearing off screen. Brooks let out a deep sigh as she watched him walk away and disappear into the nearby hallway.


Stipulation: Underground Rules

Referee: Chris Horowitz

“This seventh edition of Underground has been a whirlwind of excitement, and things are only going to get more intense as the night progresses.” Tony Stone said. “While Providence just spoke, his partner from two shows ago, Kaus, is set for tag team action here next, alongside a mystery partner.”

“C’mon, do we think it’s anyone but a member of the House?” Reno replied. “It would completely unintelligent of Kaus to come down here with anyone else.”

“Most of the House is booked tonight Reno, so that means double duty. Even still, you’re right, Kaus could choose any member of the House. Kaus just has more choices for his tag team partner than Harmen does tonight. Remember, Tony Davis was hit with BUST by the Tag Team Champions just earlier tonight. Who knows what condition he’s in.”

“That’s a true statement whether or not the House intervened with that whack job Stone-Face.” Reno said. “But the truth is, Harmen may have to go it alone, and maybe that’s what Kaus always wanted?”

“What? A one on one match?”

“No, a handicap street fight!” Reno said. “Hey, Harmen asked for a street fight, never said it couldn’t be a handicap brawl.”

“Showdown” by Pendulum played as the LoC crowd rose in jeers.

It's been such a long time coming I'd thought you'd understand That's over, hate of the last Will be joining in the sand

But it's simple you were wrong You must have known that we didn't not belong

I know you thought I'd sold my soul But you never told me to my face I just had to let you go And blow this shit away

Kaus stepped out from the backstage area first, red strobe lights circling the arena. He stopped at the rampway, and looked back to the gorilla position, only for Charlotte to emerge, dressed ready to fight. The two walked alongside one another toward the ring, sneering derisively at the jeering crowd.

“Kaus had made no friends here with the LoC Faithful Reno. It’s good he’s aligned himself with the House. Charlotte, perhaps, was his only option on a night like this.” Tony Stone said.

“When you have the Queen of Hearts and the Ten of Diamonds, you don’t need anything else Stone-Man.” Reno replied. “You know how many hands of Blackjack I’ve won with that hand?”

“How many?”

“NOT ENOUGH, cause the HOUSE always WINS.”

As the fog engulfed the stage, Jack Harmen stomped out through it with the Legacy title on his waist. The fans here cheered for their champion, as Harmen looked around at the crowd with a bit of reluctance. It was then that Harmen’s protege and manager stepped out to the ramp. Instead of her skirt suit, she wore her wrestling attire.

“I don't like this!” Harmen shouted at Mary-Lynn before turning away and storming to the ring.

Mary-Lynn sighed. “I can take care of myself you know!” She shouted after and gave chase.

"Of course Harmen’s gonna choose Mary-Lynn. What with Charlotte out here. Those two have had a few angry altercations themselves.”

“The House is not without its enemies Reno.”

“Yeah. But that means they're doing something right!”

Harmen and Mary-Lynn made it to the ring. Harmen offered to hold the ropes open for Mary, but she choose to enter on the other side of the ring from where Harmen was. Harmen then rolled in himself.

“The only rule here, is tags. Tag in to make a fall, be the legal man to lose the bout. Tags must be made traditionally, in the specified ring corner designated by Darius Underwood.” Tony Stone said. “That being said, this is the street fight Harmen wanted, confined to the ring.”

“Only if that nutty bastard keeps it there!”


“Here we go Reno. Looks like Mary-Lynn is going to start this contest off against the current Bombshells Champion, Charlotte.”

“The Queen of the House, the LoC Starlet Stoner! Get it right!”

Charlotte began to jaw jack at Mary-Lynn across the ring. The two redheads met in the center, Charlotte spitting into the undisturbed and undaunted face of the Tiny Attorney. Mary-Lynn caught Charlotte with a quick elbow, to which Charlotte fired back with a european uppercut. Mary-Lynn with a hard stiff elbow. Charlotte. Mary-Lynn. Charlotte. Mary-Lynn with a headbutt to the cheers of the LoC crowd, stunning Charlotte. Mary-Lynn hooked a stumbling Charlotte into a crucifix pin position for a quick pin.


Kickout by the Queen. Both women back to their feet quickly, and Mary-Lynn ate a stiff uppercut from Charlotte. Charlotte didn’t let up, hitting 2 and 3 in succession which sent Mary-Lynn tumbling into the House’s corner. TAG.

Kaus, was now the legal man. He hooked Mary-Lynn by her hair and tossed her like a rag doll, face first into the middle turnbuckle pad. He then put a few boots into her chest before stepping on her throat. Darius began to count, but Kaus just looked at him and laughed. He continued to put pressure on MLM’s neck.


Jack Harmen entered from behind and cracked a steel chair over Kaus’ back. He then took a swing toward Charlotte, who wisely dropped off the apron. Harmen then proceeded to slam the chair over and over onto the back of a downed Kaus. Darius could only watch the onslaught. After the fourth blow, Harmen hooked Kaus’ arm in between the top of the chair and the seat. Harmen climbed outside up to the middle turnbuckle pad, smiling as he looked down at the prone Kaus.

Mary-Lynn however, was the one to stand in his way and tell him to stop. Harmen leaned in and sneered at his protege as she told him to calm down. Harmen shook his head wildy no, using his whole body, but as he swung to the side…

Sealed with a Kiss
(Red Mist with a Kiss)

Harmen teetered backward from the stun, as Charlotte rushed him.

One-Eyed King
(One Armed Neckbreaker)

Both Charlotte and Harmen landed in a thud on the outside as Mary-Lynn looked on bewildered.

“Charlotte just risked life and limb to take out the Legacy champion. They both fell, what, nine feet off the apron? The height Charlotte had, and the whiplash on impact,” Tony Stone said, “We have to see that again.”

A smaller replay showed Charlotte hitting both her signatures, as in the ring, Mary-Lynn rushed off the far side ropes as Charlotte recovered. She then corkscrewed through the top and middle ropes, double palm striking Charlotte directly into her chest. Charlotte flew from impact back first into the unforgiving guardrail. Mary-Lynn meanwhile, landed like a cat on all fours. She reached down and placed her shoulder under Harmen’s arm pit, helping him back to their corner. After a few steps, Harmen waved her off, standing on his own two feet. Mary-Lynn returned her attention to the ring, climbing to the apron and then the top turnbuckles. Kaus was still down, rolled on his back and motionless. Mary-Lynn sized him up…

*** ¾ Star Frogsplash

MISSED, but Mary-Lynn, with incredible agility, landed on her feet. She turned and met the adrenaline fueled yet stunned Kaus with a charge.

(Charging Yakuza Kick)

To a huge pop from the Faithful, Mary-Lynn fell on top and hooked the far leg.



. Th--- Charlotte pulled Mary-Lynn out of the ring by her boots just as Kaus would have kicked out! Charlotte grabbed MLM and speared her into the guardrail, once, twice, three times, before slamming MLM face first into the edge of the steel steps. She then spun, gaining momentum and hurled the Tiny Attorney knees first into the steel steps. Mary-Lynn flipped over the steps. The impact dislodged the steps from the corner, as Charlotte stepped on top for a bit of height, and dropped onto MLM with a body splash. She picked Red up by her hair and tossed her face first into the turnbuckle post, before sending her back into the ring into the awaiting arms of Kaus.

“Charlotte has just made the Tiny Attorney bleed.” Tony Stone said.

“Mary-Lynn has never been more of a redhead than now.” Reno said. “I like.”

As Mary-Lynn stumbled to her feet, Kaus was waiting.

The Shiv
(Hip toss into a knee strike)

Kaus on top.



Mary-Lynn barely managed to get the shoulder up. Kaus pounded his hand on the mat as Charlotte returned to the apron on the outside. Kaus grabbed her, sending her into the ropes as he tagged in Charlotte. Kaus with an irish whip, and it was Harmen with the blind tag. Kaus back body dropped the tiny attorney into the awaiting arms of Charlotte, who “caught” her and fell into a natural powerbomb. Harmen charged toward Kaus, who narrowly ducked.

