The streak was over. The unbeatable, beaten. And the Legacy of Champions moved one week closer to the biggest match in it's history at Revelations.

Scott Riktor made the announcement just moments after Sylo's unbeaten streak was ended by the last two former Legacy Champions, Ninja K and Brandon Thomas. No Turning Back would be the jumping point with a six man tag match between the contenders and the champion. Revelations would be the end destination inside a cell. Six men are going to enter. One man will walk out Legacy Champion.

Another week. Another step closer to the end...

Click 'Play' below to listen to "Violence" by Primer 55.

I've got the mood set, half past midnight
Me and my soldiers are dancin' in the street lights
Set 'em up, set 'em up, buck, I watch 'em fall quick
Sound the alarms, I'm dropping bombs, with this dope shit
What goes around come around, that's what they all say
No time to blink, no time to think, no time to hesitate
You got no gun, it's best you run, unless you got one
They bring pain like rain with a shotgun!

Don't bring that shit to me!
Don't bring that shit to me!
Don't bring that shit to me!
Don't bring that shit!

Like a snake, I'm the most wanted viper
Busting on punks , like the neighborhood sniper
Right from wrong, I just can't decipher
Strapped with a mack and an automatic rifle
The ten most wanted, I'm on top of the pile
Rainin' down on punks penitentiary style
No respect for life, no respect for the outcome
If ya want some, bitch, come get some!

Don't bring that shit to me!
Don't bring that shit to me!
Don't bring that shit to me!
Don't bring that shit!

What's goin' on here, don't bring that shit to me!


Bring it to me covered in RAGE!

The camera panned around the Arena of Champions as it was time for the debut of The King�s Court with Ehren the King. The crew already set up the ring with the king�s throne as the red carpet adorned the ring. Red and gold lights flashed around the ring as the crowd waited in anticipation.

�Cult of Personality� by Living Color struck the PA system. The crowd was incessant with their booing; desperately hoping to let �the king� know that he was an asshole. His Royal Highness emerged onto the stage with an arrogant grin plastered on his royal mug. Following closely behind was none other than his most loyal subject, Reginald. Unfortunately, grasped in Reginald�s fist was a microphone that he brought to his lips.

�Standing before you is the immaculate and praise-worthy warrior, deserving of your utmost respect, EHREN THE KING! Please, show his majesty the proper salutations and bow down.� The two men made their way to the ring. Ehren climbed into the ring with a huge smile on his face looking at the set laid out in the ring for his new show.

�Hello to all my loyal subjects, you are going to be witnessing history in the making right here tonight folks. The King stands before you with his new show that will boost the ratings to Violence tenfold. Tonight I will have the Legacy Title contenders on my show to give the stage on how they feel to be in the two matches that are coming up for No Turning Back and Revelations that Scott Riktor made public last week on Violence.� Ehren walked around the ring and then made his way to his throne. He looked at Reginald before speaking again.

�Since tonight is the first history making show then why not start the show off with a bang. Allow me to introduce to you my first guest of the night. Ladies and Gentlemen without further adieu, allow me to introduce to you �Superstar� Vince Jacobs.� Ehren said as he sat back on his throne awaiting his first guest.

I didn�t have to come to LoC to become a superstar...I brought my spotlight with me�

The audible tsunami of cheers would fall into hindsight with the visual eye candy of gold stars, dancing across the ominous trinity of super screens and the Arena of Champions. A select bevy of monikers would appear at random...

Pro Wrestling's Phenomenon � The Icon � The Living Legend


Feel the Starbuster ruckus, Ego Checkin' ya ass
Money hungry muthafuckas gettin' wrecked in a flash
The bank accounts is thick and his pockets is fat
Peep the smirk on his face when he watchin' you tap
A 3-Count or submission, which steez you wanna go?
Cuz this muthafucka right here's the reason there's a show

Vince Jacobs stood on stage peering around the arena, posing for the fans as the pyro lit up the stage. SVJ slowly made his way to the ring wearing a maroon Armani suit and his trademark sunglasses, Gucci this time. Vince slowly walked up the steps as the fans erupted in cheers to see the Ratings Grabber. SVJ climbed into the ring and was handed a microphone by Reginald. Ehren stood to his feet as the fans finally settled down.

�The great SVJ. The big free agent that has made a pretty interesting impact in LoC recently. Now I just need to figure out how does a man that has been retired for months come back to wrestling and instantly garners a Legacy Title shot in LoC.� Ehren said as he stood in the ring with a scepter in his hand.

Jacobs smiled before placing the microphone to his lips. �Well when you are Pro Wrestling�s Phenomenon, then it�s very easy to instantly come into a fed and be placed into the main event. Plus why wouldn�t you put SVJ in the main event, hell I have always been a main event wrestler in my career. Nothing will ever change that.�

Ehren looked at Reginald. �Riiight� Well by you instantly being placed in the Legacy Title hunt by Riktor you have made an enemy in Black Tom and the Faction. How do you see yourself combating the sheer force known as The Faction?�

The crowd jeered with the mention of the Faction.

�The sheer force of the Faction, don�t make me laugh. Sure they got the numbers game and they have been running roughshod all over LoC� until now. See SVJ is a different person than these wrestlers in LoC. I am not like Ryan Billows, Ray Chavez, Ninja K, or whoever the new person that will be replacing Shawn Hart. I will do whatever I have to do to get what I want. The Faction has never been up against a man like me. And you may stand here and say how am I different. Well if you look at my in-ring debut against the monster, Penance. I took him down and made Black Tom and Sylo watch.� Jacobs took off his shades as he walked closer to Ehren and Reginald.

�If I am not mistaken you barely got by Penance two weeks ago and your match with K3 last week was a bust. So it would seem that Riktor has basically signed your death certificate. Black Tom and the Faction will get a hold of you and Sylo will finish you off.� Ehren shot back.

Jacobs smirked before speaking again. �You make me laugh Ehren. You think that Riktor placed me into a bad situation. Well I disagree; I think this is right up my alley. I see six men vying to become Legacy Champion of this fine organization and I don�t think the Faction will be able to stop the men. Now as far as the Faction getting a hold of me and Sylo finishing me off it hasn�t happened yet. They have had every opportunity to capitalize on certain situations but they haven�t made good. The Faction is in disarray right now. Black Tom has to do everything he can to keep this group together. Sylo�� Vince chuckles. �That big blue freak has been ducking me ever since I debuted. He knows deep down that I am the biggest threat to his title.�

�The man is slipping; his unbeaten streak went caput last week. What�s next? His championship.� Jacobs replied as the crowd went crazy.

�Just because the champ lost last week it wasn�t for the Legacy Title. I think that you and the four other losers in this match don�t have a chance in hell to dethrone the monster. He will be liked a cage animal for the next few months. I hope you and the rest of the losers are ready because I think Ninja K and Brandon Thomas have released the beast.� Ehren said as he walked around the ring pointing at Jacobs. �It�s been nice knowing you Vinny.�

Jacobs looked around the arena for a second before speaking again. �So you have doubts Ehren. The King has doubts. Well later tonight Ninja K and I will be in a tag match against Penance and Sylo of the Faction. You, the fans, and the Faction will see the beast and the monster go down. And at Revelations I plan to walk out of the match with the Legacy Title around my waist and add another championship to my ever growing collection.�

�You heard it here first folks on The King�s Court. I am Ehren the King and you all are my servants.� Ehren smiled with Reginald standing beside him clapping.

The Arena of Champions was filled with jeers from the capacity crowd.

Jacobs was about to leave but he knew he had to say something after he heard that nonsense from Ehren. Vince slowly walked over to Ehren and looked him dead in the eyes. �There is only one thing higher than a king, and that�s A GOD.� Jacobs dropped the microphone and climbed out of the ring to cheers being sent over the arena.


The Faction was in full force relaxing in the skybox, but things didn't seem too comfortable there. Sylo fresh off a loss to Ninja K was stomping around fuming with the Legacy Title over his shoulder. Jonathan Conspiracy, Duzza, Ali Khadafi and Malik Roland were seated on the other side of the skybox with Laurie Williams seated in Conspiracy's lap, as they were all laughing it up about Conspiracy and Roland's recent victories, despite the ice pack Williams was applying to Conspiracy's neck from the awkward fall he took at the hands of a Wiplash.

"What's so fucking funny!" boomed the voice Sylo.

Black Tom and Penance got up to restrain the beast.

"Relax Sy, everything's gonna be aiight man. So Ninja beat you, but it wasn't for the title, I mean damn, do you see me stomping around because of what happened on Underground with Wippit."

That name seemed to have struck a cord with Sylo. He advanced on the happy members of The Faction, only for Black Tom and Penance to stop him.

"I ain't even gonna raise my voice. All of y'all better watch yer damn mouths, an' you," Black Tom looked directly at the Legacy Champion. "You need to understand that this partnership we got goin' on here is only gonna last so long as yer champ. You told us you had everything under control last week an' look what happened to you. You lost yer damn winnin' streak to the guy you beat fer the belt in the first damn place. If we're gonna do this then we better get on the same page, son. That goes fer everyone, too."

Black Tom approached the group and stared at Laurie. Judging by the look he gave her, Laurie suspected that she should get off of Jonathan Conspiracy's lap, which she did. Duzza didn't appreciate Black Tom interrupting the festivities.

"Yo, Uncle Tom what it is, we was gonna run the triz-zi-ain on that biz-itch!"

Black Tom grabbed the throat of Duzza as Conspiracy, Roland and Khadafi all hopped to their feet to break the two up.

"Son, what did you say?"

"...I'm sur..ry...tom...I didn't....mean it..."

"I want you to tell me what you just said."




"What did you call me?"


Black Tom tightened his grip around the neck of Duzza and watched as his eyes turned bloodshot and his lips a deep purplish/black.

"Let him go, Tom! He ain't breathin!"

Black Tom heard what Ali Khadafi said but he wasn't done proving his point. He'd been made to look weak for much too long now by Scott Riktor and his newfound booking loophole. Tom was a lame duck President and he was in charge of a group that should have been dominating the Legacy of Champions but, for the most part, has only managed to implode and become meaningless. Finally, he let Duzza go.

"Don't you ever forget who set you up to take those championship belts...any of you. If it wasn't for me some of you in this room right now wouldn't even have jobs. You two." Tom pointed in the direction of the Team Champions. "You've got belts that you never have to defend because I've sent my son on so many damned scouting expeditions lately he ain't got the time to book a match. You think Scott Riktor or Trev Echo give a damn 'bout the Team Championships? They could care less 'bout them belts, boys, you ain't got to lift a finger to keep gold 'round yer waists. But you know what? I'm gettin' damned tired of seein' y'all two do jack shit as a unit 'cept beat down a guy that ain't even a primary concern right now."

Tom turned his attention to Jonathan Conspiracy, who through all of this still had a smile on his face. Tom's blood boiled as he walked right up to the young man, former World Champion, and poked him in the chest. "What the hell are you smilin' 'bout, son? You ain't done a damned thing worth while since you got here. Where's yer gold at? Oh, that's right. You ain't got any gold. You used to, way back when yer name meant somethin'. Now...yer name don't mean a damned thing."

"Fine, yo Laurie I'm outta here you comin'?"

Black Tom leaned in so close to JCON their noses touched.

"Guess not."

Tom replied, "No, guess not."

Jonathan made his exit followed by Khadafi who had Duzza over his shoulder. Malik started to make his exit but before he did he shot a look over towards Sylo who returned a look of his own. Tom addressed The Mammoth.

"You got a lot of attitude fer someone who holds onto a belt by default. Get the hell outta my skybox."


Black Tom stared a hole through the door, cut through the wall of the skybox, and bored another one straight through Sylo. "You an' I gott talk."

Sylo looked over at Penance, Angelique, and Laurie. "We have to do this with the gimp and the two sluts here?"

"What did you just call my daughter?"

"Nothing," Sylo replied, "I was just stating her occupation. Now, what could we possibly have to talk about?"

Black Tom picked up on the sarcasm. Sylo was laying it on pretty thick. "Maybe we could talk about why I should bother trying to help you keep that belt around your waist?"

"It's pretty simple, Tom. You still need me."

No matter how much Tom tried to deny that to himself he knew that Sylo was right. Black Tom Williams did, in fact, still need Sylo and Sylo's Legacy Championship. He needed them both in the Faction because it was the only thing keeping the whole group from falling apart at the seams. "If that's true," Black Tom said, "then we need to figure out a way to keep that damned thing 'round yer waist. I ain't gonna have you doin' this lone gunman bullshit anymore, got it?"

Sylo didn't appreciate being spoken to like he was inferior and he hated taking orders, but this situation was a tricky one. Sylo had made his bed when he aligned himself with Black Tom Williams and now he had to sleep in it. If he left the group he'd still be branded a traitor and hunted until that title was no longer in his possession.

"...I got it."

"Good," Tom replied, "then lets start with tonight's match."


The camera had cut to the inside of the Legacy commissioner�s office, as the fans cheered loudly. The reaction was due to the fact that shown sitting behind an executive desk was none other than the Legacy commissioner himself, Scott Riktor. Apparently, he was already engaged in a conversation; although the other person in said conversation was not shown.

�Alright�I know things haven�t been going their way. Shit, look at your face! I�m sorry, but you keep taking a beating out there night in and night out. I know you�I know you don�t want anyone�s help and I�ve done my best to not get myself involved. But you have to see the whole picture; I am involved. Do you not see what Black Tom�s doing? He�s trying to get to you to get to me. And when he wasn�t doing that, he was trying to recruit you to use you against me.�

Scott Riktor leaned back in his leather office chair and tapped his chin as he looked ahead of him sternfully.

�I know what Trev presented to you about a week or two ago and he and Black Tom, along with Brandon, drew up this paperwork.�

Riktor pulled out a piece of paper with some type on its surface. The camera could not make out what it said but Scott was quick to point out some things important on it.

�You�ll notice this is a contract of termination. Since Black Tom can�t get you on his side, he wants you gone. You�ve wasted his time apparently and he got Trev and Brandon to sign on the deal. However, you�ll notice here, where they have my name on the contract. All that requires for this to become binding is my signature. Now I�m not going to sign it because�because I know this isn�t you. I know this is not how you function and we both know what you must do to get that fire back.�

Scott Riktor looked over to his side and shown was a mannequin�s head with a mask over it. The front of the mask was hard to make out, but it was some type of symbol in white over the black cloth. The camera�s focus returned to Riktor.