(Running Yakuza Kick)

“Jack Harmen just caught Charlotte square in the jaw Stone-Hedge! She tumbled so far out of the ring I think she’s in Unconsciousville.” After a brief pause from Reno. “That’s three states away.”

“Jack Harmen unapologetic for his actions, and the LoC crowd seems to love him for it.” Tony Stone said as Harmen shrugged his shoulder. Harmen lunged toward Kaus, who slipped himself out of the ring by Charlotte’s side. Harmen got up and stomped in the ring, and then power walked to the other side of the ring. He hopped out himself, and began to fish around under the ring. And then he crawled his way completely under it.

“What is that idiot doing?”

“That idiot is our champ.”

“Don’t remind me.” Reno said.

“He’s got a plan. Whether it’s a sane one is another question entirely.”

Kaus and Charlotte discussed strategy on the other side of the ring, as Darius had lost what little control he had. He went to check on a downed Mary-Lynn, who’s eyebrow had been bleeding fairly heavily. Medical doctors came out from the back to treat and close the cut, as Mary-Lynn had finally sat up in a neutral corner. Her face looked like it had just been Carrie’d.

With everyone focusing on Mary’s bleeding cranium, there was a delay when the LoC Crowd noticed Jack Harmen re-emerged from underneath the ring.

“He--” Reno started. “Wh-- Why?!”

“Jack Harmen has literally covered his body, head to toe... “ Stone could be heard gulping. “... in barbed wire.”

Harmen slid into the ring, his arm catching on the tarp apron. While not covered, he did have wire wrapped around his head like a crown of thorns. He also wrapped around his shoulders, his ring tights, and his arms, leaving his body free. The crowd gasped as he charged toward the opposite side of the ring.

Springboard Shooting Star Press to the Outside
(Barbed wire assisted)

”You are cra-zy. *Clap-Clap-ClapClapClap*
“You are cra-zy. *Clap-Clap-ClapClapClap*

“What they’re saying!” Reno shouted after a lengthy pause.

Jack Harmen had wiped out both members of the House, but more importantly, himself too. Mary-Lynn continued to be tended to by the doctors, who finally finished closing up the cut. The usually polite and demure Mary-Lynn rose to her feet and stumbled, before shoving the EMT away. A bit punch drunk, she now power marched toward the ever growing pile of bodies on the outside of the ring. She kneeled down to Harmen and begun to uncircle the barbed wire from around his shoulders and right arm. Once she got a strand free, she began to wrap it around her wrist, the second in a set that included one given to Daryn Thompson.

She then proceeded to lift Charlotte up by her hair and lay into her forehead with right hand after right hand. After the third blow, Kaus was able to shove Mary-Lynn off from the ground. Harmen at this point, recovered and caught Kaus with a rising knee from a kneeled position. Remember, it was assisted by the barbed wire still wrapped around his leg. Mary-Lynn grabbed Charlotte and tossed her into the ring, as Harmen looked at his protege and smiled.

Harmen slid in, and began to stalk the fallen Charlotte. The Queen of the House began to backpedal, crawling away while facing Harmen. Her forehead had also been cut, but not nearly as badly as Mary-Lynn’s. Harmen stomped his barbed wire leg as he stalked her. Harmen rushed for a dropkick, but Charlotte curled her upper body backwards to avoid it. Harmen slid from the move, as Charlotte used her nimble legs and agility to hook him in a figure four neck lock. Charlotte reached out and made the tag to Kaus. Harmen kicked the mat in frustration as he swatted her with his left arm, the one still covered in barbed wire. Charlotte released the hold after the first blow, but Harmen went for a second. Harmen swatted at air, just as Kaus...

The Diamond Arm
Cross Arm Breaker.

“Kaus has it synched in Reno! And there are no rope breaks in the Underground!” Tony shouted.

“This could be what we see at No Turning Back!”

“DO IT!” Kaus shouted, bending the arm at a peculiar degree while letting the barbed wire dig into Harmen’s muscles and skin. “TAP OR SHELF.” Kaus continued to shout as he bent the arm further.


Just as Mary-Lynn Mayweather had dived off the top rope.

*** ½ Frogsplash


“Mary-Lynn just a fraction of a second late on the save, and this car crash is over, with KAUS, the victor!” Tony Stone shouted. “He just made our Legacy champion tap out!”

“If that doesn’t make Kaus a contender, fuck you.” Reno said. “And why you so surprised Tony?”

“I didn’t expect this. I just didn’t.”

“Then fuck you.”

“I meant how this happened. No one has doubted Kaus’s abilities. Just his tactics. How he gets where he goes… the journey is more important than the destination.”

“He just beat the champ Stoner!” Reno shouted. “The record books don’t care how!”

Kaus rose to his feet and demanded Darius raise his hand. To a chorus of boos, this occurred, only for the Queen of the House, Charlotte to slide in and demand the exact same thing. Darius obliged, much to the chagrin of the crowd.

EMT crews and security rushed to ringside to ensure treatment and no further violence. Harmen was nursing his arm on the mat, as other EMT’s tended to Mary-Lynn’s cut. Another EMT followed Charlotte and Kaus back up the ramp, trying to treat the entirely disinterested Charlotte with iodine.

“The House didn’t need a full deck tonight, and Kaus has proven that the 10 of Diamonds, can beat the Wildcard...”

Winner: Kaus & Charlotte via Submission


Featuring: Draconian & LLB

Location: LLB's Office

LLB briskly walked down the hallway backstage at his usual pace; work had been decent lately. What he had been really enjoying was some of his outreach to European wrestling promotions; it had been a long time since he had spoke to any of those old friends of his.

But then LLB's mood soured: the topic of his outreach to Europe had been about a white titan: Draconian.

LLB still couldn't understand how Draconian had appeared in his office a month ago, and now that Draconian had breezed through three of LoC's best high fliers he was beginning to feel a little guilty.

He turned the corner into his office's hall when he saw a man standing next to the office doorway. The gentlemen was in a dull grey suit, brown hair, and sober eyes.

"They call you 'LLB'?" asked the suited man.

"Yes, they do... and you are?" replied a suspicious LLB.

The man smiled empathetically.

"I am Agent Sullivan, Federal Bureau of Investigation. Do you have a moment?"

LLB snapped out of his moment of disbelief at talking to the FBI,and then showed him into his office. LLB offered him a seat before sitting behind his desk.

"The reason I'm stopping by tonight is fairly obvious to me, but perhaps not obvious you... or, at least, maybe it will be soon," said Agent Sullivan.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Sullivan," interrupted LLB. "We're in the middle of a show..."

"Ah, well then. Maybe I take too much in setting up an open dialogue, so I'll try not to take up as much of your time as I did Damien Lee's." Agent Sullivan's face had grown serious.

Damien Lee? thought LLB. Lee was jOlt's former owner but had since disappeared. The only real connection LLB had with Damien Lee recently was examining some paperwork... it was a wrestler contract that Lee had pushed through in jOlt, and LLB had needed it for reference to a new LoC wrestler...

Draconian LLB cursed to himself.

"So you see, we need to talk about your roster's newest flavor of the month. Your... enigmatic... Draconian."

"I'm sorry but I don't really know what about this man I can help you with," LLB said without stuttering. He needed to buy some time because this didn't feel right.

"This man? My sir, LLB. You really must not know what is going on, or you are at the very least obfuscating. Let me guess? Draconian showed up unexpectedly?"

LLB's eyebrow twitched.

"Mr. Sullivan, you're right, Draconian did arrive unexpectedly," admitted LLB.

Agent Sullivan's eyes lit for a moment at the breakthrough he needed.

"But you see, Mr. Sullivan," continued LLB. "A lot of our roster has shown up unexpectedly. A big man who is merciless? They don't exactly call ahead for appointments."

"This is a real shame," Agent Sullivan muttered. "My team was right; you really don't understand what's going on. Even Lee was, at the very least, an unwilling aid to him."

"Exactly what are you talking about?" asked LLB. If he continued to play totally dumb he might just get some answers about Draconian that he had himself.

"Mr. LLB, I'm afraid I must be leaving now. You can provide me no insight into Draconian that I don't already have myself." Agent Sullivan calmly got up from the chair and made his way to the door.

"No, wait, Mr. Sullivan. Really, what are you so interested in him for?" asked LLB from his desk.

Agent Sullivan turned back before leaving in the office. For a moment Agent Sullivan wasn't even looking at LLB and simply stared.

"Draconian is... dangerous, Mr. LLB." lamented the FBI agent. "I will be around from time to time, but know this: Draconian has made very powerful enemies. And I'm not talking about wrestlers either."

"Then what are you talking about?" LLB had to press right now.

"Mr. LLB, let me give you some advice..." Agent Sullivan's still appeared calm and slightly distracted. "Whenever you see him next, press Draconian for the answers you seek, and I know you have many."

"And, if you get some answers," continued Agent Sullivan. "I hope you might share them with me if I'm ever around."

The FBI agent in the grey suit walked out of LLB's office, leaving LoC's Head of Talent Relations with a lot to think about.


Stipulation: Underground Rules

Referee: Kim Adams

“Here we go Stoner!” yelled Reno. “The House are about to add some more gold to their camp! Huber’s gonna mop the floor with Graham in five minutes and take the Relentless title!”

“We’ll have to see about that!” said Tony. “Graham was said to not have a fighting chance against Persephone of the Nation and he retained his title. He’s been on the receiving end of attacks from the House on Rivals and Legends. When Graham gets pushed, he has shown that he can push back with a vengeance.”

“That may be true, but Derrick Huber beat Graham Youngblood on the last episode of Underground we had, which earned him this match tonight. I still stand by my pick! The House always wins, Stoner! You’ll all find that out sooner than later!”

“Coming up next, Graham Youngblood is out for payback against one-third of the LoC Tag Team champions “Big Slick” Derrick Huber! The Relentless title is on the line and for this match, the House are banned from ringside but the match will be fought under Underground rules!”

”Miracle” by Nonpoint

Graham Youngblood stepped out onto the LoC rampway, and a massive pop followed. He smiled and tapped his Relentless championship over his shoulder, and raised it high to the cheering crowd. As he walked to the ring, he held the Relentless title to the walking camera and shouted “This is for you!”

“Yuck! Gag me!” yelled Reno.

“Graham has been a fine champion so far!” said Tony. “He hasn’t shied away from a challenge especially knowing that Zane and Derrick Huber set up that heinous backstage attack two weeks ago.”

Youngblood hit the steps, and slammed the palms of his hands into them as the sound echoed with the cheers. Graham climbed up and into the ring, before Sylo’s protege hopped onto the turnbuckle, throwing his fist in the air. It was unusual for the champion to come out first, but tonight Graham’s mind wasn’t with tradition; it was focused on payback. He gave the title to referee DC Train and waited for his massive opponent to arrive.

“Aces High” by Arch Enemy rumbled over the speakers and that indicated that the second largest member of the House was on his way out. While he was one third of the Tag Team champions along with Adam and Zane Roebuck, both of the Roebucks were defending the belts against the Fall of Adam so tonight Derrick’s focus remained on bringing back the Relentless title to the House. The six-foot five and two-hundred ninety-pound Sin City Strongman pumped his guns and flexed his biceps on the ramp as red and green pyro exploded!

“Look at this beast, Stoner!” said Reno. “How is Graham going to beat that when he not only has more experience, but unlimited use of weapons and whatever he wants?”

“Guts and determination can help overcome just about anything and Graham has both of those in spades,” said Tony.

“Already stealing Big Slick’s gimmick?” asked Reno. “He’s gonna make you pay for that!”

Despite no other members of the House being out here to support him per Graham’s stipulation for Relentless title matches, he looked very confident and had his typical Big Slick swagger as he walked into the ring. When he got inside the ring he found himself greeted with a big running forearm from Graham!




“Graham isn’t waiting for Big Slick!” said Reno. “He’s got a death wish!”

“He’s been the victim of two weeks worth of assaults from the House! Can you blame him?”

The crowd was right on the side of the Demon Dragon as he attacked Huber with another running forearm that jutted Big Slick back into a corner. Graham charged with a head of steam and landed another running forearm to Huber’s massive jaw. He turned around and he tried to take him down with a running bulldog out of the corner but Huber was far too strong and he managed to hoist Youngblood up in a belly-to-back suplex …

Or not!

Youngblood flipped back and landed on his feet. Huber turned around and took a drop kick right on the money that sent him flying all the way out to the ringside area! Big Slick was caught by surprise and that allowed the Demon Dragon another shot in the form of a sliding drop kick through the bottom rope. Big Slick was kicked back into the barricade and Youngblood stood up after the kick. He was already on the turnbuckle and climbed slowly before he took flight with a big top rope plancha all the way to the floor!

“Graham is on fire!” yelled Tony Stone. “And now he’s trying to win on the floor!”



“Nope, gonna have to do better than that to beat Big Slick!” yelled Reno.

Huber had kicked out at two on the floor but Graham Youngblood continued to attack the Sin City Strongman with more forearm smashes on his jaw. He took hold of the arm of Huber but before he could plot out whatever he was going to do next, Huber caught him with a big upper cut and then a knee to the chest to double him over. Huber then hoisted Graham into a fireman carry and then dropped his chest right into the guardrail. With just a couple of moves the powerhouse Tag Team champion turned the tide for himself.

“Just like that, power makes the ultimate equalizer,” said Reno. “Graham can dive at him until he’s blue in the face, but all Huber needs is one or two good power moves and we’ve got a new champion.” Huber did just that by picking up Graham Youngblood and then lifting him up via a military press. He paraded around with Graham on the ringside floor before he casually dropped him to the ground! Youngblood felt the pain of being slammed on the floor shoot right up his back but before he could do anything else Huber dropped an elbow into his heart. Big Slick made a somewhat lazy cover by putting his weight across the shoulders of the Demon Dragon on the floor.



Kick-out by Youngblood!

“Huber has a very good moveset so he’s more than just a simple power guy!” said Tony. “Graham will need eyes in the back of his head and try to find an opening.”

“The only opening will be when Big Slick busts this kid’s head open and takes the Relentless title back to the House!”

Huber chucked Youngblood right back inside the ring and followed with a knee to the side of his head. He picked the Demon Dragon up and used two more knees to the top of his head before he took him in his arms and powered him over with a huge release belly-to-belly suplex! The impact was so forceful that Youngblood bounced across the mat like a pebble across water and he slipped right from the ring. He landed on the floor just as Derrick Huber sat up to deliver more punishment to the Relentless champion.

Huber strutted out to the floor where Graham landed and then picked him up.


And then he was greeted with steel steps!

“I told you, Stoner!” said Reno. “Graham has bitten off way more than he can chew, now he’s eating steel steps!”

“Can’t argue here. Not only does Huber have the size and strength advantage, he has power to boot!”

Huber didn’t go for a cover and he probably could have with Graham still slumped over the steps, but he decided instead that he was going to punish him first before taking the Relentless title. Big Slick picked up the top half of the steel steps and then threw them right into the ring! DC Train freaked out after nearly being struck by them but Huber did not care for his well-being. He then decided to rule with a little more of the Underground by throwing an assortment of weapons from under the ring. A few trash cans and two steel chairs each in the ring.

“What’s he going to do here?” asked Tony.

“Uh … make him leave on a stretcher, you dumbass.”