�Black Tom has stolen Mystique, your voice, your eyepatch, and soon�your pride. But, there is one thing he can�t steal�your heart. I know you�re a stubborn bastard, but why be stubborn about this when the answer lies in front of you? You need to be him again. That is the true you. I�ve known you for many, many years and how you were in the past, your true self, isn�t how you are now. You�re a broken shell of man. A shadow of your former self. You were out of this sport for quite awhile and this is how you want to be remembered again? Getting pushed around and stepped on?�

Scott Riktor sighed as he rubbed his temple with his index finger. He seemed to be a bit frustrated over the whole ordeal.

�I would fight by your side, but between your pride and the fact I can�t initiate any type of bodily harm on the wrestlers here, you really have no choice. You either light that fire under your ass again�or you can sign this and end it painlessly. Oh and one more thing��

Riktor pulled out a drawer from his desk and grabbed hold of something. As he closed it, Scott looked at the object in his semi-opened hand.

�Seems I hold a lot of your �trinkets�. Maybe this can be the first step toward helping you find your true self��

Scott Riktor tossed the object to the unknown person he was conversing with. The camera then shifted toward the right and the fans popped loudly as it was none other than The Prodigal Son himself, Ulysis Solian. His face hidden in view from underneath his hood, Solian opened his clenched fist and looked at the object Riktor tossed to him. He then, with his free hand, snatched the contract from off the executive desk. Ulysis cocked his head from left to right and back again as he gazed at both the contract and the object.

Then, after he went through the motions, Ulysis Solian stopped and gazed at Riktor. Without ever moving his eye off of his old friend, the fans cheered loudly as Solian crumbled up the contract in his right hand. He tossed it to the side as Riktor smiled and nodded. Then, Solian brought the object in front of his face and spat on it. And just after that, The Prodigal Son threw the saliva-covered object right back at the Legacy Commissioner. No emotion emanated from Ulysis Solian as he slowly sat up from his chair and walked away.

As the door closed, Riktor held the object in his hand, which was finally revealed to be an eye patch. Then, the camera caught glimpse of what was on the front side of the eye patch�

�SUICIDE! SUICIDE! SUICIDE!� the fans started to chant as the Suicide symbol was shown in full view. All Riktor could do was shake his head and sigh.

�Damnit Ulysis�you�re more stubborn and proud than ever��


�White Stairs� chimed in on the P.A. system to welcome the horrible chorus of hatred that rained down on the stage.


�was quickly replaced by the three letters�


�to signify the entrance of Kevin Kassidy Kenwright, although the little picture at the top of this segment already gave it away but anyway back to the racist. Phoenix Rose came pacing out of the entrance way with his cane in hand, stopping in the usual place and building up to the HUGE explosion.

As the shower of white filled the Arena of Champions stage, Kevin Kassidy Kenwright stepped onto the stage in his ring attire. The smug grin was on his face. Over the past few weeks he had always harboured ambitions of getting the fans on his side with his preaching, but now he didn�t care. As he looked out over the shoulder of Phoenix Rose, he grinned; safe in the knowledge that he and his manger were the only two saved people in the room.

The pairing started towards the ring at pace, ignoring the fans. Phoenix Rose was in �heel manager� mood; and enjoying it. His varying collection of clients was something to behold as he stepped into the ring and then watched LoC�s Resident Racist slide under the bottom rope before springing to his feet.

Kevin threw his arms out at his side, as usual and just grinned from ear to ear.

As his client teased the crowd, Rose set about getting a microphone for The White Dream to talk into. KKK stepped up onto the second rope and looked out over the LoC-ites in attendance, before taking the microphone away from his manager. Standing in the centre of the ring, KKK lifted the microphone to his mouth, only to be stopped by a HUGE chorus of boos echoing through the crowd.

LoC�s resident racist stalled for a second and just smirked. �Everyone but us pure whites are hated by God.�

His words weren�t shocking at all and simply caused the crowd to boo more. Keith Kane and Tony Stone condemned Kevin Kenwright as #9 on LoC�s Heat Index stood motionless in the centre of the ring.

�Would you like me to prove it?� Kevin motioned towards the Legacy-tron with his head as a large picture of an alligator flashed up on screen. �Look familiar? Of course it does,� Kevin added. �That is God�s latest weapon in his mission to rid the world of the unclean. Have you noticed how they have been attacking you Florida natives lately? It�s because they are so many unclean among you��

Cue to the massive amounts of booing and disgust in the voice of Keith Stone. Even Keith Kane, who has been known to favour the bad guys, was disgusted with Kevin�s words.

�God wants every black, Mexican, Irish, gay and Asian person dead. He told me. I speak his words. I don�t blame you for hating me� I am just better than you��

That was enough. The alligator was replaced by�

The cavalry was on its way as �Cherub Rock� by The Smashing Pumpkins started on the speakers of the Arena of Champions. But as Aria Murphy strode onto the stage, Kevin Kenwright cut off the music.

�Oh dear� I say something wrong and all that can be mustered up is you�� The racist chuckled to himself as LoC�s only active female grappler stood on the stage with her right hand on her hip and a microphone in her left hand.

�SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP.� Short, simple and drew a huge ovation from the crowd Aria grinned at her impending opponent who stood in the ring.

�Or not� Listen, Aria. Let me do you a favour. I�m going to give you a chance of beating me��

As Kevin finished his sentence, Phoenix Rose wiped out a rope and wrapped it around his client.

�I�m right-handed. So what Phoenix is doing right now is tying my right arm behind my back� I�ll be fighting you one armed. Now, Little Princess, do you think you�ll be able to beat me?�

Aria didn�t respond. She was already on her way to the ring in a mad sprint. Sliding into the ring the bell rang�




Senior Official Mike Hunt stood between Aria Murphy and the now one-armed Kevin Kassidy Kenwright as Phoenix Rose vacated the ring. K3�s manager was unusually quiet during the in-ring promo; possibly nervous about the rest of the night I�m not sure but as soon as he was out of the ring he quickly entered his heel manager role and began to abuse Aria Murphy.

The two RingRats graduates watched each other before Aria blew Kevin a fake kiss. This forced KKK into action as he flung himself in the general direction of the woman who hadn�t left Brandon Thomas� side since he had returned to LoC television. Kevin lead with his left shoulder trying to tackle Aria to the ground but the small high-flyer quickly dodged and then helped Kevin on his way with a stiff kick.

The Harrison native rebounded backwards off the ropes and was rolled-up by Aria Murphy.



Aria grinned at her opponent as Kevin picked himself up. He eyeballed the former tag team partner of Phoenix Riktor (oh yes, this match writer has done his research) as he stood to his feet. Aria was crouched in an attack position and as Kevin steadied himself she sprung into action running at the White Supremacist.

Kevin tried to dodge the attack but Aria�s pace was frightening. She leapt into the air and threw her legs at Kevin�s chest knocking the 6� 4 21 year old to the mat with a dropkick before springing on him as she landed.

Aria tried to land punches on the racist; but her lacking in weight made it easy for Kevin to toss her over his head and roll onto of her, pinning her arms to the mat.

Aria struggled to get free as Kevin took his time delivering a punch with his left hand. Aria continued to struggle as Kevin weakly punched at her face.

Finally giving in to Mike Hunt�s pleas Kevin stepped off Aria Murphy.


As the racist tried to stand up, Aria drove her knee between his legs just as she had done a couple of weeks before when the pairing had met for the first time. Kevin immediately fell to the floor in pain as he held his testicles. Any ideas he and Mrs. Kenwright had about making babies would probably have to wait for a few weeks; assuming there is a Mrs. Kenwright.

Kevin nursed himself as Aria dusted herself off and looked down at her opponent with a grin; but as she did Phoenix Rose leapt onto the ring apron.

Lesson #1 to all potential managers among you, when your client is nursing his crouch jump on the ring apron and complain to anyone that will listen. It�ll give him a chance to recover.

Phoenix began to complain about the knee-to-balls shot a few seconds earlier. If you ask me, he was a little but then again he does have to use a crutch so maybe he was trying his best.

Mike Hunt tried to calm Phoenix down as Aria Murphy decided to join in discussion. KKK didn�t move. Mike managed to diffuse the situation as Aria turned back to her opponent who was still in the foetal position. Aria stalked over and pulled Kevin by the hair to his feet.

K3 reluctantly stood his feet, but remained doubled over in pain. Aria whipped him across the ring and then proceeded to throw himself against the ropes. For a second the two LoC grapplers involved in the match rushed towards each other�


Why the zing? It was that good. Kevin Kassidy Kenwright crumpled to the mat as Aria Murphy landed on HER FEET after completing the kick on K3. Stopping only to intake a breath�


Spring boarding off the top rope with her back to KKK, Aria twisted in the air and landed down with a thud on the chest of Kevin Kenwright.

Aria�s debut was going well as she heard the chorus of cheers from the crowd. It was the kind of reception that TFV or Cordova receive and for that second she enjoyed her return, before snapping back into the moment and the task in hand; the destruction of the sexist pig that lay on the ring floor.

Kevin Kenwright groined in pain, only able to nurse himself with one hand, as he was yanked to his feet again. The other arm had been crushed by Aria�s splash from the top rope. Kevin wasn�t being allowed a second to heal as Aria threw him into the corner of the ring.

Kevin hunched forward and held his crotch. The blow had really affected his crown jewels; and knowing he was only facing a woman, Kevin felt like he could take the time to nurse himself.

Backing up a couple of steps, Aria Murphy poised herself and then ran along the second rope before flinging herself around Kevin�s head and shoulders. The racist was dragged forward and dropped to the mat with a crucifix DDT that Aria held in place and finished the bridge.




Kevin forced his way out of the pin and then fell to the mat. Aria was a little out of breath as she lay on the mat. Kevin was holding his neck as Aria sprang to her feet�


Aria Murphy splashed Kevin Kenwright from standing by performing the move that Amazing Red has made famous. The racist was caught off guard by the impact as Aria hooked his leg.




The crowd took a deep breath as Kevin knew his shoulder up. It had looked close as the White Dream just about managed to lift his shoulder before rolling away. Arai grinned at her retreating opponent as she stood up.

Kevin had crawled across the ring and was having discussions with Phoenix Rose as Aria grabbed his naturally blonde hair. Kevin immediately gave in to her request and stood to his feet; fearful he may lose some hair if he didn�t.

Kevin stood to his feet as Phoenix Rose sprang into action. LoC�s Manager Supreme climbed onto the ring apron and screamed at Aria Murphy. Immediately her attention was caught up by KKK�s valet and the two had discussion. Well by discussion I mean, Phoenix said something utterly ridiculous and got Aria fuelled up into a blind rage as she ranted on.

As Aria gave a piece of her mind to Phoenix Rose with Mike Hunt watching on, Rose began to grin.

Aria stopped.

Phoenix pointed.

Aria turned.


A �shell-shocked� Aria Murphy lay face down on the mat as Kevin Kenwright and Phoenix Rose grinned at each other. The plan had worked. It was now Kevin�s chance to run things but as he stood to his feet he quickly realised that most of his move set were being made redundant by the fact he was competing with an arm behind his back. He was able to use his left arm and his legs.

Aria Murphy got over the impact over the neck breaker/face slam as KKK watched her stand, rushing her and jumping into the air with a stinger splash. The turnbuckle and Kevin�s torso proved to be an undesirable sandwich was the small frame of Brandon Thomas� valet was squashed.



As Kevin Kenwright attempted to finish Aria Murphy off in quick time, Aria had somersaulted out of the move and landed on her feet.

As the pairing locked eyes, Aria grinned a deceitful smile as a look of complete panic flew across Kevin�s face. He immediately started struggling with his tied-up arm trying to free it. KKK battled with his arm as Phoenix Rose stepped through the ropes. Sensing the danger he was going to do what he could; but immediately Mike Hunt was on him, trying to force him out of the ring.


As KKK had tried to break free, he was blind-sided by Jackson Snow. Snow had hoisted him into the air and landed him onto the mat with an Angle Slam (I call it that as I�m not sure of the technical term for the move; answers on a postcard).

KKK lay flat out on his back as Aria Murphy sprang off the top rope.


Mike Hunt�s attention was back on the match after Phoenix Rose had attempted to catch Jackson Snow out on his interference, but sadly failed. The rest is elementary.


Phoenix Rose considered making a go of breaking up the pin but realised Jackson Snow was between him and the pin.


Kevin Kenwright was not breaking this pin.


�Cherub Rock� by the Smashing Pumpkins started on the speakers as the crowd erupted in cheers. Once again Jackson Snow had got the better of Kevin Kassidy Kenwright with his replacements as Aria Murphy threw her arms into the air.

Snow and Murphy quickly slide from the ring as the Smashing Pumpkins filled the air. She had won her return match to the Legacy of Champions, and Jackson Snow had finally laid out Kevin Kenwright after weeks of abuse. When he comes round, he�ll be pissed.

Winner: Aria Murphy.


Not here.

Not on the schedule.

Not seen by anyone so far in the night, and the best guess was that he wouldn't be seen by anyone.

Rejection was looking for a man who had once again managed to elude him for the second time in just a few days. It seemed that no matter where Rejection looked for ArchAngel he just couldn't seem to get one step ahead of him. He was always the one being outsmarted, and it had to end.

But, since he wasn't there, the most Rejection could do was pound his fist against a craft services table. He swung his arm to the right and it knocked away the bottles of water that happened to be there. With a sigh, and the realization that tonight would be another wasted, Rejection turned around to go pack up and leave.

"Excuse me, but maybe you could save the neanderthal tactics for your demented version of a wrestling show."

Well maybe not yet. It appeared that there might be something more to the night. One thing stood out though: the British accent that the recommendation of sorts was spoken in.

Rejection turned around to find himself face to face with the British Lion himself. Not to be confused of course with the Young Lion. This was the first time that Rejection and Tyke had ever really so much as glanced at one another, but Rejection looked slightly stunned and Tyke rather annoyed.

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"If one of those bottles were to hit me in the face it could start to swell, or worse. What if I had gotten a black eye?"

Rejection still didn't understand what was going on. He looked back at the table, and then back at Tyke.

"You see the bandage on my forehead? That's from a chair that cut me and made me bleed. I apologize if I almost hit you with water, but I'd appreciate it if you didn't talk to me about potential injuries you might receive when I accept them and move on."

"That's the problem with you lot. All you Underground monkeys want to do is cut each other up and act as if there's something good in it all. That whole division should be dropped."

"And you think this watered down rule book of a fight you've got going here is better? The people I face are willing to bleed over what they earn. Meanwhile you're worried about having to wear an ice mask for a few hours so you can still make it to your next photoshoot.

I tell you what. I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you're right. So why don't we see who's the better man when all the rules apply? You and me tonight. We'll see if being a neanderthal means I still can't kick your ass."

Tyke started laughing about halfway through Rejection's speech, but he managed to keep it in until he had finished. This act of course left Rejection a little surprised still, but anger was mostly taking over at this point.

"Fine fine. You can have your match. I just hope you don't take it to heart when things run a little different than you're used to."

Tyke finished chuckling and walked away. Rejection watched him finish his walk down the corridor and then disappear to the left. He looked down at the floor and saw a few water bottles. A swift kick sent them rolling away and then he departed as well.

The royal music that came to life over the Arena of Champions� P.A. System signaled that the special premiere night for The King�s Court was about to continue. This signal was made certain when Ehren�s voice echoed over the speakers.

�Tug, Reginald! TUG!�

One had to wonder how many times that exact same command had been used in a drastically different situation. Yeah, I made a homosexual joke pertaining to Ehren the King and his loyal subject, Reginald�how original.

�Here, let me do it!� Ehren exclaimed.

And not seconds after the command was made, a red carpet rolled freely down the entrance-ramp, paving the way for Ehren the King to make his way down to the ring which had already been catered and done up with all the necessities. Royal Throne. Check. A much less elegant chair reserved for whichever peon he�d be interviewing. Check. A bottle of the king�s favorite beverage, Arizona Green Tea. Check. And of course, Ehren had his scepter which happened to be a really hip looking microphone.

Yes, it would seem that The King�s Court was ready for the king.

Ehren climbed into the ring, still showering in the jeers which the crowd had begun emitting promptly upon seeing the King. Reginald followed behind him and took his spot in the background of things, making sure he didn�t steal any of his highness� lime-light. We all know that Reginald can tend to soak up the spotlight if given the opportunity, he�s just so damned enthralling. That was sarcasm, by the way, just in case you didn�t pick it up. God forbid somebody should be reading this and taking it too seriously�that�s just not the Author�s (me) intended vibe.

Ehren the King and the word �serious� without a doubt lay on completely different sides of the spectrum.

Finally, the music died down and Ehren was left standing with a scepter to his mouth. He stood there, his nose held up in the air as he looked down the bridge of it into the sea of fans. Looking as pompous as possible, Ehren the King sighed and handed the microphone/scepter to Reginald.

Reginald spoke into the scepter, trying hard to be heard above the booing fans, �Excuse me! Excuseeeee me! Your royalist extraordinaire is ready to take on another excruciating task, but in order for him to traverse forth in such a rigorous task as asking the questions that need to be asked, he will need for you all to hold your jeers until a deserving source for the jeers has been made apparent. Thank you!�

The crowd�s negative response was multiplied by ten as Reginald handed the scepter back to a now very much delighted Ehren the King. Leave it to Reginald to put the crowd into the perfect mood.

�Yes, yes. Boooo. BOOOOOO! It�s the sound every single one of you daft peasants should have been producing last week when a certain young man led you through a tunnel of guilt only to hear your cheers. He brought down upon your shoulders a weight that such underachieving citizens as yourself should never have to carry.� Ehren paused.

He had to pause, you see, because he had some points that he, y�know, actually wanted to have heard�had he of continued right on with speaking, his words would have been lost in the sea of boos.

�He questioned your faith as though your only reason for existence in this kingdom is to shower his pride with your cheers. The second your opinions started to change, he was all over your backs like hair on an old man! And what did you all do? You fed into his little plan and you cheered him! And you question my right to call you peons?! PEONS!!!!�

And, of course, such a direct insult requested more boos.

This request was met.

�Well, I swear an oath right here and now that I will have you booing this man by the end of our interview. Lords and ladies, I present to thee, Your Generation�s apparent Sensation�..RYAN BILLOWS!!!!� Ehren sighed and clapped twice.

311�s �Large In The Margin� hit and the fans were on their feet cheering as The Young Lion swatted the curtain out of his way and stepped out onto the stage. Wearing a pair of grey pin-striped pants and a black muscle-shirt, he looked good. The females in the audience could attest to this as they screamed out with glee usually reserved for the cutest member of a Boy-Band. Billows stood on the stage for a moment, staring down at Ehren the King before grinning to the fans at pointing at Ehren as if to say: �would you listen to this guy?!�

Billows walked down to the ring, slapping some hands now and again, giving a few fans reason to not wash their hands for a few weeks. After climbing into the ring, Billows looked at Reginald before chuckling and moving over to where Ehren was standing in front of the Royal Throne.

Billows� music died down tonight, and Ehren was quick to begin the interview.

�Well�hello sir Young Lion. How do you do on this Kingdom of Orlando night?� Ehren asked before holding the scepter in front of Billows� mouth.

Billows looked down at the scepter before pushing it out of his face and walking over to the corner to procure his own microphone from one of the Ring Assistants. Having acquired his own means of communication, Billows communicated�

�First off,� Billows pointed at the scepter, �that thing looks like a penis! And I sure as hell am not Calypso the Great! So�uh�keep it away from mouth.�

The crowd roared. Being the Jack of All Trades, Billows came equipped with just the right amount of dry humor. Not too much, not too little.

Ehren the King frowned, �It does not look like a penis!�

Billows grinned. Ehren had more or less just rendered himself a marked man for the coming insult�

�Yeah, like you would know, Ehren.� Billows was brimming with sarcasm.

The crowd broke into laughter once again as Ehren whipped his gaze to an equally shocked Reginald.

�Oh, don�t look at him. He wouldn�t know either!� Billows exclaimed.

The crowd was offering up a frenzy of laughter and applause, Billows seemed to be in rare form tonight and it was good to see him in higher spirits than last week.

�Now then Ehren, unless you want to keep lollygagging about your lack of a penis, why don�t we go ahead and get down to the nitty of the gritty with your first question�� Billows insisted.

�FINE! You, Ryan Billows, are a manipulator!� Ehren accused.

Billows chuckled, �You, Ehren, don�t know the difference between a question and a statement!�

�You came out upon this hallowed battlefield and you manipulated your soldiers. Those who had made the wise decision to ride off in retreat were brought back into the heat of battle by your false promises!� Ehren.

�Ehren, who are you to say that I made any false promises? You�re a fake king,� Billows tapped Ehren�s crown, �with a fake crown.�

�BLASPHEMY!� Reginald screamed out.

�Nonono, Reginald. Perhaps the young lad had a point, albeit one that is overshadowed by his unnecessary insults to the royal crown, but a point none the less. Ryan Billows, will you be the next Legacy Champion?� Ehren asked, point blank.

Billows looked out at the crowd, the crowd which had already started cheering.

He looked back at Ehren, �You�re goddamned right I will be.�

The crowd roared as Ehren frowned, �Lies�all you speak are lies.�

�I don�t see a Legacy Title around your waist, Ehren, and so�I really don�t think it�s your place to be debating the validity of my statements.� Billows said.

�Well, then, perhaps it is my place to say that you have got one hell of a big mountain to climb.� Ehren grinned.

�Yeah! Yeah, I do. I�ve got a few minor speedbumps and one big-ass mountain planted right between me and the Legacy Title. There�s no debating that, Ehren. But I learned along time ago that when you�ve got a big mountain to climb, you can�t sit around and wait for it to get smaller!�

The crowd cheered feverishly as Ehren bit his lip and scratched his chin. Billows tended to have a knack for putting things into perspective, and it seemed like that�s exactly what he�d just done in Ehren�s case.

�At No Turning Back, you�ll be teaming with Ninja K and Ray Chavez. One of these men is a man who, and don�t ask me why, has some respect for you. I think the feeling is mutual between you two. The second is a man that you just can�t seem to get along with. How do you think your team will fair at No Turning Back?� Ehren asked.

�I think, provided Chavez can keep his monstrous ego in check, we have the know-how to do it to it and get the job done. I think we�ve got every chance in the world of walking out of No Turning Back as the winners.� Billows said.

�And what about��

However, Ehren would be cut off. It seemed as though a certain somebody hadn�t liked his name being brought up.

�Passive� by A Perfect Circle hit the P.A. System, and the crowd lit up with boos. They knew what was coming as they watched Billows� reaction to the music. Billows had ripped his shirt off over his head and tossed it to the ground, which Ehren and Reginald had taken as a signal that things might get a bit more heated than an exchange of heated words.

In other words, The King had left his court in a hurry with his loyal subject right behind him.

Billows showed great strength in lifting the throne up and over the top-rope, sending it toppling to the outside. Billows proceeded to clear the ring of anything that might hinder the tussle that was surely about to go down, and then he set his sights on the entrance-ramp, poised and ready for Ray Chavez.

�I bet Billows is really regretting knocking out Chavez right about now!� exclaimed Keith Kane.

No, regret didn�t seem to fit into the equation at all, for if Billows regretted what he�d done to Chavez, he looked ready to add a second helping of regret to his plate.

Suddenly the crowd cried out in surprise, and Billows hadn�t understood why until it was too late.


Chavez had wisely slipped out from the crowd with a steel chair in his hand. As Billows had stared at the ramp, completely oblivious to the impending chairshot, Chavez had snickered. He�d snickered mere seconds before driving the steel chair into the back of The Young Lion�s skull. See, it was at this moment that Chavez felt at the top of his game. These rookies might have all the in-ring talent in the world, but they lacked what Chavez had a surplus of�intelligence.

Chavez looked down at Billows, trying to decide whether or not he had acquired sufficient revenge for the right hook that he�d received courtesy of The Pride of Pennsylvania. It looked as though he wasn�t quite comfortable yet, and Ray started to pull the chair back for another shot when the crowd burst out in cheers.

Chavez turned around to bear witness to one Max Hopper sprinting down the ramp. Chavez sneered as he dropped the chair and rolled out of the ring.

�What�s this? It looks as though Hopper has come to save the day! Hopper and Billows have been developing a strong friendship backstage, but I had know idea we�d see that friendship surface on-screen!� Tony Stone explained.

�Well Billows had better be glad that it did!� Kane stated.

Hopper slid into the ring and knelt down next to Billows, dividing his easily dividable attention between Billows and Chavez. Chavez and Hopper had something of a past. For those of you who�ve forgotten, Hopper had been the man to take the Relentless Title from Chavez. In essence, Hopper had been the man to send Chavez down a horrible spiral that The Equalizer was still fighting his way back from.

That�s not to say that Chavez feared Hopper, though. Of course not. Chavez had finished the job, he�d gained his comeuppance over Billows. The cake had been baked and the second steel-chair shot would have simply been the icing.

Hopper continued to check on Billows as Ray Chavez walked backwards up the ramp, watching the two men in the ring with a sinister smile.


Jeff Garvin sat at the bar in the Drowning Monkey, a pub across the street from the Arena of Champions, with a plate of potato skins sitting in front of him and a glass of ice-cold Diet Pepsi to wash it down.

The Drowning Monkey was a small establishment. The curtains were always drawn shut so the place was dark at all hours of the day, and that was how Garvin liked it, especially when wallowing in his own self-pity.

�It�s like every time I try and do someone a favor I get fucked over in the end. I went to Brian and I said, �Hey man, you up for giving it another go in LoC? They contacted me and they said they�re interested in possibly signing me to a contract. I could probably get you in.�

Did you hear what I said? Listen to me carefully:

*INTERESTED* in possibly signing *ME* to a contract! No IBJ! Just Garvin! I went out on a limb and got that ungrateful mother fucker a job and what does he do? He calls me up four days AFTER I find out he�s been released and he�s like, �Garv, maaan, I don�t have it anymore� I just wanna traaain.� Bullshit! Why didn�t you say that before I stuck my neck out and got you the fuckin� job?

The opportunity you so easily pissed away.



Am I wrong?�

Garvin looked up from his plate to find the female bartender (the one he�d been complaining to) turned around, filling the glass of some poor shlub.

Beer. Garvin nearly gagged.

Garvin tossed down some change and turned to the trucker seated next to him, the one who was awaiting his draft. �It�s on me! Have yourself another one of those! Go ahead and grow your damn gut out another five or six inches!�

The trucker gave Jeff a look like, �what�s your problem, buddy?� Not wanting any trouble, seeing as Jeff was a big man at 6�2� 253 lbs., the trucker got up and moved to another chair further down the bar.

�That�s right! Move along!� Garvin then muttered under his breath. �Drunk.�

It was in this trucker that Jeff Garvin saw his friend and former tag partner (although they�d never actually tagged together in LoC� IBJ was fired before they got the chance), �Impulse� Brian James. James had let his alcoholism affect his career, which in turn affected Garvin�s career, because now that IBJ was gone from the fed, Jeff had no one to tag with. And he couldn�t very well ask someone else to be his partner, with every single person in the LoC locker room thinking he�s a prima donna who thinks he�s better than everyone else.

Which he is� but don�t tell them.

The creative team already had everything planned out for the rest of the arc. So where exactly did he stand?

Jeff half-smiled and said out loud, but to no one in particular, �Did you ever feel drunk even when you haven�t been drinking? Not that I�d know since I�ve never so much as touched a drink, but if I had to guess what being drunk felt like, this would be it.�

Garvin sipped at his Diet Pepsi and picked at his plate of potato skins as he watched the female bartender fix someone a rum and coke. He soon realized he�d not ate a single thing, just poked at it and moved pieces around with his index finger. He wasn�t hungry. He was far too bitter to eat.

Garvin hadn�t noticed, but an old face had walked in through the side entrance to the pub.


Garvin slowly turned his head to see who it was� and let out a groan.



Cameras remained backstage as Jonathan Conspiracy was shown leaving The Faction's locker room. The same locker room that housed the other members of The Faction who got kicked out of the skybox. He pulled out his cell phone and dialled a number. The phone rang.

"Damn straight to voice mail, guess Laurie is still tied up with Uncle... I mean Black Tom."

Conspiracy flipped his Motorola Black RAZR closed and started to head back into the locker room.

�I expected this moment to happen��

Jonathan Conspiracy stopped walking as he heard the voice behind him. Turning around he was faced with the man he thought he would have the pleasure of bumping into backstage; Kevin Kassidy Kenwright but then again you already knew that as they�re faces are side-by-side a few lines.

K3 stood with his hands on his hips as he watched Mr. One Letter Better turn 180 degrees to face him.

The duo stood looking at each other for a matter of moments. It was like a dodgy stand-off last seen in a spaghetti western as the two advocators of race supremacy watched each other not moving. Jonathan Conspiracy would draw first.

"You know I admire you kid, you're not afraid of anyone, you say what you say and you mean it, not like guys like Wippit Guud, or Turk, or Ulysis Solian or any of these other guys on the roster, present company excluded..."

K3 started to crack a smile, after all he was being complemented on by a black man.

"...hold on there with all the smiling, just cause I admire you doesn't mean I like your racist ass!"

Conspiracy put his finger in Kenwright's face and continued.

"You don't know the struggles of the black man you fuckin' cracka, redneck, hillbilly, casper lookin' motherfuckin' honky! Over 400 years of bullshit plus the whole Jim Crow shit, and the only thing 'you people' wanna give us is 40 acres and a mule, a fuckin' mule!"