Derrick lastly threw Graham back into the ring. Big Slick followed him into the ring and tried to follow up on what he had done by grabbing a chair. He picked up the weapon and tried to throw the chair at Graham, but the Relentless champion ducked and the chair went flying to the floor. Graham then picked up a trash can and caught him in the face with it! Then he picked up the other chair and threw it at him a second time! After being stunned he rolled up Big Slick with a school-boy pin!




Graham tried to go for the attack again on Derrick after he kicked out. He ran off the ropes and then charged but the Sin City Strongman blasted him with a running shoulder block. Youngblood was knocked down and then tossed into a corner by Big Slick. He charged from one corner all the way to the other and then attacked.

MONEY ROLL~!!! (Running cannonball attack in the corner)

“MONEY ROLL!” said Reno. “Kid’s done for! Toe-tag him!”

“This has got to be it!” yelled Tony.

After the attack Graham was pulled out of the corner and then Huber tried to take back the Relentless title to the House.




“How the shit did he kick out of that?” asked the surprised Reno. “That’s a three hundred pound boulder being thrown at you!”

“Youngblood is going to give it his all in that ring! He’s proven that he’s tough!” said Tony.

“Maybe not! Huber’s got bad intentions in his eyes now!”

Huber did indeed think bad thoughts. He pointed to the steel steps and then dragged Graham Youngblood back onto his feet. Huber started to walk up the steps and now with Graham in his clutches, he called to the crowd that something very bad was going to happen to the Demon Dragon. He raised Graham up and it looked like he was going for a piledriver.

“No way! He’s gonna end Youngblood’s career if he does this!” said Tony.

“And become the Relentless champion! It’s a win win!”

Huber hoisted him up but Graham frantically shook and kicked when he realized the gravity of the dangerous situation. He started to kick back again and then used leverage to elevate Huber for a back body drop position, sending him shooting off the steel steps and crashing to the ground! The crowd cheered Graham for what might have been a career-saving countermove and now he was on his knee trying to get back to his feet.

“Graham’s gotta fight back now! This is the best opening that he’s had all match!” said Reno.

Graham charged at Derrick Huber.

SHINING WIZARD~!!! (step-up knee strike to kneeling opponent)

Graham now fell on top of Huber for the cover.




Big Slick threw Graham off him but that did not deter Graham from going for something more dangerous. He picked up one of the trash cans and then dropped it right on the cranium of Huber!




He hit him multiple times across the head with it until the can dented and then tossed it aside. Graham hopped on out of the ring and started to dig underneath to find something else he could punish Big Slick with. When he pulled the object out from under the ring the crowd started to pop.

“Oh, craps, he’s got a ladder!” said Reno. “That’s not good at all.”

“No, not at all!” said Tony. “Especially if you’re Derrick Huber!”

Big Slick was still disoriented from the beating he took from Graham and the Relentless champion slid the ladder right into the ring. The crowd popped when he picked it up and dropped it across the back of the Sin City Strongman! He cringed in pain and now Graham was looking to end the match and keep the Relentless title away from the House at all costs. He set the ladder up in the corner now.

“Now Graham’s going to punish Huber for what the House have done to him in the past two weeks!” said Tony. “He’s got that ladder set up, but what’s he gonna do with it?”

“Some crazy flippity-doo-dah? I don’t know, go ask him, Stoner!”

Whatever he had planned would have to wait.


Huber was already up and he cracked Graham in the side of the face with the steel steps! Big Slick tossed them aside and made another pin attempt to bring back the Relentless title!




Big Slick grew angry with DC Train for what he perceived to be a slow count. He pulled Graham up and drove multiple forearms down into his back before he threw him into a corner. Graham landed in the corner and he charged but when he got there, Graham jumped out and landed behind him. Huber moved and deflected the first kick Graham could throw at him, but the enziguri kick smacked him right on the mouth!

“Great counter by Graham! Now he’s going for that ladder! What is he doing here?” asked Tony.

“See my previous answer, Stoner! He’s gonna try something crazy!”

Huber was still feeling the unexpected kick but Graham was already on the top rope looking to make use of the ladder that he had busted out earlier. Big Slick staggered towards the ladder just as Graham was climbing to the other side. The Demon Dragon and Big Slick were soon at the top of the ladder.

“Uh-oh! We got ourselves a Mexican stand-off, Stoner!” said Reno. “I bet that dumb rook is gonna blink first!”

“They’re fighting on the top of that ladder now!” said Tony. “Big Slick’s got him with the right hand, but … wait, what is he doing?”

Huber delivered a head butt to the face of Graham followed by a punch! He was staggered on the top of the ladder and now Graham was in a very dangerous position. Huber hooked him by the head and then grabbed his leg …

“My God … he’s trying the Suidice King muscle buster off the ladder! That’ll end his career, no doubt!” said Tony.

“And win the House the Relentless title where it belongs! You can do it, Big Slick! Bring the title back to your group and your hot wife!”

The crowd was left stunned as Huber tried to potentially end the career of Youngblood on the top of the ladder when suddenly, Graham fought free! He punched his way free of Derrick’s grip and then slammed his head into the top of the ladder repeatedly! He slammed him again and again until Huber was disoriented and then fell off the ladder, landing back on the mat! After the fall, Graham looked out to the crowd and started to take a deep breath.




The crowd was pumped from Graham’s big move as he rolled over and covered Big Slick! His ribs must have felt like they were on fire but he gutted it out!





“He did it again!” yelled Stone. “Graham proves his worth as a fighting champion and just struck a major blow against the House! He retains the Relentless championship after a hard-fought match!”

“He got lucky, that’s all! He managed to smuggle the world’s biggest horse-shoe in his ass!” yelled Reno.

Graham rolled off the body of Derrick Huber and noticed both Adam Roebuck and Kaus charging the ring! The other members of the House were no doubt out for payback but Graham grabbed his title and he escaped the ring just as they entered!

“The House no doubt trying yet another sneak attack, but Graham is already out of the ring!” said Tony. “Graham strikes a big blow against the House with this victory tonight!”

Kaus and especially Adam Roebuck both had looks that could kill while Graham escaped the ring and headed back up the ramp with a smile on his face. He tapped the face plate on the belt and then turned around on the ramp …

“CUT THE DECK!!!” yelled Reno. “Graham thought he was cute and Zane just made him pay for it!”

Zane had run out of nowhere and leveled Graham on the ramp with his cutter maneuver! He had caught Lindsay Troy with the move off-guard on the last episode of Legends and did so here on the ramp to the Relentless champion tonight!

“He’s like a bad case of jock itch!” yelled Tony Stone. “He’s been repeatedly attacking Graham Youngblood after his matches and he won’t go away.”

“How dare you compare the great Zane Roebuck to jock itch! How about I compare you to herpes? YOU don’t go away!”

Zane Roebuck picked up Graham Youngblood after he was finished gloating and then threw him back into the ring with the other three members of the House. Adam Roebuck helped his partner to his feet after the vicious match and Derrick dusted himself off before the powerhouses picked him up.

BUST~!!! (Elite double-team powerbomb!)

Derrick Huber had lost the match, but the House were now standing over the Relentless champion after their deadly double team finishing move. They certainly weren’t through and that was apparent when Kaus pried Graham off of the mat and smiled.

TRUTH HURTS~!!! (bicycle knee smash)

“Hey … that was KIRU’S old finisher, the Cut Above!” yelled Tony.

“Uh … no!” Reno said correcting him. “That’s the Truthsayer’s new finisher … Truth Hurts!”

Whatever it was called it had just laid out Graham Youngblood. Now Zane Roebuck and the rest of the House hovered over Graham. It wasn’t enough that Kaus had defeated Legacy champion Jack Harmen before, but now they had to exert their dominance over the Relentless champion. Zane now picked up the Relentless championship that belonged to Graham and waved it over his body.

“I’m taking this title from you, Graham!” yelled Zane. “This title will be ours!”