JCON was very heated at the moment, and it seemed that from the look on K3's face, a race war was about to erupt in the backstage area. KKK took a step back as a look of "illness" took over his face.

"Sorry dude but like you smell... It must be all the black or something." As JCON attempted to respond, KKK placed his hand in directly in front of his face. "And secondly, don't ever silence me again. The slaves get one chance to step out of line. But don't tempt me again..."

JCON was positively brewing at this point as K3 smirked at him. "Don't bother me with your stupid complaints. If I had my way you people would never have had a chance to struggle." Kevin spat at the ground. It was as though talking to JCON and breathing in the same space as him was too much. "Hitler should have picked on the blacks. There would have been no need for a World War. Every country would have helped him out. Fucking miscreants."

This pissed Jonathan Conspiracy off to no end, but for whatever reason he managed not to strangle the racist.

"I see what you're tryin' to do you fuck! If I beat your ass the cops come arrest me. I'll tell the cops he called me names, then they'll ask if you engaged in physical contact first, and I'll say no... because quite frankly you'd be one stupid motherfucker if you even thought about even taking a swing at me... if you're dumb ass even had a dream about beating my ass... you better wake the fuck up. As far as Hitler goes, his dumb ass was half-Jewish if I'm not mistaken, and they talk about black on black violence..."

Kevin beamed at the thought of black on black violence.

"...motherfucker I don't think you even want to go there, because as you can see with me, I'm an equal opportunity ass kicker, and seeing as you got your ass beat by a girl, I don't think you want to bring your... (finger quotes) superior (finger quotes)... any more embarrassment."

�No, no,� smiled Kenwright as he quickly saw how flustered JCON was becoming. Kevin was strangely cool; compared to his other meetings with coloured LoC grapplers. �You�d enjoy it if I called the cops and got your diseased self arrested. It�d be like a family reunion. All the niggers living off the state. No, no� I�ve got a witness to your little attack.�

�What?� JCON looked at K3 very confused.

�I have a witness to your attack on me��

�What attack?� JCON was growing more and more confused as Kassidy stood there with his smug grin across his face.

�But don�t worry. They also saw me defend myself. Isn�t that right, Phoenix?�

Kevin motioned over Mr. One Letter Better�s shoulder. JCON looked over his right shoulder and saw the beaming face of Phoenix Rose, KKK�s manger. �Of course,� Phoenix nodded clearly fulfilling his part of t he plan to perfection.

JCON immediately sensed danger and threw his right hand towards the body of KKK but the 21 year old RingRats graduate was already prepared for the attack and ducked below his fist before delivering a sickening shot to JCON�s stomach. The former PIW superstar was immediately doubled over and KKK kneed him in the mid-section.

JCON tumbled to the ground as KKK and Phoenix Rose stood over him.

�Get the fuck out of my federation nigger. You make this place look bad.�

KKK spat on the floor directly in front of JCON�s contorted face before walking off. The two rib shots had taken the wind out Jonathan�s sails as he watched the racist and his manager walk off, knowing he had been beaten by their plan.

JCON was considerable angered by this when Malik Roland opened the locker room door.

"What the hell, JCON! I thought you just needed to make a phone call?!"

Conspiracy struggled to his feet with some assistance from Duzza and Ali Khadafi who had now joined Roland in the hallway.

"Yeah I did only got the voicemail, then Kevin and Rose showed up."

Malik's demeanor changed as Duzza spoke up.

"Where dat cracka at!!"

Duzza started off down the hall but Malik grabbed him by his collar.

"Hey let me go I'm gonna get that pale bitch and that gimpy bastard!"

Malik looked at Duzza as if to say 'calm the fuck down', before he turned his attention to JCON.

"Where the fuck did they go?"

Jonathan who had just now seemed to recover from the attack responded.

"I don't know, but don't worry about it, I'll find his ass!"

And with that Violence left the scene for elsewhere in the Arena of Champions.


Scott Riktor walked into his office and flicked the lights on. He couldn't help but feel like there was something different about the Commissioners' Office this week and upon further inspection of the room he did notice what that was. There was now a gigantic burgundy leather chair behind his desk, facing backwards and gently rocking.

"Hello," said a deep and mysterious voice.

Riktor pinched himself to make sure he hadn't fallen asleep watching Goldfinger again. "...ouch."

"Mr. Riktor, I trust you saw my handywork last week. Did you not?"

Scott rolled his eyes. "Brandon? What the hell are you doing in here?"

The large chair slowly turned around...



...and hit the side of Riktor's desk.

"This chair was, like, thousands of dollars! See the little lion heads in the arm rests?"

"I see those."

"This is, without a doubt, the highest quality wheeled, burgundy leather office chair in the city."

Scott noticed his own chair leaning against the wall in the far corner of the room and rolled it over to the frost of his desk. He took a seat facing Brandon Thomas. "Why did you do that last week?"

"Do what?"

"Swing for the fences at the back of Sylo's head?"

Brandon smiled. "That was good, wasn't it? I was like, KAPOW! And he was like, creeeeeak - - TIMBER! Oh man, that was awesome!"

Scott was sharing Brandon's enthusiasm but he still didn't get is answer. "Why did you do that?"

"It's like this, Scotty, the only reason the Cookie Monster is Legacy Champion is because I'm on the shelf. Seriously, think about it. If I wasn't hurt right now I would have gotten my rematch against Ninja K and, lets be serious here, I would have whooped his ass back to CHINA!"



"I still don't really get that, though, does that mean you're not with Black Tom anymore?"

Brandon's arms shot up off his lion head-encrusted arm rests and waved in front of his body. "Whoa! THE Superstar doesn't swing that way, man! Even if he did Tom's really, really, - - really old!"

"I'm asking if you two are still on the same page."

"We're not even in the same library anymore," Brandon said with a huge smile. "You know what, Scotty, I've been waiting for somebody to ask me that question for years! I think we are becoming buddies. If we are does that mean I can start coming to the Riktor family cookouts?"

"We don't have any cookouts. My brothers are in Japan. You know, where Ninja K is from?"

Brandon squinted his eyes. "I thought he was from China?"


"WHERE?!" Brandon looked furiously around the room for, that's right, Jesus.

"Why don't you just get rid of Tom then?"


"Fire him."

"Oh," Brandon replied, "that's because I can't."

"What did you do?"

"I sorta signed one of those iron clad contracts with him, but gimme a break! He said he was going to make me Legacy Champion!"

"He did do that, too, didn't he?"


The two men just stared at each other for a while until light finally dawned on Brandon Thomas, possibly for the first time so this was a special occasion.

"OH MY GOD! He's not going to make me Legacy Champion ever again!"


"OHHHHHH! This is bullshit! That wrinkly old bastard! His face looks like my nutsack! That's it! I'm gonna go find that asshole! EXCUSE ME!"

"Don't you want your crutches," Scott said retrieving them from the side of the desk where they were resting.


Brandon jerked past Scott Riktor on a beautiful looking leather chair, except for the huge scrape on the side where it ran into the desk, using one leg to pull himself through the room until he finally got to the hallway.

"TILE!," he screamed, "We have reached the tile! To the elevator!"

Back inside the Commissioner's Office Scott picked up a pill bottle from his desk, "Percocet...well, that makes sense now."


Vince Jacobs sat in his locker room going through his bags getting his items ready for his tag team match later on tonight. He would be teamed with Ninja K, of all people, to take on Penance and Sylo in what would be a pay-per-view quality main event in any promotion. Jacobs grabbed his boots and placed them on the floor before taking off his jewelry and placing it in his gym bag. Suddenly, the echo from a knock on the door was heard as Vince�s head peered toward his locker room door.

�Who is it?� Vince yelled

The door flew open and in walked Ninja K, Vince�s tag team partner for the night. The Ronin was in street clothes also as he walked in and sat down in the chair across from Vince.

�What�s on your mind, Kenshiro?� Jacobs asked.

The Japanese native would place his gym bag in front of him while projecting a lasting glare toward Vincent before looking away. The Athletic Freak of Nature�s body would speak the language of an individual, inundated by the symptoms with mental unrest.

�In a word; everything.� He replied. �However, I believe that it is best that you and I formulate a tactical strategy, in order to ensure victory at the eve of this encounter.� Jacobs would respond with a subtle nod of agreement.

�The combination of both Penance and Sylo present a level of unified strength and malice. It is apparent that Sylo will serve as �the brains� of the two yet it is obvious that his weakness lies within his insatiable rage and his inability to trust.� The ninja cited. �This is what I have been able to amass through my encounters with both individuals.�

�With that being said, I ask; �What is it that you suggest on your behalf?� �. The Ronin would lean in and rest one of his arms against the back of the chair, all the more eager to hear Vince�s input.

Jacobs rubbed his chin for a second before speaking to the Ronin who was listening very intently. �We have to beat these men with our quickness and high flying ability. There is no way in hell we can out muscle these two freaks, so we out quick them and out smart them.� Kenshiro nodded in agreement.

�I have only been in the ring with Penance personally and I can tell that doesn�t have one brain cell in that oversized head of his. He lets that woman think for him. I say we make them play off each other.� Jacobs said as he grabbed wrist tape from his bag.

�What do you mean?� Kenshiro wondered.

�I mean Penance doesn�t like or trust Sylo because of the �incident�, so why not play to that. Talk to the big man during the match getting him riled up at Sylo. What do you think?� Jacobs waited for a response from his tag team partner and former Legacy Champion.

Ninja would interlock his fingers together before resting his lips against his index finger. Having given it a moment's thought, he would lift his head slightly to respond.

"Your premise is sound yet I believe that he would be more inclined to listen to your proposal." Kenshiro replied. "My presence alone would only complicate matters further. SVJ would offer a brief smirk at the comment. "Well, I believe you and I have a main event to prepare for . . ."

Empty faces on your screen
Supermodel citizen
Tearing down your self esteem
Supermodel citizen

The opening chorus of "Supermodel Citizen" prompted the entrance and return to in-ring action of LoC's Relentless Champion, Max Hopper. The Fantasy, the man who replaced Kirk Cameron on the cover of Tiger Beat stepped onto the entrance ramp wearing silk pajama pants and his ultra-cool sex-ray specs, wielding a pillow. Cardiologists all over Orlando had their biggest night of revenue for years to come after the hearts of all the women and a few men skipped a beat. Catcalls were abound and the Max Hopper's patented golden shower of pyros washed over the fans.

He made his way to the ring, occasionally rubbing his sore neck, but mostly making a big spectacle about his return and his entrance. He appeared to be in such a good mood that one would never have known he had just broken up with Natalia Simunek a few short weeks ago and that LoC's SEXIEST couple was no more. Why, he even let a couple of young girls sitting next to the barricade rub his chest for good luck.

He entered the ring to await his opponent and challenger.

"Black and White" by Static was next as the Arena of Champions Pyrotechnics and Lighting Crew switched from golden showers of sparks to a red glow. It was time for Phoenix Rose to make his entrance, wearing his favourite YELLOW POWER RANGER PJs and matching slippers. He elicited a sizeable amount of cheers, at least equal to the cheers for the returning Hopper and quite possibly even louder. He propped himself up with his glass cane in one hand and toted a large pillow with a rather curious looking lump in his other.

He stepped into the ring and discarded his cane. The referee called both men to the center of the ring, explained the rules, and the two shook hands before the official called for the bell and signalled that the match was to get underway. The time keeper took his cue.


Max saw that Phoenix Rose was carrying his pillow, which looked a bit on the heavy side, low to the ground and took the opportunity to get in a few early pillow shots.


He scored a couple of pillow shots to Rose's ribs.


He landed an overhead pillow shot.


He hit the mega-manager with a HARD straight pillow shot to the face that caused him to stumble back. Rose shook it off, however. He raised his arms, shifted his body forward, aaaand theeeeen...


The mysterious lump connected squarely with the top of Max's head. A Max's-eye-view probably would have revealed swirling black spots and funkadelic colours. He swayed around, out on his feet, and then collapsed face first to the canvas. The referee began his count.











The match was over. The referee called for the bell. LoC had a new Relentless Champion. Max Hopper was out cold. The crowd cheered for Rose who held his newly won title aloft for all to see, collected his cane, and headed back up the entrance ramp. He turned over his pillow and poured a horseshoe out of his pillow case before disappearing backstage.

Winner: Phoenix Rose.


"Are you sure that they will call us, Aran?" Mystique questioned Aran right from the get go.

"Don't worry about it my oh so fine recruiting partner. I've got this under control. You got any questions, I'ma make sure they get asked. But just for you."

Aran told Mystique trying to reassure her and obviously hit on her.

Mystique quickly noticed the innocent flirting and just noncholantely backed away from him.

"When are they....?" Mystique was interrupted by the telephone ringing.

"What up?" Aran quickly flared through the phone.

Mystique squinting her eyes but also seeming anxious stepped closer.

"Yeah, this is Aran."

"Yeah, Me and Mystique we are recruiting for LoC. You know. Adding strength to the roster." Aran said in a very business like tone.

Mystique stepped in closer almost touching Aran this time and whispered toward Aran..

..."What are they saying?"...

Aran held his finger up toward her.

"Uh huh."


"Of course we do."

Aran put his hand over the recieving end of the phone.

"They wanna know if we have health benefits." Aran told Mystique trying not to bust out in laughter.

"AND YOU TOLD HER YES?!" Mystique spoke up but still whispered.

Aran smiled and nodded.



"Uh huh."








"Yeah. We can give you another call later. But I don't think it's going to be any problem. Just give us some kind of verbal agreement and we will work out the details later."

Aran reassured the person over the telephone.

Mystique gave Aran the thumbs up giving him the "Keep going" jesture.

"Yeah, I know you were a champion with fWo. That's why we've discussed bringing you into LoC."



"Okay, we'll call back in a little bit. Thanks for your patients." Aran finished the conversation and hung up the phone.

"Well?" Mystique questioned Aran.

"WHAT DID THEY SAY?!" She demanded him.

"That....." Aran paused.

"....they've got a hot date tonight, and we needed to call them back later." Aran said totally confused.

" date?" Mystique said to herself.

"Maybe we should look at other people with a history in fWo?" She quickly stated.

Aran nodded.

"Yeah. But we'll keep work on her too. Mayber there is some hope there." Aran replied.

Mystique just second glanced Aran over saying "I don't really think there is any hope" without ever saying those

"Cult of Personality" by Living Color had been sounded via the PA system, summoning the very worst from the audience. Camera Ten would slowly pan away from the ringside staging area to the established throne room-esque set.

Reginald would be the first to appear before paving the way clear for the Tennessee native. Regal cape and all, Ehren the King would advance forward to sit on his throne before conducting his public address. Ehren�s microphone would be attached at the north end of a regal scepter.

�Alas, my loyal peasants and maidens.� The miscreant monarch bellowed. �It is that time once again to where I, King Ehren, humbly offers both the downtrodden and facially challenged alike an opportunity to benefit from not only my presence but a momentary escape from the mundane existence you collectively refer to as �life.� �

A pompous sneer was cemented across his visage as the crowd continued to assault him with jeers. Ehren would stand, allowing Reginald to remove the robe off his person. The King slowly began his descent down the trinity of carpeted steps. The Legacytron would broadcast the action before the rest of the live audience.

�It is not your fault that you all are the fruits of cheap alcohol and blood relatives yet not everyone is as fortunate to be born into the loving embrace of influence and prestige.� Ehren mentioned. He would ride out the negative wave of heat before continuing.

�And it is without saying, that leads me to bring out my next �guest� - He is a former champion and apparently among the many insurgents, set to challenge our current Legacy Champion - - From the bowels of Osaka, Japan . . . �

The Arena of Champions would become rattled by the ominous pop from the crowd. Several camera angles would visually drive the point home before coming to rest on an unimpressed host. �I give you - Ninja�.

The scarlet drapes had parted and the Athletic Freak of Nature sauntered into view. The ninja was swathed with his traditional attire, bearing the hues of Pearl & Crimson with Black trim. A handful of hair segregated from the rest via an Obsidian band sans the mask.

Ehren would place one hand on his hip while smoothing out the cleft of his chin. Kenshiro�s theme music would gradually dissipate out of earshot, leaving the resonating volley of fanfare. The Ronin would casually sift through the stands before setting his eyes on the arrogant blowhard.

�Well now . . .� His Royal Highness uttered. � I am glad to see that you�ve manage to garner the support of these Florida yokels but you can consider this a privilege to appear before me as my �guest�.� The ninja merely scoffed at the suggestion.

�Well, first and foremost, that was quite an impressive non-title �victory� over the Legacy Champion . . . well, seeing as though you�ve managed to �beat the odds� with a little sideline �help�.� The inquisitive master of ceremonies projected with a sarcastic tone while pointing toward the Legacytron . . .

[ . . . *static* (Excessive cheers in the background) - - Ninja K had hit Sylo between the eyes with The Victimizer and the Legacy Champion would collapse against the middle ropes - - Crimson would seep from his clenched teeth and above his eyebrow when his opposition would ensnare him with a Tiger Feint Crucifix Arm Bar . . .

(Fragmented ringside commentary) - - Visual of interaction between Aria Murphy & Mike Hunt as the Legacy Champion sought to free himself - - Brandon Thomas is caught standing himself erect and casting a crutch aside - - (slow motion) - - Kenshiro�s head is seen, turning toward Brandon�s direction - - Brandon swings just as Ninja releases the ropes - - Visual of the crutch exploding across the back of Sylo�s head . . .

Ninja is seen tumbling off the ring apron and landing atop Brandon, leaving both men sprawled out on the floor - - (normal speed) - - Kenshiro is seen standing over Brandon briefly before slipping back inside the ring - - (freeze) . . . ]

The boos were legion. A mocking sigh would sift through the king�s lips as Ehrenski cocked his head to the side.

�Well, well . . . say it isn�t so?� The King cited with an accusative tone. �Settle down, knaves and allow him to speak on his behalf.�

The former EWF Intercontinental Champion would soon raise his right eyebrow while extending the microphone in the ninja�s direction. Kenshiro would slide his index finger across his bottom lip before speaking.

�Spoken like a true low-end journalist, Ehren.� The ninja referred to in regard of The King�s submission of video evidence. Ehren would scowl as the fans harassed him.

�So I am to assume that your little mended footage and highly fabricated conspiracy theories are supposed to undermine my victory over the individual know the world over as �The Super Beast� ?

The crowd responded with a notable pop. Reginald would motion subtly for the people to knock it off but his requests were verbally denied.

�It deeply grieves me that you are undoubtedly crippled by sheer ignorance.� The Ronin declared.

�However, I shall indulge you by answering your trivial inquiry; Unlike your current Legacy Champion, I see no need to enlist outside help to ensure victory against my opposition. What took place at Self Destruction and this past Violence, was not of my doing. It is on those two separate occasions that the parties involved had acted on their own accord.�

�Yet, in light of that cumbersome idiot, what transpired last week was more than just a victory - it was a statement.� The former LoC Champion reported.

�A statement addressed to not only those affiliated with The Faction but to all would-be suitors for the Legacy Championship as well; Kenshiro Inogami is coming back for what is rightfully his and I will not rest until my championship aspirations have once again been brought to fruition.

The camera switched views yet the ninja was content with his position. The show�s host seemed a bit put off by both of his guest�s comments and the reaction from the masses.

�Alright. Alright.� uttered the unhappy monarch. �I understand that you �mean� well and yet, you have five other opponents to contend with.� Ehren would reclaim his throne and aim the mic toward himself.

�One of them in fact, who just so happens, to be your tag team partner tonight against two merciless monstrosities in both Penance & the Loc Champion, Sylo.

The crowd began cheering upon recognition of Kenshiro�s tag team partner until the names of the Faction�s elite, immediately soured the mood.

�And with the current list, slated to contend for that belt, you�d mind as well hang it up.� Ehren said. �Oh, and by the way, what you did to young Laurie was way out of line and rest assured, Mr. Williams has many ways to deal with an insubordinate rogue such as yourself. Now what do you have to say about that?�

Kenshiro was seen, crossing his arms over his chest in response. Finally, the mic was aimed toward him for a rebuttal.

�Vincent Jacobs.� Ninja uttered the name that would ignite the masses with adulation. �Yes. In recognition of what he has been able to accomplish, throughout his career, he is a superstar indeed. Yet, with all championship accolades aside, Vincent�s abilities will be key toward maintaining our momentum toward achieving our respective desires.�

The ninja would plant one foot atop the bottom step before Ehren�s throne.

�Given the notion that the mystique of Super Beast has been slain by my hand alone, I see no reason to jeopardize the stability of this union with petty differences. The Ronin bellowed.

�However, Vincent is still a contender for the Legacy Championship and should his ambitions get the better of him, let it be known that I am not above retaliation to the utmost degree. However, you have my word that no action will taken against Vincent as my tag team partner.�

Ehren continued rolling his eyes during the modest round of applause.

�Well, it�s good to hear there is a measure of �honor� in your statement.� Ehren replied. �I mean who knows how long it�s going to be before you just happen to �pearl harbor� anyone to . . .�

The Ronin�s body language exclaimed that he took quite a bit of exception to that remark as a figurative blow toward his heritage. The cowardly host would beg off in hopes of restoring order as most of his commentary was rendered as muffled jargon.

�O.K. As the impoverished people of Florida would often say . . . (finger gesturing rabbit ears) My. Bad. Well, with all things considered, how about your thoughts in regard of the Legacy Commissioner�s decree this past Violence? I mean, surely, this is the same individual who afforded you the opportunity to become champion in the first place so doesn�t his actions strike you as �odd�, Mr. Kenshiro?�

The ninja would cut his eyes toward the King of Exclusive Interviews longingly before speaking his mind.

�If you just so happen to have issues with Riktor�s position, then it is best you present your case before him yet I highly doubt that you have the testicular fortitude to question his authority, let alone, in his face.� Kenshiro mentioned.

�It was at his digression to have me challenge and defeat Brandon Thomas for the Legacy Championship. It was then that I had to abandon my agenda and fulfill the obligations set before me. Not the other way around.�

The animated duo of Reginald and Ehren did little to sway the audience from cheering.

�My perception of Riktor�s recent decisions?� The Ronin voiced to the public before pausing. �I am quite sure that my opposition bears a notable level of resentment toward what had been said. However, what they think matters little - for this is but a vast opportunity to cement my place as the rightful Retainer of the Legacy Championship.�

�The opportunity to defeat five other contenders, vying for such an illustrious prize, will be the exclamation point to what I wish to accomplish at Revelations and beyond so they fight amongst each other like mere simpletons - for I have a championship and my honor to reclaim at Revelations.�

Letting the congregation settle themselves down, Ehren had just about enough.

�Whatever.� The King spoke in an unfavorable tone. �The fact of the matter is that, within a span of two separate pay-per-views, anything and everything is bound to happen and the way I see it, you�ve managed to do nothing but literally �stir up the hornet�s nest� with your actions.�

The fans displayed no favor toward the makeshift journalists�s assumption.

�You see, unlike these delusional bottom-feeders that litter these stands every week, I am a realist.� Ehren exclaimed. �To insinuate that you have even a snowball�s chance in hell to win, let alone survive, is purely asinine - you . . .�

Ehren�s words were rendered mute by the act of Kenshiro clasping his hand around the King�s throat. His eyes were bugging out while clawing at the ninja�s arm. The crowd were at a feverish pitch as the former Legacy Champion slapped the crown off the regal reporter�s head. The Ronin would casually relieve him of his scepter as Reginald and company, were trying to reason with Ninja.

�I am going to be as forthcoming with you when I say this, Ehren; You have officially exceeded the limitations of my patience so from this point on, I believe it will be in your best interest to hold your tongue for the time being.�

The ninja would pull the reluctant Ehren off his throne, forcing him to kneel before him.

�I know that you are listening, old man.� The ninja mentioned while looking toward the lofty sky box office. A visual of the old-timer was seen, standing before the window - chomping on a lit Cuban cigar.

�For weeks on end, you and your esteemed band of lackeys, have done nothing but instill chaos within the ranks - all in the pursuit of ruling vice over this entire company.� Kenshiro exclaimed as Ehren was still struggling.

�Yet, in spite of your recent list of acquisitions and your ill-fated attempts to prevent the inevitable, let it be known that I have yet to become your problem.�

The Arena of Champions were all the more eager to listen to the ninja�s proclamation.

�Kenshiro Inogami will become champion again and since Sylo became the first to fall, I assure you that it is my most ardent wish to personally destroy everything you have created thus far; From every dim-witted soldier under your command to that harlot you so rightfully cherish, I will spare no expense to rid this company of your influence.�

Various members of the Faction were now standing behind their leader, united in their stance against everything that seeks to oppose their will. Ali, Duzza and Roland began pounding their fists as Conspiracy and Penance, looked onward with malicious intent. The women were none to favorable of the ninja�s words neither.

No Turning Back and Revelations; Two fitting phrases that epitomize everything that stand between us. The former is but self explanatory for I have not forgotten what you and your champion have stolen from me. However, the latter sounds far more promising."

�No Association� - - Silverchair would hit as Kenshiro dropped the microphone/scepter. He would take a stern look at the struggling host before shoving him into Reginald, leaving both men laying along the floor. The Ronin would ignored the cheering masses as he made his gradual departure from view, unconcerned with the adamant threats made by a punked-out Ehren.



It was the voice of Phoenix Rose, who had just won the Relentless Title, thanks in part to a good luck charm... but his luck would soon change as he came face to face with Jonathan Conspiracy.

"Where the fuck is he?"

Phoenix Rose didn't quite catch the tone that Jonathan spoke with and sarcastically answered Conspiracy.

"Oh Max, he's probably at the nurses office getting his boo-boo checked on. I'm the CHAMP! WAHOO!"

Rose started to limp off merrily, but Jonathan pulled his cane and Phoenix went crashing to the ground.

"Like I give a damn about a Max Hopper. I want to know where he is?"

It was as if a light bulb went on in Phoenix Rose's head, as Jonathan handed him back the cane, which enabled him to get back to a vertical base.

"Oh him! Isn't he still pouting in the skybox to Black Tommy?"

*SMACK* to the back of Rose's head from JCON.

"Forget Sylo for a second... I think you know who HE is! He's One Letter Worse Than Me Times THREE!"

That's when it finally hit Phoenix, no not JCON again, who he was.

"Oh he's gone. Said something about a rally against gays, blacks, illegal immigrants, women and other inferior beings who have no place in America, but I'll tell him you're looking for him."

Jonathan put his hand on Rose's shoulder as Rose tried to make his exit.

"Don't bother, I'll find him when he wants to be found. As far you... boy you're just lucky Riktor's screwing me out of title shots."

Jonathan started to walk off.

"Who you talking to! I'm the Relentless Champ BITCH!"

Jonathan turned back towards Rose.

"What was that??!!"

Rose looked scared shitless at this point.


Jonathan started back to make his exit.

"That's what I thought."

Finally with Jonathan away from the scene, Phoenix spoke again.

"I'm still the Relentless Champion. WAHOO!"

And with that Phoenix was off to what he hopes will be a WILD CELEBRATION!


Jeff Garvin moaned and looked back to the old-school Dad�s Root Beer sign which hung to the left of the bar. He reluctantly took a bite out of his potato skins and hummed a tune to himself� hoping the familiar face would soon go away.

Kayden Paulton didn�t clue-in.

�Hey! Hey Jeff!� He waved to him from the front of the restaurant. Meanwhile everyone stopped what they were doing and looked over, which only made Garvin sink in his chair a little more.

Paulton paced towards Garvin as if �The Original� was going out of style. He patted Jeff on the back before sticking out his hand.

�Long time! I don�t know if you remember me or not� but I�m Kayden Paulton. I used to wrestle in Action Wrestling with you.�

�Oh, I know who you are, Kayden.� Jeff replied.

Kayden was someone most couldn�t help but like; personable, friendly, chirper. A �glass is half full� kind of guy. Garvin, of course, was the exception to that rule. The question that always played through Garvin�s head was, �how could someone be so damn NICE?� It wasn�t natural. Everyone had to be a dick at some point in their day. Look at Jeff! He�s a dick from the moment he wakes up �till the time he falls asleep. So, if there was one person who was the embodiment of everything Jeff Garvin was not, Kayden Paulton was it.

Jeff believed that nice guys finish last, so why put in the extra effort?

Paulton nodded. �Actually, I was wondering if I could join you?�

Garvin looked down at his plate, then at Kayden, then let out a groan. �I suppose so.

You aren�t going to try and sell me on charity work are you? �Cause I refuse to do a damn thing if I�m not going to be getting paid!�

Garvin looked at Kayden sideways, and muttered. ��I know how you smiley bastards do!�

Paulton just smiled back politely. He could tell Jeff wasn�t in the best of moods, so pushing his luck here would only get Garvin that much more upset.

�Thanks.� Kayden said finally taking a seat. �It�s funny I should meet you here. Starting next week I�m actually part of the LoC roster myself.�

Garvin didn�t really care. But he nodded and took a sip of his drink.