Zane picked up the title and then showed it off before he dropped it on the chest of Graham. Adam Roebuck patted Huber on his shoulder and the foursome left the ring after making yet another powerful statement.

“I think that Graham Youngblood should drop that title soon!” said Reno. “It’s becoming Very bad for his health!”

“That’s the third show in a row where Zane Roebuck has either assaulted or played a part in assaulting Graham Youngblood and now, he’s issuing his own challenge for the Relentless title! We’ll have to wait and see how this plays out, but the House need to be put in check!”

Kaus, the Roebucks and Derrick Huber all took their leave of the ring and walked towards the back with yet another victim being left in their wake tonight.

Winner: Graham Youngblood via Pinfall


Featuring: Andy Murray

Location: Backstage


The most old-school of old-school wrestlers, Andy Murray, was found in the most old-school of promo-cutting environments: a brick wall, an LoC backdrop, and a camera.

All he’s ever needed.

“‘Unorthodox,’” he began. “That seems to be the current buzzword surrounding my Underground Title reign. I’m not mad at it: when you think of Andy Murray, you don’t think about a chair-swinging ‘hardcore’ wrestler. I’m not the archetypal Underground Champion, and I’m never gonna be the kinda fighter who relies on weapon shots and illegal holds to get the job done.”

The King was already ready for a fight. Clad in his wrestling tights, he had the bomber jacket unzipped with a black LoC t-shirt beneath. The LoC Underground Championship, of course, was strapped around his waist.

“What I am - and what I have been for the best part of a quarter century - is one of the hardest wrestlers on the planet. I believe that the man makes the belt, not the other way around, and under my rule, the Underground shall become a place where men and women succeed or fail on sheer force of will.”

He paused, not quite smiling, but definitely not consumed by his own words.


“Don’t take me for a guy who’s not willing to do whatever it takes, though. I understand the game I’m playing. I might not be reaching for the cricket bat as a first course of action, but if you bring weapons to the party, then call me Fred Astaire, because I’m ready to dance all night.”

A wink before he refocused.

“More importantly, I can safely say, with my hand on my heart, that winning this belt was one of the happiest moments of my long career. I am damn proud to represent this division as its champion, and nothing excites me more than the opportunity to stamp my identity on this belt, and help reinvent what it means to be Underground Champion.”

With that, Andy slapped the belt’s front plate. Though never designed to be a “pretty” championship, the UG strap glistened in the room’s artificial light. Murray had obviously been taking good care of it.

“Dusk, we find ourselves at Underground one again, but this time’s so more more important than the last.”

The King paused.

“Why? Because I’m the last garrison between you and complete justification of what you did to Vivica, these fans, and this company. If I lose tonight, I’m full of shit, and it’s up to someone else to knock you off your perch.”

There was a rueful tone to his voice, as if the prospect of losing was too much to bear.

“It’s not just the most important match of my LoC career thus far, but one of yours too. Everything you stand for is on the line, specifically the Underground Championship. This is the belt that set you off in the first place, and it can be yours again: all you gotta do is defeat me.

Andy shoved an index finger in his chest.

“But you’re not just fighting Andy Murray, multi-decade veteran and unorthodox LoC Underground Champion tonight. You’re fighting a man who can forgive, but never forgets. I remember what you did to the closest friend I’ve ever had in this business. I remember the way you took my people’s trust, then tore it asunder.”

A nice little pop went up in the Arena of Champions. Though cynics saw it as pandering, most realised that there was no doubting Murray’s sincerity whenever he spoke to the crowd.

“You used to stand for something, Dusk. You fought a corrupt regime - you staged an Uprising - and the people believed in you. You were their avatar, and you humbled and humiliated them.”

He pointed directly into the camera’s lens with every single accusation, his voice growing in intensity every time.

“Well now it’s my turn. I don’t believe in karma, Dusk, but as long as I’m around, no crime committed against these people shall go unpunished. Tonight, Dusk, I’m going to be the one doing the humbling and humiliating. I’m gonna make you rue the day you ever crossed the LoC faithful, and if there’s any sense left in you, you’ll be on your hands and knees by the end of it, begging for forgiveness from the people who made you.”


“Vivica’s not here tonight, pal. If you’re expecting her to get involved again, then I hate to break it to you, but it’s not gonna happen. Tonight, Dusk, you’re in there with me and me alone. We’re 1-1, and it’s time to settle the score. No more caveats, no more excuses: just one ultimate victory. If you win tonight, it’ll be because you were better than Andy Murray. Nothing more, nothing less.”

Growing in assertion and momentum, The King stops only to breathe.

“But I wouldn’t be so sure of that. Tonight, Dusk, I’m going to fight with every drop of fire and venom that runs through my veins. “


“Tonight, Dusk, I’m going to stand-up for every single person in this building tonight, and everyone watching at home!”

Pause. A big cheer from the fans.

“Tonight, DUSK, I’m going to show you that Icons was no fluke, and that I AM the RIGHTFUL LoC Underground Champion!”

An even bigger cheer from the fans.

Before his final words, Andy took a few moments to slow things down, alter his tone, and ensure there’d be no doubt left in Dusk’s mind.

“Tonight, Dusk, I am going to batter you.”



Featuring: Kaus & Scott Riktor

Location: The Skybox


The voice boomed in the Skybox of Brand President Scott Riktor and as if he didn’t have enough headaches trying to keep the order tonight, the leader of the House barged right in to his office. He was patched up and wearing the wounds of war from his insane tag team street fight alongside Charlotte against Jack Harmen and Mary-Lynn Mayweather, but he still looked pretty proud of himself.

Riktor was silently fuming behind his desk as the Brilliant Diamond looked very smug and proud of he and the House’s heinous actions all throughout the night.

“Kaus … “ said Riktor behind his gnarled teeth.

“I think tonight, the House and I have made our point,” said the Brilliant Diamonds. “We took out Tony Davis, Graham Youngblood after his little fluke victory, the Roebucks retained the Tag Team titles against Fall of Adam and do I need to tell you about the biggest thing I did? I made your Legacy champion tap out.”

He beamed.

“I bet you’re pretty proud of yourself,” said Riktor.

“I think our resume for the night speaks for itself. I’m done jumping through your imaginary brass rings and I’m done playing the games of inferior wrestlers like Lindsay Troy and Jack Harmen. In the span of a month, I’ve beaten both of your golden children in the main event of No Turning Back. Now this is me coming to you like a man to ask – no, I’m demanding you put me in that main event against Jack Harmen.”

Scott looked like he was about to answer when Kaus cut him off.

“If you tell me no after what I’ve been able to do in the last few weeks, then I’ll know that you’re full of bull-shit. You’re a man of your word, Riktor. Make the damn match.”

Riktor looked up.


The bluntless of his response almost caught Kaus by surprise. Kaus balled up a fist and leaned closer against his desk.

“You’re … you’re kidding me, right? This is petty even for you. You don’t like the way the House is doing things and you’re deliberately keeping me out of your main event! If I was anybody else or one of your company posterboys, you’d bend over backwards to give me a title shot. Charlotte and the House have defended their titles like you’ve wanted and I beat both your Wildcard and your Queen. You either give me my rightful match or I swear this roster …”

“No, you’re done threatening me,” said Riktor as he jumped up from his desk. “I’m not going to just hand you a singles match in the main event of No Turning Back when it’s already in place but I’ll tell you what I will do. Since you think that you’re better than Troy and Harmen, you can fight them both at the same time! I hate how you did it, but I can’t take away the fact that you’re right. You beat Lindsay Troy a couple weeks ago and you submitted Harmen tonight, so you’ll be added to that match and it will be a three-way! Jack Harmen defending the Legacy championship against both you and Lindsay Troy at No Turning Back!”

The crowd was heard roaring with cheers just outside the skybox as the announcement was made. Kaus’s reaction surprised Scott Riktor because he was now laughing lightly.

“What’s so funny?” asked Riktor. “Did Harmen smack you around one too many times earlier?”