�I�m happy to see someone I know. Do you keep in touch with anyone from Action?� Paulton spoke again before Garvin could even reply. �Hey, I heard Brian James is on the roster.�

Garvin gnashed on a piece of ice from his drink. His hands tightened into fists. ��To answer your first question: no. And why would I? They were all a bunch of douchebags anyway. Every last one of them.

Especially the you-know-whos.�

The you-know-whos are former rivals of his, namely Coral Avalon, Max Danger, and everyone they hung around with.

�Keith hasn�t called me in- I don�t know how long� and I suspect Chambers is probably annoying a fellow line-cook at a Burger King somewhere in Illinois.

And as for Brian James�



DIE.� Garvin�s eye began to twitch- a sign that he was becoming very agitated. He took a sip of his Pepsi. �Not really� but he shouldn�t expect a Christmas card.�

Paulton breathed a sigh of relief. �Oh good.� He stated. �Because for a second there��

Kayden stopped, grinned and scratched his head. �I loved it in Action. But unfortunately I don�t keep in touch with many people. Roland won�t return my phone calls, I think he moved without telling me by mistake. I don�t think Chris Fox knows how to work a phone� other than the cookie-monster one I got him for Christmas� really Reed Young is the only one who I still talk to. I always tell him �yes, Reed, I�ll join your new fed�, but then every idea he has never really pans out in the end. Poor guy. He has terrible luck.�

Garvin lowered his head.

�Reed Young is a piece of shit.� Garvin said, bluntly. �If I�d had the chance to slug that son of a bitch in the mouth for all the shit he put me through during my Action Title reign� with the exodus cutting it short and what have you� well, let�s just say he would have been far too busy gathering up his teeth and placing them in Jeremy Bold�s anal cavity for safekeeping to draw up plans for his next �great� 2k1 fed or whatever.�

Garvin pushed his chair back and stood up. �Anyway, it�s been�� He waved his hand dismissively. �--whatever!

I�ll see ya around.�

Jeff turned to walk out the door, and got halfway there when�


He turned to find Kayden smiling and holding the money he�d placed on the bar to pay for his tab. In place of his change -- which lacked a tip, I might add -- was a crisp twenty dollar bill. Kayden�s crisp twenty dollar bill. �I got it, buddy! I was just going to order something else if you�d like to stay and chat some more!�

Garvin, the cheap son of a gun that he is, returned to the chair on which he had just been sitting and placed the change back in the coin compartment of his wallet. He rested his elbows on the bar. �You�re paying?�


�I guess I can stay a *bit* longer.�

"My adoring public, your benevolent warrior-king brings this installment of The King's Court from a place where the noblemen of the Legacy of Champions watch their gladiators from a position of stature. It's a place where unworthy peons cannot penetrate the prideful sturdiness of the plexiglass! That's right, I am talking about the Skybox! Here I am, your king, about to has a conversation with your champion. It is an exciting time to be Ehren...the King."

Sylo seems unimpressed, unamused, and the most important un tonight was the fact that an angry Superbeast is extremely unpredictable. Nevertheless, Ehren the King began his interview as if the two had been bosom buddies for years.

"Sylo, it is my esteemed pleasure to finally make your aquaintance. I realize we have been around the same circle for months now but the two of us have never really had a dialogue. If I may be so bold, I believe the big question on the minds of the people of my kingdom is how did it feel to finally lose?"

Sylo was sitting down when the interview commenced. Now, he was not only on his feet but he had Ehren the King by his throat against the wall. Ehren, unlike Sylo, was not on his feet. His feet were dangling near Sylo's knees because Ehren was being hanged a good nine feet in the air by the enormous right hand of the Superbeast. Reginald, Ehren's loyal man servant, ran completely out of the room and left his king for dead.

With his teeth clenched and his lips barely moving except to curve into a snarl Sylo said the following, "If you don't want me to throw you through this'll run as soon as I put you down. Otherwise, I will kill you."

Ehren's legs were pumping before his feet even touched the floor but once they did he nearly tore the carpet off the floor on his way out. Sylo watched Ehren bolt out the door but his attention was diverted instantly when he caught a glimpse of Scott Riktor standing just outside the doorway. Scott was quite comfortable leaning up against the wall outside the Skybox and staring into the teeming, blue oceans that were Sylo's eyes.

Sylo's shoulders rose and fell with every enraged breath he took, staring into the eyes of a man who he knew wanted to take what was most dear to him. Just like Sylo had done to that man in the past. Scott Riktor wanted Sylo to suffer, to feel what it's like to have what you love taken from you while you watch helplessly. Sylo did not have family that Scott knew about nor did he truly love anything, but he did have a feeling that could be warped into suffering. Sylo had greed, and when a man has greed it needs to be fed or it turns inward and eats the man.

Scott Riktor needed to see Sylo devoured.

"Close Combat" hit the airwaves. The arena was suddenly thrust into darkness, but then a single spotlight focused on the entrance. Bursting from behind the curtain was the British Lion, Tyke. He was met with applause from the fans and he had his 21W United Title hanging over his shoulder. He sauntered his way down to the ring, occasionally giving a high five to whatever fan was asking for one, and then made his way up the ring steps. He was just stepping through the ropes when...

"Neverlasting" by Sentenced. The familiar drum beats kicked off the boo's from the crowd that had become commonplace with Rejection's appearences in front of an audience. He stormed from behind the back and stared down at the ring to see Tyke smiling with a hand on his United title. His finger was extended towards it and Rejection merely glared at him.

Tyke took his sunglasses off while Rejection came down the aisle. He handed the glasses and his title belt off to the referee and then moved back to his corner. He hunched down and kept his eyes on Rejection, who just happened to be stepping over the top rope and entering the ring.


The bell rang and Tyke was taking off after Rejection before he could even get himself ready. A clothesline took Rejection off his feet. He hopped back up but Tyke was waiting with another. This time Rejection slid out of the ring and walked along to the other side with a huff. He stared up at Tyke he flashed him a smile and then waved for him to get in the ring.

Rejection slid back inside and Tyke came after him again. This time Rejection struck out with a Lariat. He just barely knocked Tyke down when the British Lion ducked underneath it. Instead of getting a chance to mount an offense though Rejection let himself fall forward and he managed to lock up Tyke who was getting back to his feet.

He whipped Tyke into the corner and then charged after him. He jumped up when he was close enough and came down with his elbow landing on the side of Tyke's neck. Tyke started to stumble forward and Rejection shoved him a bit. Just enough so that he could move behind Tyke and lock him up for a Half Nelson bulldog. He crawled across Tyke and made a quick cover.


But didn't get to a two count. Tyke started to get around to his feet and Rejection let him. When Tyke was finally standing Rejection locked him up again. This time Tyke broke up the hold and whipped Rejection across the ring. The British Lion took off after him and once Rejection hit the ropes he felt Tyke's knee slam into him. Tyke turned Rejection around and then landed an Inverted Atomic Drop.

Tyke looked ready to try and end things early with Tyke Shot, but instead of Rejection falling into his trap he dropped down and rolled to the outside again. Tyke ran across the ring to the ropes and then took off towards Rejection and went for a Baseball Slide.

Instead, Rejection stepped to the side and pulled Tyke out further, letting him fall to the mat. He dropped down quick and landed an elbow drop. He shot back up to his feet and then stalked to the announcer's table. He found a chair leaned against the side and then brought it up into the air. The fans started to boo but Rejection was only focused on ending the match in the style that best suited him.

Unfortunately, the referee didn't see it that way. Rejection brought the chair up with every intention of slamming it across Tyke's back, but the ref grabbed onto the edge of the chair and managed to keep Rejection from using it at least. Rejection tried to free the chair from the ref but it was no use. He let go and turned his attention back to Tyke.

A hard forearm shot kept Rejection back. Tyke landed another and then grabbed onto Rejection and rolled him back into the ring.

Tyke slid in after him and kept the beating up. He landed a few more mounted shots and then felt content enough to let up. He brought Rejection up onto his feet and landed a hard Snap Suplex before making a cover.


TW-A two count almost hit, but just almost.

Tyke got back onto his feet and brought Rejection up with him. He went to whip Rejection into the ropes but found himself reversed and locked up. Rejection landed a sloppy Cradle DDT but managed to get a few seconds to let himself recover. Finally he crawled onto Tyke for a cover.


T- but he had taken too much time and Tyke made the easy kickout.

The fans started cheering. Tyke was starting to get back to his feet but Rejection didn't let the audience get into his head. He watched Tyke get back up and then he moved forward and slammed a back elbow into Tyke. Rejection looked ready to try and land a suplex but Tyke blocked it. Before Rejection could try again Tyke brought his knee up into Rejection's gut. He grabbed onto Rejection's shoulders and then drove him in further against his knee.

Tyke started to back Rejection up to the ropes and that was when Rejection figured it out. The reason for the anticipation in the crowd. Just above the ring apron he noticed ArchAngel crouched down. He also realized that was where he had dropped his chair earlier.

Tyke sent Rejection across the ring, but at the last second Rejection managed to reverse it. He fell to the mat as he sent Tyke into the ropes, but AA nailed him with the chair right across his back. The ref didn't see anything happen and AA thought he had succeeded in his job for the night.

Instead of letting Tyke stumble to the mat, Rejection just managed to catch him. He locked him in a front facelock and landed a modified version of his Leaping Impaler DDT.


Rejection dropped to the mat and made the cover. While the ref made the three count Rejection looked with a smile at ArchAngel. He quickly disappeared through the crowd in a rage. The bell rang to end the match and "Neverlasting" kicked up again.

Rejection got up to his knees and looked down at Tyke. Even on Violence he managed to slip above the rules. He kept his smile up and then rolled away and out of the ring. He exited up the ramp with the contempt of the fans, and another victory to his name.

Winner: Rejection.


Sometimes you can sense tension before it hits you. It's almost like a change in the weather; you can feel, hear, and even taste it. Scott Riktor noticed that something wasn't right and he looked to the door of his office just a mere moment before the Superbeast walked in.

"Hey, Champ," Scott said with a smile written across his face, "what can I do you for?"

"Don't play smart with me."

"Oh right, because smart isn't something you do well."

Sylo's eyes twitched along with the left corner of his mouth. He moved to the desk Scott was sitting behind and slammed his palms down on top of it. "You think you won something last week? Is that it?"

Scott propped his feet up on his desk right next to Sylo's hands and said, "I didn't win anything. Ninja K won - - and you lost."

"Don't look so smug. That winning streak doesn't mean jack shit to me now that I've got this title."

Arms moved behind Scott Riktor's head so he could use them as a headrest but, more importantly, so he could prod Sylo just a little more before he said, "Yes it did."

Sylo swiped everything off of Riktor's desk and into the wall across the room. "DON'T FUCK WITH ME!"

"I can see how little that streak meant now."

"Look," Sylo replied, "I know what you're trying to do and it's not going to work. You think that some guy in a knock-off Mortal Kombat suit is going to take my Legacy Championship away? Think again, Scott, because that's just not going to happen."

Scott removed his feet from his desk, his arms from behind his head, and leaned forward. "Is that what you think I was doing last week?"

"I know it was."

"Well, I hate to burst your bubble...but that's not what I had in mind. You want me to tell you what I was really doing?"

Sylo was irritated but he was also curious. He tried to play that off by nonchalantly saying, "Sure - - enlighten me."

Scott knew better, or at least how to read someone who's faking. His tongue moved across his front teeth while he puckered his lips. It was his way of letting Sylo know he wasn't buying his bullshit. He did still want to tell Sylo what exactly was on his mind last week, if for nothing else than to toy with Sylo's own mind a little bit more. "I was setting you up for a fall, Sylo. Not just a pinfall, however, but that was a major plus in the whole deal. You see, it's like this. Black Tom Williams has you around for two reasons and neither of them are because he wants you to be Legacy Champion."

Sylo's eyes told Scott that he already knew that much but he was still trying to deny it.

"Tom likes you because you're convenient right now," Scott explained. "You're already the Legacy Champion, that's the big thing, and you were unstoppable. You were undefeated - - until last week. Now that it's been proven that the almighty Superbeast can be inability to be controlled by Black Tom is going to be what makes him cut you loose. Let me tell you something, Sylo, you lost Black Tom Williams right now and you're going to be a lonely, lonely man. Everyone else - - hates you. You keep saying Tom needs you but the truth is you need each other and, right now, you need him more. You've got five very capable men gunning for that piece of treasure you're holding onto so tight and I'm making it a point to wear you down."

Sylo snatched up one of the chairs from the front of Scott's desk and flung it out the doorway to the office. "YOU'RE NEVER GOING TO STOP ME! NO ONE CAN!"

"Actually, Sylo, no one could - - until last week. You can be stopped, it's just a matter of timing and leverage. Two men stopped you last week and you've got three more added to that come Revelations. Do you really think I made this match for nothing? This match will be the end of your reign as Legacy Champion. I know it."

"It doesn't matter what you say. I'm going to walk out of that cell with this belt. Nobody's going to take this from me."

"I beg to differ."

Sylo slamed his hands down on the desk top once again and came face-to-face with the Legacy Commissioner. "You'll never beat me."

Scott was unimpressed by Sylo's attempt at intimidation. Not because Scott knew Sylo couldn't take him out, Scott knew that he could. It was because Sylo wasn't telling Scott Riktor that he couldn't be beaten, he was telling himself. The Man Known as Rage looked the Superbeast dead in his glowing blue eyes and said...

"I don't have to."


��And that�s when I said �sure, you can take my wallet and my money, but is that really going to make you happy�?�

Alright, so it was a free dinner now� but maybe Jeff was having second thoughts.

Realizing he had rambled on for far too long, Kayden apologized and switched the topic.

�So, Jeff� since IBJ left, are you going to stay in the tag team ranks or not?�

With a shrug, Garvin replied. �I don�t know� it all depends on whether I can find someone to team with. I can�t very well compete in the tag team ranks without a tag team partner, now can I?� Jeff rolled his eyes.

He continued. �And there�s no one really to ask what with every single person in the LoC locker room thinking I�m a prima donna. I swear- Turk�s dirt sheet�� He grumbled. �Wait �till I get my hands on that untalented fuck. It�s unfortunate, though, since he�ll probably want to defend his crappy little title and I don�t want anything to do with that piece of trash. Underground Championship?� He chuckled. �That�s exactly where it should be: underground. Under, like, six feet of earth. I�d love to bury that thing� it�s nothing� but a black mark on the federation.� Jeff shook his head. He�s strongly against hardcore wrestling. He prefers its scientific counterpart.

Paulton might not have agreed with everything Jeff was saying, but he wasn�t going to interrupt him either. Instead Kayden waited for �The Original� to finish and then spoke up. �If I may?� Paulton asked. He then continued. �I�m supposed to be booked for Violence 29, but I don�t know who to speak to for that. Black Tom or Scott Riktor? I�ve heard if I talk to the wrong person, on the wrong �side� I might get the wrong people mad.�

Paulton rubbed the back of his head. �I don�t really want that� so I was just throwing it out there -- feel free to shoot me down -- but I could tag with you?�

YOU?� Garvin was preparing a verbal barrage equivalent to �are you shitting me?� He, however, took a second to think it over. Tagging with Kayden Paulton. Huh. It was an interesting concept. Not because Kayden was an accomplished tag wrestler, or an accomplished ANYTHING for that matter. To Jeff�s knowledge Kayden hadn�t won a single title in his career. But he was athletic, and most importantly, he was obedient� and na�ve� and easily manipulated. Or at least Jeff suspected so.

Basically, it broke down like this: Garvin didn�t necessarily want to tag with Kayden Paulton, but he didn�t necessarily have a lot of options either. The upside to it all was that rather than try and fly solo and face double-team after double-team, possibly getting injured in the process, he would have an extra body there if he were to get blindsided or if he needed to rest on the apron. And if they were successful, well� Kayden would most likely not put up a fuss if Jeff were to come right out and say, �I�m the leader of this team! I�m the reason we�re winning! Me me me me ME!

This. was. PERFECT.

Garvin smiled and turned to Kayden. �You know something? That�s a fantastic idea! Let�s do it! You and I! Let�s take on the tag division!�

Paulton was surprised. �Wow.� He said softly, almost in shock. �I didn�t think you�d go for it.�

�Pfffffft.� Was all Garvin said as he smacked Kayden on the shoulder. �I�m in if you are.�

�Alright then.� Paulton said, finishing up his order of wings. �We�re set. I can�t believe I�m going to tag with a legend like you next week!�

�The Original� pushed his potato skins to the side (he still had not taken one bite) and stood up from the table. �I can�t wait.� He looked down at his watch. �But I have to run so see you next week.�

He took two steps and paused. �You said you got the bill, right?�

Kayden smiled. �I sure do buddy!�

�Okay.� And Garvin was off, leaving Kayden to take a final sip of his drink. The waitress walked over to him when she realized he was done.

�Will that be all, sir?� She said with a friendly smile on her face. She was obviously attracted to Kayden, who was a well groomed, pleasantly looking young man.

�Yes it will. Thank you very much. The bill will be fine.�

She nodded and picked up the plates that sat on the bar table. Kayden stopped her when she got to the potato skins.

�Actually, I�ll still eat that.� Paulton said to her surprise. �I don�t want the chef to think my friend didn�t like his food.�

She blushed and headed off to the back as Kayden dug into the potato skins. �Who knew my first day would turn out so good��


Long ago it was said that when one door closes, an English woman gets a maggot living in her head on a trip to Costa Rica. This proverb was undoubtedly given as a gift to all of humanity by a man too drunk to complete a single thought, much less a sentence, Ted Kennedy. Although the Hopper family nearly always votes Republican, it was often mistakenly thought that Ted Kennedy is Max Hopper's illegitimate uncle, for obvious reasons.

Scott Riktor sat, unexpectedly and quite happily, in his office. He was in the process of pushing paper clips when Max Hopper suddenly burst through the already open door.

"AH HA! THERE you are!"

The crowd cheered to see Max Hopper, who, of course, wore his spectacularly cool sunglasses, which, according to a recent interview in Tiger Beat, allowed him to see who was an alien and who was not. Yes, he had seen They Live one too many times.

Max appeared disoriented and completely daunted as he eyed his surroundings. Something did not meet his satisfaction, so he stepped back out into the hall, quietly closing the door behind him. He then BURST through the now closed door and started over.

"AH HA! THERE you are! I've been looking for you, GUY!"

Scott Riktor had been working around Max Hopper for the past few months, but he had never seen this sort of behaviour from the Fantasy, whose aggravation was as rare as the spotting of a dodo bird in Orlando. Therefore, Riktor was taken aback and just looked up at Max, blinking his eyes.

"What can I do for you, Max?"

Little did Riktor know that this question was the clearance code needed for Max Hopper to open the floodgates to a tyrade.

"Don't play dumb with me; I invented that routine!"


"I know what you did. You USED me! You used me to get at Blank Tim Willis by taking the Mexican Championship away from his boy Ray Charles!"

Of course, by Blank Tim Willis, Hopper meant Black Tom Williams, by Mexican Championship he meant the Relentless Title, and by Ray Charles he meant Ray Chavez.

"What did I say when it was time for me to step up to Ray? I said, 'You've got the right one, Baby! UH HUH!' But then what happened? You TOSSED me aside. You threw me in the garbage. You left me to shrivel up and dry like a Pagan in the Sun! Shawn Hart nearly broke my neck and what do you do? Not only did you just let it go. You made me defend my title while I was still recovering from injury! This is FLORIDA! You didn't count the chad ballots; people were confused! I demand a recount! I'm going to appeal; the proceedings were unfair. That pillow wasn't a legal weight. I demand a retrial!"

"So, in the light of all of this unfairness, just like Dr. Martin Luther King did so many years ago to my beloved Catholic church, I'm posting MY OWN list of reformations on YOUR door! I want a piece of my former, so-called 'best friend' who nearly ended my wrestling career, Shawn Jessica Hart!"

"Max, Shawn Hart is injured. I can't do that until he's cleared to - " Cut off again.

"I KNEW you'd say that. Well I'll tell you what else. I'm sick of this SVD getting more attention than me around here. He's stealing MY spotlight! Everyone knows I'm at least three times as good looking as that guy. The ladies don't want him; they want ME! So I want a piece of him!"


"And what about that guy who came from the North Pole or wherever and comes out to all that snow and dried ice? You know, that AskANinja guy who used to be the big champion around here? I want a piece of HIM, too! And Ray Charles laid me out with the Mexican Championship belt after I won it off of him. You never did anything about that one, either. I think I still need to get even with HIM!"

"I'm sorry, Max. They're all booked up. There's really nothing I can do..."

"And that's another thing; I DON'T HAVE ANY GOLD! I was robbed of my Mexican Championship! I'm the greatest wrestler of AAAAAALL MEXICO! What is you and Latinos? You treat us worse around here than the Clinton administration did!"

This would have either struck Scott Riktor as odd or made him erupt into laughter if it wasn't for Jon Katz, Jr., another white man, previously claiming to be black. Instead, Riktor just took it with a grain of salt.

"Max, you'd know I'd like to help but I've just got too much to deal with right now." Scott Riktor dismissed the Fantasy and pointed to the door. An angry Max Hopper stormed outside, just as he had stormed in, in a huff. It was there that he ran into Team Commissioner Mace Williams, who had apparently overheard Max's argument with Riktor.

Max walked right past him, but Mace caught his attention before he could get too far down the hall.

"Max! MAX!"

Max turned to face Mace Williams.

"Hey, Guy."

"Son, I couldn't help but to overhear what Scott told you in there. S'a real shame..."

"Yeah, isn't it? Here I am, America's Most Popular Athlete, and this is the treatment I get???"

"Max," the Team Commissioner suggested, "the Team Division is rapidly expanding right now... I'll tell you what. Why don't you find a partner and show up to work for me?"

"No tricks?"

"Why would I trick you?"

Max's frown turned upside down; he loved the idea in an instant. He even knew just who his partner would be. He threw his arms around the shoulders of Mace Williams, whose eyes bulged out in shock, and gave him a GREAT BIG HUG!

"Hmm. Hey, alright, I'll do it! Thanks, Guy!"

Max Hopper continued down the hallway, whistling.

The big tag team main event was upon us and the Arena of Champions roof almost blew off when they heard the opening chords of.

'No Association' - - Silverchair

The dimly lit arena continued to be filled with the music as the collage of strobe lighting and billowing smoke would soon make way of the emergence of the former Legacy Champion. The same man that ended Sylo's unbeaten streak just one week ago. Dawn Cassidy placed the microphone to her lips.

Introducing First; From the Kansai Prefecture of Osaka, Japan - Weighing in at Two-Hundred and Thirty-Five pounds . . . He is 'The Athletic Freak of Nature'- - NINJA!! K!!

The lights would return during his gradual walk down the aisle. Kenshiro would stand atop the ring steps and visually embrace his surroundings before stepping through the ropes. The Ronin would exude the body language of a driven spirit. The Japanese native would promptly assume the position of seiza - in order to harness his jaded psyche into a manner, conducive toward his campaign for LoC gold. He waited for his unlikely tag team partner to arrive.

I didn't have to come to LoC to become a superstar...I brought my spotlight with me"

The audible tsunami of cheers would fall into hindsight with the visual eye candy of gold stars, dancing across the ominous trinity of super screens and the Arena of Champions. A select bevy of monikers would appear at random...

Pro Wrestling's Phenomenon - The Icon - The Living Legend


Feel the Starbuster ruckus, Ego Checkin' ya ass
Money hungry muthafuckas gettin' wrecked in a flash
The bank accounts is thick and his pockets is fat
Peep the smirk on his face when he watchin' you tap
A 3-Count or submission, which steez you wanna go?
Cuz this muthafucka right here's the reason there's a show

Introducing his tag team partner; From Hollywood, California - Weighing in at Two-Hundred and Fifty-eight pounds . . . He is the Icon, the Living Legend - - SVJ!!!

Vince Jacobs came out through the smoke from the stage. He looked around the arena and posed for the fans as they cheered the Ratings Grabber. Jacobs slowly made his way to the ring with his eyes fixated on his tag team partner, Ninja K. SVJ rolled into the ring and posed for the crowd before peering at Ninja K in the corner.

CUE UP: "The Line Begins to Blur" by Nine Inch Nails

Introducing next; Hailing from Parts Unknown - Weighing in at Three-Hundred and Thirty-Seven pounds . . . He is 'The Judgment and the Reckoning' - - PENANCE!!!

The lights dimmed in the arena as smoke started to fill the stage area. A small spotlight hit the stage as Angelique led the monster Penance onto the stage. The capacity crowd erupted in jeers as Angelique and Penance stood in the midst of the smoke filled stage before slowly making their way to the ring. They were going to be in a tag team match with a man they don't particularly have any thing in common with. But since Sylo is a member of the Faction, Angelique and Penance knew they had to work together per Black Tom's orders. Penance and Angelique slowly climbed into the ring as the lights came back to life.

Pet' (Super Beast Remix) - - A Perfect Circle

The blackened landscape and entire staging area would become assaulted by several blueish-white spires of flame. The action vignettes had set the public's teeth on edge as the reigning Legacy Champion, parted the black curtain. The Super Beast stood on the stage with the lights shining on Legacy Championship which was securely placed on the champ's left shoulder. The jeers from the fans did not deter the champion as he walked slowly toward the ring looking at his tag team partner and opponents who were already in the ring.

. . .His tag team partner, currently residing within the State of Georgia; He is the current, reigning and undisputed LoC Legacy Champion! Weighing in at Three-Hundred and Ninety-Five Pounds . . .This! Is! SYLO!!

What type of strategy would the two faction members have for two veterans like Ninja K and SVJ. The team of Jacobs and the Ronin already seemed to talk about a game plan for taking these two men down who outweighed them by over a hundred pounds. Sylo and Penance looked at each other as Angelique stood in between the two large men. They were having a meeting of the minds of who was going to start first. Referee, Mike Hunt signaled for the bell.

Kenshiro and Vince looked at each other before racing across the ring attacking the two big men in the corner. Ninja K went after Sylo and SVJ went for Penance. Vince and the big man was going toe to toe trading blows. Everyone in LoC knew that Vince and Ninja K would not back down from any man. Jacobs forced Penance back to the ropes before rearing back and clotheslining Penance over the top rope to the floor. Sylo was trying to choke Ninja K out in the corner. SVJ saw this and tapped Sylo on his shoulder. The big man turned around and was met by a big right hand. That woke the monster up as he set his attention to SVJ now.

The two men started to exchange blows in the middle of the ring with Sylo getting the distinct advantage, staggering Jacobs. Ninja K finally got back to his feet and saw Sylo and Vince going at it. Ninja K quickly nailed Sylo in the back of the knees with a dropkick. Mike Hunt tried to get some order in the ring. Sylo was sent to one knee which SVJ saw and quickly capitalized on as he bounced off the ropes nailing Sylo with a devastating Star Gazer to the side of Sylo's head. Hunt motioned for Ninja K to get out of the ring as it would look like Sylo and Jacobs would start it off.

Penance stood on the apron as Jacobs quickly hopped onto the top turnbuckle in fell swoop waiting for Sylo to get back to his feet. The Super Beast got to his feet as Vince came off the top rope with a picture perfect missile dropkick. Jacobs held Sylo's right leg as he tagged Ninja K. The Ronin slingshotted himself over the top rope with a back Senton splash on Sylo's right knee. Jacobs and Ninja K had a game plan to chop the big men down to size and this was going to be the start of it. Ninja K started to stomp on the big man's right knee as he tried to make his way over to his corner for the tag.

The Asian Superstar tried with all of his might to pull the almost four hundred pounder back to his side of the ring but to no avail. Sylo dragged Ninja K all the way back to his corner as Penance made the tag. Angelique yelled at Penance to destroy the Ronin and the masked man climbed into the ring to do his lady's bidding. The monster and Ninja K circled each other in the ring as Sylo stood on the floor shaking his leg trying to get some feeling back in it. Penance tried to grab Ninja K but the former Legacy Champion quickly ducked under his grasp.

Penance was a little taken aback as he couldn't grab the quicker Ninja K. Angelique yelled at Penance as the big man slowly stalked the Ronin back into a corner. Ninja K tried to get out of the way but Penance caught him and threw him back into the corner. The big man rushed into the corner with a clubbing blow but Ninja K quickly moved. Jacobs called Ninja K to the corner and whispered something in his ear as the Ronin nodded in agreement Sylo yelled at Penance.

"Get him you burnt, freak."

Ninja K made his way out of his corner as Penance looked ready to pounce. The monster tried to grasp at Ninja K once again but the former Legacy Champion ducked under again. This time Ninja K quickly went on the offense as he tried to literally chop the big man down. The thunderous chops from Ninja K to Penance's chest echoed throughout the Arena of Champions. The big man was slowly backed into a corner as Sylo and Angelique yelled from the other side of the ring. Ninja K landed one more chop on Penance's massive chest before trying to whip him into the far corner.

But Penance was holding onto the rope, so it was hard for two hundred and thirty-five pounds to move three hundred and thirty-seven pounds. The Ronin tried one more time and it met with the same result as before. PENANCE + ROPE = NOT BUDGEING ONE BIT!! The monster finally had enough as he grabbed Ninja K by the throat and threw him into the corner. Penance sent several clubbing blows to the side of Ninja K's head which eventually put the Ronin on dream street as he slumped to the mat. Angelique smiled as her monster was doing what he needed to do now.