“No … it’s your blatant favoritism. You’ll insert me into a match knowing full well Troy and Harmen are just going to go after me because they’re jealous of how I’ve bested them individually.”

“That’s your grave you dug and now you can lie in it,” Riktor snapped. “I don’t like what you represent, but I do respect your talent, Kaus. You’re one of the best in-ring talents we have. But if you’re half as good as you make yourself out to be, then I’m sure you’ll have no problem at No Turning Back. You wanted this chance and you’ve scratched and clawed to get it, so here it is.”

Kaus nodded.

“Don’t blame me for what happens to your precious golden children, Scott. You put them into this position, not me.”

After getting what he finally wanted Kaus stepped on out of the Skybox with a smile on his face, leaving Riktor to stand around and fume some more. It was now time to go back to the ring for the main event. THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS!! - jOlt Wrestling


Stipulation: Underground Rules

Referee: Darius Underwood

Cut across to the announce booth.

“Welcome back to the arena, Ladies and Gentlemen,” Tony Stone began, “it’s time for our main event, with Andy Murray taking-on Dusk in a rematch from Underground VI, only this time, the roles are reversed.”

“Indeed, Stoner,” said Reno. “Dusk was the Underground Champion that time around, and he scored a clean victory over Murray, who was incredibly ill-suited to the division at the time. Murray has since pinned Dusk at Icons to win the built, and with their series tied at 1-1, it’s time to settle the score.”

“This is already the third defence of Murray’s reign, and after successfully defending against Terry Massimo and Shawn Hart, he has a ton of momentum. It’s a been a rough transition, but he’s slowly finding his feet, and he has a right to feel confident tonight.”

“Let’s not forget that the Hart victory largely occurred due to Vince Jacobs’ interference, so yeah, it’s a win over a former Legacy Champion, but I don’t know how much we can take away from it. Besides, Dusk defeated Murray one-on-one, while The King’s victory came in a three-way. I think that the ball is well and truly in Dusk’s court at the moment, and if he’s prepared, he can take the title back.”

“It’s going to be a violent one, that’s for sure,” Stone said. “There’s no love lost between these two, and while Dusk’s been quiet since Icons, you know he’s desperate to take a pound of Murray’s flesh. Without further ado, let’s get on with it…”

Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger.


The deft tones of Daft Punk roared through the Arena and was quickly followed by a large explosion as pyrotechnics exploded around the stage. Immediately, the fans make their feelings known.


“And here comes the former champion!” Davis said.

“A tough, gritty, and brutal fighter, Dusk is a match for any man, and the Underground is his speciality,” Stone added.

“You’re damn straight!” came the reply. “This man is a wrecking ball, and if Murray wants to hold onto his belt, he’s gonna have to fight with all he’s got!”

Dusk emerged from backstage with his head down, wearing long black pants and a black trenchcoat, feeling the fans’ fury. He slowly lifted his arms in the air, his fingers begging them for more, while his head remained down. Eventually, his arms were straight over his head and then he brought them in one swift movement as he looked up at the heavens above as fireworks exploded around him.

He strode down the ramp at a hurried pace, desperate for the bell to the ring, and the violence to begin. Dusk completely ignored the crowd once free of the ramp, and when he rolled into the ring, he immediately started pacing back and forth… waiting for his hated foe.

The lights cut.

The crowd buzzed.

“Hail To The King, Baby” by The Heavy Eyes.

A new soundtrack -- loosier, bluesier -- but one the crowd immediately responded to. The arena remained dark as the song’s opening organs hit, and when the full rhythm kicked-in, the place blew-up with a huge explosion of pyrotechnics. At the top of the ramp stood Andy Murray: the LoC Underground Championship over his shoulder, and the cricket bat in his hand.

“And here comes the champ!” Stone said. “A man many said would never adapt to the Underground, but grows in prowess every time we see him!”

“I’m still not entirely convinced,” said Reno. “Andy Murray is a fantastic wrestler, yeah, but his Underground sample size is far too small to make any concrete judgements. Tonight will be very telling.”

With that, Andy Murray started making his way down the ramp. He took his time with it, though, offering Dusk a smile and a wink as he headed to the fans for hand-slaps and fist-bumps. Dusk, of course, wasn’t best pleased by this, and leaned over the top rope to hurl volleys of abuse at the champion, who completely ignored them.

After concluding his business with the fans, The King made his way around the outside of the ring and slid-up onto the apron. There, he raised the bat and belt into the air to an almighty reception from the crowd, before turning around and ducking beneath the top rope.

As Murray entered the ring, Dusk was on him like a rabid bulldog.

There was no stare down, nor any waiting for the bell to ring. It was pure animosity that poured out of Dusk and all over Murray. Murray tried his best to push Dusk away from him, but Dusk refused to relent as fist after fist came crashing down on the Underground Championship. The referee tried furiously to get in between the two men, but Dusk moved hime out of the way and continued to pound away at Andy.

Dusk pulled Andy up and continued to drill fist after fist into the jaw of the champion, pushing Murray into the corner. With Murray sufficiently dazed, Dusk walked over the referee and roared at him.


The referee proceeded to do just that and just like that, the main event of Underground VII was officially underway. For all of the fans in the arena, it was familiar match, a repeat of Underground VI. That match saw Dusk walk away the victor, doing everything necessary to walk away as the champion. Though they preyed otherwise, many in the audience wondered if a repeat would be seen tonight.

As Dusk turned back towards his opponent, he was met with a fierce elbow that rocked Dusk, his head snapping back. Murray followed that up with a series of hard, furious forearms to the body of the challenger to his title. Dusk felt every blow as Murray had every ounce of animosity towards his opponent as Dusk did to him.

Murray reached back and looked to slam his elbow into Dusk’s face, but the former Underground Champion took the slight opening and tackled Murray to the ground. Dusk sat up and went to town on the face of Andy until the champion pushed his challenger away. As Murray pulled himself up, Dusk grabbed Murray by the back of the head and tossed him out of the ring.

Dusk turned his back to the champion, looking out at the fans in the process and shook his head at them.


The disdain dripped from his lips. The fans could only look on though as Dusk turned back around and was speared into next week by Murray, who had immediately re-entered the ring after being tossed out.

The point of Murray’s elbow digging furiously into the body and face of the Lost Soul. Murray then grabbed Dusk by the back of the skull, pulled him up, and then pushed him into the corner where he started to size him up like a seasoned striker. Forearm after forearm cracked into Dusk’s and with each strike, the challenger looked less and less alive.

Dusk grabbed the incoming fist of Murray, kicked him in the midsection, and reversed position with Murray. Whereas Murray’s strikes were measured and precise, Dusk’s were filled with fury as he unloaded, he strike coming in faster than the previous one. Dusk completely unloaded on Murray until the champion was sitting in the corner, visibly struggling. Dusk grabbed Murray and proceeded to connect with an uppercut which was followed by Murray tackling Dusk and both men crashing through the middle of the ropes and to the outside.

Dusk managed to get back up to his feet first and he caught Murray with a running clothesline. Dusk then grabbed Murray and went to whip him back first into the ringside apron, but Murray managed to block it and proceeded to throw Dusk headfirst into the post! Murray then came up behind the dazed Dusk and smashed his face into the ringpost again. Murray then reached down and pulled Dusk up to his feet, pushed him against the apron, and unleashed a vicious chop against the chest.

Dusk winced from the pain, but Murray wasn’t done as he unloaded again and again against the chest of the Lost Soul until his chest matched his eyes.

With the Lost Soul in immense pain, Murray reached under the ring and started to chuck steel chairs into the ring. One after another after another. With Murray focused on filling the ring with chairs, Dusk managed to come up behind him and raked his fingers across the eyes of the champion. Murray howled out in pain and Dusk wasted no time before lifting him up into the air and dropping him chest first against the ringside barricade.

Dusk stepped back, eager to catch a breather after the brutal beating he’d taken from Andy. After a moment, and as he watched Murray try to gather himself, Dusk grabbed Murray and rolled him under the bottom rope and back into the ring. Dusk entered after Andy, yanked him back up to his feet, and went for a German Suplex, but it was blocked by Andy who fired off a few elbows to the jaw of his opponent. With Dusk stunned, Andy bounced off the ropes and connected with a lariat that sent Dusk to the mat.

Murray then went for the cover.

Dusk shot his right arm up in a hurry and broke the count before it go too serious. Andy rose to his feet and just watched as Dusk fought his way up to his. Andy then ran off the ropes and went for another Lariat only for the Lost Soul to duck under it at the last possible second. Dusk then spun around, kicked Andy as he was turning around, and lifted him onto his shoulder before connecting with a shoulder breaker onto the bad shoulder of the champion. Andy howled out in pain as Dusk stood over him with a smile on his face.

Dusk looked out at the jeering fans, shaking his head at the negativity. He didn’t let it get in his way for too long, however, and he soon had Murray back on his feet, before hoisting him up, and nailing him with a second Shoulder Breaker!

Visibly struggling, The King grunted with pain on the microphone. He was in trouble already, and it was etched across his face. Massimo had jammed his shoulder-up good and proper, and whether or not the injury was a result of The Curse or not, it was taking its toll.

While Murray toiled, Dusk fell into a pin.

Dusk grunts. Though he didn’t expect the Scot to give-up just yet, he was still frustrated by the kick-out. As fans worried on the condition of Murray’s shoulder, Dusk peeled him from the mat and whipped him hard into the corner. Murray hit the ‘buckles so heavily that he almost knocked the ring off-balance, and when he turned around, dazed, Dusk crushed him with a running corner splash.

The Lost Soul repeated the act by taking Murray’s arm, whipping him to the opposite corner, and following up with another splash. This time, Andy fell to the mat, landing on all fours - a wreck.

The position allowed Dusk to punt him square in the gut, which sent Murray rolling onto his back. From there, Dusk raised Andy’s arm off the ground and stomped down on the shoulder joint once, twice, thrice before eventually letting go. He stretched his arms out, sauntering slowly around the downed Scot as all kinds of expletives were thrown at him from the crowd.

Dusk took the arm again, but instead of stomping, he dropped an elbow across the shoulder before slipping into a joint lock. He wrenched back tightly, and Murray screamed. He had to get out of this situation, but it was going to be difficult without the sanctity of a rope break.

The ropes had other uses, however. Murray planted his good hand on the middle one and suddenly yanked himself (and Dusk) upwards. The judder sent barbs of pain through his limb, but it was enough to force The Lost Soul to abandon the hold.

Andy took a few minutes to rest over the ropes.

Bad idea.

The former champion scooped a chair from the canvas and cracked it across his back, sending Murray to his knees!

Dusk raised the chair high, altered the angle, and brought the firm edge down on the shoulder! This sent Murray to the mat, and with the champion lying on his back, Dusk cracked the shoulder with the chair once more, before discarding the foreign object and making a cover.

No frustration this time, though. Instead, Dusk got up quickly and took a chair with him. He bashed it into the grounding, sizing Andy Murray up as The King rose to his feet. It took him a while but Andy eventually reached full vertical, turned around, and WHAM!

The chairshot left a huge dent where it connected with Andy’s skull, and Dusk made another cover.

NOW Dusk was pissed. He slapped his hands down on the apron and took a few moments to shake his disbelief away. Andy Murray was tough: not even Dusk could deny that.

The Lost Soul rose slowly, taking a handful of Murray’s hair with him. Andy fought back with some sloppy shots to the gut, but Dusk thwarted this by kneeing him in the jaw and yanking him all the way to his feet. After throwing Murray in a front facelock, Dusk pulled back for a Suplex, but Andy was able to slip out the back! The UG Champ quickly wrapped his arms around Dusk’s waist and drove him into the mat with a Back Drop!

The fans cheered loudly. Though Murray had taken the brunt of the offence thus far, he was far from out of the match.

Andy was too damaged to capitalise, though. He stayed on the mat for a good while longer than he would’ve liked, and by the time he was able to get to his feet, Dusk was already up.

Dusk threw a punch, and Murray retaliated with a forearm. Soon the duo were trading shots back-and-forth in the middle of the ring, but Dusk decided he’d had enough after eating a particularly nasty forearm. He stuck a thumb in Andy Murray’s right eye, before pulling him in, and planting him with a DDT.

Smartly - viciously - Dusk went back to the shoulder. He stomped it a couple of times and tried to go back to the joint lock by extending the arm first, and shouting loudly at the champion.

“By the time I’m done, you won’t even be fit to lift a pencil, fuckhead!”

Before he could sync it in, however, Andy Murray reversed the hold! The King saw the move coming, and was able to trip Dusk before hopping back up to his feet. The former champ scrambled, but Murray was on top of him. He whipped Dusk to the ropes, popped him into the air, and…

(Pop-Up European Uppercut)

Dusk went down like a sack of potatoes, and when Murray screamed “shut the FUCK up!”, he was joined by the rest of the arena.

Murray wasn’t wasting any time. He peeled Dusk from the mat, and though the deadlift caused him great pain, he was able to execute the Gutwrench Suplex. Though he’d normally go for three rolling, there was too much damage done to the shoulder, and he had to compromise.

The move allowed Murray ample time to recover, or so he thought. While he was doing so a dazed Dusk was able to roll out of the ring, trying to catch a break. On his way out, Dusk swing his hand back onto the apron for Murray’s cricket bat, but the King cut him off by sliding out of the ring and stomping his back.

Dusk, however, quickly fired back with a few shots to the gut. With Murray immobilised, Dusk finally grabbed the bat and rose to his wobbly full height. He pulled the bat over his head, but Andy surged forward before he could swing it, and tackled his opponent into the ground!

The Lost Soul didn’t take a heavy impact, though. He was able to squirm his torso away from Murray, and land a couple of sharp twelve-to-six elbows on the Scot’s skull. This loosened Andy’s grip enough to allow Dusk to break free, then pop to his feet. From there, Dusk pulled Andy up and leather him with a hard right cross to the jaw, before grabbing his flailing arm and whipping him into the barricade!

The damn thing broke free from its mooring as the 280lbs Murray flew into it with full force, but Dusk wasn’t finished with the environmental assault. He picked Murray up, draped his throat over the top, and forced his elbow down into the back of his neck. The choke turned Andy’s face red after a couple of minutes, and when Dusk let-up, the UG Champ was almost limp.

After rolling The King back inside, Dusk went under the bottom rope himself. He set the champion up in a corner and peppered him with a few punches, before lifting the big man onto the top turnbuckle with an almighty heave.

Dusk climbed-up himself, and the crowd held their breath. While Reno Davis lost his mind in the announce booth, Dusk threw Murray’s head until his arm and looking to be going for a Superplex, but Murray broke his head free and sent Dusk down with a two-handed push!

Against his better judgement, Andy rose to his full height at the top of the turnbuckle and got ready to dive. Dusk, however, was sharp enough to grab the referee and toss him into the ropes hard enough to send Andy tumbling down into the ring.

Andy somehow landed on his feet, but there was a major problem coming his way…


Right in the goddamn jaw!

He fell like a Redwood, and the the crowd gasped.

The life sucked out of the arena.

Dusk was going to win, and he made the cover.

A HUGE roar went-up as Murray broke the pin at the last possible second. Aghast, Dusk pounded his fists into the mat and turned to the referee, holding up three accusatory fingers.

There’d be no changing his mind, however. The official shook his head assertively, and Dusk was PISSED. He looked around the ring and an idea popped into his head when he saw the first steel chair. Picking it up, Dusk walked over to the corner and jammed the chair between the top and middle turnbuckles. As the announcers speculated on his intentions, Dusk picked Andy Murray up and threw him into it shoulder-first, damn near breaking it in two!