Penance grabbed the Ninja K from the corner by the hair and moved him to the center of the ring. Penance looked at Angelique before driving several head butts into the side of Ninja K's head. The former Legacy Champ fell to the mat as Jacobs yelled for Ninja K to get to his feet. Vince tried to pump the crowd up as he stomped the ring apron. The crowd cheered for the Ninja man.

(NIN-JA K!! NIN-JA K!! NIN-JA K!! NIN-JA K!! x5)

Penance had his back turned to his corner as the champ tagged himself into the match. The monster didn't know what to do as Angelique told him to come back to the corner. Sylo peered at Penance before he made his way to his prey in the former of Ninja K. The Super Beast mounted Ninja K and started to drill him with big right hands. Sylo was definitely looking for retribution on Ninja K for what happened last week where the Ronin took Sylo's unbeaten streak. Sylo picked up Ninja K and slammed him hard to the mat. The sheer force of the slam shook the ring.

Ninja K tried to slowly crawl to the corner to tag Vince Jacobs in but Sylo started to toy with the former Legacy Champion as he stood in between SVJ and Ninja K. Sylo smirked as he watched Ninja K dragging himself to his corner. Before Ninja K could reach his corner, the super beast quickly turned around and nailed Vince with a big right hand sending the Ratings Grabber off the apron to the floor. Mike Hunt made sure that Jacobs did not come in the ring after Sylo. Jacobs being the veteran that he was slowly made his way back up to the apron just rubbing his chin and pointing at Sylo in the process.

"Your big blue ass is mine when I get in the ring." SVJ said angrily.

"I'll be waiting for ya Vinny." Sylo yelled back.

Sylo picked up Ninja K and threw him back to his corner. He quickly drove a back elbow into the Ronin's face in the corner. The Legacy Champion tagged Penance into the ring. The monster grabbed Ninja K and whipped him into the ropes. Ninja K bounced off of the ropes and was met by a big boot to the face. Angelique told Penance to cover Ninja K. Penance dropped down and hooked Ninja K's far leg for the cover as Mike Hunt went for the count.




Vince broke up the pinfall attempt with a dropkick to the side of Penance's head. The monster shook it off as he went back to work on Ninja K by stomping on him. Penance pick up Ninja K and whipped him into the corner. He raced into the corner after Ninja K but the Ronin's cat like quickness got a boot to Penance's face. Penance was sent backwards for a few seconds before he decided to go into the corner again. This time Ninja K was ready and he took the big man down with a drop toe hold that sent his face barreling into the second turnbuckle.

Ninja K tried to make his way to his corner to tag in Vince Jacobs as the fans started to erupt again, trying to give the man new life.

(NIN-JA K!! NIN-JA K!! NIN-JA K!! NIN-JA K!! x5)

Angelique continued to yell at Penance to get to his feet. Penance started to stand as he shook his head several times trying to jog that little brain of his. Penance made his way toward Ninja K who lunged toward his corner for the tag to SVJ. The crowd erupted as Jacobs made his way into the ring. He ran and bounced off the ropes nailing Penance with a shoulder block that did not take the big man down. Vince kept on the attack as he nailed Penance with a big standing dropkick. Jacobs grabbed Penance by the arm and whipped him into the ropes. Penance bounced off the ropes and was nailed by A Star is Born.

Angelique was in shock as she just witnessed Penance being taken down with a big spinning spinebuster. Jacobs raised his arms in the air as he pointed to the top rope. Vince hopped onto the top rope in one quick leap. He dove off the top rope and nailed Penance with a Shining Star. Jacobs dropped down for the cover on Penance as Mike Hunt raced into position.




Vince picked up Penance by the hair and drilled him to the mat with a quick swinging neckbreaker. Jacobs mounted Penance and started to drill the big man with some serious rights. He jumped up and pointed at Sylo.

"You're next. Come on Penance get to your feet, show Sylo that you're worth a damn since he doesn't think to highly of you." Vince said.

Vince walked over and tagged in Ninja K. Both men looked at each other before lifting Penance high in the air with a vertical suplex. Sylo slammed his hands on the top turnbuckle in frustration. Penance moved near the ropes as Ninja K and SVJ double clotheslined him over the top rope. Ninja K and SVJ both pointed at Sylo as the crowd erupted again. They moved closer toward Sylo but the Legacy Champion dropped down from the apron not wanting anything to do with either men. The fans jeered the champ as he looked down at Penance who was trying to make it to his feet. Sylo slapped Penance in the head.

"Wake up. What are you doing in there?" Sylo yelled.

Penance stood toe to toe with the Superbeast as Angelique quickly moved in between the two men to separate them. In the ring however Vince Jacobs had knelt down near the ring ropes facing Penance and Sylo. Ninja K was on the other side of the ring as he ran toward Vince stepping on his back and spring boarding himself over the top, nailing Penance, Sylo, and Angelique with A Fall of Seraphim. The crowd erupted as Ninja K, Sylo, Penance, and Angelique all lay on the floor.

Angelique moved from the carnage crawling on her hands and knees around the ring. Mike Hunt went to start the ten count on the men but Jacobs stood to his feet. He waited for the men to start to stir a little bit. All three men got to their feet as Vince balanced himself on the top rope. He came off the top rope with the The Ratings Grabber. The fans went nuts after that move.


Mike Hunt started to count again as all the men began to stir. Ninja K rolled into the ring followed by Penance. Vince slowly made his way over to his corner as Sylo did the same. The Ronin picked up Penance and whipped him into the ropes. The monster bounced off the ropes and was nailed by a spinning heel kick right to the face.



TH--- NO!!

Penance barely got his shoulder up as Sylo looked on in amazement. Ninja K tagged in Vince who came in and drove an elbow into Penance's back as he tried to get to his corner. Jacobs dropped an elbow on the back of Penance's head. He stood up posing for the crowd looking down at Penance.

"Get your ass up, you piece of shit." Jacobs said.

Penance grabbed at Vince's legs as the Ratings Grabber smirked. Sylo had enough as he came into the ring behind Vince and nailed him with a huge clothesline. Jacobs fell hard to the mat as Mike Hunt forced Sylo out of the ring. Ninja K was adamant also seeing as how Sylo came into the ring illegally. Penance crawled over to his corner and tagged in the Legacy Champion. Sylo slowly came into the ring and picked up Jacobs from the mat. Sylo hooked Vince and drove him to the mat hard with The Downfall. Sylo dropped down and hooked Vince's leg as Mike Hunt went for the count.




Sylo pounded the mat in frustration because he wanted this match to be over. He knew what type of men both Ninja K and Jacobs were. Sylo picked up Vince and whipped him into the corner. SVJ hit the corner hard putting more emphasis on that back. Sylo raced into the corner nailing Vince with a big clothesline shaking the entire ring. Jacobs fell to the mat but Sylo wasn't done as he picked Vince up and drove a big right hand into Jacobs' temple.

Sylo pulled Vince from the corner, hooking him and driving him down with a belly to belly suplex. The Legacy Champion picked up Vince and whipped him into the ropes. Jacobs bounced off the ropes and was nailed by a big boot to the face from Sylo. Looks like he knocked Vince's teeth in the second row. The crowd started to cheer to get behind Vince.

(S-V-J!! S-V-J!! S-V-J!! S-V-J!! x5)

Sylo a little perturbed by the chants let the fans know about it. "Shut the hell up, you fools."

Sylo picked up Vince once again. He hooked Jacobs again in a suplex position but this time Vince reversed the suplex and quickly rolled Sylo up from behind. Mike Hunt was out of position but he got in position for the count.




Sylo was almost surprised with a rollup pin but he managed to power out of it. Sylo sprung to his feet looking to take Vince's head off with a clothesline but Jacobs ducked it and caught Sylo with a jumping inverted neck breaker. But the beating SVJ had taken he didn't have enough to go for the immediate cover on Sylo. Vince mustered up enough energy to drape an arm over Sylo's massive chest. Mike Hunt went for the count.




Both men slowly made it to their feet. Jacobs quickly went on the offense as he started to catch the superbeast off guard with some big rights and lefts. The crowd went crazy and Ninja K continued to cheer on his tag team partner. Vince quickly nailed Sylo with several European Uppercuts that staggered the big guy. Sylo staggered near the corner as Vince hooked the Legacy Champion by the head and raced up the turnbuckle driving Sylo to the mat with a swinging DDT!!

Jacobs quickly got to his feet waiting for the superbeast to get to his feet. Sylo slowly made his way to his feet. He turned around and was met with a Superstar Kick to the jaw. The crowd erupted as Jacobs dropped down and hooked the champ's leg. Mike Hunt went for the count.




Jacobs sat up in shock as Hunt moved Penance out of the ring. The monster just saved Sylo from being pinned by Jacobs. Vince was not happy as he tagged Ninja K into the ring. Ninja K went to work on an already downed Sylo. The Legacy Champion struggling to get to his feet as Ninja K was nailing him with quick Ninjitsu kicks. Sylo got to his feet as Ninja grabbed him and whipped him into the ropes. Ninja K went for a dropkick but Sylo held onto the ropes as Ninja K fell on his back. Sylo raced over and nailed Jacobs with a forearm that sent the Superstar flying off the apron to the guardrail.

Sylo quickly grabbed Ninja K and drove him down to the mat with Press Slam. Sylo backed to the ropes getting all his wits about him before making his way to Ninja K again. But before he could get to Ninja K, Penance tagged himself in. The monster being directed by Angelique went to pick up Ninja K but the Ronin surprised Penance with an Inside Cradle. Hunt dropped for the count.




Penance got to his feet as did Ninja K. The Ronin quickly took Penance down to the mat with a Leg Drag. Ninja K went to the corner and climbed to the top rope. He dove off and nailed Penance with The Tainted Spirit. The former Legacy Champion went for another cover.




Ninja K motioned for SVJ to come into the ring. Both men picked up Penance and drove him down to the mat with a double DDT!! Sylo looked disgusted as he turned his back to the ring. Ninja K and SVJ took Sylo off of the apron with a double dropkick. Sylo fell to floor as SVJ was escorted out of the ring by Hunt. Ninja K waited for Penance to get to his feet. Angelique screamed at Hunt and Penance as the monster staggered to his feet. Ninja K nailed Penance with The Victimizer.

Sylo had got to his feet and started to leave the ringside area. Ninja K tagged SVJ into the ring before he raced across the ring flying through the ropes and taking Sylo down with a Suicide Dive. Mike Hunt went to floor to check on Ninja K and Sylo. This gave Angelique time to grab a steel chair and slide into the ring behind Vince who was waiting on Penance to get to his feet. Jacobs turned around before she could hit him with the chair. Jacobs took the chair from Angelique as the crowd erupted. They wanted Vince to hit Angelique with the steel chair.


.And Vince obliged as he drilled Angelique with the steel chair. He kicked her out of the ring to the floor. Jacobs dropped the chair on the mat. Penance turned around and was met with a kick to the stomach. What came next you ask?


Jacobs pushed the chair out of the ring and hooked Penance for the cover. Hunt finally turned around and saw the pinfall attempt and raced into the ring.




It was over. Ninja K and SVJ picked up the win over Sylo and Penance. Ninja K slid in the ring as Sylo grabbed his championship and started to make his way up the ramp looking at two of the men that were vying for his title. Sylo held the title high in the air as the cheers from the fans suddenly turned to boos. The camera panned back into the ring and you saw Ninja K on the mat with Vince Jacobs standing over top of him. Jacobs rolled to the floor and grabbed the same steel chair he used on Angelique and Penance. He threw it into the ring and slid in himself.

Jacobs held the chair high in the air and waited for Ninja K to get to his feet. The Ronin turned around.


.and was waylaid by the steel chair. The Legacy Champion stood on the rampway with a sly smirk on his face. Ninja K was busted open as Jacobs asked for a microphone. The fans were jeering SVJ as a sick smirk came across his face.

"Kenshiro, I know you can hear me. Did you think this wasn't going to happen? I kept my end of the bargain and did not do anything to you to jeopardize our match which I won. But alas the fun's over. You are impeding my shot at the Legacy Championship and that's a no-no. I am going to go through each and every one of you plebeians on my way to YOU." Jacobs said as he quickly turned around and pointed at Sylo.

"Sylo I am the man that you and Black Tom fear the most because I am a man that will do ANYTHING to win the Legacy Title." Jacobs said.

Sylo smirked as he turned around and walked to the backstage area.

"I think we don't need six men in this match at Revelations, so how about we subtract one right now." Jacobs smiled as he dropped the microphone. He grabbed the steel chair and placed it in the middle of the ring. He picked up Ninja K who was almost out of it. Jacobs was looking to do a whole lot of damage to Ninja K. But before Jacobs could do anything he quickly dropped the Ronin to the mat and rolled out of the ring as Ray Chavez rolled under the rope. Jacobs was out of the ring as Chavez stood in between the two men.

Jacobs smirked as the fans jeered the Superstar who walked backwards up the ramp, holding his arms high in the air. Don't know if Scott Riktor will be happy with this turn of events.

Winner: Ninja K and Superstar Vince Jacobs.



Scott Riktor was just packing up the last of his gear to leave the Arena of Champions when Black Tom Williams appeared in the doorway of the Commissioners' Office.

"Isn't it obvious," Scott replied, "I'm beating you. At your own game, no less." Scott tried to walk out his door but Tom blocked his path.

"You think yer gonna win this? You can't win."

A small puff of a laugh escaped from Scott's nose. "That seems to be a recurring theme in your camp tonight."

"Son, it ain't a theme - - this here's a promise. The Faction's gonna walk out of Revelations with the Legacy Championship in tact. I guarantee it."

Scott shoved past Black Tom's arm and out into the hallway, but he turned back around to continue his conversation. "You know what's going to do you guys in? Even when you're losing you won't admit to it. Denial is never a good place to be."

Black Tom leaned up against the metal moulding surrounding the doorway. "Lemme tell you something, son. Even if somehow, someway you manage to get that title off Sylo - - I'm jus' gonna find someone else to take that boy's place. If there's one thing you can bank on in this business it's greed. Everyone wants the gold an' I'm the guy that can help 'em get it. It's like the track, son. You bet on a horse 'til he ain't winnin' anymore. Then you bet on a new horse. There's a helluva lot of horse 'round here with some damn good odds on 'em. Jus' gotta find the one with that look in his eye."

"Clever equine analogies aside, Tom, the fact of the matter is since ODT I've had your number. The Faction's weak and your death grip on this company is slowly loosening. It's just a matter of time before it pulls away from you. You want to bet on something, Tom...

"Bet on that."


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