Another huge gasp from the crowd, and as the chair fell away, Dusk pulled Murray towards him and made the pin.

Astounded by his opponent’s resilience, Dusk immediately made another cover.

This time he jumped to his feet and lashed-out, kicking away a steel chair, then pressing his palms into his skull. This goddamn Scot just refused to die, and it was bending the challenger out of shape.

The Lost Soul was running out of options, but he’d be damned if he was gonna let The King better him tonight. As the building filled with anticipation, Dusk roared for Murray to get up, then stomped down on the mat once, twice, thrice.

He was setting him up for another Superkick, and should it connect, there’d be a new champion.

Andy wobbled on his way up. Clearly favouring his shoulder, he was in a lot of pain, but there was little he could do to get out of the predicament.

He wasn’t gonna give-up, though. He’d worked too long and too hard to get back to this point in his career, and he’d never let a man like Dusk take it away from him.

But he might not have a choice.

Andy Murray turned around.

Dusk threw the kick.


Dusk turned around.

Murray threw EVERYTHING...


The crowd went nuts. Though unable to throw with his usual right arm any more, Murray still managed enough force to knock Dusk’s block off.

He fell to the floor with his opponent, but he couldn’t muster the cover. His shoulder was so bad that it felt like his arm was going to fall off, and that’s all he could focus on as he lay on the ground.

The King laboured his way over to the ropes. Grabbing the middle with his good hand, he got to a kneeling position and started shaking the cobwebs away. He tried rotating the shoulder, but it wasn’t worth the pain, so he spent a few moments recapturing lost breath instead.

Dusk, meanwhile, was well in his way to full vertical. He was dizzy, but he was getting back to his feet quicker than Andy Murray, and was already picking-up a chair by the time The King was up. The challenger lunged forward, swinging the chair like a madman, but Murray suddenly darted beyond him, ducked the shot, and came back off the ropes…

(Running Neckbreaker Slam)

The champion made an immediate cover.

The fall wasn’t as close as Andy would’ve liked, and he took an awkward fall while completing the move. He got to his feet quickly, but the shoulder was getting his complete and utter attention.

As the referee checked on him, Dusk was getting back up. The Lost Soul came towards Andy and threw a punch, which Murray returned with an elbow.

Dusk, punch.

Murray, elbow.







The King followed the unanswered blow with an attempted Irish whip, but Dusk reversed it. Andy went to the ropes but remained in control of the situation, and Dusk didn’t see the Big Boot coming!

Andy kicked a few chairs away and readied the impact zone.

Time to put the final nail in this guy’s coffin.

Setting Dusk up for the Highland Hangover, he yanked backwards. The challenger, however, made himself dead weight and dropped to a knee to avoid the lift. One low blow later, and Andy was dislodged.

The crowd let Dusk have it, of course, but he didn’t give a fuck. He pulled Andy to the mat with another shoulder lock and Murray wailed, struggling in Dusk’s grasp.

He tried to writhe his way free at first, but it didn’t work. When that failed, Andy dug his good arm and a boot into the mat, lunging both men forward.

It took a great deal of physical exertion, but Andy was strong enough to pull it off. A second almighty heave brought him to the ropes, and as before, The Scot slowly hauled himself up to reduce Dusk’s leverage.

Dusk dislodged on his own accord, however, and after booting the Champion hard in the gut, he drilled Andy with a DDT!

The cover.

Dusk was able to stem his frustration. He knew such a move probably wasn’t going to end things, but the next one might.

Back on his feet, Dusk kicked the three remaining chairs into the centre of the ring. Instead of letting Murray get up again, he grabbed him around the waist, pulled him to his feet, then hit a Back Drop onto the pile of buckled metal.

There was a feral look in Dusk’s red eyes, and he wasn’t allowing a moment’s rest. He took one of the chairs, opened it up, and slid it up Andy’s arm until it was resting around the shoulder. Dusk took a few steps backwards, then lunged forward. He leapt-up for a curb stomp, but Murray powered upwards with a huge European Uppercut!

Dusk was staggered. Andy pulled the chair down from his arm, flattened it out, and swung without thinking.


It was the kind of chairshot that kills brain cells, and makes you forget your own name.

The kind of chairshot that should be outlawed.

Dusk was lifeless.

Andy covered.

Now it was Andy’s time to be shocked. Though Dusk had dished-out much of the offence, he’d just hit him with the kind of blow that’d kill a lesser man, yet here was his challenger, kicking-out at two-and-three-quarters.

Still hurting, Murray got up. He pulled Dusk up by the waistband, positioned himself behind him, and clutched the wrist.

He was setting him up for the Death Valley Driver that had put Dusk away at Icons. It took all the effort left in his body, but Andy successfully got Dusk up onto his shoulders.

But Dusk was still alive! Still fighting!

He dug sharp elbows into Andy’s skull, forcing The King to let him go! Ol’ Red Eyes slid out of the back, steadied himself, and…





Dusk landed on a steel chair with an almighty thud, but Andy Murray wasn’t done.

Still on the mat, Murray seized one of Dusk’s arms, wrapped it, and applied an inch-perfect Anaconda Vice!

The King wrenched back.




Dusk was fighting it, but the moved looked to be causing the injured Murray as much pain as his challenger.

If he could JUST hold-on until he tapped…

Dusk tried fighting through. He clawed at Murray’s face with his free hand, but this only resulted in Murray yanking even harder.

The challenger's life-force was slowly fading.

If he could just somehow break the fucking hold…


… somehow…

… break the…


“Did he just…?!” squawked Reno Davis.


The place went nuts. Destroyed but not defeated, Andy released his limp opponent and lay back on the mat.

“My God, Reno! What a war! What a brutal, brutal match!” Stone said. “These two threw tremendous amounts of punishment at each other tonight, and Murray had to literally choke Dusk unconscious to retain his championship tonight! What a huge performance!”

“An absolutely unreal show of guts from the Underground Champion,” Reno said. “I didn’t think he had it in him, Stoner! He might just be adapting to this division after all…”

“But at what cost? Andy was already having some trouble with that shoulder heading into the match, and Dusk targeted it all night long! I suspect our UG Champ is set for a spell on the sidelines.”

Andy sat upright, impressed not only with the mess around him, but with his own efforts, and Dusk’s toughness. Though he had to respect for him as a man, he always admired such fortitude, and he couldn’t remember the last time he’d had to go to such lengths for a win.

The Underground Title was draped over his shoulder, and Murray pulled himself to his feet. He arched over, struggling for breath, and while he was victorious, something was wrong.

Something was off.

“Wait a minute!” Stone shouted.


For the second show in a row, the Man of Destiny appeared on the ramp while Murray was in the ring.

But he wasn’t standing still this time. Instead, Providence was making a b-line for the ring.

“Uh-oh…” Reno proclaimed.

But Murray sensed a change in the crowd’s reaction. Just as Providence had hopped onto the apron, The King turned around and locked eyes with his new rival.

Each man stood almost perfectly still for a few moments.

Murray was hurt, and Providence could easily pick the bones if he wanted to.

Andy knew it, Providence knew it, and everyone in the building knew it.

The tension was off the charts.

And then Providence did the last thing anyone expected: he hopped down from the apron, almost smiling.

“What the hell is he doing?!” Stone asked.

“Mind games, Stoner!” came the reply. “Just like he did during the Hart match, Providence is getting all inside the Underground Champion’s head, and that’s not a good sign for the Scotsman!”

As Providence backed-off, Murray didn’t let his gaze waver, even for a moment.

Providence’s clap was slow, deliberate, and custom-made to antagonise. It worked: Murray threw his arms out to the side and beckoned Providence to come back to the ring, but the Man of Destiny didn’t oblige. He kept backing up the ramp, “congratulating” the victorious champion, until Underground eventually went off the air.

Winner: Andy Murray via Knockout